Wash Your Hair Once a Week Like Us? You Need This in Your Life.

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Hello! It’s Bryn, Collin’s sister & sidekick!

Here’s the truth – I only wash my hair at most once or twice per week! 😱 Some of you may be gagging at this thought, but this small change has made a big difference in my life and I’m excited to tell you all about it.

Here are some of the benefits of not washing your hair daily:

For one, it’s much better for my hair. Less washing means less blow drying and unnecessary heat to my locks which equals healthier hair. SWEET!

In addition, less washing & drying means I’m spending less time getting ready in the morning, giving me more time to sleep (even an extra 5-10 minutes makes a big difference!). Even better, dirtier hair is much easier to style especially if you’re going for a curly or beach wave look.

Finally, less washing means less shampoo which can add up to big savings especially if you are a fan of high-end shampoos.

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OK, have I convinced you to ditch daily shampooing?! Then you need to snag this fashionista shower cap that I’m obsessed with! 😍

women wearing shower cap and holding packaging

So the truth is that you will probably not feel like a fashionista sporting this shower cap (see picture above for case in point). 😆

In fact, when I am wearing this shower cap, I make it a point to jump into the shower when I know my hubby is nowhere near the proximity of our bathroom as I am not sure he would appreciate the awesomeness of this cap. 😂

Here’s why I’m excited about this Shower Cap:

1. I still get to enjoy long, hot showers.

Limiting my hair washing does NOT mean limiting my showering! Since I still shower daily, I needed to find a way to keep my hair 100% dry while still enjoying a nice long shower and this thing does just the trick!

2. It’s high quality.

The material of the cap itself doesn’t absorb any water so it dries super quickly AND it’s also fully machine washable – love that!

For quite a while, I would save those cheap, flimsy shower caps from hotels and use them for weeks and weeks at a time. Then I “upgraded” to shower caps from the Dollar Store but I found them all to be too small and normally popped off my head during the shower. The Fashionist Shower Cap fits my head perfectly and stays on!

3. Keeps my hair dry.

It also features an elastic hem which keeps it very secure around your head – no more wet hair around your hairline. The only negative may be that the elastic sometimes feels a bit tight – BUT I appreciate the tight feelings as this means the water is staying out. 🙌

4. Works for any type of hair.

This oversized shower cap works for all hair lengths and thicknesses – I can put my hair in a bun, ponytail or just plain down and the cap fits! Plus, it’s available in several different patterns so I’m sure there’s one you’ll love. (I’m sporting the Diva one in this post.)

woman sitting on bed with sweatshirt holding coffee cup

So there you have it…

Awesome Shower Cap 🚿 + Less Hair Washing 💁🏼‍♀️ + Less Styling Time ⌚ = More Sleep 😴 AND a Happier Human 😁

The best dry shampoos won’t have you looking greasy by day 5.

About the writer:

Bryn has spent the last 10 years writing about coupons, freebies, and Amazon deals. She is mortgage-free and holds a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and Education. Connect with Bryn on LinkedIn

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Comments 63

  1. Jerica

    Should we be washing our hair more right now though? Just wondering your guys thoughts….Everyone is talking so much about washing our hands but then we are not going to wash our hair? Personally I touch my hair all the time, so I would think all the germs that get on my hands are just as likely to end up in my hair?

    • grandmat57

      YES! You are right! I can save money and time in other ways. NOT my hygiene!!! YUCK!!!! NO dirty germy hair for me! 🤢

      • Susan

        I wear my hair up 24-7 so my hair does not get germs like yours.

        • Please do it

          Unless someone sneezes or coughs then, boom! Germs in your hair. Not to mention you could be walking through germs in the air. Just wash your hair.

