Walmart Savings Catcher Now ONLY Accepts Walmart Pay

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walmart savings catcher changes walmart pay – Apple Pay iPhone

Attention Walmart shoppers! 🛒

If you’re a Walmart shopper, their Savings Catcher program and Walmart Pay are two great tools ensuring you’re not paying too much for your purchases and can pay (and get receipts) easily. Specifically, Walmart’s Savings Catcher compares your receipts to advertised prices from top stores in your area. When it finds a lower advertised price, you’ll get the difference back in a Walmart eGift card!

Within one week after picking up your groceries, just enter your Walmart Grocery receipt into the Savings Catcher section on the Walmart mobile app. Your rewards are automatically transferred to a Savings Catcher eGift Card each time they’re earned, and the eGift Cards are automatically saved to your account. You can then use the rewards to shop both online or in-store.

BUT, there are NEW Changes to Savings Catcher…

walmart savings catcher changes walmart pay – Savings Catcher Walmart eGift Card

Effective October 29th, 2018, Savings Catcher changed their accepted payment methods, and Walmart Pay is now the only way to submit your receipt to Savings Catcher. Due to this change, users can no longer scan paper receipts within the app or submit via desktop. However, this change will allow you to both submit and spend your Savings Catcher rewards within the same Walmart Pay experience.

The walmart savings catcher program will require walmart pay - Walmart Pay at checkout

Here’s how Savings Catcher works now:

Rather than scanning paper receipts using the Savings Catcher scanner after paying, you’ll simply create an eReceipt using the Walmart Pay scanner when paying. Here’s how:

  1. Enroll in Walmart Pay.
  2. Use Walmart Pay at checkout to create an eReceipt for submission:
    • Open Walmart Pay and select credit, debit, or gift card.
    • Use Walmart Pay to scan the QR code at the register to generate your eReceipt.
  3. Tap “Submit Receipt” directly from your Walmart Pay confirmation page or from your Savings Catcher dashboard on the Walmart app

What are the benefits of using Walmart Pay?

  • One touch submissions: Submit your eReceipt before even leaving the store!
  • Save time and space: Reduce wallet (and purse) hassles when you turn your phone into your secure mobile wallet.
  • Store your purchase history: Find your past purchases in your Purchase History, easily reorder your essentials, or start a Mobile Express Return—all within the app!
  • Print eReceipts for cash back apps: Select a purchase from your Purchase History, share, and print from your phone or email yourself your eReceipt. Then submit for cash back apps like Ibotta and Checkout51.

What do you think? Will this change the way you shop Walmart?

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Comments 279

  1. Barbara

    The new savings catcher absolutely SUCKS. going to shop elsewhere and I told Walmart that I will

    • lisa

      Yap guess i will get rid of this app

  2. Barbara

    The new savings catcher absolutely SUCKS. going to shop elsewhere

  3. Tina

    How on earth to you scan QR CODE to Ibotta now? I tried doing it with electronic walmart receipt opened on one phone and ibotta on the other and it does not work.

  4. Linda Foster

    Cannot get it to accept a receipt or a password. What is up with that?

  5. Dawn

    Going to now do limited shopping at Wal-mart. Not happy at all. If you want to pay with cash or check you can’t upload your receipt

  6. Judy

    Sometimes I pay cash so the app punishes me cause I don’t use my credit card or if I forget my phone or if another family member picks up groceries. This stinks Walmart

  7. Lena

    Do not like at all. Go back to scanning receipts. This is just stupid. Can’t use savings catcher if you pay with cash either now. And you can’t use receipt from you spouse or child either. What a rip off. It sucks

  8. Teka

    1 app, 2 shoppers? How does this work again? With all the money they have given back to me, I should just shop elsewhere.

  9. Shannon

    I use Walmart grocery pickup all the time and now can’t copy my receipts into savings catcher. It used to be so easy. And there’s no way to use Walmart Pay for grocery pickup. This is so frustrating. Going to switch to Hy-Vee delivery instead. Savings catcher combined with Grocery pickup was one of the only reasons I went to Walmart. Very disappointed now.

