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10 Trendy Faux Florals & Plants at Hobby Lobby That Look Real

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woman in Hobby Lobby holding faux fiddle leaf plant

Someone recently told me how good the faux plants are right now at Hobby Lobby, so I had to go see them for myself. I am not one to gush over plastic florals or greenery (I definitely prefer the real thing); however, these stunning and trendy faux florals and plants at Hobby Lobby have me totally fooled — and now I need ALL of them!

1. Succulents

three mini succulents in rocks in glass vases in wood crate

Succulent Trio in Wood Box | $39.99

No need to ever water these succulents! They would make the perfect desktop decor, and the tiny rocks they sit in make them look so realistic. I can guarantee all your coworkers and friends will be asking if they’re real!

2. Tropical leaves

two green palm leaves sitting in a black tube in floral aisle in store

Monstera Leaf Stem | $9.99

These gorgeous leaves were giving me all of the tropical vibes! They looked insanely real, and their large size would make such a stunning and minimal statement in a boho-inspired vase.

Hip Tip: Looking for a potted version of this? I found this gorgeous Split Leaf Philodendron Potted Plant to add the perfect bold statement to your home!

3. Magnolia flower

large white magnolia flower with florals in background

Cream Botanic Artistry Magnolia Stem | $6.99

If you love Joanna Gaines, you probably already have a love and appreciation for magnolia leaves. But have you ever seen a gorgeous magnolia flower?! I have all the heart eyes for this one right here, and I know I keep saying this, but I can’t even believe it’s fake! Now I don’t have to wait around all spring to enjoy these statement florals!

4. Fiddle leaf fig tree

sara standing next to a tall fiddle leaf fig tree in store aisle

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | $119.99

I was so excited when I spotted this fiddle leaf fig tree, and even more so when I saw it was under $100! It’s so hard to find this trendy plant at a reasonable cost, and many people prefer faux over the real thing anyway, since taking care of these plants can be so tricky! This little cutie would look perfect in any corner of your home.

5. Hanging succulents

hanging succulents in white ceramic vase hanging on store peg board

Succulent & Sedum in White Pot Wall Decor | $23.99

A true boho lover’s dream come true! And the best part? No green thumb will be necessary to keep this hanging trio looking amazing! This stunning piece will bring a unique and trendy touch wherever you put it!

6. Pink Roses

tons of pink roses in a metal jar

Light Pink Rose Bush | $12.99

Can you even believe these pink roses are fake! While these flowers may not necessarily be “trendy”, they’re certainly so timeless and beautiful. I saw them displayed in a rustic metal jar in Hobby Lobby, lending them the perfect farmhouse appearance for any table centerpiece.

7. White Ranunculus

white Ranunculus flowers in a bundle

White Fresh Picked Ranunculus Spray | $6.99

These gorgeous florals were, hands down, my favorite faux flowers at Hobby Lobby! This flower is one of my favorites, and I see it so often on florists’ fashion-forward Instagrams. I seriously cannot get over how real and delicate these look in person!

8. Modern succulents

red burgundy colored succulent with tall green succulent in cement pot on floor

Potted Succulent Arrangement | $21.99

If you haven’t already guessed, I am totally loving succulents right now! Not only are they trendy, but they look absolutely adorable almost anywhere you put them! Plus, I love how this one comes potted in a cement planter and rose gold stand for the perfect modern touch.

Hip Tip: Love this modern looking plant? I found another one just like it in a round cement pot and it’s to die for! 😍

9. Mini succulents

hand holding a mini green succulent with succulents in background

Green Echeveria Pick$5.49

These mini succulents are so heavy and literally feel just like a real succulent on a stem. Hobby Lobby also has tons of other options like pink succulents, pink-tipped succulents, purple ones, and even flocked ones. All of them together would make such a perfect succulent centerpiece if you enjoy doing a fun DIY.

10. Farmhouse cotton stems

sara holding cotton stems in glass vase in floral aisle at store

Cotton Stems in Glass Vase | $34.99

Looking for the perfect farmhouse touch? These cotton stems are it! While I’m pretty sure they’re technically real cotton, I love that they come styled in a glass vase and are held in place with faux water to for extra realism. These would look great on any countertop or table.

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Comments 70

  1. Kim

    Cute outfit Sarah. 😊 Where did you buy your pants?

    • frugal-fit-sexy

      Was thinking the same,. Always well put together and looking fabulous. So gorgeous

      • Sara

        Thanks so much, frugal-fit-sexy! 🙂 These photos are from last year, so pre-pandemic and quarantine. Haha!

