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Looking to make a little extra money on the side? You’ve got to try taking surveys for money with Survey Junkie.

holding a phone with the Survey Junkie app open

Here’s a completely legit way to earn a little extra spending cash!

With inflation at all-time highs (and still climbing), more people than ever are looking for ways to make a little extra spending cash these days.

But if you already have a job, a family, or other commitments, it can be hard to find the bandwidth for making extra money, too. So if you’re anything like me, you’re probably equal parts intrigued and skeptical at the idea of getting paid to do something really easy, like taking surveys.

Because I’ve tried lots of survey companies in the past that I have not been pleased with, I tested Survey Junkie for months to find out whether I could actually earn real money by taking their surveys from my couch.

Survey Junkie welcome screen

Maybe you’ve tried earning money this way before, only to come away frustrated. So many survey sites waste your time with impossibly high payout thresholds, too many spammy emails, or by taking you 75% of the way through a survey only to tell you that you don’t qualify. Ugh!

After swearing off survey sites for a while, I recently decided to give Survey Junkie a try because I heard it was a totally legit and really easy way to earn some extra cash. And who couldn’t use a little extra spending money these days?! 🙋‍♀️

Earn a $5 bonus with this limited-time offer! Complete three surveys per day worth 10+ points each (for a total of 9 days between now and April 3rd), and you’ll unlock 500 bonus points in addition to the points you earn for completing each survey! 🙌

Survey Junkie’s limited-time bonus offers are a great way to accelerate your points accumulation for a bigger payout. It only takes 500 points to cash out a $5 reward, so this bonus challenge is a super-easy way to earn $5!

holding 3 gift cards

How does Survey Junkie work?

With Survey Junkie, you can participate in online surveys from your phone, tablet, or computer in exchange for points. Those points can be cashed out for eGift Cards or money that goes straight into your bank account or PayPal balance!

Ultimately, I found Survey Junkie to be one of the best survey companies I’ve ever tried! Read on to see why…

Survey Junkie app with a $5 bill

Here’s what I truly loved about taking surveys for money with Survey Junkie:

1. It has a well-designed user interface.

Whether you’re using your phone, tablet, or desktop computer, Survey Junkie’s platform is clean, simple, and easy to navigate. Your dashboard allows you to see all the surveys available to you, so you can choose one based on point value or how much time it’s expected to take. I love that!

2. There are many different surveys to choose from.

Some surveys can be completed in five minutes or less, with the higher-value surveys usually taking around 15-20 minutes. Usually, my surveys took me even less time to complete than estimated!

Every time I opened my dashboard, there were lots of different options to choose from, and I could always choose a shorter survey when I just had a few moments of time in the pickup line at school or other brief moments of downtime throughout my day.

3. You get user support from real humans.

I had a couple of issues come up during my first few weeks with Survey Junkie, and I was often assisted by a real person, sometimes almost immediately. This is not always the case with other survey companies I’ve tested, so I was pleasantly surprised by this.

4. You earn from a straightforward point system.

Survey Junkie’s point system is easy to understand, and it feels fair. Each point is worth one cent, and the system rewards users with at least a small number of points for their time, even if only a few questions were answered before being disqualified from a survey.

5. Waste less time with a high qualification rate.

While the company says that most users qualify for about 1 in 5 surveys, I’ve had even better luck than that, qualifying for around one-fourth of the surveys I start.

6. Redeem your money faster with a low redemption threshold.

There’s a 500 point ($5) redemption threshold, and I was surprised at how quickly I was able to earn and redeem my first reward. When it’s time to cash out, the redemption process is simple and straightforward.

So far, I have redeemed my rewards for PayPal transfers and Amazon gift cards, but I could have also chosen a direct bank transfer or a gift card from other popular retailers like Walmart, Target, Sephora, Starbucks, Visa, iTunes, and more!

holding open tube of lipstick

After less than a week of using Survey Junkie, I got a FREE lipstick to try!

In addition to taking surveys for money, you can also earn rewards by testing products. I was really excited to receive a free mystery lipstick to try and review after less than a week of using Survey Junkie!

When I was done testing the lipstick and ready to take the follow-up survey, I had an issue that required some technical support. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly a real person responded to my concern with a simple resolution for my issue!

Amazon Gift Cards in hand

Don’t just take it from me!

