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Walmart’s Holiday Layaway Available NOW | Shop Early & Have More Time to Pay

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pink layaway sign hanging in store

Walmart is offering holiday layaway earlier than ever!

Through December 14th, 2020, Walmart stores are offering their convenient Holiday Layaway for in-store purchases only – perfect for all of your holiday shopping!

No credit cards are required, and there are NO interest payments on your purchases. Note that Layaway is only valid in-store, it does not apply to orders. *Participation may vary by location.

pink layaway sign hanging in store

How do I get started?

To get started on Layaway, bring your item(s), or the “tear pad” ticket for large and heavy items, to the store’s designated Layaway counter. Then, make a small down-payment of $10 or 10%, whichever is greater. That money goes directly toward your Layaway – no fees!

Note that individual Layaway items must be priced at $10 or more, and total purchases must be $50 or greater. Make payments ANY time on your Layaway at ANY register in the store.

By December 14th, head back to the same store where you started your Layaway plan to pay the final payment and pick up your items. Otherwise, your Layaway account will be canceled, and all items will be returned to inventory. Any payments made will be refunded, less a cancellation fee that matches your down payment (does not apply in Maryland, Ohio, Rhode Island, or Washington, D.C.).

Walmart cart with toys

What items can I put on Layaway?

  • Electronics (without service plans)
  • Toys
  • Small Appliances
  • Large Furniture
  • Auto Electronics
  • Sporting Goods (select items)
  • Jewelry
  • Infant Toys
  • Infant Furniture

Need to return an item? Walmart’s Return Policy applies to all layaway transactions.

Get a head start on your holiday shopping with these fun Christmas finds!

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Comments 91

  1. JMonte509

    I really wish during this time that Walmart would allow online layaway.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      That’s such a great suggestion! They are really responsive to their Facebook page. Maybe you can leave that message there as well, JMonte509!


      I WISH THAT ALSO, it would be more convenient for some. It would help those without transportation to provide their kids a Christmas without depending on anyone.

      • Becca

        I feel the same way I won’t be able to get my kids much for Christmas because here him Missouri they are not doing the Christmas layaway and that Sucks

        • Lisa M Garletts

          Our local Walmart does Christmas layaway every year but this one! And this year is one that people need layaway the most!

          • Rebecca Campbell

            My store said the same.

        • Regina

          They’re not doing it here in Missouri. Because when I read it doesn’t apply in certain states, Missouri wasn’t listed as one.

    • Brenda S French

      I do to. No Walmarts close to me have layaway

    • Karen Brogna

      I wish they did also. I used to do all my Christmas shopping at Kmart because they did online layaway!

    • Janet

      I totally agree! During these times they should have online layaway.

    • Krissy Accisano

      I wish I could at least make my payments online

  2. CJ

    I’ve never used it before. What happens if the price goes down before Christmas, will they price match the sales price after you lay it away?

    • Cadenzmom

      I have done Walmart layaway the last few years. So far, every year Walmart has price matched their lowest price of the season. At time of pickup, the prices are adjusted on the receipt. Hope this helps.

      • Colleen

        Walmart layaway is nice and gives you enough time to pay it off

    • Fincher

      I brought something last year that was on rollback at the time of me getting layway out and I ended up paying rollback price for it

    • Ayee Jaee

      That had been my experience. My final payment was a lot lower than expected because of price drops.

    • jay

      Yes, when you go to pick up your order the price or prices will adjust.

    • Robyn

      One year I got my daughter a LOL doll box and it was originally priced at like 59.99. When I went to go pick up my layaway it had dropped to 16.00 I was shocked

    • Marcy

      If the price goes down, then you will get the lowest price. I’ve been using their layaway for a few years already.

    • Amanda

      The system auto adjusts it when you go to do your final check out. 2 years ago a secret Santa paid off my layaway and when I went to pay it off and found out the store actually had to give me money back because multiple items had gone down in price.

    • kelly

      Yes, I usually pay about $40 to $60 less from my original total by the time I get my stuff out😀…

    • Annie Smart

      Yes they will, they will take the difference off.

    • Dee

      Yes, I’ve done layaway at Walmart for four years and when you pick up your purchases they adjust prices to the lowest price they advertised for the holiday season. Walmart is very good for holiday layaway only thing you can’t put on LA here in NJ is clothing.

  3. Cadenzmom

    I have done Walmart layaway the last few years. So far, every year Walmart has price matched their lowest price of the season. At time of pickup, the prices are adjusted on the receipt. Hope this helps.

    • Austyn

      What about black Friday prices?

      • Allison

        I was just told at the store they don’t do layaway for Black Friday

  4. HJewell

    I love Wal-Mart lay away! My oldest is in the questions stage, this gives me the opportunity to keep the gifts “hidden” at the store!

  5. Dana

    Will all locations be offering Holiday Layaway this year?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Dana! You can always double check with your store to be certain.

      • lindak

        Wow, there are at least 5 Walmarts within 6 miles of me and not a single one is offering layaway.

