Our Il Makiage Review From 3 Team Members – Not Everyone Was a Fan! (+ Try Before You Buy)

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We tried the trendiest new makeup company out there, and found it to be a home run! Here are three honest Il Makiage reviews of their foundation and concealer!

hand holding foundation in front of face

THE perfect foundation. 🫶

We all know how difficult it is to find the perfect foundation or concealer shade to match your skin’s complexion, so we’re giving Il Makiage the ultimate review because shade perfection is exactly what they claim to do!

We even tested it on 3 different team members with different complexions so we could say for sure that this brand is the solution to all your orangey, caked-on, mismatched foundation woes!

And, with their Try Before You Buy program, you can count on 100% satisfaction! More on that later…

Psst! Did you know? Il Makiage foundation has over 475,000 reviews, which is the most-reviewed beauty product. EVER.

woman holding Il Makiage beauty products

Hip teammate, Melinda had the pleasure of trying a few Il Makiage makeup products, both their concealer and foundation. To say she was blown away is an understatement. 🤯

Let’s start with the Il Makiage concealer.

woman applying Il Makiage concealer

There are so many different uses for concealer, and the color you get depends on what you’ll use it for. Whether for brightening or covering dark spots and blemishes, the Il Makiage quiz will show you the perfect options. Did I mention it comes in thirty shades?!

It’s also worth noting this product is vegan, cruelty-free, and oil and paraben-free. Not only is it good for our animal lovers, but it’s also likely to help avoid breakouts. 👏

Now onto our Il Makiage foundation reviews.

woman loving il makiage foundation

This foundation comes in 50 show-stopping shades. 👏 Talk about inclusivity! When you take the quiz you’ll be able to specify what kind of coverage you want, but so many reviewers (myself included) report this foundation is basically the beauty filter in a bottle. It looks and feels like you’re skin and is perfect for building fuller coverage layers. They also have an After Party Full Coverage foundation if you’re looking for even more coverage.

The perfect foundation lies in your skin’s pigment and undertones, which you may not even know what yours are! Undertones can be neutral, yellow, pink, or olive. (Don’t worry; some of our team members didn’t know their undertones either, and the Il Makiage quiz figured it out for them. 🤩)

box of makeup tested for Il Makiage reviews

How does Il Makiage work?

You can guess what shade you are and select it that way, but the best part of Il Makiage is the personalized quiz. It asks a series of questions regarding skin type, desired coverage level, and more. It even asks you to upload a picture of yourself. From there, you’re officially matched!

But sometimes, it takes more than one try to get the perfect shade, right?

That’s where the Try Before You Buy program comes into play! If you do get the wrong shade, there’s nothing to fear! With the Try Before You Buy program, you only pay about $6 for shipping and have 14 days to decide if you want a free return, exchange, and refund. They aren’t going to question you or convince you to change your mind, either. Truly no questions asked!

Although the Il Makiage quiz is awesome and helps guide you to the perfect shade, it may not always be correct for everyone. The true test is applying it. But it’s such a relief that you won’t be stuck paying $45 for a foundation or concealer that doesn’t match your skin. You can take it from our Hip team, with a formula like this, you’re going to want to stick it out and find that perfect shade!

Melinda's il makiage before and after pics

Here’s Melinda’s Il Makiage review regarding the Concealer & Foundation:

“What really drew me to Il Makiage was the fact that they offer an extensive quiz to help match your color. They claim that 75% of women get the foundation wrong. I was probably in that statistic before I discovered this brand. I love how they offer step-by-step instructions on how to apply foundation which I really appreciated, as previously I was a concealer-only girl.

I’ve previously been using a well-known brand. While I liked it, I always felt the color was too light for my skin. I remember when I ordered that brand, I felt overwhelmed by the dozens of color options, not having a clue which one I should order. Turns out the color I received was a tad too light for me.

When I received Il Makiage after taking their quiz, their color match was the truest I have ever tried. I am truly impressed. I also love how you can try out the products for 14 days with no commitment. I felt zero risk in giving this brand a try, and now, I’m happy I did!”

woman applying il makiage foundation

Our Hip teammate Emily also recently tried Il Makiage! Here’s what she had to say:

“I guess it’s safe to say I get the hype about this foundation 👏 I, like so many other beauty lovers, was convinced by the Instagram videos of the color matching capabilities and flawless application of this foundation. Then after hearing Melinda & Kaitlyn rave about it, I knew it was time to try.

