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Homemade Whipped Coconut Oil Cooling Lotion

Whipped Coconut Oil Cooling Lotion Recipe

prep time: 10 MINUTES

total time: 10 MINUTES




Place solid coconut oil, aloe gel, and essential oils in a mixing bowl.


Use either a hand mixer or KitchenAid and mix on medium-high for about 5-8 minutes until you see the that the coconut oil is turning white and forming peaks.


Scoop into a container or jar and enjoy! Store below 75 degrees F so it does not melt.

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aloe gel and coconut oil cooling lotion

Ready to beat the heat and ban the burn?

Make this super easy homemade whipped coconut oil cooling lotion. Not only is coconut oil great for so many different reasons, but it also makes an amazing all-natural moisturizer – it’s full of antioxidants and is super hydrating, soothing, and healing when used on skin.

And did you know that when you whip coconut oil, the consistency changes from a clear solid to a luxurious white body butter?! This recipe combines the healing power of coconut oil with the cooling effects of aloe; I also opted to add lavender and peppermint essential oils, but you can use any you prefer (or none at all). That’s what I love about these recipes — you can totally make them based on your preferences!

aloe vera gel on the store shelf


Whipped Coconut Oil Cooling Lotion Recipe

prep time: 10 MINUTES

total time: 10 MINUTES

Soothing whipped lotion using aloe for sunburn relief.




Place solid coconut oil, aloe gel, and essential oils in a mixing bowl.


Use either a hand mixer or KitchenAid and mix on medium-high for about 5-8 minutes until you see the that the coconut oil is turning white and forming peaks.


Scoop into a container or jar and enjoy! Store below 75 degrees F so it does not melt.

Additional Notes

I used Lavender & Peppermint oils.

Brought to you by Hip2Save.

Aloe and Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter Hip2Save

What an EASY way to get relief!

In addition to making a great cooling moisturizer, this lotion is also beneficial in that it provides some natural relief from itching due to bug bites, poison ivy, and hives. Oh, soothing relief!

whipped coconut oil on a mixing bowl whisk

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Comments 88

  1. cheapcheapgoesthemommy

    Feelin’ kind of Silly! I thought this was a food item! I was thinking oooh..that looks so yummy! hehe Great idea on making natural product for my kiddos to use! Thanks Linda!

    • Mel

      LOL I was thinking the same thing! I thought it was some kind of frosting or whipped cream.

  2. cheapcheapgoesthemommy

    I meant Lina..I type too fast! 🙂

  3. visitor3

    What’s the best way to procure essential oils? Health food store? Online? What is a good price? Is all quality the same? I need a primer on this topic, please!

    • Nicole Gray

      You are going to get very mixed responses but let me warn you to read info from someone licensed and trained in homeopathy because the young living and doterra distributors are not and you can do some serious harm to your body with the wrong advice, however well meaning someone is. Here’s a very good place to start.!

      • Kris

        Nicole, I am a former massage therapist and I could not agree more! I have taken several courses in aromatherapy and still do not consider myself an expert, but I have heard things that make me cringe!

        • cindy hesse

          I’m a consultant for Jordan Essentials and we have a certifying class that you can take from a licensed homeopathic. I think that it is crazy to try to give advice when you have had no training. We are all made in America also, which is said of some but not true.

    • Nicole Gray

      Oops, I meant aromatherapy, not homeopathy. Lol! Where is my brain today?

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      I’m fairly new to EO world, but I know there’s direct sales companies like Young Living, and doterra that sell quality EO. I have some of those and have picked up some organic options at my local natural food market on sale. It’s fun to experiment with them!

    • FuzzyPeach73

      I would love a topic on this too! I have a couple recipes I want to make, but not sure where to get essential oils. I would love a good inexpensive price, but I know some products you get what you pay for…

      Also, how long does the essential oil last?

      • Suzanne

        I am a Young Living Distributor and our oils never expire. They are extremely volatile, so they can evaporate. I started using oils from health food store until I learned more.