    • Sara

      Thanks, Kim! They are from Zara, however, a clearance find from a couple of years ago so I’m not sure they’re still available!

  2. Jj2

    Are you seriously highlighting cotton? The day after Juneteenth?? No one should ever decorate with cotton. Ever. EVER

    Could Hip2save please use more diverse voices? Where are the posts for minority owned businesses?

    • rochellemcgee

      Since you’re about 3 years behind the Hobby Lobby “cotton decor” (non)controversy, I can’t tell if this is supposed to be facetious or not, but if it is, it’s in really poor taste. It’s a deal website and largely features major retailers with deals that are available to people across the country. They do have a site – Hip2Share where you could submit your own deals at the kinds of businesses you’d like to see; sometimes they will feature submissions in their regular feed.

      • Angie M.

        Well said 👏👏👏

    • Its ok

      I believe you are taking this out of context. This post is about a deal at Hobby Lobby noy trying to make it racist or anything close to it. By the way, people who picked cotton back in the day were not just people of color, my great grandfather and grandfather and their families all picked cotton just to make a living.

      • pfq

        But they weren’t slaves – get the context now? However, cotton is a plant – it’s not racist has any feelings about anything at all. Are we to never wear any clothing made from cotton. Don’t try to make cotton the enemy – it was people. Just like religion; it teaches some nice things, but people corrupt it. Put the blame where it belongs and don’t go to the absurd side.

    • Angie M.

      There’s always gonna be that person who takes things out of context! Ridiculous! Hip2save is all about deals and helping people. You must be on the wrong website!

    • Rachel

      Yea, let’s not decorate with cotton, but I’m sure you use cotton balls on your face or wear clothes made out of cotton, right? Where does it become “ok” to use anything with cotton ? Come on now, not everything has to be “racist”. 🙄

      • Liz

        People like Rachel are just waiting to disparage the use of the R word … dnt give them any excuse.

        • Amber

          Calling out people for shouting racist where it doesn’t exist isn’t disparaging the word. In fact, it’s the exact opposite and should be commended.

          • liz

            And that is exactly what i also meant…there are a bunch of ppl who claim racism doesnt exist and just need an excuse to say exactly that.

            • Amber

              That’s inherently untrue. No one claims racism doesn’t exist. Looking for something to be racist, like cotton stems from a craft store, diminishes the real racism that needs addressing. The more people make non-racist things racist, the less people will take real racism seriously.

    • darleen00

      Hip2Save – by deleting my comment I see that you are no better than the media by censoring our free speech. If you are going to delete my comment that you should delete Jj2 comment, he/she is making a racist issue out of your post of cotton decorations. I guess you are okay with being accused of being racist by a post of cotton but I am not okay with it, unbelievable. When are they going to end this nonsense.

      • liz

        what do you mean by ‘they’ ? Let me guess, u are one of the ‘All Lives Matter’ crowd right?
        H2S can post or delete any comment they want..move along if u dnt agree with them. Rest of us are all learning about race and its after effects in this period of history…im an immigrant who didnt know much and im very thankful for all these discussions…the cotton controversy is something i hadnt even heard off until just this post…so thank you H2S for letting me research more about it.

        • Amber

          “They” = those who divide and use race to further an agenda all while saying they believe in equality.

        • darleen00

          Yes, I am one for “All Lives Matter” like my life. I am a daughter of an immigrants from Mexico and when I was young my father was gone for many years in the United States working very hard to send money back to us in Mexico. When I was a teenager the rest of our family got to join him in the States and together we started a business. Last week, our business was looted and destroyed while we ran for our lives in the back storage room fearing for our lives. Our business was destroyed and we are all experiencing nightmares over this so yes my life matters also regardless if you think it doesn’t. I know when I became an American citizen I took an oath to obey the law. As for history is this what you want to children to learn that it is okay to riot, loot, and destroy property due to entitlement or offended by something. This nonsense needs to stop.

          • Liz

            And im sure you and your family are valued members of this community and this country. However your life (and mine) have not experienced the systematic racism that our black brothers and sisters have through generations. When they say ‘Black Lives Matter’ it doesnt mean that other lives means that Black lives also matter and they need our help as their lives are in danger compared to the others.
            Also can we not try and equate both the protesters with the rioters…its becoming more and more evident that white suppremists infiltrated the protests and were responsible for most of the rioting. Just today the police is searching for Natalie White who was captured on camera burning down a Wendy’s…she was not a protester…so lets not disparrage the movement.

