Disney Parks Updated Their Stroller and Smoking Policies

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Disney World and Disneyland recently made a few changes to their park rules that you may want to know about.

Starting May 1st, 2019, oversized strollers and stroller wagons will no longer be allowed in any Disney theme park. While Disney World already rents double strollers, rumor has it that Disneyland will soon have them available, too.

Strollers that are greater than 31″ in width (currently the limitation is 36″ wide) and 52″ (132cm) in length will be prohibited. Stroller wagons will also be prohibited.

Disney officials hope that these new restrictions will help clear the often-crowded pathways inside the parks, which were not designed to accommodate extra-wide strollers, making the parks more enjoyable for everyone.

Disney park with people walking around

Another change is that smoking will be prohibited effective May 1st, 2019.

While Disney is already a mostly smoke-free environment, there have been designated smoking areas in Disney World and Disneyland available. The elimination of these last remaining designated smoking areas should help free up space within the parks, too.

The Walt Disney World Theme Parks, Water Parks, and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex will be smoke free. The Disneyland Theme Parks, Esplanade, and the Downtown Disney District will be smoke free.

Coleman Wheeled Cooler

Also, if you’re used to bringing your own ice into the park, you’ll no longer be able to do that. Effective today, March 28th, 2019, Disney is no longer allowing customers to bring loose ice or dry ice into the park in coolers, suitcases, backpacks, bags, or other containers. Reusable ice packs are recommended.

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Comments 69

  1. Frecklelily

    I have been waiting for the no smoking policy. It didn’t matter where they put the smoking areas, you always have to walk near them and it’s disgusting. Just like restaurants, people can wait for a couple hours to smoke.

    • Jamie

      I’m still waiting for a no tail pipe policy It’s disgusting breathing in exhaust fumes

      • Frecklelily

        Obviously a smoker with that comeback comment. Secondhand smoke kills whether you believe in it or not.

        • Marylynn

          And smokers deserve to do what they’d like on their vacations too. Second hand smoke, of the kind you mention, is no danger. If people get the slightest whiff of smoke, they think cancer is eminent. It’s not! THAT IS junk science. If you’re locked in a room, I might agree. I’m waiting for the NO TAILPIPE POLICY too!

          • Jn

            Calm down. Second hand smoke does kill. Those are facts. It’s called science whether you believe it or not.

          • Ani

            It’s not just for the long term cancer effects. If an asthmatic child walks through secondhand smoke and has an asthma attack, it can kill them. Or a child with cancer on chemo who can be more susceptible to respiratory infections who now has to deal with one more worry. Geeze people, please try not to only think about yourselves here. Smokers have the right to smoke on their own property or where another property allows. Disney nor anyone else owes you that as a “right”. Their property, their rules.

            • CW

              Exactly this! Yes second hand smoke kills. One major example is Christopher Reeve’s wife. Being exposed to cigarette smoke if you have asthma or any lung condition CAN kill you.

            • Shannon

              They have even proven that 3rd hand smoke is harmful. Like if you bought a used smokers couch and breathed in the fumes. Smoking is so disgusting. Anytime children are present smokers should refrain from lighting up imo. It’s just common courtesy. People lighting up at parks or my kids soccer games makes me so mad!

      • Sara

        Getting rid of the tailpipe won’t get rid of the exhaust. Fumes will still come out.

    • Marylynn

      And smokers deserve to do what they’d like on their vacations too. Second hand smoke, of the kind you mention, is no danger. If people get the slightest whiff of smoke, they think cancer is eminent. It’s not! THAT IS junk science. If you’re locked in a room, I might agree. I’m waiting for the NO TAILPIPE POLICY too! And to the other poster who wants people to wait a few hours to smoke, my question is, “where?” The resorts are getting just as restrictive. I am not a smoker. But I defend others’ right to smoke. In open air places, it’s not an issue.

