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Use This $10 Off $50 Walmart Grocery Pickup Promo Code – And See Why We Love This Service!

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Delivery groceries to car at Walmart

Need groceries but don’t want to get dressed? 🙋🏼‍♀️

If you like the idea of not having to get dressed and brave the busy grocery store to shop, you’ll definitely love Walmart Grocery Pickup and the promo codes they often offer! With this service, you shop online and pick up your order when it’s ready – NO crowded aisles, NO long checkout lanes, and NO fighting for a parking space!

The best part is that customers can score savings with these promo codes!

  • DELIVERY – Free home delivery on $50 order, up to $9.95 value (exp. 1/31/21)
  • WOWFRESH – $10 off first $50 order (new customers; limited time)

Here are 8 reasons why we love Walmart Grocery Pickup:

free Walmart grocery signs

1. It’s a completely FREE service.

That’s right – NO service fees and NO markups with Walmart Grocery Pickup! You’ll pay the same prices you would if you shopped in-store and you can even shop select Rollback and Clearance items!

Walmart Grocery Rollback clearance item

Just look for the red Rollback banner or the word “clearance” listed in the title while shopping.

pumpkin, Lay's, other snacks

2. You’ll save time AND money.

Walmart Grocery Pickup is a lifesaver for busy parents! Just use the free Walmart Grocery App to shop anywhere (in bed, at home, on your lunch break, in the carpool lane, etc). Pick a time that works best for you and a Walmart employee will prepare your order so you can pick it up when it’s ready!

Note that a $30 minimum order is required and you can’t use coupons or gift cards.

Walmart johnson's baby

3. Walmart Grocery Pickup is for more than just food.

If you’re in need of a baby shower gift, school or office supplies, paint supplies, pet food, or even toys, you can purchase all of those items on Walmart Grocery! You can even buy an Instant Pot, vacuum cleaner, or an all-in-one printer – without having to go inside the store.

Walmart grocery store front

4. Get the items you requested… or better.

If an item’s price changes between the time you place your order and the day your order is packed, you’ll be charged the lower price! Also you can choose to allow substitutions in your order, which will be made by the Walmart associate preparing your order. If an item you requested is sold out, they will substitute a similar item and you’ll pay the original price, even if the substituted item costs more.

Walmart grocery pickup - bags in car

5. Avoid impulse purchases.

Running in-store to grab a few items can quickly escalate into a free-for-all, stuff-your-cart kind of situation! With Walmart Grocery Pickup, you’re less likely to make impulse buys, so you won’t be tempted to buy those candy bars at checkout or toys that the kids see while walking the aisles.

white cloud toilet paper walmart

6. Oops. Forget something? No worries!

Forget to add toilet paper, paper towels, milk, bananas, or another item to your grocery order? With some exceptions, you can add or remove items (and even change the time/date for your order) until the day before your scheduled delivery/pickup order.

If you sign into your Walmart Grocery account and select ‘My Orders’, you can see the exact cutoff time for submitting changes.

Walmart Grocery pickup lanes

7. No need to get dressed or wake the kids!

Waking up grumpy toddlers to haul them into a store is THE WORST! Once your Walmart Grocery Pickup order is ready, you can drive up in your pajamas or with a car full of sleeping kiddos, and an employee will load your groceries into your car! You don’t even have to get out of your car AT ALL!

NOTE – Tips cannot be accepted, but a “thank you” and a smile are always welcome. 😀

Order with Walmart Grocery Delivery and get freebies

8. Possibly get free gifts.

If you’re a new Walmart Grocery customer, don’t be surprised if you receive a free goody bag while picking up your order! Several readers and friends have received a tote bag filled with samples or other freebies, which is always an added perk. Who doesn’t love free stuff?!

Find all the best Walmart deals here!

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Comments 59

  1. Laura

    I’m obsessed with Walmart grocery pick up. I am like a walking advertisement for it 🤣😍

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      LOL! Glad to hear how much you have loved it, Laura! I feel the same way about this service! I use it every week!

