15% Off Ruggable Area Rugs (+ 8 Reasons Our Team Loves These Washable Rugs!)

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Shop trendy washable rugs with this Ruggable rug coupon!

Ruggable rugs box on rug

There’s nothing better than a practical home buy – but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! 😉

Through May 31st, Ruggable is offering 15% off select rugs during their Stars, Stripes, & Savings sale when you use coupon code STRIPES15 at checkout!

Shop through a wide range of indoor and outdoor rugs including Persian, boho, geometric, and floral rugs. Plus, most of these rugs match any home decor so you’re sure to find the perfect style to complete your home’s look.

Here are a few highlights for the Ruggable rug coupon code…

area rug

Kamran Hazel Rug as low as $89
Use coupon code STRIPES15 (15% off)
Final cost $75.65 shipped!

kitchen area rug

Sarrah Hazel Rug as low as $89
Use coupon code STRIPES15 (15% off)
Final cost $75.65 shipped!

area rug under couch

Kamran Coral Rug as low as $89
Use coupon code STRIPES15 (15% off)
Final cost $75.65 shipped!

I’m sharing why you’ll never buy anything other than this washable rug for your home again.

Here are 8 reasons you need to take advantage of this Ruggable Rug coupon:

1. They’re washable making them the most kid and pet-friendly rugs on the planet.

hand holding edge of vintage rug front front loading washing machine

My very first home had bright white carpet in the dining room and with two active toddlers at the time, it was a constant uphill battle to keep them clean. For that very reason, I never wanted to splurge on a rug in my new dining room which (thankfully) now has hardwood floors.

…Until I discovered Ruggable washable rugs. 😮

After owning a washable rug, I can’t imagine ever going back to anything else because it is completely game-changing. Even more so if you have kids and pets who inevitably make messes.

No one wants to live with a stinky rug, and no one wants to have to replace a rug. So by simply investing your money in something washable, you’re already making the most practical decision for your home and your sanity. 😏

inside of stainless steel washing machine with yellow rug inside

While my 8’x10′ rug still had room to spare in the washer, smaller rugs (like the yellow runner shown above) take up even less space. That said, there’s no need to fret about whether your new rug will fit in your washer or not. 🙌🏻

2. They’re completely hassle-free. 

hand holding washing instructions pamphlet

My main concern when washing my Ruggable was that it would come out wrinkly and take a bit to settle and look like a normal rug but that simply wasn’t the case. After washing my 8’x10′ Ruggable, it came out with ZERO wrinkles, was a cinch to line up with the velcro pad, and laid flat from minute one.

3. Ruggables have an innovative design that sets them apart (even from other washable rugs). 

hand holding back corner of black velcro pad

With each washable rug will come a standard pad. Each pad has a non-slip side and the other has a unique Cling Effect® technology which is essentially a gentle, yet very effective Velcro. Both help cultivate a perfectly placed rug. 🙌🏻

hand holding up corner of rug on wooden floor

The standard rug pad is a low-profile design (just 1/8 of an inch!) so it works perfectly in my dining room. However, Ruggable recently launched their cushioned cloud-like rug pad which is ideal for any cozy living area in your home.

4. They’re a cinch to set up.

hand holding a roll of black padding over wood floor

Speaking of the Cling Effect® technology, that brings me to another initial concern I had before owning a Ruggable. I simply couldn’t envision how practical it would be to try and line up the pad with the rug (especially given the texture). This was even more exacerbated as I started to set up my first Ruggable because it came with two separate pads that had to be lined up. Gulp. 😳

However, I couldn’t have been more impressed with how easy it was to set up!

hand holding detailed instructions for setting up rug

The detailed instructions were certainly helpful, but ultimately it was simple to set up. The rug pad laid flat once it was unrolled and it was quick to line up both sections. By making sure my rug was rolled properly it was incredibly easy to line up each corner with the pad and smooth it out as I unrolled it.

Plus, if I messed up, it was just as easy to peel off the rug and start over without disturbing the velcro pad.