Survey Junkie has an ‘Excellent’ Trust Pilot rating based on over 30,000 reviews. Here’s what other users are saying about their experience with this highly-rated company:

So worth the download!! This app is great! The surveys are kind of long for what you get, but hey – money is money! This is the EASIEST side hustle you can do. I can make $150-$175 extra a month just by answering a few simple questions! You’d be silly not to try it out for at least a week. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Joseph

Really great service that works! I like the fact that if midway through a survey I end up not being able to participate they still reward a few points, which I haven’t seen other survey websites do. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Tyler

Awesome payouts! I am unemployed and waiting on disability. This app has given me the freedom to purchase things I otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Thank you for this app. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Elizabeth

They’ve come through with redeeming my points twice. I’ve downloaded 20 different apps and this is the only one I can say has been exactly what they said they were. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Wendy

I love being a member of Survey Junkie! In just 4 days, I’ve already earned about $25, and that’s just doing it here and there. If you’re looking to make money from surveys, I highly recommend you check out SurveyJunkie! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Karen

holding a phone with the Survey Junkie login screen

Here’s what I didn’t love about Survey Junkie:

1. Answering redundant questions.

Like other survey companies that I’ve tested, Survey Junkie collects a ton of demographic information about you upfront. Then, many of the surveys start by asking you to answer these same questions over again.

This would happen when I was redirected to a survey on a third-party site that didn’t already have this information, so I do understand the need to provide that information again. I just personally found this process to be tedious, but it wasn’t unlike my experience with other survey companies.

2. Getting unfairly disqualified from a survey.

Once, I was abruptly disqualified from a survey for “breaking the rules.” I was totally shocked by this! To make matters worse, I had nearly finished the survey, so it was pretty frustrating to feel like I’d wasted my time.

I reached out to the company to try to find out why I’d been unceremoniously booted from one of their surveys. I kindly requested that they share with me what went wrong so I don’t make that mistake again, but unfortunately, I never got a response.

Thankfully, this hasn’t happened again, but I’ll admit it was a little disappointing.

3. Not receiving credit for a survey that I completed.

Normally, after completing a survey, you can see the points you earned as they get added to your dashboard immediately. There was more than one situation where this didn’t happen though. I did reach out to the company to request that they credit me for my missing points. I got a response right away saying that their support team would look into it, but I didn’t always receive the points, unfortunately.

Out of the two inquiries I made, one was resolved with me getting the points I earned. I never did get the missing points for the other survey that I took. While I could keep trying to get the points that I’m still missing, I’ve chosen not to take this issue any further. I don’t want to lose any more time to a pursuit that will only gain me $1.40.

4. Inconsistent availability of high-value surveys.

My experience with Survey Junkie was feast or famine, at times. While I always had a good number of surveys waiting for me in my dashboard, their value varied from day to day. Sometimes I had a lot of high-value surveys to choose from (especially when my account was new). Other times, I only had the shorter, lower-value surveys available to me.

This definitely kept things exciting and motivated me to jump on the higher-value surveys when they became available to me. Of course, these tend to be popular with the other Survey Junkie users too, and they do fill up the fastest. My best advice is to set a reminder for yourself to check the app, or make it a part of your daily routine!

person using laptop and phone

While I did find certain issues frustrating, I’ve learned from years of experience that they just seem to come with the territory if you take a lot of surveys. I’ve tested several survey companies over the past 10 years or so, and these challenges are definitely not unique to Survey Junkie.

In fact, I can’t remember ever dealing with a survey company that didn’t present the occasional frustration. If I end up feeling more exasperated than satisfied, I’ll lose confidence in the company and quit pretty quickly, as has happened with other survey companies in the past. So far, these issues seem to be out of the norm for Survey Junkie, so that’s why I’m happily sticking with it!

Overall, I feel like I’m still being compensated fairly for my time, even with the occasional hiccup.

