The Retail Apocalypse: These 15 Retailers Have Filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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Clearance clothing at Sears

Could this be the end of retail?

Unfortunately, more retailers are filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy these days and closing their doors shortly after, or they’re having difficulties making things work. While a Chapter 11 filing indicates signs of financial struggle, it does not always suggest that a company is doomed, with little hope of coming back. Instead, it requires that the struggling business reorganize its debt under the protection of the bankruptcy court.

However, it’s always a good idea to know which of your favorite retailers have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection so you can be aware of sales and store closures happening near you.

Retailers that have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy over the past year:

beauty brands discovery box

1. Beauty Brands

In January 2019, Beauty Brands, a salon and spa superstore headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, according to these court documents.

However, bids are being considered to keep stores open. As of January 18th, 2019, Absolute Beauty, controlled by founder and former CEO of Beauty Brands Robert Bernstein, submitted a bid for the retailer for $4.65 million that would keep 23 Beauty Brands stores open and keep 875 jobs.

2. Bon-Ton

In February 2018, Bon-Ton, a department store chain, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and closed its doors in August 2018 due to ongoing struggles with declining sales.

However, in late 2018, a tech company, CSC Generation Holdings, signed a deal giving it the rights to Bon-Ton and its subsidiary department store chains, Boston Store, Bergner’s, Carson’s, Elder Beerman, Herberger’s, and Younkers. CSC plans to focus more on an e-commerce experience, with the possibility of re-opening a few stores in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

gift guide for men — brookstone weighted blanket

3. Brookstone

In August 2018, Brookstone, the retailer that sells a variety of gadgets and unique gifts, filed for its second Chapter 11 bankruptcy, due to declining foot traffic and mall sales. After the filing, Brookstone closed their 101 mall-based stores; however, they continue to operate 35 airport stores and maintain its e-commerce and wholesale business while the company seeks a buyer.

4. Charlotte Russe

UPDATE – As of March 7th, Charlotte Russe is going out of business and closing all stores, including their online website. All stores will be hosting “going out of business” sales, starting March 7th (all sales are final).

In February 2019, Charlotte Russe, the fashion store for young women, announced that they have voluntarily filed for relief under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. As part of the filing, Charlotte Russe will close approximately 94 of its 512 mall-based store locations, but the Charlotte Russe website and other stores will remain open at this time. Find out if your store is closing here.

Claire's storefront

5. Claire’s

In March 2018, Claire’s, the teen accessories retailer, announced a filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and pursued a financial restructuring in order to eliminate a massive amount of debt. As part of the restructuring process, Claire’s closed 92 mall stores and pursued restructuring efforts.

In October 2018, Claire’s emerged from the Chapter 11 financial restructuring that enabled them to eliminate $1.9 billion of debt and gain access to $575 million in new capital.

6. David’s Bridal

In November 2018, David’s Bridal, the nation’s leading bridal and special occasion dress retailer, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with a plan to cut debt by more than $400 million and a deal with lenders that will keep stores open during a reorganization.

In January 2019, David’s Bridal announced that they had successfully completed its financial restructuring and emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The retailer plans to offer lower prices, expanded dress sizes, free wedding registry, expanded sizes online, and store events.

Gymboree tag on a pair of leggings

7. Gymboree

In January 2019, Gymboree filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with plans to close all Gymboree, Gymboree Outlet, and Crazy 8 stores and online websites. They are hoping to preserve Janie and Jack by pursuing a sale of the business. Read more about Gymboree’s restructuring.

8. Mattress Firm

In October 2018, Mattress Firm, America’s largest mattress specialty retailer, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company closed over 700 of its 3,300+ stores as part of their restructuring plan and received commitments for about $250M to help support ongoing operations during the process. The company also obtained another $525M in lines of credit to finance its exit from bankruptcy.