5. They stay in place and the corners stay flush to the floor.

woman standing over dining room table with black chairs

Even with our rug being right in the direct line of foot traffic, we have experienced no curling corners or tripping hazards. Plus, with the pad it sticks to, it never gets wrinkled or disturbed from its place. These are all aspects of a traditional area rug that are totally unheard of. 👏🏻

6. There are no weird chemical smells. 

hand holding box open with rolled ruggable rug coupon inside

Having bought many rugs in my life I expected there to be some sort of smell. It doesn’t matter if I scooped up a cheap rug or a high-end wool rug…there always managed to be a smell that came with it.

Not with Ruggable! 👏🏻

My sensitive nose didn’t pick up ANY smells at all. But hey, even if it did, the perks of a washable rug are that you can throw it in the wash and dry it with a few drops of your favorite essential oils. 😉

7. Ruggables designs and patterns are right on-trend. 

neautral boho master bedroom
Ruggable offers endless varieties of styles. Every single one is right on trend with what homeowners are searching for regardless of your aesthetic. Even better, no one will even realize it’s a washable rug. 😉

If you’re looking for a reason to use that limited time Ruggable coupon code, here are my top 10 favorites designs:

  1. Best Vintage Rug Vintage Daisy Bordered Rug (this is the one I have!)
  2. Best Geometric Rug Jonathan Adler Inkdrop Rug
  3. Best Boho Rug Damali Black & White Rug
  4. Best Plush Rug Moroccan Zigzag Plush Rug
  5. Best Graphic Rug Jonathan Adler Venom Emerald Rug
  6. Best Farmhouse Rug Buffalo Plaid Black & White Rug
  7. Best Traditional Rug Kamran Hazel Rug
  8. Best Kids Rug Absida Rainbow Rug
  9. Best Nautical Rug Hudson Stripe Rug
  10. Best Outdoor Rug Outdoor Tropical Green Rug

woman with elbow on top of brown ruggable box standing in dining room

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact my “vintage rug” isn’t an actual vintage rug 🤯 because the design looks just like the old, worn-in masterpiece I hoped it would be. 😍

*My rug shown is the Vintage Daisy Bordered Rug in color Hazel.

8. Ruggable rugs are worth every single penny (even more so with the Ruggable rug coupon).

view of living room and dining room with arched doorway and white walls

I’ve stopped and stared at our new Ruggable rug many times since setting it up and it totally transformed the vibe in our home. 🤩 Ultimately, it was everything our empty room needed.

These washable rugs are made to last because the quality is unparalleled to everything else in this very saturated market. Just the fact they’re washable sets them apart too!

floral ruggable floral rug

Still not convinced? Here’s what a couple of my Hip sidekicks said about their Ruggable experience:

“Ruggables are the easiest rugs to take care of and they come out of my washer looking brand new every time! ! I have two long runners in my kitchen which have seen plenty of messes from cooking and I have a larger 9’x12′ floral Ruggable in my living room (shown above) that has seen plenty of muddy paws from my Great Dane. We even have red dirt in Oklahoma City so if she comes in the house and we miss wiping her paws you can only imagine the large RED paw prints on the carpet. 🤦🏼‍♀️

In the past, we’ve spent plenty of money to professionally clean them and they’re never quite the same. With my Ruggables, I am simply amazed every time because they really do look brand new coming out of my washing machine! The initial investment is higher than some rugs, but in the end, it’s worth it because I’m not replacing rugs nearly as often…and I haven’t needed to replace a Ruggable yet!” – Hip Sidekick, Jen

star wars rug

I’ve had my eye on Ruggable ever since I first saw that they make Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel prints that are stunning! Since moving from a carpeted condo to a large house with all hardwood floors, I have spent a lot of time shopping for rugs. I grabbed a Star Wars rug for my son’s bedroom and for the kids’ playroom, and wow are these even more beautiful in person! They were super easy to install even though I got the large 8×10 size (I did it all on my own). I have already decided to buy several more for other rooms just because they are such high quality and they look and feel awesome. I went with the cushioned rug pad which is everything I hoped it would be and more. The only downside I’d say would be if you get one, you will definitely want more! – Hip Sidekick, Jenna P.

