Grilling Will Never Be the Same After You Switch to THIS Griddle ($297 Shipped on – May Sell Out!)

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large Blackstone griddle with bacon, onions, and jalapeno poppers on top

Ready to take your cookout game to the next level? 🍔 🥓

When my husband and I were setting out to buy a propane grill back in the summer of 2019, I couldn’t believe how expensive they were! On top of that, the selection is so overwhelming. I really had no idea how we were going to figure out which one to buy, and also know that we were getting a good price for it.

burgers with melted cheese on Blackstone griddle

Then we came across the propane-powered flat top griddle style grills and loved the idea of having so much more versatility with what we could cook outside. I spotted this 36″ griddle by Blackstone with amazing reviews. It was also way more affordable compared to other grills we had seen.

And the griddle top is HUGE – I love that you can literally grill up so much stuff all at once! 🙌

No brainer—purchased! And if you want one too, check out this awesome deal from Walmart…

Blackstone 36″ Griddle Cooking Station
Only $297 shipped (regularly $489.99)

man cooking bacon on blackstone griddle

One of the first foods I wanted to test out was bacon. If you’ve been following Hip2Save, you likely know I live a ketogenic lifestyle (and even launched a website all about keto!), so being able to cook my beloved bacon outdoors on this flat top was a huge win for me! 🥓 It crisps up perfectly, and it’s now my preferred cooking method.

On a standard grill with grates, I’d have to cook the bacon either on foil or in a grilling pan, along with constantly worrying about flare up from the bacon grease. Even better, I can make a whole breakfast on this cooktop by throwing some eggs into the mix! 🥚

man cooking onions on blackstone griddle

Sautéing onions on this griddle flat top is also easy peasy—no basket or other cooking vessels required. Then that savory onion taste infuses into whatever food I cook on top of that spot, like burger patties or jalapeño poppers. 😋

burgers on Blackstone griddle with spatula

This 36″ griddle has a flat top, so we can grill up an entire meal for our family (with room to spare). No need to worry about hot spots either since the whole griddle heats evenly. Plus, this awesome griddle would make a great Father’s Day gift for any dad that loves to grill and cook outdoors!

cleaning griddle with flat edge scraper

Cleaning the Blackstone griddle couldn’t be easier!

Using a flattened metal scraper, you can clear off the surface of food debris in a single swipe. Then, just scoop up the pile of scraps and toss it into the garbage — a clean top in just a matter of seconds!

I get that some people may prefer traditional grated grills and can’t part with those perfectly parallel grilling marks, but for me, this griddle exceeds my expectations for an outdoor cooking appliance.

Functional, frugal, and perfect for my fat-fueled lifestyle!

Food Cooking on Blackstone Griddle

One of my sidekicks also bought a Blackstone griddle, and she has been so impressed too! She has made everything from bacon and scrambled eggs to French toast, pancakes, fajitas, potatoes, and so much more! She also loves the size and versatility of this griddle, and how easy it is to keep clean after use.

flat grill with hamburgers cooking on it

Here’s where to buy the Blackstone 36″ Griddle Cooking Station:

Want to keep your Blackstone griddle protected?

Blackstone Griddle Cover

Consider also grabbing the Blackstone Griddle Cover! It is weather-resistant and features a heavy-duty double-layer canvas for extra protection, plus it clips to the legs so you don’t have to worry about it flying away in the wind. It’s even UV-treated to protect against sun damage.

Get the Blackstone Griddle Cover from Dick’s Sporting Goods:

On the fence? Check out why Hip2Save readers also love the Blackstone Griddle!

blackstone griddle

“I gave this griddle to my husband for a Father’s Day gift last year! He loves it, and as an added bonus, he’s been doing more cooking. 🙌 It’s awesome because the clean-up is easy, and it’s all outdoors which means my kitchen stays clean. YES!”Jenna

“I thought I would miss the “grilled” taste/marks, but our steaks are just as delicious and are actually easier to make now.”Misty

“One of the best purchases we have made in a long time! My kids love it when we have hibachi night at home. It’s so much cheaper than going out for hibachi, plus I think it’s healthier too! You need this griddle in your life asap!”Bethany

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Comments 74

  1. No

    My husband has the 22” and loves it. He does breakfast when the family comes over with bacon, eggs, sausage and pancakes. We aren’t completely keto, he has diabetes and we keep the carbs to 35 or less, so we do the veggies almost every night on it. Steak pork chops chicken turn out great. We are going to get the larger one but got this because we winter in Texas and this one was easier to store. Didn’t think we would like it as much as we do.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hey there! I totally agree. When we first purchased, I wasn’t sure how much it would truly get used – well, we really do use it ALL THE TIME. One of the best purchases we’ve made! 🙌 I also love grilling up veggies on it too, so good!