Survey Junkie dashboard on desktop computer

Hip tips for earning the most money with Survey Junkie:

  • Be sure to fully complete all the user profile and demographic surveys when you first register. I think that doing a thorough job of this helps to filter out a lot of the surveys that I won’t ultimately qualify for. Now, I’m more likely to qualify for the surveys available to me in my dashboard, and I find them to be more interesting, relevant, and worth a higher number of points.
  • Try to use both the Survey Junkie mobile app and a desktop browser too, if possible. The app is great for convenience, making it super easy to squeeze in some quick surveys while I’m on the go. Some surveys can only be done on a desktop computer though, so it’s good to check your dashboard on a desktop occasionally too. I often found different surveys (and sometimes higher-value ones) available to me there!
  • Establish a routine. While you won’t get rich in your sleep with any survey company, you can definitely earn some regular cash with Survey Junkie if you stick with it. For me, consistency seems to be the secret to piling up the points! Try to set aside a small chunk of time every day (about 20 minutes or so) to check your dashboard and commit to answering one of the longer surveys or several of the shorter ones if you can.

survey junkie surveys on an ipad

Here’s how to sign up for Survey Junkie and start taking surveys for money:

After my experience with Survey Junkie, I can confirm that it’s 100% legit and absolutely worth signing up if you enjoy earning rewards for sharing your opinions.

While you won’t be earning a full-time income with Survey Junkie, it’s a really pleasant experience and I earned more money in less time compared to every other survey company I’ve ever tried.

Want to try it out for yourself? Here’s how to get started:

  • Head on over here and enter your name & email to register for an account.
  • Check your inbox for an email from Survey Junkie and follow the enclosed link to verify your email.
  • After your email is verified, you’ll be able to complete your account and take surveys to start earning points.

woman holding dollar bills

Before you even start taking surveys, Survey Junkie offers a ton of quick ways to add to your points balance. You’ll earn 25 points for signing up, 25 points for verifying your email address, and an additional 50 points just for completing your profile! 🙌

You can earn even more points by taking their short “How it Works” virtual tour, downloading their browser extension, and answering demographic questions that will help you to qualify for the high-value surveys.

New survey opportunities are added to your account all the time, so be sure to log into your account often for new opportunities with Survey Junkie!

Looking for more ways to earn some spending cash?

About the writer:

Jenna has a Bachelor's Degree from Lycoming College and her Master's from Penn State, holding 4 years of writing experience between a variety of publications and Hip2Save.

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Comments 64

  1. LauraG

    Do you find you receive a lot more on line adds or phone calls since you signed up?

    • Jenna R (Hip Sidekick)

      Great question LauraG – that’s something I’m always concerned about too.

      I can say for sure that I’m not getting any more spam calls than usual. I’m fortunate not to get too many unsolicited phone calls to begin with, so I would definitely notice if that increased after starting with Survey Junkie.

      As far as the online ads go… I can’t really say for sure because I’ve gotten pretty good at ignoring most of those. 😆 I haven’t been getting increased pop-ups or anything noticeable like that, though.

      • LauraG

        Thanks for the response!

    • Yimefkr


  2. llc

    I like Pinecone Research. You also get free products plus an additional survey for testing the product. They are a flat $3 per survery. I never had issues with not getting credited.

    • Samantha

      Same for me. I’ve been doing surveys for Pinecone for years. It adds up fast!

    • Amy

      I’ve liked it so far as well! I’ve been doing it since August and only have $30 in credit but I’ve received free product trials several times. 😊

    • momto2nc

      Oh yes! I’ve done stuff for Pinecone Research for years 🙂 You just have to stay on top of what they send you. If you miss a few surveys, they might kick you out lol

  3. Sl

    I like erewards. But you don’t get cash. For $75 in reward you can get a $25 games top card to use as gift for child.

    • Beverly

      I like them too. I use the points I earn to buy hotel points and have earned enough each year to spend about a week in a hotel for free.

      • Sheri Baby

        What’s the general amount of time it’s taking you to earn a week’s stay at a hotel? I’m interested in a vacation.

    • Mell

      There not excepting new members

    • NubianGoddess

      You can get Target, Burlington, Home Depot, Famous Footwear, Apple, Sallys Beauty Supply, Red Lobster, and American Eagle gift cards as well.

      • Jason


      • Jean

        On my rewards survey account I have several of those gift cards to choose from. I had Target but recently it went away. Has that happened to you and do you know if I can ask for it back?

  4. born2shop


    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome!

  5. Pat

    Okay so I joined and took enough surveys to earn $5 and keep getting an error when I try to cash out. Asked them for help, and they are not helping. The surveys are a pia to do anyway, they ask a gazillion questions before each survey that are the same that I just answered to qualify for the survey. Then they send you 4-5 emails everyday about surveys, no thanks.

    • Survey Junkie

      Hi Pat,

      Thanks for sharing your experience and feedback!

