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hand holding a check from rebaid, Amazon rebate site

Who likes free money?!

I sure do, and get ready because I’m about to share my experience with Rebaid, an Amazon rebate site that I could have sworn was going to be a scam but has me scratching my head wondering just how they do it!

I am legitimately shocked an Amazon rebate site like this exists and I’m thrilled I have a surprisingly positive story to tell!

woman holding up envelope from rebaid, Amazon rebate site

Ever heard of Rebaid

Okay, so I realize this is likely already sounding incredibly scammy to you (or maybe not!), but if I’m speaking from my own experience, I was actually thinking the same thing when I first heard about Rebaid.

Except Rebaid is totally legit, so hear me out, Hip friends!

I recently gave it a try and had such an unexpectedly great experience! To summarize, I essentially scored a free $50 product via a 100% rebateyes, seriously. This Amazon rebate site is for real, and truly does work.

hand holding check from Amazon rebate site

So what is Rebaid? 🤔

I’m so glad you asked! If it’s not already obvious enough, Rebaid is a website that offers rebates on tons of products! Plus, it’s FREE to join Rebaid and it truly is for any online shopper since they offer such a wide range of products from large retailers like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart.

Best of all, they even offer rebates for 100% back 😱 so you can essentially score FREE products! And I fully realize this is sounding too good to be true, but since I’ve even received the rebate check myself, I’m here to tell ya this is legit.

woman holding a large box and check in hand

How does Rebaid work?

Simply visit and view the products currently available for rebates. Some may be available immediately or some may be scheduled to go live during a certain date & time – likely with limited quantities.

One of my favorite things about this Amazon rebate site is you can easily sort through their products by the overall price you’re looking to spend or even search through the highest offered rebates if you’re just looking for as many freebies as possible. 😏

steam baskets and check from Amazon rebate site sitting on black table

I came across this steamer basket set which was from Amazon and originally cost $49.99. This was one of those products with a scheduled date and just 5 units available so, I made sure to log onto my Rebaid account just in time to snag this hot deal!

There are two ways you can place your order after opting in for the rebate:

  • If it’s a Search/Find/Buy offer, you could search for the featured Rebaid product on the designated retailer’s website (Amazon, Walmart, etc.) & place your order.
  • Or, if you attempt to search and navigate back to Rebaid’s website, they will provide you with a direct link to the product. This requires you to click through to the retailer’s site and then return back to Rebaid, but it’s much easier in my opinion than searching.

hand holding piece of mail from rebaid, Amazon rebate site

After your order is submitted, you’ll go back to your Rebaid account and enter your order number so they know you bought it!

That’s literally all you do to get your rebate! 🙌

Keep in mind, it can take up to 5 weeks until your rebate check is sent out (that’s the one downside), but I didn’t experience any issues depositing my check and received mine quicker than that! Even better, if you want to skip the snail mail, they have a direct deposit service so you can get your rebate in as little as 3 days!

Regardless, you still get your items in a timely manner like you would any other time you order off Amazon, Walmart, etc. So it’s almost like getting surprise money when you do receive your rebate!

woman holding check in air

So why would a company want to give away free products?

I fully realize you’re trying to make sense of this system just as much as I was in the beginning and really trying to understand how these Amazon rebate sites work. Here’s the deal… the internet can be overwhelming and there are thousands of small businesses struggling to get their product to stand out! Thanks to Rebaid, they’re able to offer limited-time or a limited number of rebates in order to get exposure to their brand/product they’ve been looking for.

It’s truly a win, win! 👏

woman holding rebaid check sitting at table

With all of that said, it’s hard to find any real caveats to keep me from recommending this to anyone. Aside from my New York sales tax not being covered by the rebate and the amount of time a paper check could take, it’s hard to argue something that truly works and gives you the ability to essentially score free products!

So what are you waiting for friends?! This Amazon rebate site is a total win for all!

Get started for FREE with Rebaid here!

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Comments 71

  1. diva

    those steamer baskets are pretty cool. in the 90s we used to steam fresh tilpaia in them and it tasted amazing!