      • Sara

        Where: parking lot

        It is an issue. Nicotine smoke gives me a headache. It can also make me very nauseous if I have to smell it long enough. I got a headache just walking through a large group of smokers in front of a classroom building. It only took one second to get through. I had to cover my nose and mouth as well as hold my breath every day after that. They were violating a city ordinance that dictates no smoking within 25 feet of the entrance of any building. There was a red sign prominently displayed on the wall behind them. People ignore the rules simply because it inconveniences them. Smokers don’t want to take a few extra seconds to walk a few more feet off the main path.

        People that know that second-hand smoke is dangerous aren’t idiots. We know that cancer takes time to develop. We know it isn’t imminent.

        By the way, imminent means immediate. Eminent means prominent.

        • Marylynn

          Sorry, I made a spelling error and spell check created the wrong word. I will proofread more carefully for you next time!

          • Sara

            Your stance is insensitive, so I decided to do something equally insensitive. I bet it doesn’t feel nice to be on the receiving end. Your argument can be frustrating and infuriating to read for someone that can be adversely affected by secondhand smoke.

            • Marylynn

              Sara, I was inferring that smokers should have their places and non-smokers can avoid them. How is it insensitive to want rights for ALL? I’m kind of thinking that that’s about as fair and sensitive as one can be.

              • Sara

                The problem is that alot of smokers avoid those areas too. Smokers can’t always be bothered to actually go to those areas. If those smokers only smoked where they are allowed to, this wouldn’t be a problem.

                In the end, this ban is more about clearing space for more places for people to spend money than it is about the health benefits. Whenever Disney takes away a free space, they put in something that makes money.

                • Marylynn

                  Now there we can agree 100%. See, I don’t smoke, but all my guys smoke high end cigars and drink fine scotch. I say that only so you know that I in no way am defending the folks running all over the park with the Marlboro hanging out of their mouths. I want my family to be able to enjoy their vices on vacation. There should be “somewhere” that they can do this. If non-smokers have 99% of WDW, then smokers can be afforded 1%. Now the theory about opening up space is, in general, a very common Disney move. But the smoking spots were so small and so few, that I don’t see how it will help much. In fact, some smoking spots were so crowded, because, let’s face facts, there are still a lot of smokers. But, I’m getting used to more rules every year when we vacation, so…..guess I will just be adding this to the list. Every rule will make some happy, while disappointing others.

        • Lucy

          Agree with Sara. Also, if you’re that upset about it, maybe don’t go or purchase nicotine gum for the day. The bad habit of smoking is a choice that can be treated with various medical advances. When I see a smoker, I assume they are not the brightest because they chose to start smoking cigarettes.

          • Marylynn

            Lucy, Three things! One, I never mentioned cigarettes. Two, they smoke cigars because they want to, not because they have to, so no nicotine gum is necessary. And Finally, my guys are all well educated, and to assume all smokers are dumb, is insensitive, as I have been called. Oddly enough, I agree that smoking cigarettes, is not a good habit. But this is a free country and people have the right, since it’s not illegal, to smoke. They simply should be given a place to do it.

  2. Lynn Farris

    No “loose ice” will
    Be allowed in coolers starting May 1st

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing! Good to know!

    • Shannon

      Or dry ice!

    • kayti

      Frozen water bottles?

    • Saman

      So can I have ice water in my Rtic aluminum water jug ?

  3. renee

    Can my Florida resident friend buy tickets for me? Or do you have to show Florida ID at the entrance? Would she be able to go with us or do we all have to have Florida ID to get that discount?

    • Ashley

      You have to show proof of FL residency (per the website).

    • Jenn

      I live in Fl and you have to show your license to prove you are a Fl residence for each ticket so she would not be able to get you one for the Fl residence price.

    • KeriB

      She can’t buy them for you as the ticket holder will be asked to show proof of resistance. They are very strict on this. Even if you prepay online you have to go to the ticket window to get the physical ticket and they will check there

    • Liz

      No she cannot. A valid Florida identification is required for each individual ticket.

  4. linds

    I wonder if my City Select Double will work still? I sure hope so!

    • Jackie

      I’m wondering the same!

    • Shannon

      It has to be less than 31” wide and 52” long.

    • Liz

      I believe they will. It seems like the wider double strollers won’t be allowed.

    • C

      Amazon says the width is 30” so you are all set!

      • Linds

        Thank you!!

