*HOT* ULTA Limited Edition Caboodles 58-Piece Beauty Box Only $23.99 ($183 Value)

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ULTA Beauty Box caboodle and cosmetics

Score an ULTA Beauty Box Caboodle!

Head over to ULTA Beauty where you can score an ULTA Beauty Box Caboodles Edition for just $29.99 – a $183 value!

Even better, you can also save 20% off a single item when you use promo code 814873 at checkout! Note that they are also offering a Free ULTA 10-Piece Bag with a $19.50+ ULTA Beauty purchase, however, the offer is not currently applying online so you would need to head in-store to score the freebie.

ULTA Beauty Box caboodles on shelf next to display

These ULTA Beauty Box Caboodles Edition feature 58 ULTA Beauty cosmetics and brushes, packed in a Caboodles On the Go Girl case! The case has a removable accessory tray and a flip lid mirror. Plus, the cosmetics are all cruelty-free.

They include a 36-piece eyeshadow palette, face palette, brow trio, lip glosses, lip oils, facial mist, brushes and more.

These kits would make excellent gifts…

ULTA Beauty Box Caboodles on a shelf

ULTA Beauty Box: Caboodles Edition in Pink $29.99
Use promo code 814873 (20% off one item)
Final cost $23.99!

opened ULTA beauty box

ULTA Beauty Box: Caboodles Edition in Green $29.99
Use promo code 814873 (20% off one item)
Final cost $23.99!

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    Shipping is free on orders over $35 or starts at $5.95. Or, opt for free in-store or curbside pickup.

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Comments 63

  1. Marie

    Can you get the 20% off in the store?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yes! Just click through the 20% off link above and then click on “Get The Coupon”. Hope this helps!

    • Kiki

      Coupon code was not accepted in store, so i went outside to order online only to find out that item was not available for pick up. Only shipping, so not saving anything at all. totally bummed.


        Do you get Ulta emails? they emailed me a 20% off any one qualifying item this morning- it has a barcode, and I’m wondering if it’s user specific? I would suggest signing up for emails/whatever their reward program is to get the coupons sent right to your email! If anything you always get a free birthday gift of some sort of beauty sample so it’s worth it 🙂

  2. cjg

    Anybody know what country the makeup is from? TIA

    • Courtney

      Made in China

  3. Mama2Nine

    Website crashed. Made two purchases was getting ready to place my third.
    Just noticed that I was over charged on both. 35 on one 58 on other. Chatted and was told nothing they can do until it ships. Was on chat for well over an hour. Won’t make a third purchase now or any in the future. Heads up!

    • Angie

      What a mess! You can dispute it with your credit card. Good luck! 😀

      • Mama2Nine

        I will. It’s just like you said it’s a mess. 😔
        I have bought from this company for years with no issues until last Black Friday. It’s always the free stuff that messes up. Done with free!

    • mel1313

      Cancelling online orders with Ulta or even just editing the order has always been a nightmare. Buyer beware.

      • Momof3girls

        So true! I recently moved and placed an online order. I was in a bit of a rush and put the order through quickly. As soon as the order confirmation came up I saw the shipping was my old address! There was no way to cancel so I called customer service within a minute of placing order. I was told there is no way to cancel it or change the shipping address and I’m basically out of luck. So I had to reorder my items and whoever lives in my previous address got a bunch of free stuff😞.

  4. Ashley C

    That’s nice since empty caboodles are about the same price!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      So true, Ashley C!

  5. Bela1217

    Had to get one! Thank for posting, I would have never known lol

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      You bet! I’m so glad you saw this, Bela1217!

  6. Mama6

    Thank you for this post 🙂 I ordered for my daughter for a Christmas gift since she is just now experimenting and playing with makeup. I wanted to add that I purchased the green Caboodles and I could not get the gift to add online. However, I added an Ulta candle for my oldest daughter, knowing she loves the scent and it immediately showed up in my cart and asked me to choose which bag for the gift. I am thinking it will NOT add the gift with just the Caboodles Ulta kit due to the fact it may be considered a collaboration with Caboodles. Hope this helps someone else. I was also able to use the 20 perscent off along with my bonus points 🙂 It charged me the correct amount.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      What a fun gift for Christmas! Thanks for the tips on how you got your order to work, Mama6!

  7. Courtney

    Went into the store and got it. Awesome deal! Thanks 😊

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Glad you got it in the store, Courtney!

  8. Mrswheels

    Thanks! I went in store on my way to work and grabbed this and the free gift. I think my daughter will love it for Christmas.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      There will be lots of happy daughters at Christmas this year!

    • Danna Rutz

      Did they let you use the 20%?

  9. olanrewaju

    oh really?

  10. LG

    This is on my list to pick up this week for a Christmas gift! Thanks Hip2Save!!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Perfect! You’re so welcome, LG!

  11. Jennifer

    I was just able to get the 10-piece free gift to add to my online order and ship.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh wow! Were you able to add it through the link above? I still can’t seem to grab it online.

      • Sarah

        You can get that free gift by adding $3 any face mask.

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          Thanks, Sarah! That didn’t work for me when trying to grab it online. DARN!

          • Jennifer Williams

            you have to pick the select Ulta items and the total needs to be at least $19.50 and then you can add the free gift.

            • Megan

              Mine is making me get 19.50 of Ulta to get the set…

            • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

              Thanks for sharing with us!

  12. jessi

    Just went and picked one up, the coupon wouldn’t work and of course the cashier was not very helpful.I’m not sure if they caught on and decided the coupon doesn’t work for this deal or what.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Bummer! So odd as it does apply for me online.

  13. Becky

    Thank you for the great deal! I went in store and they would not allow me to use the 20% off coupon off of the caboodle and get the free gift and made me choose one or the other. Strange because it doesn’t indicate that when I read the details to the manager, but she refused to negotiate.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the feedback, Becky! Good to know how the deal worked for you at your location.