9. Nine West

In April 2018, shoe retailer Nine West Holdings Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, with court documents showing the company owed more than $1 billion to as many as 50,000 creditors. In June 2018, the company sold off its namesake brand, along with its handbag brand, Bandolino, for $340 million.

Although the company announced it would operate as usual through the bankruptcy, it recently asked investment bank Lazard Ltd. to help explore a sale for its remaining assets, which include its jewelry and jeans businesses, as well as its women’s clothing lines, Kasper and Anne Klein.

payless shoesource storefront

10. Payless ShoeSource

In April 2017, Payless ShoeSource first filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which resulted in an agreement with lenders to close hundreds of stores and reduce debt. In January 2019, Payless filed for Chapter 11 again with intentions to use the proceedings to facilitate a wind-down of its approximately 2,500 store locations in North America and its e-commerce operations.

Payless will honor customer gift cards and store credit until March 11th, 2019, and allow returns and exchanges of applicable non-final sale purchases made prior to February 17th, 2019, until March 1st, 2019. Read more about Payless ShoeSource’s restructuring.

11. Rockport

In May 2018, Rockport filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to declining traffic to physical stores. At the time of the filing, the brand hoped to keep the business alive by selling to a private equity firm.

In August 2018, the company sold most of its assets, including the Dunham, Aravon, and Rockport brands; the wholesale and e-commerce operations in North America for those brands; and all international operations for $150 million to an affiliate of Charlesbank Capital Partners, according to court documents and information from the company.

Sears Sales

12. Sears Holdings

In October 2018, Sears filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, following years of financial struggles. Despite reducing assets and selling real estate over the years, the company was unable to pay off its debt. Sears Holdings, the parent company of Sears and Kmart, said it plans to keep profitable stores running.

Once the latest round of Sears store closings is complete in March 2019, the total number of Kmart and Sears stores open in the U.S. will be approximately 600.

13. Shopko

In January 2019, Shopko filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as a result of excessive debt and ongoing competitive pressures. At the time of this announcement, Shopko made plans to close stores and relocate several Optical centers to freestanding locations.

Moreover, in a recent statement, Shopko announced they’re planning to close over 130 more stores, with most stores to close by May 2019. You can find a complete list of over 250 store closures in this Shopko document, as well as more information about Shopko’s restructuring process.

14. Southeastern Grocers (Winn-Dixie, Harveys, & BI-LO)

In March 2018, Southeastern Grocers, the parent company of the grocery chains Winn-Dixie, Harveys, and BI-LO, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As part of the bankruptcy proceedings, the company closed 94 of its grocery stores, with approximately 582 locations remaining open. The restructuring plan aimed to decrease overall debt levels by approximately $600 million.

Later in 2018, Southeastern Grocers successfully completed its financial restructuring and emerged from Chapter 11. With a solid financial foundation, SEG plans to further advance its business through store remodels and new stores. The Company will also invest in additional customer programs, including the introduction of the new SE Grocers rewards loyalty program that launched in July 2018.

Things Remembered Key chain

15. Things Remembered

In February 2019, Things Remembered, the leading omnichannel retailer of personalized gifts and merchandise, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company executed an agreement to sell most of its business to Enesco, LLC, a global leader in the giftware, home décor, and accessories industries.

Enesco intends to operate Things Remembered online, through direct mail, and B2B retail businesses, as well as a portfolio of current stores under the Things Remembered brand.

Do you think these brands will survive and thrive… or go out of business?

Interestingly, some investors believe popular retailers like JCPenney, Barnes & Noble, Party City, and even Macy’s may not survive 2019. 😩

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Comments 83

  1. Another Michelle

    I’m not going to miss any of these stores.

  2. Ashley Z

    Is another financial crisis coming?

    • Another Michelle

      No, people are buying on Amazon, Etsy, Target, and Walmart. That’s it.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, another financial crisis is far due. History repeats itself and people quickly forget. This is all too familiar. Only people who do not read or know anything about history or economics will tell you that there will be no financial crisis.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, another financial crisis is far due. History repeats itself and people quickly forget. This is all too familiar. Only people who do not read or know anything about history or economics will tell you that there will be no financial crisis coming soon.

