Up to 90% Off Christmas Clearance at Target

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Head in to your local Target where you may possibly find up to 90% off Christmas items. And if you’re a Target REDcard holder, you’ll get an additional 5% off your purchase!

Note that clearance prices and availability will vary by store; if these items are not marked as clearance at your store, be sure to scan them at the price scanner.

*HIP TIP – Before making a special trip to Target, click/tap on the DPCI numbers listed below and enter your zip code to check the stock and price at your local store. Note that Brickseek is NOT always accurate with stock and pricing.

Here are a few things we spotted…

Scout Elf Express Delivers Letters to Santa
Only $1.99 (regularly $19.99)
DPCI: 059-03-6742

Wondershop Handcrafted Glass Ornament Set
Only $1 (regularly $10)

Women’s Disney Mickey Mouse 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Graphic T-Shirt
Only $1.69 (regularly $16.99)
DPCI: 006-02-3255

Men’s Game of Thrones Silent Night King Pullover Sweater
Only $2.99 (regularly $29.99)
DPCI: 043-00-0147

Namasleigh Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater
Only $2.69 (regularly $26.99)
DPCI: 006-02-3107

Women’s The Grinch Never Naughty Ugly Sweater
Only $2.79 (regularly $27.99)
DPCI: 006-02-2689

Just One You Toddler Boys’ Fleece Stripe Santa Reindeer Pajama Set
Only $1.69 (regularly $16.99)
DPCI: 327-01-1505

Just One You Baby Girls’ Santa’s List 4pc Pajama Set
Only $1.59 (regularly $15.99)
DPCI: 327-01-1186

Dearfoams Slide Slippers
Only $1.49 (regularly $14.99)
DPCI: 098-05-0918 or 098-05-0914

Threshold Stemless Wine Glasses
Only $0.49 (regularly $4.99)
DPCI: 200-09-2273

Threshold Wine Goblet
Only $0.69 (regularly $6.99)
DPCI: 200-09-2275

(Thanks, Jackie, Roy and Archana!)

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  1. Sylvia

    Just got really great stuff in my PA store thanks for posting Hip2Save

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Woohoo! That’s great to hear, Sylvia! I’m in PA too! I need to head back in my store soon!

    • Alrada

      That’s great Sylvia! I’m from PA also. What store were you at? Wondering about inventory at the Muncy Target. Thanks’

  2. Ginger

    I can’t believe some of the pictures you post! Some targets still have a crazy amount of stuff left! So jealous… ours were bare shelves.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh bummer! Sorry to hear that! It does seem that the inventory can vary by location.

    • Urvi

      Same! And what was left was only 70%

  3. Judy Trac

    Everything is wiped out at all my stores

  4. Melissa

    That Mickey shirt is really cute, but totally see through. I skipped at 50% off, for that price I’d go for it.

  5. Amy

    I went yesterday and my store was still mostly 50 with some 70. Anyone in SE MIchigan go target-ing today?

    • Margaret

      NW ohio is at 70% today.

    • Erin

      I went to a SE Michigan location on Saturday and it was 70% and almost bare shelves.

  6. Brianna

    Employees at my target were loading shopping carts with the Christmas stuff and taking it to the back and through the swing doors. A lady asked for an item from the cart and the employee told her they weren’t allowed to sell it anymore. Our store was only 30% off! I watched this go on until it was all gone….except the food items. I was really hoping for gift boxes and tree lights, but they packed it up and carted it off. I wonder what they do with all of the Christmas merchandise they pulled?

    • Emily

      There’s a lot of new bargain stores that buy that stuff they can’t sell or returns or open box items and sell it. So when it’s salvaged it goes to these stores that are popping up. Sometimes I think it has hurt the clearance deals that we can find when stores have figured out they can sell it in bulk to those stores rather than keep it on the shelves at a big discount. The discount stores tend to mark the price at or above what you find it in the store for and then keep marking it down till it’s gone.

    • Nicole

      They donate it to Goodwill as a write-off.

      • Mrs. G

        Some target stores sell to Dirt Cheap, which is one of my favorite bargain spots!

