Wrap-Up of Our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Meet the Winners!

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Our Hip 12 Days of Christmas has officially wrapped up!

Collin wearing Christmas tree costume

Cheers to another fun and festive Hip Christmas Giveaway!  🎁

We’ve officially concluded our BIGGEST and BEST giveaway yet… HIP’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways! 🎉 All entries are now closed and the remaining emails are being sent out for prize confirmation.

This year’s holiday giveaway was bigger and better than any giveaway we’ve done in the past. That’s because we gave away nearly $60,000 worth of prizes over the course of 12 daily giveaways. 🤯 It’s the largest giveaway value we’ve ever had!

The giveaway ran from Wednesday, November 1st, at 9 AM MT with a new prize each weekday until Thursday, November 16th.

Collin and Ma wearing Christmas costumes

🎁 Hip 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Winners:

Please note the following winners have already confirmed and claimed their prize. We’re in the process of sending out the prizes to winners and working on finalizing the winner’s lists for any unclaimed prizes. We will continue to update this list as it’s completed.

Day 1: Dyson Airwrap

  • Mark W. ma***9@sbcglobal.net
  • Heidi J. heidi.j***i@gmail.com
  • Van L. van***9@gmail.com
  • Anita B. ri***5@gmail.com
  • Kimberly K. te***k@msn.com
  • Dana U. d***28@comcast.net
  • Carrie G. ca***s@icloud.com
  • Alexia D. le***9@yahoo.com

Day 2: Sam’s Club Kids’ Explorer Couch

  • Rachel F. rachel***s@gmail.com
  • Katrina W. ja**ey@hotmail.com
  • Heather W. whe***er@icloud.com
  • Cassie F. cassie***k@gmail.com
  • Natalie L. n***on@hotmail.com
  • Kimberly F. ka***7@yahoo.com
  • Sue T. eye***ze9@gmail.com
  • Becky C. vb***2@yahoo.com
  • Jen V. jen***am@gmail.com
  • Melanie T. taf***ter@gmail.com
  • Tori C. tc***in@hotmail.com
  • Amy S. amy***y@gmail.com
  • Helen C. hello***lo@gmail.com
  • Olga S. cc***3@gmail.com
  • Tracey V. Tv***11@gmail.com
  • Nancy G. na***0ng@yahoo.com
  • Suzanne E. Suzanne***on@gmail.com
  • Lindsey L. ar***21@gmail.com
  • Mindy W. wh***m@gmail.com
  • Samantha P. sam***el@gmail.com
  • Doris W. doris***ce@yahoo.com
  • Renay I. renay***n@yahoo.com
  • Sarah H. sg***s@k12.wv.us
  • Alexis B. all***nc@nc.rr.com
  • Michelle W. sh***83@hotmail.com
  • Jennifer B. jen***ey@gmail.com
  • Dani H. ds***dh@gmail.com
  • Betty B. betty***er@gmail.com
  • Emily B. em***04@yahoo.com
  • Tami S. tami***nd@gmail.com
  • Amanda M. Amanda***7@gmail.com
  • Becky M. Becky***f@gmail.com
  • Shoshanna C. mr***06@gmail.com