      • Esteban

        Didn’t we already have it in at the en of 2018. When the market fell 33%, but the economy was doing good so it went up in the beginning of 2019.

  3. Denise

    I just don’t think these companies can compete with the amazon giant

    • Anonymous

      Walmart/ is bigger competition than Amazon right now.

      • Casey Meyerd

        They know Amazon is a big competitor and thats why they have added so many third party retailers.

  4. Marlene

    Don’t shop at any of these stores, but I feel for the people who will be out of a job.

    • coulter

      Yes its sad. Esp people who have been working there a long time. Literally working their way up the ladder only to have to start over, many times for less pay.

  5. Tia in FL

    Winn Dixie couldn’t compete with Publix. Their stores were dirty, pricing was high and customer service wasn’t as important like it continues to be with Publix. I stopped shopping there many, many years ago. Unfortunately, not many of these stores will be missed.

    • Sara

      There is no Publix in Louisiana. Winn Dixie stores in Baton Rouge are clean and have adequate customer service. Winn Dixie’s prices are higher than Albertsons. Winn Dixie has good sales on Angel Soft toilet paper and Sparkle paper towels. They occasionally have a good sale on Blue Plate mayo. My mom buys marked down meat, and I buy the $6 seafood pouches sometimes.

      Stores here would be missed. It amazes me how many people will buy all of their groceries there.

      • riss

        I rarely shop, if ever, at Albertsons because of the high price. That and Vons and Ralph’s are so expensive. We have Winco in California and it’s so much cheaper there. Even cheaper than Walmart.

        • Sara

          I agree that Albertsons has high prices, but Albertsons regular prices are almost always less than Winn Dixie regular prices. I only buy sale items at Albertsons. They have really good sales here. I also get personalized prices in their app. Items with those prices still count toward their buy 4 or more sale that they have almost every week.

          I went to Vons and Ralphs when I was in Pasadena in August 2018. The prices at both stores were similar to what Albertsons charges here.
          I used sales, app coupons, and app prices. The just for U app works at Albertsons and Vons. I just had to change the store. The points I earned at Vons went toward a reward credit I used at Albertsons. Even after paying CRV, I paid less in California than I would have in Louisiana because California doesn’t charge sales tax on unprepared food. Louisiana charges 3%. I brought reusable bags because I refuse to pay for a paper bag.

    • Ashley

      Agree completely. I have the choice between publix and Winn Dixie in Florida and 100% of the time I choose Publix! They are clean, fresh, and generally nice employees. I’ve went into Winn Dixie before and have bought meat that wasn’t fresh, had found that items I wanted were out of stock and so on. Winn Dixie caused their own demise.

    • gary

      Yup !! I have brought to the managers attention too many times that things were expired. And not just the oreos and hamburger helper ive found, but medicines too. My winn dixie store in kissimmee fl was so old and dated so it was always empty. That was basically the only reason i went there. I could shop in peace but at the same time they ALWAYS only had 1 register open. A couple new publix opened in my area so they were super nice but even the older publix stores were nice. Always clean always fresh food and the staff for the most part are insanely nice and helpful. I agree that winn dixie were their own worst enemy..

  6. Naomi

    I just need Costco, amazon, Nordstrom and Target. Those must survive. Everything else is meh!

    • dbld-amber

      So agree. Costco and target for groceries and home. Amazon for basically everything else and Nordstrom for my wardrobe.

      • dbld-amber

        Oh and VS for the sexy unmentionables for hubby

    • Mommyof71987

      I agree with my large family Costco, Amazon and Target must survive. I could even do with out my local grocery store SaveMart. Those are the only stores I frequent.

      • Mella

        Save mart is literally the highest priced grocery store in our area.

