5 Ways to Save BIG on Disney Tickets

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Minnie Mouse and Goofy hats on kids

A Disney family vacation can be a magical experience, however it can also be a very expensive trip if you purchase tickets on a whim. But it doesn’t have to be that way! If you’re looking to save the most on park tickets, be sure to check out these tips and tricks so can get the best deal for your vacation.

1. Plan your trip around deals.

If you’re able to plan your trip based on discounts and special offers, you can save big on ticket prices! For instance, Florida residents can save up to 40% off tickets, and military members can get specially priced theme park tickets. Take advantage of the various discounts that may be available to you at the park you’re wanting to visit:

Also, beginning January 18th, 2019, head on over to Walt Disney World where they will be offering some great deals on tickets so that you can enjoy all four Disney parks – including Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Here are a few deals you’ll be able to score:

4-Park Magic Value Ticket
Adult: $85 per day ($340 total plus tax)
Child: $80 per day ($320 total plus tax)

Valid for admission January 18 through March 1, 2019. Note that your tickets must be used within 7 days of first park visit or by March 1, 2019, whichever comes first.

4-Park Magic Select Ticket
Adult: $89 per day ($356 total plus tax)
Child: $84 per day ($336 total plus tax)

Valid for admission January 18 through March 14, March 27 through April 9, April 27 through May 27, and August 19 through September 30, 2019. Note that your tickets must be used within 7 days of first park visit or by September 30, 2019, whichever comes first.

4-Park Magic Summer Ticket
Adult: $95 per day ($380 total plus tax)
Child: $90 per day ($360 total plus tax)

Valid for admission January 18 through March 14, March 27 through April 9, and April 27 through September 30, 2019. Note that your tickets must be used within 7 days of first park visit or by September 30, 2019, whichever comes first.

2. Buy through Undercover Tourist.

Disneyland Tickets

Authorized discount Disney ticket brokers are a great way to save money on park tickets over gate prices, but not every third-party ticket broker is reliable and trustworthy. One site that we like to use is Undercover Tourist as they offer some of the best deals for discounted Disney tickets, Disney hotels, Universal Orlando and more. Plus, they provide authentic attraction tickets at discounted prices, as well as insider planning tips and excellent customer service.

In fact, they are authorized by Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood Resort, SeaWorld Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld San Diego, along with other top attractions and major dinner shows to sell discounted attraction tickets that are new & genuine.

As just one idea, four 4-Day Disney World Base Tickets with 2 EXTRA Days for adults 10+ to book a trip in January would cost around $1,593 shipped (all taxes and fees included – no hopping) on Undercover Tourist. However, four 6-Day Tickets for adults 10+ from Disney.com would cost a total of $1,697 after tax. Every little bit helps!

When comparing prices with Disney’s published prices, note that Disney’s prices do not include the 6.5% tax; however, Undercover Tourist’s prices do include the tax.

3. Sign up for MouseSavers.com newsletter.

Disney World balloons

MouseSavers.com is a popular site devoted to helping you save money on Disney and other theme park vacations – whether you need a Disney ticket discount, Disney World hotel discount, a Disneyland vacation package discount, OR any other Disney discount, deal or offer!

Plus, if you sign up for their free newsletter before the 15th of the month, you’ll get a special discount code in your inbox that you can use for buying discounted tickets through Undercover Tourist.

4. Don’t book during peak season.

A young girl wearing Mickey Mouse ears at Disney World

This may seem obvious, but busier seasons have higher prices, so you’ll want to avoid booking your trip during those times if possible. Also, Disney recently changed tickets to date-based pricing (instead of by park), but you can still save by knowing which “seasons” generally offer the lowest prices and to book during their off-season.

According to Undercover Tourist, the best days to visit Disney World in 2019 are:

      • January 7 through 11, January 23 through Feb. 14
      • February 25 through March 8
      • The second half of August
      • Most days in September
      • Most weekdays in October
      • Weekdays in November (minus the week of Thanksgiving)
      • Weekdays in December (minus the week of Christmas and New Year’s Eve)

5. Book longer stays.

Disney Countdown picture

If you’re able to plan a longer vacation, you’ll save more money per ticket. According to Disney.com, you’ll save $20 per ticket when you purchase 3-day or longer tickets online as compared to the price at the ticket window! Plus, if you book through Undercover Tourist, you’ll save even more!

