Share Your FAVORITE Holiday Buys & Ways You Saved Money

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Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is almost here!

Have you scored any awesome Christmas gift deals this holiday season, either online or in-store? If so, we want to hear ALL about your favorites – how much money you saved, what you scored, etc!

From free PopSockets to 90% off an Eddie Bauer hoodie, here are the bargains Hip2Save reader dealzgurl scored recently…

Ninja foodi

Just this week, I’ve saved in the following ways:

  • Took advantage of the FabFitFun special on winter boxes and only paid $29.99 (now $39.99) – I had been wanting to try this forever!

  • Paid $2.59 for 4 pairs of earrings from Express thanks to a $20 credit that I wouldn’t have gotten if I hadn’t signed up for their emails due to Hip2Save.

  • Paid about $3 for a $30 hooded shirt from Eddie Bauer after all the discounts and $10 gift reward certificate that I got after signing up for emails that I learned about on Hip2Save.

  • And the biggie is the Ninja Foodi that I paid about $80 for after discounts and gift cards–all thanks to HIP2SAVE!

So many more deals… just can’t think of them all!

Collin Excited About Deals

On the flip side, we have also received several emails from readers who are still searching for last-minute deals on certain items and looking for tips and tricks on how to save the most. SO…

Let’s help each other out – that’s what Hip2Save is all about!

If you’ve snagged a great deal or bargain for Christmas, please share it in the comments below. On the flip side, if you’re still looking for a last-minute gift idea or deal, please mention it below and hopefully, another Hip2Save reader will come to the rescue! Thanks!

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Comments 63

  1. sara

    No helpful ideas, but I’m desperate for a 9 year old girl. She has every LOL thing already and hatchimals. Do they like popteenies or is that too baby?

    • Jennifer

      My 6 year old loves LOL dolls and hatchimals too. We are majorly into Shopkins and she likes the popteenies also. We also love pikmi pops and that sort of stuff. The new big LOLs like MC Hammy are a favorite right now also.

      • sara

        Thank you! All of those girly things seem to be a hit. Merry Christmas. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    • Jen

      Not sure if her ears are pierced but if not – you could take her to get her ears pierced. When I was around 9 years old my Mom took me to a Department store makeup counter for a free makeover and than bought me some of my first makeup. We had lunch too and it just made the whole day special and memorable. So I guess what I’m saying is maybe not more “things” but an experience together. 🙂 Hope that helps sara! Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season to you and yours!

      • Sara

        Her ears are pierced. It’s my son’s sister (dad’s side) and so unfortunately I can’t make my own plans like that although I wish I could. I’m glad you have those fond memories with your mom. I have some of the same with my mom. Merry Christmas!

    • rae

      Hi, I have a10 yr old girl. The popteenies are popular right now.

      • Sara

        Thank you!! I ordered them.

    • Wehaf

      She might like some Lego Friends sets, or craft kit, or a Hairdorables doll.

      • sara

        Thank you! I bet she would like Lego friends. She always does my son’s legos.

    • Jessica

      I made my almost 9 year old a kit with lots of different slime ingredients – she loves slime and making slime. I am hoping it keeps her busy over the winter break 😉

      • sara

        She does love slime!! great idea.

    • Jacy

      My girls (6 and 7 yrs) love these same type of things you mentioned, and they both really want hairdorables. So that’s an idea 🙂

      • sara

        I’ll have to look hairdorables up. I haven’t heard of those yet. lol thank you.

    • Bonn

      Craft kits, slime kits, anything from Claire’s or Justice!

      • sara

        true! I didn’t want to brave our malls for Claire’s or Justice. I heard they were a mad house. Slime kits from Michaels is a great idea.

    • Heather

      My 9 year old LOVES bath products- bath bombs, shower gels, sugar scrubs, etc.

      • Sara

        That’s awesome! I saw a make your own bath bomb kit at target. Thank you.

        • Crystal

          Heads up, I bought this last year and it’s terrible! Didn’t work well at all and my daughter was disappointed.

          • Sara

            Thanks for saving me from that

    • kayti

      My 9 year old wants bath bombs, lotions, bath tub crayons to draw in the shower and bath, her own bath bombs set, fuzzy socks, and board games. She literally has EVERYTHING!

  2. Leane

    I purchase large wooden treasure chests (for my grandchildren) with 50% off coupons from acmoore. I Stained them painted there names on them and I’m giving them as craft boxes, which they will be very excited about and I made them.

  3. Jen

    I got a Nespresso Inissia with Aeroccino for about $80 with Free Shipping. I found it through Google Shopping and received a discount for using Google Checkout. Received the completely Free $5 Starbucks ecard thanks to your Verizon post earlier today. Lastly, I got 37% off two normally not on sale designer perfumes on Hmm…can’t think of what else I scored deals on. 🙂

  4. MMM

    We got several of the 11×14 photo canvases from Walgreens when they had them for $10. They turned out great and look like expensive, thoughtful gifts. Walgreens has had several great photos deals lately – free 8x10s, 25 4×6 prints for $0.25, photo books for $1.75.