Day 3: $100 Cushionaire Gift Card

  • Lisa G. lisa***0@yahoo.com
  • Rose G. 1***e@comcast.net
  • Marsha M. he***ly@sbcglobal.net
  • Kristina W. kristina***6@gmail.com
  • Nicole L. ka***06@gmail.com
  • Janna L. Janna***n@gmail.com
  • Melissa S. li***10@yahoo.com
  • Sandy D. rab***d@yahoo.com
  • Melissa R. tr***zo@gmail.com
  • Ruth M. ru***001@hotmail.com
  • Anne E. anne***79@gmail.com
  • Emilee S. em***ns@hotmail.com
  • Jennifer R. b***r@msn.com
  • Erin C. er***8@aol.com
  • Erin B. erin***s@gmail.com
  • Erica L. ne***11@gmail.com
  • Anita R. ar***9@yahoo.com
  • Kris I. love***ns@gmail.com
  • Vanessa S. ne***en@msn.com
  • Delena W. de***s@gmail.com
  • Laurie H. ve***ed@yahoo.com
  • Chandni B. chandni***a@yahoo.com
  • Raluca B. raluca***r@yahoo.com
  • Sarah H. sarah***ni@gmail.com
  • Brandi F. b***a@gmail.com
  • Lori M. lori***e@gmail.com
  • Erika K. E***d@verizon.net
  • Leng C. ch***08@gmail.com
  • Jessika V. la***ka@gmail.com
  • Claire B. clair***o@gmail.com
  • Terri B. t***14@gmail.com
  • Ashley P. ph***73@gmail.com
  • Caitlyn F. Cj***91@gmail.com
  • Alison T. A***77@gmail.com
  • Mary S. mary***i@yahoo.com
  • Sarah R. sarah***ck@gmail.com
  • Monica C. m***s7@yahoo.com
  • Jennifer G. jennifer***06@gmail.com
  • Sarah E. sarah***m@gmail.com
  • Hareni R. Hareni***d@gmail.com
  • Desiree G. desire***n@gmail.com
  • Murrell W. wil***ell@yahoo.com
  • Brittney M. ke***86@yahoo.com
  • Meagan R. meagan***s@yahoo.com
  • Mellissa D. me***en@gmail.com
  • Heather G. H***68@gmail.com
  • Melinda P. MI***LLA@YAHOO.COM
  • Anne K. t***nz@yahoo.com
  • Colleen S. cl***45@aol.com
  • Don O. don***er@gmail.com

Day 4: Vitamix Blender

  • Susan S. s***15@gmail.com
  • Laura S. co***m@frontier.com
  • Kim N. k***07@gmail.com
  • Tori T. t***330@gmail.com
  • Sandra A. sandy***s@aol.com
  • Tyra C. ba***ra73@gmail.com
  • Allie H. je***ie@gmail.com
  • Chad P. gr***25@gmail.com

Day 5: 25Home $500 Gift Card

  • Sherrisa W. bl***83@yahoo.com
  • Laura W. ts***te@yahoo.com
  • Holly B. holl***m@gmail.com
  • Teresa V. te***k@yahoo.com
  • Vanessa G. v***z@yahoo.com
  • Anita C. da***18@gmail.com
  • Brianna M. b***6@yahoo.com
  • Charisse R. cl***n@gmail.com
  • Connie H. gc***t@gmail.com
  • Katie K. ka***sy@yahoo.com

Day 6: 32 Degrees $100 Gift Card

  • Sharon H. sh***er@verizon.net
  • Paola C. prin***7@gmail.com
  • Susan L. sl***67@gmail.com
  • Amanda A. amanda***ci@hotmail.com
  • Crystal S. crystal***s@hotmail.com
  • Brigette M. bm***70@gmail.com
  • Rebecca K. rebecca***y@yahoo.com
  • Vickie A. d***t@aol.com
  • Amanda I. am***s@hotmail.com
  • Ashley Z. Ash***2@aol.com
  • Sheila N. sr***99@yahoo.com
  • Jennifer O. jen***n@gmail.com
  • Jennifer M. jen***s@gmail.com
  • Barbara L. b***nn@binghamton.edu
  • Rachel M. jr***z@cox.net
  • Timothy V. tv***9@gmail.com
  • Angie S. angie***2@gmail.com
  • Bonnie G. bo***ue@gmail.com
  • Stephen K. ski***s@yahoo.com
  • Megan C. va***1@gmail.com
  • Allison G. allison***2@yahoo.com
  • Toccara H. toccara***y@gmail.com
  • Karrie H. Pa***10@hotmail.com
  • Aubry B. Au***2@hotmail.com
  • Monique R. mo***12@gmail.com
  • Jessica S. jessika***4@yahoo.com
  • Diane T. dian***ey@yahoo.com
  • Majorca K. maj***7@hotmail.com
  • Celina F. Rc***7@gmail.com
  • Elizabeth G. Egi***16@gmail.com
  • Mary L. ml***1@gmail.com
  • Debra R. dlr***8@yahoo.com
  • Melissa D. ma***3@yahoo.com
  • Becky M. be***ta@gmail.com
  • Celeste W. cou***ers@gmail.com
  • Terri C. terri***l@yahoo.com
  • Hollie P. holl***er@gmail.com
  • Candy M. ho***ys@yahoo.com
  • Dawn P. Sho***04@yahoo.com
  • Bridget B. bb***81@hotmail.com
  • Kim Z. ze***im@yahoo.com
  • Jennifer J. Da***208@gmail.com
  • Helen H. qui***hh@gmail.com
  • Jessica S. jess***ell@yahoo.com
  • Diane M. rb***07@live.com
  • Stephanie W. steph***99@yahoo.com
  • Annie N. no***5@comcast.net
  • Brianne S. bri***20@yahoo.com
  • Diane L. Di***s4@gmail.com
  • Carla D. carl***lb@gmail.com