However, you’ll want to make note of the ticket expiration dates (if purchased after October 15, 2018):

      • 1-day – The ticket expires on the selected start date.
      • 2-day – The ticket expires 4 days after the selected start date.
      • 3-day – The ticket expires 5 days after the selected start date.
      • 4-day – The ticket expires 7 days after the selected start date.
      • 5-day – The ticket expires 8 days after the selected start date.
      • 6-day – The ticket expires 9 days after the selected start date.
      • 7-day – The ticket expires 10 days after the selected start date.
      • 8-day – The ticket expires 12 days after the selected start date.
      • 9-day – The ticket expires 13 days after the selected start date.
      • 10-day – The ticket expires 14 days after the selected start date.

How do YOU save on Disney tickets?

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Comments 81

  1. Christine

    I have a Disney Visa and used Disney dollars to pay for our tickets. Our 7 day admission tickets with park hopper were free.

    • Annie831

      How long did it take you to rack up enough Disney dollars for that?

      • Stephanie

        I’m wondering the same thing. We got a Chase Southwest card and I found the point system so impractical for the everyday user. I’m wondering if the Disney one is better!

        • Hailey Danielle Maxwell

          I want to know this to!

        • Cathy

          The SW Chase gives 2% SW reward points for only purchases made thru SW.com such as flight, hotel and car rental. Everything else is 1% towards SW reward points. Disney Chase gives 2% on Gas, Grocery stores, restaurants and Disney stores. Everything else is 1%. In my opinion if you are saving for a Disney vacation the Disney chase is better since we all have to buy gas and groceries. SW only gives 1% for gas and groceries. Also for each $1 a SW flight costs it takes 68 points to equal. And you only get 1point for each dollar you spend on the SW card. Only good part about SW Chase is the huge bank of points you get in the beginning.

          • Cindi

            The math on that actually means that you get a better value with travel points. To earn $69 on a standards 1% cash back card means you need to spend $6,900 to get $69. For a $69 flight it would require 4,692 points (68 points each dollar) So you have to spend about $2,300 less to earn the flight with points vs. cash. It’s a great card for those who fly a lot.

    • Nel

      What are Disney Dollars? How does it work?Thanks.

  2. Stefanie

    Does any know if the Florida resident that purchases the tickets has to be present to redeem them? Wondering if my father in law could purchase for my family to use when we go, we are from Indiana

    • Daniela

      From the Disney website – A Florida billing address is required when providing credit card information during checkout. In addition, all adults will need to show proof of Florida residency at park entrance.

    • Ashley

      All adults have to provide proof of Florida residency to use them. Can’t have anyone buy them for you.

    • Cristina

      Hi! My mother, a FL resident, gifts tickets to my kids (we are from NY). They can use them as long as she is with them the *first* time they are activated (this can be done at Guest Services at the parks or at Disney Springs). Adults need an ID to activate a FL resident ticket…proving residency basically. They’ve figured out loopholes!

      • Sam

        I think you mean you found a loophole not Disney finding one. When a Florida annual pass for a child is activated, an address is still required to be provided. What example are you setting for your children by lying about their residence?
        Furthermore, things like this cause annual passes to increase for these who really are Florida residents. So thank you.

        • Sarah

          Wow Sam. Totally unnecessary to lecture. Whether or not you are right, you are def. not a gentleman. People hide behind the internet to be rude. We are all real people here, with feelings.

        • d-benton

          this has nothing to do with pass price increases and the next time you dont stop at a stop sign remember what example you are setting for you the community around you Sam…People are watching!…..smh

          • Cindi

            To be fair Disney has come out and said just last week that they had to increase annual pass prices to discourage sales in light of galaxy’s edge opening. Local APs are the single largest cause of overcrowding. So yes, so many AP sales is the reason why prices go up. However, if grandma is gifting the passes and she is the local – I think she has every right to buy them at the local price.

  3. Cassie

    Schedule trip around discounted deal dates for tickets.
    Stay at a good neighbor hotel with free breakfast.
    Buy gift cards at target for 5% off.
    Bring instant pot and cook dinner in hotel room while family is taking a mid-day siesta.
    Pack lunch into the park and bring water bottles to refill.
    Only splurge on “snacks” as everyone wants those! Keeps our daily food budget way down.
    BYO souvenirs ahead of time.

  4. Katie

    If you are wanting Disneyland you will save a bunch by going by May. I think it will be much less crowded too before Star Wars land opens.

    Get Away Today has great prices and fantastic service. They save me so much money even compared to putting together my own trip each year!


