Need Extra Cash? Sell Your Stuff on Facebook Marketplace with These Tips

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Facebook marketplace on MacBook Air screen

Looking to make some extra cash?

If you’re like me and you’re constantly trying to clear the clutter from your home and make a little extra money at the same time, you may want to consider selling your unwanted items on Facebook Marketplace. Scroll down for all the best tips on how to easily sell your items.

Facebook Marketplace is FREE to use without seller fees and/or commission cuts, unlike eBay, Poshmark, or Mercari. You keep 100% of the profit from the items that you sell and there is no charge to list your items.

smartphone with Facebook login page on screen

Here’s why Collin LOVES selling on Facebook Marketplace

“I was surprised by how easy Facebook Marketplace is to use! I was nervous thinking it was going to be much more complicated then Craigslist but it was actually SO simple and quick! I also love that on Facebook you can easily answer questions through their messenger, and also see other people’s profile info which makes you feel more secure compared to Craigslist. AND I feel like I got way more traction on my items through Facebook Marketplace.”

Planning to sell on Facebook Marketplace? Here are 8 of our best tips:

1. Make sure you’re not listing prohibited items.

no pets sign

While Facebook Marketplace does allow you to sell even the most random of items, there are some things that you just cannot sell:

    • Illegal, Prescription, or Recreational Drugs
    • Tobacco Products and Related Paraphernalia
    • Ingestible Supplements
    • Weapons, Ammunition, or Explosives
    • Animals
    • Adult Products or Services
    • Alcohol
    • Body Parts and Fluids
    • Subscriptions or Digital Products
    • Concert or Event tickets – while tickets are not on the official list of prohibited items, you’ll find that Facebook Yard Sale groups do not allow them and Facebook Marketplace will remove ticket listings shortly after they have been posted.

For a complete list of items that cannot be sold on Facebook Marketplace, go here.

2. Take multiple high-quality photos.

Stetson digital camera

While you don’t need a fancy DSLR camera to take great photos (smartphones have awesome internal cameras now!), always make sure that you have a nice selection of photos for the items that you are selling. You want them to be well lit and show the item from various angles. You should also point out any flaws or imperfections to make the buyer aware of the condition of the item so there are no surprises upon pick up.

3. Write clear titles and descriptions.

star shower lights in box

In addition to the photos, your title and description need to be clear and concise, indicate its condition (new, like new, slightly used, etc.), and include sizing if it’s a clothing item. Many buyers will also want to know if your item is from a smoke-free or pet-free home.

4. Choose the right product category.

facebook marketplace website

Be sure to place your item in the proper category. For example, if you’re selling diapers, don’t put them in a random category like home and garden. Make sure you put them in Family or Baby & Kids so buyers can easily find them when searching for baby-related items.

5. Set the proper asking price.

girl holding money in hands

We all want as much as we can get for our items, but you have to be prepared for people to want to haggle and low ball you. When listing your item, it is rare that someone will want to pay your initial asking price unless it’s a very popular/hot item.

Keep in mind the lowest price you’ll accept so that when someone makes an offer, you can quickly respond to them. If you’re not willing to budge on the price, be sure and let potential buyers know that your list price is firm.

apple airpods on Facebook Marketplace

Before listing an item, I will often do a search on Facebook Marketplace and various Facebook Yard Sale Groups to see what the going rate is for the item I plan to sell. By doing this, I find it helps me set my price point in order to be competitive with the pricing and have an idea of what I can expect to get.

6. Arrange for pickup at a public place.

police station parking lot

When I sell items on Facebook Marketplace I like to meet the buyer in a public place rather than have them come to my home. Many people will meet their buyers at grocery store parking lots, gas stations, Starbucks, or even at a police station or fire station parking lot. This ensures that the buyer won’t be showing up on your doorstep if they have buyer’s remorse later on. Plus, it’s much safer when meeting a random stranger.

A friend of mine sells a ton of stuff on Marketplace and prefers the buyers come to her home so that she doesn’t have to waste gas or worry about people flaking out. If they don’t show up, she hasn’t wasted any time waiting on them. It honestly comes down to your own comfort level and how safe you feel having a stranger come to your home.