    • CC

      I think a lot of targets trash the stuff – you can find dumpster diver videos on YouTube where stores trash so much stuff (including target)- and the target dives I’ve seen are usually a bunch of clearance items that are still perfectly good trashed…. I’ve been told by employees they “donate it” but I suspect they trash it as when I hear employees talk about it amongst themselves they use the code “salvage” aka trash it (I think around here they just claim to donate as my community is very green and if they told anyone they trash it there would be a huge uproar)… I’ve volunteered with a group they would claim to donate to, but never to my knowledge was there actually a donation of these goods to the org.. maybe an employee can comment?

      • Tiffany

        The only thing I saw go into the trash compactor was the display trees. Everything else was tagged Salvage for dirt cheap (or other stores? I shop at dirt cheap and only place I have seen the tags.) Trash (usually hazardous or dangerous to sell like open packages of food) is tagged as ‘trash’ and donate is tagged as ‘donate’.

    • Jenna

      I live in an area with a TON of targets nearby so I’ve been able to see how each handles it. Most of them did the 30% off a day before Christmas, 50% after – through to 90% off today. But one or two just pulled everything a day or two after Christmas and refused to sell things at a deep discount. I suspect the target powers that be frown on selling at too deep a discount because I found a clearance item in the store this past summer and had to go to CS for a price b/c it wouldn’t ring up at a register and they refused to sell it to me at the 70% off price the manager pulled up.

    • MrsFelix1004

      Sometimes they donate it to charities. I know around Halloween our Walmart donates the costumes to our local children’s hospital so they can dress up. It is really sweet in my opinion.

  7. Steph

    Such great stuff in Hoover AL! Check all the sections and end caps – lots of goodies not in the main Christmas section! 🙂

    • Peaches

      Thanks! Heading there now!

  8. CJ

    Heading there right after work at 2:30 – Keeping my fingers crossed that there’s some good stuff left.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hoping you spot some great deals, CJ!

  9. Laura

    I got some great deals today when our stores finally went 90% off! Pajamas and socks were not marked and in their original spots. $0.50 holiday socks, $1.69 Christmas Story and Elf mens pajama pants, $0.99 mens Christmas shirts, Frosty and Rudolph girls pajamas 90% off. Can’t beat it! I also found Hearth & Hand napkins, candles, and pillows at $1.99 and under again not marked.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Awesome finds, Laura! Thanks for sharing what you spotted in your store!

  10. Rebecca

    Ours wasn’t posted, but many things were 90%off. A lot in the Magnolia/Hearth section too!

  11. Dorothy

    We just got home. We found the Wondershop Mommy and Me pajamas in the adult pj department for $2.90. You have to check to make sure all the pieces are there, though. Lots of them had no pants. Then there were also pajamas for $2.40.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Awesome score, Dorothy! We’ll have to keep a lookout for those too!

  12. Brittany

    Hoping there is some stuff left when I am able to go!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I hope so too! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  13. Molly

    Mine was 90% this morning and I was able to get 8 packs of the 12 day socks for 90%! So many great deals left!

  14. Yvonne

    I was at Target Saturday… shelves were
    completely bare 😩 and we have 3 in my area. All empty.

    • Donna

      Same here 🙁

  15. Crystal

    I scored, Starbucks thermos, mrs Meyers hand soap, socks, EOS three
    Pack sets, diy bath bomb stocking stuffers, Burt’s bees, and more for 90 off

    • Sarah

      My store are still 50% on beauty items.

  16. Jessa

    Ours is still at 30-50% 🙄🙄🙄 they’re so slow at marking stuff down it’s ridiculous

    • 50

      But at least that gives you time to get some things for a pretty good discount…once it hits 90%, all the good stuff will be gone fast. Then people will complain about that, too.

  17. Georgia Adams

    Im patiently waiting for the trees to get lower than 30% off. They don’t save the boxes so it may be tricky to get home.

    • bessie

      I went to my Target this afternoon…They had 4 display trees (none in boxes) and were 90% off!! I needed a new tree so I got one 390 one for 39 doll minus my 5% target card!!! I am so excited!! It s an awesome tree! They took it apart for me, loaded it on a cart (no box), took it to the front and even loaded it in the car for me!!

  18. hrosana

    I was to ontario california for vacation went to target on friday and the store was really trashed out, felt bad. But back to Az and going there after my pedicure today. Thanks for posting. #HappyNewYear2019

  19. Jessica

    I got the hearth and hand dollhouse for $14.99!!! 🙌🏻😍 (Originally $149.99!!!) Total savings on my deals today… $1200!!!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      WOW! What a deal, Jessica! Congrats on your awesome score!

