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Free $2 Target Gift Card for My Coke Rewards Members (Just Enter 4 Codes)

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Through December 27th or while supplies last, log in to your My Coke Rewards account and score a FREE $2 Target Gift Card when you enter four Coca-Cola beverage codes! Even better, you’ll be entered into a sweepstakes to be one of five winners that will score a $1,000 Target gift card!

To take advantage of this offer, head here, sign into your account, and scroll down to find the “Enjoy More Perks with a Coke and Target” redemption field. Note that there is a limit of one reward per person; expires 12/27/18.

Keep in mind that this offer is only available to the first 25,000 participants.

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Comments 91

  1. Julie

    What ever happened with the $10 amazon one? I never received mine.

    • Kristy

      Me either. Someone mentioned it might be sent out after the listed end date of the promotion which I think was 12/31… so fingers crossed we’ll see it in the New Year! I have a feeling it was a dud though…

    • Pinckney4

      I never received the $10 Amazon nor the $2 Dunkin card. Neither did a friend. And, of course, we all wasted the 5 codes on the $2 CVS card because they never reached the required number.

      • Libby

        I got the CVS one, in fact they sent two of them so it was 4 bucks total! Check your junk email!

        • Rosa

          I also just received the CVS one and they also gave me 2 codes for a total of $4!

        • Jenni

          Yea….they sent me (2) at $2 each as well… jolly of them!

      • MombieZombie

        I think the Amazon code will come after the promotion ends on 12/31

        I also did the CVS offer and received TWO $2 e-giftcards last week so you may want to check your email folders. It wasn’t a mistake either, the email said we are giving you two, they came in separate emails and they also gave a $1 code for the coke store.

      • Tomoko

        I didn’t receive the $2 CVS either.

        • Karen M. Johnson

          You may want to check your deleted. I got mine yesterday and so did my daughter. They came in an email that said something about a Coke Experience. Then it is 2 CVS gift cards and a $1 Coke code.

      • Mrs.W

        I actually just received my $2 cvs giftcard yesterday! They actually sent me 2- $2 giftcards for some reason! Maybe yours is still coming!? I think since they never reached the limit they dont send them out until the end of the promotion!?

        • Tia in FL

          I was wondering if everyone got 2 because they DIDN’T reach the limit? Maybe they had already ordered them and just sent them out as like a bonus. They surely have never doubled up on the Amazon or Target cards like that.

          • Karen M. Johnson

            Could have… I got my 2 CVS gcs yesterday, as did my daughter.

      • Diana

        I got the $2 Dunkin one about 1-2 days ago.

      • Ginny

        Last week I received 2 CVS emails for $2.00 each.

  2. Shannon

    It doesn’t have to be coke codes. My powerade codes worked.

    • Tia in FL

      “Coca-Cola” beverages just means beverages under the Coke brand name that have a code.

  3. Rita

    Never got my $10 card either. On this promotion, once I entered my 4 codes, it told me that the participation limit had been reached. Why didn’t it tell me that when I was entering my 4 codes??

    • ~Ann~

      Are you sure it didn’t tell you that *your* participation limit was reached? Now you just need to wait to get the card once the promotion gets maxed out.

    • rebecca

      because when you were entering your codes, you had NOT yet reached your limit. you only reached it after you finished entering all your 4.
      now you can’t enter again, but you just wait until they hit 25,000 entrants and they’ll send you the GC code.
      at 4:00 pm, they were at 37% of the way to fulfillment.

  4. Mrs BK

    Just entered my 4 codes and it’s at 12%

  5. Katelynne8504

    If anyone has any coke codes that they are not going to use. I would like to have them thank you. You can email me them at

  6. Heather O

    I received both my CVS and Dunkin Donuts GC’s this week. I’m a little disappointed in their choice of rewards this year.

    • Diana

      Me Too!!!

