McDonald’s Adult Happy Meals w/ Collectible Figures Might End Soon!

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 Nostalgic adults will love these new McDonald’s Adult Happy Meals!

Adult Happy Meal from McDonald's

McDonald’s has Happy Meals just for adults! 🎉

McDonald’s just released Adult Happy Meals on Monday, October 3rd, but rumor has it that these might be coming to a quick end.

Locations around the country ran out of stock for the popular new release within days of it being released, and now we’re hearing that the distribution center is also out of supplies. That means that once your local McDonald’s runs out of their stock, there won’t be a second chance.

If you were looking to try one, make sure to head out soon! You can order this new Adult Happy Meal in person, at the drive-thru, via delivery, or through the app. Hurry, rumor has it that it will be removed from the menu by October 14th.

McDonald's Adult Happy Meal

These Happy Meals are a result of McDonald’s collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market, a popular clothing brand known for bold typography and puff-print graphics. The two companies have come together to create the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box, a limited-edition Happy Meal for adults designed using Cactus Plant Flea Market’s recognizable art style. 🙌

And wait until you hear what’s inside! Customers can choose between a Big Mac or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets. Also, you’ll also score their famous fries and a drink, plus just like when you were a kid, you’ll get a surprise too!

Each Happy Meal contains one of four collectible and nostalgic figurines – Grimace, Birdie, the Hamburgler, and the new “Cactus Buddy.” 😍

Order yours through the McDonald’s app for a chance to win exclusive merch.

McDonald's Adult Happy Meals

McDonald’s wants to sweeten the deal by handing out hundreds of prizes! If you order the new Cactus Plant Flea Market box through the McDonald’s app, you’ll automatically be entered to win exclusive merch for FREE! You can enter the sweepstakes as many days as you like and McDonald’s will release a new prize each week!

The prizes include the following limited-edition Cactus Plant Flea Market x McDonald’s merch:

  • Cactus Plant Flea Market x McD’s T-Shirt (Week 1)
  • Cactus Plant Flea Market x McD’s Hoodie (Week 2)
  • Grimace Chair (Week 3)
  • Acrylic Sign from McD’s Set (Week 4)

Afraid you won’t win? Take matters into your own hands and buy the merch instead! Starting today, October 3rd at 11 a.m. ET, customers can purchase the merch directly from McDonald’s! Note that this merch is only available for a limited time, so if you have your heart set on having some, scoop it up while you can!

McDonald's Adult Happy Meal showing burger and chicken

Happy snacking and enjoy your adult Happy Meals! 🍔🍟

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Comments 60

  1. mnemosyne786

    Kids happy meals haven’t been big enough for my kids since they were about 6, so the 10 piece nugget or Big Mac meal sounds like a great option for my big kids who still love happy meals!

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      So happy to hear that you’ll be able to grab this option for your kids! ❤️


    I often get myself a happy meal with a large soda because many days it’s enough food, but sometimes I really want a big mac and I love Happy Meals so i’m totally looking forward to this. 45 year old kid at heart!

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      YAY! So glad to hear that this is something you’re looking forward to getting! A happy meal box is definitely more fun to get than a paper sack! 🤗💕

    • Stacy

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets a large Coke with my happy meal.

  3. Dre

    I think this is cool. Can’t wait to order my adult happy meal!

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Hoping you love it, Dre! 💞

  4. Jodi P

    WHY do the characters have FOUR eyes?? That is so creepy, lol

    • Stella Perez

      That’s easy…the better to see you😉😂

    • Julie

      I didn’t even notice that!!! Lol

    • Tracey

      The eyes on the girl figurine make me dizzy! haha

      • Kristy

        Me too!

    • Beverly

      I’m glad you see them too! When I first saw the photo, I thought I was having a really weird migraine aura, LOL.

    • Lisa

      I do not like the 4 eyed characters. What’s the point? And why did they replace Ronald McDonald with a creepy smiley yellow guy?

      • Julia Boug

        They are horrible!

    • Fredrick

      I have watched McDonalds grow since the first one opened in my hometown in 1978. I am now 62 and never has any McDonalds characters had 4 eyes. I don’t know where this “Cactus Buddy” came from. All I see is a ploy to charge you more for the same meal you got before the toy box. McDonald toys used to be collectable from the lead based paint glasses to what? Some 4eyed thing that never was part of the McDonald image.

  5. Brittany

    They need to reissue toys from the ’80s/’90s for our adult happy meals! I want a toy french fry box that can turn into a transformer!

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      That would be fun, Brittany! 🤗

    • Jman1017

      I still have all my transformer happy meal toys the big mac,fry box,milkshake, burger and the old Styrofoam nugget box.. Have all my nuggets that had costumes and stuff also

  6. Michelle King

    McNugget people.

