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How To Watch TV, Movies, & LIVE Sports for Cheap or FREE!

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holding tablet with abc go popular shows

Is it time to cut the cord?

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, and live sports when you can watch them for cheap – or even FREE! Check out these amazing options and watch all your favorites from almost any device!

Here are our favorite ways to watch TV shows and movies:



watch tv, movies, and sports for cheap or free – vudu computer screen of the Wild Wild West movie

iOS | Android | Website

With Vudu Movies On Us, you don’t need a subscription or contract to enjoy 4K UHD at home or on the go. You can rent or own over 100,000 titles or watch thousands of movies for FREE. Plus, you can watch on all your favorite devices, like smart TVs, game consoles, streaming devices, and smartphones.

2. Sony Crackle

watch tv, movies, and sports for cheap or free – sony crackle on ipad screen

iOS | Android | Website

With your FREE Sony Crackle membership, you can link all your favorite devices for seamless streaming wherever you are and watch popular shows, originals, and movies. You can even personalize your experience with Alerts and Parental Controls if needed.

While there are commercials during the shows, this helps keep the content free for users.

3. Tubi TV

watch tv, movies, and sports for cheap or free – paddington on screen movies

iOS | Android | Website

When you sign up for TubiTV, you can watch movies and TV shows for FREE with no subscription fees and no credit card required. Plus, the premium content comes from major studios like Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM, and more! Get ready for some ads during the movies, but also remember you’re not paying a dime.

4. Yahoo View

watch tv, movies, and sports for cheap or free – yahoo view website on smartphone


Did you miss out on your favorite TV show episodes again? Yahoo View’s library mainly consists of the last four episodes of various TV shows from ABC, FOX, and NBC. In 2016, Hulu transferred all their free content to Yahoo, so you’ll find that navigation and streaming are extremely similar to the free Hulu plan.

5. JustWatch

watch tv, movies, and sports for cheap or free – just watch online streaming on computer screen

iOS | Android | Website

With JustWatch, find out which platforms are offering your favorite shows and movies, along with price drops on rent/buy deals. It also searches when movies will be playing on the big screen so you can plan a trip to the theater. This site is a one-stop-shop where you can keep up to date with what’s new or popular on streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more.

6. Sling TV

watch tv, movies, and sports for cheap or free – sling tv streaming shows

iOS | Android | Website

Sling offers the content you love at a low monthly price. You can even choose between their three flexible memberships for channel offerings that best apply to your watching lifestyle. To make sure you love the service before you commit, new users can enjoy seven days of free streaming upon signup.

They even have special offers on Roku streaming devices when you subscribe and prepay for 2 or 3 months of Sling service.

Here’s how to catch up on just your favorite TV channels:


7. ABCGo

watch tv, movies, and sports for cheap or free – the bachelor on ipad screen

iOS | Android | Website

Watch full episodes of ABC’s most popular shows like The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, Grey’s AnatomyModern Family, Jimmy Kimmel Live! at, on almost any streaming device or mobile app. You can also enjoy your favorite ABC shows, local news, or major events like The Oscars, LIVE!

Depending on when the episode aired, you can watch content for free – though the most recent episodes will require you to log in with your cable provider or join ABC Instant Access through another streaming network.

8. CBS

watch tv, movies, and sports for cheap or free – mobile app streaming tv

iOS | Android | Website

With CBS All Access you can stream for one week free and watch over 10,000 channels. Choose a plan for $5.99 per month with limited commercial, or enjoy commercial-free viewing for just $9.99 per month. You’ll be able to catch up on popular CBS exclusive shows like NCIS, Star Trek: Discoveries, Madam Secretary, and The Big Bang Theory.

9. NBC

watch tv, movies, and sports for cheap or free – nbc mobile app streaming tv

iOS | Android | Website

You don’t need a subscription or membership to catch all the major TV moments on NBC. Watch popular shows like This Is Us, The Blacklist, American’s Got Talent, and New Amsterdam right after they air—completely FREE!

