10 Dollar Tree Items You Should Buy Online in Bulk

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holding a glass jar mug at Dollar Tree

Some of Dollar Tree’s best buys are available both in-store and online!

Buying online in bulk at Dollar Tree can be easier (and sometimes cheaper) than heading to the store for just one $1 item. It’s also a great option when you can’t find multiples of the same item in-store. That’s when the beauty of online shopping at Dollar Tree comes into play!

We’re sharing the best buys to score online at Dollar Tree that are not only great deals, but they just make more sense to purchase in bulk anyway.

Hip tips to keep in mind when ordering online from Dollar Tree:

  • Shipping is an additional charge, so we recommend opting for free shipping to your store (if available).
  • Select items may incur a small handling fee, depending on your Zip Code and the methods of delivery available in your area.
  • Items that are marked as “Backordered” may be delayed by up to 30 days if you select free ship to store. For faster delivery, you can always select UPS shipping if you need a back-ordered item sooner!

1. Score tons of birthday balloons from Dollar Tree for a balloon arch or stash them away for all your future parties.

colorful balloons laying on the floor purchased at dollar tree online

Love to host parties with tons of balloons? When you buy a bulk order of balloons online at Dollar Tree, you’ll always be prepared for a party!

2. Stock up on Scotch Tape for all your school, office, and gift-wrapping needs!

holding Scotch Tape at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree’s 2-packs of Scotch tape are a long-time reader favorite, and we love that you can order them online in quantities as small as four at a time. You’ll want to keep a roll in your desk drawer, gift closet, and pretty much every room of the house!

3.  These 22-oz. glass jars with metal lids are both functional and pretty!

glass jars on shelf at Dollar Tree

These elegantly designed glass jars have metal lids and can be used in so many different ways around your home! They’d be great for holding small office supplies, dry kitchen goods, small bathroom essentials like cotton swabs, and anything else you’d like to store and display in a pretty way. They would also be perfect for gifting homemade hot cocoa mix, seasoning blends, or candy.

We found these jars in two different styles at our local Dollar tree – the lattice pattern shown above and a simple ribbed square jar with vertical lines.

4. Sip hot beverages from these pretty embossed mugs!

holding red mug at Dollar Tree

Enjoy your favorite soup or hot beverage in these pretty 12-ounce ceramic mugs this winter. They’re made from sturdy ceramic and pair beautifully with Dollar Tree’s other red beaded Royal Norfolk tableware.

5. Swap your candles for these safer, flameless, battery-operated LED tealights.

holding LED tealights at Dollar Tree

Safely add the cozy glow of candlelight to your decorations, craft projects, and more with these 2-packs of Luminessence Flameless Battery-Operated LED Tealights. Each one features a natural-colored flickering flame and lasts up to 120 hours!

6. Stock up on these highly-rated dog treats.

dog treats hanging on pegs at Dollar Tree

Boone’s Mini Chicken-Dipped Rice Sticks are chewy, low-fat dog treats made with real savory chicken and brown rice for easy digestion and a flavor your pup will love. These highly-rated treats are ideal for training, rewards, or just a tasty snack!

7. These 14″ crystal-cut plastic trays are great to have on hand for a variety of occasions.

holding plastic tray

These serving trays are ideal for the dinner table or for setting out self-serve hors d’oeuvres for your guests. They’re also perfect for taking an appetizer to a pot luck or for delivering holiday cookie assortments to friends. At just $1 each, you can leave these trays behind without any worries of getting them back!

8. Serve up a 16-ounce drink in these country-style Glass Pint Jar Mugs.

glass jar mugs at Dollar Tree

These 16-ounce glass mugs are perfect for enjoying all of your chilled drinks! They have sturdy handles and will lend a laid-back vibe to any cookout, party, or evening on the front porch.

9. Take these tubes of Udderly Smooth Hand Cream anywhere for moisturizing on the go!

holding udderly smooth hand cream tube

Each tube of this creamy formula was made in the USA to smooth, soften, and hydrate dry or irritated skin. It keeps your skin moisturized at any time of the year without leaving behind a greasy residue. They’re ideal for home use, travel, care packages, and more!

