Hobby Lobby is Eliminating its 40% Off Coupons

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Hobby Lobby Coupon signage

There’s a big change coming to Hobby Lobby

If you’re a frequent Hobby Lobby shopper, then you’re probably familiar with our recommendations for saving money there. Our number one rule is Don’t shop Hobby Lobby without their 40% off coupon. It looks like the rules are about to change though, because Hobby Lobby will soon be discontinuing this popular coupon.

Hobby Lobby cart full of neutral items

Hobby Lobby’s coupon for 40% off one regular price item was like an old friend… always there for you! It could be printed from their website at any time, or pulled up on the Hobby Lobby Mobile App before checking out in-store. It could even be applied when shopping online.

While the 40% off coupon did come with some exclusions and the store’s department-wide discounts sometimes made it hard to find a full-price item, this coupon will certainly be missed.

Hobby Lobby cart full of nautical items

This news was first shared in a memo to Hobby Lobby employees, and the company has now publicly confirmed it in response to customers’ questions on its Facebook page. Here’s what Hobby Lobby had to say:

As of February 28th, 2021, Hobby Lobby will no longer be offering the 40% off coupon in stores or online. By making this decision, we are intensifying our efforts to discount thousands of items every day. This will offer a better value instead of providing a discount on only one item with the coupon. It is always our intent to provide you with beyond compare service, great prices and the best selection. We appreciate your understanding during this period of transition and thank you for your continued business.

If you’re a fan of Hobby Lobby’s 40% off coupon, you’ll still have roughly a month to use it before it’s discontinued at the end of February.

After that, you can review these other money-saving tips to make sure you’re always getting the best deals at Hobby Lobby!

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Comments 88

  1. Sally

    Didn’t Michael’s also do away with their weekly high value coupon too?

    • whatacutielife

      Yup. Michael’s get rid of their 40% coupon too.

  2. Jackie

    What!?!? Nooooooo! 🥺 Not only did I used this coupon at hobby lobby but I also used it at JoAnns since they take competitors coupons. I am devastated by the news

  3. Materof6

    So sad. A sign of things to come across the board in retail, I’m thinking…thanks for keeping us up-to-date, Hip2Save!

    • Materof6

      I will keep shopping there in spite of…

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re most welcome!

    • Gee gee

      Hurry up and buy your Cricuts!!

      • Betsy

        Cricut was excluded from coupon anyway.

      • Jackie Easterwood

        You can’t use coupons on Cricuts anyway.

  4. Emily

    That’s bad news! Hope the other craft stores don’t follow. That’s the only reason I would go there instead of Amazon but I do love them!

  5. Tonya

    Not a good move. While
    I know they have to do what they need to do but cutting back your 40%. Lost this customer will get in there before feb 28 to use my coupons

    • rrrrrr

      i dont think they care that they lost you, theres a million more like you everyday out there.

      • crystal-24

        r, lol so true! Hobby Lobby knows it has enough customers to not need the 40% off coupon and yes, they do have to do what they have to do to survive this pandemic. The least we can do is support them if we’re fans of their store!

        • Gramma C

          Are you serious?! Support them during the pandemic? Hilarious.

          • Bellabella

            What’s hilarious in supporting a business?

            • crystal-24

              Thank you, Bellabella, you understand what’s truly important!:)

          • crystal-24

            Nobody said you had to if YOU don’t want to or shop there. It’d just be nice if a company you like still received support even without coupons or they’d close and you’d lose a favorite store. They obviously have more money than any average person, but they also have lots more expenses and employees to pay who need their paychecks to survive. It’s not “hilarious” in any way. Unless you think this pandemic is hilarious.

      • Gramma C

        Wow that was completely uncalled for.

        • Ucantfixstupid

          I think your response to crystal-24 IS uncalled for. If you don’t like people reacting to your comments on social media, then best to not comment at all.

    • Jackie Easterwood

      Really? Because of a coupon you could only use on one regular priced item anyway, you’re going to quit going there?

  6. Jill

    to be fair though, if you want something that’s on sale, all you have to do is basically wait a week and it will be on sale. I think that they’re probably doing it in order to stay open and stay afloat….. alot of companies are doing it. it’s better than them making the decision to close stores. I’ll still be shopping there

    • SusanAlyssaTurner

      So true. I almost never need the coupon because half the store is on sale. Love Hobby Lobby and will still shop there. I’m sure all stores are hurting now.

