10 Tips To Save You Hundreds When Shopping at T.J.Maxx, HomeGoods & Marshalls

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If you’ve ever shopped at T.J.Maxx, HomeGoods or Marshalls, you likely know that they offer fantastic deals on discounted clothing, home decor, furniture and more! If you’re looking to save BIG when shopping at their stores, check out these savings secrets that you may not know about…

1.) Sign Up for FREE Rewards Program (Earn FREE Gift!)

Whenever you sign up for TJX Rewards Access (it’s free!), you’ll be the first to know about new arrivals, store openings, private parties, free giveaways & more.

Plus, after signing up, you’ll also receive an email with exclusive promo codes valid for FREE shipping on ANY TJMaxx.com order and another code valid for FREE shipping on any SierraTradingPost.com order (may take 30+ minutes to arrive in inbox) – both codes are valid for one year after signing up!

Even sweeter, every time you use your Rewards Card at T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods or Sierra Trading, in-store or online, you’ll earn a “Visit” and a sweeps entry. Once you earn three Visits, you’ll be eligible for a private shopping event AND you’ll also score a free in-store gift! During a previous private shopping event, members received a free tassel key chain (pictured above). Sweet!

You can even earn Bonus Visits whenever you share eligible content to social media using hashtag #RewardsLove (sign into your rewards account and view your dashboard for details).

2.) Save Hundreds by Shopping The Runway Collection

Select T.J.Maxx stores have a department called The Runway that’s filled with high-end designer styles without the high price tag (think European, contemporary and couture fashion). These items have a Purple Tag and if you happen to find a Purple tagged item with a Red clearance sticker on the racks, that means you’re scoring HUGE savings on a name-brand or designer item!

3.) Know What the Tag Colors Represent

According to T.J.Maxx, the prices you’ll find while shopping are generally 20-60% below the regular prices at department or specialty stores. But what should you look for? Before shopping, here is a rundown of the different colored tags you might find throughout the store and what they mean…

  • White Tags (no sticker): Regular price
  • Purple Tag: Items from The Runway collection
  • Red Tag: Clearance price
  • Blue Tag: Items with coordinating piece
  • Yellow Tag: Final clearance price (found only in January & July – see #4)

Also, you may find clearance items that have double or triple red tags, which means that item has been marked down multiple times and is likely the lowest price it will be marked down to.

4.) Shop Yellow Tags in January and July

Because many items are already deeply discounted, T.J.Maxx does not offer storewide sales or coupons. However, at the end of popular seasons, stores need to clear out their seasonal inventory.

The manager at my local T.J.Maxx told me that these storewide clearance events happen twice a year – in January and July (after Christmas and 4th of July) where items are marked with Yellow Tags. She mentioned that this is the ONLY time you should find these Yellow tagged items throughout the store. BUT, if you happen to find a Yellow tagged item during any other time of the year, she said it is not supposed to be there (I would say you are one lucky duck… snag it before anyone else does!).

5.) Don’t Be Shy to Ask for a Discount

When shopping for furniture, luggage, home decor and even food items, be sure to look for any dents, scratches, damaged packaging or other minor flaws. If you find an item with these imperfections, you can politely ask an employee if they will take an additional 10% or 15% off the price (will vary).

The manager at my local T.J.Maxx said they would be more than willing to offer a discount on items that have imperfections, in addition to the 10% discount that cardholders get with their card (see #10).

6.) Check Prices Before Buying

A handy way to make sure you are getting a good deal is to quickly compare the prices at T.J.Maxx using the Amazon App before heading to the checkout lane. Just scan the T.J.Maxx barcode in-store by clicking on the little camera icon within Amazon’s App to see their current selling price.

For instance, this CHI Straight Guard 8.5oz Styling Cream sells for $16 on Amazon (with awesome reviews too!) and was on clearance for $9 at my local T.J.Maxx. Definitely a deal worth snagging!

7.) Shopping for Men or Juniors? Head to Marshalls.

If you’re shopping for Men’s or Juniors clothing, consider heading to Marshalls instead of T.J. Maxx. As mentioned here, Marshalls differentiates itself from T.J. Maxx by offering a full line of family footwear and an expanded men’s department, as well as The CUBE, a department specifically for juniors.

8.) Don’t Skip Past the Gourmet Food Items

Another misconception about T.J.Maxx and partner stores is that their food items are expired or close to expiring. On the contrary, these stores actually carry a variety of gourmet food items that are purchased in large quantities from popular stores (i.e. World Market & Whole Foods) and then offers them to you at a nice discount… and they are not expired or usually close to expiring!

If you have time to look, you can actually find some great deals on the food aisle (like this yummy Funky Chunky popcorn that is also sold at World Market!) – so don’t be hesitant to do some browsing!

