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L.L. Bean Updates Satisfaction Guarantee + 15 Companies That Offer Lifetime Warranty

Hip2Save may earn a small commission via affiliate links in this post. Read our full disclosure policy here.

Heads up L.L. Bean shoppers!

You may have received an email from their executive chairman stating that they have updated their Lifetime Product Replacement Program. Previously, you could send back products ANY time after they had broken – NO questions asked – and they would offer a refund or replacement. However, according to their updated policy, customers will now have one year to return items with proof of purchase.

Here’s what part of the email states…

“…a small, but growing number of customers have been interpreting our guarantee well beyond its original intent. Some view it as a lifetime product replacement program, expecting refunds for heavily worn products used over many years. Others seek refunds for products that have been purchased through third parties, such as at yard sales.

Based on these experiences, we have updated our policy. Customers will have one year after purchasing an item to return it, accompanied by proof of purchase. After one year, we will work with our customers to reach a fair solution if a product is defective in any way.”

What are your thoughts on this change?

Speaking of product guarantees, did YOU know that these 15 companies offer LIFETIME guarantees?
  1. Aldi
  2. CamelBak
  3. Craftsman (Metal Tools only)
  4. Cutco
  5. Dr. Martens
  6. Duluth Trading
  7. Eddie Bauer
  8. JanSport
  9. Lands’ End
  10. ORVIS
  11. Osprey Packs
  12. RIDGID Professional Tools
  13. Tervis
  14. The North Face
  15. Timbuk2

(Thanks, Kris, Eushiuan & Lisa!)

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Comments 67

  1. Daniela

    Lego will also replace a broken piece free of charge. All you need is the LEGO set number, which is easy to find online. Great customer service.

  2. Kathy

    OMG I love that pic of the dog, so cute ❤️🐾

    • *Angela-Miles*

      I do too hehe. It’s why I looked at the post to begin with before I started reading 🙂 . Sweet an cool lil dude 😉

  3. sarah

    I have worked in retail and sales my entire career, some people definitely”take advantage” of a open refund policy. I feel this is a good compromise to reduce extreme company losses due to illegitimate returns, while still giving a strong customer satisfaction backing with a one year return policy. Fair to me. I’ll definitely still shop with them!!

    • Lisa

      Sarah, I totally know what you are saying. I worked in retail for just over 2 years and was utterly amazed at what people had the audacity to return. One such return were a pair of Nike basketball shoes that the person said was defective. Umm… putting it in the dryer (and morphing it into a shape it was clearly never meant to be in) is not defective merchandise, but it is a defective something! It is too bad LL Bean had to resort to this, but I’d rather see them tighten their policies than go bankrupt.

    • april

      I worked retail for a few years and people tried to return nondefective, perfectly functional jeans because they lost weight. I was like “Congratulations on the weight loss, but you’ll have to buy new jeans”.

    • Shannon

      I totally know what you mean also! I used to work returns at a retail discount store sorta like Kmart/Walmart and people would try to return everything. One lady returned used underwear (I threw them out) and another took advantage of a kids clothes guarantee that would replace the clothes in the same size if your kid wore them out before they grew out of them. Well she had the receipt but it was 2 or 3 years later so clearly she just wanted new clothes for her younger kid. People like this are why company’s change their policies.

    • Susan b

      Worked couple days a month retail for last few years at Bon-Ton (now closing another 43+ stores). People re-doing bedding and towels for weekend company and returning for “poor quality”. Using a $300 kitchen aid mixer and returning after you mixed dozens of Christmas cookies bc you changed your mind. These bad customers increase prices and close stores due to their lying. They are no better than shop lifters.

  4. Julnjim

    I’m pretty sure Athleta apparel is lifetime guaranteed as well. 🙂

  5. leah

    I understand this change completely. It’s way too easy for people to take advantage. 1 year with a receipt seems very fair. They also said if something happens after a year, they will attempt to work with the customer.

