The Food Storage Containers Our Entire Team Is Obsessing Over

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taking lid off OXO food storage container

Have a messy, unorganized pantry?

If you’re on a mission to get your home organized then you’re going to love these food storage containers our whole team is obsessing over! They’re easy to use, keep your food fresher than ever, and make your pantry look like total home goals! 😍

OXO pop storage containers in pantry

Keep reading to find out why our entire team is obsessing over these OXO POP food storage containers for our pantries and why we won’t settle for anything less!

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tow of clear food storage containers on kitchen counter

If you’re on a mission to find a solution to your unorganized pantry chaos, these OXO containers may just be the answer to your problems! Plus, if you’re going to spend the money to make your pantry more functional, it might as well be pretty, too! 😍

With these containers, you’ll be able to easily store all your dry foods and clear out all the boxes & junk taking up valuable retail space! Most importantly, all your food will stay fresh and be easy to see (which means it will actually get eaten before expiring!)

That black hole in the back of your pantry where food lives past its expiration date is a thing of the past. 🙌

Here are 6 reasons our team thinks OXO POP food storage containers are worth every penny:

clear food storage containers with flours

1. The OXO container’s air-tight seal lasts for years according to Amber. 

“Hi, my name’s Amber and I have a serious confession about being addicted to organizational products. Even when I think I’m done organizing, I always find something else to organize. These OXO food storage containers that I use in my pantry are worth every penny! They’re durable, keep my food super fresh, and the seals never tire. I’ve had some of mine for 10+ years and they’re still going strong!”

Amber loves the large, round OXO containers most since they fit perfectly in her lazy susan.

finger pushing on top of oxo food storage container

2. Chelsey says they’re so easy to open, even your kids can do it. 

“Can I just have everything OXO, please?!? For me, there’s nothing as sleek as these containers – I just love them! They’re incredibly easy to open & close so even when the kiddos help me bake/cook they can easily manage them! Plus, they are made of some pretty heavy-duty stuff – I’ve had mine for 5 years now and they still look brand new!”

row of clear oxo containers on kitchen counter

Chelsey loves scooping up small sets most so she always has a good variety of sizes.

row of pastas inside clear food storage containers

3. Michelle loves the large sizes & how they all stack together.

“I love the OXO containers and their large variety of sizes! Besides how easy they are to open & close, I love all the different sized options and that you can stack them on top of each other (no matter the size) to totally maximize your pantry! I use the larger containers more than the little ones, so my only regret is not buying more individual pieces. I love how they look and they make an unorganized person, feel super organized and put together!”

Michelle loves the big square OXO containers most because they fit the large quantities of dry food & pastas her family eats.

row of clear food storage containers

4. Cassandra knows they’re aesthetically pleasing & just total pantry goals.

“These containers are fantastic! They help to keep everything fresh and organized while still being aesthetically pleasing. Having all-glass door fronts in my kitchen, I really wanted to find a way to store food that would make my minimalist heart happy and these OXO containers proved to be just the thing.

I use them to store everything from dry goods to candy and snacks but they’re also great for keeping your craft supplies tidy, small toys wrangled, and neatly storing pretty much anything else you can think of. They can be expensive so I usually like to keep my eyes peeled when I’m in Home Goods or Marshalls as I can usually find them there at a discount.”

Cassandra loves the smaller OXO containers most because they fit odds and ends like nuts, seeds, & chocolate chips.

before and after of dirty and clean organized pantry

But don’t just take Cassandra’s word on it, here’s an incredible before & after of what OXO food storage containers can do for your pantry too! 😍

“I love OXO storage containers because they make organizing fun & keep my pantry closet looking so incredible and organized! They keep my food fresh so not only do they look great but they’re still practical.” – Lex

hand holding clear oxo food storage container with tea

5. Or just take Stacy’s word on it… other brands can’t even compete with them.

“I’ve been through multiple pantry containers – Better Homes & Gardens, Member’s Mark, some off-brand Amazon ones, and the OXO Pop Containers…hands down, are the gold standard. They have a variety of sizes so you can really max out space in your pantry, and you’re not stuck with whatever sizes come in the standard pantry set.