The color quiz is more extensive than other ones I’ve taken, and it’s kind of like a vision appointment where you choose which is a better match to your skin tone. I was fortunate to have my color come in spot-on!

The formulation itself feels pretty weightless. I normally apply my foundation with just my hands or a damp beauty blender sponge, but I really liked the brush I got from Il Makiage (free with a subscription). It smooths out the foundation for even coverage, and I love that this is buildable. Just one layer was enough for me for everyday wear, but I layered before going out for the night with some friends.

woman applying foundation

Also, and, this to me is the most important feature: it. does. not. oxidize. 🙌 I cringe every time I see a foundation changes colors an hour later from oxidizing after application. Not with this!! It still matched my skin tone perfectly and looked almost airbrushed.

It’s a pricey foundation, but not any more expensive than other high-end formulas that flaunt the same coveted quality. As I mentioned, I’m now a subscriber, and it’s safe to say I won’t be canceling my next shipment anytime soon!”

woman holding a bottle of il makiage foundation

 Il Makiage makeup wasn’t for everyone though. Here’s what Hip2Save’s Erica said about her experience:

“I have two friends in addition to all the teammates above that love the foundations, so I thought I would love it. I don’t! Maybe I just didn’t choose the best color, but it also makes my skin really dry, really fast. I’m not a fan, but others do like it, and it’s only $5-$6, so maybe still worth a try for you! Different formulas may also feel less drying, too.”

We hope you found our honest Il Makiage reviews to be helpful! These products may not have worked for Erica, but the rest of our Hip Teammates can confidently say that they can’t get enough of Il Makiage makeup, so it’s definitely Hip-approved! 😍

About the writer:

Chelsey is a writer & photographer with both a Bachelor's and Master's Degree from Arizona State University. She holds 3+ years blogging experience not only for Hip2Save, but various other publications in the health, lifestyle, and education field.

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Comments 40

  1. Samanthology

    Yay!! Thank you so much for doing this post! I’ve been seeing this stuff over social media for a long time now but I haven’t wanted to pull the trigger. I’m always a little skeptical of reviews on social media, but I’ll definitely trust Hip2save! How did it do for covering your dark spots? I’ve developed a few of my own post-kids. Can anyone comment on how it is on dry skin? My dermatologist prescribed a retinol cream that is really making my skin dry and flakey in the winter months and my current foundation just really emphasizes the dry patches

    • Melinda Dilione (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there – I am loving the foundation and concealer to cover my dark spots. I am one to have dark circles under my eyes and this is making me feel so much more confident. We are going to add a before and after photo so you can see the difference this made for my dark circles 🙂 I can’t comment on the dry skin aspect though, I’m sorry!

  2. Whitney

    It’s true! They somehow magically match your complexion! I bought some last summer and wasn’t thrilled paying that price, but it is totally worth it! I tried to find other cheaper foundations and they just didn’t compare. I bit the bullet again and bought another one just a few days ago!

  3. Jeinay

    The color match is amazing. I’ve used the foundation and it is not for my skin type. I wish they had more formultion options. I think the concealer is good but over priced. Other concealers in that price range are better. I absolutely love the eyeliner blushes, bronzers and highlighters and they are totally worth the price. I will be ordering more products to try eventually and I’m hoping for a new foundation someday.

    • Arielle Bella

      I came to the comments page just for this! I have dry skin and it seemed like this would be drying for me.

  4. Jeinay

    I also have the primer and serum, they are good as well but over priced. I have combo skin that is getting dryer as I age, even with a good moisturizer and primer, this foundation accentuates my lines and skin texture😕

  5. podvintage

    They have THE BEST customer service. And make sure that you rate their products. They will sent you $15-20 off coupons. I love everything that I have bought from them. Mascara (no clumps), liquid eyeliner, under eye (a must), eyebrow angle brush. Make sure that you do the auto ship. You get a full sized item with every auto ship and a % off your shipment.

  6. Mama6

    Thank you so much for this post! I appreciate the thorough review. I have been searching for the perfect base as I have dark circles under my eyes (hereditary, six kids and lack of sleep 🙂 !) I have used lower end to high end cosmetics. Most recently, Bare Minerals and I just cannot find the coverage I need for my under eyes circles and small capillaries around my nose. I went through the website and process and ordered just now for the trial. I love that they added a wonderful foundation brush and that they also support the women’s project with returns.