  7. TiffMeow

    ❤️Adult Happy Meals! Sometimes I just don’t want a big meal and enjoy a small meal on the go!!

  8. Betsy

    Personally I think this is stupid and catering to immature people. But I think their marketing department is brilliant because they know people will buy them. I think it’s offensive to cater to adults like they are immature children… cartoon characters in ads, now happy meals , etc.

    • Katie Gibbs

      Yikes, Betsy.

    • princess'mom

      Or, you know, sometimes parents like to be silly and have fun with their kids. I usually get a Happy Meal because it’s the perfect amount of food for me and the most cost-effective way to order it. My five-year-old will get a huge kick out of daddy also getting a Happy Meal with a Big Mac in it. And he’ll order it, not because he wants to but because he knows she’ll think it’s fun. Lighten up, you might find life is more enjoyable when you aren’t looking for ways to look down on others.

    • Mama6

      Our world is overwhelmed with such a great level of sadness and struggle I think this is just a simple and fun way for adults (and teens) who already enjoy Mcdonalds to add a bright spot in their day. Is it a brilliant marketing maneuver? Yes, of course. However, Things like this bring back memories for people. Sharing a Happy Meal when they were kids with a parent, friend or relative who is no longer with them. Collecting fun toys and trading with siblings and friends. Memories are powerful. We all need a wee bit of nostalgia right now when the world seems like a rather scary place. My fifteen year old will love these as the current Happy Meals are the perfect size for my 9 year old daughter. We may only drive through once a week on our way home from karate or dance but my kids will enjoy this and so will I 🙂

      • Juliejane

        Well said

    • Luckiest_gama_ever

      I disagree with your statement of adults being “immature” who enjoy and can make it fun having a ” Happy Meal” offered as a lunch for themselves during a work day or a quick dinner for your family when the hours in a day just weren’t enough. It would certainly make a real horrible first part of a work day disappear and just maybe the ” happy thoughts” could last the second half of the horrible work day ! Being a hectic and rushed end of the day with no time for you to prepare dinner for the kids and family when you do finally get home late when there would be no time to be together whether it’s 15 minutes 30 minutes or an hour and talk to one another about each other’s day instead it would be “hurry go do this” hurry go do that” ” “Goodnight “!! With the kids happy meals and the adults happy meal having the ” toy” as well, is a great ” same level” shared conversation to be had !!!! Being that when you are sharing your personal fun ” memories” from your ” toy”…. is an interesting topic to children and adults for that matter, The happiness you have from relaying your fun memories from your” toy” or whatever fun experience you remember having when you were growing up, the excitement and happiness can’t help but be apparent and received !!! Doesn’t seem like an ” immature” behavior to me…. Do you not ever look at old family photos or personal objects from older family members and reminisce about all the fun experiences and memories you have? Do you still have items that are special to you from your childhood such as a doll or diary or anything that you still carry with you as an adult? .. people who are embarrassed or think that is a waste of time or simply just have no interest in doing so I feel sorry for this a huge mistake it is human nature to do that and I would much rather be a human and relatable to my children and especially my grandchildren then to be nothing but a mechanical robot with no interesting points about me for their memories. So to be excited about a toy being in a Happy Meal offered to adults has endless possibilities.. just saying… I myself had the best compliment description whatever you want to call it in my lifetime by my 5-year-old grandson at the time describing me as the coolest Grandma ever and he has so much fun because he gets to live through my memories with me and that’s the coolest thing ever. It isn’t immature it’s called making a lasting memory and it’s fun while you’re doing it so who out there besides me still has the
      dancing “Grape’s” from Hardee’s from back in the ’80s ??? I do!!!!😉 The value was not to shabby for the entire collection… Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinion. 💜

    • Elizabeth

      Dang Betsy… You order a Sad Meal by mistake or are you sad because they forgot your toy?

    • Andrea

      There always has to be one person who ruins everything. Congratulations, today you are that person.

      • Selma

        Thats dramatic. She didn’t ruin anything. She has her own opinion. Take or leave it. Personally, I find it immature to jump aboard the trashing tarin over one simple comment.

        • Clair

          Betsy? Did you change your screen name?

    • Tracy

      WOW unnecessarily attack people who want to have a little fun and nostalgia in their life much?

    • Kathi Prochko

      Shoot, Betsy. I guess the 70 yr old me is immature because I’m collecting the characters. I still need Birdie & Hamburgler.

  9. nikiserrr22

    So cool, can’t wait to get one! Thanks for sharing Hip2save!

