Is Shein Legit? I Ordered Over $100 Worth of Clothing to Find Out.

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Is Shein legit? This is a question my team and I were asking, so we decided to find out. Here are our honest Shein reviews.

woman holding Shein bags in living room

Is Shein a legit website? I put this cheap clothing store to the test!

If you’re like me and have a teenage daughter, then you already know how expensive it is when it comes to shopping for clothing, shoes, and accessories. Luckily, stores like Walmart, Target, and Forever 21 have somewhat reasonably priced options for every budget.

Today I want to share with you an exclusively online retailer known as Shein that is changing the game when it comes to affordable fashion. However, you may have some concerns about shopping on this site like I did, so I am here to answer the question – Is Shein legit?

If you simply can’t wait to start shopping, new Shein shoppers can use the latest Shein coupon code NEWFOR15 at checkout to save 15% off orders $9.90 or more!

She-what? How do you pronounce Shein and what is it?

holding bathing suit with Shein tag

I first heard about Shein (pronounced She-in) after seeing countless influencers, teenagers, and people just like me talking about the site on Instagram and TikTok. If you’re unfamiliar with Shein. It’s a website that offers trendy fashion at dirt-cheap prices. I had never heard of this company before, so I was wondering what the catch was and if it was truly legit. Before ordering, I looked into the company, and here are a few things I found out.

Why is Shein so cheap?

The company is able to offer great prices to US customers as most of the clothes are made overseas where the US dollar is worth more. Shein also uses some cheaper fabric material so keep that in mind when ordering.

Where is Shein located and where does Shein ship from? 

Shein is based in China and ships many items from there, but it also has warehouses in the USA and other countries so your order could come from a variety of locations.

Keep this shipping tip in mind!

Shipping is free on orders over $49, but I have a little money-saving tip for ya! If you have a smaller order then wait until Sunday to purchase your items. Every Sunday Shein offers free shipping on any size order, which means even if you buy a $3 item, it will ship for free! YES!

*Note that free shipping offers on Sunday are at random times on the day, and may require a coupon code given on the site to apply. 

After doing some research, I decided to go ahead and order some Shein outfits.

After seeing all of the cute clothing haul videos and how great the women looked in their Shein outfits, I decided to take the plunge and place an order for my daughter. At such affordable prices, and with a generous return policy, I figured it was a no-brainer and worth the risk! 😄

shein packaging

Fast forward to last month, I mentioned that I had ordered some of my daughter’s school clothes from Shein on our weekly Hip2Save team call and asked if anyone else had heard of them. My sidekick Kaitlyn mentioned that she had recently started ordering Shein outfits, and after some initial hesitation was so glad that she did!

She loves their swimwear and how she can get several pieces for the price of one elsewhere. Swimwear is always pricey, even at department stores, so I love that there’s a budget-friendly option out there.

woman wearing Shein bikini and coverup by pool

Speaking of Shein swimwear, check out what my sidekick Chelsey had to say (and how cute she looks in her bathing suit!):

“I’m only just now realizing I might have a slight Shein swimsuit obsession, but it’s with good reason! 😆 In AZ, pretty much every day is pool day, like seriously 5 days a week we’re living in that thing! Plus, frequent trips back to my hometown, San Diego, means beach trips every summer too, so I like to have a swimsuit for each day of the week!

pile of Shein bathing suits on counter

BUT I just can’t bear to pay Victoria’s Secret or even Target prices — I mean $20 for a top and then $20 for a bottom (if you’re buying a 2-piece) is just too much for multiple swimsuits! On Shein, I can grab the full bikini set, top & bottoms, for like $12. I think I’ve even gotten one as low as $10?! 😱 I’ve also been buying these swimsuits for at least 2+ summers and have only been disappointed ONCE with a swimsuit.”

Lina also was intrigued by the countless influencer videos about Shein on TikTok and was curious, but also asking the same question and wondering – is Shein legit or not? I told her how much my daughter loves their clothes so she decided to give it a try too. At Hip2Save, our favorite influencers are each other! 😂

So many cute Shein outfits and styles to choose from!

woman holding t-shirt from shein

Shein has a huge virtual catalog offering thousands of styles of clothing for babies, kids, women, and men. Plus, you’ll also find shoes, accessories, swimwear, cosmetics, home decor, and more. Even better, they offer a wide range of sizes from petite to plus, so they truly have a little something for everyone.

