We Made the Switch & Our Family is Now Saving Over $1,000 Each Year With T-Mobile

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After switching our cell phone service from Verizon to one of T-Mobile’s plans, we save $1,080 each year which now we use on family trips instead!

t mobile website on phone

Anyone else find themselves wondering if they are overspending on cell phone bills? 🙋‍♀️

With prices out of control in pretty much every area, everyone is looking where they can save. It turns out, overpaying on a cell phone bill is surprisingly avoidable. 🙅‍♀️ I can say from personal experience switching to a T-Mobile cell phone plan has saved my family HUNDREDS year after year. So while watching price tags rising all around me, it’s such a relief that T-Mobile continues to offer steady wireless at an amazing rate.

Plus, my family loves to travel, so trying to find ways to cut costs in order to save money for trips has always been important to us. Making the switch to T-Mobile was the most convenient and easiest way to spend our every hard-earned dollars on what truly matters most to us.

And we got a TON of travel benefits included, like FREE Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi on my phone. I can take my phone to Mexico, Canada, or overseas and I still have text and data included in my plan! In Mexico and Canada, I can even make calls like I do at home and have 5GB of high-speed data included for my trip!

t mobile plans on website on laptop

You may be wondering exactly how much we saved, so let’s run some numbers!

Originally, we had Verizon which was way too expensive. We then switched to Sprint (before they merged with T-Mobile). If we stayed with Verizon, it would be over $3,000 annually at around $65/month per line for a family of four! With Sprint, we paid $249/month for the same 4-line plan. This amounted to almost $2,988 a year, which was still way too much!

Once we switched to T-Mobile, our bill went down to $170/month with our Magenta MAX plan, which totals $2,040 annually for 4 people. I don’t know about you, but roughly $43 per line each month is a steal. 👏 That’s almost $1000 a year we get to keep!

I’d say we made the right choice considering we have unlimited data, talk, and text, plus a 5G network. And we get a bunch of additional value included in our plan, which means more savings! With T-Mobile, we get our Netflix subscription included, a year of Apple+ TV, a year of Paramount+, free scam protection, and of course the travel benefits – all included!

In short, T-Mobile has saved my family $1,080 each year instead of staying with Verizon, which means I personally save $270. That’s the cost of round-trip JetBlue flight to go visit my sister in Austin or to my favorite place on earth, Disney World!

T-Mobile storefront in mall

If it’s not clear by now, there’s so much saving potential with T-Mobile plans!

My Hip sidekick Bryn pays $268/month for a family of 5 with Verizon, but with T-Mobile, she could be paying $200/month with the Magenta MAX plan. And this would have ALL the same features her current plan has. If you don’t feel like running the numbers yourself, that’s a savings of $816 each year!

Another Hip teammate Lina currently pays $203 a month for 5 people on Verizon, and it includes a $25 payment on her daughter’s phone. You might be thinking, “hey, that’s actually not that bad of a rate,” and you’d be right, but it’s important to note her rate is lower because of a military discount.

But T-Mobile also offers a military discount, too! Active-duty military, veterans, and their families can save 50% with a Magenta Military plan! This means if Lina and her family switched to Magenta MAX Military, their plan for 5 lines would be just $160, and only $32 per line. That’s a savings of $216 each year with all the same extra benefits included — even more money back in their pockets!

Want to calculate how much YOU could save? Check out their handy plan comparison tool!

family wearing matching christmas jammies in front of tree

Switching to T-Mobile is the easiest way my family has saved money on our cell phone bill with no compromises on quality.

T-Mobile’s low monthly costs are at no expense to their service, either. My network connection is speedy and reliable. Believe me, I’ve experienced firsthand certain areas that had spotty service with my old cell provider, so I no longer take a working network for granted.

With my unlimited network, I’m able to keep in contact with loved ones who live across the country (like my sister in Austin), and I don’t have to worry about using up my data. Better yet, with all the money we’re saving, we can ditch Facetime and get in some real-life face time instead! 😄 Planning trips together as a family is less stressful knowing we’ve covered a bulk of the cost with our cell phone plan savings and it wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t make the switch to T-Mobile years ago.

Plus, you can’t beat all the freebies with T-Mobile Tuesdays! 🎉

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Comments 52

  1. Brooke

    No. Their service is sooo bad. We switched and saved a few dollars. If I had more than one bar of service I’m shocked. And I live 15 miles outside of NYC. How do you not have service here? My husband works in midtown and doesn’t get phone calls because he never has service or his phone calls drop. Even when we visit our family in Illinois our service is terrible. It’s like service from 2003.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      DARN! Sorry to hear that that the service has not been reliable in your area. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience, Brooke!