    • ksh81mmk

      Love this! Hope to do this next year!

  5. Dana

    My nine-year-old son is a Star Wars Junkie. I don’t know if any of you have an Ollie’s store by you I was able to go into Allie and get just under $400 worth of Star Wars toys for $90 and change. Happy hunting and Merry Christmas to all thank you Hip2Save for all of your fabulous deals you post your work is appreciated greatly by all.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Aww, you are so welcome, Dana! Thanks for the kind comment! We sure appreciate YOU! ❤

  6. Katrina

    I just used the $10 accessory code from verizon up to get a free pop socket for my kids’ phone. 😀

  7. Heidy

    I have plenty to say about all my shopping 🛍. I never been so free and careless about buying things , not until I discovered HIP2SAVE. Financially i was not so good, but I started to look around and buying great deals from the post I bought everyone a gift (big family)and I also made extra gift for my teacher and student, the inspiration came when I browse Hip2Save dyi projects. It’s been a great year having fun with all the sales and the comment on every post. Thank you so much I deeply appreciate all you do. 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You are most welcome, Heidy! Super glad you have been enjoying the deals with us here each day! Thanks a ton for being a valued reader!

  8. Becky

    Little gifts for my cousins and their spouses- throw blanket and Christmas ornament for about $4 at kohl’s on Veterans Day. $5 bottles of wine on a Hip2Save deal.. Walmart Black Friday board games for $5 to name a few!

  9. Micala

    I’m so thankful every time you guys posted a deal that had free shipping!! Shipping is so costly and often a major deciding factor when I order something. So thank you!!!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yes! Same here! I LOVE Free shipping! You are SO very welcome!

    • kerRI

      Yes yes yes. Free shipping vs. no free shipping is just about always the deal breaker. I will buy without hesitation if there is a good deal or sale if its free shipping.

  10. Kaitlin Hobart

    I won $25 Macy’s scratch off & got my hubby & my brother each a Under Armor hoodie for $15 total after discounts! Wouldn’t have even known about it if not for hip2save. As well as multiple toy deals for my toddler. This was probably my best year for savings yet! Thank you Hip2Save

    • Ashley

      I got a $25 off and $10 off! Free pajamas for my girls for Christmas morning! Wahoo!

  11. Rebecca

    We only shopped for our kids this year, and were able to get everything on their list and then some, thanks to Hip2save! Honestly my favorite is the board games, I think I’ve picked up around 9 this holiday season(and we already had a lot lol). I love things we can do as a family. Also the Venom Blu-ray for $12, my kids are going to be so happy about that one! We rarely buy movies.

  12. Melissa L.

    Love hearing all the creative ways to save on gifts. What I really need is reminders for gift ideas throughout the year so I’m not trying to buy everything at once. I need a plan to avoid the stress, but still need to save. Thanks for the great ideas and post!

    • Suzanne H

      I have an Excel spreadsheet that I rollover from year to year. I list everyone that I need to buy a gift for. If I have any ideas I type those in. If I’ve already bought something, I type that in. I make sure to use different fonts or bold one so that I know what is an idea vs. something I’ve actually purchased. I keep a copy in my purse so I can check it if I see something I think someone will like. Then I check Hip2Save for items all year long, buy discounted gift cards when Kroger has digital coupons on them, etc. I keep everything in my gift closet (I’ve added shelves and bins to a closet in my house). It really does help not to have to pay for everything in November/December! People tell me I am a really good gift giver and I think it’s because I shop all year and get things I genuinely think they will like instead of just any old thing because I’m desperate for a gift at the last minute.

      • Cami

        What a great idea!!

      • kerRI

        You are my Christmas shopping inspiration. What a helpful idea all around !! Merry Christmas !!

      • Michelle

        Suzanne I’ve done the same thing. I also take pictures of the item and put on the spreadsheet just in case I forget what I may be trying to describe lol. And I put in a price paid and retail price column because my biggest issue I fight with myself about is “well, I only paid $5 for it so I can get them more” when the item might have retailed for $40 and should be sufficient. I am usually done by October so I skip out on the Black Friday chaos and start the day after Christmas when everything starts going 50% off and continue on from there for the next 10 months! I have 6 birthdays in December so it helps me to be able to celebrate and make those mostly forgotten birthdays extra special.

      • emily97

        Thanks for the tips! Love it!

      • Melissa L.

        Suzanne H., I am a little late in responding. I’ve been running around trying to figure out all these gifts. But I wanted to say thank you for your comment. I love any ideas. You sound so organized! I usually start a list, but then get busy throughout the year, and forget to update it or look for gift ideas. Having it all organized is a great help though I’m sure! I’m not going to give up! Thanks for your ideas!

  13. hellfiregainz

    Shop a year in advance and hit up all the 75-90% off sales. This is the only way I can afford advent/gingerbread house making/ and presents for 7 kids.

  14. Carrie

    Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Amazon deals of the day, Target Cartwheel deals, Hip2save posts, Kohl’s and Kohl’s cash, and Ebates for cash back ——-all of those things combined not only saved me money, but gave me ideas. Thanks Hip2Save!!

