Make Extra Cash for Plasma Donation (Up to $1,000 the First Month!)

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Sign up for plasma donation for money on a regular basis; when you donate plasma, earn up to $1,000 your first month!

hand with $100 bills fanned out in hand

Running short or looking for extra ways to make cash? Donate plasma for money!

With inflation constantly fluctuating, times are tough these days. If you’re in need of some extra cash, we thought we’d share with you an easy way to make up to $1,000 in just one month from a twice-weekly plasma donation. This is a great option for those in good health and doesn’t require a lot of effort.

man sitting down for plasma donation

So, what is plasma?

According to the Red Cross, plasma is the liquid portion of blood and is very high in vital proteins, and contains antibodies, salts, sugars, fats, hormones, vitamins, enzymes, and some other good stuff that your body needs.

It’s used to create treatments for those with autoimmune disorders, liver disease, trauma, burn victims, and shock; it is super helpful with blood clotting. Plasma is important to help your body fight diseases and can be used to save the lives of others.

plasma donation

How to donate plasma and what happens when you go in for a plasma donation.

Find a plasma collection center near you and follow their instructions for first-time donators. When you head into a plasma collection center, your blood is drawn from your arm and sent through a machine that extracts the plasma. Then, your red blood cells and platelets are returned to you via the same needle and tubing system.

Is donating plasma safe?

Yes, donating plasma is safe. Side effects and risks are minimal as long as you abide by the medical guidelines of your doctor and collection center.

Does donating plasma hurt?

According to WebMD, donating plasma shouldn’t hurt. It should feel very similar to a typical blood draw or blood donation. I’ve done it a lot and it was no different than having my blood drawn at the doctor’s office.

How long does it take to donate plasma?

My roommates and I used to donate plasma a couple of times a week in college for some extra cash. We got to hang out in a super comfy chair while we were donating, and it only took about an hour once the collection started.

wallet with credit cards and cash

How often can you donate plasma for money?

If you’re going to a private plasma collection center, you can typically donate plasma up to two times per week. When I want to find a plasma donation center near me, the website has a lot of local suggestions. If you use this website, make sure to select a private collection center to make the most money.

The American Red Cross also accepts plasma donations, however, you can only go once every 28 days, and you are not paid for your donation.

How much do you get for donating plasma?

Typically you can earn $25-$75 each time you donate plasma. Since plasma is in such high demand, many companies have started offering extra incentives for new donors promising up to $1,000 for your first month of donations with initial payouts being over $100 per visit. One couple even made $1,500 in their first month. That’s a pretty nice chunk of change for just a few hours of your time!

finger being pricked for blood before plasma donation

How old do you have to be to donate plasma and what are the plasma donation requirements?

You’ll need to be at least 18 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be in good health in order to donate. You’ll typically need a photo ID, proof of residency, and sometimes a social security card. The collection center will do a physical screening and ask some questions about your medical history to be sure that you meet eligibility requirements.

They’ll also do a test by pricking your finger for a few drops of blood to check and see if you’re anemic and to check your protein levels. I’m anemic, so sometimes I was not able to donate and had to wait until my iron levels were within the normal range.

GoodRx prescription medications

What disqualifies you from donating plasma?

Some medications and medical conditions may exclude you from donating plasma. These conditions may include HIV and other auto-immune conditions. If you’re pregnant, you are not eligible to donate plasma and will be eligible to donate again about 6 months after delivering your baby. Those who have recently had any piercings or tattoos done may not be able to donate for 4-12 months after (varies by state).

If you have recovered from COVID-19, your plasma may be helpful in treating patients currently battling the virus. Your plasma contains special antibodies that can help these patients.

Are there any reasons why you shouldn’t donate plasma? 

Most people won’t experience donating plasma side effects. However, according to Healthline, it is possible that you may temporarily feel dizzy, light-headed, or fatigued. You might also experience bruising, bleeding, fainting, or dehydration. In very rare cases, some donors may experience more severe reactions like infection or a citrate reaction. These side effects can all usually be treated.

There are some risks with donating plasma too frequently. The New York Times states that doing so can weaken one’s immune system and the Marshfield Clinic Health System advises frequent donators to be on the watch for signs of anemia.

For a successful experience donating plasma, do not donate more than recommended by your doctor or collection center.

woman plasma donationImage credit: CSL Plasma

How do I find a plasma donation center near me?