  2. Betty

    I have one and love it! I will never use those clear plastic ones that leave a mark on my forhead ever again 🙂

  3. fworl949

    OMG yes!! I wash my hair about every 10ish days (depending on how I’ve styled it/products used). Sooo much time and money saved, plus I can keep my platinum hair decently healthy despite the regular bleaching 😃. I continue to stretch the time between washes and it keeps working; the more you wash your hair – the more you have to wash your hair, but the less you wash your hair – the less oil it produces at a time and the less you eventually have to wash it. That said, maybe it’s time to treat myself to a new shower cap – I’ve been using the same oversized one for years now lol.

    • CJ

      I have heard that before, but I never wanted to go through the “shampoo withdraw” while going to work each day. Now that I’m working from home, it seems like the perfect time to try it! I just ordered the cap on subscribe and save. It’ll be on Saturday or Sunday.

    • Lexy

      Me too! Maintaining blonde hair is no joke!

  4. LisaK

    I have dry colored treated curly hair. Since switching to once a week, doing a heavy conditioning monthly and allowing my hair to air dry (along with sulfate and paraben free products) my hair is softer, not as damaged and not frizzy. I also purchased a satin pillow on amazon (hip2save suggestion). It’s been a game changer for me. Been doing this for about 2 years. Love that it saves me time everyday too. And my hair always has curl and looks great.

    • adrien

      Lisa I have hair like yours. Naturally curly. Any suggestions on how to make it not look greasy in between washings?

      • marg

        I personally think Living Proof dry shampoo is the best dry shampoo out there

  5. grandmat57

    NO! NO!!NO!!! My allergy doctor told me I have to wash daily!!! The dust, pollen, and other allergy triggers get into your hair! Pus the airborne GERMS! Then every night you go to bed on your pillow toss and turn and breath all that crap into your lungs! GROSS!!! Sorry I will find other ways to save time but NOT with MY HYGIENE!!! 🤢🤢🤢

    • grandmat57

      BTW I have very thick long hair at the age of 62 because I keep the hair follicles free of dirt and oil! Much healthier in so many ways to do nightly washing.

      • Amy

        Oil makes your hair healthier. Why do you think they tell you to brush the oil down to protect your ends?

      • Ginger

        It musy be straight. People with curly hair CAN’T wash daily. You end up with a nightmare.

    • gray757

      I’m with you! This is nasty!

  6. Dana

    Yep. Wash once a week. Love Batiste dry shampoo for in between. I mostly wear in a messy bun anyway ,so…

  7. Jlinsey

    I love mine, I had no idea they were machine washable though! Awesome!

  8. Neha

    Hi Bryn,
    I grew up in India and one practice a lot of women there swear by is washing and oiling hair just once a week. No doubt they have
    Impossibly glossy, long, lustrous, and unequivocally healthy-looking hair😊
    Thanks for the post!!

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      You are so welcome! Glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂

  9. Marie

    I only wash my hair a couple times a month, and am teaching my daughters to only wash their hair once a week. Sounds disgusting when you say it out loud lbs, but my hair does not do well with regular washes, and neither does my curly head daughter’s hair. A key piece that works for us, though, is that even though we may not wash our hair frequently, we *absolutely* have to CONDITION it must more often. That’s an absolute MUST for the daughter with the curly hair to condition her hair with every shower. For my daughter with straight hair, I tell her it’s up to her discretion on how she feels her hair is doing that day lol. To each their own, but I feel more people would do well without so much shampoo, and just doing conditioner instead.

    • TamiHeiss

      So do you mean you get your hair wet with every shower,put conditioner in, but just don’t wash it?

  10. Csandst1

    I exercise 4 times a week so I need to wash. After my husband was laid off, I decided to try baking soda and apple cider vinegar to save money. It took about 4 months to adjust but I did it. So I use it every day. Hasn’t made much of a difference in the appearance but it’s easier to style. I’ve probably used regular shampoo 10 times in 6 months.

  11. Meg

    NOPE. I wash daily. I’m sorry but my hair is a mess at the end of the day. Not to mention that I’m constantly touching it.