  6. Vanessa Pyszka

    Walmart told me today layaway was cancelled for this year

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh bummer. Thanks for the feedback! I wonder if it may vary a bit by location. I still find the details listed through the link above. Do you have another nearby store that you could check with?

      • Lockie Tuck

        I live in a rural area. I just found out our Walmart will not have layaway. However, stores 40 and 60 miles from me will have layaway. Check with your local store. It is a bummer because I have been watching the new toys and planning what I was going to put on layaway. Lol

        • Sarah

          I really wish Walmart would have a “pay online” way to pay, then it would be worth it to travel to put it on and pick it up. I’ve tried suggesting this in the past, but they probably want you in the store, so you’ll buy stuff.

      • Cadenzmom

        I was able to place a switch lite on layaway today!! I live near the Orlando area

    • Michelle

      Mine told me they also canceled it this year.

  7. Heather Morrison

    My walmart will not be doing layaway this year

    • Michael Anderson

      What are you looking to get?

  8. Amy

    Not all stores are doing layaway this year! Mine isn’t! I wish they added a disclaimer that stated “Only available are select stores.” I can barely wait for all the pissed off customers when they find out just how many stores aren’t doing layaway.

  9. Michael Anderson is year round and you can get an iPhone 11 as well!

    • cameshia brown

      thanks for the info. I just went on there.

  10. Renee

    Which Walmart stores in Baltimore Maryland are doing layaway Nobody can say & I’ve called customer service three or four times

  11. Christina

    Please call your Walmart before heading to the store to do your layaway. I am an early bird and all my local Walmart’s have opted out of participating this year. I even called 800# and they could not tell me how to find which Walmart was participating.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh bummer! Thanks, Christina. I have updated the post details. Thanks a bunch for the warning.

  12. Johnny runk

    None of the Wal Marts in my area are even offering Christmas lay away this year. This really sucks especially with everything else going on.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Darn! Thanks so much for sharing that with us. I have added a note to the post.

  13. Sam N

    We live in AZ and have called 3 Walmart locations near us and all 3 said they have cancelled layaway this year.(2020) Has anybody else heard anything about layaway being cancelled or is it just in our part of AZ?

    • Irene (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Sam. While most Walmart stores are offering Layaway this year, it is ultimately up to the manager to decide whether that store will participate in it or not. Sorry to hear that the Walmart locations near you won’t have it.

    • Marissa B is open! You can get electronics, appliances, gift cards and more!

    • Cece

      Santa Maria, ca not doing layaway this year

    • Megan F.

      Hi Im in Az as well, the Walmart in El Mirage is doing it! Just put mine on last week!

  14. dennis elder

    as bad as its been this year seems like walmart would do layaway to help the public have a christmas this year it suck for the people that need it and you cant get any info on which one will offer layaway

  15. felicia thornhill

    I have already called walmart on Creighton Pensacola. They are starting their Christmas lay-a-ways today.

  16. Rachel Lester

    My Walmart said they aren’t doing layaway this year

  17. Laurie Villotta

    No need for layaway when I have a Christmas account that I put money into from every paycheck. I will use Amazon and place things in my cart and every payday I have ordered something that I know my girls want or will need. Works out great.

    • Evie

      Also, if people would save money in a jar. They would have the money to buy at Christmas! The stores do not often have things before!
      With a Layaway, if you do not pay the store may forfeit your goods, even if it is an emergency.
      Not for me!

  18. Mollie

    Find out who the district manager is for your Walmart area and let him/her know your feelings about the stores not offering layaways this year. Many voices will really make him/her realize that they are making a mistake. Also, go to the Walmart’s Facebook and express your feelings. It is usually the district manager who is the decision maker. (former manager).

  19. Geena m Garcia

    It sucks that walmart is not doing layaway this year but online it says they started yesterday kinda makes me mad

  20. Tommy Bolton

    Walmart In Weymouth Massachusetts Is NOT Doing Lay a way this year and they were VERY RUDE about it when asked. Walmart In Quincy Massachusetts is doing Lay a way though which is great though because this year has been very hard for alot of families. I think its wrong that so many stores have opted out of doing Lay a way this year, its literally a slap in the face of families that actually depend on systems like this to have a good Christmas for theyre families.

  21. Jessie

    I just went to Walmart and Walmart is NOT doing layaway for Christmas 2020. I called three stores, our local one, and two that are about a 30 min drive from me. They each said they didn’t know of any Walmart in Ohio providing layaway.

  22. Jody

    Can you layaway guns??

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I don’t find that listed. You could always check with your store to be certain.

  23. Cece

    I just went to Walmart in SM,Ca and was told Walmart is not doing layaway this year. I ask why she had no answer she just works there. Why would Walmart not do layaway this year 2020. I’m on a tight budget this year and it would of really help me .I can’t afford to buy everything at one time and pay for it.making payments would be alot easier for me. This year is really going to be sad for my kids.

  24. JayBirde

    Good luck finding a Walmart that actually offers layaway! I called 5 Walmart’s in my area and exactly zero are participating. I was told since they aren’t doing Black Friday this year, they’re not doing layaway. Ridiculous!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Darn! Thanks so much for sharing. Sorry to hear it is not being offered in your area.