7. Only accept cash or use safe payment services.

woman sending Paypal on phone

NEVER EVER give anyone your bank information to do a wire transfer as a form of payment for your items. I would also advise that you do not accept a check as there is a risk of fraud or the check bouncing. There are several safe ways to receive payment for your items without having to share your bank information.

8. Buy items on the Marketplace, too!

Facebook marketplace on computer screen

Want to buy items on Facebook Marketplace? Keep these tips in mind…

    • Just like selling, you’ll want to meet the person in a neutral public place like a store parking lot, Police Station, or Gas Station. If it’s a larger item and you have to go to the seller’s house, be sure and take a friend or family member with you for safety.
    • Always inspect the items you are buying to be sure they are in working condition or as promised in the listing.
    • Be careful with high-value items as there are often counterfeit items sold on the Marketplace. Do your research to be sure the item you are buying is legit.
    • Check out the seller’s profile to be sure they aren’t new to Facebook, and if you have any mutual friends. Be sure they are local to you and not in another state or even overseas.

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Angela graduated with a Bachelor's Degree and has 20+ years of experience as a writer and photographer with her work being featured in US Weekly Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, People Magazine, and more.

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Comments 52

  1. Stef81

    Do I have to be active on regular Facebook in order to use marketplace? I do not have a Facebook page and would like to keep it that way, but I would like to have access to marketplace. Anyone know if this is possible?

    • Tara in TX

      Yes. You need to at least have a profile. If you’re against posting life on FB, you don’t have to. Simply make a new email with google, yahoo, etc. and then set up a profile using a stock photo you like and a variation on your name. That’s it!

    • Nicole221

      Yes, I have been selling my daughters stuff for years and it has been a blessing! I made a Facebook in my maiden name and first name, used generic picture of a quote. I go by my middle name and I have been married for 16 years so most people don’t know who I am to friend request so no hurt feelings!! Now – it’s a great way to buy and sale but BEWARE and BE SAFE! We have police stations and local stores that allow for public meets. We have had someone be killed over a gaming console (TN). Not everyone in the world is good. Research before you meet don’t go alone.

      • Princess'Mom

        You can actually set your account so that you aren’t searchable–people won’t be able to find you or send friend requests. Your way of handling it sounds like it’s working for you but just wanted to toss that out there for others who might be trying to figure out how to avoid dealing with friend requests if they start an account just to sell things.

  2. Patti Smith

    I sell very often on these type sites. A tip I have is unless you are going to make say like $20, don’t waste your time/effort involved for a few dollars. For example, instead of selling a 4t shirt for $2.00, get all the 4t shirts together as a lot and sell it for “winter wardrobe size 4t” for $20.00. You need to value your time, plus chances are high the person buying the 4t shirt needs other 4t shirts…think about time, gas money to go to a meeting place, the chance that might stand you up. It is a very fun thing to do and so easy!!! I paid for our entire Christmas on selling unused items I had around. Great article and thanks for all you do!!!! Been with Hip2save since day one!!!

  3. Bonnie

    I love selling on Marketplace! I have sold all our appliances when we updated first trying for 2 years in our sons garage sales, hauling everything over and only selling our stove, then decided to post on Marketplace and sold fridge, microwave, 5th wheel hitch, weight set etc. in a matter of days. I even went around our farm taking pictures of stuff in the weeds like a plow, fences, fencing etc. and I couldn’t believe how many people responded. I even now post our annual garage sales with pictures of our stuff.

  4. Margaret

    Can someone tell me more about accepting payments on Zelle or PayPal? Is there no way to easily scam someone or steal their info that way? So old fashioned I have stuck to cash but I know society is changing and had that question from a prospective buyer a few days ago.

    • Lisa

      Margaret, not 100% sure of this, but there is a manner in which using PayPal that an individual can give you a “check” — it’s a virtual check, I guess. It can take up to 3 days to clear. I don’t know all about it — just had it happen once. All went well, but didn’t realize that and certainly don’t know the ramifications.

    • candace

      There is also facebook pay now. Ive had people I mailed it to since that was better than gas $ (very rural here). No fees. Card stored through Facebook. It’s as safe or unsafe as anyone else.

