Get Prepared with This DIY First Period Kit for Home & School

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pulling out The Period Book from box

Know a girl who’s growing up?

Consider putting together a fun and informative DIY first period kit to celebrate your child’s big milestone and help her feel prepared and confident at home and at school! This is a memorable time in a young person’s life, and I did this a couple of years ago to make my own daughter’s first period as comfortable and normal as possible, and I’m so glad I did.

Do you remember your first period? 

I know I was terrified the day my first period arrived while attending a friend’s sleepover birthday party, and I was completely unprepared for that experience. I was one of the first in my friend group, so I initially felt uncomfortable and full of anxiety!

woman holding period supplies

The truth is periods are a normal part of womanhood.

Let’s empower our girls by taking the anxiety and fear out of the first period! I had lots of open conversations surrounding this topic with my tween daughter as she approached this milestone, and it was so helpful. She was super confident, prepared, and luckily had the opposite experience that I did.

easy diy box of first period supplies for period kit

Make a DIY First Period kit. I highly recommend doing this!

Compile a box of supplies your daughter will be able to use to make periods a little more comfortable. Some of them are essential items like an assortment of pads and tampons, and some are more fun like a chocolate bar, book, and unicorn face mask. She will feel loved, supported and so prepared!

If you are into organic feminine menstrual products, check out the popular Rael brand! We’ve tried lots of their panty liners, tampons, and I personally enjoy their foaming feminine wash that’s perfect for sensitive skin! My Hip teammate Emily is a huge fan of their facial sheet masks too!

Of course, fill your box with your own favorite period products!

first period kit of supplies laid out on table

innersy period underwear girls

Period underwear is another great investment to consider!

My daughter has and loves this highly-rated 3 pack of girls’ INNERSY brand of period cotton underwear via that gives extra protection when used with pads or tampons during that time of the month. They have a soft comfy hipster fit. INNERSY also offers womens sizes HERE!

a period kit for school created with a small travel bag

Make an on-the-go first period kit for school, too!

I know my daughter had some anxiety about possibly starting her period at school, so I put together a little discrete kit she can store in her backpack using a small travel packing cube. I included an assortment of pads, feminine wipes, and extra underwear she can keep in there just in case.

girl with a first period kit

We were ready for Aunt Flow, and compiling this first period kit was worth it!

This is a smart and easy kit to put together. We did this around the age of 11, and felt like it eased any anxiety surrounding this topic. Definitely consider making one, and let us know anything else you’d add!

Not wanting to compile your own kit? Check out this fully assembled My First Period Sample Kit you can buy on that comes ready to go!

See why The Honey Pot’s plant-based pantiliners are a period game-changer!

About the writer:

Lina has a Bachelor's Degree from Northern Arizona University with 11 years of blogging and photography experience having work featured in, Martha Stewart, Country Living, Fox News, Buzzfeed, and HGTV.

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  1. Nora-Lee

    oh my gosh thank you for posting this, my daughter turns 11 over the summer, and starts middle school in the fall, so this milestone will be here before we know it. I also want her to be prepared and this is a great idea! Thank you!

    • Casey

      Same exact situation here and I’ve been stressed trying to figure this out! No one talked to me about it at all, so I want to do better. I bought the American Girl book The Care and Keeping of You.

  2. Jamie

    Neat idea, I would have loved this as a teen. Mine came during my younger cousin’s birthday party.

    Shoot, I’d love to find a good read for dealing with a period as an thritysomething. It’s hard to tackle sometimes.

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks Jamie! Yes we’d love to hear book suggestions from others 🙂

      • podvintage

        Helena Hunting has a blurb in her new book “Meet Cute” about Aunt Flow. It is a really good book. (Not for kids -it’s a mommy book)

    • Cikota

      The Vagina Bible and The Menopause Manifesto are great books for women! They’re written by an OB/GYN who is a big advocate for women’s health.

  3. Lo

    My 9yr was just at a slumber party and a girl had a period kit. Guess you can never be too prepared and I should make one

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      oh smart!