      • Flgrl017

        I really only use them if I’m already there buying 50% off, and I find something that isn’t on sale. If I find more than one item that’s not on sale I just come back the next week. They’re good for eliminating trips for 1 item though. Most of the time I find several items that aren’t on sale and just go back the next week 😀.

  7. AJ

    Thanks for the heads up! I’ll still be shopping there.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, AJ!

  8. Linda Roumillat

    WHAT no 40% off coupon that’s not good ! I shop a lot at Hobby Lobby and understand most all businesses are trying to stay up and running. Michaels is at best only offering a 20% off coupon. Joann’s is still mailing out great coupons and they will take more than One which is great especially if you have several items. If only they offered as much in the store as Hobby Lobby as far as items they would be number One !

  9. Teresa

    Bad business move…I have stopped shopping at Michael’s for this exact reason, and subsequently Hobby Lobby gained ALL of my business…guess I will not be a regular at Hobby Lobby anymore! And for those of you that say “Of it’s not on sale this week it will be next”, not ALL items go on sale, and many NEVER go on sale.

    • Jodi P

      Their intent is to lower regular prices, though. Their regular prices are absolutely ridiculous, and a lot of things are NEVER on sale…..others only twice a year. It’s frustrating when you need several items, but can only use the coupon on one. I don’t play the game of going several times with a coupon for one item at a time.

  10. animity

    I stopped shopping at Michael’s because of this, guess Hobby Lobby is next. I don’t NEED any of this stuff anyway. I think we are all going to be going into sticker shock sooner than later. Inflation is already slowing hitting us it will hit us hard sooner than later. Our grocery bill alone has gone up almost 40% since a year ago…..

    • M.

      I noticed food prices are higher too. Just wait until our taxes go up to pay for everyone’s free college!

      • Elle

        *eye roll*

        • tree

          *eye roll* to the *eye roll*

      • PatriciaSmith

        Anyone with 30 seconds and a Google search can tell you where Hobby Lobby’s money is actually going. And it’s not free college, as that would be actually beneficial to society and that’s just not how they roll.

        • HP

          Anyone who can read would know she said our TAXES will go up to pay for it, not that Hobby Lobby is paying for it.

        • Victoria McCabe

          Not going to affect me….I stopped shopping at HL when I found out some of their employee policies. They aren’t going to miss my dollars but I feel better not supporting a company that I totally don’t agree with. The prices were too high, anyway, for junk I don’t need.

          • lindak

            Agreed. Rarely went there anyway and every time I tried to use the coupon it didn’t apply.

          • iamkris10

            That and black market antiquities dealing. I stopped going to them

          • tipaye

            Victoria, I feel exactly the same way! When I found out they restricted birth control (among other things) for employees I was done with them. Never really shopped there anyway. They can keep their politics and I’ll keep my money 😉

            • Jelly

              Its not politics love, religious freedom is all. The employees can choose to work elswhere….just like you can choose to shop elsewhere.

            • France 2107

              Evidently you haven’t really been paying attention. They don’t restrict birth control, how could they? They just don’t pay for something that is against their religious beliefs. In a free world that is their choice, just like in a free world it’s your choice to shop somewhere else or the employees choice to find another job if they don’t like the employer policies. Fair is fair.

          • crystal-16

            I agree. I will sometimes go in and browse for ideas and then try to find the item online somewhere else or something similar to it. I don’t feel good about spending my dollars there.

        • tipaye

          Yassss Patricia Smith 👍🏻

        • Chex

          Maybe they are trying to recoup the hundreds of thousands of dollars they lost when they purchased stolen biblical artifacts and then had to return them

      • catmom

        We shop at Meijer every week and have also noticed the prices rising. Meijer used to print out high value coupons at the check out. For at least 2 years they have cut way back on those to practically none existent. Also, the pharmacy there has a rewards program. The rewards are now half the value. IMO, with more people working from home and students learning from home we are all cooking and baking much more. That means more money per family spent at the grocery store resulting in higher profits for the store. I could go on but I’m sure we all get the idea.🤤

      • Jackie

        And don’t forget our taxes and the cost of things after the minimum wage increases. How do you think employers will pay for that increase? By increasing every else. A gallon of milk might be now $2 but it might go up to $4 after the minimum wage increase. Employers have to pay for that increase by increasing the price of their products. It’s going to be really bad.

        • Sara

          Our milk has been over $4 for years in Johnson County, KS.