While Shein offers a wide selection of on-trend clothing for teens and young adults, I like that they offer a nice collection of staple wardrobe pieces for those of us who were born way back in the 1900’s, or as my daughter refers to them as “boring clothes”. 🙋🏻‍♀️

The awesomeness doesn’t stop there, because the pricing will knock your socks off with so many cute clothes for everyone starting as low as $3… pretty crazy, right?!

Saving money on clothes without leaving home is easier than ever!

shein cami bras

One of the nice things about shopping from Shein is that you’ll always be offered up to two coupon codes at checkout or via email to save even more money. However, you can only apply one per order. Plus, you can score points for leaving reviews about the items you purchase, which can be applied to future purchases.

Always, always, always read the Shein reviews!

girl wearing cute t-shirt from shein using shein coupon code

One of the things I was concerned about prior to ordering from Shein was the sizing. Many times we’ve ordered clothing from random online boutiques and they have been way too small and not true to sizing at all. That’s where the Shein product reviews come in so handy…

Most items have hundreds if not thousands of product reviews and photos from other shoppers who purchased the same item. So far we’ve been very pleased with the sizing when we went with the recommendations from the Shein reviews. We’ve found that most of the t-shirts do tend to run on the smaller side, so I’d absolutely recommend sizing up at least 1-2 sizes on those.

So, what’s the catch with shopping from Shein US? 

woman holding many pairs of jeans

I will say while this clothing is super affordable and really cute, they aren’t pieces that will hold up for years and years. I would liken the clothing from Shein to something from Forever 21 quality-wise. It’s not horrible, but keep in mind that you shouldn’t expect Anthropologie quality from a $5 shirt.

My daughter really loves their jeans and she’s washed and worn hers many times and they have held up surprisingly well. Honestly, I’m okay with the quality of the items knowing how affordable they are, and really, how long do teenagers really wear anything these days?

Is Shein safe? Here’s what you need to know.

shein plus size cardigan

Though Shein is not BBB accredited, word on the street is that your personal information is safe on Shein. So far, I haven’t had any issues with phishing scams, but will say that it is best to use a throwaway or alternative email address when ordering because the company will bombard you with email offers.

The other concern when ordering from Shein is that a 2021 investigation found unusually high levels of lead,  phthalates, and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the clothing. Additionally, a Greenpeace Germany report stated these levels did not adhere to EU regulations. Some of these chemicals are considered toxic and have been linked to health problems. Apparently, this is not unique to Shein and clothing from brands like lululemon have also tested positive for chemicals.

In response to the accusations, Shein claimed to have removed the contaminated products from their line. Though Shein is considered a legit company, it is best to order from them with caution. Scientist Caroline Cox recommends choosing fabrics made of more natural materials like cotton, wool, and leather. You can search by material on the Shein US website and you will find selections that are 100% natural, like cotton t-shirts.

shein packaging

If you decide to order from Shein US, follow my best tips: 

  1. Score free shipping on any size order every Sunday.

  2. Keep in mind that shipping isn’t as fast as Amazon Prime. Shipping to the United States takes about 10-12 days depending on where you are located, but I’ve never had it take longer than that. I did upgrade and paid for faster shipping on a recent order and it arrived in 7 days.

  3. You can stack up to two Shein coupon codes. I’d recommend signing up for their email list to receive special codes and discounts, but not with your main email as there are a ton of emails that they send almost daily. 😂 So be sure and use a backup account when placing your order and signing up for the mailing list.

  4. Be sure to review your purchases once they arrive so that you can earn Shein points. Your points earned can be applied to save money on future orders.

  5. My best tip, read all of the Shein reviews on every single item that you purchase. These reviews often go over sizing (does it run big or small) and quality.

  6. Shipping is free on your first return of every order, you can send back as many items as you’d like in the same initial return at no cost. If you decide to return additional items from the same order later on, you will incur a $7.99 fee.

