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Victoria’s Secret: Smoothing Body Scrub Only $10 + 2 Secret Rewards Cards Only $15.99 Shipped

12:41 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

As I mentioned here, through tomorrow, March 25th, you can snag 2 FREE Secret Reward Cards with any $10 purchase. Just use offer code SECRETBONUS during checkout. Each card will be worth at least $10, but they could be worth $25, $50, $75, $100, or even $500! The secret reward cards will be valid to use 4/1-4/30 in-stores (excluding outlets), online, or by phone.

Check out how you can use this offer to snag Better than FREE Body Scrub…

* First, go through for 2% cash back or for 4% cash back!
* Add Smoothing Body Scrub to your cart on sale for just $10 – lots of varieties to choose from…
* Start the checkout process and enter promo code SECRETBONUS

Your final cost will come to $10 (+ tax) plus $5.99 for shipping…and that’s for 1 Scrubbing body wash AND 2 Secret Reward Cards that are each valued at $10… possibly more! Wow! After getting your 2 Secret Rewards cards, this body scrub will be better than FREE!

And, here are some other items you can opt to snag for just $10…

*Daily body wash (lots of varieties) only $10
*Kabuki Brush $10
*Bold Line Liquid Liner $10

Plus, if you still have your $15 Victoria’s Secret Reward Gift Card from here, be sure to apply that at checkout (you will need to purchase at least $15 worth of items) for even more savings – note that this Card expires on 3/31!

* Also, don’t forget that Victoria’s Secret is also hosting a Panty Party and offering 7 pairs of Cotton Undies for only $26 when you enter the promo code PARTYON at checkout.

And remember to go through for 2% cash back or for 4% cash back – every little bit helps!

(Thanks, Aline!)

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  • Samantha says:

    Idk I can’t really justify paying $6 for shipping…Anyone know of a free shipping code at all? I can’t seem to find one. Thanks! :)

  • brandice says:

    Collun…u killing me with the deals…keep ’em coming!!!

  • Tara says:

    im not using these “Deals” because of the Shipping. Using a $10 card but paying $7 for shipping you are really just getting $3 off.

  • Stacie says:

    They may not be the greatest deals but you’re going to end up getting AT LEAST $20 to use at Victoria’s Secret.

  • Pamela says:

    It has always struck me as very strange that Victoria’s Secret sells extremely light weight items such as lingerie and swim wear and they don’t offer free shipping. I can get free shipping on liquid laundry detergent, cat litter and even furniture, but not on items at Victoria’s Secret. This is why I do not shop from them. Even offering free shipping with a $25 or even a $50 purchase would get them many more customers.

    • stacy says:

      right with you on that.. i was about to buy this and the shipping just puts me off

    • sarah says:

      I can’t figure out how office depot/office max etc make money..spend get free shipping, most of time I order I get 2 or 3 separate boxes, sometimes barely full. And they use ups for items that could go first class. I know they get discounts on their end but still…

    • kristy says:

      Sometimes they offer free shipping, but it is usually with $100+. I think they don’t need to offer it, because their stuff is so popular and alot of it is only available online. Supply & demand :)

  • Lindsey says:

    Can you use 2 reward cards on 1 purchase? Or do you have to buy 2 separate items to use them both?

  • jenny says:

    This is going to be my first time doing this, its worth a try. I’m getting started on birthday gifts or even Christmas.

  • serissa says:

    can you buy a gift card? and get the rewards cards

  • lisa says:

    at the end of my order it says Offer Code SECRETBONUS has been applied to your order.
    1 EXTRA SECRET REWARD CARD HAS BEEN ADDED TO YOUR this right and will I get one or two Secret Reward Cards?

  • Cathy Stesney says:

    I love Victoria’s Secret body scrubs, but they are so expensive! I only buy them when I get rewards cards back :) So with this deal, I’m over the moon that I can get (at least) 3 body scrubs for the $17 I spent on one scrub & shipping!

  • teena says:

    I made two different buys and hoping i get 4 reward cards? I dont mind paying for shipping as long as i get a free or good deal like this.

  • Ashley says:

    These Victoria Secret deals definately fall under to each their own. It’s a good deal if you’re plan on shopping at Victorias Secret, if you care about the name, or if you plan on purchasing gifts or bras ect. But if you know you don’t really need it and (you’re like me) then you’ll just spend more money than you would of on stuff you don’t need! Well, at least thats how I feel about these VS deals. I would walk in the store with the cards and see somthing for $25, use the angel card and still spend $15! (On things I don’t need). So point being just because you don’t need it (or you don’t like VS) doesn’t mean it’s not a good deal! It doesn’t matter if you’re saving $3 or $30 just remember, we’re the people that clip coupons for 25 cents off! LOL :D Oh, have a nice day everyone :)

  • Ila says:

    I have Jockey and David Cookies giftcards Iso $10 off code for VS online purchase

  • Jo says:

    I placed an order a few weeks ago to get the $15 giftcard and had one backordered item so I received two separate shipments. I received a secret rewards card with each shipment! (I should’ve only received one because it was one order.) I placed another order again today with one item being backordered so I am hoping I get the two secret rewards with the first shipment plus one more when my backordered item arrives!