      • Bethany G

        Young Living oils do not expire and are truly pure! I would love to help! Check out this site for tons of info and videos. Feel free to ask questions if you have them!

    • nikkicats2

      Look for good quality essential oils without added fillers. Check your local health food store or Doterra carries really good and pure essential oils. You can go to to shop for them or find a local home sales person. My sister-in-law sells them and they smell soooooo good.

    • Kellie Tasto

      Unfortunately the quality of essential oils are not all the same. Many essential oils found in health stores will often say 100% pure organic therapeutic grade etc. However, to call something a 100% pure essential oil, a company only needs to put 5% of that compound in the oil. The rest can be fillers, chemicals, and perfumes. Even if it was synthesized in the lab to meet those compound requirements, it can still be called 100% pure. It’s kind of crazy! After much research, our family has chosen to use Young Living Essential Oils because they are therapeutic grade and Young Living has a special seed to seal process to ensure the purity of their oils.

      If you would like to learn more about the oils feel free to send me an email at or you can visit my Facebook page at

      • Leilani

        Exactly what I was going to say! I LOVE my YLEO’s!! They are awesome! =)

    • Kristin

      I had been buying essential oils at the pharmacy and health good store. 2 months ago I was introduced to doTerra and there is a HUGE difference in quality. I order all of my oils from doTerra and have them shipped to my house. These oils are worth the extra pennies–no additives or chemicals, just pure oil. Good oil should last for years.

    • Michelle

      Plant therapy has great oils and they are pure as well. Their prices are much better bc they are not a MLM. I highly recommend them and their customer service is superb. Also, shopping is also free and you can order from their website or on Amazon.

      • Lauren

        Yes! Stay away from MLMs—their prices HAVE to be unnecessarily inflated to maintain their top-heavy monetary structure. Without paying that markup, you can get the same quality oils for much less from places like Revive and Plant Therapy.

    • syeo2013

      Funny you should ask! 🙂 I was up until 2:30 am this morning resesarching EO’s as I have been to Doterra’s education seminars and wanted to learn more. Here is a great blog I found with piles of research that went into: What is the Best Essential Oil Company?
      She was a rep for both DoTerra and YL and after much research recommended a co that is not an MLM – very educational! 🙂 It is a 7 part series. Go to the last one if you want to see her final recommendation.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

    • Bethany G

      I use Young Living Essential oils. They are truly pure and do not expire! I would love to help! We use our oils dail for a whole variety of things. Check out this site for great information and videos. Ask any questions you may have.

  4. Michele

    I love using coconut oil as a body lotion. Will definitely try this!

  5. Rita

    OMG Lina you are tooo talented gal. I am impressed!!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Ha thanks Rita 🙂

  6. JulieA

    I use coconut oil, sugar, honey, & lemon juice as a leg scrub before shaving. I mix coconut oil & tea tree oil to use on my face as an acne fighting moisturizer. I’ve made many different “flavors”of body scrubs using coconut oil, sugar, & brown sugar. When I open a new jar of coconut oil I empty the entire jar into a mixing bowl & whip it with the mixer. After its nice & fluffy I place it back in the original container; this will make it easier to use, it doesn’t go back to a full solid.

    • JulieA

      Thank you for this recipe! It would probably be great for sunburn relief without the essential oils. Is there one you could use for sunburn?

      • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

        I keep reading lavender is good.

        • JulieA

          I was thinking lavender or grapefruit. I need to educate myself more on each oil & it’s usage. Thank you again!

  7. Kellie Tasto

    Excited to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Leslie

    I use coconut oil, baking soda, and cornstarch for deodorant. No weird chemicals or aluminum for this girl! You can add essential oils to that mix too, but I’m highly allergic to lavender so I use a little tea tree!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      I was just trying to convince my hubby we should try the coconut oil deodorant!! So does it really work?? 🙂

      • Leslie

        Yes! It works! You still sweat, but you don’t have any odor. Just keep a trial size baby powder for touch ups during the day. Your underarms never get dry and it won’t sting at all. After a friend of mine got cancer, I started paying attention to what I ate & what we put on our bodies. Aluminum was not for me anymore! I breastfed my youngest and never used commercial deodorant. I had the hot flashes, the hot metabolism, all of it and never smelled of odor. Additionally, it was nice to know that aluminum wouldn’t get in my milk.

