Walmart Savings Catcher Now ONLY Accepts Walmart Pay

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walmart savings catcher changes walmart pay – Apple Pay iPhone

Attention Walmart shoppers! 🛒

If you’re a Walmart shopper, their Savings Catcher program and Walmart Pay are two great tools ensuring you’re not paying too much for your purchases and can pay (and get receipts) easily. Specifically, Walmart’s Savings Catcher compares your receipts to advertised prices from top stores in your area. When it finds a lower advertised price, you’ll get the difference back in a Walmart eGift card!

Within one week after picking up your groceries, just enter your Walmart Grocery receipt into the Savings Catcher section on the Walmart mobile app. Your rewards are automatically transferred to a Savings Catcher eGift Card each time they’re earned, and the eGift Cards are automatically saved to your account. You can then use the rewards to shop both online or in-store.

BUT, there are NEW Changes to Savings Catcher…

walmart savings catcher changes walmart pay – Savings Catcher Walmart eGift Card

Effective October 29th, 2018, Savings Catcher changed their accepted payment methods, and Walmart Pay is now the only way to submit your receipt to Savings Catcher. Due to this change, users can no longer scan paper receipts within the app or submit via desktop. However, this change will allow you to both submit and spend your Savings Catcher rewards within the same Walmart Pay experience.

The walmart savings catcher program will require walmart pay - Walmart Pay at checkout

Here’s how Savings Catcher works now:

Rather than scanning paper receipts using the Savings Catcher scanner after paying, you’ll simply create an eReceipt using the Walmart Pay scanner when paying. Here’s how:

  1. Enroll in Walmart Pay.
  2. Use Walmart Pay at checkout to create an eReceipt for submission:
    • Open Walmart Pay and select credit, debit, or gift card.
    • Use Walmart Pay to scan the QR code at the register to generate your eReceipt.
  3. Tap “Submit Receipt” directly from your Walmart Pay confirmation page or from your Savings Catcher dashboard on the Walmart app

What are the benefits of using Walmart Pay?

  • One touch submissions: Submit your eReceipt before even leaving the store!
  • Save time and space: Reduce wallet (and purse) hassles when you turn your phone into your secure mobile wallet.
  • Store your purchase history: Find your past purchases in your Purchase History, easily reorder your essentials, or start a Mobile Express Return—all within the app!
  • Print eReceipts for cash back apps: Select a purchase from your Purchase History, share, and print from your phone or email yourself your eReceipt. Then submit for cash back apps like Ibotta and Checkout51.

What do you think? Will this change the way you shop Walmart?

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Comments 279

  1. Lisa

    What a horrible change! I am being punished for using cash!!! Just because I use cash I can no longer get cash back, what a joke!! Keep making bad decisions Walmart!

    • heatherpsychedelique

      I seriously hate it. I only shopped here because we are low income an this helped us. There are other cheaper places to shop. Plus I am sick of walmarts rude employees. If they fix this I will come back.

    • Dawn M Wood

      Why do i have to add a credit or debit card to use my savings catchee money.

  2. Susan

    I absolutely hate the new change..who has time to go thru all those steps while trying to purchase groceries, sack groceries, corral screaming kids or deal with rude and impatient customers, trying to keep the smile on the face…etc, esp at the busiest holiday shopping times of the year? Really? I hates shopping at Walmart already due to shortage of checkers, you find an item then “BAM” that item gone never to be seen again.. foods, “truck runs tonight”, I dont live in town and I need the items now not tonight, then, just quit carrying items for no reason. Several reasons I’m tired of Walmart….change ISNT ALWAYS GOOD NOR FOR THE BEST…put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  3. Lou

    This change isn’t for consumer privacy; it’s so Walmart doesn’t have to pay so much anymore. I’m not thinking about scanning QR codes at checkout. I just want to get out of there. Plus, for the consumer with children, are they really going to do this? The paper receipt was so much easier. I knew eventually Walmart would find a way to squirm out of Savings Catcher.