          • Lo

            Shout out to Kansas! Wonder if they’re price fixing again. There was a class action about that in listed here years ago.
            Milk is $1.29ish here in OH and I’m complaining it used to be $1 last year. $4-$5 in Cali also

            • 77_purity

              wow, I’m in MO and milk are about $3 or so. Organic is at least $6 if not more.

    • Csandst1

      I was able to reduce our grocery bill from $12,000 annually to $5,000 when my husband was laid off in 2018. I don’t use coupons and rarely shop at warehouses. We’re a family of 4 with 2 teenage boy, FYI.

      • Animity

        Do share!!!

  11. Happy Aunt

    Sad to see this go. I liked using it for the things that don’t go on sale like cards and the party section. I will continue to shop there when I need something that they offer as its better to use them than lose them.

  12. C

    I don’t shop there often, but I did appreciate the 40% off coupon. It might be true that you can just wait for the item to go on sale, but I don’t shop there often enough to play that game, and the sale prices are not usually 40% off on the items I have purchased at sale prices. I probably won’t shop there anymore. Oh, well. It’s not a great loss to me or them.

  13. Cariboo

    You are right that the coupon was like an “old friend” but they are still a great store that offers great rotating sales. I’m thankful to have a Hobby Lobby in my town and prefer to give them my money than many of the big retail places or amazon. I’m still a fan.

    • Lisa Olson

      One thing HUGE to remember is that many small businesses sell through amazon. We have a small business that has been around since 1940 and we sell items through amazon. It sure helped us get through tough times. I do like Hobby Lobby’s sales but unfortunately HL isn’t so close that I can run everyday. Having the coupon allowed me to combine my trips and get most items at one time at a sale price.

      • Janelle

        Yes! This! Not everyone lives close enough to just stop in when items are on sale.

      • Jelly

        Its not politics love, religious freedom is all. The employees can choose to work elswhere….just like you can choose to shop elsewhere. Lisa be cautious with Amazon, just go to the community boards and look up throttled sales. As soon as they effectively reduce consumer choices for shopping, they start throttling your sales and essentially own the entire market share because first they put all the small businesses out of business, then offer cheaper and faster service than competitors online….then they can price items at will…and the 15.00 min wage will eliminate all remaining small business across rural america…noone can afford it except the big guys

  14. Pam

    I will still shop there. Like everyone said most things are on sale or in a week or two it will be. The thing I wish they would do is put their sale prices in the computer system and not rely on the cashier to know that the item is on sale. I have to watch everything they ring up. I don’t know how many times I have caught them not applying the sale price and it infuriates me to get home and realize I did not get the sale price. Just saying:)

  15. eadybakegirl

    No surprised everything is always “on sale” so coupon would not be needed. Many of the items are wholesale China stuff that can purchased cheaper on allibaba express you just need to wait for longer shipping.

    • Queenie

      Have you had a positive experience using this site? Heard about it but been very skeptical about them

      • Joy Fickas

        Hip to Dave is AWESOME!

        • MommySpendsLess

          I love your typo! 🙂 If I knew someone named Dave I’d suggest they register that domain name. But I think Queenie was referring to Alibaba/AliExpress, not Hip2Save.

      • eadybakegirl

        I have had good experience, I usually view the reviews and check the measurements. Bought a huge dinosaur decal for 11 shipped on Amazon it was 35 plus. amazon has a lot of drop shippers.

  16. Dee Thomad

    They are not doing scrapbook paper any more for 4for $

  17. bridgetcadwallader

    You would think

  18. MommySpendsLess

    IF they (and Michael’s) reduce their regular prices (as Hobby Lobby implied they would) in junction with eliminating the 40% off coupons it will be a good move in my opinion. Many times the price at Michaels after the coupon was still higher than the regular price elsewhere. I’m not a hobby crafter so if I’m in one of those store l’m working on a specific project which means I need several things across a variety of departments and making a trip each day or making my 11yo check out separately was an unnecessary inconvenience.

  19. Faye

    When Michaels & ACMoore merged, they ended their coupons. Michaels just closed in town. The day after that closing, I received a text from Michaels with a coupon. I sure hope that Hobby Lobby stays in business.

  20. Brandi

    No biggie! Love the company and what they stand for! They always have a ton of stuff 40% off. I will continue to support them! LOVE Hobby Lobby! ❤️❤️❤️

    • tipaye

      Yeah…dictating reproductive rights, mixing ‘values’ 🙄 with goods and the God-awful, life-sized Trump cardboard cutouts has Jesus slow-clapping, I’m sure. I really wonder about people sometimes.