  5. Shra G.

    I keep wanting to sell on Marketplace, but I hate being active on FB allowing everyone to see every step I take. Does Facebook post everything you are selling on your friends feeds and give them alerts on the status of things you are trying to sell? I’m just a private person and don’t like invading other people’s privacy. 🙂

    • GisMom

      To my knowledge, there is a box that comes up once you are ready to post your item. It gives you the option to either post it just to Marketplace, or you can click a box to make it also post to your newsfeed. If you do not click post to newsfeed, it will not and will just submit to marketplace. Hope that helps!

      • Shra G.

        That’s great news, thanks for the info!

        • rhiannas

          If you post it in a group that is not closed, it comes across your timeline.

      • peretz12

        No I do believe your friends will only know if they are also joined in the same selling groups as you. I never post to my feed but have had family members and co-workers comment to me about my selling things (my brother told me he kept getting notifications when I posted). But I think it’s because they also are part of groups I posted to.

        • peretz12

          But as far as I know marketplace itself is totally private- they’d have to click on the item to see that you’re the seller

      • Tanya

        Just remember that if you and a Facebook friend belong to the same yard sale group, the connection can be made and they Amy get a notification that you posted in the yard sale site. Just something to keep in mind if you really don’t want your friends to see anything.

    • Imhowl

      No. You can choose to NOT allow it on your timeline which means your friends and family won’t be notified you’re selling something. I do it all the time 🙂 I chose to only allow it to post to marketplace.

      • Shra G.

        Fantastic! Thanks for the info!

        • Ana

          My sister sells stuff though and you should know that if you post something sometimes I will see it in my notifications as something she did, so even though she tries not to share with her friends they can see it🤷‍♀️ Just Beware. She’s sold stuff I’ve e given her as gifts before😂

          • Anne

            Yes – to what Ana said! Even if you use the option not to post it to your timeline, your friends may still see items you have posted, since you are posting it publicly.

          • Debbie Gray

            Yes it will show up even if you don’t want it to show on your Facebook page

    • peachcraze

      I use Marketplace a lot and what I’m selling and what my friends are selling does show up on each other’s wall. I would rather it didn’t. Does anyone know if it can be turned off?

      • Ana

        If you really don’t want them to see set up another account, that way your friends won’t see and people you meet don’t have to have your entire name either. Our city is pretty big so it works, if you live in a small town in might be different.

        • peretz12

          Facebook wouldn’t let me do this. I tried to set up another account just for selling stuff and it told me for “safety” they only allow people who have been active for awhile to use marketplace,.. or something like that. I haven’t tried again in awhile

    • Jamie46178

      Create a “fake” facebook profile/account and just use that for buying and selling. I use my real first name but a different common last name and just a stock photo of something I think is pretty, not a photo of me. That’s what I do. It’s 100% separate from my regular facebook account so friends and family don’t hear about your selling activity.

      • nick

        how do u set up a “fake account” is the real question, i think i read somewhere that FB has an alagorithm that can see if one has 2 accounts together?

    • whatacutielife

      As long as your account is on Private Mode the. Buyer won’t see any of your activities just the items you’re selling.

  6. Kiwi

    Body parts and fluids. Nice. Sadly that means people have tried… Why am I not surprised.

    • Becky M

      This includes breast milk. I’ve seen it posted before, so this is an updated policy.

  7. Jill

    I’ve done it many times. But people are flaky sometimes lol 😂

  8. Kristin

    I’ve been selling on Facebook for years! Usually with all my hip deals, I’ll buy something, use it, and am able to sell it for more than I purchased it for! I make a couple thousand dollars on marketplace a year! My son just sold off some toys before Christmas and made $135 in one day! 😳

  9. Marie

    I too used to sell quite often on facebook, in local facebook groups intended for this, but this was before marketplace. I used to meet up at local stores or fast food parking lots, and didn’t think much of it. But ever since marketplace was established, and brought selling up a notch on facebook, I feel like it’s become so much more dangerous to sell. Our local police stations have all established parking spaces they encourage people to use as local meet ups because of this. Locally, there was a teenager who was killed when trying to sell an xbox, someone was shot, but survived, when trying to sell an iphone, and many more horror stories at least a couple times a month it seems. It’s crazy and so not worth it to me anymore. I’d rather lose out than have a robbery gone bad.

  10. muquee

    What is the easiest way to post pictures?