On the fence and wondering “Is Shein Legit”? Check out my Hip Sidekick’s Shein reviews.

Kaitlyn thinks you can’t beat the price!

woman walking down stairs wearing Shein dress and purse

“After getting over my initial is Shein legit concerns, I do now love shopping on their site! The Shein website has definitely evolved over the years, and I find the reviews to be the most helpful part because I get an idea of how an item looks in person and what size to get. At first, I used to only buy bathing suits and accessories, but I’m so happy I started buying the clothes because they’re too cute. You can’t beat the price and styles!”Kaitlyn, Hip2Save team

Lina ordered some Shein outfits too and here’s what she had to say:

woman wearing black top with flowers on it

“This was my first time ordering! I had been skeptical in the past wondering if Shein was legit, so I appreciated having a tracking number and my order even came a little earlier than expected. My daughter even scored a couple of super cute $6 t-shirts that everyone loved.

I love this black top I ordered and it was only $5.45. That being said, the quality of some of my items was sub-par in my opinion, and some didn’t fit, so it’s nice that they have an easy returns process. I can see myself ordering again and paying closer attention to what the fabric is. The swimsuit I ordered was great quality but just wasn’t flattering on me.

I can see now why this online shop is a popular way to score trendy clothes inexpensively though it could be hit or miss. I also recently realized they have plus sizes, which is awesome!”Lina, Hip2Save team

Make sure to read other Shein reviews before ordering as customer feedback is mixed.

woman typing on a computer

Shein has a 3.8 rating on TrustPilot and a 2.67 rating on SiteJabber. Some customers love Shein and others had a different experience. Here are a few of the reviews I’ve seen:

“Shein ripped me off. I ordered a sweater October 15 2022. Never received it. The company won’t answer the 56 emails I have sent, trying to get my sweater or a refund has become a nightmare!” – Michel, Shein reviewer

“Got to be fair I love Shein. Ordered many, many things off here, some rhings the quality hasnt been the best but any time I’ve had a return its been easy. Yes it takes a bit to get your refund but never been lost or anything and always got my money back. Be careful buying underwear if your bigger like me as its tiny! Always had help from the Facebook messenger if anythings been wrong and I’m a happy customer” – Rhiannon, Shein reviewer

“Items look good and prices good but when things do not arrive and they give you no way of being able to contact them to leave a message or to find out what is happening it is extremely frustrating. I have wasted hours trying to find a way to contact them with no luck. The one number there is to ring is an automated service which leads you nowhere. So the message is, if you get the goods it is fine but if you have not received them there is nothing you can do.” – Kathy, Shein reviewer

“I love shopping at Shein, I have only ever had to return one item to them before due to it being a bit small. I have ordered numerous items from them including shoes, clothes, fashion jewelry and hair accessories and I have never had any issues with the website. Delivery’s and refunds have always been processed quickly as well considering they are not based in England and come from quite a distance away. Their clothes are such good quality for the price also and always fit amazingly.” – Megan, Shein reviewer

How do you contact Shein customer service?

Most of the negative reviews I’ve seen have to do with Shein’s customer service. Some reviewers like Lina, Rhiannon, and Megan had no issues with their returns. Others like Michel struggled to get ahold of anyone.

If you do need to make a return, visit Shein’s website for instructions and full details on their return policy. To speak with a representative, contact Shein via live chat between 6 am and 9 pm PT. Their website advises you can also reach them on Facebook Messenger. Based on Rhiannon’s review, that is definitely an avenue to try!

If you want to try Shein for FREE, become a Shein product tester.

Woman on computer applying to be a product tester

If you want to try Shein clothes for free, consider applying to be a product tester. You’ll get free clothes in exchange for a detailed review. It’s fairly easy to do. Just head to their website and search the Free Trial products. Select up to 3 a week and click “Free Trial” and fill in your personal information. Applications take about a week to process and during this time the status will show as “Pending.” If you’re picked, the status will change to “Approved” and your items will ship automatically. You do not need to pay for shipping. You just need to upload a review within 10 days of receiving your items. Visit Shein’s website for full instructions or watch this helpful video on the process.

