Holiday Layaway No Longer Available at Walmart in 2021

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Is Walmart Layaway happening this year? Here’s what we found out. 

pink layaway sign at walmart

Walmart Layaway is no longer available this holiday season.

We have bad and sad news… even though we were told early in the season that select Walmart locations may be offering in-store layaway, that no longer appears to be the case. We followed up with some of our local stores after hearing the turmoils of so many readers not having luck finding a store offering that program, and it does turn out that many Walmart stores are canceling in-store layaway this year. 😞 We’d even bet that there isn’t a single store in the US offering it!

For further confirmation, we also contacted a customer service representative from who said that if the status of Layaway changes, it would be announced on their website. However, all Layaway links have been replaced with Walmart’s Affirm program as of now, which doesn’t give us much hope for it returning this year.

Affirm offers a different yet useful payment plan that has a few similar features as Layaway did, and seems to be the unofficial replacement of Layaway.

blue shipping box on area rug near a door

What is Affirm?

If you’re looking for an alternative Layaway program, Walmart has partnered with Affirm to allow customers to make installment payments on their purchases. It’s a program that lets you buy now and pay later through monthly payments over 3-, 6-, and 12-month timespans. You’re basically financing certain items.

Note that this varies from Walmart’s in-store Layaway as an interest rate will apply (ranges from 10-30% APR based on credit, but there is a promotional 0% rate for items that apply). You must also apply to be considered to use this program, and applications are subject to an eligibility check. That said, you’re out of luck trying this service if you live in West Virginia or Iowa, as residents of these states are ineligible to use Affirm.

Walmart cart with toys

What items can I purchase with Affirm?

The following items are all able to be financed with Affirm:

  • Electronics (without service plans)
  • Video games
  • Toys
  • Home
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Musical Instruments
  • Home Improvements
  • Auto
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Tools
  • Baby
  • Jewelry
  • Apparel

Walmart box on porch

What are some items I can’t purchase with Affirm?

The following are a few items that can’t be used with Affirm:

  • Alcohol
  • Baby Consumables
  • Gasoline
  • Merchandise at the register
  • Pet Supplies

For the full list, scroll down on this page.

Our best advice? Consider whether or not Affirm is a good match for you!

We know how important Layaway was to many people and how upsetting this news is, but, for more information to see whether or not Affirm would be a good match, visit Affirm’s Walmart landing page to see if you pre-qualify.

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Kaitlyn has a Bachelor's Degree from St. John's University with 2 years of writing experience for LinkedIn, Celeb Magazine, and other various publications.

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Comments 95

  1. Jamie

    We have 2 Walmart’s in my town and neither of them are doing Layaway. I don’t know what people are going to do sometimes that is the only way some people can afford Christmas presents. The Walmart’s around us as well are not doing it either. Not enough workers to do it I was told.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      DARN! Thanks for the feedback, Jamie.

    • Melissa

      Go on the Walmart app,put items in your cart that you want, get the total then every 2 weeks when you get paid put the amount away you would put on the layaway!

      • Chris Lavenz

        Prices change to much to do that. I have to penny pinch to afford things so I often get things on sale or clearance.

      • Cheryl morrison

        I think that’s a really good idea!!! At least it would give someone an idea of what they would need.

    • Lauren Rector

      I just called my local Walmart here in South Carolina and they confirmed they will not be doing layaway this year only offering “deals” around the holidays. Im really disappointed.

      • Priscilla King

        Same here in my area, I really depend on the layaway for the holiday…

    • Erica

      Walmart is not doing layaway this year I call corporate from Michigan

    • mandy arietta

      I live in Davie, FL and I called to ask if they were doing layaway this year and they said no.

      • Arelys318

        Hi Neighbor!

    • Katrina

      Walmart participating with the KLARNA APP. You can pay 4 payments. Klarna can be used with many stores. I love it 😀

      • DEanna Bridges

        I agree!
        Plus no interest fees, if you have good credit

        • Kate

          I have garbage credit and still interest free!

