Costco Is Reducing the Size of Paper Towel Rolls to Avoid Shortages

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packages of kirkland brand paper towels on display in costco

Costco is making a big change!

The paper towel shortage of 2020 has been real and Costco is making sure that 2021 is different! In order to keep more paper towels in stock, they’ve reduced the size of their popular Kirkland Signature Paper Towels 12-Pack from 160 sheets to 140 sheets per roll.

According to signs we spotted in-store, customers can be assured the quality and sheet size is up to normal standards, and the price per sheet remains the same – so you’ll still be getting the most bang for your buck!

product sign on paper towel display in store

Keep in mind that while this change has been in effect for a few weeks, some locations may still be selling the regular 160-sheet packs. Costco also has this pack in the 160-sheet size online for $19.99.

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Comments 41

  1. Denise

    I swear Aldi has done the same with there paper towels

  2. Nora

    Does anyone know if Costco has the best deal on toilet paper?

    • Katibell

      I was just going to comment and ask if their toilet paper is not as thick as it used to be? I just bought some and don’t remember it being so thin 2 years ago. You have to use a lot

      • Zara

        Kirkland brand is so thin. Recently bought Charmin brand and my 8 year old commented “ Finally we got normal toilet paper” lol

      • Heidi

        Yes! They changed it quite a while back. It’s like one-ply now. I refuse to buy it! I hate it.

    • Natalya

      I’ve noticed that too! Have to switch to something else…..

    • faithanne

      IMO sams is better!!👍❤️

      • Sara

        Agree! And I think it’s cheaper too!

      • Katibell

        Yes I’ve been getting Sam’s tp and totally agree.

      • Heidi

        Totally agree!

    • riss

      I’ve only bought Charmin and Cottonelle, but because of the shortage last year, I bought what was available at Costco, their Kirkland brand. It is cheaper, and also thinner. Had to use more compared to my usual hrands, so it’s not really cheaper.

  3. Aunt Jenny

    I thought they looked smaller when I purchased them a few weeks ago and just checked mine and they are the 140 but I paid $19.99 for mine.

  4. Eli

    Charmin has shorten the height of their toilet paper a while ago.

    • Annie

      Yes noticed that there is about an inch & half less on the cardboard roll. It never used to move side to side on the dispenser. Crazy!! Plus the price went up too.

  5. queen62

    Supply and demand. I stopped buying paper towels. They are a waste. I use cloth reusable and machine washable

  6. Erin

    I don’t understand how this helps I will still use the same amount one way or another. It would need to be me making the decision to not use them for a particular task not the fact I have to go to the garage for another roll. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Ashley

      I suppose it could be effective if it comes down to limiting how many you can purchase. Otherwise, yeah, I agree with you.

  7. Mellie

    Lol. There is no shortage. It’s an excuse to make a few extra dollars.

    • ToriSC

      Yup because you can bet when the shelves are back to being full that the size won’t go back up. Hidden inflation.

    • Jennifer Lisa

      Pretty sure that I saw the break down and it’s the same cost per sq ft.

  8. Nique26

    If they do that they need to lower the price seeing that they went up on the price.

    • Jennifer Lisa

      They will be the same price for sq ft, so you will.

  9. Arizona Abbey

    Do we all need a babysitter to tell us how many paper towels we can use?

    In my opinion, it is a way to charge more for a product.

  10. Kathleen

    It states the price per sheet is the same 🤷‍♀️

  11. TR

    Price per square foot is the way you can compare. Price per sheet is tricky if the sheet is smaller

  12. AV

    Costco is about being able to buy in bulk. It’s seems counterproductive to reduce the size of the product for your customers. It’s actually pretty frustrating.

    • Casey

      I would rather buy some at a lower cost than have zero available for me to purchase.

  13. Sylvie

    The price is reduced as well ?

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yes, they have lowered the price to keep the cost per sheet the same.

  14. gi_jo

    Lol. How dare they.

  15. Adri

    This would have made sense if they had done it in March/April 2020. Doing it now that all stores and all brands are back in stock is dumb.. they can claim price is “the same” but they wouldn’t be doing this (changing their manufacturing) if it didn’t benefit their pocket..

  16. Julia

    Greed is the only reason for this.

  17. Mama2Nine

    Costco is 💩! Everything is changing and not for the better. I have a a crazy amount of toliet paper and paper towel left and I’m dreading using it. 😔 It’s a bummer. Clothes are not not the same either.

  18. Megan

    The prices have increased so much it’s not worth to buy in bulk for a lot of items anymore.

  19. Grayce McGuffin

    I see commenters have said the paper seems thinner. Thinner pieces means more use, seems to me that is going to change quality not quantity 🙄

  20. Lisha

    I have noticed Bounty paper towel is thinner than before.

  21. Nel

    I recently bought Scott and Cottonelle Tp and we went through so much more quickly than the Amazon commercial basic we had been using… so my coupon deal really wasn’t a deal.

  22. bradjim

    Sam’s club brand is best

  23. Bruce Wahler

    I think Costco is stretching the truth just a bit. The Nashua, NH store has the 140-sheet rolls for $14.79: $14.79 / 140 sheets / 12 rolls = 0.88 cents per sheet. Ordering them online: $19.99 / 160 / 12 = 1.04 cents per sheet. Now, at a coarse level, both of these numbers are ‘a penny per sheet,’ but when one adds up all the sheets on 12 rolls, there is about a $3 difference per pack between what the 160-sheet rolls *should* cost on a Costco shelf ($16.90 ?); and what they actually cost by delivery — probably, the added cost of ship-to-home.

  24. Politically what?

    How is reducing the number of sheets going to reduce shortage. Ppl are just going to buy more rolls. If anything that makes me want to stock pile more ( and fr someone else) before you rip us off more!

  25. Politically what?

    They sure did this sneaky. It makes me wonder what other products they are reducing quality on and hoping we don’t notice. When I start buying any product I do a serious comparison shop for the value but I have to admit that once I start buying it I don’t continue to do that knew that period I had a lot of trust in Costco products but I have to say I don’t anymore. Costco I hope what you’re doing saves you a lot of money or accomplishes whatever you think it’s going to do because you’re losing the confidence of your customers.

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