    • Monica

      Several my daughters friends started their periods at 9/10. I’m praying we make it to twelve!

  4. Katie

    I started my period in the third grade – I was at school. My mother never dreamed that I would start it so early – so, she hadn’t talked to me about it yet. I was terrified that something was really wrong with me. Luckily, I had a teacher’s assistance who I really trusted – and I confided in her. She gave me a pad, told me how to use it, told me it was VERY normal, and told me to tell my mom when I got home that I’d “started my period”.

    I encourage you ladies to be prepared for this a lot earlier than you may think! My mom also used this as an opportunity to very openly talk to me about sex. It was a natural segway and a real way for me to understand what was going on with my body. At the time it was horrifying – she used real terms and made me repeat them back to her – but I am so glad that she talked to me about this at that time. I know this is THE conversation that everyone dreads as a parent, but go ahead and have it with your girls early on! This world has changed drastically since most of us were teens – and you can never arm your kids with enough information to help them navigate it!

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh katie – thanks so much for sharing and I couldn’t agree more! <3

    • Beth

      Yes! 9 years old here. Please talk to your daughters early!!!

    • Krystal

      Thank you for this, my oldest daughter turns nine next week and I have not only started talking to her about the biological reality behind how babies are made and such (I just had a baby) but now started to transition into talking about periods and puberty and I’ve had a few people tell me it’s too early. But I was 11 when I got mine and it surprised me and I didn’t tell anyone for days. I would rather have my girls be over prepared then under informed like I was.

      • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

        Yes same for me! Thanks for reading and for your comment Krystal!

      • Jo28p

        Girl I’m open with my 7 year old about periods. She asked one day when she was 5 what a pad or tampon was for (it was in my purse or something) so I told her in an age appropriate way. It’s not too early! Talking about it now when it naturally came up will make it easier when I go into a more detailed explanation .

      • Becca

        I’m glad you are ignoring what others might say and you are following your instincts to talk to your girls. It can never be too early for our girls to learn about their bodies and best to hear from their mom or another trusted adult. And you had the perfect opportunity too with just having a baby too. Great job and congratulations on your new baby.

    • Jill w

      My only daughter (3 older brothers!!) also started at 9- while I was freaked out on the inside, I made sure to hide it and let her know it’s all normal and we had the “talk”. 2 years later she is so comfortable talking to me and asking questions and I love the honesty and comfort we share. I think if I had shown her I was freaked out, she would be far less comfortable to ask questions. How it’s handled in the beginning can make a big difference. Glad you had a caring/kind school worker.

    • smellyann

      A LOT of hormonal/biological changes are happening with both girls and boys earlier than we expect, largely because of hormones etc. in the products we use and eat every day. I’m not being alarmist; this is the science. Everyone needs to prepare their kids early. Mine are 17 and 14 now, but we started very early with them. Both Mom and Dad need to be prepared – it could happen while the mom is out running and errand, for instance. I had a terrifying, traumatic experience with it as a kid, and it was ongoing: no one ever, ever had supplies for me. So I’m bound and determined to make my kids’ experiences vastly different from mine.

  5. AP

    Mine are 10 and almost-9. I started talking about these things early to normalize it a bit. I also recently told them that when they each start, we’ll have a spa day (at a real spa/salon) to celebrate becoming a young woman. Both girls threw their arms in the air and cheered. Lol. I’m going to make one of these kits for both of them, thanks!!

    • Jessica

      I LOVE that idea and so would my daughter. Thank you for sharing.

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh I love that Idea and may copy it! <3

    • Meliza

      Love this!

    • becca

      That is such a great idea about the spa day! And you are very right, the earlier we talk about these things the more normal it will be and the more open our girls will be to talking to us and sharing what they are feeling and any concerns they might have.

    • Ap927

      OMG crazy to see my comment here from 2 years ago!!! Unfortunately my older daughter start it right in the beginning of Covid, so we couldn’t do the spa day. Still planning to someday. When she started, it was no big deal to her. Even when she went to her dads for the weekend, she let him know, it wasn’t even an issue. Agree to talk to your kids about it early!