    • Nita says:

      I’ve placed three separate orders with VS over the last few weeks which included a free panty (with promo code) in each shipment. All the free panties were on backorder in my size and color choice. They all arrived in separate packages only one day after my last two orders came and an extra secret rewards card was in each package! I’ve purchased 5 bras, 6 pairs panties, a travel size lotion and a PINK water bottle all for less than $50 with the freebies/promo codes/sales offers (incl. s&h) and received at least $60 in secret rewards. IMO, you can’t beat that with a stick!

  • Tammy Mauk says:

    If anyone has an extra VS 10.00 online code, I would love to have it. I have a 20.00 jockey card and also a Filson card. My email address is tammymaukatyahoodotcom.

  • cyndi says:

    I placed an order last week and did the code for an extra card and only got one :( I was bummed. However one item was on back order so I am hoping the other card will come with it :) . If not I plan on calling VS because that was the whole reason for my order, to get two cards. I also got the free panties with bra so it was really not a bad deal.

  • Michelle says:

    I have earned several secret rewards cards with my recent purchases and I just had a question… Let’s say I have 3 of them can I use them all in one transaction or is it one per transaction? This is the first time I’ve done this deal.

  • Tracie says:

    Does anyone know if you can place an order online, enter the gift card code to find out how much your card is worth, then change your order if it’s more? I’m just wondering, once you enter your code, if it’s a done deal or can you cancel, start over, and re-enter the same card number.

    • mamasweetpea08 says:

      Yes people can check the value online by applying the code but not actually completing or finalizing the order

      • Michelle says:

        I know you can only receive one secret card per customer per day… But just to confirm… Once the secret rewards cards are activated you can only use one per transaction?

        • Tarri says:

          Per the rules it says one per transaction but some stores in the past have let you use more than one in a transaction. So I guess you would have to ask.

  • Dessarai says:

    I just got a clearance bathing suit (reg. $94) for less than $40 (including tax, and shipping). I purchased the top and bottom in different orders so I did have to pay the $5.99 shipping per item, but was able to get 2 cards with each order. Therefore, I wll get 4 cards valued at least $40 total, which means a FREE bathing suit! Awesome…even if I did have to pay shipping!

  • Dingjun says:

    Anyone would like to trade my $10 VS Bday offer code (Angel card purchase only)? Please email me: pancake2014 at

  • Tara Stuart says:

    Although the rules say 1 card per transaction, in the past, in store- as long as I have had multiple items in my purchase I was able to use multiple rewards cards. For example, if you buy a lotion and a bra they will allow you to use 2 rewards cards same thing for a top and a bottom I was able to use 2 rewards. You are not allowed to use 2 or more rewards for say panties specials or 2/30 specials. Again, I am speaking from my expereinces but I have never had a problem using ultiple rewards as long as I had multiple items- just an fyi!

  • I Love Shoes says:

    I love their panties. I prefer to order them online because I don’t have to struggle to find my size like I do in the stores. I normally just order the minimum to receive free shipping. Also I have a friend who gets discounted gift cards through her employer. I purchased a $50 VS gift card for $37.50. I just wished I ordred a larger amount.

  • Deecie says:

    I received an order Saturday with the free panty being on backorder. There was NO rewards card in my pkg.

  • Desiree May West McCann says:

    Hi this was my first time doing this and it said only 1 rewards card was being sent. Is there something I did wrong. My cost was 15.99 but it said only 1 rewards card??

  • mary says:

    has anyone ever received greater than $10 on a reward card?

    • Tammy Mauk says:

      They do a promotion like this in Oct or Nov. The year before last, one of my cards was for a 100.00. Back this past Oct or Nov, they also did it. I purchased gifts for all my girls for Christmas. I received a card. One of my daughters ask if she could have it, so I gave it to her. She waited until it was good and checked it. It was for 50.00. She was thrilled. They really do have cards worth more than 10.00!

  • Debbie says:

    I won a $50 around Christmas too! It was i my first time doing this and couldn’t have been more excited!

  • Sophia says:

    I was able to use the $10 off in the catalog along with a $10 VS bday offer to buy bathing suit bottoms for $0.42! Apparently you can use these offers towards the price of tax and shipping. Had I chose something even cheaper, it would’ve been free! I was also able to snag two reward cards too. I could’ve done two transactions separately and got 4 reward cards and paid more money, but it seemed to make more sense just to spend less out of pocket.

  • Karen says:

    I placed my order on the 24th and received it today! Fast shipping! It only had one secret reward card in it. I called customer service and they are emailing me a second one. They were very nice and efficient.

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