Anyone Have an IKEA Obsession? We are Here to Feed it…

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I have a mild(ish) IKEA obsession.  I could spend hours in there, maybe days. I honestly don’t know what I did before they finally built one near me. They have the BEST selection of clever storage ideas that all have a chic, modern look to them, and you CANNOT beat their prices!

And, of course, I’m an IKEA Family Member, which saves me money on select items each month, PLUS I get a free coffee or tea at the in-store restaurant, extra time for the kiddos in Småland, and a 90 day price protection guarantee. And best of all… it’s FREE to join!

I look forward to the annual IKEA catalog every August, so last week when the new Catalog arrived, I was obviously stoked!

Here are a few of my favorite new items this year:

(After you browse through some of my favorite items, be sure to scroll down to check out some fun IKEA organizational hacks!)

1. FLISAT Dollhouse/Wall Shelf ($29.99)

IKEAYou could easily customize this beautiful dollhouse by painting it (Batcave or Barbie house, whatever your kiddo’s heart desires!). Or – use it as a cute, decorative shelf!

2. FLISAT Children’s Table and Stools ($55.99 + $14.99/stool)

IKEAI’m most excited about this one, because it would be SO EASY to turn into a Lego table, right?? And you would still be able to flip those pieces over and use it as a desk. Brilliant!


Check this out: Turn it into a light table with this smart hack!

3. SUNNERSTA Series (Starting at 59¢)


This budget-friendly line is perfect for organizing any space! This would work for utensils in the kitchen, toothbrushes in the bathroom, or for holding all your craft supplies. At this price, you could even use it in the garage and not worry too much about it getting beat up.

Personalize it and add a splash of color with a little washi tape! Unfortunately, I’m not the only that was excited about this product- when I was at IKEA last week they were already out of the rails. 😔

4. FLISAT Knob Rack ($4.99)

Knob Rack

This colorful FLISAT Knob Rack is perfect for kids’ rooms! At less than $5, I couldn’t help but buy a few of these for hanging aprons in the art room, too! Love them!

5. SLÄKTING Series ($5.99-$9.99)

IKEAI’m loving the fun, neutral colors of this new storage system. The SLÄKTING Series is another great, budget-friendly way to organize your kiddos’ closets.

IKEA Organizational Hack Ideas:


1. BEKVÄM Spice rack

IKEA Hacks

Hands down, this is my favorite product from IKEA. You can use these shelves a million different ways, and they’re only $4! I buy a few every time I’m there. I have 3 in my kitchen for cookbooks and a bunch in my office/craft room, as well as my garage. I love that Nail Polish Storage idea, too! It might be time to put some up in my bathroom.

2. RÅSKOG Utility cart

IKEA hacks

My kids’ school has one of these utility carts in every classroom. They’re so versatile! Art supplies, books, anything that needs shared between rooms!

IKEA Hacks

These carts serve SO many purposes! You can see more great ideas here.

3. GRUNDTAL containers

IKEA hacks

These neat little stainless steel containers have strong magnets on the back, so they’ll stick to your refrigerator, RÅSKOG cart (above), or use them virtually anywhere by mounting a GRUNDTAL magnetic knife rack (as mentioned below).

4. GRUNDTAL Magnetic Knife Rack

IKEA Hacks

Speaking of the GRUNDTAL magnetic knife rack , how clever are these?? These awesome hacks from IKEA make me want to go buy about a dozen more! See more ideas HERE!

5. MOPPE Mini Chest of Drawers

Ikea hacksWhat a fun and easy upgrade! I love the look of this MOPPE Drawers hack from The Painted Hive.

6.  SULTAN LADE Slatted Bed Base

IKEA hacks

This is one of those brilliant hacks that I would NEVER think of, but it’s SO smart! If you’ve ever purchased a children’s bed at IKEA before, you’ve probably picked up these cool wooden slats, held together with 2 ribbons of cloth, typically used as the mattress support.

Well, you’ll never think of them the same way after seeing this Brilliant SULTAN LADE Hack, right?? This would be so fun to paint and hang in kids’ rooms for hanging toys and such. IKEA doesn’t currently sell this item online, but you can check online to see if your local store has it in-stock.

7. LACK Game Table Hack


Such a FUN idea!

