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Oh Engagement Ring… Where Did You Go?

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Try these engagement ring shopping tips to save money – collin's engagement ring before it went missing

So, I lost my engagement ring… 😳

Yup, no joke — my engagement ring is gone. Now my ring finger only sports my silver wedding band, and I have been frantically searching for its diamond-studded partner. But before I get too far into this, let me back up to tell you how this whole situation came about.

You remember how I recently moved?

Well, prior to packing up the old house, I noticed that the diamond in my engagement ring was coming loose. In order to prevent it from fully slipping out of the prongs, I decided to take off the ring and store it until I had time to get the prongs tightened at the local jewelry shop. Oh, and by “storing it” I mean I put it in a Ziploc bag and tossed it in my purse. Not the most secure or smart method, I know. 🙄 I honestly have no clue what I was thinking, like no clue at all.

After we started settling into the new house, the ring popped into my head one night (you know, those wonderful thoughts at 2am when you’re desperately trying to fall asleep but the long to-do lists and those “what if” scenarios pop in your head!). After worrying about the ring for an hour, I got out of bed and sure enough, as I started to rifle through my purse searching for it, it dawned on me that I could have thrown out my ring! 😫 Since the move was so chaotic, I might have confused the Ziploc bag for trash and tossed it away when cleaning out my purse.

I KNOW — my beautiful ring may be in the garbage somewhere!

Try these engagement ring shopping tips to save money – collin wearing wedding band without engagement ring

Now, I’m not fully certain if this is exactly what happened, but all I know is that I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find it.😢

My hubby surprised me with how understanding he was about my brain apparently not working properly when I decided to put a diamond ring in a Ziploc bag in MY PURSE. 😮 He’s really pushed me to begin the process of looking for a new ring, though I’m really trying to not go overboard with the cost.

Here are some of the ways I’m taking a budget-friendly approach as I go on the search for my new engagement ring:

Browse Etsy for one-of-a-kind designs.

Beautiful, stunning, and one-of-a-kind ring options await on the handcrafted marketplace Etsy! I love knowing that my ring will come from an artisan rather than a major retailer. I think it makes the ring that much more sentimental. But more importantly, I can find ones well within my budget since the ring comes straight from the source, rather than following the traditional route of the supplier to manufacturer to the jewelry store to the buyer.

Check out pawn shops for steep discounts.

wedding ring buying tips — pawn shop engagement and wedding ring selection out of case

Searching through a selection of pre-owned rings not only means a less expensive price tag, but I may also come across some antique finds, making my engagement ring a statement piece of jewelry. Every ring that is pawned OR sold to the pawn shop has to be tested to make sure they are made with real gold and real diamonds so they use a diamond tester and acid to ensure authenticity!

Purchase a non-traditional stone for a unique touch.

Who says my engagement ring has to have a diamond? There are some gorgeous stone options that are just as beautiful and cost way less, like moissanite or sapphire. Plus, it’ll be a unique style that better represents the relationship between my fun-loving hubby and me!

If you really don’t mind what the stone is made of, go with cubic zirconia. These “stones” appear in many sizing and display rings and often shine brighter than diamonds!

Stop at the jewelry counter at Wholesale Clubs.

sam's club wedding ring display

Guys, I’m serious! Next time I’m in Costco or Sam’s Club, you can bet I’m stopping by the jewelry counter. I’ve heard their selection is just as impressive as the prices. Plus, I’ll be able to stock up on all my keto favorites in the meantime!

Get practical with ring materials for versatility.

Silicone rings are not only super budget-friendly, but they’re also crazy durable. I won’t have to worry about ever having to take it off before I sleep, clean, or workout — I can keep it on forever. But should I ever lose it, it’s an easy, wallet-friendly replacement that I won’t lose sleep over.

If you lead an active lifestyle and/or do manual labor work such as – construction, military duties, renovation, painting and more, I’ve heard that these silicone wedding bands are awesome in replacing your formal wedding band to keep it safe from being scratched or damaged. In addition, these silicone bands help to protect finger injuries that can happen with traditional rings.

They even make wooden rings, too! I think that would make for a cool statement piece of jewelry —plus it’s eco-friendly!

