FREE Sprint Unlimited Data, Talk & Text For One Year w/ Eligible Phone (New Customers Only)

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Tired of paying that high cell phone bill every month?

Through April 4th, head on over to where new Sprint customers can score FREE Unlimited Data, Talk AND Text for one year when you bring your own eligible phone. And, YES you can keep your current phone number! Plus, there is no annual contract and no activation fee. WOW!😲

This promotion is valid for new Sprint customers only that are currently Verizon or AT&T customers and have an eligible device. Note that you will need to purchase a Sprint SIM Card for $2.99 either in-store or online; since shipping is $10, you may want to grab one at your local Sprint store to avoid the shipping fee.

Fandango Android App

A family of 4 can save more than $1,900 in the first year! 💰

Please note, this offer requires you to use Autopay; the savings are valid through 4/30/2020 and then you’ll pay $60 per month for the first line, $40 for the second line and $20 for each additional line (up to five total lines). To confirm phone eligibility, head here.

Will you be making the switch?
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Comments 69

  1. SP

    Does this work for a Google Fi number?

  2. Mary

    Can someone please share their honest opinion about sprint? I’m kind of hesitant doing this deal?
    Has anyone done this current deal? I know it’s been available for some time now.

    • Ziggystardust

      In my honest opinion after being stuck with them for the years required of my contract lol, they have terrible service (in my hometown area and I also travelled all over the U.S for work and the service was spotty at best) and the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Maybe you would have better luck 🙂

      • CASEY YOST

        I am a huge fan of ZiggyStardust 🙂

    • Reyna

      I signed up for this last year. Now my bill is going up $20 per line cause the deal is over.
      The service sucks & for awhile it seemed like my bill kept going up. I can’t wait to pay off my phones & get out!

      • Izzy

        Same here!

    • Shannon

      We switched to sprint from Verizon over the summer. We hate it. The service is really bad in my area (SoCal). I never had to worry about dropped calls or no signal with Verizon. I can’t wait till the new phones are paid off so we can switch back to Verizon.

    • Ns55

      Been with sprint t forever and in the last few years their customer service has gone south. I seriously can’t wait till it over. Come on June 1. Yes, I’m counting. I’ve been with them 10 plus years and can’t wait. Tried to change plans 2 years ago promised this and that and after call upon call, email, corporate etc. I was never given the correct plan and discounts. Just not sure who to switch to

      • KR

        I looked around for a bit, and switched to Mint mobile based on a colleague’s recommendation. They don’t have family plans, but if you pay yearly, it is $15 a month for unlimited talk and text, plus 3GB of high-speed data, after which the data slows down. If you pay monthly, it’s a bit more, but paying by year, 6 months or 3 months saves you money. My referral is, you and I would both get $15.
        Mint runs on TMobile towers, the signal is great, and the customer service has been great, too, so far (since December).

    • Laura

      Don’t do it!

    • Lana

      Terrible customer service, like on hold for ever and no one ever answers and we had to go outside for any reception.

    • Tracy

      We just left Sprint. Customer service seems to be untrained and unhelpful. Our service was awful in many areas. We switched to Verizon, while pricey it has great service and my signal is always strong. Don’t do it.. you’ll be sad!

  3. kris

    This is certainly interesting! I wonder if one can purchase a phone just for this program? We had been discussing a phone for our oldest for his bday.

    • Tam

      Try Craigslist. Or a local resale page on FB.

    • Vannie

      Try offer up app

  4. Caroline

    signal can be strong and weak depending on the location. one thing is weird is my iphone Xr and Samsung do not work on Sprint. Both of them are unlocked. They couldn’t figure it out why.

    • Ziggystardust

      That interesting because we recently left Sprint (because of terrible service) with a paid off and unlocked iPhone and Samsung and they will not work with Verizon or Att and no one can figure out why?!

      • caroline

        that’s really interesting. My kid has the iphone XR has to carry two phones everyday and everywhere he goes. One phone is for phone service, the other one is for showing off purpose.