Day 7: Liquid I.V. Bundle

  • Veronica F. vr***id@gmail.com
  • April J. mi***mo@yahoo.com
  • Sandy W. z***t@aol.com
  • Sue C. cu***72@yahoo.com
  • Joshua L. josh***ia@gmail.com
  • Holly W. Holly***ll@gmail.com
  • Greer D. greer***l@hotmail.com
  • Mary Ann B. m***dy@yahoo.com
  • Sharon W. an***53@msn.com
  • Casey S. c***33@hotmail.com
  • Christine K. na***ek@gmail.com
  • Jean M. My***33@gmail.com
  • Stephanie N. Steph***77@yahoo.com
  • Virginia E. fl***ns@live.com
  • Tina L. tina***r@gmail.com
  • Grace C. the***oi@gmail.com
  • Heather S. hm***1@yahoo.com
  • Gina A. ga***3@sbcglobal.net
  • Veronica A. mrs***te@gmail.com
  • Stephanie W. kr***lyn@gmail.com
  • Laurie M. lm***109@yahoo.com
  • Cori F. co***n6@gmail.com
  • Carla J. cc***678@gmail.com
  • Michaelyn C. tm***is@gmail.com
  • Melinda B. min***ie@yahoo.com

Day 8: Solo Stove Pi Prime Pizza Oven

  • Stacy K. stacy***916@yahoo.com
  • Carmen H. c***52@yahoo.com
  • Sarah T. sara***9@gmail.com
  • Anthony R. p***05@optonline.net
  • Kara J. ho***03@yahoo.com
  • Kathleen S. st***at@yahoo.com
  • Dana M. d***3@sbcglobal.net
  • Hannah D. hc***5@gmail.com
  • Angel L. an***er@gmail.com
  • Lorie H. lor***ly@hotmail.com

Day 9: lululemon Travel Bag

  • Karen C. k***n@twcny.rr.com
  • Amy W. amy***s@netscape.net
  • Stephanie C. sl***0@pitt.edu
  • Katie P. kat***r@yahoo.com
  • Heather B. heath***29@yahoo.com
  • Sarah S. ms***07@gmail.com
  • Jennifer M. cou***m@gmail.com
  • Nancy C. col***j@yahoo.com
  • Jessica R. jess***pp@gmail.com
  • Nicole G. nl***ki@aol.com
  • Wendy M. we***ac@comcast.net
  • Hallie C. h***g@kent.edu
  • Lindsey D. Li***c@yahoo.com
  • Maria A.a gra***da@yahoo.com
  • Caren K. car***an@hotmail.com
  • Donna B. che***rns@yahoo.com
  • Carrie H. Ca***82@gmail.com
  • Suhrhim L. co***h@yahoo.com
  • Michelle M. m***lle@gmail.com
  • Christy L. Ch***ke@yahoo.com
  • Maribel M. ma***ez97@gmail.com
  • Shannon T. sh***lly@gmail.com
  • Karen A. as***ka@gmail.com
  • Amy N. am***85@gmail.com
  • Cindy D. cld***02@cox.net