    • Mella

      I agree with everything you said except Target. They’re just priced too high and aren’t coupon friendly.

      • Sara

        Particularly with dairy coupons. They exclude Louisiana from using a dairy coupon, but that same coupon will work just fine at Albertsons.

    • jaclynn esparza

      yes Target,Amazon,Kohl’s all ship to hawaii. they have no kohl’s. oh macy’s also. it takes 2 hrs for family to drive to the big stores. and it takes the click of the mouse online. and it is so much easier. 45 minutes from here to nearest mall. and only other one I will miss is Beauty Brands. I love there boxes that they have for 9.99 the sample size. use them for gifts and when I travel. I also try them. name brands

  7. Michele

    I do not like Amazon!! I do not want to be stuck with them as my only option🤦🏽‍♀️

    • animity

      I thousand percent agree with you! It is so convoluted with so much crap now it is hard to find anything you are looking for even when you use search parameters. Half the stuff is the same stuff from China just a different company is selling it…

      • Pamela

        I agree amazon can be so overpriced, while i go on eBay and i find it half as cheap and filters out everything unnecessary.

    • LC

      I also agree. I stopped shopping on Amazon a long time ago. I dont want retail to be dead. I’m not a fan of buying clothes and things like that online. I like to see and feel what I am purchasing. I also dont like the fact that Amazon makes so much money a year and doesn’t pay taxes….no thanks!

      • jeanne

        Yeah what is up with Amazon not paying their fair share?

      • Evan

        That’s my thought too. Ugh but that’s the way they get away with it.

    • Angie

      Am I the only one who receives used merchandise from Amazon when I paid for new?

      • Ginger Juntti

        Has happened to me several times. Their customer service always corrects it, but why is it happening? I don’t understand why some returns end up in the Amazon Warehouse, some get sold in big liquidation boxes to retailers, and some just gets resent to another customer!

    • Casey Meyers

      I find Amazon to be much higher most of the time then Ebay.

  8. Sara

    I need these stores:

    •Walmart (food, white grape juice, prescriptions, t-shirts, yoga pants, underwear, socks)
    •Albertsons (food, milk, bottled water, toilet paper, paper towels)
    •Trader Joe’s (frozen food)
    •Winn Dixie (green apple soda, toilet paper, paper towels)
    •Costco (food, prescriptions, contacts, small appliances)
    •Sam’s Club (discounted gift cards)
    •Goodwill and Purple Cow (jeans)
    •Dollar Tree (frozen food, fake flowers)
    •Walgreens (laundry detergent, hair ties)
    •CVS (shaving cream)
    •Ace Hardware (AC filters, kitchen light bulbs, individual screws)
    •Home Depot (moving boxes)
    •Zappos (sneakers)
    •Amazon (random stuff)

  9. Kristin

    I watched the Adam Ruins Everything snippet on Amazon and try not to shop there now. It’s a little scary.

  10. Kristin

    I watched the Adam Ruins Everything snippet on Amazon and try not to shop there now.

  11. Lo

    I’m happy my sears survives! A few of the other stores seem niche/ specialty and were bound to be beat by online prices, inventory, and artists.

  12. Luv2save2

    My must-have stores that I shop weekly at are Dollar General, Walgreens, Publix and Walmart.

  13. ashley

    All i need is aldi,walmart and dollar tree for clothes just h&m and online stores really..

  14. Beth P

    It’s not so much whether you shop these particular stores or not but the face that so many retail stores are closing in general. When you’re now left with only a handful vs. Amazon etc., It becomes a monopoly. That’s why Comcast can charge their high prices, if it an area where it’s only them, ppl don’t have an option. Prices for the remaining stores left will then charge any crazy high price they want, because, what other option will you have?

    • Another Michelle

      Etsy, which I feel is the better option as the “workers” are paid their wage directly from the consumer.

  15. Steph

    No and I would not be surprised if more fold by the end of the year. Went to JCP and Sears to return internet orders from both stores and they were dead. No one in line and no one shopping. Scary!

