Is the Good Chop Meat & Seafood Subscription Box Worth the Cost?

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As someone who doesn’t cook often, here’s why I found this Good Chop meat subscription box so valuable!

Good Chop box on counter with meats and seafood

Guys, I’m shocked. 😱

I recently had the chance to try the Good Chop meat & seafood subscription service, and I need to share my experience with everyone because I think so many of you will relate!

A little backstory on me: I am not one to cook at home, so I was a little hesitant to believe that Good Chop would be anything special for someone with my cooking habits. I’ll whip up something in my kitchen maybe twice a week, but for the most part, Door Dash and Uber Eats are my BFFs. 😂

When I do cook, I LOVE to occasionally treat myself to some drool-worthy cuts when I walk by them in the butcher case at the store. But I’ve often thought that a meat & seafood service would be underwhelming, would cost too much, or would go to waste.

Until I actually tried it…

Good Chop pork chops in pan

To be perfectly honest, the more I cooked up some of the deliciousness from this box, the more I kept falling in love. I was starting to think I had totally been missing out on some insider secret when it came to top-notch, high-quality, crave-worthy meats! Like really, where has this been all my life?!

If you guys want to try Good Chop for yourself (and you absolutely MUST), you can score a whopping $100 off your first three boxes–no promo code needed!

Order the Medium Box for $149
Score $50 off the first box
Score $30 off the second box
Score $20 off the second box

First box is only $99 SHIPPED!

Order the Large Box for $269
Score $50 off the first box
Score $30 off the second box
Score $20 off the second box

First box is only $219 SHIPPED!

Good Chop meat subscription steaks

So you’re probably thinking a Good Chop meat subscription still seems a little pricey–it definitely did to me at first.

But when you start researching what actually comes in the boxes, I can just about guarantee that you’ll change your mind!

fish from Good Chop meat subscription in pan with vegetables

To start, each box’s price comes out to less than $5 per serving.

The medium box (which is what I chose) comes with 36 portions for $4.14 per meal, and the large box comes with 72 portions for $3.74 per meal. I don’t know about you guys, but the steaks at my store ring up at about $5-$6 per serving on average–and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that groceries in my area are only getting pricier.

When I broke the cost of the Good Chop boxes down into actual portions, I was surprised to learn that I’m actually saving money. 🤯

Good Chop steaks on plate

And yep, you get free shipping with every order, so no need to worry about any sneaky fees. I also know I’m getting the best hormone-free and domestically sourced meat around. And one of the biggest selling points to me is that it shows up right on my doorstep, meaning I don’t need to leave the house! 👏

ribeye steaks on plate

As if that all wasn’t enough, that quality is undeniable!

Like, can you guys see the gorgeous marbling on this ribeye?! I was seriously drooling before it ever even hit the pan. That poor steak didn’t stand a chance against me. 🤣

fish and vegetables on dinner plate

When I cooked the cod I ordered, there was no fishy smell, which is such a testament to the quality of the product. There’s nothing worse than opening seafood packaging to be greeted by the smell of low tide.

tongs holding good chop pork chop

The pork? Chef’s kiss. 😍

ribeye steak good chop meat subscription box

As you can probably guess, the ribeye steak was unbelievably tasty, and even if I overcooked the meat a tiiiiiiny bit (ahem…remember I said I don’t cook all that often 🙃), it’s so high-quality and forgiving that it’ll stay nice and tender.

good chop flat iron steak cut on plate

But for the flat iron steak, man did I nail that one if I do say so myself! 🤤

Hip Tip: Before cooking your steaks, let them sit out for a bit until they come to room temp. When super cold meat hits a hot pan, the muscle fibers become tense & chewy and your steak won’t cook as evenly.

Even though Good Chop is a meat subscription service, I thankfully didn’t have to worry about getting cuts I don’t like.

Good CHop pork chops on plate with seasoning

Most subscription services come with a pre-set selection of items, and you can’t be exactly sure what you’re getting each month. On one hand, it’s fun to get a surprise. On the otherhand, you may end up with some duds that you wouldn’t have chosen if it were up to you.

assortment of meat and seafood from good chop

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that, because you can shop around for what you actually want. 🙌

Trying to eat less red meat? Get a box full of chicken and seafood.