    • Jenna

      I got it at $41 that was a steal!! $14.99 is amazing!! Congrats! 🎉🎉

  20. L

    My store was wiped out the day after Christmas around 1pm all was almost gone

  21. Ami

    Got the mugs, wreath, bud vases and tray from Magnolia collection. It was an amzing haul I think.

  22. Ming

    Got lots of dollar spot items for 10/30/50 cents. Save $360. But my target still keep all beauty items 50% 🙁 that’s what I really wanted actually. Lol..

  23. Megan

    They are totally picked over in Greer SC!

    • maingram

      Also picked over in the Spartanburg store. A good bit of candy left . I was looking for lights for next year. Lucky found 2 of the projector lights for $4. Found a lot of cat toys that were under .50.I only looked in the christmas section as the store was closing early today.

  24. Sylvia

    Does anyone know what the discount at Walmart is today for the holiday items ?

    • Brittany

      Mine in Austin Texas was at 75%

    • alyssa

      Ours was 75% today at Walmart and Target was still 70%

  25. Kris

    I got some great deals at the target in Dublin Ohio. Thanks so much for posting this!!

  26. Dawn

    Check the endcaps too because my Target had stuff marked down that wasn’t Christmas and didn’t have clearance tags on them. They had a bunch of Magnolia/Hearth stuff too. I got a “thankful” sign for $2.99 and a $40 seagrass basket for $11.

    • Mel

      I got that thankful sign for 99 cents at mine!!

  27. chester5

    I didn’t realize it was 90%/70% off until I got to Target. The one in Green Bay had lots of lights left as well as gift bags and some wrapping paper. And LOTS of candy/food items. I felt like I hit the jackpot. Coffee mugs for 50 cents, salt/pepper shakers for $1, LED outdoor lights for $1. Hershey’s kisses $1.07. I was very happy! 🙂

  28. Me

    90/70 here in Northern CA as well. It was not initially marked but rang up 90%. 100 count light sets for 29 cents! A lot of the stuff from around the store was not in the clearance section. Remember to check the clothes sections, etc. Shirts from 50 cents – $2 and girls velvet dresses for $1.69. Crazy good deals if you are patient and like treasure hunting. Unfortunately the makeup gift sets were still at 50% though. LOTS of it left still.

  29. Cathy

    A friend and I walked in Target around 11:00 this morning to grab the Annie’s Mac and cheese deal. Took a small hand basket. Thought we’d check out the Christmas clearance. Still had about 7 aisles full! Saw the 90% sign. Ran and grabbed a cart and we filled it!! $.25 wrapping paper, boxes, etc. made my day! 😊

  30. Great prices

    Thank you for posting this. We went by Target this afternoon and scored over $300 worth of merchandise for $31. We got LED lights, projector lights, lots of candles, wrapping paper, and lots of other goodies. Exciting to have all new stuff for next Christmas. Thanks for all you do.

    • Cassandra (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Wowza! Nice score, Great prices!

  31. Wednesday

    Wow thanks for the heads up! Scored an Elf on the Shelf Letters to Santa kit at 90% off! It was only $1.99, regularly $20.00! We also got bags of Starbucks coffee for only $2.00 each!!

  32. Susie

    Cassandra/Collin…Had to work today but went right after. Scored boxed, gift bags and Christmas cards for next year and a few snacks to take to News Years Eve parties tonight. Had to dig a little but found just what I went there for. Thanks so Much.

    • Cassandra (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Awesome, Susie! So glad you were able to score those deals!

  33. Amber

    Great haul at Target today! I got 12 boxes of LED lights, four mini Christmas trees, a tree skirt and some ornaments for $22

  34. hipsaver2

    I went yesterday and today. Yesterday, it was 70% and today it was 90%. I knew what to look for, because of this lady that posts on Instagram that showed regular looking items at 70% off. Some items I wanted from Hearth and Hand were there yesterday, but gone today. It was strange how a Denver, CO store had mugs from the Bullseye Playground with ‘Ohio’ on it! One store had a TON of wreaths! Neither had the t-shirts and pjs like I found last year. It does suck not having a car while getting blankets and pillows! LOL But, I did it!

  35. Bg

    I just scored the Franklin 4 in 1 table priced online at $149.99 for $45.00. I got a beautiful blue threshold decorative tray for 90% off too.

