SEVEN of Our Favorite Gifts for Teachers, Co-Workers, Neighbors & Friends

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Buying Gifts for Teachers, Co-Workers, Neighbors…?

Check out SEVEN of our favorite co-worker/friend/teacher/neighbor/hostess gifts that we LOVE here at Hip2Save! Keep in mind that most of these gifts are not so much about getting the “best” deal, but about gifting a quality product that YOU love yourself (and one that we love too! 🙂 )!

Hip Tip: Before buying any of these products mentioned below, consider saving even MORE by snagging discounted gift cards from sites like or!

1.) LUSH Bath Bombs & More

Know someone who needs a little pampering? LUSH invents their own products and fragrances fresh by hand using little or no preservatives and packing – including bath, body, makeup, fragrance products and more! They use only vegetarian ingredients & tell you when the products were made!

  • Amazon: Starting at $9.98 for bath products
  • LUSH USA: Starting at $4.50 for mini bath bombs

Also, I’ve heard amazing things about the highly rated Peppermint Foot Cream ($27.95) and Handy Gurugu Hand Lotion ($21.95)! What great gift ideas for someone who needs a little pampering!

“I have used LUSH products for years! The bath bombs are the perfect pick-me-up and truly, none other compare! The smells are AMAZING and they make your skin smell so good! I also think they have excellent customer service and every time you walk into their stores it’s a treat! They let you sample what ever you’d like and are very knowledgeable on their products.”

If you’re looking for a more affordable bath bomb, consider making your own OR buying these similar-to-LUSH bath bombs from Amazon for just $2.50 each!

2.) Bath & Body Works Candles

These candles smell AHH-MAZING! If you have someone in your life who loves candles that fill the entire house with a lovely aroma 🙂 , you’ll definitely want to stock up on Bath & Body Works Candles. If you’re headed in-store, you can even score FREE wrap and ribbon with purchase!

Plus, the jars can easily be re-purposed when you’re finished as they’re topped with super cute lids!

The best time to stock up on the 3-wick candles are during their One-Day Candle Sale in December where all 3-wick candles are just $8.95 (regularly $24.50). Even sweeter, there are often $10 off $30 promo codes and/or mailer coupons available that you can use to bring the cost WAY down!

CURRENT available promo codes:

  • FA175635 = $10 off $30 purchase (exp. 12/24) OR with this in-store coupon (exp. 12/7)
  • DISCOVER20 = 20% off sitewide (exp. 12/31)
  • F17C2FF = Free Item Up to $13.50 with $10 purchase (exp. 12/24)
  • F17F3C2 = Free Fun Size Body Care Item (up to $5 value) with purchase (exp. 12/24)
  • FA175637 = Free Aromatherapy Item With Any Aromatherapy purchase (exp. 12/24)

If you’re headed in-store, you can also purchase Mini and Medium candles too! Those would be perfect for using in a gift basket or as a stocking stuffer. Aren’t they adorable?!

Rumor has it that the most popular scent this year is ‘Tis the Season. Do you agree or disagree?

“I am a huge candle lover and have been hooked on Bath & Body Works 3-wick Candles for years. I love that they make my ENTIRE house smell wonderful and that you can re-purpose the cute little jars!”

3.) Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop 3-Cup Espresso Maker

Shopping for a coffee lover? The Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Espresso Machine is an Italian-made aluminum pot that’s easy to use and produces rich, delicious, aromatic espresso in just minutes. It produces 3 demitasse (2 ounce) cups of rich, velvety espresso in less than 5 minutes!

Plus, it was mentioned on Consumer Reports as one of the best stovetop espresso makers!

“This little pot makes a great cup of coffee with a lot of flavor, much more flavor than my automatic drip pot. I bought the 3 cup which makes 3oz I warm up some water and mix 1oz of the brewed coffee with 6 or 7oz of water. Excellent taste! I always thought it would be tricky to make coffee in one of these Moka pots but in reality it is very easy by following the instructions that come with the pot.