    • Saman

      So can I have ice water in my Rtic aluminum water jug ?

      • shannon

        I’m assuming so. I believe the reason to be what security personnel wants to stick their hands in ice to check your cooler for banned items.

        • CW

          Yes that and the fact that people were dumping ice and dry ice on walkways, creating fall hazards. Also dumping it in flower beds and killing flowers.

          • Cat

            So many ignorant people in the world.

  5. IB

    About time. Some of those strollers are as big as a small SUV.

    • Sarah

      Agree! Sometimes they’re blocking the way especially when they decided to stop on the middle street and don’t care about the people behind them.

      • *Angela-Miles*

        Yes so agree with you!! Stopping abruptly and taking up the whole sidewalk. 🤔

    • kristie

      Sorry, 5 kids under 3 at one point. My stroller was the size of a Buick.

      • Shannon

        What?!? How? Sets of twins?

    • Cat

      Yes! And what about the people who would bring their double jogger strollers into stores they could barely get through. Use some common sense and leave them outside if you want to go in the store.

  6. Natalie

    So glad they are getting rid of the smoking areas!! They are the worst.

  7. Amie

    Thank goodness on the stroller update. It is out of control there. Yes I am a parent with kids but you can’t move around with everyone having those types of strollers. This will be an improvement.

  8. CW

    We are very happy about the parks going non smoking. As a passholder of 16 years I can’t tell you how many times people smoked wherever they wanted to, and a cast member had to hunt them down to get them to stop. As a severe asthmatics, we couldn’t be happier about the new policy.

  9. Lora

    I’m so happy they are eliminating smoking. As for the strollers, they are a lifeline for most parents, but maybe most standard strollers fall within those guidelines. What about all those scooters (ECVs) that anybody can rent? I’m ok with people that truly require them, but not everybody does. They take up a lot of room , too and a lot of folks are terrible at driving them.

    • Sara

      Some parents and kids are terrible at walking. My mom used a scooter when I brought her with me in 2016. She was going at a reasonable speed and watching where she was going. She never drove at the scooter’s top speed. A family was walking straight ahead on her left side, and I was walking on her right. The family then abruptly cut to the right at a diagonal in front of her. The little boy walked right into the side of the front left corner of my mom’s scooter. My mom stopped immediately. The mom said “Are you okay?”. My mom thought the lady was talking to her, so my mom said “Yeah”. The lady rudely replied “I was talking to him”. The lady thought my mom ran into her kid. My mom replied “He walked into me”. Then we left.

      • Cat

        I use a scooter and since it’s my own and I use it every day I am very good at driving it, much better than people walking sometimes. I have heard so many people make comments about me on my scooter when they were the ones who abruptly turned and walked right in front of me. It’s hard enough having a disability but even worse when you have to deal with such ignorant people.

    • CW

      Agreed Lora. We were at Hollywood studios and a lady ran over 3 of us in the restroom- all our feet. It destroyed the rest of the day for 2 people and I had to sit down for 30 min with ice on my foot.

    • Cat

      I have my own scooter and I totally agree with you. Those scooters that they rent are humongous and hard to steer and dangerous I have been rammed by them several times. I know that there are people that rent them just so that they can get it in the handicapped line and get on the ride quicker. That’s disgusting.

      • CW

        Except there isn’t any handicapped line. That doesn’t exist at WDW. There is a system for Disability Access, but you wait as long as the wait time and come back. So let’s say you want to go on the Frozen ride in Norway. The current wait is let’s say, 4 hrs. You arrive at 10 a.m., they scan your magic band and you come back at 2 p.m. to get on the ride. You’ve still waited just as long, you just don’t stand physically in one place for 4 hrs. We have a friend with Spinal Muscular Atropy who is in an over sized wheelchair, laying almost completely down, connected to a bipap. She just can’t physically handle the heat and if she has a breathing complication, it can’t be fixed in a space restricted queue line. In the meantime she goes into a place fully in air conditioning. When she’s done with that ride, she goes to the next one, gets a return time based on the existing wait, and comes back again after that wait time has passed.