  7. hellfiregainz

    Looking for one code. Email me please if you have a spare one. Merry Christmas

  8. Amy

    If anyone has three codes to spare, please send them my way! Thank you!
    dec29dec29 at gmail dot com

  9. Breanna

    I need one more code if anyone has one to spare 🙂

    Isabella060716 at gmail dot com

  10. Kay

    I just entered my 4 codes and it did not tell me that the participation limit had been reached. It said they when and if 25,000 entries where made, then the bonus ($2 Target card) would be sent via email.

    • Kay

      Update now it is saying that the limit has been reached, yet it shows 12% at the bottom. Confusing. . .

      • Kay

        Ok – re-read it. It just says I have entered all I can enter.

        Thanks for playing! You’ve reached this offer’s participation limit, but there are so many other ways to get rewarded.

        It is at 14%. Keep entering codes.

  11. Bunny

    Love these posts! Thanks so much for letting me know Collin!

  12. Bobby

    I have a free vs panty, 40% off a sleep item, or $25/125 purchase or various shutterfly freebies (calendars, ornaments, book,$25/25, or 50% off codes to trade for coke codes. Or let me know what you’re looking for.
    Thanks. bobbycoops1

  13. Pinkrazrbrd3

    If anyone has extra codes I’d greatly appreciate it pinkrazrbrd3 at gmail dot com

  14. Tris

    Oohh I love Target!😊 Does anyone have 2 codes to spare? I have 2 just need 2 more! Thanks and Blessings to you!🎄

  15. Brenda

    I sure miss the days of a free 12 pack of coke for 30 points.

    • Karen Johnson

      I miss those too!

    • Tia in FL

      Yes! And combine those with a Publix Buy 2 Get 2….drinks for days!

      • gary

        Yes tia i scored a couple of those deals too !! Lol

  16. Lindsey

    Do all coke products work or just Coca-Cola? New to coke rewards!!

    • Brenda


  17. Brenda

    All coke products.

  18. ebg

    Make sure to check your emails. every month they send 1 free code. I had emails from aug, sept, oct & nov sitting in my box unchecked so I was able to input them for the target card 🙂

  19. Mrs.W

    I have 2 codes..just need 2 more! If anyone has any to spare I’d be SO grateful!😊

  20. Me Myself & I

    At 20%. Keep going!

  21. Eileen

    Seems like everyone is on the website because they are having issues at the moment.

  22. April G.

    Anyone else getting experiencing issues? I’ve been getting this for the past 10 minutes now.

    • Liza (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi April! Looks like they’re having problems – probably a lot of Hip2Savers entering codes! 😉 LOL! I was able to enter mine just a bit ago, so keep trying back! 🙂

  23. Marie

    I got 2 CVS cards just recently, instead of 1, for the last CVS offer. Don’t give up. Keep checking your email! …Can’t enter codes for Target due to their technical difficulties, but I’ll keep trying. At 20% now.

  24. Rey

    Looking for coke codes please
    I have White Castle free combo meal (4 sliders, small fries and small soft drink), Victoria Secret $15 off $45 or $25 of $125, ULTA $15 off $50, Build a Bear $10, Shutterfly ornament, calendar, notepad
    If you have coke caps to share or trade please email me to, thanks

  25. Sondra Pischel

    Of course, I entered 3 codes and now the site is having issues, telling me to try again later. 🙄

  26. Laura

    I keep getting an error message on this offer on their page. I cant enter any codes 😕

    • Liza (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi Laura! You may want to wait and try back shortly. I was just able to enter my codes about an hour ago, so they may just have a lot of traffic at the moment.

  27. Becky

    Appears there is an issue with entering codes at the moment..

  28. Maria G

    Got message, Experiencing an issue, please try back. Hope it comes back soon, so I can enter my 4 codes.

  29. Kayden

    I’ll trade my 20% Dominos Quikly coupon for 4 my coke rewards.