        • Leslie

          I should add that I’m here in Texas. The coconut oil deodorant works just fine in our summers. It often gets over 100 in June, July, ALWAYS August, and sometimes September. Every moth of the year, we could reach 80 on a random day… The deodorant works! For added protection, I keep some Burt’s bees powder and layer it on top before it fully dries.

          • Catherine

            I would love to know exactly how you make this deodorant. I made some a few months ago with coconut oil and baking soda. In addition to it NOT working, it stained my favorite shirt 🙁 This was in the winter in Louisiana – so I can’t imagine trying to use it during our hot and humid summers.

      • cyd

        Oooh! Best deodorant I’ve found is plain lemon! The first time I used it, I was doing some physical work and started to sweat, so I reapplied and not only did it remove the body odor, but it also removed the body odor from my sweater! I was WAY more excited than a sane person should be about a lemon, ROFL! But I love it. Without the labor, if I skip a shower, I still only have a faint lemon smell by the time I get around to taking one. You can use the juice (instead of just a slice), you can juice the lemons and freeze the juice AND freeze the skins you juiced and use THOSE and it’s OH so refreshing in the summer! Just lemon. It’s just awesome!

    • Nicole

      I make this deodorant too and I love it. It takes a week or two for your body to adjust, at least it did with me, but it does work. I also make my own toothpaste and sugar scrub with coconut oil. 🙂

  9. Melissa

    Lina, you never fail to delight me! I can’t wait to try this!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Thanks Melissa!!

  10. V

    Most of the people who suggest essential oil companies are just in it to get profit or have their own seller link.

    I much prefer essential oils from companies like mountain rose herbs, garden of wisdom and new directions aromatics. Compared to young living and doterra they are much better quality and not diluted.

    • Suzanne

      Young Living oils are the only EO company that grows their own plants on their own farms. They actually invite members to experience harvest and distillation processes on their farm in Utah.

    • Teresa

      I love Garden of Wisdom. Great small company!

  11. Edy

    I’m using coconut oil brown sugar and alovera gel to scrub my whole body. My boss uses alovera juice and cramberry juice drinks one cup a day his 90 years old. Also, making a smothie of alovera gel pineapple and fresh cactus as fiber and all this have lots of benefits

  12. ohmom09

    where did u get that aloevera plant that is there in the background?Ive been searching everywhere in vain. Does anybody own one?if yes then any tips on how to grow them?

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Hardware store with the succulents!

    • hon h

      I keep mine in the house during the winter and on my patio the rest of the time, I live in texas so I keep it on my NW corner of the patio out of direct sunlight and water it when the leaves start to droop. Also I feed it every 2 weeks along with my other plants.

      • Beth

        Definitely no need to keep aloe out of direct sunlight. I live in the Rio Grande Valley in extreme south Texas and they grow the stuff as cash crops. There’s no way there’s shade enough for the acres and acres of the stuff. Let it out where the sun DOES shine. It absolutely loves it. We now have four planters of it that started from one little bitty plant that had broken off from the one my mom and dad have. As long as it has good drainage, you don’t have to really worry about it getting too much water either. My husband is the one who takes care of our plants and he waters everything, he waters them too and they never droop or rot.

  13. Denise

    I like the NOW essential oils

  14. Lindak

    My son rinses his mouth with coconut oil. Supposedly helps get rid of impurities on the teeth and mouth. He thinks it works.

    • Nicole

      It is called oil pulling and it definitely does work. 🙂 Maybe look into it. I do it and my mouth has never been healthier. You can also do it wirh sesame or olive oil.