    • diva

      *tilapia (Seafood-fish)

  2. Linda

    Please proceed carefully with this! Although the business model was slightly different, a similar “free after rebate” program started by CyberRebate in the late 90’s and early 2000’s resulted in many people losing a lot of money after the company went bankrupt and could no longer issue rebates. I speak from experience on this one!

    • Lisa

      Linda, I agree. What I don’t understand is that somehow at least Amazon is okay with this type of program. I always appreciate and know the value of reviews and always left reviews (good, bad, ugly… but always respectfully done) on items I purchased. Somehow (with zero explanation other than I didn’t abide by Amazon’s guidelines, which were vague at best) Amazon banned me from leaving reviews. Can’t figure this one out.

      • saraleslie

        Lisa – Amazon banned me from leaving reviews as well. It was right after I left reviews for items I had purchased at the recommendation of Hip2Save, so I know it’s related to that. I’m not even sure what to do now because no human will talk to me about it and I just keep getting referred to their community message boards, which are no help. 🙁 I’ve succumbed to the fact I will just not be able to leave reviews anymore. 🙁

        • Lisa

          saraleslie, yep, all I ever got was the run around and we’ll “escalate” your issue. They emailed me a list of their supposed “guidelines” but were never specific on which one they were claiming I violated…. I mean, there was one about receiving an incentive for my reviews — boy, do I wish I received an incentive because my credit card bills surely didn’t show it! 🙂 I didn’t even make the connection with H2S, and I have bought things through the links on H2S before.

        • Anita

          Saraleslie- unfortunately the exact same thing happened to me. I am also no longer to leave reviews on Amazon. It’s really a shame because I do buy quite a bit from them…

        • Evie

          Humm, sounds like censorship. Maybe a corporation did not like your opinion of their product.
          This is why censorship is so wrong! This is taking us to a bad path!

        • Wendy

          me too!!

      • Jennifer DuPont

        After I buy an item and input the order # and it says pending, when will my check be issued? Do I have to be at a certain amount? Also how many of one item can I buy and get rebates for?

    • Josie

      I thought I might want to sign up for this, so I looked at this and what I found is that there are some items offered for free, but many items cost. It appears that they hope to entice by the freebies, but then to hook you on the items that you will need to pay for. Most everything that I saw looked low quality, so I decided to not go through with signing up.

    • Sal

      Hi Linda.. I was thinking the same as you. Are you the same Linda that started the site to help us with cyber rebate actions?

  3. LaToya

    So I found a couple items that said not available until such and such time. But then it says preview on the marketplace. So, I clicked that and went to Amazon‘s website and was able to order it. Am I not going to be able to submit that for rebate? … Or, how can I?

    • Emily (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi LaToya! The products are always available on Amazon, but the rebates themselves are available in limited quantities and are provided by Rebaid. There is a chance you could submit it for a rebate if you navigate to the rebate listing on Rebaid once those rebates are available, BUT there’s always the possibility the rebates could have all be claimed by the time you go to Rebaid.

      For that reason, I would recommend not purchasing a product you’re hoping to get a rebate for until the actual rebate is available on Rebaid. In this case, since you already ordered, I would make sure you set a reminder for when the rebate is available to try to claim that rebate before they are all taken. There’s no guarantee, but it would be your best bet. I hope that helps!

      • LaToya

        Got it – thank you!

  4. Glenn

    I remember Cyberrebates also. Ended up getting lucky and the government sued them getting my money back.

    Proceed with caution.

    • jkl

      Did they have limits on how many one person could rebate?

      • Emily (Hip Sidekick)

        Hi there! It starts at 10 rebates for the first month, then bumps up to 50 after you’re account is one month old and you’ve claimed 2 rebate offers. You’ll also qualify for direct deposit then too instead of having a check mailed!

  5. saraleslie

    Be careful with this – There were some products that I bought at the recommendation of Hip2Save (cookies, a garage light, some LED lights) and left reviews for them. Amazon has now deleted all of my reviews and has blocked me from leaving any more.

  6. Amy R.

    Just signed up. I had a gift card, so no money out of pocket. Hope this turns out to be something awesome. Great idea for low cost stocking stuffers! If interested, please use my referral code: Thanks!