    • Lou

      The other thing that stinks about this change is that if you shop at Walmart and participate in any other cashback programs, like iBotta, you have to take the extra step, AT CHECKOUT, of requesting a paper receipt be emailed to you so you can print it. This is a ridiculously step-heavy addition to SavingsCatcher, and as I said above, done specifically to discourage consumers from saving money with SC. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted!

    • heatherpsychedelique

      It was too good to be true.

      • Gina Lopez

        AMEN. My thoughts EXACTLY!

  4. Ken

    We shouldn’t be punished by using cash.

  5. Jack Fordham

    Walmart has joined the ranks of other corporate interests who attempt to force consumers to do business in the cyber world because it saves them fees to credit card companies and inhouse accounting resources used handling cash. Those of us who make responsible life decisions for OUR benefit are not considered. For me, this just adds one more reason to dislike Walmart. Unfortunately, our little town does not have a target or other more desirable shopping center, but we do avail ourselves to shopping in larger cities when possible.

  6. Jerry L. Feador

    Now that’s a good explanation from the other side of the coin. Yeah, everyone’s trying to get ahead, and now Walmart is doing it at our expense (after they teased us with this cool new way to get some fun savings), not exactly in keeping with their long established image of a “good product/selection at a fair price”.

  7. Jason Farmer

    this is complete garbage. i only did my grocery shopping at walmart because of this. i drove across town to go there because they helped me save money. now it’s time to start shopping elsewhere, even if it means i end up paying more. i prefer to pay with cash and i will NOT load my entire life onto my phone.

    • Dusti Stamey

      Me too . Now I’m gonna focus on food lion they offer shop and earn monthly its not hard to use and I run 4 phone numbers so when i max out one i go to the next number . This is better than that Walmart crap 1000 steps to do AMD at the register like I’m going to remember to do this when my kid’s r with me and I’m trying to get out of there .

  8. Jerry L. Feador

    Oh man, I feel for ya’ – I don’t have small children but used Walmart Pay last week, and accidentally hit BACK on my phone, which “filed” the receipt, and it took me like 6 or 7 minutes to find it while I’m standing at the door for the lady to check my receipt. Oh, and I was just notified that hassle got me .08¢ back! I’ll still shop there, location, convenience, selection, and still the best prices around, but forget this Walmart Pay/Savings Catcher thing. Not worth it (which I suppose is what they’re counting on – I assume this great deal they gave us got away from them and is costing them too much money!)

  9. charles

    Totally hate this change! I have the app on my phone and scan my wife’s receipts since we both shop at different times often and she does not have the app. I also want to keep my savings on one Card. Now, I can no longer scan her receipts.

  10. Carrie

    I shop around now to all stores for savings. This bs with the savings catcher sucks! I normally only carry cash. Now I have to be forced to use a card. What about all the people in the world that don’t have smart phones? Can’t afford them? They can’t even admatch anymore. They are really starting to suck! So now it only works for people that have smartphones. I’ve been shopping everywhere now. They are gonna lose a lot of business if others are offering much lower prices. Where I live they don’t even have but one teller at 10pm. If they are not open they tell me to go to the self check line. I usually have a heaping cart and tell them I’m not going to self check with all these groceries. Find me a teller.

    • heatherpsychedelique

      You have to be rich to save money apparently smh.

  11. Karan Annette Gordon

    I was upset when I went to scan my receipt. Like everyone else, this was my reason for shopping here. I use cash sometime and debit other times. Shame on you Walmart. BILO here I come.

  12. heatherpsychedelique

    This is the stupidest thing they ever could have done. It feels like their way of forcing people out of using the savings catcher. It forces you to pay using the card on the app. What if I want to use part cash. I dont use my cards often. My husbend usually saves my reciepts for me. I set this up for him and he went down there and tried to use it to get the savings catcher rewards ect. It forced him to pay with my card even though I set it up NOT TO.. he had to go an return the item an repurchase them the way we wanted. It was a huge deal. It is horrible. After the way walmart employees have been treating me this is just the last straw! Done with Walmart. Bring savings catcher back an it might be enough to tempt me to come back (only using self check out if course, employees are horrible).