10. Fox NOW

watch tv, movies, and sports for cheap or free – fox mobile app last man standing on phone screen

iOS | Android | Website

With Fox or the Fox Now app, you can watch live and previously aired shows by signing in with your TV provider. You can even stream live sports and replays for NFL, MLB, NASCAR, NBA, and more with Fox Sports Go.

Sports Fans! Here are three simple ways to stream sports online:


11. LS LiveSport

ways to stream online without cable - ls sport live website on computer screen

LiveSport Website

Watch more than 1,000 broadcasts per month, for FREE, with LS LiveSport! They even update stats during each game or match so you see scores and all event information in real time.

12. ESPN+

watch tv, movies, and sports for cheap or free – ESPN streaming live sports online

iOS | Android | Website

Start your free trial with ESPN+ and only pay $4.99 each month after to stream thousands of live sports and instant access to games. Not only that, but your membership also includes ESPN Originals and ESPN Exclusives.

13. NFL Mobile

watch tv, movies, and sports for cheap or free – nfl mobile app

iOS | Android | Website

While anyone can download this app, only Verizon Wireless customers will benefit from the perks included with NFL Mobile. It’s essentially FREE with your Verizon account, and you will gain access to Monday night, Thursday night, and Sunday football games, along with live broadcasts and breaking news from the NFL network.

What is your favorite way to watch TV without cable?

Let us know in the comments below!

how to ditch cable tv saving 100 dollars

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Comments 34

  1. Katrina

    We recently discovered Philo (live, streaming TV), only $16 a month and it’s all the channels we loved with cable. If you use the referral link you get $5 off your 1st month after a free 7 day trial.

    • Sara

      I will switch to Philo TV if they add Bravo, Oxygen, and USA. I have Sling TV and CBS All Access for my mother. I don’t watch them at all. My mom can’t afford cable, so she uses my logins for those services and Netflix and Hulu. Neither of us watches the Prime video stuff that comes with my Prime membership.

      • Tanya

        We love YouTube TV which comes with every channel we wanted (accept HBO). Other than some streaming flaws (sometimes fuzzy) we love it.

      • Helen Murray

        I­ ­d­o­ ­n­o­t­ ­k­n­o­w­ ­h­o­w­e­v­e­r­ ­t­o­ ­w­a­t­c­h ­N­F­L­ ­f­u­l­l­y­ ­f­r­e­e­. ­b­u­t­ ­y­o­u­ ­w­i­l­l­ ­t­a­k­e­ ­s­u­b­s­c­r­i­p­t­i­o­n­ o­n­ ­ NFLTVNOW­ .­­ . ­f­o­r­ ­$­2­9­/­y­e­a­r­l­y­ ­­i­f­ ­y­o­u­ ­W­a­n­t­ ­t­o­ ­w­a­t­c­h­ ­N­F­L­ ­t­h­i­s­ ­y­e­a­r­.

  2. Danny

    I want to cut the cord but Comcast is making really difficult for me unless I keep the triple play. Every time I call they tell me I’ll only be saving $50 after cutting cable and phone but keeping internet. They’re internet alone is almost $100. Or so they tell me. Because am not a new customer i don’t get special pricing.

    • Jen s.

      If you look at your actual statement online, it will tell you exactly what your individual rates are before the discount. I studied mine before dropping phone and cable. They screwed up my first bill after the 2 were shut off, so be prepared to argue with them…. but it’s worth it in the end. We now use roku and google voice for phone.

      • Sara

        I can’t speak for Comcast, but Cox charges more for internet that isn’t bundled with a other service. Bundle discounts go away when there is no bundle.

      • Jen s.

        Obi200 is what we use for phone. It was a little tricky to switch the landline (had to get a tracfone burner phone to xfer the number) but it only took a few days. Now we only pay for 911 service.

        • Claudia

          That’s what we have for about 2 years now. You do need really good internet access or the phone calls will be choppy.

