Dollar Tree’s Price Increase Is In Full Effect & Everything Now Costs $1.25

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Dollar Tree cart with Valentine's items

Don’t be surprised by your next Dollar Tree receipt… 💵

With inflation soaring all around us, everything costs more these days, and even Dollar Tree has been affected by this trend. One of the country’s last true dollar stores, Dollar Tree has been one of the few places customers could depend on low prices – everything you saw cost just $1. But after 35 years, that’s all changing.

The company announced its plans to raise prices from $1 to $1.25 on the majority of its products by early 2022, and that day has finally come. 😩

Walk into your local Dollar Tree or shop online, and you’ll find that prices have been raised to $1.25. This shift reflects the impossibility of discount retailers keeping prices down while inflation rates continue to rise.

Dollar Tree store

Dollar Tree explained in a quarterly earnings statement that selling everything for just a buck forced them to stop selling some customer favorites. Raising prices will hopefully give the retailer more flexibility to bring back those items, expand its selection, and introduce new products and sizes to its shelves.

The price hike is also expected to help the company deal with historically high merchandise cost increases and pay raises for its employees. CEO Michael Witynski said,

“For 35 years, Dollar Tree has managed through inflationary periods to maintain the everything-for-one-dollar philosophy that distinguished Dollar Tree and made it one of the most successful retail concepts for three decades…. This is the appropriate time to shift away from the constraints of the $1.00 price point in order to continue offering extreme value to customers. This decision is permanent.”

Check out this cute Dollar Tree Christmas decor!

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Comments 66

  1. Princess’Mom

    I’m amazed they were able to keep everything at $1 for so long! Still going to be totally worth it for mylar balloons. I’ve been going there for them for years.

    • Valerie

      yes the balloons are a steal! They cost so much more anywhere else

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yes! I love getting Balloons from the Dollar Tree! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Britt

    My Chicago area dollar tree raised their prices yesterday. Only thing that was still one dollar was the Sunday paper.

    • 5pink1blue

      I wish ours sold the Sunday paper!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing with us, Britt!

    • Reba

      Did you notice if the cards increased in price? Thank you

      • Brenda

        The cards will be staying the same price! Was just there today and everything else went up except the cards.

    • Tina

      The one near me does but they never have them because someone has been stealing them.

  3. Ddddavid

    Dollar Twenty-Five Tree doesn’t sound the same. Sigh.

    • Lor

      Should be the buck and two bits store!

  4. Jill

    Yep I was just there yesterday

  5. Samantha

    Will this be renamed Dollar Tree Plus?

  6. Molly

    For the past couple years, the quantity and size of items has been cut drastically. As well as most stuff is cheap, Chinese crap that is harmful. I’ve avaiided this store for awhile. Now I def don’t need to bother stopping in again.

    • Jennifer

      I could not agree more! I barely shop there at all for the same reason…the prices going up by 25 percent definitely does not entice me to check out their cheaply made products at all. The sizes of the brand name products are trial size at best and usually I can buy in bulk cheaper. I have never understood the obsession with Dollar Tree!

  7. Debbie H.

    The selection and quality of the merchandise has taken a dive over the past several years, and I don’t expect it to improve after they raise prices. It will only cut their losses. Our local DT is the worst in selection and one of the messiest, ill-kept I’ve been in. It used to be my once a week guilty pleasure. No more.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      DARN! I do enjoy shopping at my Dollar Tree each week. They can vary. I wonder if there might be another location nearby for you to shop at.

    • animity

      The ones by us are actually kept up really nice. We went out of state recently and went to DT for some puzzles and craft stuff and it was so gross and completely disorganized. I felt dirty leaving..:(.

    • Katie

      I agree for most things. but I buy birthday cards, pens, pencils, packing tape, bath soap I use (Jergens), and a few other things that are much cheaper and quality is fine.

  8. Deb E

    I spent some time last week looking and found hair clips the size I can’t find elsewhere, plus some craft items. I held off on a few things and later found them cheaper on Amazon (cheaper as a set). I have two within walking distance so it was convenient for me & still will be if I need something quickly. I consider the savings of California gas prices and the 25 cents is a small price to pay as an increase.

  9. Lana

    Probably not going to bother going there anymore. Most of what they have is not worth the price anymore.

    • Jodi P

      If you were shopping there in 2010, that $1 you spent is the same as $1.27, today.