  11. andyscottage

    Facebook will not give me access to Marketplace. My fiancé and I have tried and neither of us are given the option. When I questioned it on there, I was scammed by someone offering me help for a fee. When I researched it, I found that there is no way to contact the site with any hopes of resolution. I gave up and closed my account as did my fiancé.

  12. Doug

    FB Marketplace is really sketchy to me since anybody on FB can see your ad. Also it’s not the easiest to navigate. I’ve had much better luck buying/selling in specific FB groups. I’m in Charlotte and there are numerous local for sale groups you can join. Much easier to post, follow and sell IMO.

    • Bonnie

      I list on Market place and in groups.

  13. Gscribble

    Any tips for posting the ads? I’ve tried selling a few things with not one person contacting me. I took good pictures, they were brand new shoes. My description included what I paid for them, and that I was selling for half that because it would cost me more to return them. Not a single contact. 😔

    • Bonnie

      Make sure it’s listed in the right category. Also list in your local buy/sell FB groups

    • S

      Sell them on Poshmark:)
      If you use this code you get $10 free!


    • Sann

      If you want info on Poshmark I can help you.
      Leave your email address if you’re interested.
      I’m a posh ambassador and I make enough to stay home with the kids😊

      • Halley Hogden

        I’m very new to this hole thing. Is it something I can do from the open road?
        I need something I do not have to carry a lot of inventory for.
        I’m traveling/exploring this year covering the southern states probably down to Key West from Wisconsin.
        Last year from June 2019 to May 2020 I traveled working along the way.
        Now with Covid, this may not be as easy.
        So, that leads me to opportunity possibilities like this site.
        I am very interested in your feed back.

  14. Bonnie

    I’ve been selling on FB marketplace place for years. The downside, some people don’t read, only look at the pictures. FB should require scrolling down to read the description before asking questions. Also, some brand names can’t go in the title. Example, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth COLE, etc, are always flagged for review. There are some no shows. But I love not paying a commission.

  15. Sann

    Facebook marketplace is so touchy though:( I got blocked for selling dr martens and Nike etc.
    I moved to Poshmark and can sell anything in the way of clothing. If you use my code you can save $10 off your first purchase. It’s sann111
    Have a great day!

  16. Heather V.

    Also, make sure that your items are not dirty and/or piled with junk when you take the photos! And make sure that you’re posting the correct photos (not photos of your child, dog, etc.) As a regular shopper on FB Marketplace, it amazes me how often these two things happen.

    • Heather V.

      Also, if you’re selling something like furniture, it’s very helpful to post the dimensions.

    • Lesli

      Heather V., I know what you mean. I’m amazed at how often people post an item amongst a pile of junk. Or in a really messy room. At least clear a spot in a room to take a pic! Lol. And the pics of the dogs and kids! Lol

  17. Erin

    I love selling on marketplace! Knowing I’m able to get a little $$ out of an item helps me part with it. I have also bought a few things from marketplace and have been very happy with the experience. I live in a small enough town that I have people meet me at my house. If I do not know the person or have enough mutual friends, I meet in a busy parking lot near my home. One thing that has helped me sell things fast without answering questions I have already answered in the description is to edit my pictures on my phone with a brief description. After taking a picture of the item, I click the little picture that looks like a pencil, then the next screen will have an T icon that I use to edit my picture (example: 2T, all for $20). Then if the person only looks at the picture they know the size and price. It took me awhile to figure out this tip–hopefully it helps someone else sell their stuff!

  18. Lesli

    I noticed a few people say they create fake accounts or use generic pics. I have to say when I am selling things I do not respond to people who do not have family pictures cause I’m worried they are scammers. Now I know they might be legit.

    • Ana

      I’m legit 😂 people just make me nervous.

  19. Liz

    I’ve never sold on Facebook Marketplace, only purchased items through it and loved it! Will the items I list for sale post to my own Facebook wall as well as in the marketplace?? That’s really been my hesitation.

  20. Val

    Thanks so much for the tips, I’m trying to phase out a lot of my items I don’t use anymore, you gave me some good ideas thank you.

  21. Lynnette

    I have tons of items for sale but nothing seems to be selling. Good quality items not junk. Any ideas to boost sales? Does it help to delete the post and re post it? If I change the name or price does it go back up to the top of the feed? Thanks for the tips!

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