  21. Dolores Van Ryn

    Sad to see the 40% coupon discontinued. This might alter my shopping habits.
    Michaels still offers a 20% coupon. Also Michaels store is located closer & in the same shopping center as Target. Two stops in one shopping center.

  22. Sue

    My nearest Hobby Lobby stores are 30 minutes away, so I don’t visit often. But I have noticed my trips to Michaels have gone down drastically since they stopped giving out the 40% coupon. I’ve only gone 2x in the past 6 months & both times for a sale item only. Normally I’d browse around to see if I wanted to use my coupon on anything. But with no coupon I just left after looking at what I went for. And my mom would go all the time to pick up things for my daughter. She’d use the coupon on things that hardly ever go on sale or are usually part of buy 1 get 1 deals. I don’t think she’s gone at all in recent months. Here’s hoping they bring them back when things get better with covid to drive traffic back into their stores.

  23. Pam B

    Considering the mark-up is over 500% in most cases (or more) because of the bulk buy and free custom labeling from China… they are still making $$$$ even @ sale pricing.

  24. Tracy

    Oh man, I hate to hear that! Especially during this time when everyone is having financial hardships. But I suppose Hobby Lobby may be going through tough times, too. Thanks for the heads up!

  25. heidi

    Our Hobby Lobby is completely packed every time I go. So sad. Joanns will be next – i hope not though. I never go to Michaels anymore.

  26. Gramma C

    Well that’s a bad move. They are way over priced without coupons and sales. Just like Michaels and kohl’s.

  27. ligr80

    I only occasionally shop at Hobby Lobby. Sure, I would wait for a time there is a sale, like I do for every store, but the lack of the 40% will make me not but something not on sale. Hence lower ending money spent. Bad idea.

  28. Erika Maxwell

    My daughter just asked me today how they make any money if they always have coupons. Jinx

    • Tatiana

      Tell her three words, that’s how. Made in china.

  29. Tatiana

    Doesn’t everything go 50% on rotating cycles every week or is it just me?

  30. Suzy

    Just one more reason to NOT shop there

  31. furnbelly

    I will continue to support them. Everyone is taking a hit right now -it’s understandable.

  32. Evie

    Everything is usually on sale so I can never use the 40% off anyway.
    A lot of junk from China is not worth the high price most retailers charge.
    I want value for my money!
    Buying a lot less.
    I want to see retailers sell high quality for low prices. Um, really compete.

  33. Lynn

    Shopping at Hobby Lobby became ethically challenging for me last year, when they:

    1) Required employees to work off the clock
    2) Snuck in employees during the local lockdown
    3) Told employees that the Lord wanted them to do all this, because the owner’s wife prayed on it and had a vision
    4) Fought every COVID-related unemployment filing tooth and nail

    You don’t get to play with the lives of your employees like this.

    • tipaye

      “Owners wife prayed hard on it” 😭 What God does she pray to? My goodness, I thought their delusions stopped at not covering birth control pills. This corporation is insane and many turn a blind eye. They think Jesus is slow-clapping for them (or want people to think so) but they’re just bigots.

  34. rocooper65

    I need that compass wall hanging she’s holding!!! I can’t find it on the website. What department did was it in? I searched nautical since she has the little oars in her cart. Didn’t find it.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! It seems that not all of their items are available online. In store inventory can vary. Be sure to check the nautical themed section of your store. Hoping you find it or something similar! 🤞

  35. judy h.

    Hobby Lobby’s prices are ridiculously high, therefore I’ve never made a purchase there without their 40% off coupon. Instead of dedicating time to ‘intensify their efforts to discount the prices on thousands of everyday items’ (whatever that means), they would do themselves a favor by replacing their sorely outdated checkout system, (punching in the prices with buttons on a cash register, price checks galore, long, long checkout lines) as well updating their pitiful website. NEWSFLASH! Hey, Hobby Lobby, did you know your competitors’ websites let you know if the item you want is in stock at your local store! I know, right?! Technology is amazing, you should try it out.
    Given those existing problems, canceling your 40% off coupon and vague promise to offer discount prices on thousands of everyday items, I must say “Let me know how that works out for ya?”. My future business will be with Wal-Mart, Joann, Michaels, Amazon, Etsy, etc.

  36. Karen

    I’m a hobby lobby employee and we really are lowering prices like crazy across the board. Starting in the Party department. Most prices are being lowered 30-75% off. They’re making good on their promise of lower prices on thousands of items.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      That’s great to hear, Karen! Thanks for letting us know what you’ve been seeing!

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