The 6 Best IKEA Dressers and Chests To Meet All Your Clothing & Closet Needs

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white and natural wood dressers in IKEA store

Having the perfect dresser to store all your folded clothes and accessories is important to keep your room looking clean and put together. If you are in the market for a new dresser, we think these 6 highly-rated dressers and chests from IKEA are some of the best ones to buy!

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Here are our top picks for highly-rated IKEA dressers:

1. HEMNES 8-drawer dresser

white hemnes dresser with mirror

Price | $249

Did you even experience IKEA yet if you haven’t purchased a piece from the HEMNES line? This dresser will be the staple piece your room was needing. Plus, with 8 roomy drawers, it will fit everything you need!

white dresser with clothes

Here are some other reasons you’ll love it:

  • Made of solid wood
    • Sustainably-sourced
  • Minimal and timeless design goes with anything
  • Comes with hardware to mount furniture to the wall
  • Large tabletop surface for decor
  • 8 Roomy drawers
    • Smooth running drawers
    • 4 Small drawers – holds up to 5 pairs of folded pants or 10 T-shirts
    • 2 Medium drawers – holds up to 10 pairs of folded pants or 20 T-shirts
    • 2 Big drawers – holds up to 15 pairs of folded pants or 30 T-shirts
  • Comes in many different colors
    • Black/brown, Dark gray stain, Medium brown, Red/brown, white stain, gloss white
  • Other coordinating furniture available

Cons some reviewers want you to consider:

  • Assembly takes a few hours
  • Some wood cracked during assembly
  • Product has poor quality control
  • Many items delivered damaged

“I’m so impressed with the smaller HEMNES dresser I purchased about 10 years ago that I wanted to purchase this larger dresser now that I have the room. The finish is great and I completed putting it together in a timely manner after we identified all of the pieces. It’s sturdy and the larger drawers are reinforced with a metal bracket. You just can’t go wrong with any HEMNES products in my opinion!” 

– Vana ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

2. SONGESAND 6-drawer chest

tall white dresser chest of drawers in IKEA store

Price | $199

Your traditional home is begging to have a dresser from this series! Not only will it go with almost any decor, but its timeless design will never go out of style.

green and white shirts in bottom drawer of dresser IKEA

Here are some other reasons you’ll love it:

Cons some reviewers want you to consider:

  • Difficult to assemble
  • Some pieces missing precut holes
  • The taller chests are wobbly and need to be secured to a wall

“My husband and I purchased this for ourselves for Christmas and he thought I was a little crazy for wanting a white dresser, but we both love it! It looks classy and has plenty of space for both of our clothes. It’s also been really nice to have dresser drawers that open so smoothly and close just as easily. So far, it’s been a nice and not-too-expensive addition to our bedroom.” 

– Susan ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

3. TRYSIL 4-drawer chest

tall chest of dark brown drawers in IKEA store

Price | $129

Calling all industrial lovers! The black and brown legs paired with the dark brown wood will make this piece just what you’ve been needing to complete your bedroom.

gray and white shirts in brown dresser IKEA

Here are some other reasons you’ll love it:

Cons some reviewers want you to consider:

  • Bottom of drawers cannot hold a ton of weight
  • Material is not real wood – it’s actually particleboard

“I’ve had my eye on this chest for a long time since I have the older 3-drawer models that I use as nightstands, and I love the idea of having the complete Trysil series throughout my bedroom. The sleek look and beautiful metal and wood combination sold me – I’m a thoroughly satisfied customer with this set!”

– Mitch ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

4. BRIMNES 3-drawer chest

white three drawer dresser on shelf at IKEA

Price | $129

Whether you’re looking for a new dresser for your room or you want to design an affordable custom closet, the BRIMNES chest of drawers will be a perfect and stylish place to store all your clothes.

clothes in top drawer of dresser

Here are some other reasons you’ll love it:

Cons some reviewers want you to consider:

  • Handles cracked during assembly
  • Assembly is difficult
  • The glass panel was delivered cracked

“I bought two of these dressers over the summer for my teenage daughter’s room and we put them both together with little blood, sweat or tears. By the time we did the second one, we were pros. When we finished we pushed them together so they appear as one large dresser. She loves them and they have been working great!”

