Goodbye, RedPlum. Hello, RetailMeNot Everyday!

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Red Plum and retailmenot everyday join forces to present savings in a new way.

You’ll be seeing these new inserts starting this Sunday!

Well, maybe… There’s plenty of buzz surrounding the RedPlum coupon inserts that are getting a makeover to “RetailMeNot Everyday”, and while most people are used to seeing these in their Sunday paper, let’s not forgot that several major cities had coupon publications canceled in their area 😱. Why? In an attempt to fight coupon fraud and the coupon black market — yes, there is in fact a coupon black market!

For the lucky souls who still get coupon inserts regularly, you’ll immediately notice an improvement on the savings you already know and love. The newly branded RetailMeNot Everyday’s inserts will now include restaurant deals and other local discounts! In the long term, they also plan to develop new and innovative ways to deliver savings to the consumer – sweet!

coupons from red plum insert

Some of you might be thinking, “well that’s great and all but I’m still not getting any inserts in my area!” And we’re curious too! Among the proposed updates to the publication, there are no promises that major cities who’ve been without coupon inserts will see them return any time soon. 😔

Readers who regularly receive RedPlum inserts can expect the newly branded insert starting this Sunday, March 25th. For the time being, clippable RedPlum online coupons are still available but will eventually make their way to the RetailMeNot Everyday website.

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  1. Sara

    RetailMeNot Everyday is too clunky. RedPlum is short and takes less time to say.

    • Karen

      I agree…It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Maybe we could call it TIFKARP…the insert formerly known as RedPlum. 🙂

    • Kyliejay!


  2. Nicole

    We get all our ads with the smatsource coupon inserts in them with our mail, i miss redplum, apparently that comes in the newspaper in Sacramento

  3. Rjharris2005

    I wondered why we stopped receiving coupons and we receive less ads in the Sunday paper. I now have my newspaper delivered to my parents house about 10 minutes away. They still get the coupons and more ads than we received. It is very frustrating

  4. Sara

    My mom lives on the other side of town from me in Baton Rouge. She gets both inserts in the mail, but I don’t. I have to buy a newspaper to get them. She doesn’t get P&G. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but she lives in a house and I live in an apartment.

  5. Kassandra

    So does this mean no coupons in sunday paper or just smart source only now?

  6. Susan Crawford

    I get the Chicago Tribune just on Sunday home delivery. I always get the coupon inserts that are shown on Hip 2 save. So this should not be much of a change for me. I just want the coupons not the restaurant deals.

    • Ben


  7. VB Vee

    If the Retail Me Not Everyday website uses a format other than Redplum then that will be a big plus.
    I have not been able to print from the Redplum format in a couple years. I use to get the Redplum in the mail once weekly. With the every changing substitute mail carriers in my area, the mailer seems to be unnecessary mail aka junk. They just stopped bringing them to my apt complex.

    • Karen

      Same here on the not being able to get the cpns to print after some change they made sev years ago.

      We luckily still get the coupon inserts in the Sunday local paper here. I was having trouble not receiving the weekly mailed insert with the grocery ads and fast food cpns for a while so I called and a really nice lady at RedPlum told her I wasn’t receiving them . She called my post office to see what the problem was. Now I get my mailer plus a postcard with my full name and address on it stead of occupant or whatever. I didnt want to make a fuss but she was adamant about it saying they pay to have them delivered and they should deliver them.

    • Kyliejay!


  8. Mirela

    Yep that’s why I am canceling my subscription. I am hearing there will be coupon app on the Blockchain preventing people from using multiple coupons per user.

  9. Carrie

    This is making me nervous 🙁 I only get my RP from the mail, I hope the change of business doesn’t change that .

    Yes coupon fraud sucks! I shop on OfferUp and LetGo a lot and see that a lot of people are reselling their stockpile. It’s pretty obvious because you see a lot of Lemishines, shampoos, Tide, Persil etc and they sell to pretty close to retail.