    • Sarah B

      Same here! I loathe shopping in Walmart. With three kids and having to scan my own groceries, it’s a big hassle. I LOVE the online grocery pickup, and have been using it long enough now to get about $25 in Savings Catcher rewards. I’m hugely disappointed in this change, and will be looking at other stores that offer grocery pickup.

  10. D

    This is ridiculous. I was a strictly a Walmart shopper because of the ease in the savings catcher. There is no reason now to continue – they lost my business

  11. Lisa

    What is going on?! Walmart, you are not the only place to shop. However, I liked the Savings Catcher app. I will now have to reconsider where I shop. There are other places that offer cheaper prices off the bat. If this is not changed back to Savings Catcher, you will lose another shopper.

  12. Jill Heffner

    What happened? You must have been paying out too much money so you made it a pain in the but now. This really stinks! We plan on doing a lot less shopping at Walmart.

  13. Rich

    Walmart trying to force people into using high interest credit cards to buy groceries. Thanks for looking out for your customers.

  14. Maria

    Not happy. My household does not get credit when my husband does the shopping he does not use a smart phone. So we may go elsewhere for savings.

  15. Connie Bailey

    My receipts are not showing up in savings catcher. Tried to call but only get busy signal

  16. sherryaddisonroark

    Savings catcher’s new process sucks, hate it;(

  17. Brad

    I have always used Walmart Pay but now there is no “Submit Receipt” option when I pay. There also is no way to submit the receipt in the Savings Catcher section. I’m guessing my store is no longer eligible for some reason but they don’t mention that in the app. They just confuse everyone making them think they’re doing something wrong.

    • Elle

      There is no receipts given if you use Walmart pay. It is saved automatically to your Walmart account (app). If my husband is returning something, I have to go on my phone, (I’m the one with the Walmart app) take a screenshot of the receipt barcode, and then send him the screenshot picture. It’s absolutely stupid that they changed all of this.

  18. Pat Cobb

    I agree This sucks. I’m taking my business back to the real grocery store.

  19. Lisa LeFrancois

    Hate the new savings catcher my phone doesn’t always work at Walmart do to no internet so I can’t use Walmart pay all the time…. now I can’t even submit my receipt this sucks

  20. Patrick Linenberger

    Hate the new savings catcher as I can’t scan in receipts when my wife does the shopping. Or if I pay cash for a couple of small items. Please go back to the way it was Walmart!!!!!! Guess I can start shopping at Publix even though it is a little bit further drive, they listen to their customers!

  21. Elle

    Of course they change it a couple days before I made big purchases with lots of items. I know I would have received at least $5 back for each submitted receipt. This new way is BS. They want you to add your credit/debit card in their system and let them store it. If you want to pay some on your card, and a gift card, and maybe some cash (split tender) make sure to pay FIRST with the gift cards, cash, THEN scan the the code for the go pay (whatever it’s called). If you scan the code first then the entire total will come off your credit/debit card, and you can’t pay another way, or scan coupons. I didn’t know this, and when I scanned the code it paid everything! I had coupons to scan, and two gift cards I wanted to use! I was so mad. I hate this way now.

  22. Annette Watson

    I HATE the new or should I say the change to Savings Catcher it was a great benefit; however now it is a head ache.

  23. Jamie

    So disappointed in the change Walmart has made to Savings Catcher!

    I loved the combination of Walmart’s online grocery pickup & Savings Catcher – it allowed me to do all my shopping in one place, know that I was getting the best price in my area, and save time with grocery pickup… as a busy working mom this worked well for me and I was loyal. However, I feel like Walmart could care less for my business. , because now they are forcing me to go back to price checking. With other area stores like Meijer’s, Jewel & Whole foods either offering online pickup and/or delivery and the ability to use money saving apps like Ibatta – there is absolutely no benefit to using Walmart anymore!

    Goodbye Walmart! Let’s see what happens when your profits start plummeting!!

  24. Mike Venturini

    I’m not happy. I bought Halloween candy and 12 packs of beverages without knowing about the new In-store Walmart Pay requirement. I’m out $10-$20 because everything was less expensive in a competitor’s ads, but I chose to shop at Walmart thinking their Savings Catcher was operating as usual. Boo! No advance notification via email or the app was a bad decision by Walmart.