  12. Elle

    I’d be so embarrassed if someone thinks my hair smells bad. Not washing my hair after 24 hours makes me feel so gross. If you have to spray perfume or scents to cover up odor, it’s time for a washing. A lady at work doesn’t wash her hair often and makes it so obvious because as each day passes, her perfume gets stronger and hair roots look greasier and has some sort or flakes? Gag. Makes me question her hygiene.
    on the brighter side, I blow-dry and straighten my colored hair every single day…hair is not damaged and looks healthy. I shampoo, condition, and use heat protectant when straightening.

    • elizabeth

      100% everything you just said. For goodness sakes the time spend to make my hair smell pretty with perfume could have been spend washing it. Again every persons hair is different but i have long wavy hair that i straighten daily with a quality heat protectant and i use over priced salon shampoo (lol) and condition just the ends. No sounding conceited but my hair is beautiful, shiny and well maintained and every time i go to the salon my stylist comments. Id be sickened to wash once a week. I cant imagine how dry and itchy ur scalp must be after perfume sprays and the baby powder in dry shampoo. Is it that hard to take a little “me” time and fancy urself up ?!?! Your coworkers may be too nice to gag in your face. Lol

      • elizabeth

        This is just my (unpopular) opinion. Please realize that thru it all i wish i could maintain my hair with less frequent washes. 😊

  13. Jules

    I have this shower cap and 1. It’s average size, not oversized, 2. It’s not mold resistant- mine smelled bad no matter what I did short of washing it all the time 3. The elastic wore out. I wouldn’t purchase again. Also, it’s not nasty or unhygienic to not wash your hair every day. In fact, it’s terrible for your hair. Please calm down people.

    • Lori

      A voice of reason! How often you wash (or dont wash) your hair is a personal choice. No need to get upset with those that choose to skip a day or three.

  14. C

    I don’t mean to sound rude (just genuinely curious), but how are you white (cue Gretchen saying, Karen, you can’t just ask ppl why they’re white) and not wash your hair more than once a week? (All races have different genetics and that’s why for example a lot of black ppl wash their hair infrequently- bc with their genetics, they don’t produce oil as much as other races, especially white ppl who have genetics to produce a lot of oils- so their scalps are a lot less oily and many add oil to their hair bc they don’t produce a lot of oil)…. if I don’t wash my hair regularly, it feels really gross- I think a good tip is to try shampoo every other day (or every 3 days if you’re a homebody) and condition every day… also I shower at night (which they’ve proved is better for you in many ways) and with my hair type- a ton of hair but very thin hair shafts, it dries pretty quickly (so no blow dryer necessary- also I just got this thing called turbie twist on clearance and it dries most of the water out fast in minutes- like a tiny super absorbent towel)… also not at least rinsing the hair every day is bad for ppl with allergies (and I assume everyone else- a lot of stuff can stay in your hair and transfer to your pillow and bed- also why I shower at night- you’re not filthy adding more filth each and every night until you wash all your bedding- there’s a lot floating around in the environment )

    • Marie

      Maybe because no matter what race you are, everyone’s genetics are different, regardless smh. And there are so many different ranges of texture for ‘white hair’, it is not a one size fits all. My own hair does not get oily, not one bit. Therefore the more I wash my hair, the more frizzy and dried out it becomes. I feel like a lot of people judging are those that don’t have these kinds of problems with their hair, so they cannot seem to comprehend how someone can go without washing their hair, even though they do in fact practice very good hygiene smh. To each their own. What works for one person’s hair may not ever work for another’s.

  15. mnemosyne786

    I have curly hair, and since going sulfate and silicon free and washing once or twice a week MAX I am loving my natural hair more than ever. Produces so much less oil and frizz. I work out almost daily too, just make sure it’s up. However I don’t sweat much so that does help naturally. As for smell, my man far prefers my hair’s natural smell to shampoo smell. I bathe daily still, and get to enjoy a lot more baths which are major therapy for me.

  16. Errrr

    I absolutely MUST wash my hair every day. I have a naturally oily scalp.

