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Go! Starbucks Color-Changing Reusable Cups Available Now (May Sell Out)

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2020 Starbucks Color Changing Cups

Summer is here, and so are these new Starbucks cups!

For a limited time, hurry into your local Starbucks or Starbucks Licensed Store and keep your eyes peeled for these new and oh so popular Color Changing Reusable Cold Cups.

Back in the Summer of 2019, a similar style of these color changing cups was released, and they were so popular that most of the cups sold out within days! We expect these to be equally as popular so you may want to give your store a call before you make an extra special trip.

NOTE – Rumor has it that May 21st is the official launch date of these color changing cups but some stores have launched these cups early. If your store does not have these cups displayed, be sure to keep checking back!

Starbucks color changing cup with straw

Each box of Color-Changing Reusable Cold Cups is priced at $18.95 and comes with 5 reusable BPA-free 24oz cups and 5 straws. These cups are recommended for cold beverages only and are top-rack dishwasher safe.

2020 Starbucks Color Changing Cups on concrete

And the best part, these reusable cups magically change colors when they are filled with ice-cold liquid making them super fun for both kids and adults alike!

And keep in mind that you’ll also save 10¢ every time you order a Starbucks drink and use one of these cups. AWESOME!

Note that due to the Coronavirus, some Starbucks stores may not use your reusable cup but will still honor the 10¢ discount.

2020 Starbucks Color Changing Cups back of box with flowers in the background

The 2020 Color-Changing set includes:

  • Tomato: red to purple
  • Peach: light pink to hot pink
  • Marigold: yellow to orange
  • Sea: light blue to teal
  • Cobalt: dark blue to deep purple

multiple Starbucks Confetti Color Changing Cup in starbucks store on shelf

In addition to the fun color-changing set, you can also score this fun Confetti Color Changing Reusable cup! Even better, this cup is only $3!

Once you add a cold beverage to the cup, the confetti changes from silver glitter to rainbow glitter. How cool!

Are you a Starbucks Rewards Member?

Starbucks Rewards Members earn 2 stars for every $1 spent using a registered gift card or the Starbucks app; you can then redeem your points at different levels for various items!

If you are lucky enough to accumulate 400 stars, use them to score a single merchandise item for free (up to $20 value) – so you could get one of these new Color-Changing Reusable Cold Cups 5-count packs for free after stars!

Starbucks stores are reopening & here is what you need to know!

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Comments 95

  1. Rn404

    Wish you could get these online

  2. Heather

    I went to my store but they said they aren’t putting them out yet 🙁

    • La

      Go to target I got them and the rainbow cup

    • Jhanell

      Try the in-store Starbucks… Safeway and Albertsons
      That’s where I got mine

  3. ToriSC

    Our stores are drive thru only

    • jennifer

      So are mine

      • Vironika

        Even before this COVID stuff, I purchased other things via the drive thru. I requested gift cards AND I bought a few Christmas cups (I discovered this as I was running late on my way to work on day one of Secret Santa! So they were last minute gifts for a few ppl in the office! Lol) I just asked if I could purchase them after I put in my coffee order in the drive thru and they said yes! 🥰

        • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

          Thanks for your helpful comment, Vironika!

    • kb

      mine too!!

  4. Cassandane

    I was able to snag a set last year, but lost a few cups to cracks (ie thankful is just paid retail). Hoping this year’s version aren’t so brittle when cold.

    • Erin

      Geez! They are cold cups. You’d think they’d perform as advertised! Did you stick them in the freezer? Dishwasher? Bought the new ones (at retail) but if they’re ultimately disposable, I’ll return. Or maybe sell if anyone out there has enough disposable income to waste on junky but trendy cups.

      • Lili

        Do you have the confetti one

  5. Kate G.

    Why would they sell reuseable cups in a time when most places aren’t accepting reuseable cups?

    • Mei

      I was wondering the same thing. Seems like a useless item to be buying when you cannot use them at a Starbucks.

    • Cassandane

      These cups are still great to use at home! Merchandise is put into production so far ahead of season. Now they just need to sell the product

      • Vironika

        Yes! I love using these at home with the kids. It’s the little things these days… 🙂

    • Amie

      Because you can reuse them at home or at the beach or on your boat..? Lol

  6. Meg

    Pass. It’s not worth going out and my store is closed. Drive through only for most places now.