  7. Kathleen hartman

    I ordered and they said it was a 14 day trial and I would only pay $5. They took $115 out my checking and there is no phone number to call. U can only email them. Not happy!

    • Mama6

      I used my credit card and they did charge the $5 shipping. However, for me, as stated in the order process, they placed an authorization on my credit card which will fall off in 1-4 days. Hope this helps 🙂

      • Melinda Dilione (Hip Sidekick)

        Kathleen this happened to me too but they did email saying not to fear if you see an amount greater than $5 pending on your account – as Mama6 mentioned, it’s just an authorization and did drop from my card after a few days – I was only charged $5 until I decided to keep it. Hope that makes you feel better <3

    • Margaux

      I had the same experience! After some back n forth over email I found out you have to RETURN products WITHIN 14 DAYS! Told the reps that was very misleading and that I would not be recommending their line to anyone.They did issue a refund because I was unhappy. Their Foundation matching tool did not select the correct shade of foundation for me either so that was another ordeal. Overall not a very pleasant experience.

      • Margaux

        I ordered with a credit card and was charged the full amount on the 14th day.

      • Mama6

        I found the 14 day trial instructions in the ordering process right below submitting my order 🙂 Hope that helps.

  8. lisa

    I was thrilled with the foundation and am about to reorder. I don’t use it often because I’m lazy and hello, Covid. I’m home alot but when I do put it on, i’m always like “I should wear It more.” The long handled brush is a must have. I thought for sure I was swindled when I did the late night IG purchase but this was a winner. I also got their eyeliner which I like and a serum which was ok. They send lots of coupons for leaving reviews. Some as much as $25 which is great.

  9. Liz

    I ordered and the first shade was a little dark. I returned and they sent me another shade free. They also sent me a coupon code so i bought the under eye concealer. I have melasma and i thought the coverage was ok. i was really hoping this would be the full coverage i needed. i use doll 10 full coverage and still like that one better to cover my melasma.

  10. kerRI

    I honestly have tried almost every mascara made. I have a slight obsession with mascara that my bf would attest to. I own hundreds 🤦🏼‍♀️ This brand has one of my favorites.

  11. podvintage

    my first shade that I got, was no right. I contacted them and they asked me to send them a headshot with no makeup on. They were able to tweak the color and it was spot on! They will not ask you to send back any items that you have tried, as they are not able to resale them. They ask that you give to a friend or family member.

  12. Taylor Leigh

    I tried this and was so excited to receive mine because of all the magical glowing reviews! Although the shade seemed like a very close match, I did not like the formula. I found it drying, unpleasant smelling and too full coverage. Although I like a nice full coverage under eye concealer, I’m more a tinted moisturizer or tinted bb cream type of girl or a lighter coverage moisturizing foundation. I gave my bottle to my mom and she loved it! It seemed to blur her fine lines and even out her skin tone. Might be a skin type and personal preference combo?

  13. Cris

    I love this stuff! I tried it a couple of years ago and of course I got it wrong the first time. They sent me a new color after I consulted with them. In the winter I need I lighter shade and summer a darker shade. This is the only makeup I will wear and it lasts me forever!!

    • Melinda Dilione (Hip Sidekick)

      That is so awesome to hear, Cris – love that they helped you even after getting the color wrong after the quiz. It makes so much sense that we’d need different shades based on the time of year.

  14. Mama6

    I came back here to review my recent purchase of last Thursday’s post. I was skeptical regarding trying this line of makeup. Especially with the rather too simple process of finding my perfect shade. I am over fifty, with six kids and work in child welfare along with homeschooling. I am a busy mama and I needed a simple beauty and morning routine with a line of cosmetics that are pretty, long wearing and effectively cover my under eye circles along with the tiny capillaries around my nose that I have NEVER have found a base that would give me the non-cakey coverage that I need. I ordered the trial. It arrived today. The concealer, base and the Boss Squad in Call The Shots. These cosmetics are extremely high quality, beautiful packaging and gorgeous , pigmented eye shadow shades.I was able to create a simple smokey eye with this quad. I have recently been using Bare MInerals and although a good line, just could not meet my expectations. I will be ordering additional products as well. I believe that spending around $100 every four months, which is only $25 a month on these is well worth it. The pandemic has taught me to take better care of myself and it is important to me to feel confident in my daily life. When I look better, I feel better. I have sampled so many lines from low end to high end and I am actually astonished at how this purchase ended up being perfect. Thank you for posting. I will be reviewing on their website as well for the coupons they offer for reviews that another mama posted about previously. Thank you so much for this post last week 🙂 This mama is happy 🙂