    • jeanne

      I hope my jcpenney doesn’t close! I love it there!

    • ArmyBrat09165

      Always a line at JCP in Arkansas.

  16. Happy Aunt

    I completely agree with Beth. We are losing options. I’m personally very sad to see Shopko go. Their everyday essentials such as HBA, toiletries, and grocery items are always overpriced and they count on inflated original prices to offer “sale” prices…but I love buying home goods from there. Holiday décor, bedding, cookware, etc. I always get tennis shoes from there. 75% or more of my bedding over the years has come from there. They are usually at the top of my list for Black Friday sales. All of the stores within a 2 hour drive are closing and it’s really making me sad. I’m not sure where any stores will be after the closures. They are a nice “in between” for Wal-Mart and Target.

  17. Cheestopher

    I don’t shop at any of these stores any more though I did love Crazy8 and Gymboree when my kids were young. It’s sad to see these stores go, especially Sears which is an American institution.

  18. Mom244now

    Between Walmart, Costco and Amazon my family is covered. Lidl or Aldi for groceries.

    • Anonymous

      Same! Walmart + Aldi’s + Costco are our staples. Then Amazon for everything else. We stopped shopping at Target last month after Walmart just blew them away with competition (better quality products, wider selections, much better prices, no upcharging on pickup orders, I could go on)! Bye Target!

  19. Amber

    Just an fyi for those who shopped some these stores. **when these stores file bankruptcy…it negates any warranty on their products. So if you bought a brookstone massage chair … even before they filed and the product breaks…you are SOL. Because now they are protected by the bankruptcy… ….and ther new owner isn’t going to take responsibility.

  20. Sue

    I haven’t shopped at Payless Shoes in years, because I always found their shoes to be overpriced and of poor quality. However, I stopped in there this morning since I find myself in need of a specific style of shoe – and was sorely disappointed. I can see why they’re going out of business. The shoes were all cheap brands that were of poor quality or brands I’d never heard of – and I’m not a high-end shoe shopper. I buy good quality, utilitarian shoes and wear them every day until they wear out – so it’s not like I was expecting super high-end shoes when I walked in – I ended up buying a pair of shoes at my local big box store (not Walmart) instead.

  21. Dealzgurl

    The only real loss for me out of this list was sears. Several are not in my area so I couldn’t shop at the brick and mortar locations. I agree about amazon. Their prices can be ridiculous. I think we’re all going to regret letting them gain a monopoly due to the convenience of 2 day shipping. I really don’t want jcpenney or Macy’s to close. Or really any other stores but I’m concerned that it might happen.

    • *Angela-Miles*

      Yeah I loved Sears 😕

  22. Kmhl

    My biggest worry is what are they going to do with all these huge empty buildings. I hope they demolish them and plant some trees and make it how it use to be before the big buildings were there 😊

    • gary

      I can assure u any empty building in florida will not be vacant for long. They will knock them down right away to build another unnecessary (IMO) housing/apartment building.🙄🙄

      • jacqueline ferrara

        Overpriced and over budgeted apartments. The cost of living here is horrible as it is.

    • Suz in OH

      I agree that empty retail space is a blight on the landscape, but until money can be made by putting in trees, that simply will not happen. Also the loss of tax revenues from brick and mortar stores will be sorely missed in most communities (payroll, real estate)

  23. coulter

    Hahahaha !! Thats hysterical cuz i said the same thing.. 🤣

  24. Jessica

    Colin, you forget to add TOYS R US to the list. That was pretty large when they went out of business in September 2018.

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Yes they actually filed for bankruptcy in September 2017 so that’s why it wasn’t added to the list. But you are right!

  25. yonawrites

    I used to shop at Things Remembered all the time for unique gifts…haven’t been there in a while. I really hope Barnes & Noble and JCPenney pulls through…love those stores.