  6. Laura

    I am a life long LL Bean customer. I have sadly seen the quality go down hill. Their wicked slippers would last forever! Now? you’re luck to get a year out of them as the shearling is so stinkin’ thin. 99% of their items are made over seas and yet their prices are still high. I will continue to buy their Bean boots, Water Hog mats, and Boat totes as al of these are made in the USA and have great quality. But I will be a bit more cautious when buying other things

    • Courtney

      I couldn’t agree more! I bought my slippers two years ago and they look awful. The sheepskin is so thin and flimsy.

      • visitor3

        Agreed! Also for parents this is not so great. If you buy something hoping two or more children will get to wear it, the guarantee will be over. No more passing down Barely Used winter gear. Or if you buy ahead and the child outgrows it before the right weather season hits, it could be useless, and saving it for the second child will mean missing the one year cut off.

    • Emily

      Yes. Quality has gone way down. I understand how they are reducing their warranty for sub-par merchandise.

  7. Rachel

    I’m actually surprised it took them this long to change it. I knew they had to be losing a lot of money. I’ve known people that have sent back 10yr old backpacks to be replaced. Really? If both of your kids have used the same $40 backpack then I think you got your money’s worth out of it. I hate when people take advantage of good companies with good products. I agree with the change and I don’t think it will hurt them at all bc they have well made products.

  8. Amy

    Bad people have to ruin everything. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  9. Beth

    Also Columbia.

  10. Lastri

    Vermont Teddy Bear has lifetime guarantee. They have the ‘Bear Hospital’ to nurse all of their bears. Including those bears that have been chewed by their lovely dogs.

    • *Angela-Miles*

      Thanks, nice to know. We have one of those at our house!

  11. angela

    Along with no longer offering free shipping, I feel this will hurt them. Their major competitors continue to offer lifetime guarantees.

    • Laura

      I agree! I have a LL Bean credit card so it doesn’t effect me – but I do know that when I shop at other online retailers, shipping & return costs plus return policy are always a factor. I think there should’ve been a happy medium in their change. Need proof of purchase ( they keep 5 years worth in their system ) and leave the free shipping in place.

      • Kim

        I completely agree with you, I think they could have met customers halfway or found a middle ground. I understand their concerns that it was being abused, and thats unfortunate. I too am a cardholder so will continue to receive free shipping, but I will certainly think twice before ordering and spending $89 on a backpack for my tween and teen boys, or $35 on a lunchbox!

  12. Cindy

    The heels on my daughter’s Bean boots, which are about 7 years old, were unevenly worn but the rest of the boot was still in good condition. Unaware of their policy last summer, my husband, on a whim, called customer service to inquire about her boots. The nice representative said they have a repair department, and if we wanted to send them the boots, they would gladly replace the heels at no charge. They did a great job, and even included a new pair of shoe laces!! Great company!

    • Laura

      They will continue to resole BEAN boots and repair/replace zippers at no charge

    • Angela

      So, that would no longer be the case.

      • Laura

        Angela – I called them this morning – repairs are still free – AS OF NOW…

  13. e

    I don’t think they should have just abruptly changed their policy. Maybe a grandfather clause for people who perviously purchased product in reliance on the lifetime warranty. Ie. I have a pair of boots. They should continue to honor the lifetime warranty for 5 years from today on the boots. Anything purchased today on would be subject to the new policy.

    • visitor3

      Agreed. Interesting that this new policy was not announced until AFTER holiday shopping ended.

  14. Aysha

    All-clad cookware also has a limited lifetime warranty. I’ve replaced a couple non-stick fry pans with no problems at all. Great company!

  15. Edwin

    Without free shipping, I won’t be ordering from them any more. I love their water bottles but would not pay to get them shipped. Sure I’ll find another one that I like. They’ve lost me as a customer due to the shipping change.

    Agree that the change to the policy was necessary in this age of those who exploit glitches. Sure that they lost plenty, but it’s sad that this ends up impacting all of us.

  16. Steph-B

    Can’t blame them… hate people who scam and take advantage of the system!

    • Kim B

      Exactly, it’s the scammers who have made it economically impossible for them, to push them to this level.