  2. DebJ

    This is such a great service to offer people. Wish we had this when my kids were little. Only thing I don’t like is the no tipping. These people work their butts off and when I go, I will absolutely tip him/her. 😊

    • J.H.509

      Same here and the young man who usually brings out my order is so polite. He ALWAYS says yes ma’am and telling jokes to my kids. I would like to tip him but he absolutely refuses. It’s against policy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so unfortunate

      • SusanC

        Hey Debj… At age 56,I’ve worked as a tipped employee for half of my life.
        This is the reason I find a way to tip the shoppers.
        At times it can take a few sneaky moves on my part.
        For example,if there’s been a replacement product that I’m not happy with, I will ask for it to be returned and just place my tip in the bag with the item.
        I have also asked the shopper “Can you please throw this away for me please?”
        I’ve even said to the shopper, please don’t make me have to disrespect you by throwing my tip at you and then running away, lol!
        Of course we would never want to get any employee reprimanded for not obeying company policy, but there are ways to take care of the hard working Walmart shoppers, especially the ones that get the ill fated job of shopping some of my orders, lololol!

        • Jean

          If it’s really against company policy than I definitely would not force the issue. Walmart has cameras in their parking lots. Your tip as thoughtful and well intentioned as it may be is not worth losing one’s job over. If you wish to express your appreciation, I believe Walmart has employee recognition for a job well done that customers can fill out.

    • PrincessMom

      If you insist on forcing a tip on them, they can be fired for it. I’ve had jobs in the past that didn’t allow tipping and it always sucked when someone would try insisting. Yes, I did appreciate the offer and want the money but we weren’t allowed to accept the tip. Most people were nice about it when I explained but there were some who’d be really insulted that I wouldn’t just “slip it into a pocket” and it was frustrating because now they’re upset with me. Please do not try forcing a tip on them.

  3. A

    I shop this way every weekend. It is a time saver and a sanity saver! I also go through the Drop app. Every order for Walmart grocery earns me 3000 points ($3) which really adds up. I like to cash in for amazon gifts cards. If you sign up, and you use my referral code, we both get $5. Thanks! Code is apn8f.

  4. Beach Is My Happpy Place

    Love this service!! I don’t use it every week as I want to walk around the store to look at Women’s Clothing after viewing online. Try it, if you haven’t in the past . Thanks Hip2Save😎

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome! Thank YOU for commenting! I like to head in store sometimes too!

    • Lora

      A couple of times I have done the pickup for items that I need and then I re-park and go inside to walk around and look at other stuff. It’s a major time saver for me!

  5. bluecrewgirl

    I do this every week also and go through my Ibotta app for an extra $2-3 for each order!

    • luvmykins

      Bluecrew, do you have trouble using the email receipt with ibotta?

      • bluecrewgirl

        Nope! It automatically does it in the app. I don’t have to submit a receipt. It does take about a week to get the rebate though.

        • luvmykins

          How do you get it to go auto to the app without the receipt?

          • bluecrewgirl

            You just click on Walmart grocery in ibotta and it will take you to the Walmart grocery app (you’ll have to download it). You will get the ibotta credit in a week.

        • Jenny

          Does Ibotta credit you rebates for individual products as well or are you referring to only the $3 back you get?

    • Mendy

      How do you purchase through ibotta?

      • bluecrewgirl

        Just search for Walmart grocery and when you click on it, it will take you to the Walmart grocery app (you should download that first).

        • luvmykins

          Thank you!

  6. virtuousdime

    I use this service at least 3 times a month. I recently signed up for the delivery service. The fee charged a month is worth it. My husband has health issues that doesn’t allow me to stroll the aisles anymore. I just placed an order 3 hours ago (missed the coupon).

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SO glad to hear how helpful it has been for you! Hoping you can apply the code on your next order!

  7. luvmykins

    Do you get a regular receipt to use for fetch, ibotta, etc?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! You should receive a receipt via email.

    • jill

      i would be interested in knowing if you get a regular receipt printed- i use ibotta, fetch etc alot – referral address link below- i make a lot of money from ibotta

      • Missy

        I order through ibotta and get &3.00 back in about a week. I haven’t figured out how to use in fetch since there is only an email receipt to scan. But….the $3.00 from outways what I would get with fetch most of the time.