Here are a few of the reputable donation centers located across the United States:

  • ADMA BioCenters: Located in TN, SC, and GA. Earn up to $1,000 the first month for plasma donations. Print this coupon to earn an extra $10 on your second donation.
  • BPL Plasma: New donors can earn up to $1,000 a month for donating plasma.
  • CSL Plasma: Receive more than $1,000 in your first month.
  • Grifols Plasma: One can earn up to $1000 your first month for plasma donations at the Grifols Plasma near me.
  • KEDPLASMA: The KEDPLASMA near me offers reward points that you can cash in for gift cards. For specific compensation, information contact your local center. If you haven’t donated in a while, print this coupon to earn $20 extra dollars.

The website is another resource you can use to find a plasma donation center near you.

person holding a wallet with credit cards inside

How will I get paid for a plasma donation?

Most plasma collection centers now pay donors with a prepaid Visa or Mastercard debit card. The money you’ve earned from your donation will be loaded onto the card you will receive during your first donation. Some centers may still offer a paper check for compensation, so be sure to check with your center to find out about their method of payment.

What are the IRS rules on plasma donation?

Though you are making a donation, you are also being compensated. The popular tax preparation service, E-File,  advises that you do need to report the funds received as taxable income. Here is what the BioLife donation center had to say about taxes:

“Fees paid to plasma donors are considered taxable income. However, BioLife is not required to issue IRS form 1099’s. That said, we recommend that you report your income from plasma donation on your federal and, if applicable, state income tax return but you can always feel free to consult with your tax advisor about the proper way to report the income, and the extent to which you may be entitled to deduct any related expenses that you may have incurred in connection with the donation.”

woman putting dollar bills in unicorn piggy bank

Donating plasma is a great option for college students, those wanting a little extra spending money, or even when you’re in a bind and need some quick cash!

Have YOU ever donated plasma? Give us a shout in the comments and let us know about your experience.

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Angela graduated with a Bachelor's Degree and has 25+ years of experience as a writer and photographer with her work being featured in US Weekly Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, People Magazine, and more.

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Comments 85

  1. anna r Kauffman

    Do you have to report this as income on your taxes?

    • ccmama03

      Of course

    • Ashley

      I’ve read different things, but I think that since they legally can’t pay you for bodily fluids, the payments are considered ‘gifts’ for our time and therefore not taxable income. Don’t take that as legal advice though, lol.

      • Kelly

        I am a Phlebotomist, and multiple plasma facilities tried to recruit me. They sent me oodles of information. Donated plasma is not given to people as a transfusion. It is used to do medical testing and create new drugs. That is how they are able to pay for it because it is not given to anyone on a donor level, like blood or organs are.

      • lenin1991

        If you earn more than $600 from plasma in a calendar year to a single organization, they’ll generate a 1099-MISC which will also be sent to the IRS. That is not a gift documentation, it is income.

        • Jade

          It is not taxable, I work at a plasmaplace and I donate. It is considered a gift for your donation. There is no 1099 given out.

          • lenin1991

            It absolutely is taxable. A lot of plasma banks tell people it is not, and disburse the funds through mechanisms like gift cards to avoid 1099 reporting requirements, but it is taxable income nevertheless. If a payment is being made in exchange for the time of the plasma donor, it is a taxable payment.

    • mrswagley

      It may depend on where you live but you have to make over a certain amount of money for the entire year for it to be required to be reported on taxes.

    • gail

      Length of time for platelet donations vary from one person to the next; larger people can give more, and therefore it takes more time (~2 or so hours). I am small (5 feet even and 117 pounds) so I am usually out of there in an hour and a half. I feel good about donating. It also gives me time to slow down. I take a good book to read, or listen to a podcast on my phone. I have never had any discomfort (well, the initial needle insertion is a big pinch). Platelets only last for 5 days. The first day is taken up by shipping from the donation center. The second day is taken up by testing the donation for any kind of substance that may disqualify it. That really only leaves three good days, which is why they need so many donations.

    • Allison

      I’m an accountant. It’s considered taxable income, so it must be reported, even if a 1099-misc is not received. Hope this helps!

  2. acgold

    I understand that times are tough and I am not judging anyone. There is always a need, whether you get paid or not. Please consider donating blood and plasma on a regular basis just for the good of it. You never know when you, a family member or friend will need it!