    • Samantha McCarty

      I know I think it’s horrible walmarts makes the most money on stores n people like me a 70 year old widow can’t buy for grandkids or anybody this year I start in August with layaway it really stinks a piss poor xmas this year wish it was over so ashamed for kids no xmas Thx To All Money Hungry People in Wallmarts wish Kmart was still open miss it was kinda higher but was a choice

  2. Evie

    You can pretend you have a layaway and save money every week in an envelope. Hidden from the others. Worked good for me when I had to!
    I do not see much in the stores worth buying.

    • Kristin Smith

      You are right there is nothing much out there at all

  3. KCall

    Can someone submit a lit of Walmart’s that partipate in Layaway ? Please!! Hard to find this information

    • Freddy reynolds

      Thats dumb soundin

  4. Tiffany D Beltz

    How do I find out what walmart stores have layaways?

  5. Kim

    I called the Walmart I used last year for Layaway since there was three in Phoenix,AZ. I was told yes they were doing layaways so when I got there, there were no signs and an associate stated the store was not doing layaways this year. I called Walmart customer service and she stated nationwide there was no stores offering and when I advised there are sites stating Aug.28 was the beginning date but the Walmart page had a glitch to where a zip code could be entered. She googled the same thing and stated it was an IT issue and transferred the call. I got another CSR on the line she apologized and copied the URL’s of the sites so Walmart info could be updated regarding layaway and she spoke to her Sup confirming no layaway this year and is escalating the issue so it is known there are consumers wanting to know if it’s true or not on the layaway and to update the website.

  6. Peggy Johnson

    I need lay a way. Walmart will lose money this year.

    • Joyce

      Not really .. A lot of people that can will use online. A lot of employees use it also but now cant. I think its cause of covid19.

    • Priscilla King

      I agree, I need it too…

  7. Yolanda Y Tamplin

    Why would they stop doing layaway when this pandemic is going on and people is struggling to pay bills keep food on the table and now you’re taking away a chance where kids can get 2 -3 toys

    • Priscilla King


  8. Donna C

    I think Walmart owner is very selfish by not helping out the families that are struggling with Xmas and any other holidays they have money that shows you how much Walmart care in other you don’t care if the kids have Xmas are not that’s how Rich folk’s act

    • Brandi

      That’s a very unfair statement. I know many “rich folks” that are VERY giving and even more so at Christmas. Wal Mart is a corporation, that’s a whole other level.

    • Jodi P

      How is it anyone’s fault if you’re not setting aside some money every week to buy Christmas gifts?
      That makes no sense at all.

      • Mandy

        You’re a cruel person. People are talking about gifts for kids and you’d deny them to children because their parents don’t have the ability to save money throughout the year.

        • Jodi P

          I’m not cruel. Cruel is telling kids they won’t get gifts because walmart doesn’t have layaway. If a person can come up with weekly payments for layaway the two months before christmas, why can’t they save a little weekly for two months before thanksgiving, and spend the money, then?

          • Maggie

            The point of layaway is not just making the payments but being assured that the toys/ items your children want most (often “hot” toys) are safely tucked away in layaway. Otherwise you are scrambling at the last minute trying to find these items once the designated amount of money is saved. Layaway is depended on by many families. Those being judgemental here obviously have not needed this assistance at any time in their lives, and if that’s the case, I’m happy for you. But, understand that you are the exception. Walmart is a large corporation operating in the black that can certainly afford to continue this program for families who need it.

  9. Jasmine

    I work at a Walmart in South Carolina, sadly to say that our Walmart isn’t offering layaway this year, but I keep hearing that other walmart’s are offering layaway. They are really missing out on a lot of money this year, cause that’s the only way some people can afford to get they kids and other stuff for Christmas, they really messed up. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Priscilla King

      I agree…

  10. Danielle

    I work at Walmart is the state of Indiana. My store isn’t doing layaway this year either. I get asked every day if we’re doing my way and I have to tell them no. It’s going to be their fault that we’re going to lose money this year. I mean there’s not a lot of people that can’t afford Christmas like everybody said they’re struggling I honestly don’t think they honestly care I mean I do it’s why I get upset when I have to tell customers that we’re not doing layway.