4.) Automatic Milk Frother

Another great gift for a coffee lover! This electric milk frother quickly creates rich, creamy, and long-lasting froth at the push of a button. Just pour the desired milk up to the appropriate capacity, press start and in just 80 seconds you will have luscious creamy froth. How fun is that!?

Each frother comes equipped with two small whisks – one for frothing cold or hot milk and the other for heating. You can even froth low-fat and non-dairy milks, such as almond or soy milk! AND, it also has a steam and whip cream option which is an awesome feature!

“This milk frother ROCKS! I bought this recently since my coffee was getting so boring. I didn’t want to go out and pay for a luxury latte maker, so I decided to just get this and I am so impressed! I went from pouring boring cold cream into my coffee each day to feeling like I could literally open up a coffee shop!”

5.) Now I Know World’s Most Interesting Facts Book

Know someone who loves trivia? The Now I Know: The Revealing Stories Behind the World’s Most Interesting Facts Book is the ultimate challenge for any know-it-all who thinks they have nothing left to learn. 😉 From uncovering what happens to lost luggage to New York City’s plan to crack down on crime by banning pinball, this book will challenge your knowledge!

“This is a very interesting book that is super hard to put down. I read it in one evening and was kind of sad when it ended. I love history and documentaries. This fits right into that genre.”

6.) Gourmet Chocolates

Shopping for a chocolate lover? See’s Milk Bordeaux Chocolates and See’s Dark Bordeaux Chocolates are a heavenly blend of creamy brown sugar covered in milk or dark chocolate and decorated with chocolate rice. The See’s Fudge is amazingly delicious too – SO yummy!

If you’re heading to your local See’s Candy Shop, you can use this $5 off $35 in-store coupon through December 11th to save even more on their yummy chocolates and candies!

Or, if you’re looking for a more affordable chocolate gift, these Frango Chocolates have amazing reviews on Macy’ and are a Hip2Save reader favorite too! 😃 Right now, these yummy chocolates are priced as low as just $6.29 (reg. $10) when you use promo code FRIEND! Choose from Mint, Raspberry, Sea Salt Caramel, Toffee, Peanut Butter & Jelly and more yummy flavors.

See’s Chocolates are really yummy and the See’s Bordeaux Fudge is even more amazing! I order it for everyone every year! And Frango Mint Chocolates are melt-in-your mouth DELICIOUS!”

7.) Gygi Kitchen Utensils

The Orson Gygi Company is a family owned and operated restaurant wholesale and kitchen supply store in Salt Lake City, Utah. Even today, the company is overseen and run by Orson’s grandson! They specialize in tools and supplies for the kitchen all the way up to large kitchen appliances.

Even sweeter, prices start at just 50¢ AND is offering Hip2Save readers an extra 10% off sitewide with promo code HIP10 at checkout! Keep in mind that shipping is free on qualifying $50 orders with the code FREESHIP but you can only use one promo code per order.

Here are a few of our favorites…

“SO affordable, very nice restaurant-grade quality and a small family business. Best 99¢ spatula around! I use a few for cleaning, scraping…perfect for brownies. I love giving them as neighbor gifts. But really their cookie sheets are amazing too. When you buy stuff from there it lasts forever.”

AND, once you’ve snagged these awesome kitchen utensils, consider printing this “We Whisk You a Merry Christmas” gift tag and attaching it to a package of cookies or brownies for a nice gift idea!

You can also create these super cute and EASY Folded Dish Towel & Utensil Gifts!

⭐️ BONUS & FUN GIFT IDEA: Wine/Beer Socks ⭐️

If you’re looking for a fun gift topper or stocking stuffer idea for a wine connoisseur, these “If You Can Read This – Bring Me a Glass of Wine” 3-pack Socks (more options here) are super comfy and so fun! You can also snag these fun Beer Socks with Gift Box for your beer lover!

Or if you’re looking to snag fun stocking stuffers for the Beer, Coffee, AND Wine lover in your life, consider snagging this 4-pack variety set for only $14.99 – just $3.75 per pair! Plus, be sure to scroll down & check the products and promotions section for codes you can use to save even more!