  6. SM

    I made one for my niece recently. In it, I put: heavy flow ultra thin pads w/ wings (Organyc brand, which is cotton), Seventh Generation pantiliners (also cotton), an extra pair of panties (in case of leaks), a travel bidet instead of feminine wash/wipes, a Lunette cup instead of tampons, and a travel bottle of Tylenol. She loved it! <3

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Awesome – thanks for sharing!

    • Laurie

      Thank you for showing her a healthy side to the products out there. We see all the advertising – but it’s for all the toxic crap out there.

    • Sarah

      I had no idea a travel bidet was a thing. That’s awesome, thanks for sharing!

    • SR

      oh wow, I had no idea there exists a thing called travel bidet. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Yessenia

    I was 9 years old and my mom hadn’t talked to me either. I did not tell anyone because I thought I would get in trouble… I just kept on going for months until it started getting heavier and a friend of mine noticed and gave me some of her pads. I never had a talk with my mom about that or sex or anything. Definitely doing things differently with my daughters. Thanks for the post.

    • Jessica

      Good for you! That’s the beauty of motherhood, we get a second chance at the mother-daughter relationship.

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yes!! Good for you! <3

    • Tracey

      Same with me, Yessenia – I didn’t tell my mom for months and finally my older sister found out and said I should tell her. When I did, she told me to talk to my sister about what I needed to do!!! OMG – that’s my mom. I made sure to be up front and supportive for my daughter. The day she started her period, I baked a red velvet cake to celebrate. I told her that the “boys” (my DH and son) didn’t need to know the real reason for the cake; it was a celebration between us. (Although, of course, I told her dad. :))

  8. Cal nun

    Might sound crazy but I’m really curious for those who started their period early if you guys ate fast foods a lot or any time of foods with gmos and such. This is a serious question and the reason I ask is because I a lot of girls who started their period early ate a lot of fast foods and those who started later always ate a little “healthier”.

    • Laurie

      I’ve read this as well. I’m curious too if you don’t mind sharing.

      • Mrsyancy

        I started when I was 11 almost 12. We were too poor to eat much fast food, so it was a lot of home cooking for us….lol

    • Jamie

      I don’t remember much about my diet as a kid, wasn’t fast food all the time though.

      Lots of home cooking from mom and grandma. I was 10 when I started mine.

    • Katie

      I didn’t eat a lot of fast food but I did eat school lunch everyday and sometimes school breakfast. My mom made dinner from scratch everyday.

    • Beck

      I was 11 when I got mine. At a campout with my elementary school! I grew up in the county. No fast restaurants for my family to get food from.

    • Priya

      I didn’t start mine until 12 and we didn’t eat much fast food, home cooked meals mostly…not necessarily the healthiest meals(southern lol), but a good amount of fruits & veggies, if that helps.

    • E

      I got mine when I was nine, and I had a really healthy diet.

    • Dealzgurl

      I’ve never heard that…I started at 10 walking home from school and I didn’t eat a lot of fast foods growing up. Weren’t many fast food restaurants in my neighborhood. My mom cooked pretty much every day.

    • Jill w

      My daughter was 9 and eats very little fast food. She’s a vegetarian and eats healthy as well as being athletic- she is much taller than her classmates, just seemed to mature very quickly

    • Shannon

      I started at 10 and I’m now 41. Never had fast food until I was a teen in high school. Like literally never even once as my mom was very strict. No cereal, no sugar. Lived on a farm. Only ate organic. All our meat was wild hunted or grass fed. Have read a lot about early start being related to diet and the antibiotics in milk but that was definitely not the issue for me.

    • Kim

      I think it is the Standard American Diet. I try to follow Dr. Fuhrman’s plant based diet, and he said his daughters didn’t start their cycles until they were at least 17 and they are in their 20s now, and he attributes it to the growth hormones in meat and dairy and processed foods (not just fast foods, but any type of processed food). I started my period at 11 and am trying to keep my girls from starting so early, but I just learned this information a year or two ago.