    • Ana

      First of all we live in a big city too and NEVER had good service. I bar was all we’d usually get. We couldn’t believe how bad it was in town. If you travel at all (domestic or abroad) forget it.
      Then.. the bill.
      They overcharged every single month by an extra $60.
      So we would spend a whole day on the phone and ultimately get it fixed only to do it all again next month.
      We provided screenshots of the contract and conversations and the last month they said they were not going to honor their own contract. They just said “sorry” and they even admitted to overcharging us.
      After 6 months we broke our 2 year contract and paid the fees and went to Verizon.
      Now we have service and they are honoring our contract.
      Look it up though. T-Mobile is notorious for this.
      We were going to use fairshake but in the end we just wanted to be done.
      We did dispute the overcharge on out last bill because someone told me they don’t like that and it costs them more in the end.
      They have done the math and figured out that this is more profitable to overcharge people because calling them is a nightmare.
      And just a heads up, I’m pretty good with understanding other languages but if you are not they are very difficult to understand for some people because they source out of the US.

      • Brooke

        Yes!!! When we switched I had to call every month to get the billing corrected. We had the same military discount and somehow our bill creeped right back up & the service got worse and worse. Glad I’m not the only one.

  2. ToriSC

    I rarely have any problems and my daughter who is located up in the Sierra’s doesn’t usually have any problems unless a mountain is in the way – but that’s the same for everyone there.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I have TMobile too and haven’t had any issues here in Southern Pennsylvania. Thanks so much for commenting! 💖

  3. Thebrowns400

    Our bill with sprint/T-Mobile is $440 a month for 5 phones. I don’t know how anyone could get it for half that!

    • Miss

      We have att. Just switched from tmobile in January. 5 lines under $200. And that’s free leases on the top of the line phones. Oh and its insurance too! (iPhone 13pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, galaxy s22 and s21.)

      Our phones are free with trades. I’m a nurse each line is $22.50. Insurance is $48 for all 5 lines. And we get $50 bill credits x 10 months for switching.

      I was with sprint/ tmobile 13 years this year and was done with being treated like crap.

  4. Renee

    I was a customer of T-Mobile for 15 years, until I switched to Verizon. T-Mobile’s service is not so great. Dropped calls. Poor connection at times. Maybe it is all about where you live.

  5. CJ

    I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for years and We LOVE it! Best pet is they were good enough to grandfather us in and keep us at our original plan rate of $105/month for our family of 4! (Unlimited text and data). We couldn’t beat that anywhere if we tried. Granted we don’t get Netflix free, but for $1260/yr family plan, over the $2040/yr with Magenta, I’m fine with that. I still get the perks like T-Mobile Tuesday and I use their travel discounts often. I’ve never had a dropped call or no service. In fact, they were nice enough to send me a message reminding me not to text while on a cruise we were on (which I forgot to turn it off) and they didn’t charge me for the ones that already were sent/received! I’ll never leave my favorite phone carrier!!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh wow! Thanks a ton for the great feedback, CJ! I too have been a TMobile customer for so many years that we are locked in at an older rate. Good to know how helpful their service has been when traveling! 🙌🤗

  6. Jen

    I had Sprint for 21 years. Had to switch to T-Mobile it was a miserable experience. I was lied to and told my plan would stay the same, that I would have the same benefits and rate that I just needed to complete the transition from sprint to T-Mobile even though I had already switched out my Sim card and it was a T-Mobile Sim card that worked fine. As soon as I walked out the door I already had emails that my plan had gone up $30, my extra benefits that I had with sprint had been canceled, and I had the worst service on my phone. What was even worse was when I got home and looked at my account I saw documents where my name had been written in on contracts saying the price that I was never shown, never asked to agree to, or consent for them to write my name. I had to switch so I went to AT&T best decision I ever made so thanks Sprint for merging with T-Mobile. T-Mobile was a nightmare to get my money back. Four months later and dealing with the credit card company to get the money back on my last bill that they auto charged after I canceled was ridiculous.

    • Miss

      Yep same experience. 13 years with sprint then to tmobile and got treated like trash. Switched to att this January and paying cheaper, and got the newest top of the line phones for free!

      • AH

        You said it, T-Mobile really does treat you like trash.
        And like the lady above said they lie to you. It’s awful.

  7. Dee

    We actually like to be able to make calls from our home and on the road, so no, we won’t be switching. Verizon is the best company and coverage we’ve found. AT&T was the worst in customer service. They made lots of promises but never kept them. Tried several companies before we found our Verizon coverage was the winner by a mile for us.