      • Janie

        The emailed receipt does not work for Ibotta grocery items. After uploading it was rejected each time. Store cannot print regular receipt. I did ask. Still love the Walmart pick up service though!

  8. Claudia

    This is the best thing that has happened. My son was diagnosed with and autoimmune disorder that requires carb counting. They have a comprehensive nutritional information and I can research from home and add to my cart. I have never had a problem and everyone is extra friendly and polite when bringing out my groceries. My produce is nice and fresh. They offer substitutions, like the other day, I ordered Tide pods 16 count and they gave me 32 pods for same price since they were out of stock of 16 count.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      YES! I love checking the nutritional info as well, Claudia! AND I have also been given a higher quantity of an item for a substitution! SO awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

  9. lindak

    Trying the pickup for the first time. Thanks for the discount code.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! You’re most welcome! Hope you love this service as much as we do! 🙌

  10. Jen

    Our Walmart says they don’t accept tips for grocery pick up but what about delivery?

    • Rn053183

      Yes, you can tip your delivery driver. The app even asks if you would like to tip once it’s been delivered. 😊

  11. Riddick Family

    When does this offer expire 1/31/2020?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! The pick up offer code is valid for a limited time only. The delivery offer code is valid through 1/31/21. Hoping you can snag the savings!

  12. Casey

    I’ve done it 3 times now and it’s THE BEST. Super friendly employees and very thorough checking through and explaining subs to me. I love this service so much.

  13. Buckeyemom

    I use pick up every Sunday. I absolutely love it. This morning when I picked up, they gave me a reusable bag that included; a roll of toilet paper, Gain pods, Gain flings, Campbell’s soup to go, a small box of Special K, Jif peanut butter balls, Listerine breath tabs & flushable wipes. If I’m not mistaken, they give these bags out seasonally. I got one this past Summer, the Fall, Thanksgiving & Christmas! Looking forward to the Spring one 🙂

  14. beaglemom46

    My family was using the free pick up and thought with the cost of gas and time (our store is in another town) that it made sense to pay the yearly fee for the delivery service. I figure as long as I use it twice a month at least, it is worth the delivery charge. It was also cheaper to pay yearly than per a month. I am able to tip in the app or online after I have received the delivery. Says me a lot of time as well. I have been extremely pleased with the freshness of the produce picked for my order. I know have time for other chores or things I want to spend my time on.

  15. Robyn

    I love this service I deal with many medical issues and sometimes getting out to the store is a nightmare for me I order the items I need and have them delivered

  16. Amy

    I’ve tried to use this a few times and couldn’t get an available time for at least 24 hours. Anyone know if that is how it’s set up or is our store just busy?

    • rochellemcgee

      Your store must be REALLY busy. I’m generally able to always get one within 4-12 hours, even though it’s a very popular service where I shop.

    • Jamie

      I always have to book it the night before, no matter what, for San Ramon, CA

  17. DebraW

    Hey I talked to Wal-Mart custome. servicelive via app and they said you can use gift cards and other things like ebt so I am not sure

  18. susitravl

    I’ve done pick up every week for over a year. In that time, I’ve only had 2 less than stellar experiences – saying they were out of something which they were not (I went into the store and bought it after they loaded my groceries) and milk that expired in 2 days. The item they were supposedly out of was Crest toothpaste – the only nonfood item on my list. I think someone was just too lazy to walk across the store from grocery to health & beauty to pull it from the shelf. I didn’t know about being able to utilize ibotta with grocery pickup so thanks for that info!!

  19. Anne

    Can those codes be combined to use for delivery?

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Unfortunately, the codes cannot be combined, Anne.

  20. Sadie

    I had 7 things that were not in stock. I went in to replace them and found that a couple of items I originally wanted to order were in stock. I mentioned it on the survey they had. They responded by saying that the system leaves some items for the customers that go in to make sure that it is there for them! For example: The system always says cheese bagel bites are out of stock and each time I go in to buy them since they are there on the shelf. So it might not be your shopper.