    • Emilytwinmom

      Barnes and Noble is putting its own stores under. Even my kids know to find the books in the store, then buy them on barnes and nobles website for half the price!!

  26. Mollie

    I know that a lot of stores are closing but I feel like if we would actually shop maybe we would help them stay open. I shop online a lot but I am bi-polar.

    • coulter

      Agreed. We all complain they are going under but its because of us !! What do we expect if we arent shopping at the brick and mortars ??

  27. Sue

    I think this is horrible. We are losing our malls and strip malls. They look like ghost or zombie malls. Think of all those jobs lost forever. Soon we’ll have drones delivering our online packages. That will put out or crimp UPS, fedex, etc. Our towns/cities will look barren. No more quaint and not so quaint stores. We are putting ourselves and our neighbors out of jobs. Yes, there are amazon warehouses that ship the stuff, but that is becoming more and more robotic. Even fast food stores are being robo-fitted. There might be 3 people in the entire restaurant. I fear our communities will not look the same. Not to mention the real estate taxes lost or lowered due to malls losing their real estate value. Those monies helps to fund our schools (I live in Pa, we have real estate taxes) This really could have a dramatic effect on our lives. Will Mr Bezos make up the difference??? I don’t think so. Sometimes, I think are future is tenuous. Sort of like we been had.

    • Mindy

      As someone who makes a living and supports our family selling products on Amazon, I humbly disagree with you. There are many ways to make money on Amazon, not just working in one of their fulfillment centers (which are not nearly as “robotic” as many people seem to think…though they do utilize robots to do a few jobs…it’s definitely not the majority).

  28. Debbie in PA

    I have similar thoughts to Sue (above). I worry about the loss of jobs, loss of real estate taxes. In my area, we have big vacant Toy’s R Us, Bon-Ton, Sport’s Authority, two grocery stores, and numerous small businesses. Sear’s probably closing. And this is not by any stretch of the imagination a depressed area! I was at JC Penney the other day and was shocked by the definitely less stocked floors. Ditto Macy’s. I worked at Macy’s many, many years ago and loved it. It was quite frankly depressing to be in there now. I like to actually try clothes on before I buy them, because what looks good on the rack does not necessarily look good on me! I was excited when i saw that Bon-Ton might be making a comeback until I looked online to hopefully get a pair of my favorite pants. No longer carry the brand or any other brand I bought there-it was my go to store. Many of the employees of that store were long time employees. We have two Payless stores that are closing, and while I myself do not buy shoes there, both of my kids, who work in retail and restaurants, buy their non-skid shoes there that they are required to wear at their jobs. I have always tried to buy locally when I can, and yes, will shop on line when I can’t find what I want.

  29. Colorado Amy

    I would like to see an increase in resale stores, like Plato’s Closet, Once Upon a Child and Clothes Mentor. These stores always seem too small to hold the amount of merchandise they have to sell; maybe more stores would help that problem. These stores are always busy too. You get name brands in nice condition at a great price. I think it is good that they are very selective in what they will buy. Today I found Gap jeans with the tags still on them for $8.

  30. Julie

    I work in finance and there is a MUCH bigger picture here that was completely missed as to why some of these businesses went broke. In the case of Sears the owner purposefully and knowingly drove the company into the ground for personal profit. He sold off all of Sears profitable assets (and made lots and lots and lots of money for himself and others) and then for the now profit starved shell of what was left, he filed bankruptcy. The courts allowed him to dissolve the Sears’ pension plan while he gave MILLIONS in bonuses to executives (who helped him drive the company into the ground), while refusing to to meet the obligation of severance packages to employees. Now the courts are letting him buy back what it is left of Sears at a hugely discounted fire sale price through the bankruptcy court, which he can then sell off for a profit. This was all a scam for profit, and this guy is not alone in doing this. And this has nothing to do with online competition or anything else. It is pure greed and the courts are allowing it, and we will be seeing more and more of it.

