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Walmart Tests Cashier-free Store in Arkansas | All Customers Must Use Self-Checkout

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Walmart Self Checkout screen and conveyor belt

Walmart is testing a cashierless checkout system at one of its stores in an attempt to further limit contact between customers and associates.

According to a local news outlet, the retailer is in the process of completely removing cashiers and checkout line conveyor belts from its Fayetteville, AR location and replacing them with self-checkout registers.

Walmart self-checkout sign

Although cashiers will no longer be present at checkout, there will be attendants at the front end of the Fayetteville store to assist any customers who may need help.

And for all of us savvy shoppers, no need to fret as Walmart does accept coupons and all the usual forms of payment in its self-checkout areas.

Walmart self checkout screen

While this strategy is designed to limit human interaction, Walmart also hopes that it will also help to speed up the checkout process. And if this model is successful, Walmart could expand it to more of its locations nationwide.

Do you prefer self-checkout or would you rather interact with a live cashier?

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Comments 98

  1. Jill

    All I ever use is self check anyways

    • Big Heart

      Why? If you don’t mind.

      • Jackie

        I like to use self check out because 1.less contact 2.the cashier is not touching my items and 3.they are not touching my bags. In all less contact = safer

    • Amy

      Same. It’s much faster and easier imo. You can bag your own groceries how you want them bagged and don’t have to interact with anyone.

      • Amy 2

        Same! I always use self-checkout for this reason. It turns out the attendants at my store are very cool as well, so I chat with them when something goes wrong.

  2. Scarlet B

    Something *always* guess wrong when I use self check-out, which leaves me whisper yelling at the machine in a not very nice tone. I really like Sam’s Club’s scan and go, though. I was thinking this would maybe be like that, but then I suppose one wouldn’t be able to use paper coupons that way.

    • Emily

      I love scan and go. I was thinking the other day I wish more places had it but I think there would be too much theft at Walmart

      • Natasha

        My walmart had the scan and go for just a few months before they removed it due to theft… and I live in a small town area

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      I had to reply to this one! I love the “whisper yelling” comment! #truth

      • jvianney33

        I prefer a cashier over self checkout though I have used sco before but only if the other lines are to long and I have 2-3 items to buy. This saddens me, more people out of work.

        • Judy Trac

          Yes 2-3 items go to sco and thank you for doing that but I’m scratching my head when i see people with cart full of stuff and going to self checkouts lol but people with cart full of stuff going to self checkouts lol I know your tricks

  3. Emily

    Walmart does not accept wic in the self check lines which I found out the hard way. I also feel like I touch less in a cashier line although I guess that mean I have an extra person touching my stuff too. Where I live people complain about self check and since the pandemic, I think checking out has been easier than ever with more cashiers available. I’ll probably do the bulk of my shopping elsewhere if they do this. Not that they really care-they have enough business without me.

    • Momx1boy3girls

      I believe they just started accepting wic in self checkouts.

    • M.

      I know. I waited for 45 minutes with wic for someone to come and even looked around for someone and my baby started to get fussy. I almost walked out from my cart. Even if I am not using wic if an item is marked clearance I still have issues and have to wait because it won’t let you remove it from your items. I feel sad for people who only have walmart to shop at. It makes more sense to shop online or at a decent nearby store.

    • jasmin

      Walmart has announced that wic is to be accepted in self check out, but not sure about being implemented in all states

  4. K

    I would LOVE this!! The only reason why I ever go to a person is to buy alcohol because self-checkout doesn’t let you buy it.

    • Rebecca

      In FL you can…but they have to come check your ID, so doesn’t really save you time.😂 I just order everything for grocery pickup 👍

  5. Becca

    The problem with this is there will be lots of people then without jobs (there are a lot of cashiers). I personally hope they keep both – some people like to do self check out and some don’t. I think of my mom who is older now and she prefers a cashier. Just my thoughts…

    • franny5

      Yes I agree. I hope they don’t totally go away with cashiers.

    • Jeff

      Concerned about the lost jobs too! The Covid threat is not as bad as it could be. Sadly, the media loves to exaggerate the threat. Sounds like more a money saving plan for Walmart.