            • Selah

              Systematic racism? Name a current law or institution that’s racist. Name the last president. The last AG. Highest paid american athlete? Highest paid male musician? Highest paid comedian? As far as black lives being in danger – who’s responsible for 90% of black deaths? It’s concerning and rather sad that you justify the destruction of a minority immigrant woman’s livelihood based on lies just so you can create the illusion of being virtuous.
              Darlene – I’m so sorry you and your family are having to go through all of this. You did everything right, it’s not fair. Is anyone in your community able to help you rebuild?

              • Liz

                Selah im sorry but u are a racist..simple..not going to sugarcoat it now. Let me say this so u can understand…having a black president or paying a few dozen athletes millions of dollars doesnt wipe out the struggles of the remaining 99% of the black population. And lets discuss the ‘black on black crime’ that is always the hottest topic on Faux news. When a neighborhood is predominately of one particular race and when crime occurs its between the same race…so black on black crime statistics is the same as ‘white on white’ crime statistics … i.e just crime.
                And im guessing u didnt like me bringing up the infiltration of white supremacists in the protesters..hmmm wonder y?….pls check out the Boogaloo movement for anyone who wants to read up.

                • Debby

                  She is not racist….you are.

                  • Liz

                    wow..such good points u make….SMDH

                • Selah

                  Stating facts you don’t like doesn’t make me racist. You falsely labeling me racist because you have zero evidence to back up any of your claims makes you immoral, which was already abundantly clear based on your previous comments. As far as murder rates go, black on black crime occurs at a much higher rate than white on white. Also, black on white murder is higher than white on white. I’m still waiting for you to state any law or institution that’s racist. I’m pointing out that in America, black people can achieve whatever they desire. They’re intelligent, hard working, and capeable. You’re the one making executes and holding them back. Only a systematically racist country would elect a black president twice, correct? Lastly, I didn’t address the white supremacists and protests because it’s obviously a lie. But since you seem to be so stuck on it – why are liberal celebrities and Dem politicians defending their actions and bailing them out of jail? I hope you’re able to grow and become less hateful as time goes and not judge people by their skin. It is 2020 after all.

                  • Naomi

                    Selah looks like you are triggered…bringing up white supremacy seems to have hit a nerve. What Liz said can easily be researched…its time you look inwards and do a little reading. And no…white on white crime is higher than black on black..i did read up on it. And no there are no laws that are racist but enough people like you around still in 2020 is more than enough for racism to still exist. Imagine going for a job interview as a black person..if there is another white person competing for the same position…wonder who you would choose based on all ur preconceived notions about black people? That my friends is where white privilage comes in.

                    • Selah

                      Oh look, another fact denier claiming its everyone else that’s triggered.
                      How 2020 of you. Hate to break it to you, but I’m black. The only reason racism is kept alive is by people like youand Liz perpetuating lies, hate, and division. You’re the racist. Be better.

                    • Nicole

                      Thank you Selah for your honesty, strength, and intelligence!

                    • Naomi

                      Oh of course Selah .. the excuse u have for ur racist comments are that u are black..we all believe u…again no facts just insults in ur comments…calling out racism is not racist…people like you are hoping that we go back to the days where u couldnt be called out..well those days are long gone.

                    • Laura

                      Bingo! As a mixed woman I can find a racist a mile away. They are a LOT more abundant than people want you to believe. And they get VERY defensive. Innocent people don’t become defensive.

                    • Selah

                      Please quote back to me a racist comment I made. Was it this one – “I’m pointing out that in America, black people can achieve whatever they desire. They’re intelligent, hard working, and capable.”? Of course you deny that I’m black. Heaven forbid a black person have an opinion different than yours and doesn’t claim the falsity of victimhood so they remain inferior to you! I think racist people should be called out. That’s why I called you (and Liz) out from the beginning.

          • Debby

            All lives do matter. Bottom line… get over yourself and go on Twitter and troll others.

            • Debby

              Sorry DARLENE00….this was not meant for you… but the person whose being obnoxious.

            • Liz

              nope….BLM !!! White lives have always mattered….sorry the truth hurts.