Look at outlet stores for savings on popular styles.

wedding ring buying tips — kay jewelers outlet store storefrontI’m lucky to have a jewelry outlet store nearby, so I plan on popping in to see what they have in store. I won’t have the unique assortment to choose from as I would with the other retailers, but I’m not above purchasing an overstocked ring if the price is right!

Attend estate auctions for rare and vintage rings.

antique wedding ring

Similar to pawn shops, these are second-hand rings, though there’s a good chance the design and style could be rare or no longer produced. Since they’re sold at auction, I could potentially get a ring for an insanely low steal as well. Who knows what other rare assets I could find myself bidding on!

Travel out-of-state if you pay sales tax where you live.

Try these engagement ring shopping tips to save money – engagement ring in open boxAmericans on average spend $6,531 on an engagement ring — quite the sticker shock! 😱 So based off of that price, there’s potential to save hundreds by traveling out of state to another area that doesn’t charge sales tax. This is something to consider since Nevada (where I live now), unfortunately, has a sales tax rate of 6.85%… BUT Oregon (which is close by) has NO sales tax!

Be sure to get your ring insured!

Try these engagement ring shopping tips to save money – collin's ring warranty

Better safe than sorry, right? While I did have a warranty on my ring, loss, theft, and damage outside of normal wear and tear aren’t covered. This helpful post by The Knot outlines all the basics of purchasing insurance for engagement and wedding rings.

Do you have any tips for me? Have you purchased a lower cost ring? 💍

Let me know in the comments! I’ll also keep you all posted on my search for my old and my new engagement ring…

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  1. SARAH

    I also lost my ring about a year ago. My husband searched everywhere for it. We were going to replace it with my mom’s wedding ring, since she passed away last year as well. But after a week of searching my husband found it, so don’t give up hope it will turn up!

  2. Margaret

    Many years ago, my husband upgraded my diamond. We picked it out together from a diamond dealer in the diamond district in nyc while on a trip. We found the guy through eBay— he sold a lot of beautiful designs on there but had a store front too. Gary Weiss, I believe. Jewelry27 (Maybe? Years later this is what I think I remember). Anyways, I could pick the diamond and the setting and it cost half the price of it’s counterpart in vAlue elsewhere. I have the Gia appraisal papers too. The diamonds come directly from overseas so no middle man.
    Might even be worth the flight as a get-away weekend. Of course, the hotel will kill the savings. 😉 but as others suggested if you can find a local diamond district and deal directly, you’ll save loads of money and can design it as you wish.

  3. Steph

    I am so sorry to hear that you lost your ring. I always try and keep mine on, even sleep in it! I do have a glass dish on the kitchen sill for when I make meatloaf or meatballs, so it has a safe dish to sit in and I have a little ring holder at my sink In Our master bath – we just have so much going on I try to always leave in or only take it off in those two places – what’s the point in owning it if you don’t wear it. I also have a tattoo and so does my hubby – not for every one, thats ok! My hubby always wears the silicone ring as he’s a plumber and could loose a finger wearing the real one – in fact he wears the silicone one 99.9% of the time and loves how comfy it is. Best of luck finding another- it’s just a ring–

  4. KATE

    If you want higher quality at a better value, I would encourage you to look Into a reputable company that is not a national chain, does not do a lot of advertising, and does sales primarily online, which creates lots of savings that can be passed on to the customer. There are bargains to be had at places like Union Diamond of Atlanta and similar companies.

    That being said, I also love the idea of going with something on traditional like you mentioned.

    I do hope you find your ring though.

    • rachel

      My husband got my rings through Union Diamond. I had to have them resized several years later and loved their customer service.

  5. B

    My husband and I each have jobs that make it hard to wear rings, so for our 20th anniversary we got tattoo wedding bands. Permanent and impossible to lose!

  6. G

    If you’re comfortable buying online, use Rare Carat to search for diamonds available through online retailers (it also assesses how good of a value the stone is likely to be). You can choose your diamond and the setting on the individual retailer websites. Most of the diamonds have large images and videos, so you can see flaws and get a solid idea of how the stone will look. He ended up buying through Four Mine (one on the retailers Rare Carat searches through), and we couldn’t be happier with the final product. The ring was even more beautiful than I expected, and the price was excellent compared to comparable rings we saw at physical stores.