    • K

      Why is May cheaper? Is it less crowded?

      • Rashelle

        Right now Disneyland is doing a 3 day 1 park per day ticket for 210.00 there is a couple of blackout dates but you have to use it before May.

      • Dayna

        Weather is not great in May but it is less crowded. We went late May 2 years ago

  5. Emily

    So Canadians get a discount but not Americans?

    • Erin

      I wonder if that is supposed to say Californians?

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      When clicking through that link, I find it available for “Canadian Residents”. Hope that helps!

    • Michelle

      I find it crazy that Canadians would get a discount but not Americans. Just isn’t right.

      • Sara

        Disney has no problems attracting Americans, so discounts for Americans are usually unnecessary. People from other countries are harder to attract, so Disney offers discounts to entice them to come to the parks.

      • Stacey

        It’s because the Canadian dollar is so much weaker than the US dollar so it’s makes the tickets closer to the same price for Canadians.

  6. Staci

    Good Morning hipsters. Does anyone have any discount codes for Undercover Tourist that they may share with me ? I’m trying to book a visit to DL for next week. Would be my daughter’s first visit and also celebrating her birthday.

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Hi Staci! If you sign up for the emails on MouseSavers, you may get a coupon in time. Hope that helps!

  7. Aleshia Jones

    I have a family of 6 and I know that rates truly vary, but if we were to stay in park what is a ball park figure we are looking at? I am so overwhelmed, but would love to take my 4 kids ages 4-11 on a split vacay between Disney world and universal studios. Anywhere from 4 nights to a full 7. Thanks for any advice and your past $$$ experience.

    • Ann

      You will be looking to spend a lot to stay in the park. The cheapest hotels usually are at least 149 a night. My husband and I took our daughter a couple years ago and plan to take our 3 children this year. I would highly recommend staying in a house. We rented one through home away for 7 nights for 3 bedrooms and a pool was $700. We were literally only 7 minutes away from magic kingdom. Parking is $25 a day save your receipt and you get into any park for that day. We had the park hopper. We grocery shopped at Walmart made breakfast before heading to the parks. Came back for lunch and cooked dinner. Then went back to the parks. We did the whole trip for $2500. The tickets cost the most.

      • Aleshia Jones

        Okay thank you for your response. I go back and fourth on whether I want to save the hassle and stay and eat in the park by getting a dining pass and hotel passes. How much do you or anyone think the price will go up based on staying in the park versus off the park? Also what about airfare? We would be coming in from TX. We could drive, or fly and rent a car which would make our fees go up.

        • Becky

          We just went-family of 6, but youngest child under 2. Budget about 4,000 to stay in park (moderate resort, 4 days at park, 7 nights) that includes food, but not travel to get there.

        • Ann

          I can’t speak to a dining plan because I have never had one. The first time we went we stayed in the military resort which included a buffet breakfast and dinner so that’s all we did. We did plan some meals in the park, but just laid out of pocket. Flights are expensive. For my family of 5 to fly from Boston would cost close to $5,000 when I priced it. We plan to drive this year if we go. Making breakfast wasn’t a hassle. Dinner was a little annoying but even take out off the park is cheaper then the park. Renting a car will run you like $250. It’s a lot of work to plan and price.

          • Lynn

            If you book Frontier Airlines or Jetblue it will only be around $1300.00 Sometimes try One ways and depends on the day you travel will be cheaper. 5 kids and a road trip nope. I did it once and it was a nightmare.

        • Melissa

          we are a family of 6, but my parents are coming with and we are able to split the rooms up, 2 adults and 2 kids per room. Otherwise, we had to stay in a suite to fit us all. The total for 8 people to go was $7400. This is a moderate resort, quick service dining, memory maker, and 4 days in the park (no hopper). I booked last minute and used a travel agent from Off to Neverland (Stacey Burns). I also ordered water to be delivered when we get there and cereal and milk to save on spending extra money. We are flying but I saved a ton of money using the Frontier airline deals that H2S posted. Tickets for my family of 6 (including oour baggage fees) was $606 from Illinois to Orlando.

        • Jackie

          They have a special right now that gives a dining pass included with a vacation package. I saw it on their website today.

    • Valerie

      We have a family of six and LOVE staying at the Ft. Wilderness Cabins. They have a full kitchen and you get to take a boat to the magic kingdom! Play with the dates and you can get an ok price. Still significantly more expensive than other hotels, but we save money by making our own food and not paying for parking. It also adds to the magic to stay on property.