“I bought 6 pairs for all the girls in my family (I made them advent calendars and they opened these today!). I actually had to buy from two different sellers because one sold out but they’re both identical 3-packs. Surprisingly good quality, super comfy and so fun!

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Comments 68

  1. Dice

    Great gift ideas!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for the feedback! Glad you have enjoyed this list!

  2. shay

    My mom is a teacher, she has a closet full of scented lotion and BBW candles she gets for presents. They all give her a headache so she doesn’t want them but hates to throw new lotion and candles. Gift cards. That’s the one thing she likes and uses. The rest is just dust collectors

    • Kate

      I will echo the gift card idea for teachers!!! Such a safe bet and so greatly appreciated!!

    • Becky

      My daughter is upset that I’m having her take a gift card to her teacher. She would rather take a present, but I agree, gift cards are the way to go. I think they get so many candles and lotions…

    • Jackie

      I would give a gift card but don’t have the budget for that. I spent $6 at BBW for a gift that otherwise would had been over $20.00 I would feel bad giving a $6 gift card vs what I was able to get for $6 at bath and body works. Just saying, sometimes we give certain things because it’s all we can afford 😊

      • KLS

        It truly is the thought that counts. As a teacher, my favorite gifts are the cards that my students make and write on their own. As a parent, I understand how expensive life is. A nice card with a personalized note is the best gift!

      • brenda

        I think they should be thankful you thought enough of them to buy them anything. I dont give gift cards either for same reason- limited $.

      • Erin

        But think about it: if every parent gave $5, that’s probably at least $100 for the teacher rather than something she doesn’t want, doesn’t have room for, or can’t use.

      • Shannon

        I have given a $5 gift card for teachers and I think they have been happy with that. I have 3 kids and they had multiple teachers at the time so I couldn’t give each one a lot but honestly I think they don’t mind. I mean what teacher or person would say oh what a bad present! I’m pretty sure they are thinking yeah awesome five bucks! Teachers, am I right?

        • Miriam

          Yes, Shannon, totally right! I never roll eyes at a gift, but I do tend to feel guilty when I receive things I know I won’t use. It’s definitely the thought that counts, and teachers can use all the encouragement and appreciation we can get. If you can’t afford a gift, just write a nice card! 🙂

    • HeavyDee

      Sorry, but no. I refuse to give a teacher a gift card for CHRISTMAS. Always a gift. If they don’t use it, oh well. No one is perfect. We do our best to buy a nice, affordable and THOUGHTFUL gift for a teacher.

      At the end of the school year, yes. Then we give a gift card as a thank you. When we can spend more money, like Jackie above so clearly pointed out, as gift cards are straight up expensive….then I give a gift card.

      People even gripe about gift cards!!! They say, Oh I never go here!

      Honestly your mom should give you or someone she loves the gifts that she doesn’t like and just appreciate the thought. My mom was a mail carrier for years and got a lot of chocolates. Oh how she hated getting all these fattening treats over Xmas. But she shared them with us kids and we LOVED them!

      • KLS

        I am a teacher. I say give what you want. Of course, we get stuff we don’t like/want/need, but to complain about it is ridiculous! I always get a big box of chocolates which I don’t need, but can always find plenty of people to share with. If you don’t want it/like it, donate it or give it to someone who will like it! As I said earlier, a nice card with a personalized note is the best. I can save it forever and it is affordable! Gifts are not necessary!

        • Dana Edwards

          I agree that anyone who complains about a gift is ridiculous. Homemade gifts are always appreciated, including if the kid made it (a homemade ornament, a coworker received a pillow that the student actually made). Another good idea is a gift “card” for teachers pay teachers. Even $5 is enough to buy something great that the teacher will use.

    • m

      For those who don’t want scented items and don’t want to throw them out, maybe consider donating them. In my local area at Loaves & Fishes they are always looking for things like body lotion, soaps, coffee mugs, etc.