  7. MammaK

    I was in Target yesterday and they were selling them there, I live in South Dakota and they have reopen in the Target here.

    • jennifer

      The one inside our Target is still closed but there’s been community spread

  8. Stella

    We’re in the middle of a global pandemic. Stay home.

    • Mel

      Um NO. I am quite frankly tired of staying home. I have a mask, so if I choose to, I will go out and patronize businesses. You keep your head in the sand and stay home.

      • nessmith04

        Our state has reopened and there’s been a decline in cases since. I don’t think we’re in the “middle” of it anymore. We stayed home from Feb 25th – May 7th.

        • ToriSC

          Say that again in 2 weeks, then I’ll believe you.

      • Kate G.

        tens of thousands of people have died. do you think their loved ones have their heads in the sand? please try to remember your humanity and civility

        • Sam

          I know, I can’t believe how some people are acting like they don’t have a care in the world just because the virus has not impacted them.

          • Marissa

            Truly, it’s terrifying. People don’t realize how fast their lives can change from this. Someone can’t just make the decision to be done with quarantining and distancing, it doesn’t work like that. Just because you’re tired of quarantining at home doesn’t mean the virus is bored and won’t find you. It’s really sad to see the amount of people that have shown their true colors and don’t seem to care about anyone but themselves.

          • Mel

            You don’t know me or what has impacted my family since our state went on lockdown March 15. My BIL lost his wife to brain cancer on Mar 21. and even though she tested Neg for Covid, they put that as the cause of death on her certificate. He has been fighting with them to change it. It was awful watching her decline, knowing she had a short amount of time to live after her diagnosis. He wasn’t even allowed to be with her when she passed and she never got a proper funeral.
            My husband lost a former co-worker and another one has been in the hospital for almost month after testing + for the virus. Was finally discharged last weekend. The one that passed, was 63. He had a lot of health issues – overweight, diabetes, heart issues. did covid speed up his death? maybe. But I can’t stop living MY life being isolated. Isn’t that the whole point of wearing a mask so when I’m out, I’m protecting YOU?

            • Liz

              Oh pls…no way is the fake COD story true….and yes u wear a mask to protect us while we do the same for u,…thats how it works…some ppl are just so selfish.

              • Mel

                @Liz – I wish it were fake. But yes, her death certificate has Covid as COD. The hospital said it was a mistake b/c they were overwhelmed with deaths. But when she passed, the state was at 20 deaths, many of them in city, so there’s no reason for them to make that mistake at the hospital outside the city she was at.

            • Pink9847

              Unless you are using a medical grade mask, you are never 100% protected. Even then, the second you take it off, it’s on your body, your clothes, shoes. So unless you hold your breath after taking off your mask, strip naked and cover yourself in disinfectant, you are still exposing yourself.

              I heard first hand what my friend went through with COVID and I would NEVER tell someone “Um NO. I am quite frankly tired of staying home. I have a mask, so if I choose to, I will go out and patronize businesses. You keep your head in the sand and stay home.”
              You can patronized all the businesses you want to from home. How rude to tell someone to keep your head in the sand and stay home. Rude and condescending. Then try to get in a sob story? You make zero sense.

        • JoAnn

          Where was your humanity and civility for the 40,000 to 60,000 Americans whom have died of the flu each year? Buried in the sand possibly? You do realize the numbers of flu deaths have declined in 2020? You do realize that not all Covid 19 death cases were actually from the virus but other causes like the flu, cancer, heart attacks, strokes? Stop shaming people with made up fear.

          • Jennifer

            JoAnn, it hasn’t been anything close a year and we are over 87K deaths so far. Just saying. Hold your stats. Not that any stats are ever reliable.

            • Amber

              Even at 90,000 that’s still less 3% of the US population. Not saying 90,000 isn’t significant but those numbers are fudged with deaths that aren’t truly Covid related.

              • Pink9847

                Many mortuaries will tell you themselves that the numbers should be higher. If you had flu like symptoms and never got tested, they are falling back on any prior underlying conditions as the cause of death even though the cause is likely COVID-19. So the numbers should be much higher.

                And regardless of this flu excuse, these 90,000 people did not have to die, flu or no flu. These are 90,000 additional deaths to flu.

              • Jennifer

                We are at 96,370 deaths now. Do have a magic number? …and we aren’t even halfway through the year.

