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Coffee With Collin: Walmart Shopping

2:31 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

This week’s Coffee with Collin is all about shopping at Walmart. Walmart is a great store for all you coupon newbies as it is what I consider a “basic” store meaning you do not have to worry about Register Rewards, +Up Reward, Extra Care Bucks, buy one get one free sales, Catalina coupons etc.


*If you can’t see the video, go here to watch it.

Hip’s Basic Tips for Walmart Shopping:

(1) Park far away…it’s great exercise and you’re less likely to have to fight over a parking spot.

(2) Subscribe to All You Magazine or purchase a copy at your local Walmart. In this month’s All You Magazine, you’ll find over $75 worth of coupons.

(3) Keep your eyes peeled for those Roll-Back prices.

(4) Read through and print a copy of Walmart’s coupon policy to have with you while you shop. One of my favorite additions to Walmart’s coupon policy is the following: “If coupon value exceeds the price of an item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied towards the basket purchase.”

(5) Be sure to stop by the travel section to make use of coupons that have no size exclusions.

(6) Know your price points. You may also want to check out this post for some helpful information.

(7) Pick an off time to shop to avoid the crowds.

(8) Read through and print out a copy of Walmart’s Price Matching Policy. Try to keep all your price matching items together in your cart to make for a more efficient check out experience. Be sure to point out the items that you are price matching before they are scanned by the cashier.

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  • Ann says:

    Loved the video – now I know how you keep that girlish figure! That was too funny seeing you run in to Walmart and dancing in the isles of the empty store. Thanks for sharing.

  • Michelle @ Thrifty 101 says:

    The Walmart in my county doubles coupons on Tuesday to compete with another store that does that every Tuesday. I still don’t like Walmart though. ;)

    • scmomof2 says:

      I have never heard of a Walmart doubling coupons. Wow!! Where do you live if you don’t mind me asking? I would like to inquire about this at my local store.

  • shay says:

    I stopped shopping at Wal-mart years ago. Too much hassle trying to find things, dealing with other customers and checking out was always a nightmare. But because of the Toy Story Operation game and coupons, I had my husband swing by to pick them up. No surprise when he told me the cashier wouldn’t take the coupon telling him it wasn’t a REAL Operation game. Not a REAL Operation game? Are you serious? I was annoyed enough I wrote WM an email explaining my disappointment. The very next day Carey from my WM store called, apologized and offered a reimbursement on the unused coupon. That alone made me happy so when I went back to the store and she not only refunded my $3 but gave me a $25 gift card for my trouble! Wow. It was pretty darned awesome. Add price matching (and they’re also accepting Target coupons, correct?) and I can see myself shopping there weekly.
    I love the ‘on location’ video, great job.
    Thanks for all you do.

  • leopardgirl8282 says:

    Thank you so much Collin this was so very helpful. My fiance and I were just talking about price matching and trying it so your helpful hints could not have come at a better time, thank you!!!

  • kathleen says:

    i’m not sure if someone has posted this or not, but at my Wal-mart right now the lysol disinfectant wipes are packaged in a buy one get one free packaging…combine with the $1/2 coupon, and this makes for a great deal! 140 wipes for $4.00! (reg. $2.50/35)

    • Joy says:

      Not sure if you knew this but there is a 1.50/1 coupon on Lysol’s facebook page. I went to Walmart today and purchased the smaller 35 ct. wipes priced at 1.89, so just .39 after the coupon. Yay!

  • KJR says:

    Cute video! You crack me up! The only issue I have with your suggestion about shopping late at night {although a great idea!} is that seems to be when all the weirdos come out! Or is it just me? And the parents who keep their kids up seems to flock to Wal Mart during the middle of the night. It more of an emotional thing for me. I hate seeing sweet babies sitting in the shopping cart at 11 pm when they should be laying in their bed.
    {This comment was not a slam to your suggestion, by the way. Maybe it’s just my Wal Mart?}
    Great video! Thanks for all you do. Love your site!