  15. Christi B.

    Just curious, if used on sun burn, wouldn’t the peppermint oil make it sting more? Also, keep in mind that some Essential Oils aren’t good for ladies who are pregnant. Peppermint is one of those. Make sure you use them safely for your own bodies.

  16. Christine

    Does anyone have a home remedy for sunscreen? Thanks

    • chaeysa

      Do not use homemade sunscreen. There is no way to know the spf so you can’t determine how effective it will truly be. Just use a mineral sunscreen if you’re concerned about chemical sunscreens.

  17. Anna

    Any natural products good as mosquito repellents?

    • janet

      tea tree oil is a good mosquito repellent

  18. rebecca

    my 2 cents: I have a new infant, and he has EXTREMELY dry skin. Dr. hadn’t seen anything like it before. We tried many natural lotions, and expensive lotions, and ecxema stuff, etc. and Dr. was about to send us to the pediatric dermatologist. Baby’s skin was all cracked and white and rough, had red bumps 🙁 The ONLY thing i found that worked to clear it up and soften him was good old plain coconut oil. It has been such a relief for us! I recommend! Now he’s soft and looks SO much better!

    • susan

      Could I ask what brand of coconut oil do you use and where you get it?

      • rebecca

        It’s from the store “Sprouts”. It’s Sprouts brand organic virgin coconut oil. I imagine Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s is equivalent. Here in Arizona, it is already liquid if we leave the jar out of the fridge. (Up until a couple weeks ago it was a solid at room temperature.) So i want to try this whipped recipe and see if it’s easier to work with to smooth on a squirmy baby twice a day.

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      I know I use it on my kids too plain and I love it!

    • Rachel

      That happened to my little guy too! I would giggle when I would coat him with coconut oil because he was like a little greased turkey!

      I’ve also used coconut oil with a few drops of plant therapy lavender oil to help heal and reduce spots from head foot and mouth on my kids.

  19. lisacarlson217

    In response to an earlier comment – I sell Young Living essential oils. They are NOT diluted. They are absolutely pure. Essential oils that are bought in a retail store are NOT the same quality, regardless of what the bottle says. Since EO’s are not FDA regulated, those companies only have to be 5% pure to be able to say they are all pure. Young Living is the real deal. Their products are not diluted and they are safe to take internally, which most of the others are not. And as far as people trying to make a profit from direct selling? Direct selling has been around for a long time, look at Avon, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, etc. I sell Young Living to make extra income for my family. Is that a crime?
    For those that are interested, please visit my blog, You can ask me any questions you may have, and I will gladly help you!

    • Brandee

      It is certainly not a crime to supplement your income! Many of us understand that.
      But you should read up more about the lies the FDA is telling all of us. That is a crime!!! The FDA regulates what suits them in power and makes them money. They could care less about our safety!!!!!

  20. Misty Nicole Overstreet-Roberts

    I’ve been making this recipe as well, and its helped me with my very sensitive skin, its Homemade Warm Honey Eucalyptus Body Butter

  21. Kris

    There is no governing body for essential oils, period. There are places like the national Association for holistic aromatherapy who make recommendations, but not a regulatory body. That means that any company can make any claim and say whatever they want. My issue with some companies is not necessarily the quality of the oils, but the statements the company makes about therapeutic use and safety of the oils. Purity is not an indicator or reason to use an essential oil internally. In fact, some pure essential oils would be very harmful if taken internally. I’m only saying this because it’s very important to do research to find out what is safe.

  22. Shirl

    I am trying to find a natural relief for my daughters eczema. Does anyone have a recipe they could share that has worked for them? I heard of using Crisco, which seems nuts, at the same time using coconut oil doesn’t seem that far off form Crisco. Any ideas?

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Coconut oil is great for that. I use it on my daughter for it.