    • Liz

      Dee, I agree with you regarding Verizon. Do I pay more for our 4 phones, probably. Do I have reliable service and coverage with amazing (and responsive) customer service, I sure do. Peace of mind is a great thing! I’ve never had any issues getting in touch with Verizon IF there was an issue via their chat (such a time saver). I promise, I don’t work for Verizon… just great and reliable service/coverage.

  8. tleeg74

    Love T-mobile, been with them for like 15 years. Since I’m an EMT, I get the First Responders Plan and pay $120 a month for my wife, son and myself…plus get Netflix for free, and now they recently gave us Paramount Plus for a year for free. Never had an issue with T-mobile.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      That’s awesome! Good to know how many perks you’ve been able to score with your plan!❤️🙌

  9. Sue

    T-Mobile is not reliable at all where I live. The service at my house would be spotty at times. There are many rural places where you can’t get service at all. My sister-in-law lives 15 minutes from me, has T-Mobile & can’t always get service at her house. There were even times we went to popular vacation spots & couldn’t get service. I can get Verizon service pretty much everywhere I go. Since all we have are cell phones & I have a daughter with a medical issue, I need phone service that is more consistently reliable.

  10. Peavey

    We switched to Metro Tmobile over 2 years ago and love it. 4 lines for $30 each with the 5th line for $15. Unlimited talk, text, data plus 5g hotspot. Also free Amazon prime. No extra charges ever! Saving us a TON of money.

    • henryjhenry

      I’m going to look into this! Thanks for sharing!

  11. frugalmom

    I’m counting down the months to switch to Verizon. I got a new phone right before the sprint/T-Mobile merge and stuck with them until November. I have had constant drop calls and no services right . I switch back and forth bw 4g and 5g hoping that would make a difference. Can’t wait til Nov 2023! 👋 TMobile

  12. Bunny

    I use Cricket Wireless. It’s prepaid. $30/month (no hidden fees or taxes). Unlimited talk, text and 5 GB of data. It’s one of the best deals out there. Plus Hip2Save oftentimes has Target deals on Cricket prepaid cards so the deal is even better!

  13. Sdrayton

    I have Mint Mobile, $180 per year, yes year, 4 gb for data, I have great service. I had Verizon at one point and I will never go back

  14. jrosie

    We pay 145 a month for 4 lines with Verizon includes Disney plus, Hulu, etc.

  15. AnneS

    Had Sprint for 15years but switched to Comcast last year after Sprint merged with Tmobile. Way too expensive for 2adults on the same unlimited plan. Saving $90/month with Comcast!!!

  16. Vicky

    I’ve been with T-Mobile for years as well. We pay $118 including all taxes and fees for 4 lines. Never have had any customer service issues or overcharging issues. Always have had excellent customer service in stores as well. Signal could be better in some areas but I think all carriers have this issue.

  17. Tricia

    We have Verizon unlimted talk, text and data, and just upgraded to two new galaxy S22’s and our bill is $102 a month.

    • Candie

      What plan is that? Discounts?

  18. Jessica

    We’ve had Tmobile forever (like since my first phone in 2001 or something haha) and only pay like $280 for 9 phones on the family plan – unlimited talk, text, data. I’ve almost never had a problem with them and we get service everywhere (I’m in a large city as well).

  19. Sarah

    I have had t-mobile for many years now and I pay 223 for 8 lines. We have had wonderful service. The t-mobile Tuesdays used to be much better- with all of those lines I could rack up $16 for dunkin donuts- at one point I had over $50 that I could use.

  20. Mika

    I’ve been with TMobile for over 20 years. I’ve never had any billing issues. I loved traveling to Europe and South America and having free texting included in my normal plan. We pay $90 for 2 lines, unlimited everything.

  21. Patricia Goff

    I loved T-Mobile but service was not really available in my area nor in the capitol city where I worked. I could get service if I stood out by my road or in my laundry room (shrug) etc. Travelling it was awesome though. They are an honest company though. I mailed my phone back and I got credited right away. If they are ever in my area I would try them again. I have Cricket right now and they are awesome. $30 a month for unlimited everything. Love love love them. Added $5 a month so I can call Poland and Germany to keep updated with friends. So important at this time for sure.

  22. Rosa

    I have Cricket Wireless and their service is awesome. They are the prepaid phone side of At&t so they use their network. They have unlimited plan for 4 lines for $100, taxes included!!!! I switched to them way back when they started and have never looked back. Many of my family and friends have switched over throughout the years from all the other networks and none have regretted it! It might not have free Netflix or Disney but check the numbers, overall the savings are better.

  23. Around the World

    Two words, Mint Mobile.

    • Patricia Goff

      Might have to try them but I have to be able to call overseas especially now with the war going on.