      • Lana

        If you go dig deep in the real news you will find that Dollar Tree has been making record profits and they did not have any need to raise prices other than the CEO getting a multimillion dollar raise. Just more pandemic pick pocketing by big companies.

        • Jennifer

          This is so true! In my area, they also doubled the number of stores and the population hasn’t increased at all. They are definitely taking advantage and using the inflation as an excuse to increase their profits.

  10. MommySpendsLess

    I went there last night and they’d already raised the prices to $1.25 and had new signage all over the store. Maybe it was just my store, maybe it’s because I haven’t been there in a while or maybe it’s the new price point but I saw some new name brand items. The items I noticed were Air Wick plug-in refills and lip balms like Vaseline. The plug-in refills were smaller than normal but would be good for testing a new scent.
    If my nearest two stores weren’t always super crowded (made worse by the large amount of boxes cluttering the aisles) and if the checkout lines weren’t always long and slow I’d probably continue to get a few things there – like greeting cards and gift bags – in spite of the price increase.
    If you play around with an inflation calculator, they probably should have raised prices years ago.

    • Reba

      Did you notice if the cards increased in price? Thank you

      • Kim C.

        Mine had increased last night as well. The cards had not increased.

  11. Jodi P

    $1.00 in 1993 is the same as $1.93, today. So this price increase is long, long overdue. I look forward to seeing new and better products.

    • Jackie

      I would never pay $1.93 for any of their items! And even with inflation you can get better quality items in other stores than the dollar tree.

  12. Baker's Wife

    They’re also changing their name to ‘Two and a Half Fiddy Cent Store’.

  13. DJT

    25% increase. Miss me yet?

    • Katiemusic

      🤣YES! Missing you so much DJT🤣

    • RestofAmerica

      Sure do! Miss you like a malignancy, you criminal.

  14. No

    I went today and the $1.25 prices signs are everywhere. The manager told me about the increase as soon as I entered. I guess if everything else is going up, it was just a matter of time. I forgot to check the card prices! On a good note they finally had parchment sheets, although it cost me 75 cents more I’m still happy!

  15. eric

    They’ve been selling $1 items for 35 years, surprised it took this long to raise prices. Five and Dime stores suffered the same fate in the 30’s. After 40 years they could no longer say “you can buy anything in the store with a nickel and a dime. Hopefully this price hike will mean fewer customers or more employees. I avoid this store often because of the long checkout lines.

  16. C.Ocegueda

    New name to follow: Dollar Tree + Quarter Branch.

  17. ttMcG

    The reality is that prices are going to rise everywhere you spend your money if they haven’t already. We can be angry and argue about the cause but it is basic economics that when input prices rise the output will rise proportionally. As bargain shoppers, we will notice every rise first, since we essentially study the pricing of things. I don’t know about you but I have price lists in my head. I know how much a roll of toilet paper costs and an ounce of Tide. In times like these we are lucky to be well versed in pinching pennies and can share this knowledge with those on fixed incomes that will struggle most. Hopefully we can find some grace and understanding with employees, small business owners, even corporations that have no control over the beast of our economy.

    • MommySpendsLess

      Wonderfully said! 🙂

    • LauiOften

      The great thing is if we don’t like the price increase we can shop elsewhere! Which is exactly what our mega family has done! Sometimes we forget we can make change with our wallets. If we shop elsewhere and stakeholders find the reason for their loss is the price increase we have the capability to change that. I have seen many stores are now trying to compete with Dollar Tree’s price increase by offering $1 sections or even adding additional $1 items to inventory. So you’re right! No need to argue here, argue with your dollar which will make the MOST overall impact.

      I appreciate hip2save for sharing the price increases because otherwise I would not have known about this until I entered the store and possibly wasted time shopping! So thank you for informing us!

  18. huertac1

    My mom just reported our dollar tree has not made the switch yet. Heading there tomorrow for my last $1 shopping trip!!

  19. Kathleen

    A few weeks ago ours changes completely. Everything is $1, $3 or $5 now. Lots of different inventory because of that and only about 1/3 of store is now $1.

    • Lisha

      I don’t think you’re speaking of Dollar Tree, possibly Family Dollar.
      Thanks h2s crew for all you do.

  20. Izzy

    Are some things. More than $1.25?

    • Nelly

      Not at my store.

  21. Lynn

    I’ve always gone to Dollar Tree for my cards, especially for my grandkids. It has been a store that I’ve gone to when I just wanted to walk around & not spend a lot. I’ll still go but probably be a little more careful what I buy.