  23. ShelbyinWashington

    Hi thank you for this awesome recipe! I have a couple questions. In the picture I notice that you used aloe gel that is bright green colored. But you had an aloe plant as well. Is this the kind that also has alcohol in it, that being the cooling part to the lotion. Or is it pure aloe vera with and you added green dye? Did you use aloe directly from your plant or are you buying the gel at the store? I have always been under the impression the green aloe is bad for you cause the alcohol essentially cools at first but then dries out the skin causing you to keep reapplying.
    Also is coconut oil ok with someone with sensitive skin/ Eczema?
    Thank you!!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      I did use the drugstore aloe gel because it’s what I had. I used an aloe plant just for the photo is all 🙂 Use what type of aloe gel you prefer. Coconut oil is great for sensitive skin and can even be used alone for a wonderful moisturizer. Thanks!

  24. T

    Just made a batch of this to try… the whole family loves it… it works great with the sunburns and the super dry skin that the kids get this time of year… thank you so much fr this recipe, it was just what the dr ordered. We tried all kinds of moisturizer for the kids (who are super sensitive skin and dry skinned) but this worked the best out of everything…

  25. Nat

    Do you put 18 drops of each oil? Or 9 peppermint, 9 lavender?

  26. priya

    I was wondering if I could use fresh aloe vera gel from the plant? If so must I store it in the refrigerator?

  27. priya

    Could I use fresh aloe leaves instead from d bottle… Even if I did is it compulsory to store it in a fridge???

  28. priya

    If i use fresh aloe gel from leaves must it be stored in a fridge?n can I use it as a daytime face moisturizer?

  29. vmm

    lavender together with coconut oil is awesome for taking away ANY ITCH!!! we use it all the time. keep in in my purse even. a great moisturizer too.

  30. vkelley

    Peppermint can hurt if you use it on a sunburn.

  31. GrammyG

    Refrigerate the coconut oil first. I mixed it for 10 minutes with a hand mixer and never got peaks just more and more liquid. I stuck the whole thing in the fridge hoping it hardens.

  32. sarah

    Do you have to use Aloe Gel, I dont have none on me all i have is coconut oil?

  33. Bethany G

    We LOVE our essential oils from Young Living! They are truly pure with no additives or fillers – they do not expire. They’ve made such a huge difference in our family’s health & wellness! I’d love to help anyone who would like more info or has questions. Just let me know!

  34. Deborah Thompson

    Bought what I believed to be good quality Lavendar ois from healthfood store, turn around and see the same bottle for 1/2 the price at Rite Aid Drugstore. Make your own from flowers is the only way to know and go.

  35. Amy

    Can i use aloe cream in place of the gel?

  36. Lesly

    What kind of aloe gel do you use? I don’t buy the gel–I have a lot of aloe plants.

  37. Sue

    There are some good books on essential oils: “The Healing Power of Essential Oils: Soothe Inflammation, Boost Mood, Prevent Autoimmunity, and Feel Great in Every Way by Eric ZIELINSKI, D.C.” and another is “Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine for a Modern World by Ty Bollinger, John Axe and Josh Rubin.” Before I bought these books I ordered them from the library first to get a chance to look them over and really liked them.

  38. ~jenn~

    These responses are years ooooooold?!?! Like, is the information current with today’s technological advances?!?! 😂🤣

    • Natasha -ai

      I was wondering the same thing…

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi Jenn- This older post has been updated today, but we thought still relevant because of summer 🙂 Thanks!

      • ~jenn~

        It’s still relevant, but that doesn’t mean the links or scientific information in the comments are good. Since a lot of people make purchasing decisions based on these comments…..maybe remove the comments before reposting? Or at least put it in large print in the post that you’re doing a “Flashback/Throwback Thursday” thing so people are aware.

  39. Shawn S

    What if you have a coconut allergy, in other suggestions for dry, sensitive skin and psoriasis?

    • Juma

      Shawn S try unrefined Shea butter. Look in amazon or if you have a natural organic market they may carry it. I have on rare occasions found Shea butter in Marshall’s. Good luck

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