    • Katibell

      Even if you donate, your blood or plasma get sold

      • acgold

        You can donate to a hospital or cancer center and they use it at the institution.

        • Katibell

          They sell it though… so what’s the difference if u get paid or donate?

      • Meg

        That is true. I donate my blood every month. But when i went for surgery, I was charged for the blood.

      • Meg

        A phlebotomist gets paid to collect your blood. They use supplies to do this. The blood is tested and stored. It’s managed while in storage, and shipped to the location where it’s needed. It’s tested again, cross and typed, and then carefully administered with highly intensive monitoring. The pittance paid for blood and blood products is well worth the cost, especially when it’s so often life saving.

        • Sylvia

          Thanks for this intelligent response

      • Emily

        There are so many costs with getting blood from a donor to a patient. The phlebotomists should get paid for their work, the bags cost money, transportation of the blood costs money, the hospital needs to pay nurses and doctors.

        If I can do a little part by volunteering my time and a needle poke in my arm to help save a life, I have no problem with it.

  3. Katrina6875

    I did this for a few weeks at CSL Plasma until I noticed I never saw anyone change their gloves. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I didn’t want someone sticking something in my arm wearing the same gloves as they did to stick the person next to me.

    • dylanfan

      Wow, I would leave that on a google review so that other people know. I would be happy to know something like that.

    • Reeka B

      That’s how I felt an I just asked the worker she a manager she said they don’t have to or required to I’m like huh… So if there’s blood on your glove an u don’t know you just put that on me or anything else

    • Sarah

      Gloves are to protect the person wearing them unless they are sterile gloves to be worn for a sterile procedure. Many medical professionals don’t even wear gloves for things like blood draws because its difficult to feel for a vein with the gloves on.

  4. Parma

    Do you have to be a certain 🩸 type?

    • anthonyn345

      No it doesn’t matter

  5. Jodi

    I’ve done this for more than 20 years–since my college days. It’s an easy way to make extra cash and I use the donation time to catch up on my reading. Highly recommend giving it a try!

  6. M.

    The plasma center near me is always packed. You don’t report your payment as income so no taxes, doesn’t change your eligibility for free healthcare and food benefits. It’s NOT a donation- you are selling your plasma and at our center the employees only need a high school diploma to draw your blood- no thanks

    • asteroidk

      You are supposed to report it as miscellaneous income.

    • Nicole

      Most states only require a high school diploma to be trained to draw blood. There is also classes in a lot of high schools now that train students on the basics in the medical field to prepare them for job entry upon graduation.

    • Nancy

      It doesn’t take a college degree to learn how to draw blood or be a tech. There are technical HS programs that train the kids so they can be ready to go to work right after graduating. As far as I know There isn’t actually actually any DEGREE program for it. They get a diploma or certificate. Way back when nurses didn’t even have degrees. They went to a hospital based school and received a diploma.

  7. Heather

    If you are on any medications, be aware you will most likely be disqualified. This includes everything from levothyroxine (thyroid hormone) to Vyvanse (ADHD). The CSL location here requires a letter from your doctor saying you’ve been off any medications for a minimum of six months.

    • rebecca

      this is absolutely not true. i donated for several years, and i was on at least 5 medications during that time. including levothyroxine. i was always honest about all the medications i was taking, and it did not disqualify me. many hundreds of medications are perfectly acceptable for donors to take.
      i did need to get a doctor’s note from my PCP to say that i was healthy enough to donate despite my medical conditions, and at the plasma center (Biolife) they also give you regular basic physicals from their in-house medical staff to assess any medical conditions and go over all your Rx, i think every 6 months or a year.

    • WendyBrnn

      Not true. I am on levothyroxine, my Dr gave the ok and I was approved to continue donating. I had to get a letter from her stating it was ok with her for me to continue donating after my diagnosis.

  8. Cynthia

    For those that donate and share this, thank you. I have a rare disease and I have medication every 3 weeks from plasma donations, it takes over 5000 donations for 1 dose of medication. It’s a life saving medication. Please donate – so many people need it. God Bless!

    • laurendaniellehudson

      Thank you for sharing

    • hhcooper

      God bless you, Cynthia

  9. mandz5856

    I take thyroid medicine and never been denied.. did it for years just can’t while pregnant and 6 months after.

