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Is Your Older Child Still Wetting the Bed? You NEED to Read This.

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Let’s talk about something that most people don’t chat about — bedwetting. We’re not talking about toddlers, but older kids from age 7 on. Commonly referred to as enuresis, bedwetting can be a real struggle for both children and parents, and it can be so disheartening for everyone involved.

Collin talked openly about this subject 3 years ago when it was happening to one of her children, and our gracious readers offered an overwhelming amount of support. While it’s no longer an issue, we wanted to open the dialogue again to help any readers who may be struggling with bedwetting in their own household.

Bedwetting, while not uncommon for toddlers and children under 7, can still occur as children get older. In fact, 10% of 7-year olds and 5% of 10-year olds are still wetting the bed.

stop bed wetting with older children

Some common causes include genetics, difficulties waking up from sleep, stress, slow development to the central nervous system, hormonal factors, UTIs, abnormalities, or simply a small bladder. Usually the occurrence is nothing to worry about, though according to the Mayo Clinic, you should consult with a doctor if your child still wets the bed after age 7, starts to wet the bed after a few months of being dry at night, or if bedwetting is accompanied by painful urination, unusual thirst, pink or red urine, hard stools, or snoring. Together with your doctor, you can devise a plan of action to find a solution.

stop bed wetting with older children — using goodnites mats with malem alarm

When Collin’s older child was struggling with bedwetting, she had tried everything from limiting liquids at night to waking up at night multiple times to use the bathroom with absolutely no success. It was disheartening, frustrating, and expensive, from spending tons of money on GoodNites BedTime Underwear to washing sheets literally every day! Not to mention the heartbreak she had for her child dealing with this stressful situation. 😞

So how did she end up resolving the bedwetting issue? It wasn’t until she tried the Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm that she finally found success! And no, they are not paying us for this product recommendation.

Collin’s Thoughts:

Yes, it is on the pricey side… BUT it does work. It wasn’t easy (it definitely requires a commitment!), but it was was well worth the time and investment! My child has now been bedwetting-free for years and can confidently go to sleepovers and summer camp. It sure makes my heart happy.

Check out this video of her experience using the Malem Bedwetting Alarm and the incredible results it returned!

Still not convinced? Our readers took to the comments the last time we had this discussion, and the results of using this alarm have been tremendous!

“We purchased a bedwetting alarm when our son was about seven years old. It was well worth the money — it helped him go from wet every night to completely dry every night in the matter of a week! We have also lent it out several times to others whose kids were struggling with bedwetting – so it really has paid off since at least half a dozen kids have been nighttime trained from one alarm!” – Jennifer

“This alarm has made all the difference for my 10-year-old son. I was really hesitant to buy it because it was expensive, but I’m so glad I did — it took him one week of waking up to the alarm. Now we are 7 months out and he does not need to wear it anymore. Not one accident! I am in the process of using this on my 7-year-old daughter. She is doing great so far but thinking it may take a little longer than a week. Overall great product and very accurate!” – Tiffany

“THANK YOU for posting this video! My son is 8 years old and has struggled with bedwetting every night! I decided to invest in this alarm hoping it would work for us! It took only 10 days! He has been dry every morning! I just wish I purchased this sooner! It is worth the $100 for sure!” – Kristen

“I swear this post is the exact replica of our story. My son was still wetting the bed at 11 and I finally spent the money on this alarm and it ABSOLUTELY WORKED! I can’t explain “how”, but it did. He, too, was a very deep sleeper. We even took him to a urologist and considered medication (for a millisecond). So happy we went this route instead. Awesome post — so happy you’re sharing your story! 🙂” – Sherry

“The alarm worked for us when my daughter was about 7 or 8 years old. She had been dry overnight for years and then developed bedwetting. The alarm “cured” her and she’s been dry for over a year.” – Jodi

“We started using this with my 8-year-old during Spring Break this past year. It took all summer long, but he was finally dry at night. When school started again, he relapsed, but it is not as bad as it had been. In fact, last night, he actually woke himself up when he started to pee and was able to get up and use the bathroom without getting his sheets wet. It is definitely the best $100 I have spent. My 5-year-old daughter is still in GoodNites at night, but she is not nearly as wet as my son was. I will give her a couple of more years and we will start using it with her, too.” – Rebecca