    • Indhu

      Wow great score, can you pls share the dpci for the furniture

  36. hipsaver2

    Wow! That is awesome! Both Targets I went to in Denver had ZERO wrapping paper. Good thing I didn’t need any.

  37. Elaine

    The actual Christmas section was wiped out, but I still bought two full carts of stuff!! Decorative lanterns, trays, vases, candle holders, pilar candles, wall decor, and so much more. All in the home decor section. My favorite find was a large wicker trunk for $3! I asked an employee to bring out all the seasonal glade plugins and sprays and Glad food storage that he could find in the back. He brought out a huge flatbed cart full. It was more than I needed so I split it with three other ladies who were clearance shopping. I had planned to go to another store in search of Ziploc bags, but I was too tired! Lol

  38. April

    Still 70 percent in southwest fl. I still grabbed stuff.

  39. Sarah

    Was there at 11am this morning there’s still lights left but not the one I’m looking. Still got some good deals though.

  40. Jen

    Found some really great Magnolia stuff to refill my gift bin stash, one item was a 4 pack of ceramic Magnolia ornaments for $1.79 that I can use for an ornament white elephant next year.

  41. Debby

    I ♥️♥️ 90% off!!!!! I was at Target in San Luis Obispo at 7:45 am and it was a jackpot of Hearth & Home!! There were so many things… I got the galvanized shelves, vases, bins, apothecary sets, bath salts, cups, plates, napkins,garland, pillows all at 90% off..then the Opal house… bottle brush trees, trays, garland… wrapping, tissue, glade, tissues, parchment paper, mrs meyers, fur pillows and blankets…. it is my favorite time of the year!!!!!! Saved $1,200.00 today!!!!!!
    Happy Hunting… be kind and share… I helped at least 8 people today just sharing where everything was.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Wishing all of you a happy, healthy and a awesome savings for 2019!! Love hip2save!! ♥️
    Wohoooooo to Collin and her great staff!!

  42. Kristy

    I just made out like a bandit in there. Maybe not a high variety of Christmas things, but some good stuff for the low, low, lowwww.

  43. Passitfwd

    I didn’t shop today but really enjoyed reading the comments!! Happy New Year!

  44. joni

    Omg first time in ages I hit it right had aisles of stuff all 90% and my store made a mistake and put several 90% signs by all the candy and the store said they would honor it. Really cute p j sets with top bottoms./shorts and socks for 2.49 there were home decor stuff scanning 90% off amazing stuff socks, tissues for 15 cents nice holly wreath 2.49 tall metal candle holders 2.49 I got 6 bags of stuff for just under 20.00 dollars

  45. NOW

    I went today. I grabbed a bunch of clothes then was searching frantically for a cart. “A employee saw me and said you’re going to buy those things”. He went and got me a cart and showed me where the rest of the Christmas things were. He was happy I was “taking the things off their hands”. I was so happy lol like I hit the jackpot. I got 2 of the sweaters pictured above, a bunch of ugly christmas sweaters hahaha, matching plaid flannel pjs for my daughter and I. Packs of socks for .50. And my favorite find that sexy santa onesie with the chest out hahaa grabbed 2 for my sons lol

  46. Tammy

    I was able to find the hearth & hand by magnolia farmhouse playhouse for only $14.99! Orig $150!!

  47. Debbie

    I found the baby pj green with white stripes Santa in front left for 99 cents from Northern California and baby bibs 39 cents

  48. Me

    Make sure you check the food sections as well. Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie mix (the one with the bonus 20% more) was ringing up 31 cents! (The regular sizes were regular priced) I loved the Magnolia stuff, but didn’t have anywhere to put it, so I had to leave it…..but geez….the stuff is a steal at 90%! Happy shopping! It’s really fun to treasure hunt.

  49. Aly

    I ended up going to FOUR Targets within a 15 mile span checking out all what they had for 90% off. I was on the hunt for a woven basket by Project 62 that was going for 2.49 and had to ask an employee at the fourth store since the Target app showed it in stock and he brought out two unopened boxes from the back. I also scored a box of $15 ornaments (was shocked there were plenty still on the shelves after the first two I went were wiped clean!) for 1.50, so all in all I filled that basket with just $10 of merchandise! Got non-Christmas wrapping paper and tissue paper for 10 to 30 cents! The 50% signs were still up so people not in the know weren’t aware and weren’t grabbing stuff, or they paid too much for all the stuff the day after Christmas.