          • kayti

            Some people only want to look at some pieces of data and not others. They seem to over look the flu and the fact that it kills others as well. They also don’t seem to realize that the people that are generally super sick from covid are also super sick with the seasonal flus as well. Covid survivor and have never received a flu shot here! Don’t need others telling me that I need to stay home!

            • Pink9847

              So because the flu already kills people, we should accept an additional 90,000 dying. Illogical.
              We’ve already surpassed numbers for influenza deaths. Explain your logic using numbers, not repeating what you heard on your television. If you repeat what you heard on tv al the time, you’d also be telling people to inject themselves with household cleaning agents.

              • oo

                Ignorance is bliss

          • PNW

            If flu deaths went down in 2020 it is because of the all the hand washing, mask wearing, and staying out of public. Everything we are doing for Covid19 also works for the flu and cold viruses.

            • Amanda

              Yessss! Thank you!! Common sense people!!

            • Karen

              no it was because they classified the deaths as Covid19. and you can get a flu shot and then get the other ‘type” of flu.

              there is definitely some fudging the numbers on cv19 related deaths.

          • Monique


        • Mel

          Yes, tens of thousands have died from this awful virus. But so have people from car accidents, cancer and other diseases. Do we stop life for months because of those? I know this is a new virus, there’s no cure nor vaccine. But we’re doing more harm to our immune system by staying inside and isolated from everyone.

          • Liz

            So are car accidents and heart disease highly contagious? Because if it is not then you have made a moot point…

            • M

              We can all prevent car accidents by driving 25 Miles per hour. Are you willing to do that to save lives???

          • Kelly

            Most useless argument ever.

          • Sam

            Lol you are a joke! We are doing more harm to our immune system by staying inside?Where are you getting your information from?

            • Liz

              IKR…the saddest part is these are the people who come to grocery stores without masks and not maintain a distance…ppl like us who get out just for essential stuff will most likely get affected from these reckless ppl.

            • Mel

              @Sam, from my Dr. I’ll take her advise over you keyboard warriors.

              • DealAddict

                Your doctor did not tell you that staying home is worse for your immune system than going out during a pandemic. I am not saying you are lying, but maybe you were confused & somehow didn’t understand your doctor. You should call that doctor’s office & get some clarification.

      • JLC

        Well it looks like the awesome trolls in this group are at it again. As usual during this time..I still don’t understand why comments aren’t just turned off. People get so nasty and vile on this thing.

        • rochellemcgee

          This. I don’t care what side you’re on and I don’t care what anyone’s opinion on the pandemic is anymore and just would like one flipping post on the internet to just stay on topic. It’s about freaking Starbucks cups, people. Do or don’t go, I just want to know if the cups are any good 😒

          • Emme


      • kim

        i am tired of staying home but keeping my head in the sand is safer in NY here most stores are closed and Starbucks wont even get the cups in my area until may 21st if at all

      • Anne

        Hey Mel, then don’t come crying when you’re dying.
        Just kidding. They’ll have a vent waiting in the ICU with your name on it when you need it. Our first responders put their lives at risk to save YOURS when you willingly put yourself out there in the middle of a pandemic. How do you feel about that? They have families who would rather them sit this game out but no, they do it because the care enough to save YOU.
        For the sake of everyone on this page, keep you senseless opinions to yourself. You are an inconsiderate and insensitive, it’s digusting.

        • Anne

          Moving too quickly through the reopening process can cause a major setback and could end up requiring us to revert back to more restrictive measures.
          Be safe and sensible, everyone.

  9. Debbie

    I just called our local Starbucks. I spoke with the manager, and she said the “stand alone stores”, (not the ones in Targets or grocery stores), could not sell them until their summer kickoff. (She was guessing it would be around 5/21, but couldn’t guarantee it). She said when the s’mores flavor drinks come out, it’ll be that same day. She said you better run cuz all the stores already have as many as they are going to get. (She said her store only received 4 sets), and they’ll sell out fast. She also said grocery stores and Target Starbucks usually get more stock and they could sell them whenever they want. Our local grocery store Starbucks is closed, but I just called, and they have them out on their shelves anyway. I’m running there after work. Fingers crossed🤞🏻wish me luck!