  17. Kim B

    Shameful how people search garage sales etc then go to these great guarantee companies and rob them! They ruin it for everyone. I was at Lowe’s and they complain of people getting tools for a couple of bucks at second hand stores or garage sales, then trying to get a refund or exchange for higher items. Soon they will follow suit.

  18. Lolie

    So sad it’s come down to this bc people abuse the system!

  19. CO Mama

    Carhart has excellent warranty too. The necks of my dads shirts were frayed & they sent him brand new ones at no charge & no hassle.

  20. Sue

    I read the entire email from LLBean several times and it does not mention anything about stopping their free shipping. If I wouldn’t have seen it on the comments here, I don’t think I would have even realized it! I might need to re-think ordering from them, even though I have been a pretty good customer in the past.

  21. Kay

    Can’t believe ppl return items that were purchased elsewhere, especially garage sales. Wow. I think this new policy is fair. Good for them. Kohl’s has 12-month policy too.

    • Lisa

      Kay, my local news station reported that people were digging things out of the trash and buying at thrift stores and returning them to LL Bean. Agree with one poster, that’s why we can’t have nice things.

  22. Catalina

    Just curious if anyone has done the north face warrant? I have 2 sweater were the zipper broke. Love to get them fixed.

    • Lilmamajoey

      I returned a coat because the down feathers came out non stop everywhere every time I wore it . My car looked like I plucked a goose in it. They replaced the coat with a different one but head’s up it took a month to 6 weeks.

    • Sara

      I have sent two of my kids North Face jackets in due to zipper issues. I did pay shipping there but they fixed the zipper issue on each and sent back to me. It did take a few weeks but I was fine with that.

      • visitor3

        Same, but for a backpack zipper.

  23. LuAnn

    I think they should lower their prices if they are only going to guarantee their products for one year. It makes me think that the quality isn’t as good as it used to be.

  24. Colleen Fox Long

    OXO I’m almost positive has a lifeline guarantee as well. They replaced a cracked cheese grater I had with no problem.

    Also, Lupine pet collars had a lifeline guarantee- even if chewed! They have many cute styles and quite reasonable when you take into about the guarantee.

    • Emily

      Wow! I had a horrible experience with OXO brand products and customer service. I wrote 3 emails about measuring spoons that literally disintegrated in my dishwasher and never heard back from them.

  25. Deb

    Lands’ End will only replace/refund an item if you have proof of purchase. We had a backpack break in two different places and they would not do anything about it even though the backpack was only two or three years old. I did not hold on to my receipt, unfortunately.

    • Lilmamajoey

      Bummer. I did a warranty replacement on a pair of my son’s snow boots that came apart where one was sewn together & did not have a receipt- I just quoted whatever it said on their website about “Guaranteed. Period”. Maybe try again?

  26. Rachel

    I worked for LL Bean as a seasonal employee years ago. They are a great company, treat their employees extremely well. That being said, CUSTOMERS would regularly and frequently abuse the return policy. I had many come in with stacks of LL Bean stuff, that had “worn out”, I mean stuff that we hadn’t sold in at least a decade, and they’d expect an exchange. People shop at yard sales to get stuff to return. The policy was abused, a lot and not just by a small percentage of “customers”. I’ve bought LL Bean products in the past, including backpacks, boots, coats, rugs and for the several dozen items I’ve purchased, I’ve only had to use the guarantee once for a split zipper on a jacket. Its too bad that dishonest people abused the policy.

  27. Tanya

    Did Under Armour recently change their warranty policy? Im really unhappy with them as I ordered my daughter a cinch bag from them… she loves this bag and used it for about 6 months… I noticed 1 day that the bag had torn on both sides where the strings attach… I called them and even with my receipt in hand they would not replace the bag! They offered to credit my card the amount I paid but I had to pay to ship it back or if they sent me a prepaid label they’d subtract the shipping amount from my refund… I requested they exchange the ripped bag for the exact same one as they still sell it online but they wouldn’t… I haven’t shipped it back and prob won’t.. I’m disappointed that they wouldn’t replace it, we had it for less then 1 year and their stuff isn’t cheap!

    • SM

      Has Under Armour ever had a good warranty? A couple years ago my son’s cold gear coat zipper broke & we didn’t have the coat long & customer service was no help. I threw the coat away and never bought another expensive UA coat.