      • Mama2Nine

        Jeff, you obviously don’t work in a hospital with covid patients. My husband does! It’s very real, very scary, and the numbers are VERY high. Sadly.. The second wave will be worse. You wouldn’t believe the stories I hear daily. Be safe and take care.

        • terri

          Studies have shown that self checkout has more germs than a cashier. They’ve shown that when you are using the self checkout and touching all the buttons and scanning, you are handling things everyone before you did. The cashier is only one surprised me…so now I always use cashier’s when I can.

          • cidadams

            I take alcohol soaked paper towels into the store. I use them to open freezer doors, ect. and wipe my hands often. Don’t know if it’s kept me from getting sick but it makes me feel safer.

          • Amy

            This makes sense to me. My local Walmart has an attendant whose only job is to wipe everything down after each customer finishes using a self checkout station though, so I feel okay about using it.

    • Amy

      There are still people who have to be there in case something happens. Also Walmart’s are hiring like crazy for the in store shopping for grocery pick ups. I wouldn’t worry about anyone losing a job!

    • Brooke

      Yes Becca, I agree as well. My grandfather just died last August and my 83 yo. grandmother is now alone trying to navigate through life. I try to drive out to her at least once a week to help her with whatever she needs. However, she still enjoys getting out of the house and feeling productive doing small tasks when I’m not there. She is so discouraged by all the technology now a days and feels like it advances faster that she can keep up with. Once she finally learns how to do something, there’s modifications, new processes, etc. Her vision isn’t great so it’s hard for her to see all these tiny machines. Her vision problem then domino into her taking longer to preform specific tasks that are first nature to us (swiping debit/cc cards, finding bar codes to scan items, etc.) Then you have many people who believe their time is more valuable then others and are in a hurry to get no where, so she gets a lot of huffs and puffs and rolling eyes. Some times you don’t realize just how technologically advance we have become. There’s a lot of paperwork that comes along with death and I’m trying to assist her with my grandfathers passing because everything now a days has to be screen shot, emailed, faxed, etc. She sat down with me today crying because she says that she doesn’t know how to live in this world anymore. She feels like she doesn’t belong. My heart broke. I guess I’m just trying to say that while all this new technology may seem to make things easier for some, there’s a generation that’s having a hard time keeping up. So if stores do move towards a diy/cashireless system…please be patient and kind with our golden generation and offer assistance whenever possible.

      • Linda

        Brooke, thank you for sharing. My heart goes out to you and your grandmother, I have defininitely tried to be more patient since this whole pandemic began. I now almost always use self check because Walmarts in my area started having so few cashiers that I would have to wait 15 minutes in line. My tip for avoidng germs: I take the plastic shopping bags and cut off the handles to use as a finger protector when I have to touch the screen. The other part of the bag I cut in half and keep those to use when I go in store to cover the cart handle and I can use one to wrap around the hand scanner if needed. Then I either toss the plastic on the way out of the store or in the bag I keep in my trunk for trash. I keep a stash of both in my purse at all times.

      • Ellen

        Well said, Brooke. I hear you on this one for sure. Let’s take care of each other.

    • Cherryluva

      @Becca, I completely agree. Let people keep their jobs. Same thing when McDonald’s did this. I told my son no, im not paid to bag and check my things out, they are, we are going to a person that is getting paid to do this.

    • Robin

      I agree. I pay the same price for the product whether I do the work myself or use a cashier that is getting paid to do it.

  6. momofboys77429

    Arkansas has an abbreviation of AR.. not AK. 🙂 I live in Arkansas and have seen several think it is AK.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for catching that! You are right. I used to live in Alaska and it was AK. I’m fixing it now, momofboys77429!

    • Rebecca

      Lol I read it & thought, isn’t AK Alaska?🤔😂

  7. 5pink1blue

    I don’t mind self checkout for a small order but when I do a big shopping trip I always go thru the checkout line. I need a little break after filling my cart!

    • Judy Trac

      You are correct. People with a 100 items in their cart goes to self checkouts give me a good laugh

  8. Csandst1

    I think it’s a bad idea. What’s going to happen to the cashiers? The cashiers are significantly faster. I use self-checkout when I have a few items. There’s been a few times where I regretted using it as it was take to long to find the upc and bag.