      • Sam

        I had an unlocked phone, they relocked it and I had to have service for 1 yr (straight) and ask for it to be unlocked again before (before I canceled)

  5. Coco

    In January I switched to Sprint from MetroPCS. The deal that I got was five lines for $100. (Plus buy iPhone XR on lease and get one on them for 18 months and after that I’d have to pay the remaining. So I got total of 4 iPhone XR and iPhone 7plus for $7 a month) The service is great in my area and they explain everything if I have questions via customer service phone number or via chat pretty quickly. I’m liking it. This deal sounds super good but the second year you’ll have to pay $160 if you have 5 lines like me. But the first year is free and no contract and no activation fee which I paid $35 or $45 per line(?). I would recommend this deal to my friend who has AT&T!!

  6. Julie

    I am confused. If there is no contract, what is stopping someone from doing this for a year then switching service?

    • lori

      After 4 months you can upgrade your phone. I’m thinking that if you enter with your own phone, they are getting people to stay by upgrading later.

    • tahaji

      Nothing. That is what many people are probably planning to do. Sprint is hoping you will stay and start paying a bill to them.

    • Samantha

      Your phone will be locked to sprint. Even with no contract, there are hoops to unlock it again. 1 year of continuous service (or more for this deal if in fine print), your 1 year starts over again if you change your number or any number of random things.

  7. Kassie0711

    I have been with Sprint for over 20yrs. I have 4 lines all Iphones i pay $420 a month for unlimited everything. That’s the best deal they said I could get. The service is fine, I’ve never really had a problem with it. However, to hear about deals like this makes me so angry. I can’t wait to be done with them next month.

    • kellig

      I feel the same way Kassie0711….been with Sprint 19 years and have this “grandfathered” plan that doesn’t exist. For the longest time it was the best plan ever (all the customer service folks raved about it everytime I talked to someone). We have five lines, unlimited everything and lease four phones for $420/month. Every deal you see now is almost half the cost of this….but only for “new lines of service.” Nothing for existing customers 🙁 I’m not a complainer but am honestly just disappointed

    • Mary

      $420 for 4 lines?! Wow! No way! Hope you find a better provider with a better deal!

    • Sammie

      What? I have unlimited everything and pay $100. $400+?!? I’d have them unlock the phones, switch to T-Mobile for unlimited everything and pay $140 including netflix and international texting. If your over 55 it’s even cheaper.

      • Meg

        I agree . Been with T-mobile for the past 15+ years and we change our plan several times over many years and never paid more than $170 for 3 phones and 1 data. The service is great and the customer service is awesome. My phone works great international too. I take several trips abroad and my service is always good.

      • Samantha

        Should have said $100 for 3 lines at $33 a line on Boost mobile a sprint network. But it is more now unless switching from another network, not sure if sprint counts officially as another network. And while I have had boost for 9 years, the internet and calling could be better and I would switch to tmobile if I could.

    • Angie

      Yikes! We have an old plan too and I pay $195 a month for 4 lines. 40g of data so we’ve never had to worry about going over that.

      • Angie

        The $195 includes about $50 in phone payments too.

    • Michelle

      What the heck?! We have 4 lines with insurance on each phone ($7/phone) and pay 160 a month for unlimited everything! There is no way…. Yall need to go. That’s Cricket which runs off ATT towers

    • ashdlop

      I have ATT 5 phones and an ipad and we pay 480 a month for unlimited everything and all covered in insurance. Granted about $80 of that is the phone payments… I have spent hours on the phone threatening to leave, changing plans etc For us there is not a cheaper option. Even Verizon would be the same amount for the same amount of lines etc. It kills me to pay that bill every month. Especially since that doesnt include my Uverse internet that is another $80 a month. We pay ATT $560 a month ughhh

  8. Leslie

    I have had Sprint forever and the service is good in my area (ATL) the one thing I’ll say and I’m not sure if this matters to anyone, is that you cannot use data while you are on the phone. I have been on the phone and needed to look up something really quick on the internet while not using WiFi and you cannot do that. That’s one thing that aggravates me. I have 8 lines in my house between phones and iPads and their rates are way cheaper compared to AT&T and Verizon. Haven’t checked elsewhere though.

  9. Mitch

    I did this a few years ago when we had ATT and was paying 150 a month for 2 u limited phone lines. I paid my phones off and had att unlock them switched to sprint and it was free for 12 months. It was amazing! My bill was 8.00 a month. After that was over we signed with them and got new phones and service. The service since has not been as good around my home. There is a little drop off in service from ATT. But it saved me 1,800 for the year I was without a cell phone bill so I highly recommend it. Also after the 12 months you absolutely can go with someone else and not stay with sprint!