Day 10: TINte Cosmetics Bundle

  • Jessica C. jes***ns@gmail.com
  • Pamela F. p***y@verizon.net
  • Judi R. jud***k@aol.com
  • Lisa H. lis***al@yahoo.com
  • Jennifer L. Lje***07@aol.com
  • Mimi W. mi***64@gmail.com
  • Dawn D. auth***rie@gmail.com
  • Tricia D. Ba***2@gmail.com
  • April B. ap***d@msn.com
  • Lynn B. lm***nl@gmail.com
  • Stacey Y. che***se@hotmail.com
  • Vanessa C. lar***03@msn.com
  • Jaclyn P. sier***10@yahoo.com
  • Shalini R. bis***7@gmail.com
  • Ashlee J. ash***4@yahoo.com
  • Sarah G. ga***ee@bresnan.net
  • Kristy H. r***5@yahoo.com
  • Anna K. ty***24@aol.com
  • Ashley G. un***15@gmail.com
  • Jamie T. ja***10@gmail.com
  • Mo G. mo***n@gmail.com
  • Kristen N. to***ol@aol.com
  • Alasha M. a.m***28@yahoo.com
  • Tammy H. tam***13@gmail.com
  • Jamie P. jb***2@gmail.com

Day 11: Beachwaver B1 Curling Iron Bundle

  • Sally S. sally***cer@msn.com
  • Paula S. psk***495@yahoo.com
  • Veronica F. br***z@hotmail.com
  • Amanda D. amanda***van@gmail.com
  • Lisa V. lisa***on@hotmail.com
  • Erica W. woo***08@gmail.com
  • Carol A. c***015@hotmail.com
  • Megan I. mi***10@gmail.com
  • Jessica L. jld***981@gmail.com
  • Alina O. a***3td@yahoo.com
  • Jan P. j***ar@gmail.com
  • Cheryl M. shou***ko@yahoo.com
  • Tammy M. mo***y878@gmail.com
  • Jean S. j***27@gmail.com
  • Bridget M. ba***524@yahoo.com
  • Shaine K. mo***333sk@yahoo.com
  • Aimee W.r aim***316@yahoo.com
  • Kristen B. k***74@comcast.net
  • Jade H. jad***sen@gmail.com
  • Erin L. erin***31@yahoo.com
  • Tessa H. te***920@gmail.com
  • Dakeri B. db***23@gmail.com
  • Stephanie W. ch***05@gmail.com
  • Linda G chi***37@gmail.com
  • Cristal J. m***nme@yahoo.com
  • Sarah D. sar***al9@gmail.com
  • Tramaine W. kan***ife@gmail.com
  • Chrisa G. Te***4@hotmail.com
  • Kendra R. kr***468@gmail.com
  • Crystal R. ci***nson@msn.com
  • Kelly C. k***13@gmail.com
  • Kristian T. kri***786@hotmail.com
  • Christine R. ch***963@yahoo.com
  • Natalia M. ka***k@yahoo.com
  • Ashleigh A. ash***bia@gmail.com
  • Rebecca S. be***14@yahoo.com
  • Lori S. l***ive@twcny.rr.com
  • Sarah F. s***st2@gmail.com
  • Coreen M. cor***04@hotmail.com
  • Olivia A. ol***02@yahoo.com

Day 12: The Adventure Challenge Couples & Family Book Bundle

  • Bonni R. bs***er@yahoo.com
  • Lorna F. spr***es45@yahoo.com
  • Tara C. ditc***ers@msn.com
  • Kenzi M. ju***rl6@gmail.com
  • Susan O. sus***rus@hotmail.com
  • Crystal H. c7d***sen1@gmail.com
  • Nikki S. pu***ok9@yahoo.com
  • Lorraine B. lorr***rr@gmail.com
  • Han L. hel***law@gmail.com
  • Amy Y. amy***ias@me.com
  • Nikki C. n***03@msn.com
  • Jill M. lil***77@yahoo.com
  • Mary D. md***212@yahoo.com
  • Holly S. thes***419@gmail.com
  • Sara C. sa***ck@hotmail.com
  • Jenny S. jen***lot@gmail.com
  • Alexis S. alex***gle@gmail.com
  • Sandy B. sa***47@gmail.com
  • Bob M. bmo***0@gmail.com
  • Tammy V. river***eat@msn.com
  • Melissa W. mf***rl@msn.com
  • Cindy S. c***ma@gmail.com
  • Jessica T. t***.jessica@gmail.com
  • Molly R. mo***eyer@gmail.com
  • Jennifer T. je***b9@gmail.com
  • Tahria R. tah***ris@sbcglobal.net
  • Vanessa M. vm***yo@gmail.com
  • Kristen B. krist***ms@gmail.com
  • Melissa O. meliss***ke7@hotmail.com
  • Lisa B. lisa***ich@gmail.com
  • Kristen J. kristen***le@yahoo.com
  • Bonnie J. bon***66@gmail.com
  • Jessica W. jm***sin@gmail.com
  • Nicole H. nch***ay@gmail.com
  • Trina H. fk***n@yahoo.com
  • Samantha S. sam***52@gmail.com
  • Christie L. christie***rdo@yahoo.com
  • Teresa E. res***ott@yahoo.com
  • Ashley O. ash***10@yahoo.com
  • Carol C. cm***_1@msn.com
  • Judy T. c***10@gmail.com
  • Tina-Marie W. tina***001@hotmail.com
  • Kailissha J. mo***ear@gmail.com
  • Krystal H. ba***318@aol.com
  • Cathy Y. h***hy2@gmail.com
  • Randiann D. ran***s@yahoo.com
  • Sandy M. sandy***011@gmail.com
  • Beth W. wo***ny@yahoo.com
  • Kelly M. sh***04@aol.com