  14. Kelly

    I had received a 20% off coupon via email and when I tried it in store it scanned but nothing showed that it applied so I asked the cashier to try the 20% coupon in this post and it immediately deducted 20% off. However, after it gave me my total the cashier said “Oh, look! It applied both coupons and I’m not going to fix it.” So I ended up paying $19.19 for the caboodle and the free gift set! My daughter will love both of these items! Such a good deal at $26, but it’s a steal at $19.19!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for letting us know how it worked out for you in store! Glad you could grab such great savings!

  15. Becky

    What age is everyone talking about for their daughters? I have 2 nieces I’m wondering about, one is 16 and one is 14. They both wear makeup and I think they would like it, just seeing if everyone thinks they are in the right age group.

    • Jennifer Williams

      I bought this as a Christmas gift for my 13 year old who loves makeup.

      • Janita

        Buying for my almost 14 year old who is just beginning to show interest in makeup.

    • rebecca

      this would be completely appropriate for either of them, in my opinion! i think Jr. high is an average age when girls start trying out makeup products.
      the nice thing about this set, is it’s not too cheap of quality for older girls, either. i have LOVED the eyeshadow primers by Ulta, and they have decent brushes and the facial mist is good also. this quality is good for learning how to use, and see what you like, and it isn’t the low low-end stuff.

  16. Leeann P

    Just went to the store to get these! So easy, got the free gift and the 20% off! My little cousins will be ecstatic at Christmas!

  17. Megan

    Here is what I did:
    2 Caboodles (1 20% off) – $29.99 + $23.99 = $53.98
    4 Ulta Hand Soaps – $24.00
    1 pack of Ulta oval face sponges – $2.49
    This qualified me for both the “free gift with $19.50 Ulta brand purchase” AND the “20 piece free gift with an $80 online purchase” on the Ulta homepage!

    Total: $80.47

    2 christmas gifts and TON of extras!!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Awesome score, Megan! Thanks for letting us know what great items you were able to grab!

  18. Megan

    I went to the store with my daughter today specifically for this promo and they would not honor the 20% off, but I did get the bonus bag with my purchase. I sent an email to corporate asking why my local store wouldn’t accept the coupon and I’m waiting to hear back.

    • heatherkelly

      I tried in store as well and they would not honor the 20% claimed the caboodle was a “sale” item.

  19. Sarah

    I went to the store and tried it. The coupon would not apply but the manager ok’d it anyway.

  20. BJMeadows

    Picked this up in store along with the free bag. Both are super cute. My daughter will love them for Christmas. The coupon was valid but they said they had been having issues with the 20% coupons. They over road it and it was fine.

  21. Karen R Jones

    I went to the store and they would not apply the 20% off Coupon. The manager said the Caboodle is a Clearance Item therefore it can’t be used. It does say on the 20% off Coupon not valid on clearance.
    That being said—-I was the only customer in the store–3 employees were behind the check out desk. They let me walk out without making a purchase. What is frustrating is the interpretation of the item being considered a “clearance item” at some stores and not others—also to let a customer walk out when there is no one else in the store shopping— over a 20% discount —is not very good customer service. I’ve only ordered online from Ulta. I didn’t want to go into the store in the first place but they wouldn’t allow on line -pick up in store at my location. I might have been encouraged to shop in store in the future if I had a good experience–but based on this—probably not.

  22. brandy horton

    If you order online and pick up in store can you get the free ulta 10 piece

  23. BabsNC

    Thanks for this post! Got it for my niece for Christmas and they offered me the free gift, too. As others mentioned, coupon didn’t work but the manager did an over ride and pushed it through! Great customer service. In order to use the coupon online and do a pick up, I would have had to drive 15 miles to another store, which is crazy because the store I went to had plenty.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re very welcome! Happy the manager could help with the coupon!

  24. Karen R Jones

    Follow up-regarding the 20% Coupon–We have two Ulta stores in my city-When I went to the one closest to my home-the store would not honor the 20% coupon saying “the Caboodle is a clearance item”. Yesterday I went to the other Ulta store in my city–they not only took the 20% off Coupon on the same Caboodle as the other store–but I received the free gift also. I know from reading on line the free gift is no longer available with online orders but both of the Ulta stores in Huntsville, AL (as of 10/7/2020) have plenty of the Caboodles in both green and pink and plenty of the free gifts.
    Hope this helps.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for letting us know how this was working at the stores near you! We sure appreciate the feedback!

  25. Marie

    All the stores in my area say:

    In Stock at the Store, but
    Not Available for Buy Online & Pickup in Store.

    COVID-19 can’t convince them to allow pickups.

  26. Lisa

    I picked one up today, in store. Showed 20%off coupon. Turned price to $23.99 before taxes. Also recieved the free gift.

  27. Diana

    Where was this made?

  28. Parla4

    Finally made it there today. I signed up for the rewards online and a link to the coupon appeared on the website. So easy! The caboodle AND the free item were on a display just inside the entrance. Can’t wait to wrap this up. My teen loves trying different makeup. I know it’s not the best quality but she’s not the most careful (has lost some of her favorite items before) and she buys makeup from Hot Topic of all places so I’m not too worried. 😂

  29. Lyndsie

    Just FYI, I could not get the above coupon code to work (said it was expired), but 814873 is currently working.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks, Lyndsie!

  30. Vickie

    I love hip2save. Trust me it is not their fault. The online free deals can be tricky.

  31. Melissa Noel

    Went and grabbed this tonight. They had it on sale for $19.99 and then used a 3 off 15 coupon. Wanted it for my 10 year old for Christmas, but was such a great deal grabbed one for myself as well. Thanks for the article!

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