  7. Casey

    Sounds to good to be true. Only rebates I do are the occasional ones from trusted companies like Bic and a few others.

  8. Emily

    I just signed up. I have done similar things with companies that have reached out to me on social media in exchange for a social media post and an amazon review. So I am all about trying this!

    If it doesn’t work, at least I get to try a waist trainer that I had my eyes on and some cute fairy lights. Lol.

  9. JenB

    My friend was using a different rebate site, and last week Amazon locked her ability to leave reviews. They sent her a letter about it – they want reviews that aren’t influenced by reimbursements.

    However, I am signed up for a program that does not involve Amazon that gives out free items for review. There are programs out there that won’t risk your account. Best wishes!

    • Kathy

      Do you mind sending me more info on how to sign up to review free items? Thank you. Kakkyrae at gmail dot com

      • Amy

        Try Influenster 😊

      • JenB

        Hi Kathy,

        I just saw your post. I will message you now.


  10. Holly

    I used this site and after 20 days they were not able to approve the rebate for an unspecified reason, I had already given it as a gift so I was out of luck. Proceed with caution for this site

  11. Erin

    Some of these sellers wait until day 34 with a few hours left, and then will deny the rebate – if you don’t catch it within those few hours, you’re now stuck with the item because you’re past the return date! proceed with caution.

  12. acgold

    I had the same experience as a few above. Beware! I also bought products from Amazon recommended here and reviewed them. I bought a shirt from a legitimate seller. It had a tag on it that said I could get another one if I reviewed it. It had the Amazon logo and info. I did it and then was blocked from reviewing anything. I paid for everything myself, no rebate. They told me the frequency was odd. Well I am working from home now and had more time to leave reviews. All were legitimate reviews. They also wrote that I opened the account just to review. I opened my account in the early 2000’s. I have sent all the information ( including the tags on the shirt) to the community guidelines address and all I get are form e-mails back. There is no real person to talk to.

    • Lisa

      Yep, I’ve also had my account since like 1997…it’s been a very long time! I guess my only consolation in being banned from reviews is that now at least I know I’m not the only one. So misery loves your company. That’s awfully sketchy of Amazon.

  13. jodi

    I don’t think the original post mentions reviews, so it doesn’t seem like they are paying for reviews, only trying to increase sales figures to gain visibility in the Amazon algorithms.

    Although I am curious why it says written by Emily, and the check is made out to Kelly.

    • Brendon Fields

      Hey everyone, I’m Brendon Fields, the founder and owner of Rebaid. I was reading through the comments and thought I should dispel some concerns.

      First and foremost Rebaid is not a review platform. You do not need to leave a review in exchange for a rebate payment. We have many shoppers on our platform that have redeemed hundreds of promotions and never left a review, that is totally fine! So there is no reason for concern of a review ban by Amazon.

      I’ve also seen some comments about Cyber Rebate. That defunct business has zero similarity to Rebaid. If you redeem a promotion on Rebaid and submit a valid, completed order you will absolutely receive your rebate payment.

      I encourage anyone who is interested in Rebaid but hesitant to do a quick google search on us. We have an Excellent rating on TrustPilot, an A rating from the BBB, along with dozens of blog reviews.

      • Monique

        Thanks for this brendon appreciate you coming on here and sharing some thoughts on your site 🙂

      • Pliu0211

        Thank you Brandon! I’ve been using Rebaid for about 7-8months now and no issues getting my refund. I highly recommend this site.

    • alevdean

      I’ve been following this site for years and lately it’s kind of sketchy, this is not only for deals anymore this is a money making site and it’s getting a little aggressive, pushing products with their own links and repeating the same sales with their links….I do snag some great deals but it seems more like a big company now trying to sell us things to make them money through links…IMO

      • saraleslie

        Alevdean – I have to say that I agree with you. I used to get so many good deals in the past but now it seems it’s all about Hip2Save making money. I’ve been thinking of unfollowing this site many times, but haven’t taken the leap yet.

    • Julie L.

      The check has Emily’s name on it

      • riss

        I had to zoom in on the pics, and it was not Kelly on the check.