  13. Karen

    I found the solution, shop at the other stores that had the lower prices that Walmart was matching. No need to shop at Walmart anymore. Besides who wants to here the same question every time at the check out (did you find everything you wanted?) then say no and they say oh that’s to bad and they do nothing to help.

  14. Dwight Holt

    Walmart was losing money i stacked up $195.23 from scanning receipts. Free money now gone.

  15. Laura Waterstradt

    TERRIBLE! I just now spent $336.90 for Thanksgivg, and being in a rush, forgot to use Wal-Mart pay. Realized it before getting to the courtesy desk. But it was TOO LATE! This new system STINKS. I’ve shopped here faithfully for years. Considering switching to Kroger for free gas points. I’m infuriated!

  16. Lisa

    BEWARE!!!!! Since the change to Walmart Pay, my account has been HACKED. Someone changed the email address account in the wee hours of the morning. I had a balance in my account from the Savings Catcher program. I didn’t realize I had been hacked until I was at a WM trying, for the first time, to add my receipt using the new app. I just thought I would give it a try at least once. Well, I had been kicked out of my account AND unable to get back in. Thinking I had just forgotten my password, I was unable to retrieve my password. Well, come to find out, someone had taken over my account, changed the email and passwords, AND used my savings catcher money!!!

    • Janet

      This happened to me once. My walmart app updated & I had to login & couldn’t. Thought I’d forgotten the password…tried to retrieve it & no email I have would work. My credit cards are on this app. So I called the CS line & talked to an ineffective rep who had NO IDEA what she was doing for 20 minutes only to be hung up on “by mistake”. So I called back…& got a rep who had a clue. She fixed the issue, my account had indeed been compromised. They had changed the email address on the account & password, as well as using the amounts on my gift cards. The rep fixed the issue & had the money on my gift cards refunded back to them. It’s worth a try calling their CS line.

      Either way, I closed the account after this change in the savings catcher program. Too much to remember to scan a Qr code while in a hurry at check out.
      They were losing money here. I’m 2 years I had $455.00 refunded via savings catcher, they did this to stop having to give money back to consumers. Meh…I’ll use target, aldi & Kroger from now on.

  17. Es Lewis

    First they stopped price matching.
    Next they instituted Walmart Pay.
    When you factor in the empty shelves plus rude, clueless employees, it adds up to a miserable shopping experience.
    Walmart has been on a decline for many years.
    I am done shopping there.

  18. Karen Pike

    Just talked to Walmart customer service. Confirmed that the only way to use Savings Catcher is to register your debit/credit card with Walmart Pay. Of course you can register multiple credit cards but that is a BIG risk. You are also penalized for using cash. No more shopping at Walmart for our family.

    • Tara

      Make sure your app is updated because now there is an option to use “no card” within Walmart pay. You scan the QR code first, then it will ask you how to pay. Found this out the hard way after Walmart pay convienently put everything on my work Amex that I used last time I was there. Must have just happened because customer service did not know about it and kept insisting I could only pay with the card on file. Not true, paid in cash just fine and my receipt is saved. DON’T FORGET to go back in the app and hit submit or your receipt won’t be counted. I HATE this system

      • Jillian Foster

        I have mine set to “No card” because I use cash sometimes or check.
        I’ve found that I HAVEN’T received ANY savings since the change.
        I’m curious, if I’m not getting anything because I have it set as “no card”?

      • Megan

        I have gotten that far. Now how do i use my money on my catcher? That part i haven’t figured out yet.