      We’d absolutely love to help you with cashing out and we’re so happy that you earned your first $5 with us!

      Do you mind dropping us a line with the subject “Hip2Save” and providing us with your email address so that we see what’s preventing you from cashing out?

      And yes, we know how frustrating disqualifications can be. We’ll also check your profile and see if it’s fully completed or needs to be updated so that you’re offered surveys with higher qualification rates.

  6. Amy

    I signed on a few days ago. So far, it’s been rather frustrating. You can spend 10 minutes answering questions and then be told you don’t qualify for the survey. They’ll give you 3 points for trying though, which equals 3 cents! Last night, I clicked on one that offered 25 points, so I thought it would be quick and easy. It was intense and tedious! It took me probably 20 minutes to complete it, all for 25 cents. Some have gone well, but I’ve been disqualified for nearly all of the surveys I’ve attempted. So, I’ve worked pretty hard to reach the $5 minimum payout. I’m going to make sure I reach it, but I’m not sure I’ll keep wasting my time after the payout.

    • Monique

      I feel the absolute same as the comment from any above I gave up on this site after the initial $5 I earned…

    • tleeg74

      Yep…that’s the problem with Survey Junkies. I unsubscribed from them.

    • Mary

      I agree as well. The time spent taking the surveys for what you get is not worth my time in my opinion. Then to be told you don’t qualify after all that time is frustrating. I stopped participating. If you’re retired or have time to spare I guess it’s worth it just not for this busy mom.

    • Taber

      I’m having the same problems. I spend a fair amount of time on a survey then I’m not qualified, which happens alot. I click on a survey for a higher number of points then it changes to a different time and way less points. I’ve been trying to complete 3 a day, but it takes way to long since I don’t qualify. It’s a bit frustrating

  7. Katherine

    I have been using Survey Junkie for about 6 months. I used to do Swagbucks pretty regularly but they have shifted so far into the buy for points realm, I just wasn’t making what I used to. Due to this and dissatisfaction with other sites, I was pretty skeptical at first. Turns out it is a great site! I have been making a pretty steady 50 dollars month off of it. Although It does take time (about an hour or two a day) to get that payout- it’s been a great way to get enough money to pay a couple of bills or buy something fun. Unlike other sites, you don’t have to get paid out in gift cards and can deposit the money straight into your bank account. I really enjoy using i.

    • Leslie

      This is my issue with survey sites. If you do the math. 50 dollars. 30-60 hours. That’s 1-2 dollars an hour.

      I miss the good old days where you walked into a testing facility and answered questions to a real person and/or tested products. You were well compensated for your time. Of course this dates me. Lol.

      • riss

        I was just gonna ask “when was this?” Yep, that dates you , lol.

    • Patricia Goff

      I do the surveys too. It is fun to earn the extra money. I am lucky because I do the surveys at work. My boss doesn’t care as long as my work gets done. We have a lot of down time due to the virus so it is better than me just sitting looking at my computer all day he said. He watches youtube a lot. LOL

      • Survey Junkie

        Kudos to the boss!!!

        What surveys do you enjoy taking the most?

        • Pat Goff

          They are all fun but one day I want to try a product. LOL

    • Survey Junkie

      Hi Katherine,

      Thats’ fantastic! We’re so happy that you enjoy taking surveys with us.

      Have you tried cashing out with PayPal? Unlike Bank Transactions that may take a few days to post, PayPal takes only a few minutes.

      What other redemption methods would you like to see on Survey Junkie?

  8. Betsy

    I love Crowdtap. Their surveys are pretty interesting and the points add up quickly. I spend maybe 10 minutes a day on surveys for them. They have a good range of gift cards to choose from, though I always go for Amazon. So far I’ve been getting about $40 per month and I stockpiled my Amazon gift cards and used them for a lot of Xmas gifts.

    Please use my referral link if you want to check it out:

    • Patricia Goff

      I love it too. I do their surveys too.

    • Kristie P

      I love Crowdtap too. I got $75 in Amazon gift cards last month. Not long surveys, and if you are on a browser it will tell you the points for each. And you get points for every one.