    • Emily (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Jodi! I’m not sure where you’re seeing the check made out to Kelly – that’s actually me and my check in the photos 😄

  14. Monkey26

    I do many different product sites that offer this, they will deposit the money right into your PayPal account. Many of the companies popped up on Facebook as an ad, and I just had to search for the product, then buy it, right when it shipped there money would go into my PayPal account. Usually after using the product for 2 weeks I just get a message from there company to write an honest review to help them out online and that is all. I fully support this idea since many companies are small and wants talk consumers to use their products and give their honest feedback. It’s like an easy way to become an influencer.

  15. LaToya

    I immediately went and placed three orders for items that would end up being free.
    And then after thinking about it and reading some of these comments, I just cancelled them. If it’s too good to be true it usually is…
    But hey, if it works out for y’all, more power to ya’!

    • Brendon Fields

      Hi LaToya, I’m Brendon from Rebaid. Sorry to hear you changed you mind. Please just make sure to self report the cancelled orders so you’re not inadvertently sent rebate checks for the order that were not completed. You can cancel your pending rebates using this link

  16. alevdean

    This has scam written all over it, the comments alone have steered me clear away…

    • madonna

      The fine print says it’s $79 per month! Warning sign #1.

      • Lisa

        What?! Good catch, madonna. I didn’t even get that far into the weeds on the fine print. 🙁

      • Brendon Fields

        Hello, that is for sellers. There is no cost for shoppers. Rebaid doesn’t have your credit card information is literally impossible for us to bill you.

  17. acgold

    Monkey26, a few of us wrote above to be careful. We wrote reviews for items we did not accept a rebate for and were banned for reviewing on Amazon, for really no reason, except frequency.

  18. sarann27

    I’m going to try it. I found some Elderberry for free and already shows pending in my account. Fingers crossed it works out!

  19. madonna

    Just finished reading ” terms of use” and at $79 a month, you’d have to really score big/ get lucky. Almost $1000 a year subscription? Too rich for my blood.

    • Mima

      Thanks for pointing that out. So basically you are paying for the “free” products you are trying.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! That fee is actually for sellers if they want their products on the site.
      There is no fee for this. Here are the details I found – “There is no membership fees or any other cost to use Rebaid as a shopper.”

  20. missy

    I really don’t like these concepts because I feel like it skews the reviews. Nothing is more annoying than reading all of these positive reviews for a product and then realizing people were paid or got it free and felt obligated to leave the good review.

    • Emily (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there Missy! I have not been asked by Rebaid nor the seller to provide a review. In fact, and Brendon from the Rebaid team mentioned above, “Rebaid is not a review platform. You do not need to leave a review in exchange for a rebate payment. We have many shoppers on our platform that have redeemed hundreds of promotions and never left a review, that is totally fine! So there is no reason for concern of a review ban by Amazon.” Hope that helps clarify!

  21. Kathleen Barker

    Not something I want to be involved in. This is exactly what Amazon is coming down hard on bc it is essentially buying good reviews. Beware! I want to read reviews where the buyer was not influenced by anything but the quality of the item purchased.

    • Emily (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Kathleen! I have not been asked to leave a review by any parties involved and my Amazon account is in good standing as it always has been 🤗. I’m with you on only wanting to read reviews from verified purchases. Totally fine if you’d prefer not to use this rebate site, but I did want to mention a helpful tool I love using to make sure I’m reading legit feedback on Amazon (or other websites with reviews). Check out – it definitely comes in handy when I want to trust where the reviews are coming from. Hope that helps!

  22. seanawalkermodoski

    For some reason, hip is really pushing it. The original post was yesterday. Today, just now, I got an email pushing this. I question what they are getting from it.

  23. Katie

    Amazon will ban you if they find out you’re using this site. Ask them if you want confirmation.

  24. Shil

    This isn’t something I want to be a part of. Being frugal is one thing but this doesn’t feel right. Hip2save needs to listen to how their fanbase is responding to such posts. Brendan Fields can give all the explanation he wants. Stuff like this is not a win win for small businesses like the posts suggests. It messes with the algorithm which is why these discounts are doled out.