“My youngest had an issue with this and when she turned 5 our pediatrician had a bedwetting clinic that we were able to get her into and this alarm came highly recommended. Before this, she was in Pull-Ups every night and completely soaked in the morning. We limited liquids after supper but she was such a deep sleeper that we had to “retrain” her brain they called it to wake up to the signals when she had to go. It took about 7 weeks (including the last two weeks of wearing it completely dry) and the whole household was awake at times but it was worth it! I think the key was that we could never turn the alarm off for her… she had to be the one to wake up and make it to the bathroom and shut it off herself. She has not had an issue with bedwetting since. 🙂” – Steph

If you have an older child who is currently wetting the bed or know someone who struggles with this, we sincerely hope that this post and video provides some much-needed answers for you!

stop bed wetting with older children — malem bed wetting alarm

Have you used the Malem Bedwetting Alarm or another method to stop enuresis?

We’d love to have you share your experience with us in the comments!

Written by Emily for Hip2Save. Emily lives in Buffalo, NY where she spends her time drinking lots of coffee, scouring the internet for deals, and tackling DIY projects. She’s a big believer in self-care and living the fullest life possible, all while saving money of course.

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Comments 49

  1. celticmommie

    YES. This alarm solved the problem for my son. It does take a commitment but it didn’t take as long as I feared it would. I think he just needed that little extra push. I would encourage any parent whose child is experiencing enuresis to please google encopresis. A good book is “It’s no Accident” by Steve J. Hodge.

  2. Tara

    This was the best $100 I’ve ever spent! I swear by this product! I wish they had it when I was little, my mother was a bedwetter, I was a bedwetter until well after 11 years old!!! My poor daughter had to deal with it as well thanks to her genetics. That’s when I heard about this product, I’m very frugal and it took me quite awhile to be ok with spending that much but it was totally worth it!!! My daughter was dry after 2 to 3 weeks and has never had another problem with bedwetting again! That was several years ago, my nephew was dealing with it as well so I loaned them our alarm and within two weeks he stopped to! If anyone is dealing with this I cannot recommend this enough

    • Tara


    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      So happy to hear that, and I couldn’t agree with you more!

    • nikki

      I’ve tired it and it didn’t work for is but I don’t think that’s any fault of the product, we just had a heavy sleeper. The alarm went off and it vibrated, she just didn’t wake up. She outgrew bedwetting on her own a few months ago. But this worked as advertised.

    • Adina

      YES!!! We used that with my 7 year old daughter – soo much cheaper – I spent $36 and she wore it on every night except Friday night – and 6 weeks later, we were done. This was exactly 1 year ago, and she has been dry since. Not ONE accident.
      No need to spend $100 if you can get it cheaper.

    • Diane

      It’s so funny that Collin posted this story today. I just took my daughter to the bedwetting clinic and my doctor recommended both the Malem and the one you had in the link. He said they both work well. I just started the process with her. Good luck!

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        HI Diane,

        Thanks for taking the time to comment. I sure hope this works for your daughter like it did for my son. ❤️

    • Trin

      I used the wet stop brand and we had great success! I’d recommend it. We had tried so many thing w our daughter and she was really developing emotional stress from it all. Even at $100 it is less than an appointment w a specialist (that did nothing to help btw except offer risky drug intervention). Within a month she was accident free all night.

    • Alla

      I used wet stop. But it did not worked for our 7 y.o heavy sleeper, like Nikki said. She would sleep through alarm and vibration, but i would be up from that. After 6 month of use, sensor stop working and company responded that I need to buy a new unit. I decided to stop. And since that time I wake her up to go to bathroom, at same time every night. To my big surprise our pediatrician told that this can continue till 12 y.o. I hope and believe the we will be accidents free soon. Good luck with any choice that you make.

  3. Alma

    Can I use this for my puppy?! 🤣

  4. Elizabeth

    Thank you for sharing this!! We experienced the same problem with our oldest and this exact product helped her within a week. This can be such a hard topic to be open about—so grateful to Collin and her team😊

  5. Mary

    Both of my boys had issues but we learned it was likely due to their ADHD. It also breaks my heart that some kids just aren’t done with growing and development and parents rush. Ugh, I don’t care for these preschool potty pushers! My husband’s brother was a late bloomer so for a while we wrote off due to genetics. Anyway, back to ADHD…

    I had always thought; during the day they are ON ( high energy! ) and at night totally OFF (drive a truck through the room OFF) this being difficult to receive the signal to wake and go. Turns out, I wasn’t all wrong. When speaking to the pediatrician and psychiatrist they both confirmed recent studies noting 70% of those late bed wetters, more often than not are on the spectrum or ADHD kids.