10. Stock up on tissue paper for all occasions.

hand holding up colorful tissue paper at Dollar Tree

Be ready for your next gift-wrapping occasion by stocking up on tissue paper in advance! In addition to the bright colors shown above, Dollar Tree also sells gift tissue in white and pastel colors.

Pairing tissue paper with a Dollar Tree gift bag has to be one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to wrap a present. It’s one of our favorite methods!

Get the very latest Dollar Tree deals and finds – all right here!

Jenna has a Bachelor's Degree from Lycoming College and her Master's from Penn State, holding 3 years of writing experience between a variety of publications and Hip2Save.

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Comments 56

  1. Desiree

    I wouldn’t recommend buying mugs and stuff from Dollar Tree online. It’s really hit and miss with the quality. I usually have to dig through a lot to find “perfect” ones.

    • Joely

      I’ve actually had great luck with their mugs. I have some that have lasted 20 years!

      • Cynthia Perkins

        Me too, cups plates, lots of things.

        • Deana

          Always happy with everything I ever bought .Love it

      • T

        I think they might mean when buying online since you can’t physically feel how durable it might be. Also when you buy in the store you have quite a bit that might have cracks, chips or imperfections. So it is best to buy in store so you know what you are getting. Especially during shipping when damage can happen.

      • David Weiss

        I didn’t know Dollar tree was around 20 years ago haha your mugs lasted longer than my marriage

        • simmonsd

          Since the 80’s!

    • ccmama

      Not to mention the lead in cheap plates and mugs made in China. Do your research before Thinking a cheap plate or mug is worth it

      • Mona

        A lot of the higher end stuff is made in China. Well known British china companies are now having their products made in China, I see it all the time.

      • Don't be Mean, Sam

        Sam, it’s not that “couldn’t afford to manufacture so many stuff for dirt cheap!” and that we should therefore “Be grateful to Chinese people because they work so hard for little money to provide you with almost everything that you have in the US!” – the USA and the rest of the world is taking advantage of the cheap products from China, oblivious to the fact that there’s a lot of labor problems in China. Thanks to social media, this is now known to a lot of people and some have started researching before buying a product. We don’t have to thank China in any way because their unfair practices makes it hard for fair and honest manufacturers to compete with them. I had a manufacturing business in the Philippines which I had to shut down because there is no way I can compete with China’s low price without compromising the quality of the product and the rights of my employees.

    • LJ

      I agree, you also have to watch out for lead in the paint.

  2. beth

    I brought my houseplants in for the fall and needed some saucers for under the pots. I picked up some dinner plates and saucers from Dollar Tree. Worked great!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      That’s a great idea and cheap, too!

    • tipaye

      The clear glass plates are what I use to place my plants on 🙂

      • Winifred Norwood

        Great idea!! Thanks!

      • susan-5

        Tipaye thank you for that

    • Pammyjo

      I purchase plates in various sizes to place under indoor flower pots at thrift shops and garage sales. My preference is vintage plates, but I come across all different kinds. My favorite thrift shop has a 10 cents table that always has a few plates. Otherwise, I never pay more than 25 cents each.

  3. Monika Hart

    Soup mug is great for plants or flowers arranged

  4. Sarah

    Their stemless wine glasses are very hit or miss too. One of the dollar trees near me has a shelf full of imperfect/damaged wine glasses. Such a shame.

  5. kalynn

    Would those treats work for big dogs? We just got our first dog last week – an 8 month old rescue – and he is about 60 lbs. Would they be a choking hazard for him? The reviews are great but most of the pictures/info shows small dogs eating them. I’m looking for yummy inexpensive treats for my big guy! Thanks!

    • lori-0

      My 70 pound dog eats these all the time no problems.

    • Mama2Nine

      My English bulldog use to eat them, but she passed away last week. 😢 Old age, not bc of the treats. She was a big dog and loved them!

      • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

        So very sorry for your loss. 💕

      • 5pink1blue

        I’m so sorry about your bully. Ours is 4 years and such a joy.

      • Gail

        Watch out where they are made. Only buy treats made in US.

    • Tammy

      Don’t buy those treats the are trash for dogs.

