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Shutterfly: 2 FREE Custom Photo Gifts (Calendar, Mug or Shopping Bag) – Just Pay Shipping

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Through December 24th, Shutterfly is offering TWO Free Custom Photo Gifts when you use promo code SNOWMAN at checkout! Note that the products selected must be different and you’ll need to pay shipping on these items.

Choose from:

Check Out This Deal Idea…

Buy One 8×11″ Wall Calendar $29.99
Buy One 11″ White Ceramic Mug $16.99
Total = $46.98
Use promo code SNOWMAN
Shipping is $16.98
Final cost only $16.98 shipped for both items – just $8.49 each!

Note that you will NOT receive these items in time for Christmas.

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Comments 62

  1. Jennlk84

    Perfect! I needed to design another mug and hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Glad I waited!

  2. Holly

    I have a $10 Nike Gift Card Id trade for a Free Shutterfly Shipping code.

    • Holly

      Or I do have $10 Kohls Cash to trade for Free Shipping (it is good starting the 25th)

  3. Jamie

    Thanks! I just used my last free shipping code. I got quite a few from companies this year and tons tons of stuff from them for FREE. Thanks for all your posts!

    • Weber14

      I just placed an order last night and used all my free item and shipping codes saved $80.

    • Nicole

      Which companies sent out free shipping codes? I know Kelloggs

      • Mom Of 2

        There were many this year….
        -Kohl’s sent me two of them. (I actually switched back to paper statements because they send out so many Shutterfly offers!)
        -JoAnn Fabrics
        – P & G
        I can’t remember if I got free shipping codes from all of them, but they all sent Shutterfly offers and I had plenty of free shipping codes to pass around.

        • Gentle

          Oh wow! You got 2 free shipping from Kohls!?! I got a free calendar from Kohls.

  4. Laura

    This is a total long shot but if anyone by any chance has a free shipping code that they won’t be using, I would be so grateful!! My husband lost his job last month and we have lots of January birthdays in the family that it would be wonderful to make presents for. God bless everyone and merry Christmas!!

  5. shawns

    How do you guys get free shipping codes? I have gotten codes for free gifts but never a feee shipping code

    • Weber14

      I have received free shipping codes from various newsletters I have subscribed to. P&G sends out quite a few. If you’ve had a baby in the last few years enfamil also sends out a few emails with codes.

      • Jennlk84

        I got one free shipping code this year and i was from similac. I’m shocked I haven’t gotten more Shutterfly freebies via emails this year since I just had a baby in September. The year my daughter was born I had so many freebies coming my way I created tons of gifts for free.

    • Cheri

      Just fyi, you can use Kelloggs rewards points to get a magnet on the Kelloggs family rewards website. That’s what i ended up doing!

  6. Roxanne

    I won a $25 off Shutterfly but i had thought i could purchase something under and the rest of my e-gift could cover shipping but it doesn’t. Total has to be $25 or more. I’d like to know how to get free shipping codes as well. Thanks!

    • Nicole

      Just add a few 4×6 prints (15 cents each) or 5×7 print (99 cents each) depending on how much you need to spend to get to $25. Hope that helps 🙂

  7. Angelica

    I’m upset with shutterfly. Two of my orders got lost in the mail. I ordered it early because I didn’t want it to get to my house late. all they could do was reorder those items and tell me it won’t get here until after Christmas-_-

    • KK

      I had the same problem.
      I ordered on Dec 3; 8 items including 2 Santa Sacks and a tea towel. I got everything else except those things. The order kept saying in production. I finally did a chat on Dec 18 about it, they were apologetic and said they would reorder with expedited shipping. So, I thought ok, there is still a chance I would get it by Christmas. Weird thing is they did the whole reorder… all 8 items, so that was kind of interesting since some of the other items I could use… two different calendars, ornament…
      Then I noticed that the original “lost items” from the first order were magically shipped that same day. So, I was kind of excited to receive a double order and the possibility that I would get the specific Christmas items in time…. but then… I got a notice from UPS that there was mechanical failure with the shipment and delivery would be rescheduled with no date specified!
      So, I got the double delivery of the items that I didn’t need and will not get the 2 (actually 4) Santa Sacks before Christmas!
      I still love Shutterfly though; I get a lot of items from them for gift giving and all are of very good quality. As I’ve posted on H2S before, there are ways to stack the codes to get multiple items of high quality for a relatively low price per item.
      So, thank you H2S and Shutterfly!