    • denise s

      These cable companies are ridiculous.

    • Sara

      Ask to speak to the loyalty/retention department. They can offer things regular representatives can’t. Keep calling that department until an offer is available for you. Call again when that offer is up to apply a new offer.

    • Paige

      Danny.. Direct TV gives me the same run around. Every year they raise my price. I tell them I refuse to pay it and will cancel. I tell them that I am paying no more then 60/mth for my services +tax/fees. I DO NOT have HBO and showtime and etc but have an older package. I also tell them I WILL NOT ENTER INTO ANY CONTRACT WHATSOEVER… AND I WILL NOT CHANGE MY PROGRAMMING. It stays the same or I am out.. be nice but firm!! I call and select to stop services and typically it puts me right into costumer retention department. If it does not then I will specifically ask for that Dept. I have done this for the past 8-9 yrs since their rates have increased and they decrease it every year! Just try that.. I have been with them since 1998.. if they did not do this I would not stay! You should do it!

    • Heather

      Check with your local library to see if they can help with internet. Ours provides Jetpacks powered by Verizon for free with unlimited use for three weeks at a time. We have never been without internet for more than a weekend and that was only because the Jetpack was due on a Friday. It’s great. We now have free TV, free internet, and cell phones with Tracfone for about .50 per day. Good luck at getting rid of Comcast.

  3. Glenda

    When I cancelled cable with Cox my internet went up to $150.00 monthly. I have to pay for unlimited data because of streaming TV. I did call after a few months and the rate went to $118. Still way to high. It’s very frustrating.

    • Sara

      I watch either Netflix, Hulu, or both for at least 5 hours almost every day. I also check email, play Solitaire and Emoji Blitz, listen to Pandora, watch Youtube, and do general web surfing for at least 10 hours every day.

      I do all of that on Cox Preferred 100 internet for $53.99. I don’t even use half of the 1 TB of included data. The only caveat is that I live alone, so I am usually the only one using the internet. My mom will use my internet when she comes over, but she doesn’t come over often.

  4. Colette Hill

    Does anyone know how to watch the newest season of Poldark, that isn’t paying for each episode on Amazon?

    • Paige

      you can pay a mthly fee for PBS Masterpiece like 5.00/mth to watch the lastest season of Poldark instead of per episode.

  5. ShunShyne

    Yessss!!! I cut my cable cord early last year and do not miss that bill. I currently use the firestick and I recently signed up for Philo TV for $16/month. However I only have about 43 channels such as OWN, BET, A&E, MTV, VH1, AMC, Animal Planet, BBC, Comedy Central, Discovery, DIY, Food Network, FYI, Gameshow, Hallmark, Hallmark Drama, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, HGTV, IFC, Lifetime, Lifetime Movies, Nickelodeon, Paramount, People TV, TLC, Travel, Viceland, WE TV

  6. Ashley S

    I tried to find Vudu on my Amzon fire and can’t get it to load. Anyone have and ideas on how to get that app to work?

    • Crystal

      Vudu is owned by Walmart, Amazon and Walmart are competitors so you won’t find Vudu on Amazon at all. Also if they did have Vudu it will possibly take revenue from buying or renting from Amazon and vice versa. Hope this helps.

    • Daniela

      I searched on youtube how to download vudu on amazon fire stick. It was pretty easy and needed like 5 steps. I would check that out, see the video and if you want to do it. There are a bunch of apps you can add through this method. I have roku, apple tv and fire stick and I feel roku has the best options and is most user friendly but need all 3 for the apps that aren’t available on the others.

      • Cat

        Curious on your opinion please. What do you need on the roku and fire stick that you can’t get on the Apple TV? I’m not disagreeing I just like to see if there is something im missing or if we just like different things.
        I recently got the Apple TV and haven’t looked back to anything else. Fire stick was too slow, yes I had it unlocked and fully loaded, anything and everything I wanted I could usually get after 20 minutes of finding the right source. But I couldn’t stand the ui in my own opinion. Roku was only hooked up a day and I gave it away, that was 2 years ago so maybe it’s different now.
        Apple TV is so smooth and easy to nativage. My only negative experience is the fragile remote. I have a case coming this week but the device itself and user interface is amazing!