  19. pamreiger

    I totally agree. This change is awful. Hubby doesn’t use the app or Walmart pay so his receipts are worthless. If I use cash, it’s worthless and it’s too many steps to print a receipt if I want to upload it to Ibotta. Why not have both options

  20. Scott

    This may have covered here before but just in case…..
    Even if you have zero on your savings
    catcher balance go ahead and scan as if you’re paying with your saving catcher money. It will say something like zero paid and then put your debt card in to pay. It will ask if you want to submit your receipt; it will take it. It may work when paying cash but haven’t tried yet.
    See how it works for you.

    • Scott

      Just tried with cash and it took the receipt.

  21. Jane

    It used to be easy to use.
    It is NOT convenient. And if u forget…u are screwed! U just lose.
    I will shop elsewhere. Thanks for making a nice thing suck.
    No more money for you from me .
    I spend on average 250.00 weekly, but im sure kroger will want it obviously walmart is striving to drive customers away. Guess what? It worked.

  22. Debbie Henderson

    I already hate Wal-mart but appear to have limited options since they forced all the smaller Mom & Pop’s out of business. I REALLY hate this new app change. I think you should be able to scan receipts if you want to (the old way) or the new way if you are tech savvy enough. This new way to me seems to hold the lines up more now than ever. Too many elderly people (like my parents and step-parents and in-laws that are not Tech Savvy and have no idea how to use their Savings in Savings Catcher or how to use their phones to scan the QR code. This is very unfair but evidently it was costing Wal-mart a little cash so they decided to change it……….Good going Walmart!! Sam Walton would be so proud ha ha

  23. Debby Verbeten

    I agree – this is the worst decision Walmart has made. I hate it. On top of that everything I had saved disappeared into a lifetime of savings account that I can’t access. Hate it Walmart – going to uninstall it and look for something else

  24. Vicki Frosch

    I loved Savings Catcher just for the fact that I could save and store my receipts because I always end up losing them and have used it to return items before. I never really got much money back but the convenience of being able to store receipts was handy. Now, this new change eliminates even unless I do it right at the register which is not always convenient since they seem to only have one cashier and a line a mile long. Thanks for making a crappy change Wal Mart! Target has cartwheel and is friendlier and cleaner.

    • Michaela J

      While I’m not a fan of the Savings Catcher changes, this isn’t quite true. You can still scan and save your receipts later (away from the register) and even start a return on your purchases within the Walmart app. You just can’t submit those receipts to Savings Catcher, as far as I know.

  25. cynthia canevit

    I agree. Also, I do use my debit card most of the time, but I do not want to store all my cards in Walmart Pay. Not to mention, what if I don’t have my phone with me? This is a horrible move!

  26. Kimberlee Haun Poore

    I don’t like the new process. It is a huge mistake. I’d rather shop somewhere else now just because I feel like Walmart is forcing customers to pay via using their phone!

  27. Teresa Peavy

    I used this all the time… I just will go somewhere else just bc I hate this new way so much… lost a customer

  28. Dana

    I absolutely HATE this new policy!! My husband and daughter will not get the Walmart App so if they go to the store for me I cannot scan their receipts. I don’t even care that much about the savings catcher. I just like to have my purchase history. And when I buy things for my business and happen to self check I cannot get a paper receipt when using Walmart Pay so I have to go home and print it and it takes too many frickin pages of paper to print it!! It just makes me angry to think about this <:[

  29. MARY

    I agree with everyone above! I am over 65 and find it very confusing to use this. My husband and I thought we did all the steps to sign up then get to the check stand and it says please sign up!

    I am so frustrated but no other low cost place to shop!

    I totally agree that Savings Catcher was being too efficient at saving all of us money. I just knew they would back out of it somehow..

  30. Corrie

    I agree this is crap too, I want my paper reciept, dont want to have to waste whole page of paper or more to print it at home, how stupid, & to find tjis out after a major shopping makes it worse cause now cant submit to savings

  31. Cindy Summerville

    Trying to use my Savings Catcher balance to purchase something online and all I get is ” your payment method has been denied. Try another method to pay.”

