$10 Off $50+ Walmart Grocery Pickup Order (New Customers Only)

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Walmart Grocery Pickup cashier putting bags in van

Say hello to effortless grocery shopping with Walmart Grocery Pickup!

Gone are the days of crowded grocery stores and long lines, now you can have groceries and more delivered right to your trunk with Walmart Grocery Pickup! This service is AH-mazing and it gets even better with extra savings from promo codes!

Shop online, use the promo codes below, and then just pull up to the store when your order is ready. A Walmart associate will deliver the items directly to your trunk – how’s that for easy AND contactless?

Even better, Walmart Plus Members score FREE delivery on all of their orders! Head over here to learn more.

Walmart grocery pickup - bags in car

Combine Walmart’s low prices with these promo codes to save BIG –

  • WOWFRESH – $10 off first $50 order (new customers; exp. 1/31/21)
  • VISITORS – $10 off first $50 order (new customers; exp. 1/31/21)
  • SAVETIME – $10 off first $50 order (new customers; exp. 1/31/21)
  • DELIVERY – Free home delivery on $50 order, up to $9.95 value (exp. 1/31/21)
  • FRUITCAR – Three FREE Home Deliveries on $50+ orders, up to $9.95 value per order
    *Please note these codes do not stack. Only 1 applicable code per order.

Do you follow a keto lifestyle? If so, check out our meal plans that can be shopped for at Walmart. It’s on our sister site, Hip2keto. Discover a FREE printable Walmart grocery list where you can click on links and add ingredients to your Walmart Grocery cart for a quick and easy pickup.

Here are 8 reasons why we love Walmart Grocery Pickup:

free Walmart grocery signs

1. It’s a completely FREE service.

That’s right – NO service fees and NO markups with Walmart Grocery Pickup! You’ll pay the same prices you would if you shopped in-store and you can even shop select Rollback and Clearance items!

Just look for the red Rollback banner or the word “clearance” listed in the title while shopping.

Shopping cart at Walmart Grocery Pick Up

2. You’ll save time AND money.

Walmart Grocery Pickup is a lifesaver for busy parents! Just use the free Walmart Grocery App to shop anywhere (in bed, at home, on your lunch break, in the carpool lane, etc). Pick a time that works best for you and a Walmart employee will prepare your order so you can pick it up when it’s ready!

Note that a $30 minimum order is required and you can’t use coupons or gift cards, however, Walmart Pickup is now accepting SNAP/ EBT credits.

man wearing bike helmet riding bike in Walmart store

3. Walmart Grocery Pickup is for more than just food.

If you’re in need of a baby shower gift, school or office supplies, paint supplies, pet food, or even toys, you can purchase all of those items on Walmart Grocery! You can even buy an Instant Pot, vacuum cleaner, or an all-in-one printer – without having to go inside the store.

Walmart grocery store front

4. Get the items you requested… or better.

If an item’s price changes between the time you place your order and the day your order is packed, you’ll be charged the lower price! Also you can choose to allow substitutions in your order, which will be made by the Walmart associate preparing your order. If an item you requested is sold out, they will substitute a similar item and you’ll pay the original price, even if the substituted item costs more.

picking up walmart groceries

5. Avoid impulse purchases.

Running in-store to grab a few items can quickly escalate into a free-for-all, stuff-your-cart kind of situation! With Walmart Grocery Pickup, you’re less likely to make impulse buys, so you won’t be tempted to buy those candy bars at checkout or toys that the kids see while walking the aisles.

odd face skincare products — bunch of bananas

6. Oops. Forget something? No worries!

Forget to add toilet paper, paper towels, milk, bananas, or another item to your grocery order? With some exceptions, you can add or remove items (and even change the time/date for your order) until the day before your scheduled delivery/pickup order.

If you sign into your Walmart Grocery account and select ‘My Orders’, you can see the exact cutoff time for submitting changes.

Walmart Grocery pickup lanes

7. No need to get dressed or wake the kids!

Waking up grumpy toddlers to haul them into a store is THE WORST! Once your Walmart Grocery Pickup order is ready, you can drive up in your pajamas or with a car full of sleeping kiddos, and an employee will load your groceries into your car! You don’t even have to get out of your car AT ALL!

NOTE – Tips cannot be accepted, but a “thank you” and a smile is always welcome. 😀

Order with Walmart Grocery Delivery and get freebies

8. Possibly get free gifts.

If you’re a new Walmart Grocery customer, don’t be surprised if you receive a free goody bag while picking up your order! Several readers and friends have received a tote bag filled with samples or other freebies, which is always an added perk. Who doesn’t love free stuff?!