  25. jason

    I didn’t realize they had I guess warned us? but I just spent $9o.21to find out cash purchases are not applicable. I dont use a debit card linked to my savings catcher. so how do they expect that to work. by forcing you link a card, so you think you are getting something in return. nope, it’s just a way to guarantee that you shop there. I’m so mad. like other posters have stated, time to shop elsewhere. I’ll just do the work myself and find the cheaper price beforehand. don’t let Walmart control your pockets. they are BY THE WAY, the reason most smaller businesses had to close their doors here in U. S. … They went overseas for production and such, and took a crap ton of our U.S. jobs over there with them. I say we boycott them altogether. just my opinion.

  26. Kristin McNulty

    I do not like it at all. Especially when you have a whole bunch of people behind you, due to lack of enough registers going, and you are in a hurry. I am not going to shop at Walmart anymore. And up until now I have shopped there for almost all of my shopping needs. I can get so many items cheaper at Winco and the only reason I have continued to use Walmart is because of the savings catcher. Who cares if people were picking up receipts off the ground and scanning them? If they were able to scan them it means the person who bought the stuff did not. No real loss to anyone. AND I was NEVER able to return a single item using the digital receipt as they would not accept that from me (both of these statements in response to a comment in this thread already). This way is NOT easier and it also means an extra step at the register. IT also means Walmart saves even more on paper and ink and for those that actually need the receipts to turn in for other purpose have to print them at home). Not something I care for when it already takes so long to check out. Disappointed about the change. Bye bye Walmart.

  27. Wanda

    I do not like that I don’t get a printed receipt when using Walmart pay. I use these receipts for other apps and you are taking money out of my pocket by not getting a printed receipt. Unless I can get a printed receipt you have lost another customer

  28. Jill D.

    I am so disappointed with this change. I usually pay for my groceries with cash or check. I purposely shopped at Wal-Mart because of the ease of scanning my receipt into savings catcher after and nothing more. This store will no longer be my first choice.

  29. Toni Johnson

    I sent an email to corporate saying how much the new savings catcher/Walmart pay is. I hope more people do to and they go back to the old style!

    • Toni Johnson

      Sorry, how AWFUL the new app is.

  30. rhondagrantham

    Very disappointed in Walmart Savings Catcher. There were several of us in line yesterday attempting to use the app. None of us could get it to work. Whoever thought of changing the Savings Catcher to this new way was just basically saying – no savings catcher now.

  31. Wayne

    This is BS some of us spend a lot of money with you guys and to do us like this you should be ashamed of what your doing screw Walmart I’ll be doing my shopping with Target and other places

  32. Pam West

    What genius came up with this idea? Whatever hugh bonus this stupid person got for this dumb idea should lose their high paying job!!! Then they will find out what the rest of us little people have to do to try to save our hard earned money. I am sure Walmart is laughing all the to the bank. But watch out Walmart we know what is going on. I have gone back to shopping at Food Lion and their brand name items are backed up by a double your money back if you don’t like the product. From the reviews I have just read Walmart better be prepared to some HUGH losses in the near future!!! GOOD BYE Walmart. It’s been nice while it lasted!!!

  33. Elizabeth

    This new app is ridiculous and I will not be shopping at WalMart anymore. There are no benefits and I can get fuel points at our local grocery store. Bye bye WM.

  34. Starla

    Ok Gals!! I’m kind of excited!! Hope this helps!! Its just something I’m going to have to remember to do at the beginning. BUT you can still get a receipt with the new way.
    OK go to your walmart pay settings. Turn off your gift card. Then go and hit do not use debit or credit cards. When checking out find the QR code scan it & start scanning your items. Then pay like you normally do & you’ll get a receipt like usual. Hope this helps 😊

    • Momof_4

      Hi! I have been wondering if this would work, will be going to the store in a few days. Did you already try this method, and does the cashier give you any issues for doing this? Thxs.

    • rosalynpillers

      How do you submit your receipt

    • Laura Wood

      Too much work for so few cents. I’ll change to Target then. This way is the worst possible change coming from Walmart.

    • Laura Wood

      Too much work for so few cents.

    • Denise

      Worked like stated above for me. I removed credit card from app and paid with card at register and got paper receipt like usual.