  7. Tiredofbeingrippedoff

    I too lost my original several years ago..still breaks my heart. I suspect a construction worker took it. Anyway, I highly recommend Diamonds Direct. They have been running the 5 yr/zero interest sale again. We bought a replacement from them a few yrs ago. We got a great deal, had a wonderful experience and they have a great selection already in store without having to wait for stones to be shipped in. I also have a backup cz set I wear for travel. 🙂 They are much nicer than my original but I still miss my original.

  8. Marie

    Ebay. You can actually get great buys on diamond rings with appraisals there, even genuine Tiffany. Many good jewelers selling there. Ebay has a money back guarantees as well. Just take your ring to an your appraiser after purchase to make sure it’s what you wanted.

  9. Heather

    Though it’s nearly impossible to guarantee a conflict-free diamond, if you must have one, here are some tips on sourcing one as ethically as possible. This article is several years old, but more current info is just a Google search away.

  10. Jill

    Colin, I am so sorry that you have lost your ring and I am so hopeful that you still find it! 🤞When I got my engagement ring, the jeweler suggested 6 prongs instead of 4 prongs (even though 4 prong rings were very popular and very pretty). The more prongs, the less likely the stone falls out. A few years ago, I looked at my ring and one of the 6 prongs had snapped off, no clue how this happened, but it was gone! Because of the other 5 prongs, the diamond was still there. So, you might consider 6 prongs if you get a replacement.

  11. *Angela-Miles*

    Awwww that really stinks!! So sorry girl :-/ . Can’t really give ya much help as I’m not a big jewelry person.! But I have lost a ring before.

    My precious mother gave me a heart shaped diamond ring about 5 years ago. It was just kind of a ring for the mother/daughter relationship symbol I guess.
    Well I didn’t even have it a year before I lost the dang thang. Ugh lol. She spent $4,000 and I wore it maybe 7 months.
    One day I was sitting in my car cleaning off my shoes and the ring kept getting in the way. So I took it off and put it in my cup holder. Well after I was done and drove off I completely forgot I had put it in their. A few days later I had already stuffed napkins in the holder (I do that subconsciously because I don’t like sweat from the drink getting the holder all wet.).
    So fast forward to I went out with my friends a few days later and one of them had her drink in that cupholder, well when she got out of the car to toss it, she threw the napkins away with it. For some reason it had finally popped in my head I wasn’t wearing my ring and I had put it in the cupholder. Looked and it wasn’t inside it. So I then knew it was in thee napkin and in the trash. We searched that Dumpster for hours and never found it.
    And I must say, that was gross and the one and only time I will Ever be inside a DUMPSTER!!! LOL.
    I know it was my irresponsible brain that did it but I was sad. She had got that for me as a sweet “just because” gift and I was careless. I will say I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, so I’m not really into the the material of it. But the good part is that it is just a materialistic object and that there is no love lost between our friendship 🙂 . Although I do understand people’s sentimental value towards their rings 🙂 .
    Hope you come across it one day, sending you a lot of good luck!!! 🙂

  12. laurie kerzisnik

    Pray to saint Anthony to help you find it. I know it sounds silly. but it works.

    • Jen G

      I pray to Saint Anthony regularly – my grandmother taught me to look for the lost item and say: “Dear St. Anthony, please come around, something is lost and must be found.”

  13. Chris

    I am so sorry you lost your ring. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Moving is so stressful; it’s a wonder we don’t lose more.

  14. Nancy

    Try looking under the liner of the purse. Sometimes things fall in there even though we didn’t know there was a hole there to begin with. Good luck.

    • Ashley

      YES! I just found a few “lost” things in a hole I didn’t know existed

  15. VB Vee

    Would be cool if there was a post “somewhere” so Hipsters could possibly make a donation to and for a “replacement” ring fund.
    You’ve given us so much Collin. Your husband has been so understanding of you sharing your time with us. It only seems fitting.
    Just A Thought. Any other Hipsters feel the way I do on this?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re too sweet! 😉 Your kind words and suggestions are the best donation I could get!