  32. Lynette

    Do not like the way we have to scan receipts at the register. I forget to do it and now I am home and can’t scan into saving catcher

  33. Lisa

    That was probably their plan – for you not to be able to scan your receipt other than at the store. Knowing that people would forget to do so while at the store would ultimately save them (Walmart) money.

  34. Haywoode Jablomee

    Walmart…Hello?…the people who patronize your establishment are speaking,….and the mob rules


    This sucks because my Walmart pay does not always come up (connection issues with bad signal at some Walmart) so with that said, I cant use Walmart pay, do I CAN’T manually put in my receipts….. Way to go Walmart. This is a very bad decision. And what If I used cash?????????? Seriously…..

  36. sharon lee

    This crazy now. I donot have a smart phone and always added my receipt with my computer. Because I donot have a smart phone I cannot use this saving catcher feature that walmart offers.

  37. Colin

    I don’t like the idea either of having to print out receipts and then upload them for savings apps. I wonder what would happen if since I do not have any credit cards linked to my Walmart Pay account what would happen if I scan the app while at the register. Would it just prompt me and saying there are not enough funds and ask for another form of payment? Then I could maybe pay cash and upload the receipt for Savings Catcher.

    • Tina

      If you have no credit cards attached to your walmart pay and scan it in, you will pay with your physical card AND get a physical receipt AND still have your info imputed for savings catcher. Its annoying but the only work around I know to use savings catcher AND have a psychical
      receipt for Ibotta, etc

  38. Mark Heckler

    This change sucks! You took something simple and made it ridiculously complicated! The team that came up with this clusterfxxk should be fired immediately!

  39. Dr. Sue Cabat

    ridiculous We were pleased with the old method. Now we can’t get credit for purchases because we don’t have an I-phone. THis stinks!!

  40. David Z

    I love this new Savings Catcher change. It makes paying for my purchase fun. Not sure why all the negativity concerning this new policy. It is so simple to use and I never have to worry about taking my credit cards or wallet.

  41. Heather

    I hate that I can’t accumulate savings catcher money. I used to wait until I saved about $50, then I’d use it and feel like a winner. Now, every time I scan it automatically deducts whatever I’ve saved (.47, or .88). So ridiculous.

  42. Wise Shopper

    Oh, HECK NO! I will not be putting a credit card on file with Walmart. Who would allow anybody to have access to their credit card through some mobile app, and of all people, Walmart!?!?!

  43. Jo

    This is the most ridiculous thing ever. What if you pay with cash?? I am totally against this and think people should complain. It’s not like you are losing money🤦‍♀️

  44. Brian Allyn

    Easy solution, disable all credit cards on walmart pay, scan your walmart pay, it will say then pay remaining balance. Use whatever payment method you wish then. You will get a paper receipt like normal, can pay using any payment method and since you scanned walmart pay, it submits receipt to Savings catcher. Been doing this for last month with no issues.

  45. nomore walmart

    im done with walmart

  46. Catherine Ettinger

    If you don’t lose customers I will be surprised. I’m sure I’m not the only senior who has someone shop for them. Does Walmart grocery pick-up offer customers get to use Walmart pay to pay for their groceries or do they lose out too? I don’t think this idea will carry on like you hoped it would.

  47. Georgia

    I lost over $100. Due to this! I’ve followed the directions and the funds are gone!

  48. Terri

    I have yet been able to use it. Each time Walmart pay has been rejected and I end up having to use my card at the rego, the same card that I have registered within the app! So no savings catcher. Plus when I order online for pickup I end up spending at least 1/2-1 hr or more just to check out, I must delete my card then enter it again in order to have my payment accepted. On top of all this my orders always have items ordered all of sudden just before picking up not included being out of stock. One order was even completely cancelled and I was notified when I was on my way to pick it up! I live in a rural area and depend on getting essentials once a month or longer so it’s a inconvenience to the max. Walmart doesn’t offer much as far as offering any resolution, even have customer service abruptly ending chat while I’m typing a response making it where I have to start all over again trying to get ahold of them. Very frustrated and thinking of boycotting them totally.

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