The real question is…do you want to keep replacing cheap rugs and paying for professional cleaning? Or do you want a rug that’s washable and will actually last? 🤔

woman with hands out showing off ruggable rug coupon

There’s no need to convince yourself otherwise, friends. It’s time to simplify your life and never have to replace a rug again!

Score 15% OFF your new Ruggable now!

Use Ruggable coupon code STRIPES15 at checkout

Try these tips to maximize every purchase in your home.

Sara is a self-taught blogger and photographer with 5 years of experience having work featured in various building, travel, and fashion publications, most notably Bassett Furniture and Fossil.

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Comments 21

  1. yjr2004

    I ordered a rug on 12/27/21 and still haven’t received it. I’ve been going back and forth with ruggable and I keep getting promises on delivery with no luck. Can’t talk to nobody over phone only email. Such a hassle.

    • Sara (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey there! So sorry you haven’t received your rug – our team made an effort to reach out to Ruggable to try and get you some help with your order and hopefully you’ll have a response soon along with your rug. This post isn’t sponsored and we ordered the rug just as any other customer would and I received it about a week later so I’m confident Ruggable will make this right.

  2. Whitney

    Can you use this promo code along with a Ruggable gift card? I bought my parents a gift card for Christmas and want to tell them about this promo code.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      On their site, it does say that an E-Gift card can be used with a promo code, Whitney!

      • Whitney

        Thank you for your response!

        • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

          You are welcome!

    • Sara (Hip Sidekick)

      I hope your parents find the perfect rug, Whitney! What a thoughtful gift!

  3. Linda

    I absolutely love Ruggables!! I now have three in my home and they are wonderful. I bought them with the cushiony base as I wanted them to be more squishy and they are perfect. I have received excellent customer service. I noticed that the second rug I ordered ( same pattern as the first one ) was a slightly different color. I sent an email and mentioned this and stated that it probably was a dye lot situation but could I possibly exchange the first one as I preferred the color of the second one. They just sent me a new rug and told me I didn’t need to send the other one back!!!! They wash up beautifully and are super easy to attach to the underlay. They are a little more expensive than some other rugs … but well worth it

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      We sure appreciate your thorough review, Linda!🥰 I’m happy to hear about your experience and how much you love them! I also like the extra-thick base for mine! 🙌

    • Sara (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you for sharing your excellent customer service experience with us, Linda! I love that so much!

  4. Lena

    I’ve been wanting to try Ruggable rugs….thank you for doing a review Sara! Also where are you table and chairs from? I love them!

    • Sara (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey Lena! I purchased the table from a small online retailer called Harbour 1976 and while they significantly raised their prices since COVID it looks like my table is on huge sale right now! The black chairs are from West Elm which I’m no longer seeing on their site in black so I found a couple of dupes at Bed Bath & Beyond and Wayfair for you to check out. I hope this helps!

  5. Carralynne

    I love my ruggable , Have had it for about a year now, I have the Ademi Paprika Red Rug, It is beautiful!

  6. Suz A.

    I just bought my first one! It’s a good thing I saw your stories on Instagram yesterday, because I have been planning to buy one for awhile, but was waiting on a deal! Thank you so much!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yay! SO exciting! You’re very welcome Suz A! Glad you could score one!🤗

  7. BlueHarvest

    I have the rebellion rug runner in my hallway. It stands up to heavy traffic and I get so many complements on it!!

  8. eykinnard

    FYI, if you have a Dyson vacuum cleaner, the suction is too strong even with the spinning brush off for a Ruggable. So the Etsy shop, Builder Bug, has an attachment they made that just snaps on and works perfectly! Worth the $20 and now I can order more Ruggables. 😁

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      That’s great information, eykinnard!! 🙌Thank you so much!

  9. Gigi

    I own 2 Ruggable Rugs…love them

  10. Wesley Ann Grayson

    I have 3 ruggables. Has anyone else had a problem with the edges folding up and how to remedy this problem? I’ve saw in reviews that others have had this problem but no solution to the problem.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      So sorry to hear about the issues with the edges. Those on our team that have these, haven’t had that issue. The velcro and corner flap should work to keep those down. Maybe try reaching out to customer service – 1 (877) 331-4662 Hoping they can help! ❤️🤗

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