      • Sara

        Do you fly or drive to Disney? For bookings made after 3/21/18, overnight guests have to pay for parking at the resorts now. So you will pay for parking whether you park at the parks or leave your car at your resort.

        • Aleshia Jones

          Air travel is not included in these packages, correct?

          • Sara

            Not unless you book it through Disney, if they still even offer that option. I was referring specifically to hotel parking no longer being included with onsite hotel bookings.

    • Nej

      There are benefits to staying at a Disney property. They have their own bus system which is free from their properties to their parks. Free shuttle from the airport. These things outweighed the cost of a rental car and parking the last time I went about 10 months ago.

    • Tracy Calvanese Travel

      Aleshia I am a Disney Vacation Planner and specialize in Orlando also. I would be glad to help you if needed! There is no extra fee for using a planner!

      • Aleshia Jones

        If it is free than yass!! I really am overwhelmed and if I can just figure out some prices and organization that would help a lot. I get overwhelmed at all of the options from flying to driving, staying on or off the resort, food. Etc.

        • Janice

          You should really read disboards! It can be overwhelming planning your first dis vacation. Disboards, Allears and Mousesavers are all great but it is a LOT of information. For us staying on property is a must for several reasons. It’s definitely part of the magic. The Disney transportation to and from parks, dining plan and having a one and done package..oh, and Magical Express make buying the Disney package best for our family. That being said, we go off-season, wait for free dining (just added to our Sept. res.) and schedule our ADRs to maximize the dining plan.

      • Aleshia Jones

        Have not heard from you yet?

  8. DC

    I signed up for the Disney chase Visa card. I used it to pay for my stay and then he my husband sign up and pay for the other half of our stay. Once you spend $500 in the first 3 months on the card you get a $200 credit towards your statement. So basically free $200! And then you can refer your husband and get $100 Disney dollars. It was a no brainer! You have to sign up under a referral to get the deal though. If anyone wants to sign up under mine here’s the link 😊
    Earn a $200 Statement Credit with Disney® Visa® Card. No annual fee. I can be rewarded. Learn more.

    • Dc

      I also fly frontier airlines and was able to get $100 round trip tickets for the whole family. That was with buying the luggage. We couldn’t drive for that price!

  9. Ivan

    Seeing this immediately reminded me of the 5 children from a church youth group that will killed in a terrible crash on their way to Disney yesterday. So very sad.

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Yes, so so sad! 🙁

    • Tracy Calvanese Travel

      Horribly sad…..

  10. Sara

    If you go to Disney World regularly, I would also suggest an annual pass even if you only plan to visit once per year. I am going to Disney World in the second half of September 2019 and the first half of September 2020 for 10 days/9 nights each time. I will then let the pass expire, buy a new pass voucher for 2021/2022, and not activate it until September 2021. A new pass costs more than a renewal, but a new pass is currently still cheaper than two 10-day park hopper tickets.

    The Platinum pass includes 10% off at most Disney-owned table service restaurants, 10% off at some table service restaurants not owned by Disney, 10%-20% off dining in Disney Springs, 20% off merchandise at Disney-owned shops, 10%-15% off merchandise in Disney Springs, 10%-30% off recreation, 15% off tours, $3 – $4 off water park tickets, discount on special ticket events, and free standard parking at the parks.

    Passholder room only discounts aren’t guaranteed, but I was able to get a discount for my 2018 12 day/11 night trip. It saved me $797.76 after tax on the rack rate.

  11. Jayme

    Has anyone looked at the packages offered through Costco Travel to see if they are good deals?

    • Kristina

      It’s 3% cash back through Costco if you are an executive member plus an additional 2% cash back if you have the Costco visa, so 5% total. No brainer.

  12. Mary

    Off topic, what time of the year is the best time to save money on a cruise? Or how to save money while on a cruise? We want to take a cruise this year and we don’t know where to start looking, should I book it myself or go thru a travel agent? Any tips are appreciated. TIA!

    • Bev84

      We just booked a cruise through Costco Travel. I would recommend booking sooner than later. The closer to the departure date the higher the price sometimes. Our family is military and it was the same price going through our TA but Costco offered Costco Cash Card and 3% cash back if using the citi card. We went that route as we will be paying it off at our next billing cycle.

    • Sara

      January through March is one of the best times to book because cruise lines tend to have their best offers during this period.

    • Sara

      I can only speak about Carnival. Carnival will not talk to you about your booking if you go through a travel agent. The travel agent owns the booking instead of you. They will only confirm to you that the booking exists.