              • Amber

                Says the racist who claims to not be racists and she continues to judge everyone based on skin color…

              • Debby

                Why are you saying only BLACK LIVES MATTER … only black?? Not Asian? Latinos?? Your comment is beyond racist when you think/believe that only ONE RACE is more important than another. I don’t support that only BLM … I support all HUMAN LIVES MATTER. Stop the pity party…. This country was built on the backs of numerous ethnic backgrounds. There are still country’s where black people are still slaves… BY black people.

            • Kindra

              All lives don’t matter until Black lives matter!! That was a very ignorant comment by you.

    • Gramma C

      Oh come on!!

    • SueJo

      How on earth can such a big deal be made over cotton? This is a deal/coupon site. Hip2Save is not out to get anyone. I usually find the comments to be helpful and that’s why I read them, but this is absolutely absurd. This is a heart problem not a cotton problem.

    • Mars

      JJ2 are you serious? It is a fake plant. If you have a problem with cotton, then you better not wear any clothes that have cotton or use anything else made with cotton. Are you trying to look for racism? Blacks were not the only ones to pick cotton. People like you are the ones causing the racism in this country by looking for it. Stop bringing up the past. It happened over 150 years ago. Also, if you are so concerned about helping the minority owned businesses, start your own blog and stop telling people what to do.

    • StephB

      Hang on! Are you kidding me?! So let me get this straight. You think that something beautiful grown from a seed just like other plants and flowers is racist?! Makes absolutely no sense! None!! Why does everything have to be made into a race thing?! It’s a plant!! A PLANT!!!! I love all races. Has nothing to do with what kind of decor or PLANTS I use at my home. This is so dumb!!!🙄

      • CharlieC

        I have always been a hip2save fan and will continue to be one. But it’s time for white people to step up and do better. Systemic racism is everywhere and silence equals complacency. There are many other faux plants to highlight at craft stores other than cotton.

        The words Antebellum and plantation should not conjure up a romantic picture in your mind. Slavery ended not that long ago and civil rights equality is still non-existent. Wearing cotton clothes and using cotton balls harvested by machine has nothing to do with a raw cotton boll. A raw cotton boll causes trauma for the descendants of the millions of those enslaved and murdered. The only proper use of a cotton plant I have personally experienced was interviewing a man with the plant on his porch. This plant had been propagated for generations in his family after his enslaved ancestors became free and ran their own cotton farm. They owned it, and they were paid for their work. This was his family’s history to do as he wished. It was beautiful to hear his story.

        • SueJo

          This is a ❤️ problem not a 🌱problem.

    • Debby

      Your completely out of line here. Your comments are ridiculous and your totally in the wrong site to preach to people. This site is about savings… please keep your political or personal views to yourself. If your “offended” by the word cotton then you need to talk to someone. Seriously… ridiculous

  3. Oconnor5

    Does Hobby Lobby ever offer free shipping?

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      They do, but rarely.

  4. Katie

    That fiddle leaf fig tree is so cute! I will definitely be checking my Hobby Lobby for one. Thanks Hip2Save!!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      You are welcome! I love how fiddle leaf fig trees look!

  5. Av

    Went in for the magnolias, left spending $250. Oh, and all of the wall decor/art was 50% off. Hobby lobby gets me every time.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      That’s what Kohl’s does to me!

  6. Joanna

    Loving the outfit girlfriend! 🙂

    • Sara

      Thanks so much Joanna!

  7. Rebecca

    Wow. People are just ridiculous at this point. Maybe they don’t live in the south or actually know a thing about history except for the BS they’re being fed, but there’s nothing controversial about cotton, period. I’m so over all of this & people being offended by everything. Gotta go order some cotton blossoms before they’re gone too.🙄

    • StephB

      I feel the same as you. So over it. 🙄

  8. tmstraseske

    I’m so bummed I’m just now seeing this deal! June 20th is almost over and Hobby Lobby is closed by now!!

  9. Michelle

    Thank Hip2Save for your hard work and for this amazing deal! It is so sad that some people who are not completely educated about history and do not have their facts straight find it acceptable to make such ignorant, ridiculous and uninformed comments. Please keep doing the outstanding work you do as 99% of us appreciate it!

  10. Brooke

    I’m part of that 99%! Following since 2010! Thank you for an amazing decade of savings! Thankful and blessed for all you do Hip2Save!

  11. Katie

    Love this post! I always feel lost or overwhelmed in the floral department. This is a big help! Thank you!

