FREE Hatch Sound Machine w/ Monthly Membership ($129 Value!) | Sleep Sounds, Smart Light, & More

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This is not your typical sound machine.

Hatch Sleep System

Improve your sleep routine with Hatch

Looking and feeling your best is sometimes easier said than done with the rollercoaster that life can be from day to day. One thing you can do to help reach this goal is to create a solid sleep routine! No more pressing snooze in the morning or waking up feeling groggy.

Enter, Hatch Smart Sleep Assistants & Sound Machines!

For a limited time, score a Hatch Sound Machine for FREE when you sign up for a monthly membership (just $14.99/month!).

Don’t snooze on this deal…

Hatch Sleep System

Hatch Sleep Membership + Restore device
Only $14.99 per month!
* The original Hatch Restore sells for $129.99 on Amazon with awesome reviews!

Your Hatch Sleep Membership starts as soon as you activate it in your app store and your first month is pre-paid with your device order so your monthly payments will start 30 days after you activate your membership.

If you cancel your membership, the included Restore device will be disconnected from the Hatch Sleep App, removing access to the content library and updates at the end of your current billing cycle. If you choose to reactivate your membership in the app store, your Restore will be reconnected.

woman sleeping beside hatch sound machine

Hatch combines everything you need for a great night’s rest in one compact device!

Hatch Smart Sleep Assistant & Sound Machines can be personally curated to your unique sleep routine to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed by creating a sleep environment made just for you.

With a combination of soothing lights, customized timers, unique alarms, and more, there’s something for every type of sleeper. Plus, its sleek design just looks so nice by your bedside too!

I bought this a week ago. I enjoyed my first 2 days with it. I was less cranky in the morning. My teen then borrowed it since they were taking AP exams and they have not given it back yet!

I love being able to set a wind-down routine and the reading light is bright enough. I seemed to fall asleep faster (going into menopause has been causing insomnia lately) for the few days I was able to use it. I LOVE waking to the sunrise vs my jarring alarm. Yes, some of the options are limited since there are limited free sounds but I am fine with what is free. – Hip reader, Mari

hatch sleep sound machine dawn

Check out the coolest features of Hatch

Soft-glow reading light: This reading light is fully adjustable from 1 to 100 brightness and is free of eye-straining blue light, so you can curl up, wind down, and ease your thoughts with the comfort of a good book right in bed.

Sunrise alarm: This unique feature mimics the natural dawn with hues of red and orange lights that help cue healthy cortisol levels to gently wake you with a customized combination of lights and sounds.

Exclusive library of sleep content (with membership): With a subscription to the Hatch Sleep app, you’ll get access to hundreds of sleepytime stories and sounds, all curated to your unique sleep needs. You can even have the stories read aloud to soothe you into a soft slumber- no scrolling or turning pages necessary! Note many of these audio files are part of the paid app features, but if you opt for the free version, you’ll still have plenty to choose from – more on this below.

Customizable sleep sounds: Sleep isn’t a one size fits all deal, that’s why Hatch allows you to choose a relaxing sound for each stage of your sleep: wind down to one sound, stay asleep with another, and wake up to a more friendly sound than that obnoxious buzzer alarm.

Schedule that meets your needs: This easy-to-use device allows you to set schedules and timers for reading, meditation, and so much more all using the free app!

hatch sleep sound machine in daytime

Hip Sidekick, Emily LOVES her Hatch sound machine…

I am a devote sound machine sleeper, to the point where it has to go with me EVERYWHERE. I thought the white noise was all I needed…until I got hooked on the Hatch. Let me also say I’m devoted to anything that can sync to my smartphone with customization options. :laughing: My boyfriend ordered ours after reading the initial review on Hip2Save (yep, he’s an avid follower!) and had several custom settings established before we went to bed on the day it was delivered.

We have a 15-minute wind-down setting with waves and pale blue light, and then a sleep setting with rain sounds and no light. Then we have a gentle wakeup with birds chirping and a warm orange light, followed by an actual alarm after 20 or so minutes. Is it extra? Yes. Is it borderline obnoxious. Also, yes. But is it an absolute sleep necessity at this point? A resounding, yes yes yes!