    • melanie says:

      I was thinking the same thing Collin shouldn’t be shopping at Walmart at midnight!!! She’s too cute!! At my Walmart ALL the really weird, crazy wacked out people are shopping Walmart at night, I don’t even dare go to my Walmart after dark!!. Collin must live in a way better area, but I still think she’s too cute to shop alone at midnight!

    • NATALIE says:

      There was a shooting at my hometown Wal-Mart a couple of years ago. It was on a Saturday night at Midnight. LOL. The interesting thing is my hometown is a nice, family-oriented area. So yes, I agree that the weirdos seem to come out of the woodworks of Wal-Mart at night!

    • Maegen says:

      Definitely not just your Walmart-I know exactly what you mean!

  • Heather says:

    Wow, thanks, I didn’t know that they now applied the “overage” to the rest of your purchase, that helps a lot.

  • Donna says:

    Good information! I’ll definitely be checking out their store matching & coupon policies. Would be nice to not have to run from store to store so often to get the “deals”. I totally share your joy when I find the isles of a store I’m trying to coupon/shop at are empty-lol!!!! Thank you Collin :-)

  • Patricia says:

    Went to Walmart today (lilke I do everyday- or at least it seems that way). Have heard lots of negative and did have my own negative experience. Today I price matched- something I never do- and the cashier was so nice- she said (before even starting my purchases) “Just tell me what you are price matching before I get to it.” I guess the folder filled with competitors ads was the clue- and she just entered what I said- no hassle and no problems with any of the coupons I used. Didn’t add a minute to my trip. and I usually don’t have to price match- everything is usually cheaper at wal-mart.

  • Karin says:

    As always, great video, Collin! I shop Walmart mainly and have no problem using coupons. It saves me gas and time especially shopping with 3 little kiddos. I’m also bring the competitor’s ads for price matching. And I let the cashier scans price matching items first, then non-price matching items after that. I have no problem for checking out, but sometimes I hear the customers waiting behind me sighs or tapping their fingers, so that make me nervous though.
    Anyway, I gave my hubby’s co-worker who is interested in using coupons an address of Hip2Save before, and today I heard that she was so excited to tell my hubby that she saved $50 at Walmart. I’m so happy to hear that and also curious what kind of deals she did!lol

  • Brittney says:

    great video! laughed the whole time :)
    good tips too! i will be printing off those policies!!!

  • brandy says:

    I went shopping at walmart today and had an issue. I always price match things from the pharmacys final price. Such as, Razors $2.99 get back $2.00 extra bucks final price shown 99 cents. I match it as 99 cents at walmart. They told me I could not do that anymore due to their new coupon policy. I called corporate and they told me they do. Lots of confusion. Collin can you find out the real answer to this for me?

    • Kristen says:

      Can you really do this? That would be awesome since Walgreens always seems to be out of what is on sale.

    • Samantha Booker says:

      Wow, that would be awesome! I am not a Walmart fan due to the common complaints that most people have concerning lack of customer service and the crowds. I have been reeled back in with some of the rollback prices and the Toy Story Operation deal. I would really love it if they would double coupons up to .50 or .60 like the local grocery stores. I could see myself actually going to Walmart regularly if they did instead of avoiding it like the plague. LOL

      BTW, my 2 yr old was watching this with me and said she is going to Walmart like Miss Collin and parking far, far away! =)

    • Jen says:

      They will price match the sale price, but not the ECBs, since you really would be paying $2.99 at CVS. When price matching at Walmart, ECBs or RRs that you might get at the other store don’t count.

    • Brittany says:

      I would like to know a definitive answer to this question. Do they or do they not subtract RR and ups amounts???

      • Brandy says:

        Collin any luck on finding out the answer? My take is that you are paying 2.99 but they are giving you 2 dollars back to spend in their store so you are really paying 99cents. Walmart should match 99 cents. Please help!!!

  • Jessica says:

    Not sure if this has been asked…if I have a Wags in ad coupon for an item (ex: Nestle chocolate chips $1.79) will Walmart price match it since it is another stores coupon?