  15. AshleyBeth

    The biggest way that I have saved money this Christmas, and all year long, has been by following Hip2Save. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without all of your posts and ideas. I check the site multiple times a day, every day and probably always will. You guys ROCK!!! Merry Christmas everyone!

  16. Suzanne H

    I have taken advantage of A LOT of great deals this season thanks to Hip2Save but my favorite is the deal I got on a new garage door opener. I bought gift cards @ Kroger – they had a digital coupon for $10/$100 @ Home Depot and I got 4x fuel points for buying gift cards. I used the gift cards on Black Friday (online) to buy the new opener on sale from $168 to $128. I paid $127 for installation w/Home Depot. They sent out a really nice guy that had everything up and running in about an hour. Best of all, it snowed just a week after I FINALLY was able to park in the garage (after 5 years!). I work for an international company so I don’t get snow days. Not having to scrape my car, walk through slush and FREEZE has been bliss! Not one of my all time greatest deals but one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself!!!

  17. Casey Meyers

    Some ways I save are…
    1. Making a budget and sticking to it.
    2. Thinking outside the box for presents.
    3. Giving to a few family members not everyone ( the cost can really add up)
    4. Gift cards (we all have that picky person and or someone we don’t know what to give)
    5. If I don’t know the person they don’t get a gift.

  18. J

    For the person who has everything. I decided this year I’d get all the practical things, gift card deals are always a one size fits all, movie deals for the movie lovers or for anyone who wants/needs the gift of time with loved ones but may not be able to afford it other (restaurant gift card deals as well). With the help of Hip2Save basically doing all the deal work for me, I’m done with my Christmas shopping. Thank you ever so infinitely for all of the work the Hip2save team does day in & day out to save us money. There are people who wouldn’t be able to have any gifts this season if it weren’t for this site. This site blesses so many people throughout the year! Any occasion & Hip2Save is there to save the day! Please know all of you are very much appreciated!

  19. Amanda

    I’ve used so many survey sites and apps throughout the year that I was able to save almost 1200 on amazon giftcards and used that to cover almost all my gifts for my 3 kids, mom, husband and coworkers. It’s nice not having to use my own money and have to struggle.

    • JenB

      WOW, what survey sites and apps do you use?

      • simeon

        There are a number of survey sites to try. 2 that have been more than generous are & u can get gc or paypal cash thru them its legit too. Ive been doing it for about 2 yrs
        Also a good shopping app is fetch rewards. U can download the app and gc come along pretty quickly. Esp if u food shop alot (sigh….). Right now if u use this link u get 3000 point which immediately equals a $3 target or amazon gc. Ill get the same also so its a win/win. Q6KRC

        • emily97

          Thank you! I have never heard of

  20. Tm

    A friend gave me the idea of spreading Christmas out a bit. All the gifts, all of a sudden are pretty lost on my kids (they couldn’t name one single gift from last year!!!). So I made my own advent box and each day we do something fun or meaningful. Helping others or doing something I wouldn’t normally splurge on. They won’t be getting as much under the tree, but I don’t think they’ll mind! Not a huge savings tip, but just a better spending idea.

  21. Lisa McWow

    I scored a lot of Christmas deals for the family. Bath and body works candle free with any purchase so I paid $3 for a hand soap. Victoria Secret lotions and mists for $6 each picked up several sets and used a $20 off $50. Pink scored a ton of deals there and did separate transactions using $20 off $50. Used Kohl’s cash and scored face masks 5 pack, bath bombs, and a pac man coffee mug heat activated for Free just picked up in store. Crest 3d white strips for $14-15 for my mother-in-law. Scored a pair of slippers,knife,coffee mug all for free or using Ibotta and survey money. And thanks to you ladies scores the google home mini for my husband for $0.99. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!🎄🎁☃️❄️

  22. Mollie

    I have 4 boys that we just found out they need clothes desperately. Can someone please tell me where I can go to get them some clothes?

    • Tm

      Children’s place, Kohl’s, and crazy 8’s are some of my favs. Walmart even has some good options!

      • Mollie

        Thank you

  23. kayti

    I feel like I’ve scored so many great deals this year! I take my husband to JCPenney Everytime they have the $10 off deal and we get something for someone! We also scored a lot of Macy freebies, bath &body deals, gift card promos, and Kohl’s deals!

  24. Sharon

    Looking for a good deal on an external harddrive. Also a nice thick robe(size xl,mens)and house slippers(mens size 14).All for my son. Nothing that wows but it adds up quickly and when the better deals were out,I didn’t have the funds.Thanks.

  25. Linda Guzman

    I’m so excited of my savings thanks to Hip2Save. I snagged the Reebok offer. Was able to purchase $80 shoes with free shipping for $21! Your tips said to sign up for the Nike membership for free shipping. You were right on! Given my current financial situation, I’m so grateful for all your tips. Because of this great app, I’m able to purchase the great gifts at an affordable price.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Aww, SO happy to help you save on the items you need most! Thanks a bunch for the sweet feedback, Linda! It is truly appreciated!

  26. emily97

    Thank you! I have never heard of

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