The clear containers let you see everything clearly and look beautiful in the pantry or even on your counters. The one-touch lid works well, and both the container and lid are easy to wash. I have everything from oatmeal to brown sugar to tea bags stored in these airtight containers, and they work great for my large family!”

hand holding clear oxo container with white rice inside

Stacy loves the tall & thin square OXO containers most since they maximize space to the fullest in her cabinets!

hand using blue marker on plastic container

6. You can personalize your OXO food storage containers with fun markers.

I love these markers! They’re actually for wine glasses, but they work perfectly for OXO containers too. They allow you to write down what’s in each container, keep track of expiration dates, or could even just be used on the front to add to their appeal.

Plus, the markers wash off easily so when you’re ready to change out the food that’s inside it’s as easy as using a wet towel. Voila! Just another reason you need these OXO containers ASAP!

kid holding oxo container pouring pink cereal in white bowl

My favorite containers are the cereal sized OXO containers because they’re so simple for kids to use!

Where can you buy OXO containers?

two rows of organized dry foods clear containers

I ordered my OXO containers from Amazon because they were on a deep discount when I purchased them, plus I love the free one- and two-day shipping (and other perks) with Prime.

You can also find OXO containers at all of these other retailers:

Shop our favorite food storage containers now!

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Sara is a self-taught blogger and photographer with 5 years of experience having work featured in various building, travel, and fashion publications, most notably Bassett Furniture and Fossil.

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Comments 58

  1. Kailaharper

    I have been wanting these! Has anyone purchased off brand sets from Amazon? I imagine they aren’t near the quality, but for half the price I’m curious how they compare.

    • stefaniecoll

      Check discount home good stores like ross

      • ToriSC

        I picked up several of the multi sets at Home Goods for a discount. You just have to keep looking.

      • Kailaharper

        Okay thank you!!

    • Jody Paul

      Check out Costco they carry them

    • JES

      I was gifted a set from Costco and I have picked up all my others at Home Goods. I just keep a running list of what sizes I need, so when I find them, I can remember what exactly I was looking for.

  2. Hallk

    I love the look of these in the pantry but wonder where you store all the cooking directions on the rice, pasta, etc. I would never remember how long to cook each different item without the directions on the container.

    • Klp

      Sometimes I write it on masking tape and put it on the container or cut out the directions and save it.

    • stefaniecoll

      I just cut out the instructions and tape them on the back of the pin

    • Suzmorea

      I cut the instructions off the rice box and attach with a rubberband to the container. I prob could tape it but the rubberband was closer and haven’t had an issue with losing it.

    • MacKenzie

      I purchased wine markers and write on the container how long to boil my noodles. If you swap out what is in the container you just wipe it off with a damp cloth!

    • MammaK

      Just cut off cooking direction off the box and put in the contain that’s what I do

    • T

      Just take a picture of the directions on your phone.

  3. stefaniecoll

    I usually find mine at Ross for half the price!

  4. witoldyna

    I had these plus an Aldi version of these and still got bugs in my dry goods 🙁

    • veggirl

      I used to get bugs too, but then my grandma taught me to put anything containing flour, pasta, or rice in the freezer for 48 hours, before putting them in pantry. No bugs since! It sounds gross, but bug eggs can be in anything, just from the fields, but if you freeze them, they can’t hatch.

      • melly


      • Lori

        Never thought of that. Thanks for the tip!

      • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

        Great tip, Veggirl! Thanks so much for sharing!

      • Harvest

        Wow!! I’m going to try this tip! Thank you!