Pescatarian? Stock up on healthy omega fats with a box of wild-caught Alaskan salmon and rockfish.

Want to impress a dinner guest? Opt for the filet mignon (which looks incredible 🤤) and shareable porterhouse cuts.

flat iron steaks cooking in pan

I could go on, but I’m sure you guys get the gist. Even better, you can switch your cuts up each month, so there’s no need to worry about committing to one selection! This way, you can sample their entire delectable menu.

Psssst! A Good Chop subscription would make such a neat holiday gift! I’m thinking of getting one for my own parents since it’s a unique idea that’s perfect for people who are hard to shop for and “already have it all.”

putting good chop meats into freezer

And speaking of commitment, I love not having to worry about being roped into a long-term subscription.

Once you sign up for your Good Chop meat subscription, you can unsubscribe whenever you want.

So if you don’t use all the meats each month and your freezer starts looking a little too well-stocked, you can cancel and come back later.

Hip Tip: If you plan on storing your meats long-term, I would highly recommend getting a food sealer. They’re total game-changers when it comes to both saving space in your freezer and keeping food super fresh, especially if you don’t use the full portion after opening one of the sealed Good Chop packages.

I did have one small concern when ordering my boxes…

Good Chop box

Even though I live up north and things are cooling down, I’m always a little nervous about ordering food online because I don’t love the idea of it sitting out for any amount of time outdoors. The last thing I wanted was to waste any food, especially some perfectly delicious meat!

But as it turns out, I had nothin’ to worry about.

When I opened my package, everything felt like it had just come out of a deep freezer. It actually looked so good that I was a little bummed I’d have to wait for it to thaw overnight before digging in. 🤣 Knowing I of course wouldn’t be able to start cooking it all up right away, I easily transferred most of the contents to the freezer to keep them frozen and extend their shelf life.

good chop flat iron steak

Overall, Good Chop’s meat subscription service totally blew my expectations out of the water.

From the careful packaging to how amazing everything tasted, my experience was 10/10 and I’ll be getting my meats delivered from Good Chop in the future! In fact, my boyfriend wanted to order his own box after our first meal and I had to shout, “wait, there’s a big promo coming up!” 😂

Want your own? Head on over to Good Chop, pick out your box, save $100 on your first 3 boxes, and treat yourself to some seriously good quality meat and seafood!

Use some of your fish from Good Chop in these tasty fish tacos!

Emily obtained her Bachelor's degrees from Clarkson University with 4 years of content writing experience specializing in health, beauty, fashion, & living frugally.

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Comments 10

  1. Couponanimal

    I’ve never heard of this! Thanks for posting! We have done Butcherbox and been happy with the quality, but it does get pricey. Although since the price of meat is going up it comes out about the same as shopping for better cuts and no trip to the store. I’ll definitely be trying this company with the promo!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome! Hope you love it!

  2. Nancy

    We use Porter Road for our meats. It is based out of Nashville, TN. It is great!

  3. Amy F;)

    How does this compare to butcherbox?

  4. roxy

    I tried Crowd Cow for the first time last week. I got $70 off my first $100 order, so I was very excited about it. Pasture-raised ground beef comes down to $5.99/lb. I also got bacon, ground pork and 2 types of sausages. Steaks seemed a little too pricey for me. Not sure if I will keep it. I might give this one a try next.

  5. Sarah

    Is this meat antibiotic free or grass fed?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Sarah! Yes! I did find that the meats are anitbiotic- free, hormone-free and domestically sourced. You can find more on that when clicking through the link above and then clicking on “Sourcing” at the top of the site. Hope this helps!

  6. ursula rogers

    Thank you! I would also like to know which pan you are using?

    • Emily (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Ursula! I have the Medium Box, which is perfect for me. I cook just for myself and my boyfriend maybe once or twice a week so this box is really the ideal amount for a month’s time. For bigger families (4+ people), the Large Box might be the way to go but for just a couple of people or for those who don’t cook too often (*cough cough* me! 😂) I’d recommend Medium!

  7. grumpytoo

    I canceled as the day it came in. The cuts in my box were absolute crap.

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