9.) View Local HomeGoods Inventory without Leaving Home

Want to find out the type of products that are available at your local HomeGoods store? Download the FREE HomeGoods app and you’ll be able to see actual photos of select products that are sold at your local store! Just click on The Goods section in the app to take a peek inside a HomeGoods nearest you.

10.) Shop Often? Get the TJX Credit Card

If you shop often or are planning to make a large purchase, consider getting the TJX Rewards Credit Card. By signing up, you’ll receive a 10% off coupon that can be used immediately and then a $10 rewards certificates for every $200 spent at T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods & Sierra Trading Post (in-store & online) and one point per $1 spent at other participating merchants who accept MasterCard.

Keep in mind that if you apply and are approved for the TJX Rewards Credit Card online, the 10% off coupon must be used toward an online purchase. If you apply and are approved through a mobile device or in-store, the 10% off coupon will be sent with your new credit card to use on an in-store purchase, valid for 30 days. You also must use your TJX Rewards Credit Card to use the offer.

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  1. ShopHopper

    Very informative – TYSM for posting!

    • Kimberly (Stylish Sidekick)

      You’re welcome! 🙂

  2. Mommyof5

    Wow! I didn’t know about this. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kimberly (Stylish Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, Mommyof5!

      • Maggie Tonascia

        Thanks Kimberly, I am a mommy of 5 also.

  3. Jennifer

    My store has yellow tag items year round

  4. dana

    Marshall is my fave!!

  5. Sandy

    Cannot find HomeGoods in app store

  6. leah

    TJMaxx/Home Goods are my absolute favorite stores. The non-sale prices are phenomenal. Last year I bought a sweater for $50. A week after I bought it I was in Macy’s and saw the exact same sweater for $150.
    I also love silver jewelry and my TJMaxx has the most beautiful jewelry at unbeatable prices.
    I have the TJ Maxx credit card and have earned a lot of rewards. At 5% back in rewards per $100, it’s much more generous than my other rewards credit cards.

    • dana

      Yep. I have seen exact same items i n Dillards and Marshalls at the same time.

  7. Juma

    Love these stores I especially love the cosmetics and lotions. They also have awesome deals on house slippers Marshall’s has a great shoe section to. One other store I love is Ross they have really cute and affordable dresses. Thanks for this post

    • sheriqueenbee123

      I found some great stuff for xmas presents this year fuzzy pink kitten socks and some lotion and soaps for my daughter.

  8. Jenny

    Good to know! Thx!

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome!

  9. Sandy

    I had no idea about some of these thanks!

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      You’re welcome! 🙂

  10. Sue793

    I never show my tjx access card because they tell me if I use my tjx credit card its the same thing. Is this true???

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Hi Sue! Have you registered your credit card for the rewards program? It says this on their website – “Simply provide your email address to register your credit card for the same perks as TJX Rewards Access.”

  11. Rainbow

    My absolute favorite stores. I have their credit card and love shopping in store and online. I check tjmaxx.com every day for new arrivals. Love the Betsey Johnson jewelry I have been finding and their jewelry in general is great. I love going to TJMaxx stores when we travel out of town. I see their store signs from the freeway and my husband knows 🙂 where to go.

    • Anastasia

      Ha ha my husband too! lol

  12. Rachel

    TJmaxx.com is great – love seeing what’s new and having it delivered. Only complaints there is that online returns take a bit more time for them to process instore (as items don’t come with prices/#s on them). Also they are not very good at packing…I’ve received broken picture frames too many times! Still worth it to poke around on the website though.

  13. Billie


    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)


  14. Billie

    I’ve lived all over the country and if you are in Northeast Ohio, check out the TJ Maxx in Boardman, Ohio, it is the Holy Grail of TJ Maxx stores, you won’t be disappointed.

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That sounds AMAZING!!

    • Aley0010

      I love in Boardman and agree Billie!

  15. rainebow

    Thanks for posting! I’ve been shopping at TJmaxx since I was in Junior High lol 🙂 I didn’t know about the first one and I have their credit card. I signed up for the rewards program now! Love all 3 stores.

    • Aley0010

      I have cc and didn’t know about rewards either!

  16. Nina

    I ❤️ these stores too.. they’re all 3 my go to’s.

  17. Tammy

    I have a couple of Home Goods gift cards but the closest Home Goods store to me isn’t very close, however I have a TJMaxx that’s close. Does anyone know if TJMaxx accepts Home Goods gift cards? I tried calling our local TJMaxx but whoever answered didn’t seem to know! Thank you!

    • Pksmom03

      Yes they do.

      • Tammy

        Thank you Pksmom03!

    • LF

      Yes! In fact I have a gift card that has all three stores listed on the card. Our Homegoods is attached to TJ Maxx. It’s my understanding you can use the gift card at any of the stores but have to return items to the store where they were purchased. Meaning something purchased at Marshall’s has to be returned there and not TJ Maxx.