We also have the Hatch subscription too so we can access the sleep stories and meditation. I’m really an easy sleeper and fall asleep almost instantaneously, but there have been a few nights where I can’t seem to calm my mind so I turn to the sleep stories to ease me into sleep. I’ve probably only made it 3 or 4 minutes before I’m completely conked out because the soothing voiceovers with the calming tales are a recipe for slipping into those Z’s.
It’s truly one of those things I didn’t know I needed until I had it, so it’s totally worth checking out and if it’s not for you, you can return it with their 60-night guarantee.

woman reading w: hatch sound machine

Is there a catch with Hatch? Luckily, no!

Hatch offers a 60-day return policy so you can try out the Restore at home and send it back if you don’t love it (keep in mind that it must be returned in the original packaging to qualify for a refund). That means you won’t lose sleep wondering if you made the right decision!

About the writer:

Jessica has an Associates Degree in Business from University of Phoenix and 9 years of writing experience from various deal sites including Hip2Save. Connect with Jessica on LinkedIn

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Comments 45

  1. x452angel

    I looooove my Hatch Restore. It’s so customizable and easy to use. If you are debating on getting it I totally recommend it 🙂 after u cancel your membership u can still use the feee version of the app… which has a ton of option. I actually never signed up for the service. But I just did so I can get a free one

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! Thanks so much for the helpful recommendation!🙌 Super glad to hear how much you’ve been loving yours! ❤️🥰

  2. christen

    Just got mine yesterday, used it last night and this morning. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Very excited to play with the settings more and customize even more.

  3. Klp

    So it can be used without the membership, correct? Do you lose the ability to control it from your phone when you cancel the membership?

    • x452angel

      Yes 🙂 u can use it without the subscription. They have a free version u can use which has a lot of features. The subscription is really just for more sounds options and meditation and stuff like that but the free version still offers a lot of good sounds

      • Klp

        So are you saying you’re not sure about your above response now?

        • x452angel

          Ya… my Hatch now works without the membership. But the one I received from this deal has a sticker on the box that states “Hatch Membership Required”. My other one did not have this sticker. So now I’m not sure?

  4. x452angel

    So I got my Hatch restore today for this deal and the box specially says “Hatch Sleep Membership” required. My other one did not say this on the box and I use my original Hatch without the membership everyday. I was reading the faqs and it says “If you cancel your membership, the included Restore device will be disconnected from the Hatch Sleep App, removing access to the content library and updates at the end of your current billing cycle. If you choose to reactivate your membership in the app store, your Restore will be reconnected“ So if we cancel using this specific Hatch from the deal it says we will lose access? I’m confused. Anyone know for sure?

    • Klp

      The post made it sound like you can still use it with the free options. That’s how I understood it.

      • suzieq-0

        For anyone still following this thread my hatch membership expired it won’t let me do anything through the app. However the buttons on the top of the hatch machine still work so I can still turn the light on and I can still use the last sound I had which for me was rainfall so I’m still able to use it for that. And I’m also able to have the time on display. It wasn’t working and then I went into the app and into the settings and it let me turn the clock back on without restoring my membership.

        • Klp

          That’s so interesting. For a few days after the membership expired, it worked as normal but nothing could be changed in the app. Now only the button on the top to turn the light on works but no time displayed or sound. When I go into the app, the restore doesn’t show up anymore. How many days has it been since it expired?

          • Susan Turner

            My hatch expired on the 9th. It still lets me turn on the light and use the rain sound by pushing the button. The clock is also on.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for asking. Sorry for the confusion. We’re looking into this again to know for sure.❤️

      • Klp

        Thanks Amber! Curious what you find out. I also reached out to them. I ordered but don’t plan to keep a membership so hoping to still be able to use it.

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          You’re so welcome! Very sorry for the confusion. ❤️We did check on this further and have found that this is a “locked” version of the Hatch that is sent out when purchasing the monthly membership.

          • Klp

            So without a membership, there is nothing it will do? Not even act as a sound machine?

            • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

              Thanks for asking! We’re still researching this to know for sure how it might still work without the membership.

              • Lesia123

                Any more updates?

                • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

                  We’re still looking into this and hope to have more information real soon!

                  • Lesia123

                    Thank you! I’ll keep an eye out.

                  • Klp

                    Any updates, Amber? I emailed them on the 7th and still haven’t heard back.

