These Food Storage Containers Organized My Pantry & Saved My Sanity

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More Organization

kid pouring pink lucky charm cereal into white bowl

Have a messy, unorganized pantry?

These food storage containers are what your kitchen has been asking for all along! Read to see how my pantry went from a total mess and food chaos to totally organized (and pretty!) pantry makeover goals in about an hour with these ingenious OXO containers!

Here’s what my pantry looked like before:

I became totally fed up with our walk-in pantry. Even after cleaning it out and organizing food by groups, I was still totally unhappy with its appearance. It just looked like organized chaos and I’m pretty sure these pictures speak for themselves.

pantry before with various dry foods and pasta boxes

It also drove me nuts when the kids would pull something out of the pantry and wouldn’t close it properly (like their cereal) – so it ended up all over the floor if not taken back out of the pantry with care. 😐

amazon boxes full of plastic containers

I was on a mission to find a solution! And if I’m going to spend the money to be functional, it had better be pretty, too! I found some major inspiration from Pinterest, and it became really clear to me that OXO containers were the solution my home needed!

hand pushing button on top of oxo container

Here’s why I fell in love with OXO containers:

    • They have an air-tight seal
    • Easy push-button lid (& super kid-friendly, too)
    • Clean and stylish design
    • Stackable
    • Innovative shape for great use of space

Here is what my pantry looks like now 😍 :

clean oxo containers on pantry shelf

I was able to store all of our dry foods so easily with these containers and clear out all the boxes and junk! Most importantly, everything is extremely functional and easy to see, so the black hole where food once hid past its expiration date is no longer an issue.

boy with cereal oxo containers

Breakfast with the kids is running more smoothly, too. They can easily get their cereal from our small pantry in the morning without me hovering over them. Plus, they can easily open and close the containers, and I no longer need to deal with plastic bags and unopened boxes everywhere!

hand using blue marker on plastic container

Hip Tip: I love these markers! They’re actually for wine glasses, but they work perfectly for OXO containers. I can write down what’s in each one and keep track of expiration dates. Plus, they wash off easily when you’re ready to change out the food that’s inside.

Here’s another look at our pantry before and after for some inspiration:

before and after of dirty and clean organized pantry

Within about an hour, our pantry went from organized chaos to total pantry goals! 😍

Hip Tip: Love this look? Shop my OXO containers, Lazy Susan turntables, and pretty wicker baskets!

two rows of organized dry foods in oxo plastic containers

Where can you find OXO containers?

I ordered my OXO containers from Amazon because they were on a deep discount when I purchased them, plus I love the free two-day shipping (and other perks) with Prime.

You can also find OXO containers at all of these other retailers:

You need to see Lina’s extreme pantry makeover, too! 😍

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Comments 85

  1. CW

    Cute and organized but way out of the average person’s budget! $50 for a set of 5 and some containers one by itself is $20? Hard pass.

    • tipaye

      Agreed, out of my budget, but they look nice!

    • Luann

      Sometimes Macy’s has terrific buys on these containers. I got some great deals through Hip2Save!

    • Tracey Lange

      the Costco price is great. 12 piece for $80. I got it but returned because it is a recycle #7 and I don’t want to put my food in a #7 container.

    • Sara

      They’re definitely not cheap, but like a lot of readers commented, there are a lot of places that have great deals, which we share often! Keep an eye out if these still interest you, CW! 😊

    • Jill McAlister

      Right now, they’re $48 for 9 containers at Costco!

  2. Denise

    I love the oxo containers as well. I have found HOME GOODS the cheapest place to purchase these. Worth a look if you have one nearby. It’s hit or miss in these stores but when available the can be greatly discounted

    • Dealzgurl

      Appreciate the yea and nay about the OXO containers. Have been looking for storage options for my pantry as well. Considered OXO but they are also out of my price range even with my Christmas gift cards. Great suggestion about HomeGoods where I found 3 glass storage containers for about $2 each. Even the cashier commented on what a good buy it was. They weren’t OXO but I do see those marked down a good bit at HomeGoods. I like Luv’s question too, lol.

    • Sara

      Thanks for that awesome tip, Denise! I’ll have to check out Home Goods sometime because I’m in need of a few more. 😊

  3. Amy

    I love the look of putting everything in clear containers and disposing of the store packaging, but what do you do about the constant food recalls? The cost of using this system goes well beyond the initial investment in containers.