    • Jodi P

      I don’t understand that logic. How can people “not be able to afford christmas” without layaway, when they’re actually paying for the gifts? If you’ve got money to make weekly layaway payments, then obviously you’ve got money to set aside to buy the gifts, anyway.
      Start putting aside some money every week, by December you’ll have money to spend on Christmas. It’s the same exact thing.

      • LibLiz

        You are speaking like someone of privilege.

        The point is you can put things away when they are on sale, securing that price, then make payments on them before Christmas. That’s how a lot of people save money and make every dollar stretch.

        • Coridg

          Or you can plan ahead and have a Christmas saving account so when those sales happen, you take advantage of the sale without needing layaway.

        • Jodi P

          You make an assumption about my “privilege” based on what? I grew up in government housing, on food stamps, food banks, government cheese, and back when they had cash welfare. Currently, I am on SS Disability, get housing assistance, Food stamps, Medicare and Medicaid. I am not someone of any economic privilege.

          (And readers please, check your own “privilege” before commenting on my own life economic circumstances.)

          I AM privileged in that I DO UNDERSTAND some of the harsh realities of being poor. My mom did use layaway a lot when I was a kid. But much more often than not, she had to cancel the layaways and get refunded because we needed the cash for utilities.

          However, I do not understand how the lack of layaway means someone can’t buy gifts for their kids. Walmart and most other stores didn’t have layaway for well over a decade, until some years ago……….yet people still bought gifts for their kids, SOMEHOW.

          Not having money for gifts is one thing. But having some money for gifts, and not being able to budget the saving and spending of it is not the fault of any store that is not offering layaway.

          If layaway was the only way to buy gifts, how do people buy gifts from stores that have never offered layaway? To my knowledge, Target has never had it, yet they seem to do just fine in holiday sales, from people of all walks of life.

        • Jennifer

          Yes. Many toys go on sale or deep discount in October. If your’re not living on the edge, I guess you could start envelope saving in Jan to be prepared,but for many families, if a disaster arises in that period,that envelope will have to go to fix car or other issue thinking, “we’ve got x months” and can start again. Also,many folks get a bonus right before Christmas,and unfortunately, many desirable toys are long gone,and the cheap toys have been bought by charitable groups. I’ve see folks walk down the discount toy aisle at Walmart and sweep toys into several baskets. This does help some families who are beneficiaries of certain charities,but hurts many who aren’t eligible. Target and walmart often will stop getting shipments long before Christmas and many shelves are bare.

  11. Erica

    I was looking forward to Walmart doing layaway again.

    For those looking for an option to make payments on items use Affirm or Klarna. I’m not sure if Walmart accepts QuadPay or PayPal.

  12. Graciela

    I lived in Hendersonville nc I went to waltmart and ask they say nope no Christmas layway this year both of them oh my gosh now how we gonna buy stuff for our kids and family somebody need to talk to the corporate

    • Priscilla King

      I agree, I need layaway also…

  13. Claudia M Harris

    Hello!!!! Just wondering was the Walmart in Greer on Wade Hampton Blvd doing layaways???

    • Nicole (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Claudia M Harris! You would have to call or visit your local Walmart to find out if they are offering layaway this year. You can head here and enter your zip code to get the phone number if you need it.

  14. AJ

    No Walmart in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas are doing it. According to customer service at all the stores I called, they are so short staffed that there is no one to run it. From shopping in multiple stores and calling multiple stores, you can tell. No cashiers, very low stock on shelves and nobody answers the phone.