    • Juma

      You also have to look at how good was prepared/grown 20 or 30 years ago. I think what I ate and how it was prepared was way better than today. We also had a farm sand garden growing up in N.C. so eating out I barely remember any of that. My cousins and I were talking about their a few nights ago. How we used to love strawberry and blueberry season we went to pick an can them.

      • Mrs. G

        I was 16 years old when I started (my junior year of high school). My mom ate fairly “healthy” but in the healthy food of the nineties- sugar free snacks, home cooking, hamburger helper. We ate fast food some. I was just a late bloomer and so was my sister. And once I did start puberty I grew 3 inches my freshman year of college and ended up with 34gg boobs. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I really think it has more to do with genetics than diet.

        • Mrs. G

          Cooked not ate*

        • smellyann

          Mrs. G – It DEFINITELY is related to diet. But not just diet. Genetics also play a part, of course. But they can be overridden with environmental triggers.

    • Lora

      I was 11 when I got mine. My daughter was 11 when she got hers. I didn’t eat any fast food as a child as my mother made just about everything from scratch. The period kit is a great idea. Our local library had a nurse practitioner talk to tween girls and moms about periods. She had some commercially available period kits to show us, but they were a little pricey, so it’s better to make your own. American Girl has a good book called “The Care and Keeping of You” that was suggested by the librarian.

    • JD

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      I’m 67 years old and grew up on the farm eating very healthy. Fast food didn’t even exist. I started at age 10. Genetics has a great deal to do with it. I don’t think anyone can know for sure but my theory is that plastics which are known hormone disrupters have something to do with it but that can’t be the sole cause. Throughout the 20th century each decade saw an average drop of six months in age for girls starting their first period. For some of that time plastics and fast food didn’t exist. Probably a complex interplay of factors.

    • smellyann

      I was 12. My husband’s sister was 9. I buy as much local, organic, etc. stuff as I can. My girls were 14 and 13.

    • Lisa

      I grew up on a ranch. We had a milk cow, raised grass feed cattle and my mom home canned tons for fruits and veggies. She also made homemade bread from wheat she ground. Eating out was almost unheard of as it was a very rural town in Wyoming and there weren’t any fast food restaurants. My mom made my school lunches. So, I would say I had a healthy mostly hormone free diet. I still started when I was 10.

    • Dawn

      I started in 5th grade. We never ate out. Also, we grew our own vegetables. So, I don’t think that theory works for me. But, I went into full blown menopause at 37. They just stopped. It happened to my sister too at the same age. There is no explanation. If I had to guess, I’d say it was the well water we drank as kids. My parents have both have had thyroid cancer which is pretty odd. Life is strange.

    • blu

      The hormones found in meats. Eat more plant based.

    • rachel-7

      My daughter is a health nut and started at 9. She loves meat though and I have heard the hormones and things they are putting in meats are making girls cycle earlier. I don’t know the validity of this, but it could be.

    • Jackie

      Mine came during my late 15s. My daughter just got hers and she will be 15 next month. We try to eat healthy and we almost never eat out. It’s to the point that when we eat out we feel gross after. I think it’s a combination of diet, genes and how active you are. My daughter does competitive gymnastics level 9, she is in the swim team varsity level, track and tennis. I have two other daughters and hopefully they will also get them later rather than early. It’s specially hard when you have active kids…imagine explaining to your daughter who just got her period how to put a tampon because she has a swim meet the next day. I had no issues explaining that to her since she is 15 but I think it would be harder for me if she was 9, still a baby. I think they will always be our babies but you know what I mean. Here’s to all the moms out there who no matter what will always be there for their daughters! ❤️

    • Rebecca Heath

      I started at 14 and had more fast food in my diet than most of my peers who started earlier but I had a high metabolism and a low BMI until well into adulthood

      A lot of the most athletic girls I knew started late no matter what they did or didn’t eat

      What you are looking for isn’t really diet but probably the presence of enough body fat

    • savingobsessed

      My daughter is 9 and just got hers last wk 😩 we made her a period basket (super cute and she loved) i had already bought the period book for my oldest daughter so i was able to save on that 😊 My problem is finding comfortable maxi pads that fit her tiny self because 9 is tooooo young for tampons 😩 Basket was a hit and fun for her to explore and great for a open convo on a touchy subject 💕

  9. Pinkrazrbrd3

    I was 13 and didn’t eat out hardly ever

  10. Suszy

    When you first posted about this, I thought it was amazing. I love the products you ended up compiling!