LACK tables are probably one of the most popular IKEA products. It’s one of the first things I ever purchased there because they are SO budget-friendly (under $10!), and come in a variety of colors. I will definitely be trying this adorable LACK Game Table Hack.

IKEA has a few more clever ideas for ways to paint LACK tables for game boards.

8. ALGOT Upright Wall-Mounted ShelvingIkea Shelving Desk

This desk is actually just ALGOT Upright Wall-Mounted Shelving. Totally adjustable, so you can rearrange anytime to fit your needs. LOVE this idea! (Psstt… That awesome paper roll and those small storage buckets are also from IKEA!)

9. MOSSLANDA Picture LedgeIKEA Hacks

MOSSLANDA Picture Ledges are SUPER versatile! I love this idea for storing books in a small space, because kids can easily see the covers. So smart!

Written by Danielle for Hip2Save. Danielle is a proud mom to 5 amazing kids in Utah, who lives for coffee and baking. She’s dedicated to balancing her own interests and passions, while encouraging her children to follow their own paths in life.

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Comments 60

  1. Corina

    LOVE IKEA. we recently bought my eight year old daughter the desk that increases the height as she grows(forgot the name), matching desk chair, small hutch and matching table lamp. We used the coupon and it saved us the amount of the hutch, so it was like getting it for free! Our IKEA in KS has a huge box of catalogs for the taking a the entrance, so shoppers who have not received one in the mail can pick one up! I also never pass up to eat a meal in their dining area.

  2. MrsFelix1004

    The light table is so awesome you can do this to learn how to draw or write calligraphy. FYI the light boxes alone on Amazon are $50. You can look at the app called instructables for an awesome hack to make one too.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh neat! Thanks for the heads up on the app.

  3. Reddick34Lindsay

    There is also a $20 off $150 purchase coupon for ikea good until Sept. 8th.

  4. Kendra

    We bought the picture shelves to put books on in our playroom! They’re perfect!

  5. Lindak

    Last time we went my son found the items he wanted online and found the bin number for each item. We grabbed a cart from the parking lot, entered by the cash registers which are by the pick up bins. In and out in 10 minutes. Normally it takes at least an hour just to find my way through the store.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      So Smart!

  6. Jennifer K

    I would love to go! I wish I had one closer but it’s 3 hours away!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I feel ya… we don’t have one in Boise either. 😟

    • Jennifer

      I used to road trip with friends from Boston to go to the one in New Haven, CT. Not quite two and a half hours, but still a schlep! From one Jennifer K. to another, I totally can sympathize. It can be worth the trek if you have time though!

  7. Kiwi

    I love IKEA! I will load up the 2 little ones just to go there and shop. I can’t beat the prices in my area shopping there.

  8. Lucy

    I love IKEA. Looking forward for more of these posts! πŸ˜ƒ

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Glad to hear it! πŸ‘

  9. Shannon

    I love ikea so much! But I just moved and now all my ikea furniture is damaged! The furniture I bought from furniture stores has held up so much better. So now I’m torn about buying any more furniture there.

    • Just Me

      While nice, I always think of IKEA furniture as college furniture. I do still have a dresser but it definitely has seen better days. I think of ikea as put it together and never move furniture.

    • Jennifer

      Same thing happened to our ikea furniture when we moved. We just threw it away because it was not sturdy enough. The furniture didn’t last and so we started shopping at quality furniture stores instead. It’s more expensive but so far has outlasted anything from ikea.

    • Melissa

      Same here! We are military and IKEA furniture just doesn’t hold up for multiple moves. But it’s still cute stuff!

    • visitor3

      We had insurance coverage when we moved Ikea furniture and — of course — got our money’s worth out of the policy since the Ikea furniture was particle board and was not able to endure the twisting and banging of the journey. The insurance covered the damage which paid us much better than had we sold it second hand before moving.

  10. Krystal

    This post is so very different from the one Colin did about her first trip to IKEA. Things are definitely changing on this site..

    • stephanie

      I guess you have to take into account that this was written by a guest poster. This is not from her perspective.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi Krystal,

      Not sure exactly what you mean, but this post was written by my sidekick, Danielle. I actually really enjoyed this post… possibly because I also have a slight obsession with IKEA as well. 😊 This post took quite a bit of time to put together as she wanted to find some fun hacks and highlight pieces that are not only budget-friendly, but can be used in many different ways. I think it’s a FUN post.