– Jenn ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

5. MALM 6-drawer chest

White dresser on store shelf IKEA

Price | $179

If you’re looking for a basic but totally functional dresser, the MALM comes in 5 different colors so you can be sure to get the look in your decor that you’re going for.

natural wood dresser with organizers and clothes in drawer IKEA

Here are some other reasons you’ll love it:

  • Comes in 5 different colors
    • Black/brown, Brown stain, Gray stain, White, White stained oak
  • 6 Roomy drawers
    • Large drawers hold up to 15 pairs of folded pants or 30 T-shirts
    • Small drawers hold up to 5 pairs of folded pants or 10 T-shirts
    • Smooth running drawers
    • Pull out stop
  • Made of real wood veneer
  • Comes with hardware to mount furniture to the wall
  • Coordinating furniture pieces available in 5 colors

Cons some reviewers want you to consider:

  • Quality isn’t very sturdy or meant to last long term
  • Some pieces broke during assembly

“This is our third Malm chest purchase. My husband and I both have them in our closets and my daughter is using one in her apartment bedroom. They hold a ton of stuff and we use the cloth boxes that IKEA sells to organize the inside of the drawers. It’s also not complicated to put together in my opinion.” 

– Paula ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

6. ASKVOLL 5-drawer chest

white and tan chest of drawers in IKEA store

Price | $79

This modern two-toned chest of drawers will add the perfect minimal touch to your closet or bedroom and if you have more space to spare, I love their nightstands and wider chest of drawers in the ASKVOLL series that match perfectly.

clothes and accessories in top drawer of IKEA dresser

Here are some other reasons you’ll love it:

  • 5 Roomy drawers
    • Can fit 5 pairs of folded pants or 10 T-shirts
    • Smooth running drawers
    • Pull-out stop
  • The tall design allows it to fit in smaller spaces
  • Comes with hardware to mount furniture to the wall
  • Coordinating furniture available

Cons some reviewers want you to consider:

  • Their drawers didn’t line up correctly causing extra efforts during assembly

“I recently moved into a new home and had less space for storage, so I bought this dresser and it is working out perfectly for my new space. I actually use it as a dresser and nightstand all in one – perfect for maximizing my space. I also love that the colors are clean and modern. Great purchase!”

– Gerardo ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Sara is a self-taught blogger and photographer with 5 years of experience having work featured in various building, travel, and fashion publications, most notably Bassett Furniture and Fossil.

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Comments 36

  1. Jen D

    My favorite is the Hemnes. It’s actually real wood, big roomy drawers and a nice, traditional appearance. I’ve been very happy with the 2 I have – the 3 drawer which I also use for a changing table in my baby’s room and the 6 drawer in my teen daughter’s room.

    • Kimberly

      I love our Hemnes dressers too! We have 3 and one of them we’ve had for 15 yrs and it’s held up perfectly!

      • Sara

        So glad to hear you love it! I just added it at the top of this post! 🙂

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing your favorite with us, Jen D! I used a dresser for our changing table too!

    • Miranda

      We love the Hemnes also!

      • Sara

        So glad to hear that Miranda! This definitely seems to be the most popular, so I went ahead and added your suggestion. Have a great day 🙂

    • Sara

      I also have that dresser in both my son’s rooms and love them, I can’t believe I left it off this list! Thanks for the reminder of how wonderful the HEMNES is Jen! Have a great day. 🙂

  2. Jer

    I no this Is off Topic but would anybody have a toy organizer they would recommend though IKEA?

    • Kiwi

      The Trofast system is my go to!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for asking, Jer! We’ll have to work on a list of those too!

    • Patti

      We have 2 Trofast systems for toys. I laminated labels for each bin and attached using Command Velcro strips. Little bins for legos and all of my son’s “collections” and bigger bins for playmobil sets and building blocks, etc. We love them!

  3. Asya

    We have three of the Malm series and have been very happy with this. Totally would recommend.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for the recommendation, Asya! Were sure appreciate it!

  4. erin

    We have Malm as well. very nice!

    • Sara

      That’s awesome! So glad you love if Erin!

  5. pokz

    I got 3 hemnes drawers…all bought from craigslist few years ago…. $75 each.. all like new…ill never buy brand new furnitures

  6. S

    Love this!!! Redoing my son’s closet and need a dresser to put in it. Perfect timing.

  7. Pjane

    I love all of these dressers. I have a 12 x 12 room. It’s kind of small. It fits a queen size bed and a long IKEA bench at the end of the bed. We have an IKEA leather sofa that’s on the small side. There’s no room left for the dresser. So in our standard average closet (kind which has two large sliding mirrored doors) we have a bookshelf with baskets that hold our socks and underpants bras etc. so three baskets on my side of the shelf and three baskets on my husband side of the shelf. This works OK if you pair down with any of the shelf above for the folded items for shoes. Living in a unit. So it is small.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I use a bookshelf and bins in my closet too! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

  8. Sandy Vera

    I have a Hemnes and a Malm I bought on craigslist for $60 total! They were in excellent condition. The lady I bought them off of was moving and purchased all new furniture for her new place…must be nice! lol I scored! I love them, they’re so roomy and well built.