  2. Laceypearl

    We have the 28′ Blackstone and love it! We got it at Menards and they had a rebate so we only paid 175!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      What an awesome buy!

  3. Sarah

    My husband LOVES his. Make sure you watch the free videos from Todd from Blackstone on YouTube before using though as to how to season it. Otherwise it’ll end up rusting over time. We used flax seed oil I found at Walmart and it stunk while he did it but it worked perfectly and we have been using it for over a year with no rusting problems.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Great tip about using flax seed oil. Thank ya!

      • jaksmom8

        Flax seed oil is also the best thing to season your cast iron with. It does stink though….but worth it.

  4. shey59

    I just ordered the 22” also to take in our new RV, looking forward to it.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yay! I hope you love it as much as we love ours! 🙌

  5. marie

    The week of black Friday Ace had them for $179 plus the cover and accessory set. I had been looking for my husband so we went ahead and got it and he got an early Christmas present. We started cooking on it and shared with our neighbors what we made, we’re very close to all of our neighbors. Within 2 days 2 of our neighbors bought one too! One had to actually wait until Christmas to use his LOL

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      lol too funny! 😆 And what a HOT deal to score at Ace Hardware!

  6. JESSICA King

    Do they make a griddle tray you can
    Put on a regular grill or no?

    • Ann

      I would like to know this as well. No room to put a new grill in our backyard but would love the griddle topper for a regular BBQ. Any suggestions? Tia.

      • Suzanne H

        This says it is only safe up to 400 degrees; have you gone above that? Had any problems?

      • Jessica King

        Thank you

    • San

      Yes, we got a double burner griddle from Costco and use it on our grill

    • Julie

      We have a Weber grill and Weber has a griddle top that we bought. You take out one of the grates and replace with the griddle top. They have them at Lowes. Great for breakfast.

  7. Lisa

    For those that have them, how portable are they? They don’t look like they would travel easily.

    • Deb

      the top comes off and you can purchase a carrying case for it. I don’t know if the legs remove easy but mine fit in my GMC Terrain easy.

    • No

      We travel in a 40’ fifth wheel. My husband bought a lg. Tote and everything fits in it. Ours is 22” the legs come off easily and it fits in and the top goes on. Ours was on special and included a lid and it all fits.

  8. Malinda

    We got the 28″ for $125 a few years ago on an Amazon deal and loved it. Last year we upgraded to the larger one with the lid, cabinet and side burner with deep fryer. We love it, too. It’s so versatile!

  9. busybeemom

    We actually ordered the 36″ yesterday that will be here Thursday and my hubby is picking up a 17″ table top today. We are SO excited to use them. Our bbq finally said it was done Saturday after 16 years of loyalty. Haha!
    We bbq a lot and I can’t wait to make fried rice and an onion volcano on it! 🤣😂

  10. Tori

    We have the Blackstone tailgater version mentioned above. It travelled well in a large plastic tote for college football games! We got ours at Tractor Supply, which is another retailer who carries Blackstone products.

  11. OU_rxgirl

    We have a 36” griddle and my hubby is obsessed! It’s good for me! He always volunteers to cook 🙌🏻

  12. Sally

    What happens to all the grease when you cook? Does it just stay on the surface?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi Sally! On my griddle there’s a rear grease trap where all the grease drains too, then you can just dump it. Super easy!

      • anom

        I was wondering if this type could be installed into an outdoor kitchen instead of the typical grill. That grease trap, can it be accessed from the front if this unit was installed or need to get around back of it?

        • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

          The grease trap is in the back and can be accessed from the back of the grill. You can see how it looks in the video through the link above. Hoping that might help!

  13. Lindacupcake

    My Blackstone just celebrated its 9th Birthday with us!! I’ve loved it from day one. When I bought mine they were in the $400 range and have started to come down in the past few years. Highly recommend to anyone that loves to grill.

  14. Kristi

    We love ours! Have 2, one for our house and one for our lake house! Completely sold out on the Blackstone!

  15. Kellie Yagel

    How did you season the griddle the first time you used it. We just got one.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      This is what I found, “Blackstone Griddles are pre-seasoned with cooking oil to prevent rust and damage during shipping. For first time use, wash the griddle in hot, soapy water. THIS IS THE ONLY TIME YOU SHOULD USE SOAP ON THE GRIDDLE. Rinse and dry completely with paper towels.”

    • Denise Young

      If you go to YouTube, then blackstone there are videos that show you how to season. We used canola oil and it worked great. Enjoy your griddle.

  16. Kelly

    We have had the 36in for 2 years and we love it! Grilling vegetables and breakfasts on the flat top is a major game changer. If you have any reservations, just do it! The cast iron cook top is great for an even sear.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you for that recommendation, Kelly!