      • Jennifer

        Collin. Looks like your post got cut off too! Or maybe it’s cause I’m on my iPhone. I have noticed comments bring cut off somehow. Just FYI. Love the site.

      • Krystal Nelson

        I remember you posting about your first trip to IKEA when you put a bunch of stuff in your cart – and then had to ask someone to put it back!

        I just feel that the site is so full of ads and paid/sponsored/clickbait posts that it has very few true “deals” anymore :/. When using the mobile version, I get scam/spam popups when I click a link from your site (that I never get from any other website).

        Just my two cents. Things aren’t what they used to be!

        • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

          Krystal –

          Thanks for your comment and feedback! One of the ways that Hip2Save is supported is via ads – the revenue from the ads allows me to pay for hosting, web development, my awesome team of sidekicks, the free email newsletter, Hip2Save sponsored giveaways etc. My goal has always been to place ads on the site that are not obtrusive or obnoxious so I truly appreciate your feedback and will definitely take it into account as future changes are made to the site.

          We are also VERY picky about the deals we post and try hard to make sure the ones that make it to the site are great deals that we would take advantage of ourselves. However, if you’re not digging the deals or the site in general, there are loads of other deal sites out there that might be a better fit.

      • Angela

        I thought it was a great post–I love IKEA and think it’s a blast to use some of their cheap organizational items in different ways around the house. πŸ™‚

  11. 4Ella

    I could live inside the Ikea, just live it, the closest one is two hours away. When i go, i usually spend hours there and don’t want to leave lol
    Best, best store, i used to shop there when i lived in Germany, wish there was one closer to my house.
    Maybe not so good idea, i probably would go bankrupt lol

  12. Haseena

    Love this post, but I might be the only one who doesn’t like shopping at ikea…my head starts spinning when I enter this store, that might be partly because I always have my two little ones with me. But I have to say, I purchased my bedroom furniture from Ikea over 7 years ago and I moved last year and everything is still in great condition.

    • MommySpendsLess

      If your kids are old enough for you to feel comfortable but young enough to be eligible check them into Smallland – a completely free babysitting/play area. My daughter was school age before I felt okay leaving her with people I hadn’t personally vetted though so I understand if that’s not an option for you. If not, I’d go in with a plan of attack. I’d look at everything online and create a wish list and print it out. It will have the aisle/bin numbers for the larger items plus you can check stock levels of everything for your local store. When you get there, skip the showroom. It’s awesome and a great place for ideas but not someplace you wanna drag the kiddos, especially if it’s a weekend (aka crowded). At my local store i can ride up the escalator, immediately turn towards the kids area and go down the stairs to the purchasing floor – basically a 2-story U-turn that let’s me completely skip the showroom. If you’re only buying furniture, another commenters tip to go in by the checkout lanes and straight to the furniture warehouse area has worked for me too. Lastly, with little ones, bring small snacks, picture books, whatever it will take to keep them happy standing in line for 10 minutes. On weekends, my store always has long lines. You can speed up your own checkout by making sure you stack your furniture pieces on your cart so the barcodes are easy to find/scan. I must sound like an Ikea fanatic lol. I just work about 10 minutes away from one so I’ve learned how to buzz in and out during my lunch break. For me it’s not a trip or all day event – just someplace big to buy stuff, like Walmart.

  13. Pdxsong

    Great ideas! Thanks

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re so welcome!

  14. Amanda D.

    I LOVE IKEA! The crib we bought there 5 ish years ago has now been passed along thru 3 babies and about to be 4. I lost a piece during storage. When I emailed them explaining it was my fault and asking to purchase the replacement piece they sent it to me at no charge. They have great customer service!!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      So glad to hear that! Thanks a ton for the awesome feedback Amanda!

  15. Shana

    I just bought 2 of the knob racks! They are so cute! I also got the spice racks to use for kids books on this wasted wall space behind my kiddos bedroom door. Also I have the utility cart! It has been one of my fave items. Its been a plant stand, a book holder, and right now it is holding art supplies. Cute post! The bed slat storage hack is awesome! Totally wouldn’t have thought that could be used like that!!

    • MommySpendsLess

      Hey Shana, do you think the spice racks would fit Beanie Boos (those big eyed stuffed animals little girls love)

      I was thinking about getting picture ledges for them but I like the price of the spice racks anlot better lol

  16. Kat

    Love this post on IKEA! Great job Danielle! Would love to see a post on another favorite store of mine…HomeGoods.