  6. Suzanne H

    Be cautious of the dog treats. I’ve known several people who’s dogs have gotten sick after eating dog treats from China.

  7. K.Stott

    Looks like Boones are made for Tevra brands in Nebraska.
    But I agree, read the package and check ingredients. I’ll be on the lookout for these for my spoiled one!

    • BJC

      The package in the picture says “Manufactured for” Tevra Brands in NE – which usually means it’s made in China for Tevra Brands. If it is actually made in USA, it will say “Made in USA” because that’s what people look for.

  8. Ana

    It seems like the recalls on dog treats are always from here, I wouldn’t do it.
    Cheap dog food and treats just aren’t worth it.

  9. lori-0

    My dog loves those chicken treats I buy a case at a time!!can we say spoiled??

  10. tipaye

    My Dollar Tree has a pack of 10 (mini) spring rolls in the freezer section. They’re really good and make for a cheap (and relatively healthy) meal or snack.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh awesome! Thanks for the tip! Good to know!

    • JAK218

      Yes!!! We love those too.

  11. Judy


  12. Dansjen

    I’ve gotten that hand cream before and I didn’t like it all. It was watery and didn’t seem to moisturize for even a half hour. I would hate to see one of you guys get stuck with 8 tubes of it. :/

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      DARN! Thanks for the honest comment. Sorry to hear it was watery.

    • Shoppingfan

      I agree Dansjen! I’ve tried it twice & it was not at all good for me.

  13. Brittany

    Has anyone seen the lunch box notes they used to have? My daughter will start Kindergarten in the fall I would love to get them for her. TIA!

    • HipMomof3

      I saw them in the area by the register.

  14. Maggie

    They also have dollar collars and leashes for dogs of all sizes. We buy lots of them, as we use them for our foster dogs. Our foster dogs go to their new home on “gotcha day” with a new collar (and tag). Most people surely buy a nicer collar eventually, but these cheap collars are great for the transition period when adopters are still shopping for “new dog” stuff. These are GREAT items to donate to rescues and shelters too!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the tip on the collars and leashes! Good to know they have worked well for your foster dogs!

  15. Evie

    Most manufacturing is in China, as they lobbied the politicans years ago for our jobs and factories.

  16. Patti

    Also watch the dog treats. I would not buy any at Dollar Tree. Read the ingredients first and where they are made.

  17. T

    It is much easier to give dogs fruits and veggies as a treat instead of buying the expensive dog treats. Just look to see how much and what they can eat. I haven’t bought treats in forever. Bonus because we eat them too, such as blueberries, carrots, lettuce, spinach, banana. The list goes on

    • Emily

      Be careful with this though – stone fruits and citrus, for example, aren’t safe for dogs.

      • T

        As mentioned. You google to find what is safe. I didn’t mention citrus

    • Mary

      As always, check and do your research before giving anything to your fur baby. Also it doesn’t take much to make treats for your pups. Wash and dry 2 sweet potatoes, cut lengthwise for bigger treat, or in circles for smaller treats. Place on baking pans in 200 degree oven for 2 1/2 hours, flip and bake another 1 1/2 hours. Cool and both you and your pup can have a treat together.

    • Casey

      The vet told my mom that most treats are like eating a candy bar. They recommended veggies like no salt green beans.

  18. lindak

    Picked up some decorated fall pumpkins and a fall plaque to decorate the shelf outside my mom’s assisted living door. After finding an expensive Memorial Day/ 4th of July wreath in 3 pieces in the floor I decided dollar tree it is. Got to go well before the holiday though or they are cleaned out.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh awesome! Great that you could grab some fall items already! I sure love their seasonal items! Thanks for sharing with us!

  19. Tammy

    Don’t buy the dog treats. That is trash for your dog. Worst things you could buy. Why do think they are dollar.

  20. Ariavenew

    They sell another lotion, Dermasil, that I love. 8oz for $1. It is comparable to Lubriderm, BUT dermasil has no parabens, and lubriderm does. So it’s actually a better quality, though generic, product.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to look for that one!

  21. Sara

    The DampRid knockoffs work well. You have to buy 36 at once if you buy them online. They have regular and charcoal versions.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      You are so right! I use these all the time!

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