    • laurahartsel

      I just got rid of these containers as they were not air tight. My flour was stale after putting it in them. After several disappointing baking projects, I realized this was the problem. I replaced them with inexpensive containers I found at Wal-Mart that are more “Tupperware” style and have not had any more problems. For me, these containers are not worth the price. I’m glad they’re working for others…I just want to give my honest experience!

      • Steph

        I agree. Several years ago I bought a set and I experienced the same. Stale flour and sugar that was clumping up. Replaced mine as well.

      • Peace

        Same! The lids just slide right off without even having to push the button. I bought a large set and I can’t use them at all and lost the return window… I’m stuck with all of these high dollar containers that don’t keep anything good.

    • Erin

      I love the look of these as well but they actually waste space with the configuration of my (nonadjustable) shelves, so measure before buying. They are slightly wider at the top than the bottom as well, which is annoying for economy of storage. Also, the white lids will yellow unattractively even if kept out of the light. I haven’t had issues with anything getting stale but I don’t store flour, sugar, etc. in mine, only pastas, dried mushrooms, couscous, and the like.

      • Sara

        Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Erin! Measuring beforehand is a great tip, too! 😊

    • Sara

      That’s a great point, Amy! I’ve rarely ever been notified about any recalls, but if this happens to you often, maybe also include any information you’d need with the markers I used so you’ll know in the future in case of a recall. 😊

  4. Luv

    I have a question, how do you know how much to cook for the spaghetti, I usually just do one box, but if I empty the boxes into the container how will I know a box equivalent when it’s tome to cook it? Hope you understand my question and not considered stupid. 🌺

    • L

      Before you store them, draw a circle around the bunch of spaghetti from one package on the new container. Then you can grab a bunch and measure based on the circle you draw. I imagine the circle would be different for different cuts of pasta, but if you always use regular spaghetti, then at least you’ll have a basic idea!

    • Judi

      Not a stupid question at all! I came across the same conundrum, what I did was used Velcro cable ties to bundle each box of spaghetti before putting in container. I found I could fit about 4 boxes in mine. Don’t know about smaller pasta though – don’t cook much of that 😉

      • Ana

        It a little bit of twine, but that’s a great idea

    • jaksmom8

      Look up Spaghetti Measuring Tool on Amazon or Walmart, they’re inexpensive and handy.

    • jen s.

      If you don’t have a kitchen or postal scale, I highly recommend one. That way you can buy a 3 pound box of pasta and weigh out what you need. It comes in so handy. If you only want 12 oz of spaghetti, weigh it in a large lightweight plastic dish. You’ll soon be weighing everything in sight!

    • Traci

      If you normally cook a full box of spaghetti, I wouldn’t waste your money on this container. I have them & I personally don’t think they keep food 100% airtight, so it would be silly to open a box to put into a container. I put leftover pasta into it (ie. we don’t use an entire box of spaghetti or lasagna noodles for 1 meal, so I cook half & put the other half into this container until next time). Also, these containers are not the ideal size for using in most cupboards, so I have to lay it on its side. I wouldn’t even bother using them but since I spent the $$ to buy them, I’m trying to get my money’s worth of use! 🙂

      • Sara

        I’m sorry to hear they don’t work with your cabinets, Traci, that is definitely an inconvenience! I hope you were able to find a better solution for your home! 😊

    • Sara

      Hey Luv! That’s a great question! If you’re going to store your pasta as I did you could try using this inexpensive tool to measure spaghetti and know that you’re making the appropriate portions. 😊 Hope that was helpful, have a great day!

  5. Myra

    One word…AWESOME!!

    • Sara

      Wow, Myra, thank you so much for your feedback! It means a lot and I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. 😊

  6. kayti

    We did this as well! Bought them all from sales from Macy’s and Target. They were once in a sale at Target for $50 off $100. I also pick up random ones from bed, bath, &beyond. They are super cheap when paired with their coupons and clearance! I haven’t had any issues with stale food since it literally seals out the air. Much better than any other container I’ve used! I’ve had a kid break the first time I used it and I contacted them and they sent me a free one.

    • Sara

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience with them Kayti!

  7. S

    It looks lovely. I don’t see myself taking the extra steps to fill & clean these but I do love the look.