    • Carol

      VB Vee: Agreed! Collin pays it forward…I would “go fund her”

  16. ertlator

    If you are a guy buying a ring for a woman, then you pretty much have to buy a diamond. If you are a stable couple that lost the diamond ring and are not totally influenced by what the world tells you you have to do, you can buy an alternative to a diamond. There are lab created diamonds that are the same as a diamond, but less expensive and there is no way someone was exploited to get the diamond. There is moissanite, which occurs naturally in meteorites, and is nearly as hard and dense and scuff resistant as a diamond. It actually has better light-dispersion (brilliance and fire) than a diamond. Moissanite stones that you would get for a ring are lab created and no one will be exploited to make them. There are other alternatives, but they aren’t as hard as diamond and moissanite and the stones may become scratched and cloudy looking over time. If my wife lost her ring, I think that I would try to talk her into a moissanite stone for the new ring.

    • Gisette

      Kinda sad that men feel this way about buying engagement rings. It shouldn’t be that way. I would have been happy with a band when my husband proposed to me 20+ years ago.

    • Emily

      I have a moissanite 1.5 carrot solitaire. I am a science nerd so for me I like the thought of where it comes from. Also- no one even knows its not a diamond. A jewelry store in my mall actually cleaned and inspected it for free and it tested as a diamond at first. They were shocked when I said it was a moissanite.

  17. Suzanne

    I am sooo sorry you lost your ring! I can see myself doing something similar so I relate. And that’s so nice that your hubby is understanding (mine would say something similar I feel) but at the same time there is so much sentimental value tied up in that ring. It’s really not about the cost right? You should plan a trip or something special with your husband and have him re-give / offer / present the ring to you so you can create a new special memory around that new ring:))

  18. E

    I haven’t worn my engagement ring in about two years because the diamond is loose, and I already got it tightened once, just didn’t stay tight. Haven’t seen the ring in awhile, but it’s safely in its box in one of my drawers. This post reminds me to go make sure it’s still there! Hope you find yours! My mom lost the diamond from her engagement ring at work. She thought it was a lost cause, but prayed a lot, and over the weekend, the janitor found it while cleaning and put it back on her desk!

  19. Chrystal

    So after reading this post I removed mine from my purse last night….lol!!! I am in a different situation though. My main stone is loose and after calling my original store (Andrew’s Jewelers) to do the repair they filed bankruptcy on August 7, 2018 and no longer have to honor their Diamond Bond certificate. I have kept up on all my cleanings for the last 15 years. I feel as if I can’t take a chance on wearing my rings anymore bc I don’t want to have any issues. Heart breaking since my husband and I have invested so much in my wedding set. We are at a point right now where if something did happen we wouldn’t be able to replace it. Now I am stuck with a SUPER nice wedding set I love in the Lock box……wearing a sterling sliver band.

    • Julie Martin

      Find another jeweler. Ask friends or family for recommendations. Fixing it will not be very expensive.

  20. April

    I lost my ring in May on the beach in Marco Island. After 4 hours of digging and a lot of praying we found A wonderful man came to the beach with a metal detector and FOUND my ring. Thank you God for answering my prayer!!! RingFinders are all over the US. You may want to see if there is one in your area. Don’t give up!

    • Elle

      Wow! What an awesome idea whoever came up with that site!

  21. Laura

    I was married for 15 years before we got around to getting me an engagement ring. I have a plain gold wedding band and I wanted a conflict-free ring that I could wear every day. I see lots of comments here talking about loose stones, mine is in a bezel setting which tends to stay in place. My search led me to a beautiful ring from McFarland designs on Etsy (no affiliation, just a fan!)…it is a princess cut moissanite diamond made with 14kt recycled gold and recycled sterling (striped together on the band) – I have now been married for 22 years and my ring still looks fabulous! Tamara at McFarland is ethical, kind, to my mind reasonably priced AND her designs are beautiful, oh, and she also donates part of her profit to charity – all wins in my book….Good Luck replacing your ring.

  22. Sue

    So sorry!! I just had to stop wearing my wedding set, as it has become ‘loose’, and the tiny stones are falling out. Looking for a good jeweler recommendation in Reno. lol BTW – double check the sales tax rate here, it’s 8.265%, highest in NV. So much for no state income tax….