  17. Karen

    We just bought a griddle grill from Sam’s Club last week. They have them on sale for $199! I especially love the hole in the front that you can use the scraper that came with it to move grease, scraps into and it’s a nice little drawer that throw away foil bread pans fit in (it came with some in it). Just pull out each time, cool and toss! First thing we did was throw onions and colored sweet pepper strips on top. It helps to keep a squirt bottle of water to stream to help it not to burn. Love this thing!!

  18. agray84

    We recently bought the 36inc with side burner and deep fryer and love it!! This was the only one that would allow us to convert it to natural gas and it’s the best!

  19. robinlu

    I got one for my husband at Walmart for $99. He loves it. Now he cooks all the breakfast for the family when they come to visit. I really love that! Great grill!!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      How cool!

  20. Brooke

    We hate ours. Used it twice. Top is rusted. Not fun to clean. Do NOT recommend.

    • Bekah C

      Did you cover it properly? You also should wipe down with paper towels after cleaning. It’s just like taking care of cast iron cookware.

    • Rhonda

      Wash it with a soapy dishrag then oil it well heat until it stops smoking squirt on some water and wipe down with paper towels repeat two more times. Then oil it and use. Every time you use it you have to scrape, squirt with water while it’s still hot and scrape off any particles wipe and oil.

  21. April Bartley

    We love ours!!!

  22. adyost6

    I got one for my hubby for Christmas and I use it almost everyday!!! We have it on our patio next to our Weber grill and we can finally cook all of the food that we need for a meal to feed our family of six-including two teenage sons! My only regret is not getting one sooner!!!!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      I completely understand feeding a house full! Thanks, adyost6! So glad this can feed a big family (including teen boys)!

  23. Shelia Seymore

    We have a small one in our RV. Bought my husband the larger for our deck last Father’s Day. I use it more than he does. Best bacon ever.

  24. Bekah C

    Yes! Just bought the 22” for my husband as an early Father’s Day gift. He’s been cooking so much more, it cooks faster, and everything has such a great flavor. Frozen burger patties done in 5 minutes and they taste like they’re from a restaurant! We store it in the garage to protect it. I’ve read the soft cover hasn’t always prevented rusting, so we want to be on the safe side. Highly recommend! We had a grated grill before and will never go back! This is so much easier to clean on top of all the other perks!

  25. Breanna

    We bought ours at our local Scheels And we absolutely love it! It’s awesome for cooking breakfast 😀

  26. Dawn

    has anyone purchased the 28inch with double burner? I am thinking about that one as a father’s day gift.

    • Nichole

      Yes just got my husband one for Father’s Day! Got the 28in adventure grill (2burner) so we can take it places. Absolutely love it, hands down, way better then the regular grill. We cooked all three meals on it yesterday! Wish we’d have gotten one sooner

  27. janine

    We love our Blackstone. The only issue for us the the splatter of oil that ends up covering the person using it. We keep an old sweatshirt near the back door and throw that on to keep from ruining good clothes.

  28. Lisa

    I found a black stone fb page. And they post all kinds of recipes made on the black stone.

  29. Judy

    Does this griddle come with the lid or does it have to be purchased separately? I really want to get this but need to make sure it has a lid. Thank you

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      This one from Walmart does not include a lid. It does look like you can purchase them separately from Amazon here.

  30. Sur

    I ordered it from Warfair when you had the deal posted a few weeks ago. Was supposed to be delivered by May 2 but it is still showing as “delayed“ I have called twice now and they keep telling me someone’s going to reach out. Ugh 🙁

  31. pocaface

    hi there. which blackstone grill is pictured above with the lid? we ordered the one listed but it didn’t come with the hinged lid like the pictures show. thanks

  32. Mrsj6901

    They have these for $199 right now at sams club, I sent a pic to my hubby today since he’s been wanting one. Not sure how long the sale is for.

  33. anie

    Can anyone help me decide between17″ and 22 inch? TIA

  34. Patricia Goff

    I have a Jenn-Air that came with my house. I love it. Hate that it takes up half the counter but it is amazing. It has a huge griddle that comes off and you can wash it in the sink or outside. It drains in a jar under the counter inside the cabinet. Have to remember to empty it though. I think it is from the 70s or 80s. It is old but still works great. Has a fan build in too. Love it.

  35. Ryan

    How does it do cooking steaks?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey Ryan! It does well with steaks too! 🙌❤️-

      “I thought I would miss the “grilled” taste/marks, but our steaks are just as delicious and are actually easier to make now.” – Misty

  36. Kim C.

    Does the grease drain off? I wouldn’t want my burgers to cook in their grease.

  37. Crystal

    We love ours! Anyone have any good websites or videos of dinner ideas for it? Thanks as I am running out of new ones

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