We want to extend our gratitude to all who participated ❤️

Without our amazing Hip Community, putting on these giveaways simply would not be possible. We thank ALL of you who entered, shared with friends and family, commented with excitement, and stuck with us for all 12 days.

Psst… for those who expressed discontent with the giveaway format, we’ve already discussed ways to improve on this for next year. We appreciate ALL the feedback and we promise to bring this back in 2024 with user-friendly updates in place! 🤗

woman in santa hat holding amazon gift cards

But wait… there’s MORE! 🎉

We’ve got another giveaway that just went live — the 12th Annual Black Friday Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! Be sure to head to the post to get yourself signed up between now and Thursday, November 23rd. Then join us all on Black Friday as the winners are announced each hour!

The Black Friday deals are [basically] here, and trust us, you’ll want to be in the loop for the HOTTEST ones!

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3. Make sure you’re following us on Instagram!

We often host exclusive Instagram giveaways in addition to this massive holiday giveaway so it’s the best way to maximize your winnings year-round! Plus, Collin shares exclusive deals all year long and gets pretty personal during her early morning coffee shows which is something our followers look forward to daily! ☕️

Collin in elf costume pjs

Thank you for joining us in our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways as gift-giving is truly our team’s love language. 🎁 Happy Holidays to all!

Let’s get back to the deals!

About the writer:

Emily obtained her Bachelor's degrees from Clarkson University with 5 years of content writing experience specializing in health, beauty, fashion, home, & living frugally.

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  1. alh

    Full list of winners will be posted on Nov 21, 2024? I hope you meant 2023. Lol

    • Emily (Hip Sidekick)

      Hah! Welp, now I’m heading to grab myself another cup of coffee. πŸ˜… Thank you for the heads up and that date has been fixed!

  2. everest716

    Thank you so much for doing this! And for all the ways you help me save so much for our family this year and throughout the years! (Daily or multiple times a day hipster)

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome! β€οΈπŸ€— Thanks so much for the kind words and for stopping by each day! Glad you’ve been able to grab such great savings through the years! πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰

  3. Sharon

    Thanks for the giveaways!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome, Sharon! πŸ€—

  4. Renee

    Thank you for all the amazing giveaways, I love your site.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Aww, Happy to hear that! You’re most welcome! πŸ€—β€οΈ Thanks for the super sweet feedback!

  5. Sarah

    I couldn’t believe I was one of the winners and couldn’t be more excited about it!! Thank you so much Hip2save!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Woohoo! SO exciting! Congratulations, Sarah! πŸŽ‰πŸ’ƒ You’re very welcome!