    • Melinda Dilione (Hip Sidekick)

      Wow! I love this all so much. I appreciate you coming back to share you experience with us. It means so much. I love what you said about how the pandemic taught you to take better care of yourself. Same, my friend! I am never one to treat myself but I am learning to change that. So, so very happy you are loving this brand as much as we are! <3

  15. Tobie

    I have wanted to try this makeup but I am the biggest procrastinator I took the quiz and picked a shade but chickened out Anyhow now I see the promo with Hiip2Save a site I trust I am going to give it a try Let you all know how it goes

  16. Savvy Mom

    I wanted to come back and give my experience, as well as ask a question for you all. I decided to give this a try and take the quiz. I finally received it and was supposed to get 5 items (primer, concealer, foundation, brush and mystery gift). However, the only thing to arrive was the primer and brush. I can’t really try it out with those 2 items, so I reached out and sent a picture through email. I got a response the following day, then I replied back and got another follow up to my email the next day. I’ve been going back and forth on this issue for a few days. They are going to resend me the items that were missing, so now I get to wait to try till those come. My question for those on here…is there a phone number to reach out to someone? They do have customer service with email, but I would of rather fixed this issue by calling someone and getting take care of in 1 day not several days.

  17. Heather

    Real customer review… I took the social media bait and I have to say, I am SO impressed!!! The color match was perfect and it goes on with flawless coverage. The instructions say use one pump for full coverage but I only need one! A bottle will prob last me a long time! I also got the concealer and free application brush. I love the way this make up goes on and the finish! Buy! You won’t be disappointed.

  18. Mary

    How do I get started. I would love to try a make up foundation that looks like my skin tone.

  19. Mrsj6901

    I tried this foundation. I wasn’t a fan. I thought it was very heavy and I looked like I had makeup on. I’m looking for something more light and natural with minimal coverage.

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      We sure appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us on this foundation, Mrsj6901! If you don’t already follow us on Instagram, you might tune in as Erica recently shared her struggle of finding a foundation she loves – and she’s continuing the hunt with some recommendations from readers! 🙌❤️

    • Tina

      Bare Minerals

  20. Katie

    I love, love the foundation and concealer. I am not positive yet on the primer as I just got it. Yes… it’s expensive. But it’s one of the make brands I don’t break out from: and it stays on.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the review on their foundation and concealer! Hope you love the primer just as much! 🤗🙌

  21. KarieS

    I was not a fan either because the foundation was too heavy and greasy for my face. I will say the customer service was very responsive but do act quick if you want to return your product because they will charge you on the 14th day prompt!

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      So sorry to hear the foundation didn’t work out for you, KarieS! Thanks so much for taking a moment to share about your experience. Glad to hear customer service was helpful and the return process went smoothly for you! 💕

  22. Em

    I’ve also tried the foundation and it wasn’t the correct shade and was pretty heavy and cakey. They did send a $25 coupon. Also purchased their moisturizer which I LOVE. For anyone wanting a light weight foundation, Laura Geller also matches color with a photo (super helpful) and I use their “Quench & Tint” foundation which is amazing! They occasionally have 55% off with free shipping if you time it right. I will definitely never use another foundation. LG is perfect!

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts with us on the foundation, Em. 💕 Good to know you love their moisturizer though! 🙌 We have a few Hip sidekicks that shared their love of Laura Geller makeup too on this post! Glad you’ve found a foundation with them that you’ve been loving!

  23. Jak77

    So what is the actual amount that you will be billed, if you decide to keep it? Thx in advance 😁

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey there! If you decide to keep the item you’re trying, you’ll be charged the product price of that item. It will list the “keep it” price below your order summary at checkout. 🤗


    Did anyone get the $45 free mystery box w/ item or product # 217-7777??
    I’m just curios what that is worth $45

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