  10. Ni

    I’m with Sprint now and this is my last month. Their customer service has been horrible. My husband needs unlimited text + data, but my daughter and I each use less than 1000 minutes a month. I don’t know how much data I need, but I mostly use it for shopping apps and H2S while out shopping – so not a lot. Since I don’t care if I have to use a different carrier than hubby, can someone suggest better plans for us with other carriers.

  11. Nurse Heather

    I stopped using them 3yrs ago when my contract ended because the service was absolutely terrible. Music apps didnt work in the car bc the service was bad.. do service while my son was in school or when I worked in the hospital. Even free for a year, I’m not switching. Sorry:/

  12. hip2trade

    Is this just for customers from Att & Verizon who switch to Sprint? It seems like a really good deal but years ago Sprint service was bad in my area. Not sure if improved or not.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yes, here are the details on that – “This promotion is valid for new Sprint customers only that are currently Verizon or AT&T customers and have an eligible device. ”

      Hope that helps!

      • hip2trade

        Ok thanks for the information. 😊

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          You’re very welcome!

  13. Debbie

    I have been with Sprint for about 20 years. I feel like they are making some real improvements as of late. I pay 220 for 5 lines unlimited. We get free AAA, well we get free basic and I pay the difference to upgrade to plus, free Hulu and now with the rewards app… free little things here and there. Our service isn’t the greatest but with 3 teens, I can’t beat the value. I have had to haggle over bills in the past and I’m always leary about changing my plan because the customer service is often very stressful and time consuming. It’s not perfect by any means but for the value at this time I am pleased.

    • 4shankogirls

      How did you get free Hulu?

      • Debbie

        Google – sprint free Hulu
        Follow the steps
        (Must have an unlimited plan)

  14. Laurie Villotta

    It is shocking to me that people finance their phones!!!!! I have Cricket and have 4 lines for $100 everything included taxes and all. I paid cash for our phones and have no plans to upgrade. We will use our phones until they die. Amazing customer service.

    • R

      Smart phones are hundreds of dollars, an iPhone close to $1K – it’s not at all shocking to me that people finance their phones, especially if they require multiple mobiles for their families. I’m the type that generally runs things into the ground before I’ll upgrade, but anymore, I may only get 3 years out of my otherwise perfectly good phone before the software becomes obsolete and can’t support the apps I use/need. I hate it.

      • Paula

        I have a MOTO X4 unlocked Smart phone that I bought from a Hip2SAve ad a few months ago. My kids, parents, husband all have MOTO G’s that we bought on Black Friday at Costco a few years ago. All of these phones were under $200 – when we bought them – and I like them better than any of the phones our friends have (I do NOT miss being owned by Apple!!!). Financing a phone is not a good option if it can be avoided. You end up paying a LOT more for financed phones in the end. . . Side note – we switched to Sprint a few years ago to save money and it’s been fine for us. We pay half of what we did to Verizon and have solid coverage (Customer service is not as good but it’s been fine – I don’t need it all that often and it has never been “bad”).

        • Lana

          We have MOTO too and love them. We paid $269 each from Amazon for the current model. It is way better than the Samsung phones we retired.

      • bc

        Buy refurbished on ebay or new older models. I have been using Samsung Galaxy 5 I bought for $150 new for 2 years now. Still going strong, does everything I need it to do and I use it for A LOT.

    • Rasha

      Ikr!!!! We buy our phones on Amazon or Ebay and have been lucky so far. We had Sprint years ago and switched because the service was not good.

  15. Bass

    I’ve been doing this for last year using my name. After the free year, I signed up under my husband’s name. Now in May, I will be signing up again for Sprint in my name. I live in Orange County, CA and the service is bad in some areas. But great coverage in San Diego and LA. My monthly fee started at $2.90 the first year and for the second year $4.30 a month. I figure this is the only way I can afford my new phone, in 2017 Moto G5 plus and in 2018 Samsung 8+. Will probably get another Samsung this year in May. They will continue to have this deal until the TMobile and Sprint deal gets federally approved.

    If you want more info on this deal which started in 2017, check out the forum on They have lots of tricks and gotcha’s on this deal.

    • 4shankogirls

      Slick or dishonest?