  6. MatiaO

    Gleam is bad tool for giveaways. It blocked me somehow.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SO sorry for the troubles. Maybe try reaching out to Gleam so they can check on that for you. πŸ€—

  7. Tiffany

    I look forward to this every year! I literally set an alarm when I’m out shopping to see if I’ve won. This and Cost Plus are my family’s black friday tradition. Haven’t won yet, hopefully this year πŸ™‚

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for making us a part of your yearly tradition, Tiffany! πŸ€—β€οΈ We sure are grateful to have you as a reader. Happy Holidays to you and your family. πŸŽ„

  8. Babymair

    Thanks Collin and team! These giveaways are so fun . You guys are the best! God bless!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome! HUGE thanks to YOU for the sweet comment and for being a part of our HIP community! πŸ’žπŸ’ž

  9. Lisa Kinney

    Thank you. It is always fun being here and seeing the new offers. Happiest of Holidays to everyone!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome, Lisa! Many thanks to you as well! Glad you’ve been enjoying the deals and all of the giveaway fun! β€οΈπŸŽ„πŸ€—

  10. Amy

    Thank you so much. I won the kids couch and it was delivered today! I’m giving it to my nephew for Christmas. He’ll be so excited 😊

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Aww, Yay! You’re SO welcome! That’s wonderful to hear, Amy! πŸ’žπŸŽ‰ Congrats on your win!

  11. Jeanette---

    Thanks for doing all of that!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re so welcome, Jeanette! β€οΈπŸ™Œ

  12. Nancy

    Thank you so much. I won the kids sofa too. It will be a Christmas present for my girls. Will post a picture once they open it. Thank you to everyone at Hip2save for all you hard work everyday.πŸ˜ƒ

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome, Nancy! Congratulations on that win! SO cool! Thanks a ton for celebrating the holidays with us! πŸ€—πŸ’žπŸŽ‰

  13. Yasuko J

    Thank you for the fun giveaways!!! I appreciate everything Collin and her team do. You guys truly rock~~~!!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re SO welcome! πŸ€—πŸ’ž Thanks a bunch for the sweet feedback.

  14. Teresa Eicholtz

    Thank you for doing this for all of us hip2save people πŸ’œ ❀️ Can’t wait till Friday morning @ 7am.
    I will be πŸ‘€ watching πŸ‘€ & πŸ™

    • Trish (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, Teresa! Thanks so much for joining us! We’re super excited too! πŸ₯°

  15. Aimee Reeves

    Darn, I missed all of the giveaways!! Every time I checked to enter, it was over!

    • Alli (Hip Sidekick)

      So sorry you missed them, Aimee πŸ™ We are doing another giveaway with Amazon gift cards if you’re interested in entering for that! Just head here to enter – hope you win!

  16. Mary Drebot

    Congratulations to all.

  17. atank

    A Star Hip2Saver is a recognized member of our Hip2Save community hand selected by our team for demonstrating a long history of engagement with helpful & friendly comments across Hip2Save.com and our social channels. Our Star Hip2Saver badge acts as a verification for readers who know the ins and outs of all Hip2Save sets out to accomplish β€” assisting our community to live extraordinary lives on ordinary budgets. Readers cannot pay or provide any sort of exchange in order to earn this badge. Rather, they are invited to participate by a member of the Hip2Save team and opt to have the Star Hip2Saver badge added to their profile & comments.

    WOO HOO congrats to all THANK YOU

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re so welcome! Thank YOU for joining us! Happy Holidays! πŸŽ„β€οΈ

  18. Jlinsey

    congrats πŸŽ‰

  19. dannee

    Impressive give a way. Congratulations to the winners. Can’t wait for the black Friday giveaway. πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Woohoo! We’re excited too, Dannee! Good luck! πŸ€—

  20. katrina-0

    I’ve been a hip2save fan for a long time. I was pleasantly surprised to win the explorer sofa this year! Thank you so much!! πŸ₯°

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      How cool! πŸŽ‰πŸ€— You’re welcome! Thanks so much for being a longtime reader! ❀️❀️ HUGE congrats on your win!

  21. Kris10

    Congrats to all of the lucky winners

  22. Donna

    Sooooo cool! Congratulations to all the winners! How incredibly generous you are Collin and team!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks so much for the super sweet comment, Donna! SO grateful to you and all of our readers for stopping by each day. πŸ’žπŸ€—πŸŽ„

  23. Liz Curtis

    Congratulations Winners !