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks Suszy!

  11. Sarah W

    This is great!

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks so much Sara!

  12. KH

    If you have a younger or older school girl a pencil pouch is a good way to make a period kit for school. That way if your girl is easily embarrassed, I know I was, it will not be so noticeable to others.

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Love that idea!

    • Luv2trade

      That’s what I did for my two older teenage daughters. My younger two are 10 and 8…this is making me think I should do something now for at least my 10 year old.

    • JD

      A Star Hip2Saver is a recognized member of our Hip2Save community hand selected by our team for demonstrating a long history of engagement with helpful & friendly comments across and our social channels. Our Star Hip2Saver badge acts as a verification for readers who know the ins and outs of all Hip2Save sets out to accomplish — assisting our community to live extraordinary lives on ordinary budgets. Readers cannot pay or provide any sort of exchange in order to earn this badge. Rather, they are invited to participate by a member of the Hip2Save team and opt to have the Star Hip2Saver badge added to their profile & comments.

      The schools in my area due to safety reasons restrict what girls can carry in school to pencil size cases. Important to know when making a school kit. You made an excellent point.

    • blue

      Thanks for this idea! They are only allowed their books and such in the classrooms so I was trying to figure out what to do and this is great!

  13. Brittani

    My almost 10 year old daughter is starting to “sprout” so to speak so I know this is coming. We’ve talked about it quite a bit but this is a great idea. I am going to make her one.

  14. Happy Aunt

    In response to the question of timing, I consumed what health conscious people would call an unhealthy diet. I started at about 13 1/2. I started at the start of summer break from school. I remember hoping to at least start by the time I returned to school in the fall because I was the last of my friends to start. If I only knew then how little I really had missed out on, lol!

  15. Kitty

    I think this is great! I’m not sure I would include tampons at first though. May be too intimidating / painful

    • blue

      Noway, my mom refused to let me wear tampons and I was a swimmer. I had to sneak and use them. All options need to be presented from the beginning and let them choose what they like and what they don’t.

  16. Jennifer

    American Girl had a book about taking care of your growing body. It helped my girls, I don’t know if they still have. Definitely recommend speaking as plainly as possible (not silly nicknames for body parts), and listen so you answer the questions they’re actually asking.

    • Maria

      Agree. When my daughter started to inquiry, I explained the best I could for her age. I felt these books were appropriate for a 8-10 year old and had good well rounded information. It emphasized taking care of your body. Eating right and what the changes they may be experiencing are and what to expect.

  17. llaura256 sweet. My mom threw me a teddy bear with a cotton ball taped between the legs and a package of pads and said “here ya go!”…

  18. celticmommie

    I only have boys but I had an interesting conversation with the school nurse one day and it kinda coincides with what everyone is saying about starting periods young. My boys’ school is Title I and we’re in a low-income area. The nurse said she gets young girls all the time in the office – scared, confused and embarrassed because they either didn’t understand or weren’t prepared. So consider checking with a local school about their needs and if they would appreciate any “first period” kits. <3

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh that’s a nice idea! I like that 👏

    • smellyann

      That’s a GREAT idea.

  19. tina

    i started at 11 and a half in the hot summer. all i got was “so you can have babies”, near vomiting, paleness, cramps out the wazoo, and diarrhea. i will definitely be doing this when my daughter is 9 or 10 and she will be well informed and prepared. it’s a scary thing when it happens, i wouldn’t want her to hide it because she was scared. i probably won’t put a feminine wash or cleansing clothes because a wash offset me in my teens and i’ve been struggling ever since.

    thinx has starter kits for girls if anyone wants reusable undies. they are good alone and perfect for pairing with pads because it’s messy, especially at first. i found i couldn’t wear tampons until i was “active”. i will be modifying it a bit, but i love that you use rael!