        And not all disabilities are visible. You’d never know my husband has a device in his body to help him walk after barely surviving brain, neck, and spinal surgery. On the outside he looks just fine, but he’s not. He doesn’t rent a scooter, but standing continuously in one place is a problem.

        I think it would help if they rented smaller scooters like the collapsible ones you can fold up. They aren’t nearly as heavy when you are hit/run over by them.

        • Sara

          Smaller scooters have smaller weight limits. They won’t work for everyone. It’s cheaper for Disney to bulk order heavy-duty scooters than several different sizes.

          Wheelchairs and scooters go through the exit on Splash Mountain at WDW since the regular queue has stairs.

          DAS return times are actually 10 minutes less than the current standby wait time. WDW only has DAS return times on fastpass rides. Disneyland Park and California Adventure have DAS return times on all rides. You go to the ride to get return times at WDW. You go to a Guest Relations location to get return times at Disneyland Park and California Adventure.

  10. Kelly Barker

    now the restrooms will just have longer lines. THEY need to make it clear u will be Banned. I can’t afford to to take NY kuds…I have cancer so I’d need a wheelchair and I guess it would be a issue…not sure. I b igger than a syroller. anyhiw

  11. J

    Is alcohol allowed inside Disney? If tobacco is banned, alcohol should be too.

    • NV

      Alcohol doesn’t blow in the face of other paying visitors. They aren’t the same at all. Not even a little.

      • My

        Agreed 100%! They are definitely not the same at all and cannot be compared.

      • R

        Ever been to the Epcot Wine & Food festival, particularly in the evening? Drunks can certainly ruin a paying customer’s experience, too. But I still don’t advocate banning alcohol or smoking. Rude people abound everywhere 🤷‍♀️

        • Marylynn

          R, I agree. It’s becoming a police state at Disney. My experience has been much more ruined by drunks than smokers. I pay the same amount to get in as those wanting to control my or my family’s behavior. Talk about insensitive…..

    • Melissa

      There is no alcohol allowed in Disney…the others do (ie. California Adventure and Epcot).

  12. happy

    Would a Step2 whisper ride cruiser be permitted at Disney?
    It’s kind of like a wagon. However, you push the child instead of pull.
    Would the cruiser be difficult to use around the park?

    • Nope

      No wagons of
      Any kind are allowed.

  13. Stan

    So many rules and hateful people… You all enjoy the overpriced “happy” place lol

    • Brooke

      With the second price increase in less than a year…ditto Stan!

    • Marylynn

      Stan, I couldn’t agree more. Every trip down, we encounter more rules and regs. Don’t stand here, don’t park there, dont drink there, don’t smoke here, guards pawing through every thing I own, metal detectors, wanding, don’t go near the beach, that discount is gone, etc. I think it’s time for a change. All inclusives to México and cruising are really starting to sound nice.

  14. Amber

    I’m waiting for the day that smoking is a complete action of the past. Our children will look back and say “I can’t believe how stupid they were”. I wish more places would take a stance against smoking. It hurts everyone. Insurance costs are higher because of people smoking, innocent children get hurt. I worked with a guy that calculated how much he had spent on cigarettes, marijuana and alcohol. He could not believe it. He could have paid cash for a nice brand new car! I just cleaned out my ditch after the winter, full of cigarette butts, beer cans and fast food wrapers. I kinda think that there is a sterotype for smokers, they typically are not as clean of a group because yellow dirty walls in their house, filthy stinky cars, smokers smell of smoke, the smoke makes everything dirty and it does not bother them to live in it. I think every pack of cigarettes should come with nicotine gum with it. Try to get them to stop like a baby with a pacifier.

  15. Carly

    We’ll be taking our Graco Ready2Grow double stroller, which measures 24 x 44, if anyone is looking for one. I was planning to wait until both of my kids were past stroller age before we made a Disney trip, but my father has stage 4 cancer and one of his goals is to take the grandkids to Disney World. Which brings me to point two, I’m thrilled they are banning smoking. If you are a smoker, not being able to smoke in Disney World is the least of your problems.

  16. Marie

    Disney will be selling Mickey Mouse shaped nicotine gum.🤣

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