  24. Kim

    T-mobile service sucks for where I live

    AT&T people,
    How much do you pay per month?

  25. Csandst1

    I’d never have Verizon because of their ridiculous price. Took me a few years to convince my husband to switch. We switched to Xfinity which uses Verizon’s network. Verizon was charging us around $170 a month for 4 lines. That did not include unlimited data. I forgot what we had. With Xfinity we went to a buy the gig plan and rarely paid $100 a month for 4 lines. If one of the kids was using a lot of data I’d switch them to unlimited and then switch them back when the new billing period started.

    We moved and sadly we do not have Xfinity mobile in our area. We use Spectrum now. Their plan is similar to Xfinity. We have 4 lines—2 unlimited and 2 by the gig. We’re usually around $160 a month now. Not as reasonable as Xfinity.

    I’d rather have Mint Mobile but my husband is not that progressive. He’ll only make changes when forced into it. He still has an iPhone 7😂

  26. KO74

    We were ATT for YEARS, switched to T Mobile and at first it was great, as we had it, about a year and half and we didn’t move, service got terrible and they were aware and admitted so. The final straw was when my daughter went away to college and had even worse, terrible service. Made me too un easy, I was annoyed I could never use my phone for pulling up emails or coupons while out shopping, we HAD to switch back to ATT, the perks are great, but that’s not why I need a cell phone

  27. Maria

    I have 5 lines on Cricket wireless for $100. I am grandfathered in. But 4 lines is $100 including tax and fees. Also you can get a free phones when you port over.

  28. Wilma H. Lekan-Gustavus

    I just switched to T-Mobile. I previously had AT&T. The reason I switched is because T-Mobile had an “Over 55 ” plan for $27.50 a month for each line and you needed to have 2 lines. Since I pay for my daughter’s phone, it was a no brainer. I have not received my first bill yet so I will see if their advertised plan is true. I was paying over $83 a month with AT&T. If you are over 55 years old, you might want to check into it,

    • No more T-Mobile

      We had a discount as well and they still overcharged us every single month. Then decide to not fix it after 6 months of this.
      Beware of you have to call their customer is awful.

  29. Dawn

    T-Mobile has terrible customer service. I talked to a rep who literally was so incoherent that I should have just hung up. Now I’ve been swindled out of $ and I have to refuse delivery on an iPhone, call and have a line canceled and hope I can go to my old phone plan. I am so disappointed. My husband I have been with T-Mobile for years and now we are getting our kids phones as they get older.

  30. Melissa

    We have had T-Mobile for years. We have grandfathered plans and pay $220 for 10 lines and 1 tablet. The service has definitely gotten better these past few years.

  31. Peaches

    I checked out T-mobile’s military plan as I’m a Veteran. I am also over 55. Oddly, the 55+ plan was less expensive for a single line. Sadly, no free Netflix and the plan is $50 per month but I get all the other streaming Perks and I have great 5G coverage here. Their Tuesdays offerings are mostly junk though so don’t look at that as a perk.

  32. JessiM

    Visible is another great one! Runs on Verizon network. 4+ lines are $25 each/mo. Unlimited. That’s $25 total, (taxes + fees already built in). 5g, works in Mexico (just there, take me back!). Service always depends on where you live, no matter what network you use. But Verizon is the best in our area and Visible has been wonderful for us. No issues at all, and they have an easy to use app. $100 total, each mouth for 4. Win!

  33. April

    I have T-Mobile but want to know the trick to get a free phone without having to “add another lune”

  34. Demi

    T mobile has lawsuits against them right now. They’re not ethical and do not stand behind what they say.
    I’d go to Verizon or AT&T and pay more just to know I’m not dealing with a dishonest company.

  35. Mary Beth Shearer

    Thank you for the info! Did you have a contract with the previous cell phone company? If so, how were you able to break the contract? Was there a penalty?

    • Kaitlyn (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Mary! We waited until our contract is up, but from my understanding, most cellphone companies will buy you out of your contract for up to a certain amount. T-Mobile will cover $650 per line or $350 for early termination fees. Hope this helps!

  36. Jennifer

    I’m sorry but no. My husband convinced me to switch from Verizon to T-Mobile because of their First Responder Magenta plan. BIG mistake. Our service is horrendous compared to Verizon and we’ve been overcharged by double for the past five months despite my multiple attempts to verify my first responder status. The representative I talked to yesterday couldn’t guarantee a refund/credit either. I’m beyond frustrated because that’s over $500…for their mistake!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SO very sorry to hear this, Jennifer. Thanks for letting us know about your experience. We truly appreciate the feedback.

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