    • tina

      i would put red raspberry leaf tea. it does wonders for cramps. more effective than any otc pain medication for me.

      • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

        Oh that’s interesting and a great idea!

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh thanks for sharing Tina!

  20. smellyann

    I have not read comments yet, so I apologize if this is redundant. I have two teenaged girls, so now we’ve “been there, done that” twice. Two things I would add: ALWAYS have change in her pocket/purse/backpack in case she needs something and is in a public restroom with the vending machines. Second, prepare Dad to talk to daughter in case Mom is not around, and vice-versa. 🙂

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Great ideas -thanks so much!

  21. Paula

    American Girl has two books that are helpful. The titles are “The Care and Keeping of You” and “The Care and Keeping of You 2”.

  22. Kay31

    My doctor told me that typically a girl has to be 100 lbs or more to start her period. Thinking back, I was 14 when I got mine, and that’s about the time I pushed over 100lbs. After that it was full on puberty. Keep them under 100 lbs to stay little girls as long as you can. Lol!

    • smellyann

      My oldest is extremely petite – capped out at 4’9½” and about 95 lbs soaking wet. She got hers at 14 – not super early, but she DID get it and as expected according to the endocrinologist. 😉 So I would just say, that’s NOT necessarily true, and the peds don’t know everything unless they are a ped endo.

    • Liz

      I didn’t hit 100 pounds until I was 24 and pregnant.( I’m only 5’2” and very petite)I got my period at 12

  23. amy111

    Lina, the same thing happened to me too. I first got my period at a sleepover. The friend’s house was almost a mansion to me, and it ruined her sheets. I was so embarrassed! Thank you for this post. I have a young daughter that will need something like one day. You are an amazing mother!

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Aw that made my day Amy! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment ❤️

  24. Susan

    This is a great post! My daughter just turned 10 and every time she yells “MOM!” I think it may be time. I’d also like to have the sex talk with her. I feel embarrassed to do it and think she will feel the same but I know I should. My parents never did and I later wished they were more open. I would love to see a post on how to approach this subject!!

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That’s such a great idea Susan! Thanks, and yes I can relate with you as so many of us do.

    • vmm

      i just started the sex talk with my 10 year old this weekend…all becuase we were at a friend’s house who got a new puppy…the puppy humped everything and everyone so of course my daughter wondered why! it made it alot less “embarrasing” for both of us to refer to it mostly for the sake of explaining animal reproduction but also tied in that people have the same body parts/purposes. she is an animal and nature lover so she understood the process by asking about pollination and the dog without having to ask too many awkward questions about her parents! …whew!

      Good Luck!

    • JHasken

      The two ladies on this site are amazing at teaching parents how to approach the topic with their kiddos!

      • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

        Oh awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  25. Stacy

    I would add a plastic ziploc bag to that kit, if she does need to change undies she needs a place to put the dirty pair in.

  26. Frecklelily

    I was 10 when I got mine, and my daughter was 10.5 when she got hers (2 months ago!). Too many boys were being nosy when she pulled a pad out of her backpack so we made her a little purse out of fabric for her to wear during school.

  27. Becca

    Thank you so much for sharing this post. It’s so important to educate our girls about their bodies and what is happening. I wish I would have known more as a young teen when I first got my period. I also love the idea of having a small to go kit ready for their backpack, locker, etc. Great idea to put in their overnight bag if going away and maybe even having one in your car trunk in case out and about. Again – thank you for sharing these great ideas and opening up this discussion for all of us. I went through menopause early (at 40) so when my daughter was 10 and we started talking, I made sure to get products in the house and stocked the cabinet in the bathroom she uses. Otherwise, we definitely would not have been prepared. Being that I had her at 34, I had not bought anything for 4 years at that point and wasn’t even thinking about it until a friend mentioned being prepared.

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for your feedback and for sharing Becca!