    • Claudette (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, nikiserrr22! Enjoy!🥰

  10. Karen

    My first thought was “Is it April Fool’s Day already?” lol This is awesome! My youngest is only 8, but has outgrown the nugget meal. He’ll love this one.

    • Claudette (Hip Sidekick)

      It is awesome!!! Hope you and your son enjoy it!!!🤗💕

  11. SavingsMama

    Ok I saw this on the news last night and thought it was some marketing joke🤣 Honestly I am super excited and so are a bunch of older kiddos and teens! This is actually really fun for the ones who don’t get filled up w a Happy Meal anymore or thought they were too big for it. Now parents and their kids (whatever the age) can have fun together. Also…Stetson if you could order and do a video it would be even better!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      LOL! Fun idea!🙌 Thanks for the request! 🥰I will pass this along to Stetson!

  12. Chef Mike

    Why do they all have 4 eyes? I don’t remember that.

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey there! The new Happy Meal is a result of McDonald’s collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market, a popular clothing brand known for bold typography and puff-print graphics. The two companies have come together to create the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box, a limited-edition Happy Meal for adults designed using Cactus Plant Flea Market’s recognizable art style. Hoping this is helpful! 💕

  13. Roise Thomas

    Why do the Adult Toys have to be so fugly like John Leguizamo? and why are Big Macs & Mcnuggers the only option?

  14. Z

    Thank you for sharing, I am so excited to try it next week! Something to lighten up our lives….

    • Claudette (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome, Z!!❤️

  15. Tracy

    FYI the price for a 10 piece chicken nugget Adult Happy Meal with medium fries and drink is $10.29. If you bought these individually it is $8.18 so you are paying $2.11 more for the toy. But to some it will definitely be worth it.

    • Claudette (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for mentioning that, Tracy!! They are a fun collectible and definitely worth it for some.😍💕

    • Amy

      I was thinking along same lines. In my area, big mac one is 11.89. There is also a meal deal for the same food for $5. Not sure the toy is worth 6.89.

  16. spike

    In my area the medium is $11.38 and the large is $12.38. I think i will pass on this one. They are saying the box is collectible too. I dont think that the toy and box and are worth that much to me. Anxious to see what the Halloween pails will be $25.00?

  17. TravelSuz

    Got one and my toy was the cactus buddy.

  18. Gigi

    I want a hamburglar but I want it to have only 2 eyes. If they are going for nostalgia they need to go old school.

  19. Debra

    Got one (Big Mac) today. In my area, the medium combo for the Happy Meal was $11.29. However, they substituted the large combo for the medium price. I still felt it was too expensive. I had thought it would be less expensive than ordering each item separately. Had I asked the price before ordering I would have ordered something different. I can get cheeseburger, fries and a pop for $4.39 with tax included at our local Burger King and cheeseburger, fries, pop and a sundae at our local Dairy Queen for $7. 49 tax included. Staff were friendly and the meal was tasty and hot.

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing about your experience, Debra! Glad you were able to give this offer a try. 💓

  20. NO apps here

    Not everyone uses a dang app to buy things. Having to do so to try to win should be illegal. It’s discriminating.

  21. Stephanie Michel

    Got my adult happy meal the day they came out , definitely pricey but so worth the nostalgia ! And for all who have asked about all the eyes in the toys, the artist who collaborated with mc Donald’s to design the toys chose to make their version of the characters with all the eyes, I’m assuming that’s included in all of their art . The kid in me loved getting my own happy meal and I agree with many who commented and said this world has become far too nasty and serious, things like this can only make life more fun! Stay safe out there and love each other ! And for goodness sake get yourself an adult happy meal and be a kid again!!! 😜

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Glad to hear you were able to snag one to try and enjoyed it, Stephanie! 🥰

  22. jessicatucker

    We got these on opening day and they are so fun! However, I went to the Cactus Plant Flea Market and cannot BELIEVE the prices on the silliest things. They’re crazy, stupid expensive! I’ll just enjoy my 4 eyed Grimace.

  23. Mary J

    What a rip off! What bad toys! Bad quality. Over $10 for a 10 piece nugget meal and over $12 for a big mac meal. I have always loved happy meals. Not because of the quality of food, but the awesome toy you get with the meal. We only go to McDonald’s about once every month or two, but made a special trip because of this toy. Got my 14 year old the meal so I could get the toy and I was really disappointed!

    • Tracy

      Wow that really upset you that much? The toy made my teen happy so I was happy to spend the extra $$.

      • SavingsMama

        Haha, yes our teens thought this was fun too. 😄 I’m glad they came up with this TBH

  24. Ian

    They are becoming scarce because restaurant owners are selling cases of the toys for $2000 on eBay

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