Overall, I liked my experience and plan to order from Shein US again.

shein package

I’m happy that I gave Shein a chance even though I had never heard of them prior to TikTok, and have since placed a few additional orders for my daughter. I love the price and she loves the styles!

All of us here at Hip that ordered from Shein are pretty pleased and will be ordering again, so to answer the question – Is Shein legit? Yes, we all think it is! And with their free returns (including free return shipping), you really have nothing to lose. So if you’re looking for fashion on the cheap, give Shein a try!

Don’t forget to use the latest Shein coupon code NEWFOR15 at checkout to score 15% off your $9.90+ order!

*Please note: Lina, Kaitlyn, Chelsey, and I purchased our Shein clothes on our own and this review on if Shein is legit is not a sponsored post. I’m just sharing my own personal feedback on this affordable option when shopping for new clothes. 

Check out my honest review of a similar shopping site, Temu!

About the writer:

Angela graduated with a Bachelor's Degree and has 25+ years of experience as a writer and photographer with her work being featured in US Weekly Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, People Magazine, and more.

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Comments 79

  1. Momof3girls

    I heard about shein from my teenage daughter. We went ahead and ordered a few things just to see if it was legit and I’m so glad we did!! We now order for her,myself and my younger 2 kids!! My older 2 daughters ordered most of their school clothes from there and they have been washed and dried numerous times and still look great!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yes! I had heard about this from my daughter too! She has LOVED all of her items. Thanks so much for your feedback!

  2. Rebecca

    My daughter ordered some clothes from there. She liked several items, returned others with no problems. Would definitely order again.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience! Good to know the returns went so smoothly!

  3. Ivy

    Been buying things for years. Never had any issues. Generally like most of my items.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SWEET! Thanks for commenting, Ivy!

  4. Daphneg

    My daughter and her best friend love Shein. The orders sometimes take a few weeks, but it isn’t 2 day shipping and is worth the weight. My favorite has been swim wear so far cute top, shorts and bikini bottoms for $11.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      My daughter and I loved the swimsuits too!

  5. Rachel

    I actually ordered a really nice dress from Shein for a wedding I attended. It fit perfectly and the material and quality was great! I received several compliments, and the best part.. it was super cheap!!

  6. Apple Pie Time

    Love Shein, in fact love it too much. Can always find something to order from there, lol!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      LOL! Same here! There are SO many great items to choose from at a great price!

  7. KJ

    I ordered clothes for my 4 year old from Shein. The styles are very cute and the pricing is affordable.

    The sizing on children’s clothes is chaotic. Thankfully it errors on the large side, so my 8 year old daughter got half of the order. My 4 year old will eventually grow into it.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for the honest review on the children’s clothing sizing!

  8. JMonte509

    My family and I have been ordering from Shein for over a year…and we love it!! We even ordered all of our outfits for our family photo!! The only recommendation I have it to please verify sizing. Some of their clothing runs small.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks a bunch for the helpful recommendation!

  9. kmark

    They have very cheap maternity wear which is great. However I would like to point out that they are known for stealing designs and also putting their workers in unsafe conditions. Clothes that cheap come at a whole other price of the flip side, so I would be cautious buying from them and keep that in mind.

  10. acgold

    Has anyone shopped from StyleWe? For womens more upscale or work clothes?

  11. bcircello

    I have bought for a long time. I have never had a problem.

  12. Quinn

    You guys should disassociate yourself from this brand as much as possible…it’s not about legit in style, but the concern is the toxic fabrics…there are numerous articles and videos about this

    • Debra

      Yes, plus the children working in the sweatshops that make the toxic clothing!

    • llc

      People seem to brush over the toxic chemical part. Letting their children wear this clothing knowing they must be cutting corners to keep prices low. Poor pay and working conditions for the workers. And being okay with clothing that doesn’t last to add to chemically tasted clothes to our landfills. So very unethical.