  • Abigail says:

    thankyou thankyou thankyou, Collin!!!!!! This was VERY helpful. i have wanted you to take us with you toWalmart sometime, since that’s the main place we shop. Ah, i see you’re like us. When we go to Walmart, if there’s a ton of people there, my mom parks far away. ;) Thankfully, we shouldn’t have too much trouble coming soon, since most of the snowbirds are leaving Fl and going back up north. (no pun intended!) Iwent into our travel sized section the other day, and noticed some of the deals you mentioned. Now I have to go try them out!!!! :P
    On the other hand, I didn’t think that Walmart was very educated on their coupon policy, from reading the ocmments on previous posts. Well, I am happy to know that the cashiers in my Walmart KNOW the policy! ;) Takes a lot of strees away!
    Thanks again, Collin!!!!

  • Tallymomma says:

    I rarely ever go to Walmart if I can help it. I did decide to brave it the other day for the operation game and candy land. I handed the lady my IP coupons and she just stared at me like I had handed her blank pieces of paper. She looked them over for a few min. then called over the manager. I politely asked the manager if she had ever seen an IP coupon before and she said no :o Finally she did scan them after about 20 min. of staring at them, they did not however take my manu. coupon with the Target logo, wouldn’t even try to scan it and when one beeped for overage they just flat refused it. Apparently they have not gotten their copy of the policy yet. I feel it is like any store in any town though, you get the good with the bad.

    • Sue says:

      I also have had nightmares going to Walmart. I did try one Walmart with about eight free coupons direct from the manufactures such as Kraft, Cheerios, Halls, Silk Soy Milk, and Toaster Strudels. The cashier wouldn’t apply the overage, but the manager was very nice and did. I tried again with about nine coupons two weeks later with the same types of coupons. The cashier stated she would lose money and after several trips to the accountant after I showed the coupon policy to the ass. manager, they all agreed that they couldn’t take them at all because they were free coupons and needed be printed off. I was dressed nicely and tried to behave calmly. I have taught high school math and am retired Army and yet I was more humilated there than any problems that I may have encountered during those jobs. I called their 800 number and they agreed with me and the area manager ended up calling late one night. He did say that coupons like mine with the silver linings and watermarks and even my name and mailing address could be fake. They finally took the coupons and he gave me a $15.00 gift card (which was still hard to get and had some additiional remarks made). So unless extreme emergency we will stay away from Walmart.

  • Sandra Roberts says:

    Great video! Great tips!

    Ok so they now ad match B1G1 with a price. The only store around me that does B1G1 is Winn Dixie and it has on their ad “Save up to and a price” will that work? I’m confused on that now. lol

    I do have a pic of what I purchased on Friday. I purchased $46.54 in groceries and saved $17.38 = Out of pocket $29.16 before tax!

  • Anna Beck says:

    Thank you Collin! I filled out your survey about videos I would like to see, and I feel like you really took into account what I had to say and this was perfect! Thanks again!

  • Susan says:

    I always put the ad that I am price matching on top of the products I’m buying. I also put these at the end after all my non-price matched things. That way if I get distracted by my 3yo or my 1yo, the cashier still knows I’m price matching. I also usually write what I’m price matching on top of the ad to help me remember. The notebook sounds like a pretty good idea too. I didn’t know about the BOGO if the price is listed though. Thanks Collin!

  • Savannah Alexander says:

    Great video! I tried using the $1 off Tide coupon on a trail size at Wal-mart today though and the coupon wouldn’t scan :( It was the same exact coupon that Collin used in the video too so I’m not sure what that was all about.

    • Charli925 says:

      I used them at walmart, they just had to manually enter them. I noticed most of my coupons won’t scan, like the internet ones. You have to be carefull with coupons too. My last visit only half of them took.

    • Clarissa says:

      This happened to me as well.