  16. Chris D

    Can’t believe all the haters on here. I paid off our phones and switched from Verizon to Sprint in January to do this deal. The service isn’t as good but you can’t beat this deal. At the end of March next year you bet I’ll be looking for the next deal 😉😊

    • dana

      Seriously, how can you beat this deal??? I brought my samsung galaxy s7 from straight talk. I was paying $47, now i pay $4.70. Service is great in my area, Albany NY, never really use customer service, and once the plan is over i will look for another deal.

  17. Jessica

    We live in Denver CO. I have done this deal twice now first year with my husband Info and second year with mine (you can search tips online if you are current customer). The service works well for us. Not perfect but neither was Verizon and it is saving us huge!! I have found the customer service helpful and like the chat function available from free sprint unlimited site (the stores do not know about this deal). Tip—Our phones were paid off and we did not purchase phone from Sprint. If you need a new phone consider buying unlocked iPhone directly from or financing from apple store. Then you won’t be stuck in contract and can leave at any time. You can get free SIM cards from the apple store. It does take awhile for the initial setup and to port your lines. But your patience will pay off and it has been well worth it and has saved our family over thousand each year. It looks like this is the last chance for this program and will be ending for new signups in April. You may also be eligible for $ 100 gift card using my link:

  18. ashley

    Wow! I’m just floored at the price of some monthly bills others have shared. We have an old grandfathered T-mo plan and we only pay $100 plus about $20 in taxes and fees for unlimited everything for 4 lines. I buy unlocked refurbished or new phones on eBay (usually the previous year’s flagship model so still a great device) for about $200 and we run them into the ground.

  19. Donna


  20. Beth

    Umm, just the fact that they have to offer a deal like this to get people to switch should tell you how AWFUL they are. Worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with and very poor service anywhere we went, even when according to their map we should have had great service. Switched to Verizon, pay a lot less money, and never looked back!

  21. CJ

    Gosh, this is tempting. I was Sprint for many years but have now been with AT&T for several as well. Happy with AT&T but the money savings for a year of free service….

  22. Mom of 2

    Hubby has sprint and I spoke to a rep about my line and they said I could get this deal. I paid for the SIM card and shipping and when it arrived it didn’t work! Spoke to another rep who said I didn’t qualify even though they could see the other rep said i sis and I paid for the SIM. To top it off, they didn’t want to refund the SIM card. It took hours to get them to give me that money back but they wouldn’t budge about turning on the card. Messed up my service. Never again!!

  23. Rachel

    I cautiously took advantage of this deal in January… switched from Verizon. My husband and I have 2 paid off iphones that qualified for “bring your own phone.” We have been happy with Verizon for years- after phones were paid off our bill had been $79/month for only 2gigs per month. This month my sprint bill was $9 for tax/surcharges for unlimited everything! So will save over $800 this year. The coverage is definitely not as good- I drive through one area between home and work where my call drops almost every time. And the poor quality of the calls are definitely noticeable. Also with Sprint I can’t be on a call and do anything on the internet with my phone. (ie. talk on phone and “check in” to Walmart grocery pick up app). However, to save this amount of money and not have a phone bill for a year, the negatives seem pretty petty. As soon as our year is up we will probably switch to Xfinity Mobile (which I had never heard of until I started researching Sprint in Jan). But in the meantime… This Sprint deal was a good one in my opinion.

  24. Kari @esavingsblog

    I took advantage of this deal as well. I loved Verizon but I wanted to save money for at least a year ( I was paying $132 month for shared 10G) so figured I could always switch back after the year. I took over three phones. FYI you can choose free 3-5 day shipping instead of paying the $10 that’s what I did. Took about an hour on the phone to switch everything over, setup my account, install SIM cards and activate phones once I got the SIM cards. One thing I am worried about it I will be going to DR for vacation over the summer and I am hoping I have service.

    • CJ

      When we went to cayman last year I’d read about using WhatsApp. You can call, text & send pictures without using data. We kept our phones in airplane mode while there & WhatsApp worked great when we were on WiFi.

  25. Ann Stokman

    Outstanding deal

  26. Lynn

    Great deal, wish I waited several months to get this deal. I pay $30 for unlimited data and co. The coverage is much better than T-mobile I had before.
    Sprint has a great referral program. If you sign up by 4/4 using my referral code we both get a $100 prepaid Mastercard. The link is below.


    Please note, I bought 2 sim cards at the Sprint store and it does not work for the online deal. At least that is what they told me. So dont buy them from the Sprint store.

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