  24. Karrie H

    So excited to get my 32 degrees giftcard! $100 goes a long way on that site! Thank you!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Woohoo! You’re welcome! Such an awesome win! πŸŽ‰β€οΈ

  25. Beth

    Congratulations winners! This is always such a fun event. Thank you for your generosity and all you do during the year to help us save, share new products and just make us smile.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re so welcome, Beth! Special thanks to you for the super sweet feedback and for joining us each year! It sure means a lot! β€οΈπŸ€—

  26. acgold

    Congratulations to the winners! A fun holiday surprise! Thank you for all you do all year round! Have a Happy, relaxing Thanksgiving weekend! (Even though I know you will all still be working! At least Black Friday is a little calmer now and most stores are closed on Thanksgiving!)

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re SO very welcome! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving too! Thanks for being a part of our HIP community! πŸ€—πŸ’žπŸŽ„

  27. Shelly

    Thank you for doing this every year!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome, Shelly! πŸŽ‰πŸ’ž

  28. Steph

    Congrats to all the winners!!

  29. Kim Sweat

    I am signed up for everthing. When I try to sign up again, it tells me that I am already subscribed but it is NOT working. I have done this every year for quite a few years and I am using Chrome from my laptop. I tried it with my iPhone using safari, still nothing. I am not sure what I am doing wrong this year.

    Congratulations to all of the winners!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I’m so sorry for the issues, Kim.❀️ Have you been able to sign up for the Black Friday Giveaway that is currently open? https://hip2save.com/news/black-friday-giveaway/ Even if you are already subscribed, be sure to still head through each entry path to get the credit. Good luck! πŸ’žπŸ’ž

  30. Crystal H.

    Thank you so much for doing the giveaways! Not just for the holidays, but all year round! It is fun and exciting. Congrats to all the winners.

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome, Crystal! πŸ’– Thanks for this sweet commend and joining us for the fun each time! πŸ€—

  31. Judi

    Thank you so much for offering this! I was thrilled when I saw I had won the TINte Cosmetics. I love following Hip2save all year! Happy holidays to everyone!

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, Judi! Congratulations again on the win! πŸŽ‰πŸ’– Thanks for being a Hip reader, and Happy Holidays to you! πŸ€—

  32. Michelle

    The only place I trust to get Honest deals. Been a reader of hip 2 save for years and I tell so many people about you guys. Needless to say I was super excited to win the Lulu Bag and my daughter will be even more when she opens it Christmas morning! Thank you so much!

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re most welcome, Michelle! πŸ’“ Congratulations again on the win! πŸ™Œ We’re so grateful to have you as a part of the Hip community and appreciate you spreading the word about us! πŸ₯°

  33. Annie

    Congrats to the winners. And a big thanks to Hip2Save for doing this

  34. Renay

    Thanks for the sofa I won! My grandkids will love it. Appreciate all the work you do to bring us big savings!

  35. Mary Drebot

    Congratulations to all. Thank you for all you do Collin and crew. You guys are awesome.

  36. Beth

    I’ve been following hip for years and have saved so much money, but have never won anything. All that changed today! I got an email that I won the adventure challenge giveaway. Thank you!!

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      YAY! Your’e welcome! πŸ’ž Congratulations on the win, Beth! πŸŽ‰ Thanks so much for being a Hip reader throughout the years! πŸ€—

  37. Jennifer

    Is it still saying “coming soon” for days 11 and 12 for anyone else?

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Jennifer! Since those were the most recent giveaways that were held, we’re working on the confirmations from those potential winners. A winner has a set timeframe to respond to the email before their prize is forfeited – so it’s taking a little extra time to gather the complete list to post. Stay tuned! πŸ₯°

  38. Caroline Hollins

    Omg I won one! Do i get an email about it? I’m under the day 9!

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Congratulations on the win! All winners are notified via email from giveaways@hip2save.com. Please be sure to check your inbox for that email and respond to it from there! ❀️

      • Carrie

        Ok. I checked and I haven’t gotten one yet. Are y’all still sending them out?

        • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

          Hey again! SO sorry. I just checked for Day 9 and that is actually another Carrie H. Very similar to your email address too. Thanks for checking in and joining us for the giveaway fun! πŸ€—πŸ’•

          • Carrie

            Oh wow! Ok. Thanks for checking! Y’all are so great

            • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

              You’re most welcome! πŸ₯°

  39. Coupon Mama

    We just got my prize today! Thank you so much!

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