  10. Toni Potts

    Ok I’m an avid donor. My daughter donates. We both have several health issues. She was deferred once because she recently had her earrings pierced. CSL has an awesome referral program. We both get around $100 if your a new donor. (You get $25 after like 3,5, and $50 after your 7th). If you want donate please I’ll send you a link. I’ve donated 7 gallons of blood and switched to plasma last year. It’s quick easy and I’ve earned a lot of money

    • Lilly

      Can someone still receive the $100 bonus for referring someone even if they are not giving plasma themselves or donating that day?

      • desiree

        No. You don’t get the referral $ until after YOUR next donation.

  11. Brandi

    I donate at BioLife – I love it! Please feel free to email me and ask me any questions –

  12. pulliam2

    I have been donating for over 14 years! Highly recommend it! Also happy to answer any questions.

  13. Lel

    I just called CSL near me and the $700 only applies if you have had covid.

    • Brandi

      I can get you the code for BioLife if you have one near you. THey are offering new donors $700 without having COVID.

      • Nicole

        May I have e the code for BioLife, please?

  14. Mae

    No centers near me. Only in major cities an hour plus away.

  15. dee

    Please take into consideration all those needle insertions make any future need for blood draws and IV insertions more difficult when using your veins

    • Tonita84


    • huertac1

      Not necessarily facts. I, and many others I know, who are recovered addicts (4+ years) have no issues getting blood drawn for medical purposes. Just saying, your body heals.

      • Likestopla

        The body may heal, but it forms scar tissue. I’ve been a nurse for almost 30 years and know from experience repeated IV sticks, especially from larger gauge needles, can cause hardening and scar tissue that makes it more difficult for blood draws.

        • rocme2

          It’s true. I used to regularly donate in college for extra cash. I had to stop after several months because it became more and more painful each subsequent time. I started worrying my veins were collapsing. The outer scars have since faded, but It was pretty amusing explaining to every nurse and dr for years that I really wasn’t a drug user every time they’d see the scarring in my arms.

        • Jenn

          They call them donor divots, lol

      • kerRI

        Congrats on 4+ years !! That is amazing, keep up the good (hard) work.

    • Emily

      Is this true?? In my experience and for my body, it seems like it has been the opposite. The more I give blood, the easier it is. Maybe I’ve just gotten more comfortable with the process since I give blood several times per year now.

    • Lisa

      YUP My Hubby Donates Faithfully They Use The SAME Spot On Your Arm They Will Not Rotate Arms He Looks Like He’s A Druggy The Hole In His Arm Is Horrible But He Still Does It Because His Daughter Has Some Platlets Issues & He Feels Like He Is Helping So

    • Deb

      Yes,please listen to this wonderful advice.The needles are big and after a few donations,you will have a sizable hole in your arm,and scar tissue forms.Then when you need to have blood drawn,you have damaged your self.I know,because I donated plasma and have the scars to prove it.

  16. Kelly

    I can’t donate for multiple reasons…I’m a 4x cancer survivor.
    I took a bullet to the chest as a kid (stomach liver diaphragm hit) and a transfusion saved my life. As the liver is a real bleeder! I don’t believe I can donate organs anymore either… Chemo, radiation, cancer meds… I gave chemo eye damage to my corneas…do I think that’s also a no go.
    But if you can…please donate blood and be an organ donator. Thanks for reading!

    • Lori

      Oh my goodness Kelly….you are definitely a SURVIVOR!!

    • lisabestboyer

      Wow Kelly, bless your heart what a life story! And after all that you advocate for others. Such a sweet person you are!

    • rocme2


  17. Sheri Baby

    At the age of 50, I chose to give plasma just for no guilt spending on things I would never buy for myself normally (coach purses, etc). It was fun to treat myself with my earnings but I found that even though I drank an extreme amount of water starting the day before, I was always lightheaded and didn’t feel good for the rest of the day. After earning a little over $1000 I decided to stop. This was before Covid but I always asked them to change their gloves before working with me and they were happy to do so.

    • Deb

      As an RN, your comment upset me to no end. Anyone who works with body fluids should have been trained to know that you always remove your gloves and wash your hands before regloving for the next patient. It’s an OSHA regulation. It also makes me crazy to see these people on TV giving COVID vaccines without gloves on. It’s called Universal Precautions and it’s good health care practice. A patient should not have to ask their care provider to follow the rules!