    I’m glad there’s a product helping so many of you as I did consider so many options. It’s such a hard thing for a kid no matter how many times you say it’s not your fault. *hugs*

    • CBethS

      I just learned this also from my pediatrician. My son has ADHD which he told us is linked to the late bed wetting, he’s almost 6.

    • JessicaG

      Yup! ADHD can also be genetic as well as bed wetting. I had issues until I was 15 years old – combination of trauma, genetics, adhd, and a small bladder. My son was much the same. He wet the bed until age 11. Alarms or being woken up never worked for him because he sleeps like the dead. I think he finally just hit a point where his bladder was developed enough to hold it all night.

    • Janet

      My son is on the spectrum, as well as having ADHD. He will be 10 soon. Did you resolve your kids issues with any certain methods or did you just let it go and wait for it to outgrow?

  6. Erica

    I’m part of the less than 1% of adults who have never stopped bedwetting.I’ve had every physical test known to man done. I’ve done every alarm, fluid limits, even hypnosis. My urologist said that some people never stop & they don’t know why. I take medication but even this isn’t 100%. I share this because as a child I was shamed & even punished for wetting the bed. My parents thought I could control it & did it on purpose. It wasn’t until I was 13 or so I finally saw a urologist & got on medication. My parents finally understood it wasn’t my fault. I encourage everyone to be gentle with your kids who experience this. Try not to shame or blame them. Be helpful & encouraging. This is an embarrassing problem to have. Remember its not their fault

    • Yvonne

      Thank you for mentioning this Erica. My son is almost 16 and still wets the bed occasionally. We tried medication when he was younger to no avail. He has recently been diagnosed as having ADHD and possibly being on the spectrum. We have started him in counseling so hopefuly that will help with some stress. He is such a heavy sleeper alarms didnt work either.

    • AP

      Same! I just posted below, but didn’t go into the detail about the shame, so thank you!!! It turned out we weren’t just being “lazy”.

  7. Sue

    Just to let people know, wetting the bed at night can be a sign of Type 1 Diabetes along with the following: frequent urination, increased thirst & appetite, unexplained weight loss, fatigue & drowsiness & flu like symptoms such as nausea, headaches & vomiting. When our 4 year old daughter wet the bed twice in a month after not wetting the bed since she was a baby, along with running to the bathroom more often & vomiting twice in a month, we received the diagnosis of Type 1.

    • Coffeedrinker

      Thank you for mentioning this.

    • AG

      From working in the field, bed wetting can also be a sign of regression due to sexual abuse in children. No one likes to talk about it, but I feel like I’d be remiss in not mentioning it. Best to all of those who are struggling with older children and nighttime accidents.

  8. Coffeedrinker

    Something else is it could be a food allergy. For me it seemed to be a milk allergy or sensitivity. Just thought I would mention it.

    • Meg

      Yes my friends son was wetting the bed every night and as soon as they cut out dairy it completely stopped! Worth a try!

  9. Manuela

    Wobble watch is another option and cheaper as well.
    I work for a pediatric Urologist at Duke in NC.
    Most cases of Bedwetting are related to being constipated (just cause they go every day doesn’t mean they are not) stool should be soft and not rock hard. If that’s the case try some miralax before you spend your money on an expensive copay and they tell you the same thing. However this is not the case for every child.
    Good luck!

    • Heather

      We used the Wobel watch to potty train during the day. I never thought to use at night. Thank you! And yes, constipation is a huge factor!!! Our kiddo has more than just that (kidney reflux) but constipation is a constant struggle when training.

    • Karla

      My 10 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with a childhood form of epilepsy and we have no family history of Epilepsy. I would recommend parents consider using a drink made from equal parts of prune juice/orange juice, and a sliver of butter slightly heated until butter melts for constipation before using miralax or other medication. I thought miralax was harmless until I started researching further. I’m not saying it caused my daughter’s seizure, but it’s sure not worth the risk. I was informed about this OTC remedy for constipation from a nurse practitioner.

    • AP

      My daughter has constipation and really HUGE bms that break my heart. Prunes did the trick for us (she hated prune juice). She has 2-4 prunes each evening with dinner.