  13. Kruiz528

    I used to buy from Shein. Got a few that was completely warped and did not look like the pic. Some also took a while to get to me since it was coming from China. But what got me to completely turned off and stopped buying and even deleted the app was when I heard the Chinese company uses the app to track and spy on Americans. I always wondered how they’re able to make a profit on such super cheap clothes and mail it internationally. Somethings are just not worth it for a supposed bargain

    • Denise

      They are able to make a profit because they are completely unethical in their business practices. The fast-fashion is horrible for the environment to begin with, use of sketchy marketing/business tactics, and they have AWFUL labor conditions… They are not the only company that partakes in these things, but they are still a big name right now…

      • Mary

        I agree! Do not purchase from this company.

      • Allison

        Yes agree. If it costs next nothing it’s worth next to nothing, and they pay their workers accordingly

    • Quinn

      Have you ever been to China? Certain part of China is cheap in cost of living because they are still developing and living in an unimaginable living condition…it’s not always about labor exploitation. My ask is do not judge using your own experience if your mind is not open….they sure have issues with law compliance such as toxic fabrics…

      • Allison

        Guangzhou China is not a developing area at all….this is where their manufacturing is located. Ethical standards are not good there. China is in compliance with building standards but not labor standards.

      • Jenna

        There was an undercover investigation that showed how their labor is. The employees are paid pennies for each product made. Look up the article. It is really awful and I have chosen to not support their company.

  14. Tequila Huntley

    We love Shein on my family, My sisters and I are in our 40’s and we find great items always. My sister and my teen are both plus size and they have never had an issue with finding things that are nice and flattering on them.

  15. hip2savefan1974

    I’ve been so tempted to order, but what I’m reading about how they treat their workers is horrifying. I think I’d just feel sad whenever I wore the clothes.

    • Gina

      The sad part is that most people disregard this fact. They do not care to understand more about this concern because the only impact they care about is how buying from Shein impacts their own pockets- saving them money on clothing.

      • Dani

        Agreed. There are other ways to save money that are much more ethical. In addition to the terrible treatment of their workers, the environmental impact of fast fashion is devastating.

      • Kruiz528


    • Michelle

      I’ve been so tempted too! But I don’t feel comfortable with fast fashion that will end up at the dump. Anyone know where to get cute quality clothes? I’m in such a rut!

      • Jessa

        Try H&M. I have gotten some amazing deals on sale stuff and clearance stuff. Also im not usually a Pay Full Price kind of girl but i have at H&M. I recently got a beautiful pair of pants recently for $17.99 full price and i loved them so much i bought a second pair immediately at full price 😅. Even my hubby commented that they must be great it they weren’t on clearance 😂

        • Michelle

          Thank you for the recommendation Jessa!

  16. Kim Stuart

    Are these products quality made? I hate buying products that end up in the landfill and go overseas.

  17. Yan

    Every time I looked at their pictures, then I ordered some. But the material is not good at all, they used very cheap material and you can smell it. There were so many clothes went to trash which made me feel bad for the environment. So I stopped order from them and avoid myself to look at their webpage lol.

  18. Yan Guo

    Sorry for the duplicate posting… 🙁 My mouse is too sensitive (clicked twice)

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      No worries! I was able to grab the duplicate!

  19. SaraJT

    Earlier this year I bought a champagne lacy dress from SHEIN for my best friends wedding. I was shocked as to how great the quality was and the material. I used it this summer and walked down the isle with it as my bffs matron of honor. Such a beautiful dress. I definitely recommend. Shipping normally takes no more than two wks, at least for me. I’ve loved every single purchase. Most recently I bought they’re hello kitty clothing line which is so cute. They’re always adding new designers and items and prices are shockingly very low for great quality and items. Love SHEIN

  20. Sara

    Something I have noticed about using SHEIN is that they offer a lot of the same clothing items Amazon does under other store names. Sweaters I’ve seen on Amazon selling for $32.99 are $21.99 on SHEIN and have the same exact details/pictures as Amazon. This has also been the case with other sites such as Macy’s. If your worried about SHEIN fabrics or labor conditions you should probably also check to make sure those same exact clothes aren’t being sold at other retailers because they are. Just under different names.