  9. Hannah

    At Walmart self checkout is the only way to get out of the store in a timely fashion.

    • Rae

      Lol not where I live. You always have to wait for someone to come and validate the price.

  10. Marinova

    Sounds like a great way to get sick, with no one to wipe things down between customers. Instead of one cashier, we get the germs of everyone who went before us. Joy!

    • K

      All the cashier’s that aren’t doing the check stands anymore can clean the self checks and the rest of the store

      • Missy

        They may not want that kind of job. They may like being a cashier and intertacting with people.

        • K

          I’ve never met a single Walmart cashier that ever seemed happy about their job. Besides there’s lots of stores that won’t be getting rid of cashier jobs any time soon, like Kohl’s, JCPenney, etc. they still need to have cashiers

  11. IH

    I wouldn’t shop there. They expect me to buy it AND sell it?!

    • Fredo

      jajaja I’m with you. if I do that work where’s my employee discount. A lot of people will lose their jobs while Walmart keeps making more money…. I never do self check out. I don’t work there.

    • zina

      LOL, we should get a discount right.

  12. Angela

    This is a nightmare with sale items or yellow tag items
    Always have to call a manager and it takes forever
    I guess I will only so quick trips from now on
    And as a former cashier from my college days I ask
    How to they scan hi theft items like baby formula? Or cigarettes ? And WIC shoppers how will they fit the regulations for that?

  13. lisa

    I understand the timing but Walmart has been trying to shift to this for a few years. Personally I do not ever use self checkout anywhere. I choose not to contribute to the elimination if human jobs.

    • K

      If it takes away jobs that’s because Walmart isn’t putting those people to good use. Blame the company, not the self checkout. There’s so many areas of Walmart that could be cleaned/organized/improved/stocked if there was more man power devoted to it. They should just shift the cashiers to those areas.

      • Missy

        Those people may not like those type of jobs. They may like being a cashier and interacting with ppl.

  14. Big Heart

    I won’t use self check out because it takes away job’s.

    • CC

      I don’t think it necessarily takes away jobs. The people can just be doing other things in the store, like getting the pickup orders ready since so many people shop that way now.

      • TammyM

        They can but they won’t. They may move some but I think the majority would be seen as a cost saving measure for corporate, especially the places that have a higher minimum wage.

  15. Bunny

    I always take a Chlorox wipe in a small plastic bag with me whenever I know I’ll be using self checkout. I wipe down the screen and the counter thoroughly as well as the credit card reader.

    • shop4mybabies

      i take wipes as well but instead of wiping down their surfaces, i just clean my hands with them very well and my debit card

  16. steph

    Using self check out…all of a sudden those $4.50 a pound honey crisp apples become the cheapest red delicious apples.

    • Judy Trac

      Isn’t the sticker number on the item for you to type in

      • Aubrey

        She’s saying that as the consumer, when you do self-checkout, you can select the cheapest price per pound. It’s a form of stealing but it’s also statistically the price paid for eliminating cashiers. When polled a percentage of people admitted to stealing. The monitoring people can only see so much. Not sure if the cameras are utilized effectively to catch theft. Would probably be used to prosecute high-dollar items, not apples.

  17. Brian Vodicka

    I don’t use self check out because I don’t work there or get a discount to use it

    • Hunterwoody

      This…same here

    • Lori

      My thought exactly!

  18. Mary from Vegas

    Very difficult for the elderly and disabled. Sad that a company that makes so much money (even during these difficult times) seeks to make even more money by eliminating jobs from people who need them the most. Greed has no end.

  19. stephani.M

    I see the benefit of it but there is zero chance anyone thinks it will be faster. If youve ever cashiered you know that after a while you memorize codes for things that need to be weighed, where some tricky to find barcodes are etc. Not so much when people check themselves out. Good luck to them. I only use pickup anyway anymore because ours is so nuts and the parking lot is so dangerous.