                    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

                      We have reached out about this and I’ll be sure to let you know once we get more details! SO sorry for the delay.💕

    • x452angel

      So here is the reply I got back from Hatch. Looks like once the membership is cancelled you won’t have access to any features 🙁 “A few of our products come with some sleep sounds and alarm sounds out of the box with the option to access our entire library of content with an additional subscription. For Restore, we’re taking a new approach! Your Restore would come with the subscription already included. Other than $14.99/month there is no other cost to you to use Restore + Membership. The original purchase price of $14.99 covers both the device and the first month’s subscription which gives you access to our entire library of content from the get-go! This means it will only work with the subscription enabled, so while you wouldn’t have access to those couple of basic sounds until you activate the subscription”

  5. gabbymancias

    Nop it wont work if you cancel your membership. The mac address will be “b lo cked”

    • Klp

      I wonder why some features only work with membership then… it seems like all features would only work with membership if the device doesn’t work once canceled. I found this post to be misleading.

  6. nikiserrr22

    So my device doesn’t work, I have tried for 3 hours to connect. I have tried to cancel the reoccurring automatic payments and it’s nearly impossible to find I’ve tried through paypal, I’ve also tried through the hatch app and it’s not there. This really was a very poor experience I was looking forward to using this. Not Hip2Save fault but this is one I wish I didn’t try.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I’m SO sorry about this. We’re working on getting more information on these devices and hope to have some details to share with you real soon. We apologize for any confusion. 💕

      • nikiserrr22

        Thank you. I was just trying to set up my device. It’s not working I wanted to cancel my reoccurring payment service immediately. I don’t mind paying for it but don’t want this to keep coming out of my account monthly when the machine doesn’t work. I wanted to warn others because my hatch automatic payment option is not in my device hatch app or available to cancel through PayPal which I used to be safe instead of a credit card.

        • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

          Hi, nikiserrr22! It looks like Hatch subscriptions are managed through your phone’s app subscriptions. If you have an iPhone you can go to Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions, and then manage from there. On an Android device, open your Google Play app and tap the top menu (mine has a little picture of me) > Payments & subscriptions > Subscriptions, and then manage from there. Let me know if you find this helpful. 🤗

          • nikiserrr22

            Amber thank you. I have tried the android options and PayPal automatic payment option and neither one is available. Thank you. I did open up a claim under PayPal to cancel reoccurring automatic payments. I’ll keep y’all posted. 👍🥰

  7. Klp

    I finally heard back from Hatch and this is what they said: With the Restore you purchased, the Hatch Sleep Membership must be activated in order to use any feature of the device. While you don’t need to send the Restore back to us if you decide to cancel your membership, you won’t be able to use this Restore until the membership has been activated again.

    • nikiserrr22

      Thank you, they make it hard to cancel too. I did the troubleshooting through their website on the device and to cancel the automatic payment. I just wish I could enjoy the membership and device. I think I got a dud. Oh well, I will dispute future payments and out $16. 🙄 **Again not hip2save fault but just a warning to others.

    • Lesia123

      Thank you for finding out. So pretty much the device is useless without the membership? I just received my order a few days ago, I haven’t opened it yet. Looks like it’s going back!

      • Summer

        I haven’t opened mine either. Do you think they’ll refund the money? How do you plan to return yours?

        • Klp

          They don’t refund the membership charge

        • Lesia123

          When you go through the refund process on their website it looks like they will refund whatever you paid. I haven’t processed my return yet but I went through the steps and it did show a refund amount once they receive your return.

  8. Gail DeGeorge

    Does anyone have contact information about how to return this Hatch? My came without any paperwork or information.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SO sorry for the issues. You can start a return on their site when heading through the link above and scrolling all the way down to the bottom left of their site and clicking on “Returns”.

      “We love our products and want you to love them, too. If for any reason you don’t, please initiate a return within 60 days of your ship date.”

      Hoping this is helpful! 💕

    • Klp

      They told me since it’s free you don’t have to return it. You won’t get a refund since it was free. They won’t give back the monthly membership charge.

      • Amy

        Are you saying they’re going to charge you forever, or they won’t give back the one month ($16ish) charge?

  9. Melso

    hi, I wondered if anyone knew how to activate the hatch since I already paid for the first month, how does it know that? In the App Store its asking for my credit card info but if the 14.99 covered the first month it should be ready to go and there’s no activation code or anything . Wondered if anyone knew before I call 🙂

    • suzieq-0

      I signed up through the app and it did not charge me for my first month. It says I’ll be charged exactly a month from now. So I think it just must know.

      • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

        Thanks so much for taking the time to share this helpful feedback! ❤️

  10. thomastribeof5

    Is this deal still going on?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey there! I don’t find this offer available any longer when clicking through the link above.

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