    • CD

      Shein steals the pictures, then copies the clothes. They are not the same as what you’d get on Amazon & Macy’s. Different fabrics, different factories.

    • roxanngoo

      Yes they are the same. We actually ordered red pants from Shein and the same from Amazon. Returned the ones to Amazon because they were twice the price as Shein. With everything going up here in the U.S. I’m glad I can shop on Shein and still stay within budget.

  21. Rn404

    I’m a curvy size 18 and Love Shein, I get there 3x which is size 18 and have no complaints. They have sure cute swimsuits also that are very good quality. Free shipping and teturns3. Read reviews and look at the pics and you should be good

  22. Stephanie

    I wanted some summer dresses and ordered maybe 10 dresses, some in multiple sizes so I could see where I was size wise. I am a size 12, 5’9” and approx 175 lbs. I did not fit the 0XL size in any dress, was definitely a tad too roomie for me, but the regular size L was definitely too small, too tight. A few I could barely get on. And they don’t carry a XL in most of the summer dresses I ordered, which most likely would have been a perfect fit. I liked several of them but had to return them all because I couldn’t fit in the plus or regular size. I did find a swim suit cover up that was a good fit but that is all I have purchased so far. It was super easy to return all the other items and I got a full refund.

  23. Jessa

    OMG be very careful ordering. As much as this company is advertised, there are equal amount of BAD BAD BAD reviews. I have never ordered but have friends who have and i do see aquaintances on FB & Insta who have too. According to the reviews (from my friends), sizing is all over the place, quality is so bad people are afraid to wash certain things once they feel it, shipping takes forever (sort of like Wish type of shipping) and customer service is not one bit of help. My friend only received half her order, got the run around for weeks and they would not refund or reship. Another friend order a few things and again only received a couple items if the order and they “picked” an amount to refund her….a random number $13. There was nothing in her order priced at an even $13. so she still has no idea why that unknown number was chosen. And lastly (i could go on, which is shameful for a company 🙄). A friend on FB said he never received his order for his Burlesque style photo shoots. They contacted him back after apparently numerous emails and said that it was undeliverable. That his address didnt exist so it was returned undeliverable. So they would not reship unless he paid again. But this is the best part, he wasnt expected to pay to ship back….he was expected to pay for the entire order again. Supposedly the account and everything to do with it was closed because of the “fake” address. Truthfully i dont know how the end game with that went, but the amount of trouble is more than what sounds like fun to me. I have seen many cute things and 100% honest when i say i still debate giving it a go. I just wont. Im envious of people that have no problems though because they do have some sexy/cute things.

  24. Allison

    I personally won’t shop shein. You can look at their ethical working standards and they are rated very low

    • rlawson

      Right there with you, Allison! For things to be that inexpensive, costs must be cut. The planet and the people are who suffer. Is a $5 shirt worth knowing people are suffering under deplorable working conditions?!

  25. Sandra

    My teenage daughter is plus size and I absolutely love that she can get the cute stylish clothes all her friends wear and feel great in them. I don’t have a spend a fortune either. Kudos to them for offering such a wide range of sizing. It’s helped my daughters confidence immensely.

  26. rlawson

    It makes me really sad that with such a large platform, you’re promoting fast fashion. Many of the sidekicks have kiddos, Collin too! Don’t you all want a healthy earth for them to inherit? It won’t happen pushing fast fashion. It’s not just the planet that suffers either, the people are being exploited as well. To pay that little means costs are being cut somewhere, and that somewhere means damage to the planet and to our fellow human beings.

  27. Sue

    Nope nope and nope. Thumbs down for promoting shein. Like many have mentioned poor unethical labor laws are followed basically sweat shops. Yet turn around and promote via social media and pay influencers very well to promote their site / clothing. Stop helping these company’s rack in billions and help the economy by shopping local. Quality over quantity

  28. Lisa

    Please be aware that scientists in a recent study found SheIn clothing to contain unsafe levels of lead, in some cases 20x the legal limit. Lead is used to keep colors bright but is extremely harmful and gets absorbed into the skin

  29. Jo Ann

    Shein’s low prices come at a very high cost, both to their many exploited workers and the environment. They are infamous for many human rights violations, forcing their workers to spend 12 hours a day or longer in dangerous factories. And their rapid use of virgin polyester and large consumption of oil churns out the same amount of CO2 as approximately 180 coal-fired power plants. Cheap clothing is not worth the high price Shein workers and the planet we all live on pay for it.