      Use this link for extra points! 💰

  9. acgold

    I tried Survey Junkie based on H2S recommendation. I gave it a good go for 6 months and got almost nothing. I also took loads of time consuming pre-qualifying surveys only to get 3 points. One day, when the weather was bad, I spent 4 hours just to see what I could get and got under 70 points. Like someone above said, if you figure the time, it is not much money. I get more gift cards from just scanning my receipts at Fetch Rewards, and we buy mostly generic or store brand products, so only get 25 points per receipt.. If you want please use my referral HHPE1 and you get between 2000-4000 points off the bat, which puts you at $2.00 or $4.00. You can get a gift card at $3.00.

  10. Monique

    I use survey monkey it’s an app and although they only pay in Amazon gift cards the surveys are always less than five minutes and I qualify for 90% of them and they don’t have the annoying pre qualification questions also I don’t receive annoying emails and they send a notification when a new survey is available 🙂

    • NubianGoddess

      I like Survey Monkey surveys!!! They are the easiest to complete.

      • Monique

        I agree the length of time and quality rate is amazing! My favorite survey site thus far

    • Dpcrafts

      Hi Monique…do you mind me asking what is the website for survey monkey. I can’t find them any where. TIA

      • Monique

        Sorry for the delay in response it’s an app I have iPhone and you should be able to search the app is green listed as rewards with bananas there is one for companies too so make sure you chose the one with the banana’s 🙂

  11. Donica2013

    Pinecone was always the best. They used to send paper checks and often free full sized products. Hard to get in nowadays.

  12. Judy Trac

    I get 1 penny for taking a tedious survey then gets kick out. Not worth my time

  13. MrsG

    I love survey junkie. I joined a few weeks ago and have already made almost $70.

  14. C

    I did surveys for them a while back and made a little extra cash. However, after doing a few surveys they said that I no longer qualified for any more surveys. I was never given a reason why.

    • NubianGoddess

      Yes, they do that a lot.

  15. tleeg74

    I tried Survey Junkie for a while, and they never paid what the survey said it was gonna give me. It would always give me a small fraction of what they promised. I use Pinecone and Epoll and have used them for a few years.

  16. kadysiga

    Thanks for this post! I tried Crowdtap, as referred by someone above, and it is so much easier than other surveys I have tried. I am going to try this Survey Junkie now, too. I am trying to break a bad habit, so instead of doing my bad habit, I am distracting myself with surveys! Here is my Crowdtap link if anyone wants to use it. It gives 100 points.
    Thanks again to H2S!

    • mariew

      Wow! Just used your link and I’m loving crowdtap!! Thanks so much!

  17. Pat

    They are fraud. I have over $10 and they keep giving me an error message when I try to cash out. I contacted them and jumped through all their hoops with screen shot, etc.

  18. AJ

    I like User Testing. They pay via Paypal after about 3 to 5 days. I’ve earned $30 in one day.

    • 5pink1blue

      Can you send a link?

  19. Amy

    I enjoy swagbucks because there are a lot of ways to earn. Lately I’ve been sticking to app downloads and earning a lot just by playing games. I google the app name plus “swagbucks” and check Reddit before attempting as sometimes the offers are difficult. My referral link if anyone is interested 😊 https://www.swagbucks.com/profile/amysundy

  20. Jennifer

    I used to love Pinecone Research but they stopped sending me surveys. Instead of surveys, I found a new site that pays for product testing called The Insiders. For example a recent project involved me buying 2 Seventh Generation cleaners (about $20 out of pocket) but then after writing my review I received a Visa gift card for $50!

    • momto2nc

      YES!! I’ve made several hundred dollars with The Insiders. They are my new favorite. I haven’t been brave enough to do an appliance test yet 😂

  21. Jackie

    I think it should be noted you do have to pay taxes on anything you earn and survey Junkie does make you complete a W9 when you reach $600 in awards

  22. Sammie

    Would love to try this, got the app, tried multiple times to sign up and keep getting an error message…bummed

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      DARN! Maybe wait a bit and try once more or close it out and open it back up again. Hoping it works for you soon! 🤞💖

  23. Amy

    I’m honestly surprised that you guys are promoting this site. It’s truly awful! Please reconsider.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey, Amy! Thanks so much for the honest feedback. We truly appreciate it.❤️ I’ll pass this along to the team.

  24. Bigtimegirl

    Receipt Hog pays you to upload receipts, take surveys, and more! Download and enter code sil55224 to earn a special bonus when you upload your first receipt.

  25. Karen

    Is there a referral link we can send to friends/family? If so, where do I find it? I’ve looked all over the website and app and think I am missing it. Thank you!

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