    • Allison 💙

      Have your mom take them to the store and get store credit. Can she use their hand soaps?? BBW has a 100% guarantee so any time you get a gift from there that you don’t like, you can take it in to exchange it!! (Just tell her to go during the day or on a week night. It’s busiest on the weekends.)

    • Amber

      Depending on the grade level, teachers love things for their classrooms too! An indoor recess game, a book for the classroom library or even extra consumable supplies.

    • Jessica

      I’m a teacher and get headaches too from scented body lotions. I teach in a low income school and honestly I would love to get extra glue sticks for my class or even a $5 gift card to the dollar tree to buy treasure box items for my kids. Or even better yet, would love to have a volunteer come into my class for an hour to play a game with small groups or help with laminating or cutting.

  3. Jackie

    I got our teachers some of the honey soap from BBW and the tiny honey candle. They smell so good and it was $6 for everything! $3 for each item. Wrapping it with some cute card saying “thank you for making me a great spelling bee 🐝 “

  4. Vicki

    We have been getting my daughter’s teachers those Big One plush throws from Kohls. Great to stock up on when they are on sale.

    • Jackie

      Love that idea

    • KLS

      I love that idea as well. I am a teacher and a friend of mine that is also a teacher got one and was not so thrilled to say the least. She gave it to me and I was ecstatic! Who doesn’t need pretty, soft, cozy blankets????

  5. Casey Meyers

    Just give them a gift card and be done with it. At least they can get what they want and you know you want have wasted your money.

  6. Chelsea

    No target gift card is too small!!! Sincerely, A teacher who doesn’t want/need “stuff”

  7. Luna

    Is the best bow candle sale over?

  8. Jessica

    We are giving away hand sewn key fobs from my sister in laws boutique and a jar of yummy jelly. Also gonna grab a couple gift cards to. Have to buy for awanas teachers, Sunday school, etc

  9. Miriam

    I’m a teacher and, although I appreciate all gifts, gift cards are the best! Even $5 is awesome! I’d rather have $5 that will definitely get used than a $15-20 gift that sits unused in the closet. We tend to get A LOT of snacks, mugs, soaps, and lotions. A simple sweet note from your child is also very much loved! 🙂

    • 5boys4me&lee

      – from another teacher

    • riss

      Not a teacher, but your post makes a lot of sense. When my kids were in pre-K-1 years ago, we spent a lot of time looking for a teacher’s gift. I don’t think gift cards were popular back then, or I didn’t really know about them. But after that, from 2nd till 8th, it was just gift cards all the way. Easy-peasy!

  10. mommyx4

    Socks won’t get here till after Xmas 🙁 that would of been a wonderful idea for the teachers I volunteer for

    • Tiffany

      I found them on eBay and they can be delivered before Christmas.

    • lovespring

      My orders says it will be delivered on dec 12 – through amazon prime

  11. Melissa L.

    Can all the Bath and Body Works promo codes be used in store somehow to save on shipping costs? Thanks!

    • Jessa

      Online says one code per order so I’d assume in store is the same

      • Melissa L.

        Jessa thanks. I was just wondering if I could use the promo codes in store, not more than one. Just if I could get any of the same deals the promo codes are for, but use one in store to save on shipping costs. Thank you for your reply though.

  12. Kerry

    Alright, here’s my 2 cents. I cannot afford to give teachers gift cards, it’s too much. I have 2 autistic kids that go to a school that meets their needs. That’s 2 teachers, plus 6 aides and 2 speech therapists (10). I have 2 in a regular school, that’s 5 more between the 2. That’s a total of 15 teachers. Simply cannot afford. The teachers are doing an excellent job though. I’ll take the suggestion of someone who posted about giving gift cards at the end of the year.

    • Cmichelle

      As a therapist myself I would say appreciation is the best gift. A very thoughtful note about how you have helped the child and the family is the best thing.

    • trace

      Us too! If I don’t count everyone that’s 12 people to buy for…so we are making homemade gifts. Cost is low and it’s not much but it helps them be recognized instead of only focusing on 2 teachers.

  13. Lisa

    The socks are cute. I got a pair for $0.99 from Ebay a few months ago.