      • Tanya

        Probably not! They are so pricey but don’t take care of their customers 😕 sadly I haven’t ordered from them since…

  28. Lilmamajoey

    I apologize for any repeats… many high quality outdoor companies & random others offer original owner lifetime warranties ie. Smith Optics, Orvis, Buck knives, Outdoor Research, Patagonia, Duluth Trading, ExOfficio, Gore-tex, Adidas backpacks, Black Diamond, Arc’teryx, Jansport, Timbuk2, Cabela’s, Eagle Creek bags, Manduka yoga mats, Zippo, Lands’ End, Eddie Bauer, Dakine, Skullcandy, Thule Luggage, Lupine, Victorinox, Calphalon, Stanley hand tools, Some Northface Outerwear & some of their gear, Some Columbia items, Some Mountain Hardware items, Some REI items

  29. Michele Langley

    Scentsy has a lifetime manufacturers warranty too! A lot of our customers are not told that when they purchase. Message me if you’ve had any issues with your warmers 🙂


  30. jdoyle

    Fiskars has a wonderful lifetime warranty. I had a few items break and some were replaced others I had gotten the replacement parts. I was just grateful they stood behind their products.

  31. Sara

    Columbia just replaced my husbands winter coat. It was a great experience. We did have to ship it back to them but then we got a voucher for a new one since the zipper broke.

  32. meisha

    Sorry just have to share this. I was standing in line for returns at Walmart & the lady in front of me was returning a DEAD plant which she purchased A YEAR ago!! I was nodding my head when the employee gave her money back! Wow! Feeling sorry at Walmart!

    • visitor3

      Wal-Mart replaces dead pet fish within a set number of days.

    • Momof4reds

      Home Depot and Lowe’s have a 1 year return on plants. I thought Walmart did too….

  33. CM

    Pricey upfront, but the Canadian company Tilley has lifetime replacement policies [within reason] on most of their hats, some clothing, and last I saw a 3 year on some socks (if they got holes in them.) Also, once you have a Tilley hat you notice all the others with a similar fine hat. LOL

  34. Meg

    I sent a few defective items back to Eddie Bauer and still have yet to receive anything over half a year later.

  35. Andrea

    Tupperware still has a limited lifetime warranty on their products as well!

  36. Janelle

    Snapwear also has a warranty.

  37. *Angela-Miles*

    Clicked on the post at first because I LOVE that Doggy, made me laugh. 🙂 He is so adorable and stylish!!!! 😉 . But i saw this on the news yesterday, Sad but fair considering circumstances.

  38. Kristine

    I worked for LLBean in the past. Specifically I worked returns. The amount of people taking advantage of the policy was mind boggling. I delt with people who tried getting money/credit back for items they used for 30 years and were just worn/dirty, items they bought cheap at tag sales, people who raided deceased relatives closets and tried to bring in all the LLBean stuff they found, items so old they didn’t even have coding on the tags that I could use to even find out what the item would cost. I am surprised the policy lasted as long as it did. 🙁

  39. lenin1991

    This makes sense and is consistent with REI’s new policy.

    A few years back, I had an LL Bean backpack that had worn out, and I remembered hearing about their lifetime guarantee … but after actually reading it, it said it’s if the product didn’t live up to your expectations. Having gotten many years of use out of that backpack, I realized that it had absolutely lived up to my expectation, so I bought a new one. But I’m sure many people would absolutely have taken advantage of it.

  40. Suzanne H

    People take advantage of the Kohl’s policy too. Once, a lady in front of me returned arm loads full of kid’s clothes. She had a reason for why each item didn’t live up to her expectations. They refunded her. After she left. the cashier said they were considering banning her from their stores b/c she had returned so much stuff. Evidently she buys, her kids wear the clothes for the season then she returns them b/c something is “wrong” with them. So she’s clothing her kids for free! I’ve only returned one non-new item to Kohl’s. PJs I bought my son, he wore once and they shrunk down at least 2 sizes when I washed them. Otherwise, I only return new items.

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