      I like having full control over my vacation, so I will never go through a travel agent.

      You can get 10% off genuine Carnival gift cards from AARP’s Rewards for Good program. You don’t have to be an AARP member.

      AMEX has a fairly frequent offer for a $100 statement credit when you spend $500 on reservations on multiple cruise lines. If you have multiple AMEX cards that have the offer, you can use the offer from each card on the same cruise.

      • Sara

        As for saving money on the ship, that depends on the cruise line. Different cruise lines have different offerings and different policies about what can be brought on board.

        Carnival still allows you to bring up to 12 12oz cans/cartons of non-alcoholic beverages per person. Some lines don’t allow you to bring non-alcoholic beverages at all. Carnival allows you to bring one 750ml bottle of wine or champagne per person over 21. Carnival doesn’t charge a $15 corkage fee unless you bring the bottle to the main dining room. Another line charges a corkage fee just for bringing it onboard.

    • Ivan

      Sept, Oct and Nov are usually the least expensive times to cruise. Summer is over, school is back and it’s hurricane season. But don’t let the last stop you…they would never put a ship or passengers in jeopardy. Only downside is they might deviate your ports if a storm is a sea.

    • calvanese4

      Mary the best time is typically when the schools are in session or during the fall hurricane season. Using a travel agent such as myself is FREE and we assist from start to finish! I have sailed all four ships and they are phenomenal! I would be glad to assist you.

    • Christen

      We have been on 17 cruises and have always got our best deals in the fall, however, they have amazing deals in Jan and Feb if you are able to book a few weeks out.
      The best advice for saving $ on the ship is to not book excursions through the cruise line. Do your research for each port before you go. There are tons of local tour companies waiting at the port offering the same excursions for so much less. Always barter for a better price. We have seen fellow passengers from our ship, who booked through the cruise line, at the same excursions we paid 1/4 of the price for. Safety is super important in foreign countries, so do your research and read reviews before you leave. Go in a group with other passengers. Don’t hop in a van/taxi alone unless it’s government run. They usually try to pack in as many people as possible anyways. Some islands have cheap public buses/jitneys. Bahamas is less than $2 per person to go to Cable Beach. It takes time to figure it all out, but the amount of $ we have saved doing this has allowed us to go on so many extra cruises.

    • Emily

      Mary, we went on our 1st cruise 2 years ago and it was amazing and very affordable. 2 adults, 2 kids for 7 days 6 nights for $2,400. That included all our meals and drinks AND unlimited alcoholic drinks! We booked through an amazing travel agent that was a fellow hip2save reader, didn’t cost us anything to use her and she was the one that gave us our unlimited booze! lol the name of the travel agency is Enchanted memories. Also we went on Norwegian Cruise Lines and I highly recommend them the food and service was amazing. It’s also free to eat at all of their specialty restaurants throughout the ship! They often run a special called friends and family Sail Free which is what we took advantage of, you pay for the first two people in the room and the second two people are free might not work for everyone but for us it did.

      • Anita

        Please can you give me the info on the agent that helped you book your cruise. Thanks

  13. weigella

    We have the Disney Chase card and you receive a $200 statement credit when you sign up and spend $500 in your first 3 months. You also get special vacation financing (0% I believe) on your Disney travel purchases.

  14. S

    I can’t believe the amount of money spent towards Disneyland these days! We used to live in so cal a few years back and got the select annual pass. Now it seems like they increased and changed many rules to many things. Now we are living in Japan and Tokyo Disneyland tickets are (roughly) less than $70 for adults and (roughly) $40 for kids (3-12)! It’s way less crowded and much more organized, and we have been there during the summers and holidays on the weekends!

  15. kfeik8

    We got Great Wolf Lodge gift certificates for Christmas this year. Today I was looking at locations, and the Anaheim location offers free Disney one day park tickets. “Book two nights of celebration and receive two, one-day (one-park) adult tickets to Disneyland® Resort. These tickets are in addition to the three days of free water park passes for all registered guests. Book three nights and receive two, two-day (one-park each day) adult tickets to Disneyland® Resort and four days of free water park passes for all registered guests.” They don’t have to be used in the same vacation so I am going to try and make two trips out of this deal.

  16. Reena

    I just purchased Walt Disney World tickets for 2 from VisitOrlando.com for travel on Jan 12. It is a 4 day 4 park ticket. The tickets in this website was cheaper than undercover tourist website. It was coming $800+ on undercover tourist but I bought it for $770 from VisitOrlando.com.