  35. Jerry L. Feador

    What if we simply don’t use a credit card or don’t trust putting one online? I guess we’re SOL huh? I use to use my savings catcher dollars to buy nice little “want” things that I normally wouldn’t spend money on, like a little present to myself [like maybe for traveling the extra 5 miles to Walmart instead of just hopping over to the grocery store.] I guess that’s out now 🙁

  36. Terry

    What if you don’t have an IPhone? Am i supposed to pay $$$ per month for IPhone and service just so I can save $ at Walmart. I worked in IT for over 30+ years and the customer was always our first concern. Why not keep the older system feature and convert the data so the newer system can use it. Hope you will bring the old feature back.

  37. Herbert Markle

    This change is ridiculous. Basically its blackmail. Use our Walmart pay and have the privilege of using our savings catcher (which doesn’t really find all of the lower priced products in your area by the way). But it was a nice incentive to not travel all over the place. Shop, scan receipt, submit and save if you were lucky. Now its shop and pay and screw you. At least in Central NY your lucky if there is a cash register open. They are forcing everyone to cash themselves out. Tired of the lack of customer service and now this. Taking business elsewhere.

  38. rosalynpillers

    My biggest headache is having to show my phone to the person at the door that needs to see your receipt for purchases not in the bag and then it my store you have to show the receipt and then show the date to verify that you actually bought it on that date that is embarrassing and a waste of time

  39. D. dan

    I liked the old Savings Catcher I use Samsung PAY I don’t want to use Walmart Pay. I’ll go back to shopping Kroger for Groceries limited shopping at Walmart or I’ll go to Target.

  40. Laura Wood

    Guess I’ll change to Target then. This way is the worst possible change coming from Walmart.

  41. Brenda

    They need to go back to letting us enter out receipts, I refuse to use Walmart pay and I’m not using the self checkout either , just have to start shopping somewhere els.

  42. L Palmer

    I won’t be shopping at Walmart anymore. Paying with cash, using free pickup service or delivery, or having someone else make your purchase all exclude your purchases from Savings Catcher credit. Not to mention the app froze and I couldn’t even use it. Couldn’t use the credits I earned and couldn’t earn any more because the app wouldn’t work. Why on earth did they make this change? Walmart lost me as a customer. I’ll shop at the more expensive store closer to me since I won’t be saving any money anyway. At least I’ll save on gas.

  43. Shekita Senior

    Very upset about the new savings catcher policy. It’s inconvenient and just plain stupid. I’m a loyal walmart shopper. My family refer to it as my second home. Now not so much

  44. amy

    Thanks a lot Wal-Mart! I don’t have a smartphone so you just made it hard for folks like me to get and use any savings! Please go back to where we can submit receipts on-line at home on our PCs!!! Whose not so great idea was this?

  45. Michelle Robertson

    I will totally stop my Walmart shopping online and possible in the store….. we pay cash when we shop in store used savings catcherfor online …. so wrong of Walmart to do this just shows that don’t really care about customer !!!

  46. Sandra Strand

    Well guess because I’m a cash customer I can no longer use Savings Catcher. Isn’t that a slap in the face. Guess you didn’t like my $300 to $500 purchases. I’ve always defended Walmart when people said bad things about you. Now you stuck it to me! Thanks a lot! Headed to Target.

  47. Justin Brady

    Cool, guess I’ll just spend out my balance and go back to Target. I refuse to be forced to use your shitty payment system.

  48. LisaD

    There is now no way to add your receipt number when you do grocery pickup. Walmart, what were you thinking??? Extremely disappointed in this change that did not include online pickup grocery shoppers. Dumb.

  49. Rebecca Malmberg

    Well, I’m obviously in the minority here, but I love the new app. I scan the QR code and by the time I’ve put all my bags in my cart, my transaction has completely processed. One click to submit my receipt and I’m headed to the door. Now if I was accustomed to using cash instead of a card, I can see where that would be a problem. Also, I didn’t realize it couldn’t be used for grocery pickup, so that’s a bummer. But I don’t do that very often anyway.

    I did get a notification of the change about a month before it happened.

  50. jacimerridytaylor

    If you want to pay with cash or check you can’t upload your receipt. Headed to Target. This way is the worst possible change coming from Walmart.

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