  23. Ashley

    I got my set for $800 at Zales, it was a quarter of the price it had been because it was a return, the sales person said someone bought it returned it, and she thinks in the instance of my set in particular it was bought, intended for a proposal but something happened and the proposal never happened so he returned the set. Worked out well for us, We got it pretty cheap and have been married over 10 years

  24. Brittany

    Check out better than diamond! I have an Amora gem and I love it!

    The stones are lab created so they don’t have the inhumane issues diamond do (even the “conflict free” ones). They are much less expensive and surpass diamonds on many tests.

  25. A

    I lost mine in a field of tall grass. After hours of searching I sadly had to leave it behind. Several weeks later I returned to the same spot with my children AND a metal detector! Sure enough my then 5 year old son found it with the detector!

  26. Susan

    I’m sorry you lost your ring. Not even a year after we were married, I left my ring in my pocket. (I had taken it off to do dishes so it didn’t have a chance to fall off.) Of course, I decided to wash those pants that day and when I went to take them out of the dryer, I hear a clink inside and my ring is in the bottom of the dryer. The setting had been mangled and the diamond is gone. My husband and I frantically search through the dryer and the washer, not to mention that this was in an apartment building laundry room. We didn’t find it that night. I prayed to St. Anthony to find it and that morning thought about the dryer lint. I had taken it out and thrown it away before getting the clothes out. I go look in the trash and find it in the dryer lint. 🙌. Then I had to send it off so they could redo the setting, but at least we didn’t have to replace the diamond.

  27. Hilary

    Sorry to hear you lost your wedding ring. I can only imagine how heartbreaking that would be. My husband upgraded my diamond for our 20th wedding anniversary’. We bought the diamond and setting online from Blue Nile. The prices are way better than most jewelry shops and you get a much better diamond for your money. I’ve also bought a gorgeous blue topaz ring at Costco. For the money, I got a much better ring than other places as well.

  28. Jennifer Rhoades

    Did you call your Homeowners Insurance company? You might have coverage after you meet your deductible. It’s worth a phone call. Until then I hope it makes a magical reappearance!!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      We did, however the deductible is more than the value of the ring. I’m still hoping it pops up!

  29. Max

    Check on
    They are having Gia certified as well as very low cost then others include Costco

    • Max

      Sorry it’s

  30. Ang

    Oh I am so sorry!

  31. Emily

    Okay, so recently engaged here. I am so sorry you lost your ring, but wish you well in shopping for new. I don’t know if there is a Littman’s jewelers nearby but that is where we got our setting and diamond. Anyway they have ‘diamond party’ events 4 times a year where they bring in all kinds of inventory they don’t normally have, prices are lowered and you can get great deals. I bet there may be some other jewelers that may do something like this, worth checking into. We ended up getting a setting that had 1.15k and a diamond that was 1k, and we paid less than half of the appraised value from their sales and percentages off.

  32. Karen

    My mother lost the diamond in her engagement ring from my father at the commissary years ago. She was devastated. She replaced with one from her friend that had divorced. About three years ago we were cleaning up after my son’s birthday party and she must have set her jewelry on the counter right on top of a disposable plastic tablecloth. I gathered it up and tossed it in the trash. I still feel horrible about it and unfortunately I’ll never be able to afford to replace it but luckily she’s forgiven me (and only occasionally brings it up lol).

  33. Migan

    Your homeowners does have a small jewelry rider
    My husband knew I didn’t want s another diamond The whole conflict thing I just couldn’t
    He gave me a 6 ct pink sapphire. The ring I assume one day when we move it may show up. I will give it to my son for his first daughter

  34. Donica2013

    Not sure if this has already been said, but check your car. When I put things in my purse, then forget to close my purse, then make a sharp turn while driving, things fall out. Sometimes under the seat or on the side of the seat. Maybe your purse fell over somewhere and the ring slipped out.

  35. Marissa

    Get a mossianite stone ring! For my engagement ring that’s what I picked out since it looks like a diamond but 1/4th of the price! So great!