    And if you want to send me a 5th code I’ll use it to get you an extra shutterfly calendar code. I’m not planning on using it.

    kayden.reilly @gmail .com

  30. Appy

    Just short of one code 🙁
    Have White Castle free combo meal (4 sliders, small fries and small soft drink) to trade for 4-5 coke codes.

  31. Pinckney4

    I have entered codes for the CVS, Dunkin’, Amazon, & now Target and have received no emails. Neither has my friend. And we have never received any monthly emails with free codes either. We have consistently had problems with getting Code rewards. No problems getting emails from anyone else!

    • Sarah

      Coke sent (2) $2 CVS gift cards yesterday and some today so keep checking.

    • May

      Call them they will tell you they resend if after 3 times no luck you have to change email address but all owed rewards are in your account.

    • mel

      some .com email address are filtered and won’t allow emails from Coke, or automatically go to your spam side. So you might have to manually allow those emails from this address –

    • Melanie

      I have the same problem. Have to contact them every time to have them sent to me. Getting ready to contact them about all of the stuff I haven’t received. I thought it was just me

  32. amanda

    I am able to enter codes again

    • Liza (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yay! Glad it’s fixed! Thanks for letting everyone know Amanda!

  33. Appy

    Just need one code. I have white castle meal to trade for a few codes too.

  34. mom of 3boys

    The site is working again. I just entered 4 codes

  35. Tracy

    And……not working again

  36. Lynn

    To anyone saying they haven’t received their codes (I don’t mean the $10 one cuz I’ve never heard of that one), be sure to go back to your received emails from Coca-cola and check those emails. I had least 5 codes (two CVS, one $1 share a coke, one $2 DD and one $2 Target) available to me and I didn’t realize the Target and DD ones were there!!! And I am generally very good about checking anything coming in but those emails got by me with a notice. Glad I went back and CHECKED!

    • Lynn

      got by me without* a notice. LOL

  37. Rn

    Does anyone Know what we can use $1 offer for
    It’s not much but I wanna use it

    • rebecca

      if you are talking about the $1 share-a-Coke offer that came with the CVS offer, that is a coupon for $1 off an item ordered through Coke website like a personalized bottle of Coke.
      go to the website to look at the items you can use it with.

  38. Krista

    I just need one more code!! If anyone has an extra to spare I would really appreciate it!

  39. SM

    And their website is not working again

  40. riss

    It’s at 56% now. I like this kind of promo better, unlike the ones you put in a code for an instant prize, but I never win anything! Just wanted my codes.

  41. Melissa N.

    Hello looking for coke caps have these items available to trade:
    Ulta $15 off $50 12/24/18
    $10 off Enfamil Enspire infant formula— Target Coupon
    Petco free (1) 4lb bag of Nutro Ultra dry dog food mailer Exp. 1/31/19 up to $22.99
    Shutterfly 8*11 Calendar Exp. 1/31/19
    Shutterfly 8*8 Photo book
    $25 Off or 50% off your order from Shutterfly
    Magazine Gold Subscription

    Email me at Melissanetro(@), thank you!

  42. Emily

    This took me all over the place – I entered 5 codes but only received credit for 4 – it kept taking me to a different screen …so frustrating

  43. Joy

    I’m not seeing this offer at all when I log in. 🙁

  44. Mel

    Anyone still waiting for the $10 Amazon reward from like a month ago?

    • Tnmomma

      Yep never got mine!

  45. Duncan

    I can not find this offer. Most of the current Coke offers are useless. Time for some Pepsi.

  46. sborchulli

    Can’t find this now either. Guess the limit was reached?

    • Tnmomma

      I think it’s done. Yesterday at 4 it was only 20% then last night at 8 it was 70%.

      • S

        I think it’s done too. I could see on the front page but then after I logged in it was gone.

  47. Sara

    Did anybody get the $2 Target gift card? I haven’t received it yet. It isn’t in my account. There is also no record of my entries. The rules say that you have to claim the gift card within seven days or you forfeit it.

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