    • Toni S. says:

      My Walmart will NOT take a coupon without travel or trial size restriction for a travel size. Week before last, I tried to use the mens Degree coupon. I explained that there was no travel restriction on it. The cashier said “we go by the picture”. I asked how she could tell that from the picture (I wanted to ask her if she couldn’t read, but I bit my tongue). I already had a headache and was not in the mood to argue, so I just said void everything and return my coupons and left. Last week I had the same problem and asked for a manager while I called customer service. Well the manager said no. I showed him a coupon that stated not valid on travel size and the one I wanted to use and was told that Walmart does not accept coupons on travel size products. I said that they had in the past and again he said Walmart does not accept coupons on travel size products. While I was on hold with Walmart customer service, my phone went dead. Again I left with nothing. I vowed I would not go there again unless I had to (we have no Target). It must be nice to have a well stocked Walmart. My store is always out of the good deals. It always takes them 3 weeks or more to get shelves restocked.

  • lili says:

    Hi Colin,

    Nice Video,just realised that banana selling at the Walmart you went was at 56cent per lb ,oh my that is some expensive banana…

    It’s selling 46cent in irving,tx but sometime they are selling it at 39cent…

  • marisol says:

    Awesome Video! thanks Collin!

  • Cayman says:

    This is kind of random, but goes along with couponing. I already have a coupon binder, and was wondering if I should have 2…one for grocery stores, and the other simply for Drugstores? I haven’t done much with the drugstores, but would like to get started in that. Or should I just add more page protectors, and start saving walgreens, CVS, Rite, Aid, etc. (Those expire weekly).

    • Samantha Booker says:

      I would say it would depend on exactly how you have your binder organized.The setup that I have works pretty well for me and I shop with a potty training 2 yr old all the time. :-)

      I have the same purse that Collin does and keep my 3″ binder in there with all of my coupons. In the purse I also keep a folder with unclipped inserts and a handy-dandy plastic holder from Office Depot that holds my clipped but not yet filed coupons. Ideally, I am “caught up” when I go to shop, but you get the gist.

      I still keep a separate little accordion file style holder with 5 sections that I purchased in the dollar spot at Target. I use it for my weekly trips and clean it out at the end of the week. It takes a little time to “pull” the coupons from my binder, but it is much easier to stay on track having everything together in the store. Then I just have the binder on hand ( I usually leave it in the car at the smaller stores) in case I run into an unplanned deal.

      I have the small folder categorized for CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target and then a generic section where I place my grocery and Walmart coupons. I keep store coupons in their respective category, but have learned the hard way to keep RRs, EBs and +Up in my purse. ;-)

      Hope this helps!

      • Cayman says:

        Thank you both! I have a coupon binder that zips…I have different sections for SS, RP, and P and G, and then I have torn out the All You Coupons, and label them as well. Everything is by date in a page protector. I also have coupon policies printed out, a FREE section, printable section, and then anything that I have clipped (such as the insert expired except for 1 or 2 coupons). Just trying to figure out the drugstore thing. My binder is getting full, and kind of hard to zip (had one that didn’t, and all fell out…NOT a FUN day!!! so maybe a little accordion folder will work). I am open to any and all suggestions!

        • Jennifer Sanclemente says:

          I don’t use a binder. I have a kid size shoe box with envelopes. It’s not too bulky, and I like that it fits well in the shopping cart seat. I also take the little accordion file with each store’s name to organize the coupons I’ve pulled out for that particular trip, but I always take my shoebox in with me just in case. I probably won’t go any more organized than this. I have unclipped coupons in there and I try to remember a small pair of scissors and a calculator, too, since I shop with cash only. I might also mention that if I can help it, I go alone (no kids and no husbands!) and avoid picking up any phone calls while shopping because “I’m concentrating”! Lol. Serious stuff :)

    • Heather W says:

      I agree it depends on how you want to organize. I have the same purse as Collin also and I use 2 food and one non food. It holds them both perfectly with plenty of room still. This way works best for me, but again it is whatever works the best for you! :)

    • Jen says:

      I have a large 4″ binder, with the baseball card sleeves like Collin uses. I cut all my coupons and put them in sections. I keep the store coupons in the front of the binder (inside the front cover). I carry the binder in a tote bag. I print out my shopping list from Hip 2 Save or the grocery store (my store’s site has a printable checklist, too), and pull any coupons I need. I keep the list and coupons together, usually slid into the bag, outside of the binder. The binder goes with me in case I run into an unexpected deal.

