These Vintage Toys are More Valuable Than You’d Think

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vintage little people castle playset

If only we could go back in time…

We all probably wished at one point we would have known our favorite toy or kitchen dish would be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Whether you’ve resisted the urge to open a popular vintage toy or it’s still in a well-loved box somewhere, you could have your hands on a goldmine if you have any of these sought-after old collectibles.

1. Vintage My Little Pony Princess Repunzel

pink my little pony horse toy on carpet

How much is it worth? Over $2,000 for a well-loved toy or potentially more for mint condition.

Sold eBay listing

Why is it so valuable? Talking about rare toys, this cute My Little Pony was never actually sold in stores. In fact, the My Little Pony Princess Repunzel edition was only part of a mail-order rewards program where receipt holders with proof of purchase could receive one. She’s so rare, people are even paying a high dollar for ponies with mangled hair. So if you resisted the urge to even play with yours, the sky could be the limit for what someone’s willing to pay for a mint condition one.

2. 1984 Hasbro Optimus Prime series 1 Transformer

transformers box with optimus prime inside

How much is it worth? As much as $9,500 for a perfect, sealed box.

Sold listing on eBay

Why is it so valuable? With 7 Transformers movies currently out, I’m sure you’ve heard of the billion-dollar franchise. Started by Michael Bay in the ’80s, Optimus Prime became everyone’s favorite. While almost every kid in 1984 had an Optimus Prime Transformer truck, if you didn’t actually take it out of the box, go get it graded by AFA because if it scores at least a 90 you’ll be banking big bucks. Bet you wish you never opened it, am I right? 😏

3. 1943 copper penny

How much is it worth? Some sell for as little as $1,700, whereas certified pennies can top out at a whopping $60,000 up to $200,000+.

Sold listing on eBay

Why is it so valuable? They were made by accident. According to The U.S. Coin Guide, during World War II the country put a halt to using copper on pennies to save it for much-needed war ammunition. It’s believed that they were accidentally made from a few remaining blank copper planchets that were left in hoppers at the coin presses. There are only 25-40 of these rare pennies known to exist today.

4. Vintage 1980’s Care Bears

vintage pink care bears

How much are they worth? Anywhere from $500 up to $10,000 for a whole collection.

Sold listing on eBay

Why are they so valuable? Many of us loved the Care Bears growing up, making it one of the biggest kids classics of all time and serious toy collectors are now scooping up all the of these vintage toy stuffed bears that are still floating around.

Whether you consider it clinging to the nostalgia of childhood or not, sources are saying that collectors are paying big bucks for rare ones such as The Nobleheart Horse Care Bears CousinThe roundheart Cat Care Bear Cousin, and Surprise Care Bear. However, if you’re holding onto a VTG Care Bears Cousins Pink Monkey you can expect to cash out at around the $10,000 mark.

5. 1980s Samantha American Girl doll

Samantha american girl doll with box

How much is it worth? An original Samantha American Girl Doll manufactured by Plesant company can sell for anywhere between $100 to $500 and up to $5,400+ for a signed collection of three of the original, pre-Mattel American Dolls in boxes with paperwork.

Listing sold on eBay

Why is it so valuable? Samantha Parkington was one of the very first American Girl dolls ever created. Kids, parents, and now toy collectors love American Girl because the dolls are unique in that they all have names, their own personality, culture, challenges, and heart. And if you have your hands on an impeccable & signed doll (or three) from your childhood, they could be worth tons – according to USA Today a set recently sold for as much as $5,400.

6. The Beatles – White Album

the beatles white album cover

How much is it worth? Depending on the serial number and condition it could be worth anywhere between $1,500 and $790,000. The lower the pressed serial number, the higher the value.

Sold listing on eBay

Why is it so valuable? Need I say more than The Beatles? The popular White Album was released in 1968 and only members of the band and executives were given the most valuable vinyl discs, however, they’re floating around today, and while the chances of having one are low – it’s definitely not impossible.

Each of these covers was embossed and stamped with a serial number so if you’re holding onto one that’s not printed you may be sitting on a goldmine. Ringo’s original White Album sold at auction for $790,000 making it the most expensive record ever sold.