      • NikkiLLM5

        I had no idea! I’ve always kept my flour and cornmeal in the fridge but just because my moma & grandma always did. But last year we got bugs in our cereal from a box I bought at our local salvage store or scratch and dent grocery store. I love shopping there and that’s the only thing I’ve ever gotten there like that. They weren’t in the cereal I purchased because all the bags were sealed. And they keep the store very clean! But the bugs were in the bottom inside of one of the boxes. But somehow even though I threw the box away immediately we still ended up with them in some of our food I got at the regular grocery store. 🤢😡 Meantime I’ve either put everything in the Better Homes and Gardens versions of these or a ziplock bag to make sure they have nothing to survive on in my house! It’s been a year since that happened and every now and then I might find a dead bug on a shelf but I have no idea what they are surviving on because there isn’t anything they can get into. I don’t even leave dog food out anymore. I give it to them and what they don’t eat immediately I put back in the sealed container for later. I have learned once you get them they can survive on little to nothing and are almost impossible to get rid of! I feel like the lady on the commercial for one of the pesticide companies that has an immaculate home with all of her food in these containers. Lol. I’m just not that immaculate. Lol. But those bugs are a nightmare to get rid of! Good to know about the freezing hack!

  5. Steph

    Sorry these are not what they seem. Purchase several to store brown sugar, granulated sugar and flour. Both sugars clump up even when putting sugar discs inside. While I still use them because I really do not want to buy something else to replace them, I wouldn’t buy more for further storage at least for food. Not worth it, IMO.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      DARN! Sorry to hear about that. Thanks for the honest comment, Steph!

    • lmh

      I agree. I got rid of mine. Everything turned stale in them.

    • Mary

      Sadly, I agree. While I LOVE the look of the containers, my brown sugar turned hard as a rock (I used the brown sugar disc as well). So, back into my old, tried-and-true Tupperware container it goes. I also don’t like the containers for dried fruits like mango and craisins, because they also got too dry, stale, and inedible. But, I do like them for Splenda packets, granulated Stevia, monk fruit sugar, dried pasta, dried beans, etc. I will continue to use them, but have learned what I can and can’t use them for. However, for the price of these, I do think I should be able to store anything in them without worry about spoilage. Just my opinion.

      • NikkiLLM5

        I wanted so much to replace my Tupperware canisters just because of looks. My grandma and Moma both used them. I just wanted something more up to date looking. But I’m like you when it comes to my sugar. I just can’t find anything that even compares to keeping my sugar completely dry and clump free as Tupperware. Now if they could just make them more trendy. Lol.

    • Cleveland6

      I love the look of these, however, I agree – everything gets stale much faster than if you just leave it in its original packaging.

  6. Sunny

    I got walmart version for flour and white sugar. It seems to be holding well. I use glass screw jar for brown sugar because it tends to clump more.

  7. Becky

    I absolutely love these. My mom bought be a set 10+ years ago and I still use them for all my baking goods.

  8. melly

    I use mine for rice, lentils, and quinoa. Love these!

  9. Jen S

    Need an air tight canister for ground coffee, can’t be clear. Any recommendations???

  10. Ann

    If anyone still does Kmart and shop your way (with the points that you want to spend ) they carry them as well.

  11. Kara White

    I have started switching to these in my kitchen and absolutely love them!

  12. Angela

    I have many of these.
    1) the large ones are quite pricey and you usually have to buy those individually because the sets have only one large, if that . The sets are mostly small containers that give limited use due to their small size
    2) the lids will come off if you grab them by the top to pull from the cabinet. This is a big deal to me, as that’s how I get them down.
    You cannot turn them on their side to store them, once filled. The pop on the top makes that impossible.
    3) sizes are small, in general
    They are very high quality, however. Heavy and thick. They will last forever. They work. They keep the air out. I have to buy large storage from other companies because the Pop containers are just not that big. None of them fit a box of cereal, I found. But, if you need smaller containers, and can grab them by their sides, they are awesome. Just know their limitations. I’d buy more.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for your helpful review on these, Angela! We sure appreciate hearing about your experience!