  7. Peaches

    I cut the cord two years ago keeping only Charter high speed internet at $65.99 per month all fees inclusive. I have DirecTV Now with 125+ channels including ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox which I can stream or watch via my data plan wherever I happen to be. That is an additional $40 per month. I added a digital antenna for PBS and some local stations that have never been offered via cable such as ME TV and I am one happy camper. I can watch TV through the worst thunderstorms now and not worry about losing the signal which was always a problem with regular DirecTV. And my price is locked in for life!

  8. Josh Schwent

    I get 2700 channels for $10 on a firestick or android box.

    • DB


    • Mell

      How do you do this I’m curious too!

  9. Leona C Wimpee

    I want to reduce our Comcast cable/internet bill, but don’t know how. It is $90 before fees and taxes to $130. I guess we just need someone to come in and do it for us.

    • Daniela

      Just call and request the most basic package they have – bare minimum channels, enough speed on the wifi to stream and surf.. I got my triple play Fios bill down from 150 to 78 and use that extra money to pay for Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, CBS All Access, and Fubu tv (I share all these sign ons with a family member so we split the bill down the middle, as long as they allow multiple streams at the same time), which covers all the bases on the channels I lost with the Fios reduction package. I am super happy with the mix of tv and videos I now get.

    • Cara

      We’ve had a Chromecast for years and I recently got a Roku and love it! Since getting it my parents have also bought one. We have Comcast and our bill is $120 or so a month which includes the internet and $62+ is fees! So half our bill is nothing but fees which is ridiculous!! But what I figured out recently is I downloaded the Xfinity app onto the Roku and have been watching TV that way. Figure if I can eliminate as many of those boxes and only have to keep 1 then I’ll do it that way. The smaller boxes are $7/mo and have eliminated 2 so far, 2 more to go! I just have the cheaper Roku (think it’s $25/$30 but found one at Walmart in an older looking/original box like when they first came out that was only $10!) But getting a Roku or something similar that you can stream to your tv and download the Xfinity app to get rid of the small cable boxes is another way to save at least a little.

  10. Andrea

    Side note–Spotify premium for students now includes hulu and showtime and is only $4.99!

    • riss

      Yes. My son has spotify premium and I just use his account to watch hulu. But I didn’t know about showtime! Thanks 🙂

  11. Stacy

    Thank you so much for this post because it gave me the push I needed to look into this further. We are just about ready to drop Comcast and I can’t wait! Currently paying them over $230/mo for triple play 🙁 . After doing some research, I first tried a Mohu antenna to get local channels but it wasn’t picking up all the stations I wanted so I returned it. Playstation Vue was the best streaming option I could find that would give my hubby ALL his sports and also the channels I wanted (local, Bravo, HGTV, and TLC to name a few). To stream PS Vue, I purchased 2 Roku streaming stick +. We are only a few days into our free trial with PS Vue and so far it is going well. Our TV in our basement has had some buffering issues during live TV but that TV is also the furthest away from our router so I am hoping if we move the router to a more centralized location in our home it will get better. The Roku comes with a remote which is nice. The whole set up takes some getting used to but for the savings I think it will be worth it. I may switch to Metronet for internet because for $59/mo I can get 1 gig internet and phone and I’ve heard they don’t have any data caps like Comcast does. So with the $49/mo Core pkg for PS Vue my total for internet, TV and phone will be about $108 and I’ll be more than cutting my bill in half! Next I need to work on our cell phone bill!!

  12. Tonia

    Just signed up for FUBOTV and like it so far. It has the most channels of any I have seen yet for $45/month

  13. Martha

    Another good service is ustvnow free channels for military families. I used their service when I was deployed in 2006 and 13 years later I still use them while living overseas.

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