      • Stacy

        Ugh Shutterfly “lost” one of my Christmas presents & I ordered by the date they told me to order by for delivery by Christmas & they just shipped them so basically none of my Christmas gifts will get here in time. Super disappointed in them this year

    • GM

      I had an order get messed up twice in a row one time and they redid my order and gave me free expedited shipping, refunded me everything I’d paid plus ended up putting like a $30 credit on my account for any future orders. It was frustrating to have my order messed up but they more than compensated for it so I was happy in the end.

  8. Vicki k

    I’ve never received free shipping codes.

  9. Nicole

    If anyone has a free shipping code they won’t use, I would be happy to trade you 15 Coke cap codes for it. Thanks!

  10. Luna

    Yeah how how does one score free shipping…never get them ever!

    • KK

      You have to sign up to receive emails from companies like Kelloggs; ToysRUs, Gymboree, Joanns, Burlington, Enfamil, Shopyourway, P&G, Pampers…
      They send out shutterfly freebies frequently throughout the year, but usually around TG some of the freebie emails will include a free shipping code. This does not have to be used with the other freebie code that comes in that email.
      However, there is no guarantee that you will get the free shipping code when you see the post on H2S that a free shipping code is in an email.
      My suggestion is that you sign up for a “couponing” email that you can use to sign up for emails from the various companies that people say they got a freebie from; another tip I have is to use the search bar on your email site for Shutterfly… it will only show the emails that include the word Shutterfly in the body of the email somewhere. This way you can eliminate the other promo emails they send out if you are only interested in the shutterfly emails.
      hope that helps… most of what I learned about couponing and dealing was from reading H2S commenters, so just trying to pass along the knowledge!

  11. Scruffybean718

    Here is a $25 code I won’t be using! CCCD-8E7W-P8Y5-VRUA6P

  12. Mimi

    I have $25 off any Shutterfly purchase. CCCD-8K0G-W5C6-RFYF2K

  13. Patty

    Free $ 25 from mom 365 exp 12/27 urlk 7wdy cbw3 9xfju5

  14. Sally

    If anyone has $25 off coupon that you won’t be using, could you please email it to Thank you!

  15. MaryAnn

    If anyone happens to have additional calendar codes they will not be using, I will be so grateful to use them! I’m hoping to make six calendars for my family and relatives and I only have 3 (Betty Crocker, Joann, and Kellogg) so far. Any codes will be sooo appreciated!! MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

    • MaryAnn

      Oh oops… completely forgot to leave my email! THANK YOU!!

    • Laura

      MaryAnn, I have a free calendar code that I received with my last Shutterfly order. If you’d like it, please leave your email address.

      • Laura

        I just sent the code. Enjoy. 🎄🎅

  16. Megan

    I made all three items (calendar, mug, shopping bag) because I had another free calendar code in my account that I was hoping to use. In my cart, it took the price of all three off using the code SNOWMAN, but did not use my other free caledar code. So, it looks like it is working to take the price off all three of these items if you order them!