    While I think it is true to some degree that oil production increases with hair washing frequency, I don’t think that is the FULL picture. I think a lot of it can be genetic. For me, my dad has a naturally oily scalp. He grew up poor during the war during a time when everything was scarce. He did not wash his hair every day because daily showers and shampooing was a luxury. Nonetheless, he’s always had the same oily scalp and thick hair that he passed down to me.

    My scalp starts getting oily and smelly about 4 hours after I wash it UNLESS I use Head and Shoulder shampoo, in which case, I can skip day between washings before my scalp starts smelling. That said, Head and Shoulder also STRIPS my hair color out, so I don’t use it. The upside of my oily scalp is that my hair is shiny, thick and full. Strangers often compliment me on my hair. I’ve been told I should be a hair model.

    I don’t doubt that for some people, washing less frequently helps decrease oil production to the point where it makes a difference. But for me personally, my scalp naturally makes a lot of oil, independent of how often I shampoo. I would LOVE to be able to go even 3 days of unwashed hair WITHOUT offending people with my scalp odor.

    • tracy

      This is EXACTLY my same situation.

  17. Feenicks

    Once/twice a week washer here for the last fifteen years. Your scalp adjusts to the amount of oil your hair actually needs.

  18. tracy

    We’re all different lol. I have to wash my hair every day. I’m middle aged with hair that is colored and highlighted every 8 weeks. You would think my hair would be dry and damaged. NOPE… my hair is incredibly soft. I naturally have a very oily scalp. My hair gets super oily fast. 12 hours after I wash it it starts to look wet, that’s how oily it gets.

    • Chloe

      I would love to wash my hair everyday. My hair gets incredibly dry, even when switching to gentler shampoos.

    • Tiggertoon

      Me too Tracy!

  19. Ashley

    I bought this shower cap a while ago when you had it listed and I love it! Holds all my thick hair and dries almost immediately so it can be put back in the drawer right away. The elastic has held it’s stretch and the cap still look like new! Great buy!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! Thanks for coming back to tell us how well the cap has worked for you!

  20. Liz

    I wash my hair every other day otherwise it’s uncomfortably oily.

  21. Gisette

    Whatever works for you gals. No judgment. Personally, after my runs my head sweats so much that dry shampoo wouldn’t suffice. I wish I could take a few days off from washing my hair.

  22. Debbie Jones

    I have this shower cap and love it. My twin daughters love theirs so much that I ordered them two to take to college as they live in the dorm. The pattern is so cute that they’ve received compliments on theirs. Super well made, big and comfortable!

  23. Mary A

    Lmao you guys are punchy ! #staysafe

  24. elizabeth

    I couldnt go 2 days without washing. I used to have to wash daily but i started putting my conditioner just at the hair from my neck base down. I was able to score one extra non wash day. I couldnt imagine the grease trap on my head after a week. Yuck. I guess some ppl.have greasier heads than others lol

  25. chenga57

    I wish I could get away with not washing. Like a few readers, I have to wash my hair daily. After 12 hours it already starts to get oily. During this quarantine I pushed myself to try to not wash for 2.5 days and it was too much! I could smell my scalp/hair/oil and it was unbearable. It literally looks like I dumped an entire can of pomade on my head. When I comb my hair you can see the streaks and it just doesn’t look smooth. I think it really depends on the person. I can also tell when others haven’t washed their hair – there is a certain scent and I personally don’t want to smell like that. I’m guessing someone with dryer hair and scalp wouldn’t have this problem though.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      All hair is different for sure. I have very dry, curly hair. If I wash it daily, it breaks and I have too many issues. My hair does much better when I wash every 3rd day. Even on the 3rd day, I haven’t accumulated any oil. However, my son, is completely opposite. He has curly hair, but it’s super oily. Before the end of the day is up, the oil is already coming down and you can smell the “scent” you are talking about. Poor guy! He has to wash daily just for that reason. I completely understand both ends of the spectrum.