    • Amymae1100

      I am so sad to say I agree. I’ve been with H2S from the beginning and have always checked it multiple times daily and loved following the stories and getting the tips, etc. as well as enjoying the great deals. However this is wrong. I also get so mad about reviews people who have been reimbursed for products leave. People who receive free products feel obligated to leave good reviews, or are biased because it was free. If you pay $50 for an item you will expect that item to be worth $50. If you pay nothing, even though the item is worth $50 , you will still expect much less from it.
      The comments about H2S being a red flag for Amazon…wow. I will make sure I don’t use any of Hip2Saves links for anything!
      And H2S is no longer a small company and it’s definitely starting to show. That’s what made this site different. It makes me so sad after being a follower for so long. I hardly ever come on this site anymore and won’t keep recommending it unless they can get back to good deals and fun stuff. This and many other posts are written like infomercials. 🙁

      • Emily (Hip Sidekick)

        Hi there! Like I’ve mentioned in other replies, I have not been asked by Rebaid nor the seller to leave a review on their product. I feel zero obligation to leave a review, haven’t left a review, and in fact, I haven’t even used the steamer basket yet 🙃 If I’m being honest, I placed this order because I really wanted to see for myself if this would work after hearing about the site. When I say in the post that I thought this was kind of scammy from the start, I mean that!

        I was really intrigued by the whole process and had plenty of questions myself, so I had reached out to their team for answers so I could get my own clarification after placing the order. I get it— a too good to be legit website is going to raise some eyebrows, and I’m sure there are similar sites out there that aren’t following all the rules, which is getting some innocent buyers in trouble. Luckily, I hadn’t given those a shot, and my experience with Rebaid was nothing like that, so that’s why I felt I could share this with anyone interested on Hip2Save.

        There are definitely caveats. For one, I woke up at 3am to claim a rebate 🤪you might see on their site that some offers can become available at odd times, and in my case, I had sorted the site by the highest rebate, which is what landed me on the steamer in the first place. Was waking up at 3am worth it to go through this order + rebate process? Probably not LOL! But these are the things we do to test out the legitimacy 😂

        Another downfall is the mailing of the check. It can take anywhere from 4-5 weeks, so if you put the order on a credit card first, you’re likely going to have to pay for the product in your credit card statement, and then wait for the reimbursement to come after. That’s definitely not feasible for everyone so it’s another factor whether or not this is worth it for the rebate.

        Outside of the concerns of Rebaid, this comment made me a little sad to read because I feel awful my post is taking away from the amazing deals our team is posting, or fun tips or new product finds our team members are highlighting, or very personal and very real look into Collin’s life she’s sharing on Instagram daily. Hip2Save has certainly grown (and that’s because of all of you spreading the love for us over the years ❤️) but the values will always, ALWAYS stay the same.

        Before we would share *anything* that’s questionable to us (products, services, etc.) our team always always always gives them a go first. We all have friends and family who frequent the site daily, and if it’s something we wouldn’t share with them, we wouldn’t share it here! We realize that not every deal or every product review is going to resonate with our entire audience, but we post them for the ones where it will and hope that our community will take what’s of interest to them and scroll past what’s not.

        All that said, please don’t take this as a plea to stop commenting. Share your feedback – ALWAYS. And if you’d like, you can email me personally if there’s something you don’t feel comfortable sharing here ( 🤗). We value you, our Hip2Save community, and our efforts to live extraordinary lives on ordinary budgets. I hope that helps clarify my Rebaid experience and our mission at Hip2Save in general. 💙🤍🧡

        • MICHELLE

          Good afternoon Emily and thank you for replying. Thank you for all you and the team, the site and the entire gang at H2S do. All it took was for one word to be mentioned and the entire concept was misconstrued … review and comparisons to other programs, misreading of fine print, etc. (palm print on the forehead and eye roll insert here!)!! Also, keep being an Emily in a world of Karens!! I for one am glad you shared this because I see most of my Christmas shopping and gift closet stockpile being done this way. I can’t wait to see what goodies I get from now until December. I’ve been following since day 1 back on wordpress LOL … so keep doing what you are doing, you guys always amaze me just when I think it couldn’t get any better, it does! THANK YOU H2S!!