  17. Desiree

    Ha ha! I just spent two hours there tonight. I am totally obsessed with Ikea. Don’t forget to check the clearance area! I scored big there!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Sweet! Thanks for the heads up! πŸ˜‰

  18. Jackie

    Anyone have the new ikea kitchen cabinets?

    • Maria

      We are wrapping up our IKEA kitchen now! We did all the install ourselves. It was not difficult at all and I love my cabinets.

  19. Suzy

    I have two of the Grundtal dish drainers hanging above my sink and one of the 31.5″ wall shelves above that. I love it, things that don’t make the dishwasher (plastic or things too big or just too weird to add to the dishwasher) go there to drain, then I dry them off and put them away. The rack above I use for fruits like tomatoes, bananas, pineapple. The dish drainers fold up against the wall when I am not using them. They are also good for hot cookie sheets right out of the oven. I just make sure I don’t touch the cabinets with a hot pan, lol. So, that useless cabinet that was above the sink and wasted space is gone and I have a really nifty space in my small kitchen.

    I love some things about Ikea too, but it isn’t my go to for everything. I also have to order online because the closest one is about 4 hours away from me. Thanks for the post, it was neat to see.

    • Maria

      I would love to see a picture of your set up! We are in the process of finishing off our IKEA kitchen and looking for some ideas in that space.

  20. Luna

    We’re heading there today, 2hrs drive but so excited as I’ve heard much since years. Hope I can fit as whatever I need in my suv😁

  21. Jai

    Love this post! Thanks for sharing your ideas 😊

  22. cindy

    Love Ikea! We have 5 bedroom sets from there. Holding up well 5+ years. I like the room displays for inspiration. The restaurant works for us, too. My fam is a mix of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and meat eaters. I like their room makeover videos, too. Im a fan! Closest is 5 hours away.

    • CJ

      That is great. Thanks for posting the pic….I might try it. Did you get the white shelf board at ikea or where?

      • C. Ree

        No problem. I struggled for ages trying to figure something out that wouldn’t block the patio door but would give me some storage. I got it at Menards or Home Depot. It was a pre-finished shelf Something like this: You could probably dress it up a bit with real cabinet pulls. We found a new place mid-way through a mini-kitchen remodel and I was in a rush to pull stuff together to sell so I didn’t bother. πŸ™‚

  23. Jessica

    My kids ask to go to Ikea at least once a week. We love the food there. The kids love Smaland and I get an hour to shop kid-free. It’s a win-win. Half my house is from Ikea.

  24. Suzanne

    Love this post! Will there be more like it in the future?

  25. Cindy

    I am sitting in my Ikea desk chair now. Love it! If you are planning a trip in the next couple of weeks, you can still print a $20.00 off if you spend $150.00 coupon at their website. If you don”t see it immediately in the top banner, hit the arrow on the right or left until it shows up. It is good until September 5.

    • Jean

      We are in October already! Do you mean October 5th?

  26. Stephanie

    I have a love/hate relationship with ikea. LOVE the storage and organization pieces but the furniture looks cheaply made and is so small scale. Great for an apt but not a large house with tall people. I get much better bang for buck at regular furniture stores or second hand (& paint or refinish).

  27. Ana

    Does anyone else see all these comments as being cut off when you’re using the Hip2Save app?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi there! Sorry for the issues with the comments – we are working on getting this fixed. In the meantime, please be sure to check out the Hip2Save mobile site – just go to on your mobile device. You can then view comments without any issues.

  28. Patricia Lavenz-Goff

    Love the ideas but much to modern for my old house. LOL

  29. Alese Rodriguez

    Where is the kitchen cart from? I would something like that!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      There is an ikea link above for the utility cart! Be sure to click through that link to view them! πŸ™‚

  30. Frances

    I’ve been to the ikea here recently (in Tempe AZ) and they had those carts on sale!

  31. Lin

    My whole house is from Ikea! Just waiting for my Ektorp sofa to turn up next week! My only issue is that some items have been discontinued here in the UK but are still available in the US.

  32. Sarah Snell

    I must confess, after adapting Ikea product, now i’m obsessed with it. I cannot find any negative things about it. Please let me know if you find out one πŸ™‚

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