  13. Jody Paul

    I like the oxo also, however I think the Rubbermaid brilliance set is better for those like me who tend to drop things. They stay closed when dropped!!!!!

  14. MacKenzie

    I purchased wine markers and write on the container how long to boil my noodles. If you swap out what is in the container you just wipe it off with a damp cloth!

  15. MacKenzie

    I got a set of three for Christmas in 2019 and while I do really like that they keep my flours and sugars fresh, the lids are junk. When I pick up my containers the lids will just come off without ever pushing the button to release it. At first I thought maybe I just had a faulty lid, but all three of mine do that. I go through all-purpose flour pretty quickly so I don’t have an issue with moisture or bugs, but my sugar does get some clumps in it, nothing that can’t be fixed though. I will continue to use mine as they were expensive, but I won’t buy any more of this brand. I did buy some similar from Sam’s Club, and my smallest container cracked, but otherwise this brand has worked well for storing pastas, nuts, and chocolate chips.

    • Candy M

      I think I would try contact the company. I have had all my flours, sugar, brown sugar , pasta etc in these containers for months without any issues.It could be worths try but check which way you seal is supposed to be inside the lid.

    • Jody Paul

      I also have the Sam’s brand. I like the Rubbermaid brilliance. The lids on the Sam’s brand are harder to wash,

      • jrosie

        Thank you for this suggestion!

  16. Kathleen C

    I agree the lids are an issue. We can’t pick any of ours up by the lid. We’ve been using them for several years now and just make sure we don’t pick it up by the lid. Also, if you drop it, be prepared for a break or crack. Twice now that has happened and a corner cracked open. Still like them for the RV and tidying up the pantry.

  17. ksteele293327

    My OCD can’t handle these all being random sizes 😜 oh… and what do you do with leftovers that won’t fit in there? Like extra sugar or flour?

    • Mamamia


  18. Julianne916

    Starting today at Costco: Prepworks ProKeepers Bakers 6-Piece Storage Set for $23.99! Can also buy online and pay $3 shipping. This set is far more at Target. I only have the flour canister now, but I really like it. It’s sturdy and stackable, has measurements lines and a bar to level off flour.

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks, Julianne916! We’ll look into that!

  19. Katie

    For OCD peeps—— each store has a different shaped top!! BBB, target and Walmart maybe more each have a different lid!!!

  20. Laurie Villotta

    I got all of ours at Tjmaxx and home goods. Much cheaper and we bought them as we saw them. Love them. Do not buy knock offs.

  21. tiredday

    I’ve stopped buying Oxo Pops. A small drop cracks the plastic. I have a 3yr old.

  22. Olgraygirl

    I have the larger size of these OXO pops to store (dry) cat food. They have so far performed perfectly for almost 10 years of daily use. Highly recommend!

  23. DJ

    These are the absolute best!

  24. Tara

    Agree with those that say they are junk. Got them when they first came out—invested in them and as others have stated–the lid comes right off without being popped open. They are not air or water tight. They are insanely overpriced and overhyped. Anyone want to buy mine? LOL

    • DeeMarie

      I bought one OXO years ago to store coffee in, love it and it is air tight and I’m still using it. Bought a set of the new ones and I do not like them at all, like Tara said they are not air tight, the lids just pull right off. So disappointed, now I just store food items that are individually packaged, wasn’t worth the money to me.
      After examining the lids, the seals are made differently

  25. Emily

    I have had great luck with the Felli Flip-Tite version of these. They seem to seal a little tighter.

  26. pmt07

    I just bought these from Macy’s. I’ve noticed that a lot of ppl complain about freshness issues…I got a real good deal on the 10 piece set so I guess I’ll just try them out. But should I wash them before I use them?

  27. momof5

    I have been using these for 13 years and I love them! I put a slice of bread in my sugars to prevent clumping 🙂

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