  10. Megan

    We were struggling with my son’s bed wetting but I couldn’t get over the price tag of the Malem. I went with the Dry Easy one on Amazon and it only set me back about $33. One month is all it took for my son to overcome his bed wetting. It’s worth it! We still have the one my son used and if anyone is in need of one and can’t afford it, I’d be happy to send it your way.

    • Cx3 Mom

      This is so nice of you! I would love to try this for my son! Please email me: pensfan1059@icloud.com Thank you!! 🙂

      • Erica Joy Clark

        I’d like to try it with my son when you are done with it, too, if you are willing to pass it along again! ericajoyclark@gmail.com


  11. heidi

    my daughter hated the alarm so much she refused to go to sleep because she was so concerned about. we’ve been to a urologist twice now and are trying a few other options but they believe she has a small bladder. I just want to point out that while it’s an option, it’s definitely not for all kids!

  12. Carol

    I would advise first to discuss with your pediatrician to rule out any other issues. One of my children had this issue and it took one trip to the dr, a prescription nasal spray, and issue was solved in less than two weeks. $20 copay, free prescription.

    • AP

      This is like my 4th post on this topic. Lol. But the prescription nasal spray worked for us back in the 90s, never wet the bed again.

  13. Amandan

    This totally worked for my son! I think I bought one on Craigslist then sold it for almost the same amount I paid!

  14. Jodi ann

    This 100% worked for us. We actually used the cheaper version but in hindsight we might have gone with the more expensive version. We had used pullups for a while and they just became so expensive and as my son go older he hated it! We had tried everything, no drinks, setting an alarm to go in the middle ofthe night, we were all miserable. Then I actually think we had seen the post. and figured we’d give it a try. no lie… he literally stopped that night! it must have been psychological. He must have felt happy that there was something safeguarding him. he even wore it up to a year after he had no accidents. I think it just felt reassuring to him.

  15. Tiffany

    I also bought this for my son. It took a few times before he actually became fully dry but well worth it. I had to wash alot more sheets and clothes for a couple weeks but after that he never had an issue. I could not believe it but it just worked!

  16. Jen

    My son is allergic to dairy and we found that when he accidentally has milk he starts wetting the bed again! I am also sensitive to milk and find that if I drink it I struggle with frequent urges to go to the bathroom. Please consider food allergies as a possibility.

  17. AP

    Also, seek medical advice. My sister and I both wet the bed until we were in our late teens (she was still doing it at college!). In the 80s, the only solution was less water before bed and that never worked. After spending our entire childhood feeling bad about ourselves, in the mid-90s our parents finally realized there was a bigger issue (considering our age and the fact that it was both of us). It finally took medication (a nasal spray; so don’t remember the name) to resolve our problem. Just giving another perspective. Thanks!!!

  18. Anna

    This did not work for us at all. My daughter was so traumatized by the wires and it went off a few times for no apparent reason, perhaps sweat. I ended up sending it back, it took her another year and she has not wetter her bed since.

    • heidi

      Thank you! This is my daughter exactly. It’s been over a year since but we are under the care of a urologist now and I’m hopeful she will move past this.

  19. boo

    I bought one from ebay very cheep by a company called Teqin. it does exacly as the one above does but much cheaper. It really did help! Wosh I had done it sooner.

  20. kristie

    Would anyone have one they would lend me? my 7 year old still wets the bed and we have been to the doctor chiropractor and tried so many things. nothing works. she was invited to her firat sleepover party in a couple of weeks and thank goodness we will be out of town cuz i didn’t know how to handle it. She is super sensitive and would be crushed if kids teased her for still wearing pull ups. I’d love to try this but I’m too cheap to spend the money if it won’t work!

  21. Michelle

    Hmm, my SIL was a bed wetter until she was ten, so I always figured my daughtersdissues we’re genetic. But she does also have ADHD, so that might be complicating things. I don’t know. She’s one of those “sleep like the dead” kids. I think I’d hear the alarm in my room before she does. Is it worth it to try this if she sleeps so soundly?

  22. hotpink17

    Thank you for all the comments. My 7 year old wets the bed and I don’t make a big deal about it and just order the good nights. She has ADHD and sleeps like a rock so we will def talk to the doctor but now I got some insight to why.

  23. Liz Dunford

    It totally worked for us. I have one I could mail to someone and I would only charge $20 plus the shipping. Email me if interested. lizdunford@gmaildotcom. We haven’t used it in a few years. And we didn’t use it long because it worked so fast. Best money ever spent!!!

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