    • Sara

      Thank you so much for your feedback, S! I’m glad you enjoyed this post. 😊

  8. Michelle

    Love it! I did this a few years ago using these containers (purchased on sale from Costco) and couldn’t be happier with the look and function of them! I use chalkboard labels (purchased on Amazon). Having an organized pantry with most food in see-thru containers has helped prevent food from getting stale and allows you to see at a glance what you’re running low on.

    • Sara

      Sounds like you have a great system going, Michelle! Thanks so much for sharing with us. 😊

  9. sara

    I tried a system like this, but I hated washing them when they are empty and I don’t like to just keep refilling bc I felt like the bottom stuff never gets used. I use mason jars bc they are easy to just throw into the dishwasher and I can just pull out an fresh one from my cabinet while that one is in the dishwasher. I have plenty and it’s easy to keep the boxes or bags in a separate bin for reference.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Sara! Good to know what has worked best for you!

    • Sara

      That’s a great way to store food as well, Sara. Thanks for sharing! 😊

  10. tracy

    I love the look and organization of these containers. I have A LOT of them in all the different sizes. I’ve bought several of the larger sets for cheap through Kohl’s with coupon stacking and my Kohl’s cash. Then I just started buying individual ones in the specific sizes I needed at home goods and TJMAX. The largest ones are about $13 there. The smallest around $5-$6. I’ve sort of collected them over time so as not to break the bank. I have noticed that they have changed the seal and the over all design on them recently! I prefer the look of the newer ones but the seal is better on the older kind. If you are going to start investing in these (I do love them) just pay attention to what you are getting so you aren’t mix matched

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for the helpful tip, Tracy! I love the look of these containers too!

    • Sara

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Tracy! I love that you have spent the time to collect them, rather than splurging all at once! Such a great way to get the same look for less if you’re patient enough. 😊

  11. Christine

    I use Lock ‘n Locks that I’ve had for years. They are hard to find now in the larger sizes, so I bought some knock-offs on Amazon. I also find them sometimes at Goodwill. They are airtight and seem to keep things like flour and sugar fresh for years. Costco had a sale sometime this year on a set of the Oxos and I thought they were too expensive.

    The other cool thing about containers is that you use up all of your pantry space when you get the same shape containers.

    I use masking tape and a sharpie to keep track of the contents and the date.

    I also like canning jars for smaller quantities of things that I don’t want to put into containers.

    • J.H.509

      I LOVE Lock and Lock!! I get mine from QVC on easy pay. They have all sizes right now. I have them for bread, pasta, eggs, bacon..etc. they make a container for practically everything. They are also air tight, have a lifetime warranty and come in tons of colors. I highly recommend these. Especially for those on a budget as tight as mine but who still want to stay functional!! \(°o°)/

    • Sara

      Those are some really great tips, thanks for sharing them with us Christine! 😊

  12. Amy

    I did my kitchen baking cabinet with the pantry set of Rubbermaid Brilliance canisters:
    I find they seal better than OXO. The display OXO containers at my Costco always have at least one with a broken top so that made me cautious about them.
    I love the Rubbermaid ones – they stack very nicely. But they too are pricey unless you catch a good sale! Haven’t had the $$ to invest in the whole pantry yet.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Awesome! Thanks for taking a moment to share with us, Amy!

    • Jen

      I had only initially bought 2 of the OXO and dropped one which cracked. I immediately returned the other one and shopped around a bit. I ended up settling for the Rubbermaid canisters too!

    • Lana

      I have had the Rubbermaid ones for years and they seem to be indestructible and they seal very well. Other than those I store in jars, both canning and food jars. It works very well here.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the suggestion, Jen!

    • Clyles

      I love these! I just bought these as an alternative to OXO containers. I purchased a 10 pack for $25

  13. Ana

    Love it! ♥️

    • Sara

      Thanks, Ana! I’m glad you enjoyed this post. 😊

  14. lori

    I use old fashioned half gallon Ball Mason Jars. $2.00 each for all my dry goods. I use them for cereal, snacks, pretzels, cookies, baking supplies, oatmeal, bread crumbs, pancake mix, pasta… everything. I have the sealer machine which can be used with them, but I hardly ever use it anymore. Things stay fresh a long time. They are great. See them here.

    • Amy

      My mom is all about glass mason jars…I love the way they look! Unfortunately she had to switch to plastic containers because of worsening arthritis in her hands.