  30. KP

    I have loved all of the items that I’ve received, but I hate how I hear their company is run. I try and save my purchases for things that I really want but really couldn’t afford otherwise, and keep my purchases to a minimum. Their prices are amazing, but they’re too good to be true.

  31. Jay

    I orders some gift cards from their website over the holidays. When they were delivered, they weren’t the correct numbers for the America website. We tried to get reimbursed through them, but we got the runaround (more like overall neglect). Ended up having to challenge through my credit card company which took months to resolve. Our purchases have been hit or miss with the fit and finish of the clothing. As another reader mentioned, if it’s cheap to purchase it has to be cheap to make. China has earned the reputation as having unethical and unfair labor practices to their own people. I’m not sure Americans care, but the iphone sweat shops may be the saddest thing I’ve ever seen as a human.

  32. Darla

    Check out their party supplies. Best place to order balloons, paper products – most are the same things offered on Amazon but for 1/3 of the price

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh cool! Thanks for the tip on their party supplies, Darla! 💞🙌

  33. tctbtob

    It isn’t just Shein. Look at every package and every label of everything you buy. Predominately what is mass produced; clothing, shoes, toys, housewares etc. is being made in a country, for the most part, where those workers are being paid a pittance. Please do not hold Collin and the Hip crew responsible for this. If they only posted things that they knew were ethically, and I use that word in a very broad sense, made there would be very little posted on here.

  34. Pat Goff

    Germany is very strict on what is allowed and not allowed. I was not surprised that Greenpeace Germany found chemicals in their clothing. Because of Roundup all German beer has to be organic by the end of this year. I lived over there from 72-96 (military and then military civilian) they have very strict laws especially when it comes to food.

  35. Flgrl017

    It’s very hit or miss, but I order items that I intend on wearing only a few times. It’s about like Forever 21.

  36. Debra

    Unless you support children working in sweatshops you should disassociate yourselves from this brand, or any of the similar companies that use child labor. Not to mention the toxic chemicals used to make the cheap clothes. Do better.

  37. hip2trade

    I haven’t ordered from Shein. Just saw it pop up many times when browsing. I did order from Temu for the first time after it was posted here. My order should be here today. I noticed they keep you well updated as your package travels along its route.

  38. JEE

    I’m hoping all of the comments about the unethical practices and unsafe chemicals will be noted and explored by Hip2Save. I am positive there weren’t bad intentions for this post. The public needs to hear more about WHY Shein should not be supported- workers aren’t given a living wage, cheap clothing=more landfill trash, stealing designs, filled with chemicals…I’m not a super-crunchy person, but all of that was hard to ignore for me.

  39. Jacie

    It would be helpful if a link is posted about what they mentioned. I know we can all google it but you’re mentioning something specific, it’s just more helpful. Ofcourse we all need to make the most informed decisions that we can about what we purchase but mostly what the world uses these days is unfortunately made in China. I understand some are trying to raise awareness about certain products or companies but there’s a way to share anything. This website is helpful with any deals they see and post so why try to put that against them? And yes it is true what someone mentioned about the same items being sold on Amazon for example that are sold at this particular website as well. And many companies including some that are high-end also have their products made overseas where labor is cheap and not necessarily where the best interest is kept for the workers.