  17. Dvc Dad

    Can’t believe no one mentioned renting points from DVC members through the David’s DVC Store or Disney Rental Store – google them. They claim 50-60% savings off rack rates for premium on property resorts.

    • ~Ann~

      There is a discount off of Disney’s rack rate for renting DVC points but no refunds if you need to cancel and you can’t make changes once you book. Great if your dates and room sizes are set in stone, but a nightmare if something comes up. Definitely invest in trip insurance and make sure it is insurance that covers timeshares if you rent points through a company or a private owner.

    • Lana

      Thanks dvcdad for mentioning this! I’d never considered renting points and never knew anything about it until I read your comment. I looked into it and it appears the cost savings will be huge! We are a family of 7 so we need a villa and the pricing is insane through WDW.

  18. April

    My favorite way to do Disneyland is to go in the fall for Mickey’s Halloween Party. The tickets are cheaper than a regular day pass. The party will run from 6/7pm to 11/12pm depending on the day of the week you go. You will be allowed into the park at 3/4pm and then the park is closed to all non-party ticket holders at 6/7. They have trick or treating for all ages and hand out enormous amounts of candy. They have special Halloween fireworks, parades and villian meet and greets. On top of that, all the rides we went on during the party had a max 5-10 min wait and many we walked right on to. We were able to ride twice as many rides during the party than we were able to do on a whole day at Disneyland. Totally worth it. Tix go on sale during the summer, around July, and sell out quickly. So plan ahead.

    • shop4mybabies

      my husband and I say through a time share sales pitch (did not buy anything) and got a flight and 1 night hotel and 1 day park hopper for disney. we went last october and out of pocket purchased the mickey’s halloween party on craigslist. It was awesome. there were zero lines for the rides because all the kiddos were trick or treating, it’s the only time they allow guests to dress up, and we went around trick or treating and got popcorn buckets full of candy to bring home to the kids (i had taken them without dad during the summer) we’ve also been at christmas time but it’s more crowded and more expensive for flights. Halloween party is definitely my favorite.

  19. Nicole Gillette

    I would be thrilled to help anyone book and plan their Disney vacation. My services are free and I work for one of the best agencies that specialize in Disney! Key to the World Travel is the official travel partner of Chip N Co and is a Platinum Earmarked agency!

  20. Rachael

    I buy gift cards at Target with my Red Card. I get 5% off the entire trip right out of the gate!

    • shop4mybabies

      I was told as of a couple of months ago this no longer works, has anyone verified you can still do this?

      • Kim

        This still works. I just did it last month when I went to Disneyland.

  21. Dayna

    I buy discounted $500 giftcards at Sam’s Club. It’s about 5% savings but I use a credit card that gives me 2% back as well. That adds up on the price of a vacation. Worth it for me!

  22. Ann Stokman

    Love this

  23. Kristen

    Before we went to Disney World last year, Meijer was running a gift card promo around Christmas-buy $100 in gift cards, get $10 back in mPerks. I bought $1000 (the maximum allowed per account) in Disney gift cards, then got $100 back in mPerks. I also had my mom buy some and repaid her. We used the gift cards to pay for our Disney resort stay, so we saved 10% by doing that. The remainder of the gift cards we used in the park for our lunches. We had groceries delivered to the resort, ate breakfast and usually supper in our room, and I took some fun snacks that the kids could choose from to take into the park every day. If you are a teacher, check to see if your education association has discounted tickets. That’s where I found the best ticket deal for our family.

  24. Tracey

    We have a time share in Orlando and used to take our kids to DW, SeaWorld, and/or Universal (when they got older). Our week is the first full week in January which was sometimes pretty cold but usually not too bad. Back then the tickets were not too pricy but we did get to do our own cooking at the time share. The one time we did stay at a Disney Park hotel, it was very tiny and the only available food choices were quite expensive. We took our own lunches into the park (they always checked our bags, but never said anything about our PB&J’s! The kids got to pick out ice cream treats and their souvenir was an autograph book to have the characters sign.
    So I would say bring your own food to the parks to save some money; the food there is so-so for the most part anyway. Also, check around at some timeshares in the area; even if you don’t belong to one, you can usually rent for for less than DW hotel prices and they include a lot of amenities.
    We’ve been there in different months as well; October is my favorite- less crowds and nice weather.

  25. Katie

    Needs an update.

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