  50. bessie

    I went to my Target this afternoon…They had 4 display trees (none in boxes) and were 90% off!! I needed a new tree so I got one 390 one for 39 doll minus my 5% target card!!! I am so excited!! It s an awesome tree! They took it apart for me, loaded it on a cart (no box), took it to the front and even loaded it in the car for me!!

    • bessie

      They still had a lot of Christmas things also but customers were loading cart-fulls of everything as I was looking. I think they just went to 90% today…I doubt they will be anything left by tomorrow…I will go back the next few days to scout for non-christmas stuff. did not have enough time…(sooo much stuff from the dollar area for 10-30 cents!!!

  51. Twilight Sparkle

    My Target (far, far western burb of Chicago) went 90% off today. I got there at noon expecting them to be wiped out, but they still had a lot. Got two Smith & Hawken Boxwood Stag wreaths for $4.50. Two Threshold red wreaths for 2.50. Some Magnolia Hearth & Hand stuff like candles and a tree topper all for $1-something. They had a TON of the boxed ornament sets and figurines (wooden ornament decor things) but I wasn’t feeling it. No dollhouses. A lot of napkins and table runners, lights, TONS of wrapping paper. A lot of Star Wars Hallmark ornaments for 80 cents. The bath and body was still ringing up at 50% off so I skipped those items. My fave item was an Opalhouse shower curtain for $1.40. I needed a new one anyway!

    • CW

      Which Target did you go to? I wasn’t able to make it today, but I’m hoping I’ll have some luck tomorrow. Thanks!

  52. karen

    My target had a 9ft pre lit pencil tree for 15.00 today..

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Wow! Great find, Karen! Thanks for sharing! There were no trees left at my Target the other day! 🙁

  53. Danielle

    I found 2 pairs of boys pajamas for .99 each…Snowball Champ and some glow in the dark ones with an astronaut on them. Also, gift boxes for .25 and tissue paper for .30. Stamps and stamp pads for .10.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Sweet deals! Thanks for sharing your score with us!

  54. Ewa

    Check the Method soaps and dishwash soaps my target had them unmarked but were on sale for $0.34 each 🙂

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Awesome! We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for those in our stores too!

    • Amy

      Do you have dpci ?

      • cooper

        which varieties were they??

  55. Caroline

    When I got to mine someone was stocking shelves with items that never got put out! I got blue buffalo dog treats for .39 and glade candles for .30.

  56. Meagan Cox

    Do you know when the honest company Christmas diapers at target are going on sell?

    • Meagan Cox


  57. Michelle

    Workers were cleaning our area out when I got to outs today but did walk around the store and found the following for 90% off — 1 box of 12 days of Christmas Star Wars socks $1.50, Quilted dog jacket $0.99, Holiday dog costume shirts (Rudolph) $0.99, bags of bows $0.50 each and tons of wrapping paper $0.50 each, misc generic ornaments $0.30-$0.50, holiday slim ball $0.49, holiday wristlet pouches in purse section, not marked (Have Sleigh & Secret Santa written on them) $1.00 each, Round barrels type holiday purses, not marked (candy cane design and reindeer design) $2.00 each, Round barrel type purse, not marked in girls department (reindeer design almost same style as found in ladies purse section) $0.99, Opal House gingerbread candle $0.79, 2 pack metal stocking holders $1.00, many pairs of socks $0.10-$0.50 each, Make your own Rudolph stocking kit $.99, Kids soft w/ear flaps reindeer/plaid holiday hat $1.49, Santa hat w/ beard attached $1.29 and a 2 pack of DeadPool mens boxer briefs $1.49..

    • Michelle

      Also Kleenex Ultra Soft tissues single boxes $0.15 each

  58. Christy

    We found tablecloths, tablerunners, napkin ring holders, etc. still in boxes that were ringing up 90% off – $1.79 each! As I was walking around the store, I found family pajamas for $1.79 and boys and girls Christmas clothing for $0.79! Also got lights for $0.29. Best part was making friends with all the workers and shoppers at the scanners!

  59. Amber

    Got a Hearth and Hand Doll House for $15 today! So blessed!

  60. Judy Trac

    Nothing at any of my target …erverthung wipes out

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