      • M

        My husband was in the hospital for 3 months. Every morning they would draw blood for new labs. Had one guy never wear gloves. I asked him to please wear them. He said it was ok sense he was taking the blood out. I find that he still should always. So many ways he could have still spread germs to his open wounds. It was very upsetting.

  18. Jeni Hooper

    If you have covid antibodies the grifols plasma center pays you $100 per time. My husband and I both have covid antibodies and we both donate two times a week so we are bringing in $1600 per month.

    • Renee

      What about after you’re vaccinated and have had Covid?

  19. Lesly

    I’ve been a donor for years at a blood bank, two years ago I had a scary experience at Biolife, I was a few minutes left to finish my donation and I felt I was about to faint my heart started raising way too fast, I raised my hand, came to slow the process, they did not stop it, they kept saying she’s almost done it’s ok we’re going to be able to use it, I had kids waiting for me to be pick up at school, my life flashed before my eyes, I never went back again… I have to mention I always take care of my diet take supplements and drink lots of water. The money is good just be very careful doing it 💖

  20. TDakes89

    How do you find a place that pays? I am in MA

    • Brandi

      Go to Biolife plasma and check locations. If you have questions, message me –

    • stephanie-22

      Walk in and ask

  21. Laura Lee Marek

    If you are interested in this, you should also try research studies. (just search for research studies on Craigslist).

    Some pay for just giving your opinions on things like streaming services. Other studies require things like medical exams or taking a medication. If you are really brave and have free time, you can try a new medicine and spend a few days to a month at a research center. Those studies pay anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000. (For me no way but if you are brave it’s an easy way to make some money).

  22. 4shankogirls

    How long does this typically take?

    • rebecca

      it totally varies. at ours, even with an appointment made well in advance, they can be lined up out the door waiting to donate, and you might wait 45 minutes to get in. (i think that location is probably poorly managed, though.) but then the donation time also widely varies. the amount they take is base on your weight, so if you are required to give 50% higher mL than the person next to you, yours will take longer. and the machine can go faster or slower depending on your flow rate. it is different for every person.
      i was in the lowest category for weight/collection amount and i could often be in and out and complete the whole process (wait time, screening, donation, and the re-hydration where they put IV fluids back into you) in 45 minutes. i had good, fast veins.

      • ReneeAnn

        Good to know, thanks for sharing. I’ve never donated before but now thinking about it… I’m right at 110# so have been afraid of getting lightheaded but didn’t realize they would take less blood because of that. I have a huge vein in my elbow crease so it probably wouldn’t take long and have had covid.

  23. stephanie-22

    Y’all, I should read all the comments so I’m not repeating anyone.. but oh well! The Red Cross makes hospitals pay for your blood, I never donate through them. My local blood center keeps a record of you and your donations, you can “cash in” on your donations, meaning you or anyone you allow(doesn’t have to be family) can take the hospital blood Bill off your payment.. I’ve done that a few times to help others out, haven’t needed it myself.. you aren’t technically donating your physical blood/type to their bill.. so don’t worry about types. Also when it comes to plasma, no one uses the same gloves etc.. I had donated plasma a long time ago when I was young and needed money. I just recently started donating again bc I had contracted covid and they were paying out $100 a session to me! 🤑 Repeating what someone else said, everyone pays for the blood or plasma anyways.. we might as well take some cash too! Plasma is all they take, your blood is filtered back into you within the whole process.. doesn’t hurt, doesn’t require a certain blood type.

    • Nancy

      Do you know why the Red Cross charges hospitals for the blood?? Because it costs them to collect it! They have to pay the people who are collecting the blood. They have to pay for the equipment. They have to pay for the storage. They aren’t selling it to make a profit. They have expenses to cover. My son received over 100 transfusions. Our hospital didn’t have their own collection center so they had to get it from the Red Cross.

  24. Emily

    I donate blood pretty regularly through the red cross – I have donated nearly 4 gallons of blood according to my blood donor app. 🩸Sometimes the red cross gives you giftcards or a t-shirt as a thank you gift for donating which is pretty nifty! Right now all blood donated is tested for covid antibodies which is an added bonus too.

    Because I have O+ blood, I’ve done all donation types except plasma as plasma has the least impact with my blood type.

    Platelets take a long time (up to a couple hours) and blood goes out one arm the remaining conponents minus platelets go back in the other (so two pokes and you can’t move for tge duration if the donation), so I don’t donate them often.