    • KK @ Coupon Crocodile says:

      I have two binders- set up similar to Collin with the baseball cards. I clip EVERY coupon an do not keep them in their inserts. For me personally, that’s just easier.

      So anyway, I started getting too many to keep just one 2″ binder. I already had a second one from something else so I just moved my food items to the second. And I am loving it. It means the binder I am using is lighter and easier to handle. But I keep them both with me at all times in a favorite LL Bean (monogrammed of course!) tote bag. So I bring both in to grocery stores, Target and drugstores but the items are separated. It just seems to works best for me.

      Oh but you need to shop at Walgreens, Rite Aid (my personal favorite) or CVS. Pick one and stick to it is my advice. I save the MOST $$ at drugstores. They sell food too.

  • Heidi S says:

    Thanks Collin! That video was VERY well organized and helpful! I also laughed out loud when you ran into Walmart!

  • Kira says:

    I have 3 Walmarts in my area. Not one will take coupons on travel sized items :(

  • brandy says:

    Since Walmart is matching B1G1 with cost of item is shown, what will happen if you use a B1G1 coupon along with the deal?

  • TH says:

    Does Sam’s Club take coupons? If so, how do they work? For example, if I buy a bulk pack that has 4 deodorants, can I use 4 coupons or just 1?

    One other question: If I have $1/1 item and $2/2 items (same items), can I stack them? For example, if I buy 2 of those items, can I use two $1/1 AND the $2/2 or can I only use a total of TWO coupons? Thanks!

    • Crystal says:

      Sam’s Club does not take any coupons. Their prices are generally higher. People get caught up in the buying bulk for convience mind set but it makes more sense to buy smaller, use coupons and get items for free or darn near :) When using coupons that are $1/1 and $2/2 you must buy 3 products to use both coupons. Each coupon will attach to said number of products.

    • Bianca says:

      Sams Club does not take coupons :(

  • Christina says:

    Coffee with Collin keeps getting better and better! Highlight of my week! I especially liked the goofy dancing parts :-)

  • Ruth says:

    I always look forward to coffee with Collin as well. Thanks for the informative episode. :)

  • bellabimba says:

    I love this video. So I have a question, About the sale on Scotch Tape at Walgreens this week, it says buyone at $1.99 and get 2 free so it means, I can price match it at Walmart?

  • jill says:

    this is my favorite video yet! (although, i still probably won’t shop at walmart. i just love my target too much!)

  • Sara says:

    Great video, but I have to say I was very disappointed that you didn’t have the camera rolling when you went through check-out. Maybe that gets tricky with asking the cashier if it’s ok or whatever. But I am too chicken to price-match and would love to see someone do it. Also would love an example of how to nicely handle a situation when the cashier needs educating. :) I just wimp out and walk away without the item.

    Is there any way to get Walmart’s ads mailed or emailed to me? They don’t put them in my local shopping paper like all the other stores and that’s one reason I don’t shop there very often.

    • Jen says:

      My Walmart doesn’t do a whole lot of weekly sale papers any more. Occasionally there will be a special one in the junk mail, but they don’t even have sale papers in the store any more.

    • Sheila says:

      Paul over at his blog, I Heart the Mart, has a price matching video that you can watch. :)

  • Jessica says:

    My MIL works at Wal Mart and when I asked her about coupons exceeding the price of the item that they DO NOT give cash back or apply it to the entire purchase. She said this is not in the policy and they have never done that. When I read the policy it says “may” give back or apply so to me that leaves it open to store interpretation. Interesting.

  • juliezoutendam says:

    Thanks for the update on Walmart shopping! I never really knew how to price match, but I’m going to go educate myself. I also didn’t know that they applied overage! I haven’t shopped at Walmart in so long (mainly because it is always so crowded), but maybe if I choose an unusual time I can coupon in peace and score awesome deals!