  31. Josie

    I am concerned that were going to find that we’ve painted ourselves into a corner in the not too distant future. I realize that many people adore Amazon, but Amazon really isn’t our friend if you look into how the company is operated. Many of the workers are treated extremely poorly. please look into this company and read some of the worker’s stories. There is no union and many of the very workers have very few breaks, and are pitted against one another in order to create an environment that is far from comfortable in any respect.

  32. *Angela-Miles*

    Hanging on to hope that Barnes and Noble won’t close. I’m in that store all the time, an avid reader and I prefer reading printed books. They have neat gifts also. Anyway I shop Macy’s and Sears too, always deals for me to be had at those stores!! Will be sad if they all go 😢

  33. Dana

    I honestly do not shop at any of those stores. My main are Target and Kroger. Occasionally Albertsons and Walmart
    Now, tjmax, Marshall’s and Dillard’s are my go tos for regular shopping. Dillard’s ,more so now than ever, because I work there part time.

  34. Dana

    But I absolutely do hate to see all these mall stores closing. It makes malls that used to be fun to shop at , depressing 🙁

    • Anonymous

      It’s been well over a year since I’ve been to an indoor mall and don’t miss it one bit. Our indoor mall is so depressing with entirely too much empty retail space and new low end stores popping up. Even a handful of crappy stores drag down the entire feel of the indoor mall feeling. Can’t say I’ll ever miss the old fashioned indoor mall experience. Time for the future.

  35. AMH

    Half the retail space in the mall where I live is empty.

  36. CC

    It’s all about over saturation of markets- stores used to be more cautious, but more recently just keep expanding too fast and putting up stores where their competitors are.. and then the best performing ones stay- for example here in one of our malls, the big anchors were sears, younkers, jcp, and dillards. When comparing them all, in terms of clothing, dillards and jcp were more on trend and had better quality, also their sales were easy to understand and employees understood them as well. Younkers their quality of selection wasn’t as good and their coupons were not only confusing but also excluded 99% of everything in the store- making it frustrating to shop if you planned on using coupons and employees with lack of knowledge of included items. I’m not sure about coupons at sears…. but the buyers for younkers and sears didn’t do well here (in addition to lack of quality, on trend styles, they often didn’t buy sizes that made sense for the area- all stores here tend to order wayyyy too many small sizes like size 6-7 shoes, lots of XS women’s clothing- while most ppl here are within the medium-large size and shoe size 8-10)… I think here ppl many used sears for the car shop, tools, and appliances. … now jcp and dillards are the remaining of the originals and other stores have filled in where sears and younkers were

  37. Patricia Goff

    I am unhappy about Sears and Kmart. They are both iconic stores that have a lot of history in the US. Especially Sears. I remember buying from them when we were stationed overseas all the time. It will be a sad day for sure. I was sad when Woolworths closed but at least they are back in business now. I shop there a few times a year with my mother and grand daughter.

  38. Scraphappyrhodes

    Does anyone else think corrupt ceos are the reason some of these are closing?

    • Beth P

      Read Julie’s post , few posts above yours. CEO of Sears, this is exactly what he did. Took an iconic store and ruined it for his greed.

    • Pat

      Oh yes. The pay for the higher ups never decreases it only increases.

  39. Lindsey

    How many options do we really need? I, for one, am tired of all the marketing, advertising and excess that are the norm these days… Consumerism isn’t helping my wallet or the planet. I’m working towards living and purchasing with more intentional thought to the consequence of my choices 🙂

  40. Casey Meyers

    These stores aren’t keeping up with the times so outdated, over priced and poor quality.

  41. terileem

    Yes, another finanacial crisis. Mosre american workers now out of work. Think of the thousands, possibly millions of people now looking for jobs again in the already slim pickings of jobs. But yet we think we can let more and more immigrnats into our country that has very few jobs. Its getting rediculous. We all need to open our eyes and read . I’m personally sad to see stores close because of the loss of jobs.

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