  36. Janet

    Did you check your homeowners insurance? I lost a diamond tennis bracelet about 10 years ago. I had a separate rider on my homeowners policy covering it and was fully reimbursed. You may want to see if your policy has any coverage. Good luck to you. I hope you do find it.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks, Janet! We’ve looked at our insurance and the deductible is more than the value of the ring. But I still have hope I will find it!

  37. Sharples

    Hi Collin,

    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story and dilemma. We have all been busy and just stuck our wedding bands wherever – you are not alone, Hope the next one is just as special.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Aww, You’re very welcome! Thanks for the kind comment! It’s truly appreciated!

  38. Juju

    My husband has gotten me several beautiful pieces of jewelry from Sams Club over the years, check their online site too and remember each store may have a different selection so look around!

  39. Kristi

    Someone has probably mentioned this, but QVC has very pretty Diamonique rings and many are under $100. You can also pay with their easy pay monthly payments when offered with any major credit or debit card. No credit check necessary. Great return policy too so you can make sure you love it before committing to own it forever! I sure hope you find your original ring though as it is much more sentimental!

  40. Laira

    Kohls is the best place for jewelry. With sales and stacking coupons. Both my kids got married young 19 and 21 I was able to score the most beautiful engagement rings. One was worth $4500 and we spent $500. Love the vera Wang collection. That was perfect for my son and his wife that just got out of boot camp.

  41. donna whitson

    Check out EBTH. Everything but the

  42. Donna

    Hi Collin
    Have you looked in your car because if you are like me , when ever I get in my car and someone is in the passenger seat I always toss my purse in the back seat.Usally when I do that and my bag is open everything falls out.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks so much for the suggestion!! I will for sure be going back through my car! Good reason to clean it too!

  43. Olgraygirl

    I am hard on jewelry–always working around the house, changing in & out of gym clothes, etc. I got a band of recessed diamonds (like an anniversary band) and never regretted it. No snag, no tugging. Also love prowling estate sales and jewelers for estate jewelry. Whatever you get, you will love it because it symbolizes your marriage and if that lost one should turn up one day–have it made into a solitare necklace!

  44. Julie Martin

    We love Heidi Gibson designs. She does rings with white sapphires, Moissanite and morganite to lower your costs. She also uses the real thing, beautiful diamonds. She can be found at If I ever got another ring I would probably go with one of her designs! She is also on instagram.

  45. Dolores Bair

    I knew a lady several years ago that replaced all of her “good stuff” with Diamonique from QVC. Nobody knew the difference unless she told them. It worked out in her favor when she was robbed and all they got was imitations and her “good stuff” was in the safety deposit box

  46. Connie

    My 2 cents (or rather 2 suggestions) – #1 check in a side pocket that is in the car door. I found something I lost that fell out of my purse and slid into that door pocket. #2 Say a prayer to St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things. I say “Tony, Tony, look around. Something’s lost & can’t be found”😁 🤞

  47. SharonR

    So sorry about your ring! I have bought a lot of jewelry over the years from Sam’s and also Costco. I have a favorite diamond halo ring from Costco that I get compliments on all the time. Several friends bought diamonds there also after shopping around…they were getting sticker shock elsewhere. All the best!

  48. Nicole S.

    I am so very sorry you lost your ring. Someone stole mine so I know how it feels to have one gone. If all the readers of this wonderful site would send even just 5.00 each it would help buy you a new ring as you so deserve the very best as you have given us all so much of your time and energy and saved us more than you will ever know. I have followed you from the beginning and have learned so much from you and enjoy everything about the Hip 2 Save. I hope you by chance you find it stuck somewhere.

  49. Anh Nguyen

    I have followed you since the beginning and you are not a careless person. Perhaps you put the ring in the Ziploc bag temporarily but maybe moved it to a safer location prior to the move. Think where would you put important valuable things for safekeeping? A jewelry box? Safe? Other purses? I sometimes keep small jewelry in a change purse until I can move it to a safer place. I hope you do find it but if not, the love you share with your husband is always safe in your heart and can never be lost.

  50. Anh Nguyen

    I forgot to suggest Ask for Tom(owner) and tell him Anh referred you. Conflict free and you will be hard pressed to find superior customer service for custom jewelry made to your specifications for a price that will not break the bank.

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