  • Tia Robertson says:

    As a WalMart supervisor, I HAVE to thank you for this video, and for the information you correctly provided:) (Some stores interpret things VERY differently, but the new policy DOES work if you flash it when needed!) My store just recently added a coupon basket to the entrances to our building (As well as a poster sized Coupon policy!), and it is now my absolute FAVORITE place to shop(when I’m off the clock of course!). You inspire so many people, I wish I could convey my appreciation better than I can through email! You are helping not only the customers at my store(I’ve met MANY Collin followers, easy spotted by their coupon binders:) but also the employees, who are finding it so much more enjoyable to keep taking those coupons, as they are learning how to save money themselves. I will continue to refer them to your site, and teach them what I have learned through you. Thank you again!

  • Nikki J says:

    Maybe someone already addressed this question but I DON’T have to have the ad to price match? How does that work and couldn’t some people take advantage of this?

    • Collin says:

      Hi Nikki,

      According to their policy, you don’t have to have the ad… but I personally feel you should bring it in case any issues arise. I also am pretty sure that most stores make sure the cashiers have most of the ads for the surrounding areas stores on hand – that way they can check prices if you don’t bring the ad in.

  • Amanda says:

    I would just like to make a note – make sure and check the end aisle displays for food clearance items. I was in my local Wal-Mart (Central, SC) this weekend and got a really great deal on Hamburger Helper. They had the Three Cheese variety for .50/box and the Beef Pasta for .40/box. I used the .75 off coupons so I got three Beef Pasta for .45 and three Three Cheese for .75. I was also able to get the large Swiss Miss canisters of hot chocolate with marshmallows for 1.00 each. All of the clearanced items have expiration dates of 6/2012 so needless to say, I was thrilled! Some lucky family members will be getting lots of hot chocolate for Christmas this year!

  • Bianca says:

    One thing that I do is make sure I know the price points on items at Wal-Mart. I have 6 different grocery stores in my area, and Wal-Mart is usually the lowest price. That way when I check the ads for the other 5 stores I know if it’s the lowest. Cereal is NOT a deal at $2.99 on sale at Tom Thumb if Wal-Mart sells it for $2.74, etc. Stores that double coupons usually hike up the price when they have a B1G1 sale so people won’t notice that they’re still actually paying for two. Another thing I like to do at Wal-Mart is take in the ads from stores that require you to purchase 10 seleceted items to get the deal and just price match a few of these items at Wal-Mart.

  • pamela j says:

    Last time I was at WalMart I had all my coupons and went to go through the check out. I told the cashier that I had a lot of coupons (mostly free product coupons). I always tell the cashier ahead so that she can get the prices for the free products. Well, she had me had me hand the coupons one by one(i’ve never done that before) then she called a manager who told me I could not use several coupon(I had 2 free 12pk coke coupons) for 2 of the same products. I had to explane that I had one coupon for each product, then another manager came up-by this time several customers left the lane. Then a customer came up in the lane and told the managers-I have the new walmart coupon policy right here and she can do what she is doing with her coupons-Well by this time I had 2 managers and 2 cashiers and THANK goodness this lady came into my lane, because I was starting to feel like I was doing something wrong by using coupons-Anyway I saved $70. I spent $25 what an experience!!!

    • Melissa S says:

      re: “Well, she had me had me hand the coupons one by one(i’ve never done that before)”
      I prefer to hand my coupons to the clerk one by one. I have learned from experience that if I hand them over all together in one bunch, some will never be scanned. Sometimes they stick together. But sometimes the clerks are just plain lazy and don’t bother to scan them all.

  • Julie says:

    Thanks for the awesome video, Collin! You crack me up! I just had to comment about my negative price matching experience at Walmart last week. I tried to price match Sunsweet prunes that were on sale at CVS with the Extra Care card (no ECB’s, just a good sale price). The manager said, “No, we can’t match that, as you have to have the card to get the deal.” I saw a copy of their Ad Match Guarantee hanging up behind the cashier (the same one you had on your site today) but hadn’t read it yet, so didn’t know what it said. So now I printed it out, and will hand it over to him next time and say, “Really… that isn’t what I read here.” thanks for all the help! :)

  • punzel says:

    Laughed lots! My fav part is you running towards the store.
    Thanks for the updated policies.