    • jennifer

      Same here

  12. Kindra

    If a Black person comments on here saying that this is a hurtful post due to cotton and the history behind it then you (general) have no right to tell that person that they’re being dramatic, bringing racism up, or that it’s “just decor”. You’re being dismissive! For many year now cotton decor has been a huge no. I, for one, would never buy it. I dont think Hip2Save meant this (or it may not have even crossed their mind) to be racist or hurtful but I can see how it can come across to those who are Black especially the day after Juneteenth. Racism is still very much alive and Black people live their lives in fear every day. For those saying “All lives matter” is dismissive and straight up ignorant. All lives can’t matter until Black lives matter, it’s that simple. I’m sad to read half of these comments and the world is the way it is today by some of your mind sets. Disgusting!

    • Kate

      I can’t imagine having the mindset where claiming all lives matter is viewed as ignorant and dismissive or not considering black lives to be a part of all lives. So hateful.

      • Kindra

        Because white lives ALWAYS matter. Whites have it much easier than Blacks do and always have. Look at all the police brutality against Blacks, that right their is showing your their lives don’t matter (to some). Of course all lives matter, that doesn’t even need to be said. Sadly, our society has a long history of treating some people as less valuable than others. Study after study has confirmed that in equivalent situations, African Americans and Latinos are treated with deadly force far more often than White people, and authorities held less accountable. Racial bias is real. Racism is real. The white privilege is shining SO bright in here it’s actually disgusting to read.

        • Kate

          When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Police brutality against men far exceeds police brutality against women. The percentage of unarmed men killed by police compared to unarmed women pretty much averages 100% yearly. So, clearly, sexism across the American police force is prevalent and female privilege runs rampant. Where is the Men Lives Matter movement? Perhaps, in looking at the whole picture, we should look at why certain demographics come in contact with police in the first place and try to figure out a solution to combating that instead of shouting about 0.01% of the problem and then wondering in 20 years why things are still the same. The day the black lives matters movement cares about all 37 million black lives and not only the 9 killed by white cops is the day their slogan will have any meaning.

        • Linds Pappas

          Where are you getting your stats??? According to the last 5 years, white people being shot and killed by police have far exceeded those of any other race.

    • MellisaB

      I’m tired of reverse discrimination, when I study with all my heart, sacrifice hours away from family and friends, work 2, sometimes 3 jobs to put myself through college and then when I apply for a job which I am very qualified for, I don’t get it because I’m not a woman or a minority. How is that NOT discrimination , oh that’s right, I was born white and worked my arse off to get the job I wanted. People should get opportunities due to merit NOT the color of the skin. There is no white privilege, ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!! Stop listening to faux news!

      • Rebecca

        This right here ☝️☝️☝️🙌🙌🙌

  13. Michael

    ALL LIVES MATTERS, not just BLM. I will NOT acknowledge any one group is “special” or better than anyone else. When people say BLM, they’re putting other races down (even if they don’t verbally say it). We’re all made equal in the eyes of God and it is by our own sins that we *think one group matters more than others. “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” as Obama would say. You can’t change others, but what you can change is within yourself. Lastly, when you support BLM, you essentially hating the white and the men/women in blue. That’s just plain wrong period!!

    • Maria

      Michael, since you are quoting Obama, here is another quote from him about the BLM movement. Sounds like you should read it.

      “I know that there’s some who have criticized even the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ as if the notion is as if other lives don’t matter. We get ‘All Lives Matter’ or ‘Blue Lives Matter.’ I understand the point they’re trying to make. I think it’s also important for us to understand that the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ simply refers to the notion that there’s a specific vulnerability for African-Americans that needs to be addressed. It’s not meant to suggest that other lives don’t matter. It’s to suggest that other folks aren’t experiencing this particular vulnerability and so we shouldn’t get too caught up somehow in this notion that people who are asking for fair treatment are somehow automatically anti-police or trying to only look out for black lives as opposed to others. I think we have to be careful about playing that game because, obviously, that’s not what is intended.”

  14. Maria

    Wow, just wow. This thread got crazy. Can’t believe all the gaslighting that is happening in the Hip2Save reader community. I thought you guys were decent. If someone says they are offended by something, it is not a time to get defensive. It is a time to try and understand and do better. Do the work.

  15. Leslie

    I’m a Sioux Native American & do not live on a reservation or accept any of the benefits we are provided by the government. My mom taught me long ago that what happened to our ancestors was terrible but has no bearing on us now & if we want something we have to work for it & not expect a hand out. Racism will always be around & you can’t force it down anyone’s throat not to be racist, it is what it is, just be kind to one another & stop looking for excuses for free hand outs.

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