    • kevashell

      That may not be coupon fraud. You know, several people in my area ask if their friends and neighbors will be recycling their coupons to pass them along. I used to help out an elderly woman and the people in the building got so much joy from passing along their coupons, they were the ones who actually started my couponing.

  10. Tema

    It’s odd that a big city like San Diego still receives RP inserts and I live 40 miles away in a smaller city that stopped.

    • riss

      I’m north of San Diego and only get smart source coupons in the newspaper. Red plum in the mail every Tuesday is junk, no grocery coupons at all.

    • Kay

      My guess is the larger markets still get the inserts. They get have more subscribers and make more money on the big cities. I’m in Houston and haven’t had any changes in my inserts.

      • jane

        I live in Phoenix and we have not rcvd Red plum inserts in months. I stopped going out of my way to get papers.

  11. Aly

    Los Angeles Times has abandoned RedPlum inserts as of the new year, but still includes SmartSource. Will RetailMeNot be added to the Times?

  12. Lindaakrawi


  13. Adriana


  14. Jessica

    Off topic, but did anyone get the email from Bath and Body Works for a free 3 wick candle with purchase for tonight only that they’re not going to use? If so, i would love to use it. Please email me

    • MoMofTwo

      Jessica I forwarded my BBW e-mail

    • MoMofTwo


  15. Kyliejay!

    Wow I hope we get it!

  16. D

    If anyone else has a free BBW three wick coupon they aren’t going to use, I would love it! Thank you

  17. *Angela-Miles*

    Whoohoo, not crazy about the name but if it’s more coupons/deals I’ll take it. I get the Sunday paper and redplum is included it in. I’m grateful that I get the smartsource coupons in the paper too because my computer will not print anything from them.
    Also my dad gets the same coupons and doesn’t use them. We live several hours from each other so he normally gives them to me or sends them once a month. Not gonna drive just for coupons lol, but I do get them when i visit. Having 2 inserts prevents me from having to print any most of the time! Keeping all them in my coupon holder is alittle time consuming for me Lol…I can’t imagine the people that buy 10, 12, or however many inserts and commit fraud. That’s crazy business 😉

  18. Ricky

    Goodbye, RedPlum. Hello, RetailMeNot Everday!….title has small typo😋….”Everyday”😊I edit books for a living it’s my crutch 👀

  19. Kimberly Ann Balogh

    I think its unfair that coupons and adds are being taken out of newspspers. Im poor and handicapped and can’t afford computer or printer so I miss out on lots of savings and am forced to shop at stores like King Soopers and Safeway whom are high priced and quit doubling coupons . InstaCart is a SCAM and they don’t shop for the things you put on list. They also Sub things without your permission and they put less coupons for you to use. King Sooper gives items away on Friday but you have to go into store to get free items. I dont get help from my state as far as SNAP or Food Stamps because Im not a theif and liar. InstaCart is the BIGGEST SCAM that has happened in recent years. Ms K. A. Balogh

    • Sarah

      The vast majority of people on SNAP and foodstamps are not “thiefs” or “liars.” That’s really rude.

  20. Nichele

    It’ll be interesting to see how it shakes out. I haven’t got Red Plum in my Sunday paper in a long time, however, they do come in the “free” insert on Tuesdays in the regular mail. So I’ve started to go to the post office and “rummage” through the trash for extra. Works for me, you don’t want and I do.

  21. lindak

    Got 2 copies today in the Saturday paper and will probably get another tomorrow. Had a Long Johns, Snuffers burgers and Honeybaked ham-coupons plus a few groceries. The usual stuff. I’m in a Dallas suburb.

  22. Zahra

    To that’s stupid to stop giving coupon inserts to some cities. One would think it makes the coupon more valuable and the companies or people that charge coupon fees can set higher price. It makes it worse not better. If everyone gets same coupon that would be end of coupon black market.

  23. Barbara H. Winters

    Philadelphia area is not receiving the coupons!! It is frustrating because Rite Aid, CVS and supermarket adds say look fir certain in the Sunday papers and they are not there

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