    • JEE

      A quick, simple google search pulls up articles from all types of journalists and legitimate news sites. I know that people have different preferences for which journalists they trust, but there is a wide spectrum of voices- I’m sure there would be at least a handful that would be helpful! 👍

  40. Kate

    As a plus size girl on a low income due to disability its hard to find cute modern clothing at low prices. I’ve ordered a few times and with the exception of a few things in term of quality or sizing, I’ve been really happy. Also free shipping is not EVERY Sunday its MOST Sundays. They also have free shipping sometimes throughout the week around the holidays or at low thresholds like $10 or $20 minimum.
    However, after learning about their overall company practices I could not order anymore in good conscience. They have horrible labor practices, especially with children; contribute to environmental waste, they are not regulated and contain unsafe chemicals in clothing housewares and plastic toys etc, and rob designs of anyone from major brands to small designers. There’s probably more issues but those are they ones at the top of my head. I’ve always shopped at thrift stores, yard sales and in person and online clearance sales and mostly find what I need that way. Unless you can’t find what your looking for anywhere else and are at a really tight budget I don’t recommend it. Don’t get me wrong is was easy fun and cheap to shop there I just had too much guilt.
    If you do want to shop fast fashion sustainably try your local thrift stores or at liquidation bin stores. Theres 3 around me only a town away and all sell depending on the week Shein, Forever21, Nastygal, Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, Amazon brands, and even Kohls returns. Its a hit or miss depending on the day and plus size is limited but I’ve found gotten some pieces for anywhere from $4 to $1.

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for sharing your honest thoughts with us, Kate. Glad to hear you have some great options near you to score affordable and fun fashion items! We looked into the shipping offer a bit more and it seems that they are still offering it each Sunday, but at random times and a coupon code is needed in order for it to apply. We’ve added a note to the post to include these details. Thanks for the heads up! ❤️

    • Sg

      Try H and M, too. I’ve gotten cute plus clothes there for cheap, especially when they have free shipping. It’s still fast fashion but they do focus on sustainability and implement better practices than most.

  41. Sg

    REALLY disappointed to see Hip2Save promoting this company. Fast fashion is never great but obviously not everyone can afford sustainable clothing. However, Shein is the worst of the worst. They are KILLING the environment with their practices. If you care about whether your grandkids have a healthy planet to live on, don’t buy from them. On top of that, as others have mentioned, they commit egregious human rights violations in the manufacturing of their clothes. And they rip off independent artists. Honestly, I like a good deal but a cheap, cute dress isn’t worth it. Very disappointed in you all.

  42. Kara

    I have been shopping with SHEIN for awhile now. I’ve had a lot of great stuff come from their and a few here and there not so much, but really that can happen anywhere you order from. I ALWAYS read the reviews to see if something is worth buying or sizing. It helps tremendously. I also had things come in damaged…but if you chat with them online, they very nicely refund you for that item.
    Also, like stated in the post, every Sunday if free shipping day. Plus, if you order on your phone from the app, you can use coupon code APPONLY to get 15% off your entire order, no minimum…even on a free ship day. I use it every time I order. 🙂

  43. MsCeeTee

    Shein does have super cheap prices and it’s very popular HOWEVER it’s a big killer to us small, independently-owned boutiques throughout the country. So please remember to shop your local small businesses too…we need your support to stay open.

    • roxanngoo

      I would like to shop local boutiques but can’t afford the high prices being charged for just a T-shirt. Places like Shein are affordable.

  44. Melissa HUFFER

    I love Shein. I have bought several items. They wash up good and wear great!! It is addicting… 😆

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing about your great experience ordering from them, Melissa! Glad to hear all your items have washed and worn well! 🤗💞

  45. roxanngoo

    My daughter and I love Shein. We buy dresses, skirts, shirts, pants and swim wear. I don’t care for their shoes. Seem to run small. They are super affordable and have a great return policy. Love the free shipping. We order tons of stuff and return tons of stuff and have never had a problem getting refunded. With everything else going up in price I don’t mind shopping with Shein.

  46. Jamie Lee Lewis

    The clothes are hit or miss (mostly miss) for me, mostly because Im tall and plus size. But I LOVE the jewelry and hair accessories! The jewelry is comparable to Claire’s quality, but much cheaper. Most of the hair acceccories Ive purchased are actually really good quality. Ive also purchased home stuff and kids clothes- those are also hit or miss, but you cant beat the price! And returns are so easy.

  47. Heather Hodges

    Been ordering from Shein for over a year. Was sent the wrong color shoes once. Notified them and they immediately replaced. I do look at every review for sizing. Super cheap cute jewelry too! Will keep ordering here with no hesitation.

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