    • Pam

      I didn’t like the pick up because they emailed me 1 hour before my pick up time to say that my item is out of stock, and I missed the email, then suddenly I drove 25 minutes there to pick up one filler item worth $2 and not worth my time. Lol

  20. Rachel Pearson

    We do self checkout when the lines are backed up, which is the majority of the time. But I do try to use a cashier when it isn’t busy. I know many people that just can’t the hang of it, including some elderly, and they just wouldn’t go back to Walmart if that was their only choice. I’d personally exclusively use our hometown grocery store if they weren’t so expensive but I still go for meat and produce because Walmart is a nightmare in those departments.

  21. Jen

    If they are going to make me scan my own groceries I better be getting an employee discount on my order.

  22. kellyhavelmirabal

    I really dislike self checkout. Inevitably, something doesn’t scan right, or the machine wants some code … it’s always something. Plus, I like to talk to the cashiers. I rarely shop at Walmart, but I know Target seems to have a lot more self checkouts than cashier checkouts open, so they are probably heading that way too!

  23. Sue

    Sounds just like Target during senior hour since March. My Target has had no cashiers at 8 am during the pandemic. I mostly shopped online, but was forced to do self check during the few store runs that I made in the last 3 months. I just became a senior and have adapted to technology, however, there are many seniors in their 70’s or 80’s who are uncomfortable with self check and need help checking out.

  24. Sheila

    A Target store in SE Michigan is only using self checkout. The line gets long, waiting for one of four checkout lanes. Now you have to stand in a long line with people, some wearing masks, some not. It’s not worth it to me, the health risk.

  25. lindak

    Tough when you have a lot of bulky items. Not enough room for stacking.

  26. HollyD

    On the upside.. I’ll get to checkout with the hottest cashier…. 😂😂😂😂

    • Cassie Sue

      This made me giggle. I like the silver lining 🙂

  27. HollyD

    If doesn’t take away jobs. So many call-ins create a full front end to only have two cashiers. Those cashiers that are reliable can be the attendants

  28. E

    Self checkout is such a pain at Walmart and our local grocery store. Something always happens and I have to ask for the cashier to help anyhow. Target is the only store where it usually works— except not all accept cash at self check out.

  29. Brenda

    Yes! I can’t wait until they roll this out in my store!

  30. Sara

    The test store is actually my local store. I was there this past weekend and was not s fan of the new set up. I always used the self checkout with the convaryer belts previously. Without the the convaryer belt it took longer to check out. It’s kind of a pain with a full cart of stuff.

    • DINO

      I am probably going to get a lot of hate for my comment but I usually charged the small avocados even though I am buying the big expensive ones 😂😂😂😂

  31. Zea

    Way to go Wal-Mart. You found a way to make Jeff Bezos even more wealthy. Your terrible self check out system.

  32. Gina

    I never use the self check-out unless I just have a couple of things. I detest the self check-out if I have a large number of items. Just one more reason for me to shop elsewhere. I have been getting most of my necessities at DG and groceries at the local store. Works for me.

  33. Debby

    I prefer a self checkout every time. I only use them at Target as well as the grocery stores. Also without having so many employees wages , worker’s compensation, health insurance -this may also lower costs…. and this was going to eventually happen when minimum wage started going up. A cashier making $15 or more an hour is just not going to happen. And especially now with everything going on… people are a liability to companies and the public…. so don’t be surprised when it’s all automated.

  34. Jw206

    I can’t remember the last time I went to Walmart, Target or giant eagle and went to a cashier. I prefer to scan and bag my own items. I still shop Aldi but honestly it bugs me that they touch other people’s stuff and money and then touch mine. And when I carefully put things up on the belt but somehow still end up with raw chicken on top of my fresh strawberries and a box of rice so smashed that I left a trail through the parking lot….yeah, not ideal.

    • Mama2Nine

      Yes! ALDI needs self check out! One for customers with a few items and then regular customers. I hate them touching my stuff and it ticks me off how they plop everything. And.. no I don’t want a new nasty germ infested cart bc you can’t wait until I’m done unloading my cart. 🙄 I love ALDI! But.. it gives me anxiety.

  35. Brandonnlenee

    Curious how they will handle tax exempt people. I use self checkout unless I am buying tax exempt.