  28. Angela P

    This is an excellent book for covering periods and so much more. Book title: It’s Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health. It covers so much more than I ever knew as a teenager. 🙂

  29. rachel-7

    Don’t wait too long. My now 10 year old daughter got her Aunt Flo at 9! Wasn’t regular, but it happened. Dr took blood work and did a physical and said she is in perfect health and nothing to worry about. I got her that book right away. I also go her a gazillion pair of those period panties which she loves. She wears them all the time because she said they are comfortable. I also got her some midol for cramps. She used pads for awhile, but tried tampons on a beach vacation over the winter and now uses both. I hear good things about the cups, but want to wait a little while to introduce those.

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing Rachel!

  30. Jackie

    I must be in the minority here….I think I got mine when I was maybe 15 and my daughter just got hers 3 months ago. She will be 15 next month. She is a very active girl, competitive gymnastics, swim team, track team and tennis so I feel like that had something to do. I was the same way. Koodos to the moms who have had early periods visiting their household because even at 14 (almost 15) it caught me by surprise with my daughter. Oh and she had a swim meet the next day so I had to teach her super fast how to put on a tampon. Wish they would stay little for ever 🥺. But we are embarrassing this new chapter. Love the idea of having a period box! You should add American Girl the puberty book to the list of books. We had that one and it was great for ages around 9 and up.

  31. Cara

    I put together a small bag for my daughter’s backpack when she started middle school at 9 thinking I was being a good mom and keeping her prepared. She would take the bag out when I wasn’t looking and leave it at home. 🤦‍♀️ Almost 13 now, hasn’t started and wants nothing to do with any of it. Bought her the care and keeping of you book when she turned 10 and she refuses to look at it…

  32. Auntie

    For me, back in the day, 1971, the girls were ushered into one room; boys another. Had to get parent’s permission to attend “the talk.” We had a very blurry, stick figure filmstrip, and talk by a health dept. nurse. I didn’t understand what was going on then or what was going to happen later. Mom (bless her heart) didn’t prepare me. Thankfully at 11, my period started during summer break. Yes, I was terrified! It took me a while to figure it out! I was fortunate to be there when my younger sister also started her period at home about 4 yrs later and guided her. Back then, in the 70s-early 80s – talk of your period was so hush-hush, sanitary products were NEVER shown out of the box on TV/magazines, like they are now-you only saw the package. We’ve come a very long way. THIS IS A WONDERFUL IDEA. I only wish I knew some 9-11 year olds I could buy this for.

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for sharing! I agree how different it is now, thank goodness! Ha

  33. Jennine

    All the period underwear links are for women xs. Are those the ones she uses and the stock photo for the post just different? Or is a link missing. I’m just interested in girl period panties at this point. Thanks!!

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Sorry I just updated the girls one! We have the largest size in girls.

      • Jennine


  34. Observant Mom

    I would leave out tampons/cups from any period box. Kids should not use those. I would also leave out any medicine if the kit is meant to be carried at school. Schools in my area have a zero-tolerance rule about drugs. Sending your kid to school with advil is a quick way to get her suspended. Lastly, I would leave out period panties. Those kind of things promote poor hygiene and are downright disgusting.

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for your thoughts on this! If you have a child that is on swim team or likes to swim often, this could apply. We have had a great experience with using the underwear for added protection, not replacing. It’s very helpful 🙂

  35. Lisa

    The Ibuprofen is an excellent addition! It is the only thing that stops me from flooding. I tried all of the natural stuff! I have read you can take up to 600mg temporarily. This is certainly not my first choice, but I’m working with my doctor to try and correct crazy hormones. I did gymnastics as a young girl, this would have been a great way of slowing the flow for sports.


    1st. Thank You for taking the time to put this together and post it. This is a great way to make these young ladies feel understood. I read an article from a pediatrician/child psychologist a long time ago about being honest, matter of factly, and using correct terms with your kids and that’s what I have done since my 16 yr old son was in 3rd grade and it has made a huge difference in my relationship with my kids compared to me at that age with my mom completely different.

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for the feedback Tina! Totally agree. Great advice.

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