  14. Allison 💙

    I taught for 8 years, and while i loved opening up gifts from the students who brought me one, I always used the gift cards first. I prefer gift cards from my own family! I’m super picky and I’d rather use the money on something I want, when I want it, than to be stuck with something I’ll never use.

  15. Tammy

    Our local shoe store recently had a clearance sale where I bought scarves for $1. I embroidered the teachers’ initials on them, and that’s what we’re giving for Christmas…Monogrammed scarves (for $1).

  16. Samanthology!

    My sister loves lush!, but there is no store around me and it annoys me to no end that they never seem to have Sales or promo codes especially this time year.

  17. B

    I was a teacher, too. I always appreciated any gift I was given, but the gift cards were so nice. A $5 gift card to target or Starbucks was so fun!

  18. Katie

    Last year for an end of year gift I got my son’s teacher a small succulent and I am thinking of doing that for his teacher this year at christmas time. For the end of the year I would like to gift new books to the classroom library.

  19. Steph-B

    I am so happy that our school has our teachers fill out a questionnaire on what they like and then we can get them things we know they’ll like!! We can use scrip for gift cards and get our teachers gift cards to places they love ❤️ plus can you imagine if every student gave a mug every year (for example) how much crap they’d have.. lol- I’m sticking with gift cards for my children’s teachers!

  20. Kristy

    I’m doing a BBW candle and a glove/scarf set from NY&Co for each of my kids’ teachers. Candles were $6ish on candle day and the gloves were $5 around Black Friday.

    • Kristy

      Last year I ordered teacher necklaces (all female teachers) with their names from for $8ish apiece. I’ve looked this year but they don’t have the same necklaces and the ones they do have are more expensive and not as cute.

  21. *Angela-Miles*

    Random; Does anyone know of a cash Back site that allows you to book hotels with rewards programs??? For example, I’m trying to book a hotel using the marriot rewards program but when I went thru ebates and swagbucks they both say if you use any rewards or discounts it’s not valid!!! Just trying to earn a few dollars off my stay if any ones knows any websites?? 🙂

  22. Diane

    My daughter is a teacher and she prefers to get things for her classroom. Pencils, Markers, hand sanitizer, Teachers really have to spend so much of their own money on the classroom. She also has a wish list for books that can purchase to add to the classroom library.

  23. Amy

    I am a teacher, and love any and all gifts from my thoughtful students. With that said, my favorite things are gift cards (Amazon, Barnes and noble, any store) and $5 is perfect. One year several parents chipped in $3 a child and gave me $30 for Barnes and noble. It was extremely appreciated. Best gift ever!
    The only thing I have ever gotten that I did not use or share with a family member was some homemade goodies- I have a food allergy.

  24. Luv 🌺

    I already bought cozy socks-3pairs and Sharpie marker set for my LO’s kindergarten teacher and just the cozy socks-3pairs for the aide; hope they like them. But going forward I probably will not be buying Christmas present for teachers anymore but instead just at the end of the year gift card. I don’t even give Christmas presents to my family, we believe in donating to the poor,participate in adopt-a-family, and homeless instead, it’s Jesus Christ’s birthday, the reason for the season. 🌺

  25. Mom Of 2

    One year my daughter had a teacher who had just began teaching kindergarten. She was an exceptional teacher, who went above and beyond her teaching duties. My daughter wrote and illustrated a mini soft cover book (which we found at Michaels) all about her teacher, and where my daughter thought she may go on Christmas vacation (target, Dunkin’, Starbucks, etc.). Then we put a few $5.00 gift cards on the pages with the pictures my daughter drew. The teacher was so incredibly moved by the book, I don’t even know if she cared about the gift cards. LOL

  26. Erin

    I’m a teacher and honestly love ANY gift from my students. I’m a mom too and realize that many families don’t have it in their budget to give gift cards to all of their kids’ teachers. Notes and sincere gifts are always appreciated in my book!

