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Vistaprint: 6 Personalized Items (Photo Book, Shirt, Calendar, Mug + More!) Only $10.57 Shipped

4:58 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Don’t forget to take advantage of this awesome deal from Vistaprint!

Just head on over to Vistaprint to check out their selection of completely FREE items… all you have to pay is shipping! Choose from Business Cards, Holiday Cards, Photo Calendars, Ceramic Mugs, T-Shirts, and Tote Bags.

Even sweeter, you can snag more than one FREE item from Vistaprint in your order and get a reduced shipping cost! I was able to add all of the items listed above for ONLY $10.57 for shipping! Wow! That makes each item just $1.76 shipped to your door, which is a great deal considering you can customize everything.

Here’s how to snatch up your personalized freebies…

* Go here and choose any of the FREE items to personalize
* Start personalizing your item by choosing a design and customizing it
* After you’re finished, add the item to your cart
* Now click back on this link again and choose another FREE item
* Personalize and add to your cart
* Keep doing this until you have added all of the free products you’d like to your cart
* Head to checkout
* Do NOT add any additional items to your order.
* On the partners offers page, make sure to SKIP all the offers by leaving the boxes unchecked.
* Choose standard 14 day shipping (which will vary based on the number of items added to your cart)
* My cart total came to only $10.57 shipped for all items listed below! WOW!

Here’s a sample of all the freebies you can snag for around $10.57 shipped…

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  • cdawnt says:

    If we ordered some of these free items a week or so again when you posted it last, can we order again?

  • cdawnt says:

    Oops, typo, didn’t mean to say “again” in that first sentence, should be AGO, not again

  • bar says:

    Got a calendar, T shirt, mug and tote bag and paid $9.05. woohoo.

  • Maureen says:

    Hi there! I can’t seem to access the links you have for the free items as it says it’s not available in my area because I am from Canada…but I will be shipping these items to a postal outlet in the US!!! Please help!! I would like to take advantage of this deal!!!

  • kristin says:

    Would I have to get one of each or would it work if I got 2 calendars, 2 mugs and 2 shirts?

  • val says:

    I really like getting the business cards, but I have more than I really need. What are some other uses for them?

    • chrissyc333 says:

      Kind of random, but when I was doing fundraising for a few events/causes I’d put my donation link and address on a business card so that when the topic came up, I could easily pass along the information to people. I ran a marathon for stroke awareness and raised about $5000, and having those cards were really handy to share what I was doing and how to donate!

    • Melissa says:

      The cards are good to put all your info if you have kids. You can hand them to their friends’ parents as a way to contact you.

  • Alyssa says:

    I love using the tote bags for gift bags. Especially for baby/bridal showers!

  • watermellens says:

    does anyone know when this deal expires?

  • Bean says:

    I make calendars every year for gifts for the family. Last year I tried this company. They were very low quality and they use low quality thin paper. I even complained and they sent me another one, same quality, and the binding wouldn’t even stay together. I was embarrassed to give these out as gifts. I will go back to my other quality companies and normally they have just as great deals, like Snap fish is offering buy 1 calendar get 2 free right now. Don’t get my wrong Vista Print has great deals, I was just not impressed with the Calendar.

  • tina says:

    Each time I’ve tried to do this deal on the T-shirt, it says it’s $6.00.

  • town says:

    Hi, I tried doing this but Vistaprint kept charging me a $2.49 upload fee for each photo uploaded. For example mug $2.49, bag $2.49 etc. Can you pls advise how to avoid this fee but still customize these gifts?

    • Maureen says:

      The trick is to do the calendar first and make sure to upload any photos that you want to use for the mug and bag into your calendar. They dont charge an upload fee for the calendar. I did it this way and it worked for me. :)

      • Town says:

        Thanks Maureen! Will try it ths way and see what happens. Have you tried ordering more than 1 mug or do you just have to do this whole process twice?

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