7. Elastic Batman

elastic batman toy in box

How much is it worth? Up to $15,000 or more.

No current eBay listings.

Why is it so valuable? Well, the short answer would be that there are only 2 of these vintage toys ever made so any Batman-obsessed toy collector wants to be the first one to get their hands on one of them – that’s if they have the cash to spare. 😏

According to Purple Clover, “the stretchy toy was created in 1979 in response to waning interest in traditional 8″ figurines, but toy company Kenner thought it was too similar to its popular ‘Stretch Armstrong’ product line.” Kenner sued Mego putting a halt to the manufacturing of Elastic Batman and one of the two that were made has since sold for $15,000 at auction in 2006.

8. First edition Harry Potter books

first edition harry potter books with autograph

How much are they worth? A couple of thousand dollars for first editions up to $56,000 for editions that list Joanne Rowling as the author on the title page as opposed to J.K. which are considered collectors editions.

Sold listing on eBay

Why are they so popular? It’s no secret that Harry Potter quickly became a household name, and believe it or not, JK Rowling once had time to sign hundreds of her first edition books before her rise to stardom. (Can you imagine getting your hands on one of those? 😱)

If you’re lucky enough to have one of these books, you’re in luck because they’re worth a small fortune! However, there are still other editions for sale over at Abebooks that are going for over $6,000.

9. Original 1959 Barbie doll

original 1959 barbie doll

How much is it worth? Anywhere from $1,000 up to $27,000+ for a mint condition model.

Sold listing on eBay

Why are they so valuable? If your grandma or mom were ever into Barbies, they may have an original Barbie somewhere in the attic. The first iconic Barbie dolls were released in 1959 making the first edition the most valuable to collectors. She has golden hair, a black and white bathing suit, and blue eyeshadow. And if yours has holes in the bottom of the feet, you’re lucky enough to have the rarest of them all which has sold for over $27,000 in the past.

10. Super Mario Bros. test launch game

super mario bros test launch game

How much is it worth? $2,000 and up. One perfectly sealed copy recently sold for $140,000.

No current eBay listings.

Why is it so valuable? If you played Nintendo as a kid, you probably have one of the first-ever games launched with it – Super Mario Bros. And if you didn’t already open it, you can strike it rich! While prices for vintage games can fluctuate, gaming collectors will pay big bucks to get their hands on an unopened game. So if you have the rare version of Super Mario Brosfrom Nintendo’s limited “soft launch” of the NES then you could sell it for roughly $140,000.

Other listings for the mint or unopened 1989 game can still get you a few thousand dollars depending on the condition.

11. Lucky in Love Pyrex

lucky in love pyrex dish with pink hearts and grass

How much is it worth? Last sold for over $4,000.

No current eBay listings. 

Why is it so valuable? Time to raid Grandma’s kitchen cabinets (with her permission of course). 😏 The Lucky in Love Pyrex dish is thought to be either a limited edition or possibly even a test product. According to Pyrex Potluck, the one-quart Round Casserole dish remains one of the most elusive Pyrex designs ever created by Corning Glass Works and recent online auctions have seen Lucky In Love sell for over $4,000.

12. Vintage 1974 Fisher-Price Little People Castle

vintage fisher price castle sitting on wood table

How much is it worth? Around $200-$350 with the original box and if it’s in great condition. Although, even some with rising litho paper on the floor and pond have still sold for the higher end of this price range.

Sold listing on eBay

Why is it so valuable? In the ’70s when this castle was first produced, it was the very first Fisher-Price toy made of this caliber. It was also said to be the most expensive toy for them to produce given its extensive amount of detail. For many adults who grew up in the late ’70s and ’80s, this toy brings back a lot of nostalgia and while you won’t likely get thousands for it, you can get slightly more cash if you have the original box.

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Sara is a self-taught blogger and photographer with 8+ years of experience having work featured in various building, travel, and fashion publications, most notably Bassett Furniture and Fossil.

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Comments 21

  1. Mellie

    I have seen the American girl doll for much less than that on eBay.