  21. rachel

    I love it too because unlike Kroger I don’t have to worry about trying to get the buyx/savex deals if something is out of stock. That is the main reason I don’t use Kroger as much. I also know exactly what I’m paying instead of getting a huge hold on my bank account until I ring out. AND it’s free!

  22. Cassie Thornton

    I was using this service every week until last week when I asked my husband to pick it up for me.

    Our middle child was sick so I called ahead and told them the my husband would be picking up my order to which they had no issue. They said all he had to do was call the number when he arrived and let them know what order he was there to pick up.

    I got the text (and email and app notification) that my order was ready at about 3:40 so he headed over. He called the number and they said they would have it right out.

    He waited for 40 minutes and I’m not exaggerating. Cars came and went while he sat there. I called the Walmart grocery customer service and the customer service representative that I spoke with said she would call the store to see what the holdup was. While I was on hold, he texted and said that he had finally gotten it and was on his way home. The CSR came back and said they told her the order was picked up.

    “Yeah, he just texted me.”
    “Perfect! So glad he got it!”
    “Don’t think I’d say this situation was perfect. He sat there from 3:48 to 4:29.”
    “Well, the window was 4 to 5 so he arrived early.”
    “After I got 3 different notifications that my order was ready for pick up.”
    “And we are so glad he got it. Anything else I can help you with today?”

    After about another 5 minutes of trying to make her understand why this was not a job well done, she offered me a $10 credit but I still haven’t received it. Not sure I’d bother with this service again even if I did.

    It’s great…until it isn’t.

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh, that stinks! I wonder if they use GPS like Target does… or if they were really just that bad that day. Either way, he called so 40 mins is crazy!

    • Angela

      Same thing
      I had sick kids in the car and waited an hour
      They lost my cart with my order
      Then they had to reshop
      I ordered only a handful of things and they took an additional 20 min
      I called got a manager and they offered me a gift card
      At that point I threw up my hands kids were miserable and I made due
      And finally items arrived the scanner wouldn’t take my card and an item was out of stock but they had some on the shelves I would have left but it was cold
      Medicine and supplies for my sick kids so I was stuck
      I’m almost afraid to try again

  23. Colorado Amy

    I’ve done pick up about 4-5 times. How long is the normal wait time supposed to be once you arrive during your time window and check in on the app? The last time I did pick up I waited for over 30 minutes and they never came out. I tried calling and got voicemail. I ended up having to leave to get my son to practice. I felt like I could have gone inside and gotten my items in 30 minutes. My order was cancelled the next day and I wasn’t charged anything but I will probably only use this service again if I have a discount code.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh bummer! SO very sorry to hear about that. At my store I have not waited longer than 5-10 minutes before someone comes out to greet me and confirm my name and that my order is ready. Hoping your next experience goes more smoothly!

  24. Sonja

    I don’t see the coupon code?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Here you go!
      DELIVERY – Free home delivery on $50 order, up to $9.95 value (exp. 1/31/21)
      WOWFRESH – $10 off first $50 order (new customers; limited time)

      Hope this helps!

  25. momof2girls

    Does anyone know if there is a way to use manufacturer coupons when placing a Walmart Grocery order? I already get $3.00 from Ibotta (when I remember to go through it. ugh.) but if I could also use manufacturer coupons it would be incredibly helpful!

  26. Jean

    Tried the service today, wasn’t impressed. My bread was damaged, my eggs cracked, boxed mac and cheese expires in 2 months, other non perishables expire too soon. And this particular store did not give any free bag of samples. I wouldn’t use this service again when half the items I bought had to be exchanged, I’m picky, but this was ridiculous. I don’t mind shopping and I rather out my own stuff. Was glad I tried it and got $10 off, but not for me.

  27. Christina

    I have used this service a couple times when I am in a hurry. The only thing I don’t like is not getting a receipt. I got one in my email but it’s not really a receipt it’s a copy of my order. I wanted to print a receipt out with the barcodes.

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