  17. Frederick

    Anyone have a free shipping code? TIA

  18. Morna

    A bunch of codes I won’t use. Enjoy!
    Ornament KECC-1UHU-NGZV-8Y69D7 ends 12/31
    $25 URLK-4G4B-9CRT-TBNBDT ends 12/27
    Enter this code for the $25 credit: TZ72-56T2-P87D-6ZT9WV ends 12/31
    Enter this code for the luggage tag: TZ73-56SP-MWA6-BK7P4S ends 12/31
    $25 credit URLK-4G4B-9CRT-TBNBDT ends 12/27
    Calendar RR22-CFJE-CP6R-M0KC1E 
    Ends 12/28
    Calendar URLM-DGKD-29AZ-XNB85V ends 1/31
    Calendar IB2G-23JV-6VYF-VKR85J ends 1/31
    Calendar KECD-1T3X-T5CX-WSSGPK ends 1/31
    Tiny Prints $25 URLF-789Y-ZBS5-P3KW7C
    ENDS: SUN 12/31

    • K

      Thank you so much Morna! I was able to use one of the calendar codes. All of the other codes were already used……just so others will know.

      • Morna

        You’re welcome and thanks for letting me about the other codes. 😉

  19. MaryAnn

    Thank you so much, Morna!!! I used two of your calendar codes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    • Morna

      You’re welcome and I’m glad you were able to use one. 😊

      • Morna

        I mean them, lol.

  20. Lynnb1

    My daughter just received a Calendar that she spent along time making and picking just the right pictures for her Husband for a Special Christmas Gift to only open it to see pics only up to June after that blank pages!! She was so disappointed! Does stuff like that happen to other very often..

  21. Lynn

    I’ve been reading through all the comments can’t believe how nice everyone on here is to one another sharing their free stuff especially if they aren’t going to be using them . If anybody still has any left I’d love to try my luck at ordering from Shutterfly I’ve never used it looked at it a lot but just thought it’s so expensive if you don’t have any codes! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  22. Cheri

    8×11 calendar code

    • bernadett

      Somone used it.

  23. Diana

    I got a calendar, desktop plaque, pilsner glass, notepad, magnet, puzzle and notebook for $1.06 after freebie codes, $25 code and free shipping!!!!!!! Omg!!!!!! Saved $139 and $53 on shipping! I looooooove shutterfly!!!!!!!!!

  24. Mel

    Anyone have an extra free shipping code they can email me? Txs!

  25. Rose

    IB2F-EGRN-V4VM-5YC75K – $25off at shutterfly

    • Rose

      Enter this code for the $25 credit: TZ72-6XYY-7EC9-UX6J4W
      Enter this code for the luggage tag: TZ73-6XWF-3GPN-PGPZX4

      • Raina

        i used the luggage tag code. Thank you!

  26. Dee

    Does anyone have a free shipping shutterfly code that is not being used, kindly share,my email is

    It’s so nice of everybody to be sharing and caring in this thread……..stay blessed!

  27. elaine

    I would love a shutterfly free shipping code if someone has one. I can trade 4 AMC drinks and 1 Large popcorn.
    bkeee at

    thank you!

  28. Mari

    Calendar from kohls

    25$ off holiday cards from kohls

  29. jen

    Free calendar code: PG44-6TDE-KY58-JNUS8T – please comment when used. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

  30. Nali

    Anyone happen to have a free shipping code please email me thanks and happy holiday

  31. lvh

    I am putting together a large order with my one and only free shipping code and was wondering if anyone has a luggage tag or magnet or mousepad code they are not planning to use. I have a Kohl’s $25 off Shutterfly order to trade if you would be interested in that. I need to place the order tomorrow so I am tight on time. TIA and have a wonderful holiday!

    • lvh

      Woops! Forgot to include my email address: lvhwa at yahoo dot com . Thanks all!

  32. marilynn

    Just looking for info. Can several $25 off codes be used in the same order? They all came from different
    companies. Thanks for any replies. Merry Christmas!

    • Torie

      Only one $ off code per order on Shutterfly.

  33. Karin

    Anyone have an extra free shipping code? I have a calendar code or $25.00 code to trade.

  34. Maegen

    I know it’s a long shot, but I’d be so thankful for a free shipping code. I have $25 and free ornament to trade!

  35. Alexandra

    Pick 2 free: two 8×20 prints and/or one 16×20 print*
    Promo code: RUDOLPH
    *Offer expires December 26, 2017

    ISO free shipping code

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