  22. GAmommyof4

    My daughter said it should be called the 5 Quarter Store

  23. Kate

    I understand but it’s disappointing. I buy things for my class there, and that increase cost me quite a bit more today when I am buying in bulk. I’m not sure I’ll purchase much there anymore. Their selection has been going down this past year also.

  24. Tricia

    Mine is already charging 1.25 already. I was in there today. Still a good value. The $ store here is pretty nice.

  25. John

    Prices are $1.25 here in Frisco, Tx as of yesterday. Was $1.00 on Sunday.

  26. Danae D.

    Personal opinion here …
    While I might not find everything at dollar tree a good find. As a kids pastor on a budget…. I’ve been able to find some good deals for my elementary kids! Plus I think their balloons, gift bags, tablecloths, and party supplies are worth it. It’s definitely not a one stop shop, but I enjoy the store. I’m sad about the increase, but they aren’t making items $2 and $3 dollars so I’m trying not to complain 😉

  27. Mm

    Agreed with posts stating DT has godonlyknows what it’s made from junk products now. Plus everything is shrink-flated, half the size it used to be. If you are smart and do pricing per/oz/lb/inch/whatever you’ll see that DT was not a deal at all whatsoever.

  28. MissJazzyJazz

    Yes the dollar tree raised their prices but they did not raise what they pay their employees their employees still get a lousy $10 an hour and work their butts off and deal with crazy customers I think the Dollar tree should consider giving razors to all of their employees who so well deserve it! But unfortunately the dollar tree is typical corporate America just like any other big corporate company money first then employees which is not right nor is it fair to the employees very disappointing.

    • JR

      I’m guessing you mean **raises** and not razors! Raises would be good.

  29. Sheri Baby

    Motel 6 and Super 8 once cost just that!

  30. Chelsea

    The quarter increase hurts the wallet but you can find great items if you take the time to hunt I recently have found toms hand soaps the big soft soap refills JoJo bows pop it’s trolls gift set lip smackers and the biggest thing is name brand junior chapter books for my kiddo who loves to read! I also look up the item in the store to see the pricing it’s going for at other retailers to make sure it’s a deal 🙂

  31. Casey

    Rarely shop at Dollar Tree. Most items are cheap junk which I don’t need. Any good quality product is small in size.

  32. Sjeabee

    Why do people who say they don’t shop at dollar tree and say all their stuff is junk bother to comment?? If you don’t want to shop there, then don’t and keep your mouth shut!

    • tipaye


  33. Jaci1717

    Still a fan of $1.25 $ tree just was there yesterday u can’t beat the balloons, bday bags, & cards which were still 2 for $1.

  34. ahipster

    They couldn’t have done too bad over the years considering they don’t offer refunds, only exchanges, and even that’s a hassle.

  35. Sandy

    Sad that they didn’t keep a section of dollar items. I can still get some of the same items at Target for a dollar like the movie candy boxes as an example. Like all stores you just need to do comparative shopping. I have still found some deals there even at $1.25. It is still the best place to get balloons, cards and novelty items.

  36. Donica2013

    Was there a few days ago and bought two handmade cards that were still only $1 somehow. Everything else went up. Sadly it’s not all worth the price anymore. For everyone saying the name brand price per ounce is a ripoff well, it always has been. Now it’s a super rip off lol. A few things still worth a dollar but I didn’t see really any new items. Just the old stuff costing more.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      At my Dollar Tree everything is still $1, but I think it will go up soon.

  37. Kim

    There’s a couple of things I still will pick up like the can apples to make apple crisp and toilet paper but the snickety snacks and the ice drinks I’m just going to get at Krogers before I go to the movie because they’re $0.25 cheaper each and Kroger’s is closer.

    Sorry but I’m pretty frugal.

    • Jack Jill

      January 2022 an inspection had began. According to the FDA serveral unsanitary conditions were found ah the, facility, including live rodents , dead rodents, in various stages of decomposition. Read the full article. Dollar tree and family dollar. Same owners.

  38. IMHO

    Although I think that a 20-25% price increase is excessive, I’m at least happy to see that they INTEND to give their employees pay raises. Their current starting pay is $10-$12 an hour with no benefits. When combined with current inflation, this is really not a livable wage. IF they follow through with their raises, I’ll continue to shop there.

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