    • Gina

      Just like mklitary, employee, or any other discount. You’ll have to signal a cashier will enter in a code before or after uiu ring everything up. I’ve already done this at Lowes self checkout.

  36. Shan

    This is wal-mart’s way of taking more money and leaving our communities poor and powerless over a giant corporation that has no concern for our neighbors. Cheaper sometimes costs us more than what we are not willing to pay. My mom’s only source of income after my dad left was being a cashier. She always feared self-checkouts would lead to her job’s demise. These jobs are a source of income for our seniors and we may not pay at the checkout for their jobs, but guaranteed that we will be paying for it through our taxes.

  37. terri

    Studies have shown that self checkout has more germs than a cashier. They’ve shown that when you are using the self checkout and touching all the buttons and scanning, you are handling things everyone before you did. The cashier is only one surprised me…so now I always use cashier’s when I can.

  38. xb

    Self checkout problems require them to stand right next to you, but cashiers can have distance and plexi glass shields. Plus self checkout stands are not 6 feet from random people.

  39. xb

    Have you ever tried self checkout with four little kids trying to “help.”

  40. NubianGoddess

    I only use self-checkout because it is so much faster for me. I don’t really use a lot of coupons anymore, but I felt bad when I did because I was holding up the line. I don’t like wasting people’s time, so I am glad that there is self-checkout now.

  41. Denver

    Ugggh! I loathe self-check out. I would rather stand in line and read the magazines and wait for a cashier. Like many on this forum, self-check out is a pain in the rear; It never goes smoothly. I think Wal-Mart makes enough money to have cashiers.

  42. Evie

    If you have ever worked as a cashier, the customers are rude and ignorant!
    Walmart never has enough! Maybe it is because most do not like to be spit on or threatened.
    It will be fun to see the robots repeat over and over and not be of any help!
    Just a way for Walmart to have 1 cashier do the work of 20!
    The elite had hoped more robots would be ready before the pandemic.
    The robot in Giant repeats over and over “spill in produce!” Every day at the same time.
    Humm, a lot like most people. Does not clean spill. Notice it follows me when I carry my phone!

    • cidadams

      My Walmart has a robot floor cleaner that roams the aisles all day.

  43. Debbie H.

    Don’t be fooled into thinking Walmart is testing cashier-free stores because it’s safer. No, it’s cheaper….for Walmart. Labor and it’s associated costs like benefits, insurance, etc. are usually a company’s biggest expense. After cashiers, automated stocking, organizing, inventory, cleaning are next. They’re already a common practice at their warehouses, the stores are next. In fact, they would prefer everyone shop on line for delivery or pickup. Then they don’t need to support a brick and mortar retail building at all.

  44. GG

    And that is what raising the minimum wage will do for you 🤦🏻‍♂️

  45. Debbie

    Hahaha…..nope! Sorry, I already have a job. 😁😁. A cashier is part of the service a retail store provides.

  46. Matt

    My local Target started this. While I personally always use self checkout, it’s terrible. I stopped shopping there because of it. A lot of people can’t/shouldn’t use self check out and when it takes 40 minutes to buy a couple of things.. I’ll go elsewhere.

  47. MickB

    I absolutely refuse to use self-checkout if at all possible. I want to keep cashiers in place and talk to a real person when there is an issue (which 60% of the time there is). I believe in supporting the economy and the companies that are saving money by eliminating cashiers are certainly NOT passing on the savings to the consumer. I have seen ridiculous amount of theft at self-checkouts as well. they usually have one person attending to 6 or 8 registers and that person can only do so much (which is why most of them are surly if you have to call them for help).
    I appreciate the convenience and benefits of technology but I do not want my whole life controlled by technology.

  48. MINDA

    I never ever use self check out you are taking a job from someone who needs it

  49. kirstenparavalos

    We already have these where I am at in FL. They’re wonderful. A HUGE help. I’m in and out of the store so quickly. There is an attendant there that monitor all the can and go area. It accepts cash, card and EBT! It’s very creepy though, It videos your hands over head as your scanning. Sometimes it messes up and doesn’t scan properly and it does a play back of your scan.

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