    Double reds take less time than platelets and count as two donations, but when the the plasma/saline goes back in my arm it gives me the chills! When available, I like to do double reds because it furthers my blood’s impact as the red cells are the most valuable part of type o blood.

    Whole blood is the quickest, and my preferred donation type. I don’t know about other organizations, but you can donate whole blood every 56 days with the red cross.

    Giving blood is a really easy way to help people that can literally save lives.

    As a side note – I was turned away from biolife plasma when I was in college (apparently my veins were too small), but the red cross has always allowed me to donate, and I’m proud to have been able to have helped save some lives!

    • Amy

      I never knew that platelets take such a long time to donate, but thank you to any of you that invest that time! When I was in college my immune system suddenly started rapidly destroying my own platelets. At my worst, my count was rock bottom, and I was bleeding internally and covered in bruises from the top of my head to my toes. Someone’s platelet donation kept me from bleeding to death, and I will be forever grateful! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Nancy

      Thank you for being a donor! My son received over 100 transfusions (blood, platelets, plasma) and I am grateful to all donors

  25. kimi

    CSL pays $100 a donation if you have had Covid. You can donate 2x week. They have promotions off and on with bonuses too. With Covid donations I have been donating since Dec and still getting $100 each time they put on a prepaid debit card.

  26. Evie

    I hope I never have to do this or take blood. I am sure not everything is tested or safe. There are all kinds of diseases they do not know exist and cannot test.
    I believe you only have to report it if it is over $900.
    What about drugs in the blood!
    I bet they put you on a data base and hand the info to China.
    That is why the elite do not volunteer, they want us serfs to!

    • Nancy

      What the heck are you even talking about?!? You are nuts

  27. Sue

    Keep in mind that if you are a considered a “hard stick” for blood draws, plasma donation may not be possible for you. They have to use a large-gauge needle, just like what is used for blood drives – and if your veins are very small, collapse easily, or just don’t usually cooperate well with blood draws, you may not be able to donate plasma.

    I had this experience several years ago and was told I wasn’t able to donate blood or plasma because of it. The needles are just too big for my veins.

    • Hipgrandma

      This happened to me too. I had donated 10+ gallons but I’m only 110 lbs and veins are small. After listening to them complain about my tiny veins I quit giving

  28. amy bang

    I donate blood platelets at Red Cross 6 times last year, every time I have to drive 45 mins to Red Cross and stay there more than 2 hr, after it they will send email give me $10 Amazon gift card ( My blood platelets and my time free, $10 is pay for gas, it’s not enough but I feed ok and happy) but now the gas is so expensive in socal, almost $6 in Costco, Red Cross send me email they short of blood platelets and have promo give $5 e-gift for blood donation😓😓😓, I don’t know what to said, I know we do the good thing shouldn’t thing about money, but I don’t understand what they thinking.
    I got Covid this February so I stop donate, now I try to go back but Red Cross give me feel so bad about them, they always send email remaining they short of blood, I know we should donate it, but they cut the $10 e-gift card to $5, it’s not enough for 1 gallon gas in socal😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫.

  29. Mel

    I donate at BioLife, ONLY when they have a good coupon, because it a 35 minute drive and I just don’t have 3 hours total to spare, usually. I always get a $500 coupon, for 6 visits and usually have a month to complete it. (Paid in this order: $20, $100, $20, $100, $20 & $240) I get that coupon every couple of months. But don’t forget to show them the coupons when you are at the finger poking station! You forget, you’re outta luck!
    Another tip: take a multivitamin the day before and/or day before and maybe an iron pill. Drink lots of water and try to eat healthy the day of and before.
    Another useful tip: you can now go to any BioLife Center!! Just change location in the app, and set appointment for that center. My BF lives near a center (we’re 1.5 hours apart) and I live near a different center. I just book my appointment to which ever one I’m closest to at that time. ☺️ If you might be interested in donating, you can get up to $900 in your first 8 donations. Here’s a code: Buddy900 & it expires 4/3/2022, I believe.

  30. Nicole Castellani

    I donated for my 79th time yesterday. It isn’t for everyone e,and yes wait and donation times can vary. I go 2 times a week, and am in and out within an hour. I feel good about doing it, and the extra money doesn’t hurt, especially right now.

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