  27. Jennine

    It makes me sick to my stomach the fooled advertising Lush promotes. I was super excited for a natural handmade beauty store. She starts telling me about the popular bath bombs, thinking it’s a natural store I ask, how do you get the colors so bright? Artificial dyes she says. Hmmm… my exciting level fading. Can you tell me about the hair soap. “I love it! I wash my hair every few days. It only has a small amount of titanium dioxide, and artificial dyes.” Oh, I said, is there any with out? She looked around, hmmm yes the honey one. Word of the wise if it doesn’t look like a natural earth tone, it’s not natural. It’s “handmade.”

    • Elvira

      Wow that’s really ridiculous. Sad part is that they could use natural food dyes from blueberries and tumeric and beets if they wanted to.

  28. jenifer46143

    Suggestions for my kindergarten’s bus driver?? Thought about getting her a Cuddle Duds blanket I found at Kohl’s?? Suggestions?? TY.

  29. sara bonert

    I’m a fan of gift cards for the teachers, even a small amount. But wanted to pass an idea for people we needed to buy 1-5 dollar gifts for… I bought a bunch of large pretzel sitcks, dipped them in almond bark and sprinkled crushed candy canes on them. I wrapped about 6 in cellophane wrap and tied red ribbons at the end of each and attached a little handmade red/green To: tag on each. They were super cute and I was able to make about 10 gifts at one time. (bus drivers, music teachers, etc)

  30. redsoxgirl

    At my school, the room mom usually sends a note for parents to send in money toward a gift card and then the teacher gets one large gift card. It comes from everybody, even ones who could not contribute, and a teacher is always very happy. It is a win-win, because the parents can give a small amount and it adds up.

  31. rosi

    The last few years I have given my daughter’s teachers and therapist a fleece blanket with a FLEECE NAVIDAD TAG added a Rudolf candy cane made by my daughter several hot chocolate envelopes and a bag of marshmallow painted to resemble snowman head….or a blanket with movie and a bag of popcorn -all tied up with a pretty Christmas ribbon …each gift ends costing around $7…and all her teachers have loved them

  32. Sue

    I was a teacher for years and appreciated any gifts the kids gave me. Gift cards were great though and appreciation letters/cards were the best. My daughter has five boys and and in previous years I was able to help by getting some beautiful scarves super cheap or free with JC Penney or ShopYourWay and other stores rewards for them to give. Last year though, their beehives produced really well they she gave gifts of honey in nice sealed personalized jars. It was a hit with everyone.

  33. sally

    wouldn’t it makes ense that if the teacher is allergic to scents she just says so? and why not just re-gift the gits that she gets? seems weird. im not buying a gc a lot of these teachers should be grateful — the poor students cant even afford to give gifts be glad you teach “privileged’ kids.

    • cami

      I think it’s helpful to know what the gift recipient would enjoy, so as not to waste any money on something that will just be tossed or donated.

      It sounds like the consensus is that teacher’s appreciate hand written notes and $5 gift cards. And if $5 is not in the budget, than just a handwritten note is well received.

  34. Yoojin1008

    Look out for See’s Chocolate giftcards at Costco!

  35. 50ShadesofLipstick

    So then we shouldn’t give anyone a gift unless we are absolutely positive that they will like it lol. That’s not how gifting works imo. You can always choose to donate whatever you didn’t enjoy and be appreciative of the fact that someone took the time and $ out to get you something. To me, the issue isn’t even about whether or not gift cards are affordable- it’s about practicing gratitude, as nobody is obligated to give someone a gift.

    • Kitkat

      You are missing the point…. Why can’t the gift be what will be liked/wanted/needed/useful by/to the recipient? Gifting is about showing gratitude, yes, here the discussion is helping the giver choose one that fits the recipient too………….

      Yes nobody is obliged to giving a gift. That’s what the teachers here are saying; they’s rather get handwritten notes from students/parents………

  36. Kden

    FYI……On the Gygi website it says the Full Size Bun Pan will not fit in a residential oven.

  37. Justine

    Yes, Sees is the best chocolate ever! The Butterscotch squares are my family’s favorite.

  38. Steph

    Where did you find the “Adulting” stickers?? Thanks!

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