  15. ReneeAnn

    I started out with the one for brown sugar that comes with that stone to absorb moisture. Best purchase ever! I also use for coffee grounds, flour and cereal. Those are the main ingredients that need a container with a good tight seal.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Yes, I love the stone! Thanks for stopping by, ReneeAnn!

  16. mariellewelynlong

    I got mine at Aldi and looove them! $4.99 for the tall one or 2 small for same price.

    • Sara

      I’ll have to check out ALDI, thanks for sharing, mariellewalynlong!

  17. Dorothy

    That is Genius to use wine glass markers to write on them! I have some, and also have containers that need labeling. Thanks so much for the idea!!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Awesome! You’re very welcome, Dorothy! Happy that tip was helpful!

  18. Olgraygirl

    Several months ago I bought a similar product in a large set at Sam’s–Makers Mark brand. Much cheaper, also very durable and got right into organizing my various shapes of pasta and rices. Love what it does to my pantry!! Thanks for the inspo!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome! Thank YOU for sharing with us!

  19. bmiles

    Great post! I love seeing “before” and “after” photos. Great motivation to get organized!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks so much for your feedback! SO happy you enjoyed the post!

  20. Melissa Rice

    I use glass instant coffee containers (Nescafé) for my beans and lentils. My cabinet looks neat because of the uniformity. I can easily toss them in the dishwasher.
    We eat our cereals from the box and use a fresh box of pasta everytime I cook. It’s not as appealing but I feel more comfortable finishing one box at a time.

    • Sara

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Melissa! I’m glad to hear you have a system that works for you and your family! 😊

  21. a

    I may be in the minority but to me this just isn’t practical. I like to look back at expiration dates, ingredients listed, nutritional info, and even cooking directions for some things. It may look nice, but I like the original packaging on my foods.

    • Megan Passey

      Just cut off the back of the box and put it in the container too. bing bang boom

      • Lesli

        So store the majority of the original container in the storage container? Lol. But it’ll look sure pretty.

    • Sara

      Those are all good points and definitely things to consider if you’re switching to plastic containers. Thanks for sharing them with us, A!

  22. melissaschwarz

    Is the flip lock ones from sams club the same thing?

    • ACJ

      Not sure…but looks the same I saw them there this afternoon…$29.99 for 8 containers of different sizes

  23. Crystal

    We use weck jars in our pantry. It was my moving gift to myself. Due to plastic issues with the environment I wanted to go the glass route. They are easy to use and we also use recycled jelly jars for the smaller items. I just don’t trust plastic.

    • Sara

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Crystal! I also like to eliminate plastic where I can. 😊

    • Sara

      Those look great too, Casey! Let us know how they work out for you! 😊

  24. patricialavenz-goff

    I didn’t see anything wrong with the before pantry. It looked organized to me. I use my laundry room as my pantry and keep items on two bookcases and the back of the door. I use a lot of vintage items as storage. I have an awesome ice bucket and it is filled with coffee filters next to the coffee pot. I have another one that is full of koolaid packets and or crystal light (depends on what is on sale at the time). I have two rubbermaid stackable white potato and onion bins that I keep the dog food and cat food in. The builtin vanity cavity where the chair goes in the bathroom stores the toilet paper. LOL I love vintage things but I have to find a way to use them if I buy them so I have a vintage coal bucket in my bathroom as a trash can. The one in the guest room is an old crock my mother used to make sauerkraut in. I use my grandmothers old crock bowls as dog bowls. I got tired of them carrying the plastic ones around the house. You can use anything for storage. Just use your imagination.

    • Jill

      I agree. The before just had a darker color combination. I’m glad the poster enjoys their new digs…but I can show you a much messier pantry!

    • Sara

      Sounds like you have an awesome set up going on and I love how you reuse vintage pieces. Thanks for sharing, patricialavenz-goff!

  25. Rachel

    What size of containers did you use for your cereal?

    • Sara

      Hey Rachel! I used the 3.4 Qt rectangle for all the cereals. You can find them at this link here – – I hope this helps, happy organizing!

  26. Debbie Frasier

    Just bought these at Ross for 1/2 the price of other stores!🤗

  27. Jean

    My concern is also the stuff in the bottom of the containers never getting used, or having to store the fresh supply in a separate location until the last of the flour etc. is used. I agree it looks very nice, but it would not be practical for me, as I don’t like to wait until I am completely out of something to buy more. I don’t mean to be unkind, but it’s kind of like a pantry you would see on TV that is just for show & rarely gets used.

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