  15. AJ

    CORRECTION: There are NO Walmart’s in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas doing layaway. According to customer service at all the stores I called, they are so short staffed that there is no one to run their layaways. From shopping in multiple stores and calling multiple stores, you can tell. No cashiers, very low stock on shelves and nobody answers the phone.

    • Dee

      That’s the truth about the phone!! I live 30 miles from Walmart and have wanted to call with questions about certain things before making unnecessary trip. BUT no one will answer the phone!! Guess they so well off financially they could care less about having a decent customer service!!!

  16. JoAnna

    Easy way to avoid lay…..put money on a Walmart gift card all year and use it for Christmas 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That’s a great idea, JoAnna! Thanks for sharing!

    • Lori

      That’s a smart alternative to layaway. Thanks for the idea.

    • Chris Lavenz

      Now that is a great idea.

    • Jodi P

      That is a good idea. Most banks do not seem to offer “Christmas Club” accounts, anymore.

      • KC

        My husband and I have a Christmas savings through our credit union and this is how we save for the Christmas. Whatever we don’t spend just carries over to the next year

  17. Pamela Moore

    I can’t believe that Walmart isn’t doing layaways this year😔😔😔😔😔. I’m so disappointed in them especially since they are my go to place.
    No layaways in Citrus, Marion, Hernando Florida.
    People do or did depend on you for layaways at Christmas.

  18. Steph.

    I live in stl theirs lots of Walmart’s here not one of them are doin layaway. Im so sad i have 2 small kids and im on fixed income. How will i ever make this work!😭

    • Jodi P

      Have you ever bought Christmas gifts from stores that never offered layaway at all, like Target? Kohls, Best Buy, Meijer’s?

      However you managed to do that, do the same at Walmart.

  19. michael

    is any store in the Memphis, tn. or the vicinity doing layaways this year?

  20. BB

    I think it’s sad they are not doing layaway. I know my parents counted on it when I was a child having 3 kids. However, it doesn’t surprise me they are no longer doing it because times are changing whether it’s due to Covid or not. But I don’t understand the panic and anger. A business runs on the way they feel is going to best benefit them. I think there have been some great ideas listed on here from saving money in an envelope to buying gift cards to use for saving up. Starting now. It would be the same as making payments on a layaway order. Another idea to add to that is if you don’t think you would not be able to touch an envelope with money and gift cards in it ( I would have a hard time with it lol). Try giving it to a trusted friend or family member to hold onto it for safe keeping and pay them the money. Knowing how much you were able to save in a few months could be exciting. Then go shopping there usually is better deals closer to Christmas then there is now anyways.

  21. Lisa

    Friends, I really think the reason is the global supply chain issues that are affecting every manufacturer and retailer. Walmart does not want to have cartloads of merch sitting in layaway while the shelves are empty for customers with cash in hand. This is the new normal.

  22. Pat Goff

    So sad. Walmart is pushing so many customers away. So many single moms needed this especially the last two years. I hardly shop at Walmart anymore. Unless Ibotta has walmart freebies I don’t even walk in the door. Much happier with Kroger.

  23. laura-24

    Start saving a little bit every week starting in January. And perhaps cut back on how much you spend on each child. I personally think Christmas spending has gotten out of control.

    • tipaye

      I agree with other posters above who are referencing self-discipline. Put the money to the side (that you’d be paying for layaway payments, anyway) earlier in the year and avoid these ridiculous interest rates the new program/alternative is charging. Christmas needing to be ‘financed’ might be something somebody chooses to reflect upon. ‘Budgeted-for’ I feel is more appropriate, and will give a sense of what one is in the position to *actually* be spending. $10 a week is a McDonalds trip and adds-up to $40/month. Same with Starbucks, etc. Even if one lives the strictest of lifestyles and has absolutely no ‘additional’ income, how does this additional income magically appear when layaway payments are due? Walmart is an organization that has to look out for the companies best interests and COVID has changed *many* things. It’s not their job to be Santa Claus and lose money—it’s the parents job to live within their budget. Happiness and the spirit of Christmas cannot be bought. There are plenty of low-cost (or free) activities to supplement toys. Try incorporating baking (spending time with your children), driving around to look at Christmas light displays, etc. It’s ok if your child’s ‘Instagram haul’ pics aren’t like some of their other friends. There will always be people with more or less than your family. And for the younger ones, it’s mostly the parents trying to provide a ‘perfect’ Christmas. I’ve been there 🙏🏻 Just some things to think about…