  9. nita

    I’m at Hemnes fan also. Huge drawers, can fit a ton..and easy glide drawers. Like this new format btw..although prefer the original comments section, where the side kicks replies show up automatically high lighted 👍

  10. katrina

    I would not recommend Hemnes at all. I am surprised by all the people that love it. We had the whole set of it including the drawers shown above. While they look great, the build on them is so flimsy. The drawers themselves are made up with a thin board at the bottom – which warps. You also can’t put heavy sweaters in, so there is a weight limit on the drawers. If you do it will come out of the edgings – because they are not strong at all. Just wedged in a groove and that’s it. Once it comes out you can’t get that back in again as it will always come out – so that drawer becomes useless. We found one of the drawers tracking somehow messed up and wouldn’t go in properly also. Also we had to be careful how we placed the high boy hemnes as it would mess up the drawers if the legs weren’t all lined up.
    I would say buyer BEWARE. You get what you pay for. I would never buy IKEA furniture as it isn’t built to last at all. We also had the bookshelves and the back part of the bookcase was just like cardboard!! We only had all our IKEA stuff a couple of years and it was lightly used – no kids at it or anything. I couldn’t sell it fast enough. Oh and it scratches super easy also.

    • Shannon

      The hemnes is great. I will say if you are not good at putting together furniture then that may be why it does not function well. It can be complicated to assemble. My hubby complains for decades about how much he hates ikea because he ends up putting it together. It saves tons of money I love it. Cover the furniture when moving to prevent scratches and never disassemble it either!

    • Angie

      A quick tip. My husband uses gorilla glue around the edges of the drawers when he is putting them together. We had the same problem with the drawer bottoms popping out but when he starting adding the glue we have not had any issues. I realize it is an extra step but IKEA furniture is not made to last. Hemnes is probably there best bedroom dresser/chest product.

  11. Becky

    3 rooms in our house have brimnes dressers. They have been great add-ons for our closet and perfect dressers for our teens. They are now 8 years old and just survived a move. For budget pieces they are holding up better than other furniture we bought around the same time.

  12. Sara

    We have 1 Brimnes 4 drawer dresser and 2 side skinny 4 drawer Brimnes dressers. They have held up a move and 6+ years of wear and tear. Highly recommend them.

  13. Mommyof71987

    I have had the HEMNES 6 drawer dresser for 10 years. It has held up really well. We are just now needing to replace it. We have also moved it 5 times. It was an awesome dresser.

    • Mommyof71987

      Correction: we had the 8 drawer dresser.

  14. Melissa J

    I have the Askvoll and it is fantastic! Thanks for this post, I’m searching for another, larger piece and this helps.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome! Glad this list was helpful!

  15. Paulina

    I have the 6 drawer Malm dressers for the kids and I love how roomy they are! They are sturdy too, I love them

  16. Molly

    I have the SONGESAND dresser in my bedroom (replacing an older HEMNES that was too small for me) and I changed out the pulls provided with some modern brushed gold ones. Really freshens it up and keeps the look modern and chic. Just bought the MALM for my daughter’s room (replacing old wood changing table/dresser combo also from IKEA). So far, it’s super sturdy feeling and she likes how it looks in her room.

    If you’re in the market for a dresser but can afford to wait until next year, they do a back to school sale in August and most of the dressers go on sale.

  17. Linda

    I’m so glad you posted this. My daughter needed a new dresser terribly. I didn’t want to spend a ton but didn’t think IKEA had anything in a style I wanted so I didn’t bother looking. I ended up purchasing the Hemnes 8 drawer. My kids and I assembled it today. I won’t lie, it took several hours, but it went together well and I’m thrilled with how it looks and how sturdy it is. We checked out a video on YouTube that showed assembly step by step which was helpful for a couple steps. I will probably buy different handles that will go better in her room and give it a slightly different look. I would definitely recommend this dresser.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you for explaining how well this worked for you, Linda! We sure appreciate the recommendation!

  18. Jasmine

    Love the Malm! I have the 6-drawer dresser and my parents have two 4-drawer dresser and one 6-drawer dresser and we all love it! A bit hard to assemble but worth it! Never had problems so far since last year. Quality is great and holds a lot of our stuffs!

  19. Gina

    Adding an IKEA glass top for $14 or so is the best investment for any IKEA nightstand. You get them in standard sizes, rounded edges. Keeps the top clean and free from scuffs and water rings.

    I have to agree though that Ikea furniture at the lower end is not very sturdy. Great for dorms and kids rooms since they outgrow quickly. At the higher end is too pricey, at least for me. Still I am a sucker for their quirky designs and fun stuff. Love, love their annual catalog. Thanks for putting this list together. It helps to know the pros and cons, plus the feedback from all the wonderful readers of the Hip2save family!

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