      • Tammy

        Thank you LF! I thought the same thing (that the stores were attached) which is why I was a little confused that the lady at TJMaxx wasn’t sure! I appreciate you taking the time to help me out! A lot shorter of a trip for me!

    • seana

      As an FYI, there is another new store coming that is attached. It’s not in my area yet. I saw it pop up on one of these websites. The name is Home Sense. I assume it will be similar to home goods.

  18. WrenA

    I worked for HomeGoods and there are a couple of things in this that needs tweaked. About the discount, we are told to only mark down 10%. Some might be more generous but it’s not the norm. Also, if you sign up for the credit card in store and are approved, you can get the 10% off right then. The return policies are also not compatible within the 3 stores. Try to return an item to HomeGoods without a receipt and if too much time has passed you might not get what you paid for the item or even be allowed to return it at all. TJMAXX, on the other hand, will return anything with their tag still on it. People would bring in items with tags so old they were from the 1990’s- really- and they were given store credit! Ridiculous return policy.

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for the feedback, WrenA!!

  19. Marie

    I also buy gift cards from raise.com using ebates lol. Gives me 1% off on top of whatever the gift card is. Tj maxx is like my “mall” out here, so I know I’ll eventually use it.

  20. Rachel

    Good info!

    I also love Burlington for the Baby Depot! I have gotten baby gear at crazy low prices in store.

  21. Julia


  22. xtin713

    HUGE TIP – If you open a TJX Credit Card, the 10% is only valid the first 30 days of issue. I would definitely wait to snag on a higher value item (like furniture) before opening. The cashiers always bug you to open one, but many of them don’t mention this caveat.

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Great tip! Thanks!

  23. seana

    I just opened the credit card at TJ Maxx to get the 10% discount. I had a gift card I wanted to use and cash. I was able to use the gift card, cash and leave $2 on the credit card. I was able to get the discount, all the rewards points for the total purchase, and only have a $2 balance on the credit card. Just as an fyi.

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Wow! That’s awesome!

  24. v

    Does TJ Maxx and Marshalls still sell the large reusable shopping bags in-store for .99 cents?

    • seana

      yes they do. my husband gets mad at me every time I buy them.

  25. Felecia hampton

    I luv TJ Max! I tell alllllmy friends about the shopping experience!

  26. Shari

    Also, with their CC they have promos that you can get an extra 3% on purchases of gas, groceries or restaurnts for the month of Dec. and maybe around Easter, too. That adds up quickly towards the $10 certificates! I cash in my Discover CC points at 45,000 to get a $50 GC, too.

  27. Abby S

    I’ve had the Amazon app for years and never noticed the barcode scanning option. Thank you for sharing!

  28. Amy

    Great tips. As a frequent TJMaxx online shopper one more tip. The same item [exact or perhaps slight color variation] may be cheaper or even on sale in another department on the site. And the other one [especially sale] wont automatically show up in your search. Be sure to do a few extra keyword searches when you found yoor dream deal before purchasing.

  29. Renee

    Thank you! Also wanted to mention that the “combo” stores of TJ MAX and HOME GOODS gives a 10% discount on Mondays to those 55 and older. It is not with the combo store of MARSHALLS and HOME GOODS. You can always call your local store to see if they honor that discount. ROSS (Dress for Less) has a 10% discount on Tuesdays for 55 and older. Once a year, they have a huge clearance sale as well, usually in January. You just have to be at the store on that day. Ross also has a 10% percent off for damages, soiled, etc. You just have to ask upon checkout. H&M gives 15% off any day of the week, any age group, if you bring in unwanted clothes..literally any kind of textile. Trying to keep clothes and the like out of the landfills. That 15% off at H&M is also good on sale/clearance items. Happy Shopping!

  30. Patti

    Luv some of the comments and information. I LUV, LUV, LUV TJ Maxx and spend too much there!…and @ Home Goods too. I’ve bought some of the food items: teas, coffee, loads of fruit spreads, honey, and more. Never had an issue with any of them and the prices were great for something to try that I probably wouldn’t have gotten at a ‘regular’ store because of the cost. Thank you TJ Maxx [& other stores associated with] for your great items, prices, and choices. I have revamped my pots and pans from TJ Maxx too. I now have multiple high end cooking items that I luv and couldn’t afford from other stores. Great prices and luv when I find something that is marked down even more because it just didn’t go to other buyers and feels like it stayed there for me to find!

  31. Gretchen

    Agree about asking for discount. I found a beautiful spaghetti strap dress with broken strap at the connection seam (5 min fix, easy but necessary). Asked clerk about additional discount, she didn’t even blink just deducted 15%.


    I’d been looking for more sale items, especially for heavy duty items in baking. Thanks to this company to serve more clients. God bless your company

  33. Malala

    TYSM for sharing all this info. I am from Argentina and traveling to Miami in January. I’ll definitelly take advantage of the January clearance! Looking forward to visit it!

  34. brxbqiplsx


  35. zdsanfjkmd


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