    • Vironika

      Good luck! 👍🏼🙌🏼

      • Debbie

        I went to our local grocery store after I got off work. They probably had 20 sets for sale sitting on their shelf, (even though the Starbucks was actually closed for remodeling). I bought 2 sets; 1 for each of my 2 daughters.

    • Monique

      I called the Starbucks at our local vons grocery store they said they will not be putting there’s out until the 21st 🙂 my son works at Starbucks in Arizona if all else fails hopefully he can pick one up for me 🙂

    • Trish

      Hmmmm, my local Starbucks opened the box that had them and sold a set to me. The manager told you something completely different than what I experienced. I got a set today! Good luck, I’d call somewhere else since that manager is not doing what other stores are doing.

  10. Luna

    I have a question is it $18 for the set of just one cup??

    • katieyianitsas

      For the entire set

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      It includes 5 reusable BPA-free 24oz cups and 5 straws.

  11. PNW

    Guessing i’m going to Safeway after work.

  12. Jen

    Would you know what recycle number they are the bottom?

    • Cassandane

      My set from last year are #5

      • Jen


  13. Extremely Disappointed

    Went to 3 Starbucks stores and a Target. Not one single person at Starbucks had a clue about new cups being released.

  14. ambersteph

    Can you redeem rewards points on these?

    • Monique

      You cannot use points at the target Starbucks as they only allow for up to 150 for a free drink but you can use points at a stand alone Starbucks. if you want them the Starbucks at Target are the only places selling now mine had them in the back room so I had to ask otherwise they officially come out on the 21st or when you local Starbucks decides to release their summer menu FYI 🙂 thank whoever exist that my child works there so now I have all of the insider info!

  15. bird

    Yes amberstaf it stated it in the Ad you could use 400 to get them

  16. whatacutielife

    I still have my Birthday Reward from March and is expiring on June 2 as well as my almost 500 stars were expirations got extended. Time to redeemed it I guess before they really expires coz I doubt they’ll extend it more.

  17. Tylianna

    My daughter works at Starbucks and would like it if everyone stopped calling and coming through the drive through just to ask if they have these cups. They will be out on the 21st.
    That being said, they are pretty cool and I love the set she brought home 😍

    • Tylianna

      Edit: She got her cups from target, not a corporate store.

  18. hope-0

    I thought Starbucks announced they don`t allow reusable cups anymore

  19. Josh

    I just called my local starbucks and they’ve already sold out!

  20. kirstenparavalos

    walmart has a knock off set of color changing reusable cups too

  21. Ana

    Michael’s also has some color changing cups for $3.99 each after 20% off code. Use code: 20MAKE4120
    You’ll have to pay shopping though.

    • Cassandra (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for letting us know, Ana!

  22. Alison Navarro

    I work at an in store Starbucks. We are not launching our cups until May 21st. And yes, RUN!! We seek out so quickly!!! Usually within the first day or two!! There are two types of color changing cups. A five pack, and individual ones for only four dollars!!! I’m so excited to put these out!! Due to all the closures with COVID 19, there was A LOT of confusion as to when we were to put out the cups. Our original launch date was during all the closures and had to be changed so I’m sure that contributed to so many different places having so many different ideas about when 🙂

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Alison! Good to know!

  23. Bela1217

    I was finally able to find some in a Target Starbucks! They also had a The confetti reusable cup $3 and a pretty cool bedazzled rainbow tumbler in stock! They were limit to 2 per style!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Great finds! Thanks for sharing with us!

  24. hip2trade

    Would be nice to be able to purchase online as well.

  25. Cheryl

    I called my local starbucks and was told they sold out already. 😢

  26. Sara

    My husband went to a Starbucks inside a Safeway in Arizona today, and the employee said they are not selling them until 5/21.

  27. Jennifer

    Had a friend who is an employee grab a few for me (bonus– 50% off!). He said all versions were sold out by noon.

  28. Lulu

    People are buying them all and reselling them on eBay for as much as $80 for all 5 and selling a single cup for $40 😡.

    • Whill2011

      Check Amazon! The price gouging is INSANE for some cups. People are nuts lol

  29. Nichole

    Just picked a set up today! My local store has a bunch as well as the confetti cups.

  30. Jennifer

    Grab two confetti cups, but they were $5 each?!?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the feedback, Jennifer. It seems the pricing can vary.

    • Sandy

      Yes $5.41 with tax.

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