  2. huertac1

    We just had an estate sale for my father in law who passed away. He had tons of old toys. Unfortunately they were in poor condition because of water damage in the basement but we gave away one of those ponies to some little girl lol. I wish it would’ve been in good condition!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      So very sorry for your loss. 💕

  3. Materof6

    My mom still has my entire 1982 Fisher Price doll house, complete with the lamps that plug into the house and STILL work! They don’t make toys like the used to!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh wow! That’s SO neat! Thanks for sharing that with us!

  4. R

    There is a difference between a sold listing and a listing that expired. You can list an item for any crazy price you want.

  5. Kelly

    My grandma has a Vintage Fisher Price Little People Children’s Hospital from 1976! Its in decent shape with the little people and everything. My kids love to play with it every time they go to Grandma’s!

  6. Jen

    I have the original Barbie but she’s definitely not in good shape after years of play. Until this post, I didn’t even know she was supposed to have earrings and sun glasses!

    • CJ

      My mom has the second edition (brunette) of this brand new in box never removed BUT it’s not worth 1/2 as much as this one! Too bad 🤦🏼‍♀️

  7. mnemosyne786

    I’ve been collecting Harry Potter books for years and have gotten lucky enough to find a couple of discarded first editions along the way that I didn’t realize were first editions until about a year ago, but nothing signed!

  8. ToriSC

    How funny…I have that castle sitting on a shelf downstairs. Went to clean out my dad’s attic and found it wrapped in a garbage bag – minus the box of course.

  9. Kay

    Great unique post. I love posts like this that r educational, fun, interesting n practical. Thanks H2S! I gave away the few 80s toys I had. I regret it, especially now that I have two girls who would have loved my tiny collection. It’s true, they don’t make toys like they used to. Polly Pocket is another great example of that. My girls have some very special current toys that they collect n take good care of. I hope these toys will stay in the family for my grandkids n on. Or if they’re worth a lot in the future, they may sell them in hard times.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re so welcome, Kay! Happy you enjoyed this one! Thanks a bunch for your feedback and for sharing your thoughts with us!

  10. Megs5484

    I have the original Samantha doll and her bed from the 80’s. She was the first one I got for Christmas ages ago. I also have Molly and Felicity, too. They’re not in the most pristine condition, because I actually played *nicely* with them. Ive seen super expensive ones online, but they never seem to sell. Given the choice, I think I’d rather keep my dolls and the memories! 🥰

    • CJ

      Speaking of memories, the new AG period piece doll is from the 80s!!!! One of her accessories is a Molly doll from the pleasant company…just like what we got in the 80s! Go to their site and check it out….too adorable! I want one now!!!

      • Megs5484

        Omg – I have seen the new doll and she’s so adorable! I love her clothes and accessories too! It makes me feel so old that the 80’s are so far gone now that they’ve made an 80’s doll lol! She’s very cute tho. Thanks for the info! 👍🏻

  11. Lana

    We have lots of vintage toys from our own children and some were my brother’s and he is 55. The grandchildren love the cool toys at our house. I have had teenagers ask to come over and play with our vintage Legos.

  12. rocme

    Honestly had no idea Little People had been around that long!

  13. Joy

    I’m an 80’s toy collector and reseller. My Little Pony Rapunzel was a mail order special where you had to clip “horseshoe points” from other MLP packages for a discount. Not many circulated because these were from a later run of toys and most of the girls outgrew them by the later 80’s and their little siblings were into other toys by then. Also for top price, the pony must be in it’s sealed baggie, or have all its accessories and be unplayed with. Also, the hair should not be “mangled” it should be super long and curly and have the original braid.

    As for Care Bears Cousins, Noble Heart Horse, Playful Heart Monkey, Proud Heart Cat, Loyal Heart Dog, were only available in the UK, France, and Australia. Treat Heart Pig was only made as a prototype. 😉

  14. sauthier

    I bought that entire castle set at a yard sale for 2$ it had all the characters including the pink dragon. It was a little water damaged but I still got 275$ on eBay!

  15. Janet Kammerer

    I have a stuffed toy Polo Bear in excellent condition Is it a collectible?

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