    • Michelle Trudeau

      We live in rural east Texas and cant find one near that is participating either. We have six kids and two grandkids so using layaway always helped us to be able to get christmas shopping done and everyone happy. Doesn’t look like that will happen this year. Walmart needs to help out the country folks.

  25. danielle r

    Rant of the day!
    Since they are not doing black friday this yr I feel like they need to at least do layaway!! When you have more than one child and are a single parent with one income having black friday helped me to be able to get my kids the big ticket items they wanted at half the rate. I more disappointed in them taking away layaway then taking away black friday

  26. Carol

    I can’t find a Walmart near me that does Layaway


    Unfortunately my local Walmart said they will not be doing holiday layaway for the 2020 holiday season.

    • Vicki

      I tried to start a layaway in Pflugerville, Tx on sept 9 And was told they are not doing it at this time😡

  28. Sweetklouise

    Just a few tips for those trying to buy Christmas for their kids…

    I have loved this site this year. The second I see a toy, clothes, or something mine will like- I buy it. Amazon was running a bonus where if are approved for their amazon card, you get a $100 free on a gift card. I was approved and used the $100 to buy her some gifts she wanted alot. I haven’t used the Amazon card once. I I also get extra benefits now that I have that card. Like a random email of promotions like $10 of clothing. I bought a dress and it was $10 and free. I am after a huge afterpay user. I bought her school clothes like that and only pay a certain amount every two weeks for 6 weeks and then its paid off. Everytime I have something paid off, my amount I can spend increases. Theres no interests or fees as long as you pay on time. They send reminders and it’s super easy. I also use Ibottta. People complain but I have only used it for a month and saved $175. I used it for an amazon gift to buy my daughter her one big gift- a keyboard piano.

    It’s only because of the tips above that I have gotten Christmas done. I’m a single momma and yet, because I’ve started early and am cheap, ive gotten it done. Hope it helps some of you 🙂

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      These are wonderful tips, SweetKLouise!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  29. Millie

    Walmart is not offering layaway in some locations they didnt even know it started.. I sat in the store tellingbtjem it says it started Aug 28.. they told me to call customer service customer serv iij ce told me sorry for the inconvenience due to covid everything running slow sorry for the false advertisement.. went all th he way to the store and I’m the only 1 that knew about it

  30. Valerie Denney

    There is no layaway in WA, Idaho, Oregon

  31. Natasha Davis

    Does anyone know which walmart are doing layaway. The one in ft pierce fl is not

  32. Donna Callaham

    I so wish that Walmart would allow lay away for online shopping also!!!!@

  33. Sonya Anderson

    Can I make layaway payments online?

  34. Brenda

    Not all Walmart’s are doing the Christmas lay away this year how do I find one near me

  35. Sandra Carrillo

    Walmarts in Amarillo are not doing layaway this year due to covid.

  36. Jennifer

    It’s sad you promote this and almost no Walmarts are doing layaway disappointing .Especially when I shop there every other day almost.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SO sorry, Jennifer. Thanks a bunch for commenting. It appears that participation varies greatly by store. I do see they list “select stores only” through the link above. We have that detail in the post. Hoping more stores may be able to participate in the coming years.

  37. Chris Martinez

    This is false information in Abilene tx they said no layaway this year

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Darn! Thanks so much for your feedback, Chris. This does vary by store. I still find the layaway details above, listed through the link in the post.

  38. Stephanie Ioane

    This is not true. The Walmart’s in Washington state are NOT DOING it. I tried today and was told rudely that layaway was not open.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      So sorry to hear that. It does seem this can vary by location.

  39. GothBear83

    My biggest complaint is that my store’s layaway doesn’t open until 10am. When I have transportation out that way it’s with someone who goes early in the morning. So wondering, when am I going to be there past 10am? is challenging.

    When I had the chance to wait so I could put two items up, the person who’s suppose to be running layaway wasn’t there. One associate saw I was waiting, he told me to hold on someone would be there soon. He comes walking back with another associate, they look at me, laugh and continue down an aisle. I must have waited over 20 minutes for someone to finally assist me. Two associates come to the counter having a conversation, where is she? She isn’t here yet. If it were just me there by myself it wouldn’t be so bad but, I had someone waiting for me impatiently.

  40. CathyB

    Most of the Walmart’s in the Greater Houston area are offering the layaway plan this year. I have 2 SuperCenters within 5 miles of my house. They have the layaway signage all over the stores. Sorry 😐 for those who don’t have the option this year.

  41. shop4mybabies

    I live in a big city in western washington and it says no walmarts are doing layaways here. i don’t use it often but i was planning to put a bunch of household stuff in a layaway for my son…i’ll just buy stuff one at a time instead i suppose

  42. Jeff Dub

    Our WalMart is not offering Layaway either. Just another reason, to the rapidly growing list, why this store is horrible. A year where most people would benefit the most from an extended layaway program, they do not have it. WalMart, you are a joke!!!!

  43. Misty Swann

    I hate that you can’t layaway clothes any more. I always buy pajamas for Christmas. It would be nice if all my gifts were able to go into layaway together.

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