  26. shop4mybabies

    i personally do not feel clean until i scrub my scalp. i don’t feel awake or fully showered until that moment. i can’t give up my daily hair washing though i’ve been told over and over it would be healthier for my hair if i did so. i can’t justify it for my mental well being

  27. Monroe

    Sorry the advantages you speak about is not worth it. People with airborne allergies cannot tolerate a head full of pollen! I would go into a allergic induced asthma attack! Second, I am one of those persons with a very keen nose. I can smell things most people can’t, and a unwashed head of hair is so offensive. I don’t even need to be close to you, your scalf puts off some really bad odors. Please keep in mind of others, remember its not always about you! Let’s get over the “me” mentality.

  28. Sue

    I agree with you. I do wash my hair twice a week to save on water and shampoo.

  29. Amanda Durham

    I’m a reformed daily hair washer, too! I only shampoo & do a blow out/style session twice per week! I usually only need dry shampoo on the day before washing & bc I use a high quality flat iron on my styling days, my style lasts for days & looks pretty fab even when I wake up! My good friend from Nigeria only washes once per week or two & she thinks typical American women waste waaaay too much time on hair styling (hers is usually in braids). Don’t knock it till you have tried it lol!

  30. LG

    Y’all got me! Not for me (I’m a daily), but for my 88 year old grandma! She’s going to love this – too bad it won’t get here til end of April but great price and great product! Thanks for sharing! I just love you girls! 🥰

  31. siena95

    You should look into curly girl method, we just discovered this for our curly daughter. It is wonderful! The book is like $8 on amazon, a must read but lots of you tube videos too. I like curly Susie on YouTube. I have straight hair, but have stopped the sulfate shampoo upon reading this book, most shampoos strip hair of moisture and cause frizz! With this method, you wash hair with conditioner ( no silicones) and shampoo maybe 1x week with low suds, no sulfate.

  32. laura

    So here is my issue, I have a lot of hair but its fairly fine. I wake up with major bed head, how on earth do you tame it? I have a cowlick in the back that always pops up after I sleep on it and then usually my ends completely have kink type of bends in them. I feel like then I would have to wet my hair and start over which then defeats the purpose, same if you run a straightener over it or have to curl or blow it out again. What do you do when you get bed head to make it look ok again? I’m thinking I’m missing something on how to style your hair after you wake up, dry shampoo is not the answer to that issue. It does soak up any oil and helps it build body but it doesn’t help with kinks and cowlicks. What am I missing?

  33. rocooper65

    Y’all promoted this shower cap before and I purchased it then. Thank you! I have used shower caps my entire life and this is the best one by far!! I have thick hair, past my shoulders and it holds it all!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Woohoo! You’re welcome! That’s wonderful to hear! Thanks for letting us know how much you have been loving yours!

  34. Andrea

    It cracks me up how divisive this post is! Different strokes, right? Anyway, I bought one of these when you posted about it a few years ago. I always used one of the hotel cheapy shower caps (which don’t do a very good job) but it didn’t ever occur to me to look for a better one. Thanks! I love mine. I only wash my hair about once a week, but I’m in the shower every day. Works for me!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      SWEET! You’re welcome, Andrea! Thanks for the feedback!

  35. CN

    I have really fine hair and it gets oily quick, especially my scalp. I like to wash my hair every day.If I don’t I feel yucky all day long. My morning showers puts me in a better mood. 🙂 I have tried every dry shampoo known to man and nothing works for me. It would save me so much time if I could wash my hair only two times a week. I just can’t do it. My hair is just too oily.

  36. Michaelle

    Wow there are so many post about this. I too wish that I could only do the once a week shampoo as this would really save time. I also have seborrhea dermatitis and my scalp will become flaky and inflamed. I may try this and maybe I could skip a day here or there.

  37. Elaine

    I bought the shower cap after your last post. You are right! Best one ever! Does a great job keep water out. I shampoo every other day, and this is great to keep my hair dry.

  38. Maye

    Haha, Where did you get your shirt that says “All I want to do….”?

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey Maye! This was a sweatshirt that a company created for the team a few years ago, but it is no longer available. ❤️

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