Find all the best Walmart deals here!

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Comments 44

  1. Pat

    Thank you for the code – just placed my first grocery pick up order for tomorrow morning during senior shopping hours (7 to 8 am) and saved $10! I have been accumulating a WalMart shopping list but have been nervous about going into a store, so this is the perfect solution!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! You’re SO welcome, Pat! Glad you could score the savings and submit your order!

      • Charity A Foster

        Thank you for the code. My husband works there and he’s off tomorrow but he’s home taking care of me because I’m sick. We’re having our groceries delivered and one of your codes worked for us. Thanks again.

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          You’re very welcome. Hope you feel better soon! 🤗

  2. Amber (Hip Sidekick)

    Yes, that’s correct. They are for new customers.

  3. lezers05

    This has been such a lifesaver! I did instacart 1 time and they placed my originals receipt in the bag and that’s when I saw instacart was $140 MORE than if I would have gone in store, not including tip, (it was for Costco) I was appalled. Walmart grocery is so much more affordable and I even pay the monthly amount to have it delivered to my door so I don’t have to drive anywhere…just wish they had a code for repeat customers but oh well already saving so much compared to instacart!

  4. Jennifer L.

    This is the best service! Hip2save, love all you do And have just discovered that I bought a link directly to your Walmart pick up orders. It is amazing and I would love to see more posts using a Ibotta on online pick up purchases like this! I have gotten some pretty incredible deals That have helped a lot since I’m not in the store using coupons. All things I was already buying!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! Thanks so much for your feedback, Jennifer L! SUPER happy to hear you have been able to grab such great savings! 🎉

  5. Linda

    Like many of your readers, I too do not want to go into the store and Walmart has the best curbside pickup service …. they are amazing!!!! I can always get a time that is convenient and their customer service is incredible. Also their substitution service is awesome. If they do not have the item they always substitute a more expensive item or a larger size. In my last order they substituted five items that were perfect and I received over $25 more in value. You always have the opportunity to decline the substitution if you want to. I thoroughly recommend the curbside pickup !!

  6. Mary Roberts

    It was my first time it was amazing loved it. The young lady that brought my groceries was fabulous so nice. Thank you will be doing it most of the time.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      That’s wonderful to hear, Mary! You’re most welcome! Thanks for the feedback on how your pick up order went for you! SO glad it was a success!

  7. Joyce Steele

    I picked up my first order at the Walmart Pickens SC and was pleasantly surprised about how efficient and timely my order delivered to my vehicle. Missy was great and very pleasant. It is so cool to have a personal shopper that takes time to find items especially produce that is fresh. Thank you again.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Woohoo! Glad to hear you had a wonderful experience, Joyce! You’re SO very welcome! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  8. Patricia Whitley

    I keep getting these little orange circles to give my crew and myself a $10 gift. I have not been able to figure out how to do it. I feel bad for the ones who bring my groceries out and not reward them. I love this service and not going in the store. It helps me a lot as a senior.

  9. Rebecca

    I have had Debra bring out my groceries several times since I have been going to the Neighborhood Walmart. She has been so friendly and kind. My kids are always trying to crank their necks back to see what is happening in the back of the car. She assures them that she is putting our groceries in the car and asks them questions about their day. They are disappointed when we do not get her. She goes beyond just loading groceries but becomes a friend we always feel safe with.

  10. TiffMeow

    I started just last month and have made two trips for groceries via pickup… once I had to go into the store because, there was no time slots. It makes it so easy to make a list edit it over and over based on family needs. Plus! I did get a goody bag and we like several products we plan on buying again!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      How cool! Happy you could score a goody bag! Thanks so much for commenting!

  11. Mrs. Barbara

    Is anyone getting any of the samples Hip2save mentioned about this service? Unfortunately in my area, this service has been more of an inconvenience than anything. Since I’m older, I choose between 6 and 7am, but the store has more order delayed for over 30 minutes or more. The fruit was moldy and the meat was old. I talked to the manager of the store that referred me to Walmart Grocery online but never got a refund for my food and they were pointing fingers between the store and online. A mess! I really am looking for another service to use. Anyone have suggestions? I’m old, on a walker and could need all the help I can get

    • Bex

      Instacart delivery would be worth it if you can afford it. They deliver to your house. Hope you find a solution! You can also use Instacart and do pickup at Aldi or Food lion.

    • Gamecockgirl

      Click the contact button on your Walmart email. I have had a couple of issues with pick up orders but they always make it right when I let them know.