      • KC

        Agreed. My husband and I have a Christmas Club through our credit union and we budget what we spend on the holidays. whatever is left over rolls over to the next year

    • tipaye


    • Bornonthe4thofJuly

      Laura, I couldn’t agree more.

  24. Sherry

    The reason so many people are struggling financially is because of the buy now pay later mentality. When we first started out we only bought what we could afford to pay for when we bought it. We saved till we saved enough saved up to purchase what we thought we wanted. Here is a spoiler alert, by the time we had enough saved we usually no longer wanted nor needed the item we were saving for.

    • Coridg

      I couldn’t agree more. Layaway only enables bad spending habits to begin with.

  25. MommySpendsLess

    Sorry for the silly question – how is is layaway different than saving up to buy something? Don’t you have to pay for the merchandise in full before you pick it up? Does it just lock in a sales price?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Great question! Yes, most times it will lock in a sale price and ensure that you have the item. For example a HOT toy may be out of stock before you have saved up for it. Hope this is helpful!

  26. Ashley

    Time to quit believing the lie of Santa, focus more on spending time with family, and serving others. I’m not anti-Christmas gifts … but to the excess that many spend trying to keep up with the Joneses is just sad. Ask your kids in 20 years what they got for their 10th Christmas. Or on the short term, look to see where the majority of those gifts are in a week or two after they’re opened.

    • laura-24

      THIS!!!! Thank you

    • tipaye


  27. kerRI

    When i was a child (a long time ago 😕) my mom did something at our local Citizens bank called The Christmas Club. She put maybe $10 or $20 (idk) a week into it and was able to cash it out in November of beginning of December. I do know she did layaway at one of our states local stores thats now long gone too tho. Idk what to suggest this year but maybe the christmas club still exists or for next year people can open another acct at the bank and put money per week into that or as suggested above, put money on a prepay gc that allows you to reload, just make sure the card you choose doesnt have reload fees or that would essentially defeat the purpose. Afterpay is free and you could always shop at stores that accept it. There are TONS.

    • Amber

      A lot of credit unions do Christmas accounts also and send a check out the end of October.

  28. Lase

    Maybe everyone will be encouraged to just buy what they can afford or not buy at all.

    • Coridg

      Simple and straight to it. Great comment !

  29. Want Better Do Better

    How is anyone not setting aside even the tiniest bit of money for an event that happens the SAME DAY EVERY YEAR? Christmas is coming!???! (insert nonsensical panic here). We are a single-income special needs family so don’t come at me because I KNOW life is HARD. I also know that it’s our responsibility to squirrel away whatever money we can each month for Christmas/Birthdays/Halloween costumes,etc. & not wait until the last minute to find money like we didn’t know about Christmas. 🤦‍♀️ I say no all year to hair dye, nail appointments, LV bags, PSL’s from Starbucks, the dollar spot at Target, the AOS at Aldi & we have enough for these childhood purchases each & every time. Boggles the mind, right? 🤷‍♀️

    • Coridg

      You nailed it! I wish you the best of Christmas this year. Whatever that means for you.