          • Emily (Hip Sidekick)

            Well I’m just over here tearing up at this very sweet comment. Thank you, Michelle! ❤️ I appreciate your very kind words and hope the Rebaid site works well for you. I actually just claimed a couple of new offers since we posted — some *free* aromatherapy shower tablets are heading my way 🤗 Oh, and a few of my team members suggested I get your Karen quote printed on a sticker… I just may 😂 (*and please anyone reading – I know a few Karen’s who are wonderful people and this is just a silly buy into meme culture, definitely not meant to be offensive!)

            So glad you’ve been a loyal Hip2Saver and we’ll make sure to keep all the good stuff coming! Thank you again! 🤍

            • MICHELLE

              I got those aromatherapy shower tablets as well … we’re gonna feel ah-maaaaz-ing 🙂 Great idea on the sticker!! I may just have to print one myself!! I just love you guys, you are family, big love!

  25. Susan Sawyer

    Thank you for this. I have signed up and have already placed an order. I really appreciate Rebaid reading the comments and dispelling the rumors/inaccuracies that have been posted (specifically involving fees for consumers and unfair comparisons to other not so reputable sites.) I look forward to my purchases and rebates.

  26. Jennifer DuPont

    After I buy an item and input the order # and it says pending, when will my check be issued? Do I have to be at a certain amount? Also how many of one item can I buy and get rebates for?

    • Samantha Dietrich

      It gave me a date of about 5 weeks out and said check will be mailed. I was wondering the same thing so I went back to try and claim the same rebate again for a separate order and didn’t see it anymore. I knew exactly what page it was on so I’m guess you can only claim once or at least one claim in a certain time period. Not exactly sure though.

  27. Samantha Dietrich

    I use other rebates sites as well (i.e. Rakuten) and get paid cash. I’m a huge fan of this and appreciate H2S providing this information. I always say I don’t know how they do it, but they keep sending me money. This is free to use and you have nothing to lose if you buy something you would buy anyway regardless of the rebate. I signed up and placed an order and like Emily said it gave me a date of about 5 weeks out that I would receive my payment.

  28. Brenda

    Wow…all the negative comments, so sad to see this when Hip2Save has always provided great deals and helpful information. I joined based on Emily’s post and purchased 2 items. I will come back on after I get the checks but it all feels legitimate to me and I’m super excited to try out new products, one I had my eye on already! Thanks, Emily and H2S!
    If anyone wants to try it, please use my referral code!

    • Emily (Hip Sidekick)

      So glad to hear you’ve tried it out Brenda! Let me know how it goes — I just ordered a couple more things myself and submitted for rebates 🙌 Thank you for your comment and can’t wait for your follow up!

  29. Lori

    This is a continuation of mainly oriental companies taking over Amazon. It began with offering free products (Snagshout) in exchange for good reviews. That became illegal so they offered free products via email. Buy the product, send the seller the Amazon purchase confirmation and they would reimburse you 100% via PayPal once your review was posted. Now, they are desperate… offer rebates, up to 100% and although they may not be asking, they are expecting good reviews from some to promote their brand.

    Amazon and eBay used to mainly offer “name brand” merchandise. Now, it’s virtually all knock offs of real products. These Asian companies are infiltrating at an unbelievable rate and literally taking over legit corporations – it has become a HUGE problem. Google search “Chinese and Amazon” if you don’t believe it. The sad part is that if you go to sites like “Aliexpress” an Asian portal, they sell just about everything for under a few dollars. Now, they are selling this same “junk” for top buck at Amazon and eBay for FAR MORE, knowing that the typical USA shopper is gullible. Type in something like “thermometer” in Amazon and all that comes up is Asian brands – there is NO way to filter this out. Whatever they charge on Amazon, go to Aliexpress and you’ll see the exact same product for peanuts!

    While some products may be cheap but fine, I would exercise extreme caution with anything related to ingestion (supplements, teas etc.) or anything applied to the skin – make up, skin care etc. Their regulations are far different than ours.

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