    • Melissa S

      Try having the items delivered, that way you can request a refund online very easily by clicking on your account information and pickup and delivery orders. Once you get to your order, you can put in for a refund request if you are unhappy with the item and either it gives you the refund or a phone number to call where you can ask for one. If you pay, I think around 12 or 13 dollars a month, you can get unlimited deliveries but not sure if they have to be more than a certain amount paid per order. Unlike instacart, Walmart does not charge extra for each item and it saves money that way.

    • Lana

      We had a similar experience and after waiting an hour we were told they had not even shopped for our order. We told them to cancel the order but our credit card was charged. It was a huge mess and nothing but a headache. And we have also had old produce and moldy bread. Never again Wally World! If you have Aldi they could be a great choice. Our store is efficient and careful about every order. However my 81 year old Mom has had nothing but trouble with Instacart and we will never use that for her again. I hope you can find a good solution.

  12. pxl091000

    I love Walmart pickup. If you click ‘check in’ in the email you receive once order is ready and you are on your way, they will get your stuff out as soon as you get there. They track thru gps. And love their substitute option. Always get higher price item.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yes! I like to check in when I’m on my way too! Thanks for sharing that tip!

  13. julebay

    I have been using Walmart grocery pick up for about 2 years. I am thinking of doing the walmart delivery, but my order is close to $200 a week. What is an acceptable tipping amount? Trying to figure out if it is worth paying the yearly fee plus weekly tip.

    • jimnchris

      I tip $5 on $50 order, $10 on $100 order The folks who bring out don’t get tipped often here so they’re always appreciative I’m older and disabled and give what I can afford with smile and thank you.

  14. Christa

    I wish they offered this with existing pick up customers every once in a while. 😕

  15. tipaye

    Hi, all! My teenaged daughter works at Walmart and fulfills these orders. If you are able to, please turn vehicles off during loading as exhaust smoke burns their legs, especially during this heat when fulfilling large orders. Also, please remember to make sure there is space in your vehicle for your groceries, as this is not their responsibility to touch or move your personal items. Just a couple of tips that are easy and spread kindness. Thank you!

    • celticmommie

      Wow, thank you so much for this perspective! I never thought about this.

    • Not b

      Yeah thats kinda rude if you dont have room and if your car or truck is on thanks

  16. Ayden

    HI..is the DELIVERY promo code a one time use? Been doing the pick-up but now trying the Delivery service. THank you for all this information!

  17. Lisa Barnes

    Is there a way to use manufacturer’s coupons with the grocery pickup?

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      No, they have not implemented coupons for grocery pick up.

      • Lisa

        Thanks for the quick reply, Jennifer (Hip Sidekick) 🙂

      • agh925

        Here’s my Ibotta referral code: s88nw

    • agh925

      No, but you can use Ibotta and it’s awesome and links to grocery pickup.

  18. Richard A Medley

    I think it is a great idea to give a a goodie bag of free samples to new customers, but what about the customers that have been longstanding in using via grocery pickup as we have for many months. Well… anyway, we so enjoy having this service so I won’t complain. The ones that bring our groceries to our car are such sweet people, that is worth more than a goodie bag. THANKS WALMART

  19. jessie

    The goodie bag isn’t just for new customers. Walmart gives them out once a month, you just have to be there on the right week. It’s a nice surprise when we go get one.🙂

  20. Linda

    I love pick up…if you get something bad or smashed…they will refund you

  21. tiredday

    I’ve noticed that my cold items go bad faster (before the expiration date)…. like my bag of green beans get slimy before the expiration date. I think when they pick the food it’s kept out until they pick everything for all the orders they are picking.

  22. claudia-0

    Did this for the first time the other day cause we got covid. Ill definitely be using it more even after we get better. 🙂

  23. DebJ

    It infuriates me that they state tips can’t be accepted. Walmart’s net worth is over $300 billion. The employees are working so hard for us during this pandemic and it’s the least we can do to show our appreciation. Target and Home Depot won’t let them accept tips either. It’s awful.

  24. Observant Mom

    Another recycled post. I wish these posts would say “Recycled” or “Repost.” It’s annoying to see a post I’ve already seen before. I understand that others might not have seen it, but change it up a bit. Make a new post with the new(is it new) $10 off $50+ deal with a link to the original post that says why the h2s team likes this method of shopping. All it does for me as is now is make me not want to click links with a similar title.

  25. Bela

    This was nice thanks but I want an $10 order and the minimum is $30!!!!!!!!!!!! SO annoying

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