  30. Tina9222

    OR…. Just boycott Walmart!! Maybe if enough people do this they will change things up next year. Just a thought. It personally doesn’t affect me I think the last time I did a layaway was 25 years ago,I just do six months of savings for our vacation and six month for Christmas and sometimes I don’t even get to use it all up because it adds up, I put in anywhere from $5 to $25 each week depending on what’s left after paying everything. NO CHEATING THO 😉 good luck to everyone 🙏🏻


    After they destroy the competition Kmart now no price match and no layaways

  32. Beth

    This is the probably the first time I have ever seen such judgmental and negative comments on this site. It truly makes me sad that there are so many people that can not even try to understand why someone would need layaway. I am grateful I do not need it now, but as a single mother, when my daughter was young, it gave her many very happy Christmases! It is not just being able to afford something, it is about being able to to reserve items for the best price possible while they are available. Please do not criticize why others may choose to use layaway. I had always found everyone so kind on here, it really made me sad to read the comments posted here.

    • huertac1

      No kidding. Agreed.

    • Rex

      You must be fairly new around here then 😆

    • Sara

      Agreed. No one knows every one’s home situation. I had 1 child I used layaway to get hard to find (most, had to have) toys. I also got some of these hard to find toys for his grandfather to give to me. I had the money but nbr. 1. I did not want to bring them home yet. Nbr. 2 These were hard to find. Toys R Us did not have them. Finally, some of u are not in place to tell people how Celebrate the Holidays. Furthermore, none of u have a right to tell people how to try to save money when u have no knowledge their living situations. Until u walked in Others shoes show some compassion. I know I am the oldest with V two brothers. My parents V did layaway. Then when they divorce when I was 11 and my brothers were 10 & 8 believe me we knew what it meant to have no Christmas. We lived my dad. No credit and no money. Some of these won’t qualify for The credit that is now offered. Last heard V Walmart raised wages to over $17.00 Hr. So they should have plenty no of help. I refuse to shop at Walmart. Target much nicer. Now I know I will stay away I from Walmart. For all of U out there who seem to answers for those who rely on Layaway for whatever reason. I just hope U never find Yourself in a position where a decision made by Corp may effect the happiness of yr family. Think before U write the next time. Believe Me I have come Long way – making 6 figures – It time for all of U to remember Where U Came From!!!

  33. Csandst1

    I know for some people this is not practical but you can give yourself a 52 week savings challenge. The lowest printable I’ve see is for $1 but if you can’t afford that the. Adjust the amount. Here’s a pdf demonstrating the example. I used the chart as an example to my kids so they can see how a small amount of money can grow.

    If you can’t afford $1 then bump it down to 50 cents.

  34. Natalie Marie

    I’d reccomend doing a Christmas Club at your local Bank,If you put in $40 bi-weekly you have over $1,000 for Christmas,We get ours the middle of October..

    • Gayle

      That’s a great idea. I joined the Christmas Club this year at my credit union. If you bank online you can transfer the money online into your Christmas Club. I can transfer any amount. Even if it’s too late for this Christmas, join now and you’ll be ready for next Christmas.
      I remember years ago many stores had layaway’s. Unfortunately times have changed.

  35. Barb

    I think maybe a factor in discontinuing layaway is the instability of the supply chain. Toy companies have already said there will be huge shortages this year, and if you see it, buy it then. Walmart is probably not going to have as much to sell in toys and electronics, and what they do get they don’t want tied up for weeks waiting on final payment.

    • hopchick

      That, and lack of staff to work the layaway dept. Much better for customer service and safety to have staff on the floor.

  36. hopchick

    I shop year-round for Christmas, using deals found on H2S, so buy very little during the holiday season. My son just turned six so that may need to change as he gets older based on if he wants a “hot” item or needs something, but for now I’m able to spread the expense throughout the year along with getting the best price.

  37. Mary

    I think it really bad not to have a layaway that’s how I get my Christmas gifts I hope they have it next year this is going to be a bad Christmas this year

  38. Walling

    Why not purchase an little bit each week when you do have the money and look for sales. There is still 11 weeks till Christmas. That should be plenty of time. if needed start in the summer. I am already done with all my shopping.

  39. Dee

    What about the OLD folks who have little money? Don’t own or know how to use a computer! They rely on layaway to have a small Christmas for grands and great grands! It just leaves them out totally! BUT then seniors are not given a second thought these days!

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