  • Amber R. says:

    I shop regularly at Walmart and I always try to go in the middle of the week in the morning. Most kids are in school and most people are at work so its not too bad! And not too many weirdos! lol!

  • nana5357 says:

    Colin, your so cute, I really look forward seeing you every Monday. Keep up the good work I
    learn something every time I see you. There are other coupon sites around but your my
    favorite you keep thing interesting and fun. thank you for all your hard work,

  • KK @ Coupon Crocodile says:

    I love your website- so helpful. And you are adorable. But I have been working up the nerve for a month to ask you about your wall art. I’m sure it’s either kiddie art or a nice piece of art but from the small bit I can see, it looks like either two black eyes or apple seeds. I know this is so random and of course you do not need to answer. But I am also guessing those are not eyes/apple seeds behind you. Any chance you might help a curious fan out and tell her what is on you wall?

    • Christylee says:

      She said on one of her previous videos in the comment section that it is a tree and those are falling leaves, I too would love to see the whole sticker I am really into them so when I repaint I will be doing some of them.

    • Collin says:

      Yes, they are wall decals – tree branches with falling leaves! :)

  • Karen G says:

    I really enjoy your videos. This one made me laugh. Can definitely see you put so much time into planning your videos. I try really hard to use coupons correctly. I want to get deals but I don’t want to cheat or jip the store, however, living in a small town couponing can be hard because it seems most of the cashiers just act rude when you use coupons. I am printing off the policy now. Thanks.

  • Corina says:

    Colin, where did you find those pages of WalMart ‘s coupon policy and price match policy with pictures to print out and take to the store? I was just on the sight and I could not find it. I was unaware of Walmart’s price matching an ad that did have a BOGO with the price mentioned for a particular item. i want to stop going to that certain store JUST for the BOGO and get it all done @ Wally’s. Thanks.

  • April says:

    Collin, Thanks for the tips. I have to say that every time I go into Walmart with my coupons it is a HUGE challenge. One trip to Walmart they had to call over a floor manager and also a Customer Service Manager, I showed them their coupon policy that the remaining amount is to be transfered to the remaining items on my receipt. They showed me a word in the policy……..the excess “may” be given to…, it is up to the person ringing up the order if they will or will not give the overage. :(

  • Wendee says:

    I printed off your price match policy and was surprised by the fact that they would not match competitors’ private label price promotions. Last Saturday, the cashier told me they would as long as it was matched with their private label. I was able to buy milk on sale by showing my Meijer ad.

  • Jo says:

    Hi! I just wanted to leave a quick comment because I shop at Walmart all the time. I live in SE Louisiana, and we actually have a Walmart Neighborhood Market. It is AWESOME! It is basically a regular grocery store owned by Walmart. Same prices as a Supercenter, but nothing but food, and the customer service is lightyears better. The produce is also so much better than at my Supercenter! It’s right outside my neighborhood, so I’m there all the time!

    That being said, my Walmart Market is much more limited in what they carry; for example, they don’t have a trial/travel section, they have fewer brands of dog food, etc. So sometimes I do have to go to the Supercenter. I went today and was shocked when my cashier would not give me my overage. I (politely) asked to speak to the manager and whipped my corporate coupon policy out of my binder. Long story short, it took a while, but they finally realized that Walmart DOES apply overage, and they adjusted my total. I’m so glad I listened to Collin and printed out the policy! I also heeded her advice and kept a smile on my face even when the employees were less than nice, and I KNEW they were wrong. Thanks for all your help, Collin! Without you, I’d still be paying full price for all my groceries!

  • Hollie says:

    Does anybody know if you can take a Walgreens ad in and ad match something that has a RR?? Like if something is $2.99 with a $2 RR will they just make it $0.99?? I’ve been wondering this since the new coupon policy came out. I’m just trying to figure out how to get the good deals in the Walgreens ad since they never have anything in stock.

  • Jennifer says:

    LOVE the video! Thanks for being awesome! I tell ALL of my friends that I learned how to coupon from you!

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